4.8 (32.7K)
63.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bandcamp, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bandcamp

4.82 out of 5
32.7K Ratings
4 months ago, Twelve- Gage-ao9
Good, but needs work
With competing rivals like SoundCloud and Google Drive, this app will need a major upgrade to be able to be better than the others. For starters, the User Interface is super outdated and could use a upgrade. This is a nitpick, but maybe a darker mode would do good for you to. Also, what’s the point of Bandcamp for artists if you can’t even upload your own music?!??!!!?!!! That should change, and finally, there should be some parental controls to keep kids from viewing inappropriate content. I know it’s the parents job for viewing what their kids do, but adding controls would take a lot of stress off of them, I’m sure. Do these things, and you would probably be a better streaming service choice.
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3 years ago, Stellanovella
Inconsistent and not-so-user-friendly
When I signed up I had a specific band in mind that I was going to subscribe to. It took me actually going to the bands website to find the link to pay for my subscription. I added my cc info on the app and then had to re-enter it when signing up thru the bands website, which raises the question: Why does the app need my cc info? And why not have the subscription link on the bands page with the “follow” button? It seems to me that this would actually deter subscribers without an easier access to the service. I have seen and am very familiar with a friends account to reference my next two claims: the catalog listing is ridiculously inconsistent. The shows that are in my current catalog are in completely different order than my friends, leaving me searching for a needle in a haystack searching for the newest additions. It also looks like they are some missing. So where are they? The particular band that I subscribe to has 22 years of soundboards and they have been uploading one (sometimes two at a time) every few days since the pandemic started. That’s almost a year of older soundboards being uploaded- all from different time periods- every few days. Now, it’s all a mess. Even recent soundboards from 2019 of multiple-night runs are out of order and not placed together. It’s like someone just threw them all in a bag, shook it up, dumped it out and walked away.
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3 months ago, YKARaphael
Not Able to Download the Music I Bought
I wanted to support my friends who just released an album. Today they are supposed to get the entire price of their album, so I bought here on Bandcamp instead of elsewhere, despite having never heard of this app or company. I pay, and then I find, I can’t download the music I just bought on my iPhone, so, following directions, I find I have to do the download on my laptop. So I open my MacBook only to find, there’s no app from the Mac store. So…you’ve got my money, and if I want to keep my music, I have to put up with an app that thinks it’s okay to scrap tons of private data off my phone. I didn’t realize the app had these permissions if I downloaded it, I was just on a mission to support my friends. So I’m out the cost of an album that I don’t own and if I want to listen to what I bought I have to give away my privacy to a company with practices that feels pretty sketchy. I should really have given this a single star. I’m trying to be patient in hopes you’ll make this right. And Apple, pay attention to this story please. It’s not a good business practice. There should at least be a privacy notice when an external link is used to access the App Store so that companies can’t do this to your customers! I’m very upset.
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6 years ago, Clurichaun
Great app For Supporting Artists
Pretty sweet deal. I can buy piles of music from Bandcamp and support the artists I like, plus access an abundance of music wherever I am without having to trade out Mp3s off of my iPhone 8 because of space issues. I can also listen to songs off my wish list as well, at the artist's discretion which is very cool. The ability to be able to search all of Bandcamp for artists, songs and add to the wish list from the app is awesome and very convenient. Love the fact I can access my wish list now and be able to stream whatever songs I like instead of being limited to a featured track. Beyond the fact one cannot purchase from the app, I would say it does everything now I would normally have to do from the website. My only two big complaints are now it is mixing my suggested artists releases with the people I follow so I may have to ditch them because I don’t have all day searching for my artists. Also, isn’t it time for a real iPad app?? Other than those issues I like now getting messages from the artists about new releases or whatever.
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2 years ago, huzzam
Perhaps tell us how to buy music?
First off: i LOVE Bandcamp, and believe it's one of the best ways for musicians to get their music out to the world. This is why it's such a shame that it's not possible to buy digital albums/tracks through the app. You can only order physical merch. But if someone is listening to music in the app, isn't that when they're likely to think, "this is great, i want to have this, i want to support the artist, I'll buy it." But you can only add it to a wishlist, which means you have to go through a whole other process on a different device in order to buy. İt would be useful if the app would tell us how to do that somewhere. I was just left thinking that most albums weren't for sale at all, until i figured out what was happening. This is due to Apple's policy where they take 30% of all in-app sales. This cut would make it impossible for Bandcamp to send artists their full payment. Apple really needs to change their policy to make exceptions for sales that go to support others.
