Bandsintown Concerts

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Bandsintown Inc.
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9 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bandsintown Concerts

4.71 out of 5
38.5K Ratings
1 month ago, 000696942066600000
This app is incredible
I don’t know how this app is not more well known. if you love live music do yourself a favor and download this app. my only note to the developers is when searching for concerts near you, you have to select certain cities. this makes it take way longer to find good shows when you're browsing because you have to separately search the big cities near you. I’d recommend changing it to a location or mile radius so you can set it to how far the cities you’re willing to travel to are. also a bit more accuracy in the genres would be nice, sometimes you can find the same concert show up under the rap, rock, and country genres lol. however that’s not an issue when you’re using this app to seek out and follow specific artists. I’d also recommend going to your trusted ticket site of choice to purchase your tickets instead of directly through the app. other than these small issues though this app is so worth the download!
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1 year ago, Leah_M.
Download now
Concerts are my happy place and this app helps keep the dark place away because it lets me know as soon as my favorite artists announce tours. Very helpful if you don’t open Instagram religiously and/or don’t have Instagram notifications turned on AKA you accidentally miss the artist tour updates from there. I love the feature/button to press that lets you request the artist tour near you. Who knows if the artists actually get that notification/one little fan requesting a tour even matters, but it makes me feel better haha I’ve never been to as many concerts as I have since downloading this app because the time my brain remembers to buy tickets to something, it’s usually too late and sold out. But not with Bandsintown!
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4 years ago, Roselyn :)
It’s good for getting tickets to go to the concert
It’s good for when you are looking for a concert to go to and it gives you places/hotels you can stay in, what I have noticed is that many artist play @ the forum. This app also gives you options for example if you are interested in going you can press “interested” button and if you are for sure going you can press the “going” button there is also a “ticket” button to look at the available seats there are. It gives different seating options for many different prices. For example I am interested in going to the Niall Horan concert at the Forum and it gave me the date, time and place. I could also recommend that artist to do a concert where I want for example: Los Angeles. It depends where you live because it will give you concerts near you. Your truly, a person that uses this app :)
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5 years ago, Dolly Barker
Used to be better
Had the app for over 5 years. They seem to be losing their way a bit. I find it weird that when you follow an artist and can see they’re playing a festival, you’re not able to click on the name of a festival and see the whole lineup or any info about it. The addition of festival lineups and global music events that are worth traveling to would add a lot of value. I want that ‘omg I have to go’ feeling. The timeline idea is good in theory except that most artists really don’t use the platform so it’s kind of pointless until they do. Apparently the customer service on the artists end is pretty bad which may explain why they’re not really using what should be a great platform to connect with fans. Would love to see them turn it around, but judging by emails focused on promoting new artists, they seem more preoccupied with acting like a hipster record label. For me, more value would come from it functioning as an informational and social platform getting people hyped about music events.
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6 years ago, JustLetMeSubmitMyDangReview
Wrong concert and terrible customer service app
I’ve been trying to contact bandsintown help and submit a ticket but the app won’t submit the form and won’t tell me what’s wrong with the information or what’s missing instead it just makes me start over and re-enter my info. After 5+ attempts I’m even more frustrated than the initial incident I was trying to report. Usually I rely on this app to stay up to date on what concerts are coming up and now I don’t trust it. I received a notification of an artist I was excited to see so I clicked the artist’s page, saw the tour date listed and clicked the link to buy tickets directly from the artist’s page only to show up to the concert extremely disappointed that the tickets I purchased were for a totally different artist. Feels like false advertisement and the fact that there’s no decent way to report thru the app or call a customer support line I’m kind of over this app. Thanks for the let down 👍🏼
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5 years ago, JazzJake86
Best App-!
I’ve been using this App for about 3 years. For the earliest notifications direct from the artist on upcoming performances in your town, it’s simply the best. I’ve bagged some great seats by getting an early heads up from Bandsintown. Take the time to go through the process of letting the Bandsintown App scan your fav streaming service and walk you through an easy and fun wizard to help ID not only your fav artists, but also artists who - based on your preferences, you would dig too. I need to step up my involvement in the Bandsintown community - and not sure about connecting to FB & other platforms. Would also be cool to share the pics and videos after the concert with your Bandsintown buddies, but right now, today I have zero. Anyway, it’s cool and much more than just an App - so go get it-!
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2 years ago, Dr.RaeRae
Keeps me in “the Loop”
Living in a Metropolitan area is great; especially if you enjoy live entertainment, right? Well, daily life moves fast and before you know it, you lose track of a lot of great live shows that blow through town. Then, I gotta hear about what a great show I missed from someone’s girlfriend who just happened to be at the venue and blah, bl-blah, bl-blah. But with Bandsintown I stay in “the Loop” when it comes to hearing about great bands coming to town! By accessing the music on my phone app, Bandsintown tags artists I like; genres I prefer, and venues I favor and immediately notifies me of upcoming shows I won’t want to miss. These days, my family and I see about two-dozen live shows a year from epic bands!! Accolades go out to Bandsintown! Keep up the great work! - Dr. Robert
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3 years ago, asdfghjkl1234754
Bands In Town
This is a phenomenal app. A lot of times apps are kind of lame. Not up to date, old content etc. This app is ON IT. All the amazing shows I've seen this summer are because of this app. It will notify me who's coming like before the ink is dry on the band's and the venue's contract boom notification. AND I like obscure bands and local bands. It's the same for my local seen. Best app for live music ever. And, if this is important to you like me, when you purchase tix it goes to the band's preferred ticket seller. So you know you are supporting the band. And there's no need for a ticket broker because this app provides the earliest notification for yours and the band's and the venue's shows. peace 🙏🏽🙂🕉
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2 years ago, pseudopsyche
Completely unusable, absolute garbage
Forces you to sign in or enter location and select bands to interact with the app at all. What’s worse is if you do sign in it spams you with notifications relentlessly no matter what notification settings you choose. The only way to make it stop is to turn off notifications for the entire app in iOS. If you must use Bands In Town just use the website instead and save yourself the frustration and wasted time of downloading this dumpster fire of an app. Better yet, don’t use a service that doesn’t value their users in any way whatsoever and actively seems to hate their users and insist on torturing them into not using their product. If that was their goal, then we’ll done! I applaud them for making such an effective means of forcing me to never want to interact with their products ever again! The developers, or the asinine upper management that dictated these design decisions, should be ashamed of themselves and be fired.
