Banco Santander Brasil

4.7 (13K)
588.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Banco Santander Brasil

4.67 out of 5
13K Ratings
3 years ago, Gahakaiaan
Worst internet banking app
Why not providing English menu ? And the transfer function is terrible ! Santander ID is also a trash feature to use, always blocked .
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2 years ago, failtoenroll
To many changes and no language options
This app seems to change quarterly and so when you log in you don’t know what to expect to access your account. To complicate things more there are no language options, so if you don’t know Portuguese you are left trying to figure out how to use the app again to access your banking information. Also the financial reports are complicated or certain information doesn’t seem to exist. For example, if I want to see my investment balance history for a certain period to determine the performance, it is not possible. An investment period ends and money is returned to the main account with no option for a summary of the investment performance results. A simple report of beginning balance, amount of gains/losses, amount of deductions (bank fees or taxes), final ending balance, and finally the amount gained or loss with also the % changed (final performance on the investment).
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6 years ago, Jersey Barfly
Fair stability
This app works but I have had to delete it and reload it several times due to freezing up while in use. Also when you pay a boleto with the app and try to print the receipt it is impossible to get a font size that is readable. There are a lot of other quirks that show up through out the app. Santander has issues with there internet banking site as well. They really need to hire a top notch outside IT consultant to fix their sites.
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4 years ago, Cryptkicker1
Impossible to talk to a live person on answering system!!
The answering system does not have an option to allow you to talk to a live person. I pay extra for Vangough service and still cannot talk to a live representative in an emergency. Big thumbs down to Santander Brasil. If you are a foreigner living in Brasil, do NOT use Santander bank!
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4 years ago, plockn
Great upgrade
It was a bit slow and laggy but now both the bank and credit card app are really fast and responsive...
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6 years ago, vavaland
Internet Banking
Had problems in the past, but now it is working just fine! Very helpful!!!
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6 years ago, Bill Thornhill
Mpn-existant tech support
I have spent dozens of hours trying to get this app to work on my phone. The problem is enabling Santander ID. Unless this security feature is enabled for your phone br Banco Santander, you cannot perform any operations with your account. The heart of the problem is that Santander does not allow customers to speak directly with their staff im IT who have technical knowledge pf the app, but only with generalist customer service staff with zero IT knowledge.
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5 years ago, Rodrigo D. D.
Champion of user experience
All possible banking function at your fingertips including sending money abroad. Just beautiful.
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6 years ago, CrisDencker
Nice but buggy
Nice UX but I has a lot of random errors throughout the experience, that gets annoying.
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6 years ago, Coramig
Very easy, super practical, it's the bank on your pocket!
Very easy to operate, makes your life easier
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6 years ago, RobertaMoura
Easy and Friendly
Easy and friendly app.
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4 years ago, bbdobbs
I wish there was an option for English speakers.
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5 years ago, Jaimolino
Almost giving up
I have to update de password several times. Messages of trying to fix a problem is common. Not possible to see statements over 3 month old.
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7 months ago, Bcmtns
Piece of trash
This app, and the bank, and really the banking system in Brazil in general is absolute trash. Maybe you should fix your crime issues so that all of this heavy security for every little transaction isn’t necessary. Just an idea.
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6 years ago, Edu8392792
One of the best bank apps ever. Total control of your functions.
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6 years ago, Ryamano
Very friendly
Very Easy and friendly. Amazing app
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4 years ago, sania canhola
Thank you
I loved to work with Santander
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6 years ago, donchicone
Nice app!!!
It works really fine for my needs!!!
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4 months ago, Nananoka
Excellent App!
As I live in the USA, this app allowed me banking as if I were still in Belo Horizonte! MC
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6 years ago, Jubarte
Great app
Does what need to be done
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1 year ago, frsilva68
Simply can’t update the App
I’m outside Brazil and have an account at Santander. The App simply can’t be updated and consequently I can’t open it. I need to do important transactions and simply can’t!!
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6 years ago, Kokuryuh44
Password becomes obsolete too fast. I hate to have to re-do the thing every time...
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1 year ago, taci-82
Unstable terrible app
Frustrating terrible app. Id Santander NEVER works and nobody knows how to solve that issue online - basically you have an app that always needs the physical agency to work.
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4 years ago, M.Carrijo
After the last iPhone update IT does not work more. Please fix it as soon is possible.
It does not work. App frozen last week and it did not work since.
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6 years ago, Pedro Cyro
Crashes constantly
This app is aweful!!! It crashes constantly and now I can’t make any transactions through bankline because the app crashes everytime I try to open the ID Santander! Worst bank EVER!!!
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4 years ago, FeedMyTummy
iOS 13
Is it safe to update to iOS 13? I will not be able to go to an ATM if the app loses my account.
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4 years ago, Thania Montijo
Every week I have not only to choose a new password but also to fill in my bank account details.
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3 weeks ago, lsouza4569
SMS message !
The time to get the SMS messenger is too short, it takes time to pop up on the phone, 1 minute is not enough!
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5 years ago, onofrenetoo
For IPad
This app not compatible with iPad, the screen have small.
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6 years ago, Rafael Pedreira
App easy to play.
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6 years ago, Lucão ;]
Need more updates
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5 years ago, CRUISERUSA
Funciona muito bem!
No problems at all! :-)
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5 years ago, lizmagda
Worst bank app I ever used
This app is not user friendly, slow and confusing.
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6 years ago,
Completing a transaction is a roulette.
I can’t complete a transaction in 50% of times due to error validating Id Santander. Same problem in internet banking. Garbage.
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6 years ago, TheMatsushima
Crashes all the time.
Terrible. Crashes frequently running on my 5s.
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6 years ago, AILTON SAM
What happened with face ID?
What happened with face ID
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4 years ago, PFeltrin
Funciona bem esse APP!
Moro no exterior e mantenho tudo um dia no banco Santander através deste APP. Muito eficiente!
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5 years ago, ricardocamara
Very good
Very good app
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5 years ago, Celsuh
App bom, facil de utilizar e nao gasta a internet da gente.
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6 years ago, Juliaog10
Terrible crash all the time
Terrible it chás hall the time
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5 years ago, PBO123
Ótimo App
Melhor aplicativo de banco no Brasil.
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5 years ago, Muynarsky
Very good
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6 years ago, Mau_mau83
Muito funcional!! Melhor app!!
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5 years ago, Helô99
Leitura de código de barras
A leitura de código de barras para pagamento de contas raramente funciona
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4 years ago, kikamattoso
Ótimo app
Sempre foi muito bom
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6 years ago, Alessandro Fuccio
Excelente aplicativo!
Muito conveniente e fácil de usar.
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6 years ago, Deborahkury
Adoro o app! Super rápido e prático
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1 year ago, ximbicu
App agora forca ID Facial
O app essa semana passou a forcar o uso do id facial, senao nao da p usar o app. E inaceitavel deceria ser opcional como sempre foi
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2 years ago, Aceguá
Fácil manuseio
App fácil para manusear.
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10 months ago, GustavoMateus
App parou de abrir
O app fecha assim que tento abrir. Só aparece a splash screen
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