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4 years ago, Dominohthekm
Good content, broken app
I hate leaving reviews but i have to for this app. Im a web developer, i deal with apps for a living. So i know bugs are common and cant be avoided but sometimes theres no excuse and you just need to fix as much as you fan as fast as you can. This is one of those moments. The account activation emails had to be sent four times because all of them errored out when clicked immediately upon receiving. Also the profile image picker is broken, sometimes you can move an image or scale it to fit in the box and sometimes you cant, tried repeatedly with the exact same image every time. Also whatever is in the white frame that represents the boundaries of the profile pic is NOT what will be shown in the profile pic. Its almost always offset downward leaving a large extra space above the top of the image in you profile picture. I love bandcamp for the content it brings, and how it connects you with so many artists, but every experience with the app so far has made me want to throw my phone. Willing to change my review when bugs are fixed.
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3 years ago, chester1038
Bad User Experience
I want to state up front that I think Bandcamp as a service is fantastic. Being able to support creatives is a good thing. That being said, the app itself is trash. I’ve had nothing but problems with it since I downloaded several years ago and nothing has ever gotten fixed. I have constant issues with tracks restarting when play is pressed from anywhere that isn’t inside the player in the app, and sometimes when I’m listening to commentaries that are several hours long, I have to take the time to find the exact point I’m at, almost every time. Outside of that, however, the app is just outdated and has a pretty poor UI. There’s no in app way to switch which device I’m listening on, like there is in most other audio apps, and there really hasn’t been a major or update UI update in the years I’ve had it. People who are willing to support this service and the creatives who use it deserve better.
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5 years ago, Biteme1000
Access Music Not Available Elsewhere!
The only reason I even know about this app is bc one of my favorite artists, Beast 1333, is purely underground. His release of a 10 year anniversary album (time flies bc I still remember Mouth of Madness and thinking “Who is this??!) came two nights ago. My local vinyl store was supposed to have the album. Didn’t. The purchase of one album got me access to (what looks like) his ENTIRE discography. If u love music and support individual creators of unique content - this seems to be THE app for that! Not only that but it allows the musician to stay in contact with their fan base if they choose to - which Beast 1333 does regularly and prides himself on. Every music fan should have this!
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3 years ago, A music enjoyer
Amazing... but one minor thing
Frankly Bandcamp has changed my life in a non cliche way. It has allowed me to find music I enjoy and has allowed me to find my tastes outside of the mainstream. It’s also allowed me to appreciate older technologies and has given me huge admiration for the artists that make music on Bandcamp. The UI on my laptop is amazing and I love using it. But on the phone it’s a bit of a problem for me. Personally I wish there was a way to organize all of my music on my phone similar to how it can be organized on the computer. Because while it is only minor, scrolling through all of the music I have can be rather tedious and the filter options provided only do so much. But other than that small issue that is really minor, I love Bandcamp and can’t wait to see what other music I find.
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2 years ago, omtmn
Honestly, I’ve spent so much money on bandcamp. My entire life soundtrack is on there and I use this all day everyday. I absolutely LOVED the new update but, why… why on earth would we take out the shuffle all feature? There’s so many things in my collection, that being able to shuffle through all music helps me re-find past favorites… instead of building out an entire queue for like… a long drive for instance. That’s way too much effort!!! 4 stars until we get the shuffle all feature back :( This is also my first review ever on the App Store and I wanna make sure you guys know that I love what you do.. you’ve made my life what it is today by giving me access to millions of independent artists! Music is huge to me
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3 years ago, mjmakilla
Awesome, could use some polishing
I love this app because it allows me to support obscure artists, and allows me to broaden my collection and understanding of music. Aside from this, I feel like a few improvements could be done. The UI is a bit clunky, sometimes it scrolls all the way back to the top of the music feed, also I think accessing genres/sub-genres should be easier, maybe you could go to your profile and select the genre from your following list, or could have a separate icon for it. When you follow a lot of different genres your music feed tends to get a bit cluttered and it’s harder to seamlessly select what you feel like listening to, I feel like a grid system might be better? Overall happy with the app though I love using it.
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6 years ago, KelliConan
Great App On A Smartphone For Playing Purchased Music
I think there should be a way to search for artists and purchase music through the app on a smartphone, but you can always go to the website on a phone to do that. I would like for the app to have a repeat (one song, entire album) and a shuffle button on the player. It would also be nice to see the lyrics for a song while playing it if the artist uploaded them to the website. Then I think the player would be perfect.
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4 years ago, Homme Dammn
Bandcamp has a poorly designed user interface.
Bandcamp is awesome, but the mobile and tablet apps are horrible with a poorly designed user interface. Accessing my collection is not intuitive or easy. If I buy music I want to easily access the music I own and scroll through it by artist, by album, and by song. Right now I have to search for something, click my collection and I can only scroll through something related to the search. I want to be able to scroll through my entire collection. I want to purchase music and merch from the bands I love and the bands that I am discovering, this is why I love Bandcamp. So why not design an app that can enhance this platform and enhance my enjoyment of these artists? This app needs easy scrolling and searching of each person’s collection. One should be able to scroll through artists, albums, and songs. On should also be able to scroll through the order in which the music was purchased. One should also be able to scroll through the order in which the music was released by the artists. And why do some artists have multiple pages? There needs to be well ordered discographies. When I discover a band I want to see everything that they have released. Bandcamp: awesome for the bands, but it just needs to be a little bit better for the fans.
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6 years ago, BeeBopaTop
I have some ideas!
The app just feels like the website for a shop. It isn’t easy to search for music unless you know their exact name. It doesn’t make it easy to really dive into a genre or find artists similar to artists you like. I suggest having a way for people to search for local music. Make it easier to be a musician on bandcamp. I have a profile as a musician and i cannot connect to fans, search for similar music, get news out there, have a listener profile that is affiliated with my band (at least i cannot figure out how to do that yet!) and I cannot connect with other bands and musicians on this app. Please help and please make it more than just a music store. Because it seems like it should be a community, yet i can’t figure out how to make it work that way... thanks
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6 years ago, Whisoseri0us
Fresh Music For Everyone
This is the first app I’ve cared to review ever. For those of you looking for new music from underground, independent, or popular, whether your taste is hip-hop, rock, or electronic, this is the app for you. To me it’s great because there’s such an enormous and fresh selection, and it for the most part is free! Best selling artists are constantly changing, there’s always someone new to listen to. The only reason I give four stars, is because I’d like to see more promotion of the lesser selling independent artists, which is hard to find. Also because, I add a lot of music to my wishlist on here, and it gets significantly harder to find. I just hope they end up organising that. It is an amazing music app otherwise, highly recommended. Good job guys!
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6 years ago, cqmurphy
LOVE bandcamp, not this app
I am a bandcamp artist, I would gladly pay a little more to be one of it meant that this could be a viable app in 2018. The inability to buy things is silly. The search is wonky. The inability to store purchases offline means I don’t often use it because I don’t want to eat up data. As an artist, it is increasingly frustrating to point potential fans to bandcamp because it’s interface is so foreign to people that are used to the other streaming services. In terms of desktop, I have the same distribution as most “big name” artists. When it comes to mobile (which is how people are going to attempt to search for me mid show and listen to me on the way home), it’s not super useful. Again: I LOVE bandcamp. I use this app about once a month, as opposed to other services which I use several times daily.
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3 years ago, Future NowHere
Nice but repeat goes off. Needs ability to dj/ put in daw
I need to dj my tracks from this app thank you. But more then this, there is no support for horizontal viewing, would love to make playlists, would love for repeat all tracks to be standard setting, would love to see Siri Shortcuts. Digital is the future of buying physical things. I’d love to see uploads in artist app. Thank u for adding download option in this app recently. It’d be cool to play artist videos in this app. Everyone that listen w this and makes music is also a dj, so the ability to mix tracks would be exceptional, and to be able to add to other app instruments like AUM or Audiobus. This would greatly increase functionality and popularity.
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6 years ago, Magnavox1972
Great app, but...
If it weren’t a Bandcamp app I’d give it a lower score. I love Bandcamp and have used the app as a method to access the music for a long time. However I have recently been experiencing strange audio glitches, regardless of if I am on data or wifi. These glitches include random skipping of audio like a scratched cd as well as the audio seemingly going out of sync with itself, and only when the screen is turned off. Once I turn on the screen the problem fixes itself, until the next time I turn off the screen. Otherwise the app is very easy to use, and a fantastic way to find new artists. Rarely do I go looking around on the Bandcamp app and not find something to put on my wishlist. That said, please fix these problems in the next update!
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5 years ago, dougc84
The Bandcamp app has an identity problem
Bandcamp. It’s the website where you buy music and support musicians that aren’t Top 40. It’s where you preorder albums by local artists. It’s where you buy merch from some indie band halfway across the world. But, Bandcamp the app. Well... you can’t actually buy music here, even though you can on the mobile version of the app. But you can stream it. But you can’t manage it. Or cache/download it. But you can buy physical media. So, is the app a media player? Because it does an OK job of that. But... it’s certainly not a library manager, so OK is all it gets. And it’s certainly not a store. And discovery is too obstructive to be useful. It’s an app that is convenient enough to see what your library (what you’ve purchased, no playlists or filters or anything) is and play it back. Sounds like a great idea on mobile if you could actually purchase your music there. But, for offline listening, you still need to find a computer, download the tracks, and add them to iTunes. Bandcamp - you guys can do better. I know you can. Define what this app is and what it can do. And let it be that.
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3 years ago, KingUmbreon
Great Service, Bad App
I love the concept and execution of Bandcamp and have bought so many albums from my favorite artists without having to pay subscriptions like what drives me crazy about the music industry nowadays. But why does Bandcamp still not have the most basic of services on their app such as creating playlists or choosing individual songs to play? Sure, downloads, but it’s hard if not impossible to download songs on an Iphone, and clearly the app wants to be an app you actually play music on because it has features to play and shuffle and all that, so it’s baffling they haven’t added more functionality for the app to be able to play music easily from it.
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4 years ago, dork.factory
Great, but crashes
I’ve been meaning to download this for many reasons, but never got the chance until recently. Bandcamp is fantastic in how you can directly support musicians and find music you can’t find elsewhere, but the app has a few problems that are hard for me to overlook: In particular, crashing issues. I prefer listening to my music while my phone is off, but more often then not, the music starts out fine only for the app to suddenly crash and stop playing my music. It might work better if I kept my phone on while listening, but that’s a bit inconvenient for me personally. If the crashing issues are fixed up, though, then I don’t really have many complaints!
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6 years ago, RTanger
App is bare minimum of function
I love buying albums on Bandcamp but really an starting to hate using the app. The issues with the app become more apparent the larger a collection that’s accrued. This app desperately needs better search, filter, and organization tools. It also needs to have general technical issues straightened out, like the way that it often thinks it’s offline and won’t allow albums to be played until the app is restarted, or is online but can’t seem to load any tracks from a selected album until restarted. Summary: A great music selling service but offering the bare minimum of user experience in all the places it should matter most — organizing and streaming the collection that’s purchased.
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2 years ago, Gabensteel
Good app, just needs some tweaking
I think this is a good app for getting underground/indie music and finding new artists you would never have found out about unless you used this service. The issue is that it lacks a playlist setting (and if it does have one it is not very obvious) and has issues (with me at least) where sometimes the music won’t play and I have to keep exiting and reentering the app to get it to work (or sometimes it will just start working again without any of that). I think this could have been a four, or even a five, if some features were implemented and the issues fixed.
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4 years ago, Animal buddies 12345678910
Why?! Pushing you to buy too much which is causing bugs
I loved this app, it is a great way to stream and listen to some lesser known songs and albums by my favorite artists. It was working great and the occasional request to buy or support was fine. But it has now gotten to the point when every song I click it reminds me and thats not even the part I mind, because it alerts me I have to click to song again and it gets into a loop and I cant even listen to my song. I would love to support and buy the album but I don't have much money. So... as soon as they fix this issue this app will be 5 stars again but at the moment I cant even use it. I would love to be able to use and enjoy this app again. Please help. Thanks
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2 years ago, Bethany K, Wlfd.
Too many missing features
Don’t get me wrong, I love bandcamp, I’m listening to it rn while I’m writing this review, however some of the missing features are incredibly annoying. Firstly the app doesn’t let you buy digital albums, currently my computer is broken and the app is all I have and I can’t even buy digital albums. Discovering music is also a lot less accessible. For example the “surprise me” filter isn’t on this app and I can’t even see the recently released albums. Overall I fond the missing features to ditract from the over all experience and I’m confused why we can’t even have a surprise me option
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4 years ago, WhiteKatsu
It’s okay...
I wish there was a way to purchase through the app, but it sounds like that’s an iProblem, not Bandcamp. But why on earth is there not a repeat option?! So far I have only one album and it’s great to sleep to but it won’t repeat! Imagine my frustration when trying to drive one day and I kept having to pull over to make it play again. (Just telling Sync to play automatically starts iTunes, even if bandcamp was the only music app open and the previous play came from it.) Maybe docking it by a whole two stars is a bit extreme for simply not having a repeat option, but it’s such a basic option in music, you’d think it’d be automatic.
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3 years ago, Soundingon
Can’t purchase within the app 👎🏾
I love the premise of this app. Giving independent musicians a platform to sell and promote their music is amazing. What’s even better is for every first Friday of every month, they give 100% revenue to the artists! The big issue I have with this app is that you can’t purchase music within the app. It’s ridiculous. Imagine not being able to purchase music on the iTunes app, but just being able to see what’s available, then having to open your internet browser and go to the iTunes website to purchase the music...? Imagine how much money they’d lose doing that. I would personally purchase so much more music on bandcamp if I could buy it within the app
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3 months ago, oozeday
One Song
If I want to listen to a single track of an album. I should be able to. Period. Just like every other music platform ever. Instead, I got to listen to every song after that track. It is a minor inconvenience, yes, but it’s like walking with a rock in your shoe. Nothing day-breaking, just annoying. Like, y’all could easily let me just queue up a single song. But what does clear queue do? It clears the entire queue, even the song playing. It doesn’t make sense. It especially doesn’t make sense that (being a band camp user for six years) they haven’t implemented this. Please fix
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4 years ago, J.McAndrew
Love (with suggestions to help)
Bandcamp is a phenomenal source of music. I say this both as an avid listener and creator, the app is phenomenal and my only suggestion for improvement is by adding a digital purchase button right after you add it too your wish list. So many times I have thought to myself “I want to support this artist” but have to come back to the album 3 times before you prompt me with the “💔”. Give us the chose to directly support the artists we love on the spot, not via third party internet browsers or desktops. Nothing but love for the curators, community, and especially the musicians.
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11 months ago, Elcrest
Can’t hide purchases in the app!!
Bandcamp is amazing: it’s the only place I buy music from now! CarPlay integration is also great! I really do love the app but I wish there was a way for your hidden purchases to be hidden in the app too. I’ve purchased a few artist’s entire discography bundles — some of which have over 30 EPs/LPs/Singles — and although they’re hidden on my account they still show up in the app. It becomes a real chore to have to scroll through all of that, especially someone like me with a large library. If we could hide purchases in the app that would really make this a 5-star app!
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2 years ago, breadisgood44
Great app for underground music
You can find a ton of great music. But I think the user interface can be updated a tad bc the current format if you have a lot of music in ur wishlist or purchases it takes awhile to scroll through. Also dark theme would be appreciated. Should also add a search feature for the artists that you follow so you don’t have to scroll to find a particular artist page. Also the app doesn’t allow you to scroll through all the artists you follow, I can only do that on the website.
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3 years ago, JackAtaraxia
Deleted my account without notice
While the BC community is full of wonderful music by talented independent artists, I cannot recommend a service that has acted in such a blatantly unprofessional manner. I attempted logging in one day to find that my account no longer existed. No email notice. No explanation. It was just deleted with no record of it ever existing. Hundreds of purchased albums representing thousands of dollars, gone. Pre-orders I have paid for, no access. I attempted emailing customer service numerous times and never got so much as a “we have received your message” in return. Just total silence. Support your favorite artists in some other way, this platform will steal your hard earned money and then ignore you.
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6 years ago, Paw T. Brayke
Support Artists not korporations
If music is important to you, more than just radio background noise, think about supporting the artists as directly as possible. Streaming services (including CrAppel music and Twahtify) literally Pay artists close to nothing. Purchasing a $10 album on EyeToonz pays the artist about $0.99. Bandcamp pays artists 85% of digital sales and 90% of physical merchandise sales. If you can afford to rent movies and buy crap from Starducks, think about paying the artists you love so they can keep making what you like \,,/
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2 years ago, Kcirtap si enam ym
Way too restrictive
There are tons of places to listen to music online. I am here specifically because I like being able to support the artists directly. But the constant spamming of “please open your wallet” and blocking me from listening to a track more than twice has got to stop. It does NOT make me more likely to buy the album. It makes me more likely to switch to some other service (and thereby stop supporting artists at all). Stop going out of your way to make my experience miserable, and I’ll stick around, and gladly pay for the music I love (AFTER I know that I love it, not when I’ve hardly even heard it yet).
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2 years ago, O0Sven
Serving my current needs for the most part
The app itself should honestly be getting 5 stars from me, however, my main reason for even consistently using the app right now is ‘cause I’m stuck with an old iPhone (🤮) since my S21 broke and I can’t access my library of 11k songs, so in the meantime I’m stuck with what I can listen to via my Bandcamp purchases. The reason I give it 4 stars is because I can’t simply play all music from my collection on shuffle and can only play albums or singles individually
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3 years ago, Prog Music Lover
Great app, but…
I love this app. I love the fact I can get lossless downloads and support artists with more of the purchase going into their pockets. There is an issue with performance within the app. It appears the buffering is set relatively low in comparison with other apps. I’ll start listening to something and head down my drive into dead cell area. Where other apps continue working for the next 1-2 miles Bandcamp will cease streaming. Pls increase buffering to allow for streaming in areas such as this for longer periods.
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2 years ago, JadeCoffee
Buggiest it’s even been since Epic bought it
Ever since Epic games bought this company, the mobile app department just seems inclined on releasing updates that remove all quality of life from this app. There’s no way for you to repeat a single track unless you specifically put it on queue and tap the repeat button. This is the most unintuitive way of playing music from this app you may as well just download VLC and put the music in your phone via your computer. Downloading the music to be played offline and putting a track in queue is bugged. It straight up does not work. The way older updates for this app was MILES better than whatever the heck this mess is
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5 months ago, jkrumm
The Way Forward For Digital Music
Bandcamp is the only digital streaming and purchasing platform I like. The only flaw is that if you want to purchase an album or track on this app, the digital option is not available. This means going to the website and doing it there, which no doubt cuts into many artist sales. Other than that, it’s really, really good. More mainstream artists should release here exclusively.
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2 months ago, tomaz137
Love Bandcamp
The Bandcamp website on my desktop is great and this app come fairly close to the website (minus the purchase function). The only thing I am hoping the Bandcamp app can improve upon is the search functionality. It’s quite bare bones. Can you allow for searches of artists specifically? Especially when the artist’s name is a common phrase or other bands have the same or similar names, it’s sometimes really difficult scrolling through tons of listings but all you want is just the band name.
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3 years ago, M.V.M-n.
Doesn’t support playlists
As much as I love Bandcamp as a service, I must note that the app is quite underwhelming. Purchased a large collection of music? Listen to it only by release - no playlists, no genre grouping, no track ratings and “party shuffle” by high rated tracks, no nothing. As a music player this app is SEVERELY limited, and UI is not convenient at all for navigating large music collection (for example, sorting alphabetically doesn’t allow then to skip to particular letter, the only view mode for your collection is “cover” mode with 3 releases in a row - no “list” mode etc). Bandcamp, please fix this!
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6 years ago, dbalman
Good, Could Be Better
Love Bandcamp! However, the app has a few minor flaws that I would like to see fixed/updated in the next release. The first issue is that sometimes songs won’t play. You open an album, touch the first song or play button, the song title flashes bold, unbolds, the next song bolds, and nothing plays. Sometimes by repeatedly tapping the song I can get it to play, but more often than not, I have to force close the app to get it working correctly. The second is that hiding albums does not remove them from your collection to a hidden sub-group like on the website. This is very annoying as I have purchased entire catalogues from some labels and invariably a lot of titles are junk. I don't want to see them and I don't want to sift through them every time I use the app. Please fix this. Otherwise, great app and outstanding service!
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6 years ago, Mylgar
Great app, too small for iPad
This app is worth 5 stars all day. If you’re trying to manage a band or artist, make sure you download the other app made for that. The display is obviously sized for phones, so it gets scaled up on the iPad. All that means is you get black bars on either side of the display, and the keypad is strangely big. But it’s really not an issue, some people just might be put off by it. If you want to listen to your Bandcamp collection, get this app! It makes it so easy. A+
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2 years ago, CaptainSemicolon
Pretty much perfect so far. Just one little thing that would make a huge difference.
If you’re able to, I’d like to be able to pay via my Apple account thing. It might be possible if you can open up payment via the app, which would be another pretty good quality of life feature. Other than that, I really like this app because it lets me support artists.
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2 years ago, ChronoTango
Only decent music app on iPhone
If it weren’t for the terrible way they handle merch sales, Bandcamp would be top dog across the board. Great for independent artists, great for looking for music to digest. I find it annoying that I have limited listens to individual albums unless I buy, but isn’t that kind of the point? Only downside is the lack of In-App music purchases. Physical releases? All day. Digital Download? Sorry, you got to use the website. Oh, and don’t forget the required PayPal account for any purchases.
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3 years ago, zSharp114
App for a Great Service
As a website and as a music distribution service, I love Bandcamp. Some of my best music finds were on Bandcamp and I even use it to distribute my own music. If you want to access this service from a mobile device, download this app. However, I do deduct a star for the lack of dark mode. I often use my phone late at night, and the lack of a dark mode makes Bandcamp on mobile a slightly less pleasant experience. Really, this is my only complaint.
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3 years ago, Gank!
No CarPlay Functionality or iPad Version
It’d be great if you could provide a CarPlay app and an iPad version. I really love the iOS app, but I find myself only really listening to songs on BandCamp when I’m either using my iPad or I’m driving around. So in it’s current state, this app is actually pretty useless to me. With those to functions, though, I’d use BandCamp more for listening instead of just discovering bands or purchasing content.
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3 years ago, Steppenwulfe
Needs “Open in App” option
I know nothing about developing, but when I click on a reddit link in any app such as Safari or instagram, the option to “open in reddit app” appears. I click lots of bandcamp links on instagram and this would save the hassle of switching apps and having to hunt down whatever artist or label you are looking for so you can add it to your wishlist or purchase.
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6 years ago, pkgoode
Great service, bad app
Love BC and would like to make it my go-to place for buying and listening. Unfortunately, neither the mobile device or the desktop is geared to managing a large collection. BC claims to have some sorting features, but they are undiscoverable (by me, anyway). As a result, I’m stuck with scrolling through a 200+ album collection. Worse, it is difficult to change a password from the mobile apps — the link never arrives or BC simply won’t allow a change. It would be one thing if the app stayed sync’d to the desktop, but it doesn’t—too often, it doesn’t recognize a password that I know is correct. Finally, their support is poor: They may get back to you in a day or two, they may not. No chat, no ticket number, no phone support. BC is a great, necessary service, but I can’t justifying buying more from them until they offer a UI that allows management of large collections and until I can reliably access the app.
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3 years ago, Josh Gooped
I love bandcamp but the app needs more.
I don't mind that we can't purchase songs in the app due to the Apple Monopoly Tax but the app should at least give standard music player app features like playlists with shuffle. And give an easy way to get the entire library in a playlist. Without the ability to use the app on the road, where I can't always go scroll and find a new album, it is just about useless and the only way to listen to Bandcap music is to download on the computer and use iTunes.
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3 years ago, Kaledēkla
Needs some changes
Though I love the gems I find on there, I wish tracks would be compiled in one big library so I wouldn’t have to leave the app I’m using to select a song from a different artist. Even multiple tracks from one album are scattered if paid for separately. Another inconvenience is that you have to be redirected to the album’s webpage to make a purchase AND you’re unable to scrub along the timeline of a track unless you’re in the app. One request- pleeease give us a dark mode I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like that.
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