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7 months ago, AmaraLily
Unnecessary forced use
I stg this is so poorly designed for people that don’t use it heavily. I just want to see how much tickets are to a single concert that uses the platform and I’m being forced through an unending loop where it asks me to jump through every single hoop of downloading the app and creating an account before it will show me. Does the close button work? Absolutely not. Does the email verification work? Absolutely not, it will however tell you that the email verification it sent did not work (even if you follow it all the way through to the end where it says Your Account Has Been Verified) and send you right back to the beginning! Went through that for about ten minutes before finding a way to force it to open on the site instead just to find out the handling costs nearly double the cost of the ticket, which I suppose is more of a company problem than an app problem but still….just yikes.
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2 years ago, sbtokarz
“Shared a memory” notifications
I’d like to turn off the notifications congesting my Alerts tab that update whenever other users “share a memory” (aka leave a ★-rating) for concerts vaguely related to my location/tastes, but not at all determined by whether or not I attended said show(s). With respect, I genuinely do not care what other people think of a concert they went to — especially if it’s a past show that I didn’t attend or an about artist that I’m not planning to see anytime soon (y’all are collecting all of my concert RSVPs, right?). I never have a bad time at a concert, because honestly, seeing live music 10/10 beats whatever else I could be doing — so my decision as to whether or not I’ll catch an artist I’m interested in has nothing to do with what someone else thinks. Under Mobile Notification settings, the only toggle that I have turned on is: “Weekly Update – Receive a list of shows sent to you once a week based on your music taste.” …that summary doesn’t seem to describe the “shared a memory”/★-rating notifications that are being included. I guess I’ll turn it off and see what happens, but I’d really appreciate it if you guys could look into this. Thanks for all of your hard work, see ya out there!
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5 years ago, Dancin Forever
Sooo much better than Songkick
After a mediocre experience w Songkick, Bandsintown is a breath of fresh air! Shortcuts to listen to artists is very useful. Automated scanning works if the app tells you *where* it got it from and the app pops up a summary to uncheck recent artists scanned every so often. Being able to mark a show “maybe” & have an ordered list (RSVPs) of shows coming up works well (not to mention it’s super useful it publishes them to yr calendar) My only gripe (and big enough to dock a star) is events are missing and even after reporting them, still don’t show up (at least temporarily put them in our RSVP list until you verify it!). I also noticed today, Songkick appears to get event announcements sooner - thus I won’t be deleting Songkick just yet...
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5 years ago, John bygone
Hands down, then up for high fives, best app
Wow. Great job on this you all. The biggest thing is having the best platform to connect artists with fans. I use it to discover new artists and I have a good story about that. I like how we now have a way to listen to bands, but it would be nice to see what genre they are beforehand. Also I have Apple Music and whenever I clicked to play it would just say, “You are already a user of Apple Music” Also I have a problem looking shows up by venue. I’d really like to be in the know about your app. I just subscribed to the manager version because I am a music promoter. It would be my pleasure to give my two cents on development!!!
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6 years ago, SdKuAb
Not necessarily the fastest, but it is convenient.
I like getting notifications announcing when my favorite performers are coming... but whenever I contact a specific friend of mine about a show, not only is he already aware of it, he sometimes already has tickets. (Which begs the question, why didn’t he tell me about it?) Other than missing some presale discounts, it hasn’t really mattered though. It asks me to login to my iTunes far too often and I wish there was a way I could select Recommend Artists that I don’t like so I stop receiving information about them... but that’s all I can really complain about. Solid overall. It certainly beats the disappointment of finding out about a show after it already happened.
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3 years ago, AmBrWvS
It’s A Total Assistant
Bandsintown provides details and features I’ve not noticed in other apps. I’m able to get who and when, of course, but I’m able to see more than that on Bandsintown. It’s so great to view the seating at the venue. I enjoying listening to the artist’s music samples, or sending them a request to visit my town. The option to update my calendar is seamless - a favorite thing! Artists tours info, ticket purchases, sound bits, directions, and more are helpful uses for most audiences. I guess I could recommend an option to listen to an artist on their latest podcast interviews. I appreciate Bandsintown as is.
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4 years ago, bunni317
Amazing app. 💗🙌🏼
I’ve had this app for years now and it has honestly never failed me. It’s on top of everything I could ever ask for and purchasing tickets through them has always been so quick and easy. It tracks all of my favorite artists; when and where they’ll be near me. Right now I just purchased tickets through this app after having so many issues through SeatGeek and other resell apps. Bandsintown gives you great deals, detailed info, and overall the best options you can get for purchasing tickets to any concert. This app always saves the day. HIGHLY recommend if you always go to shows/concerts on the regular.
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7 years ago, Pop Xmas 2014
Learn of ticket sales
I have been able to buy tickets to show I would normally miss because I learn of these shows before they go on sale because of this app sending me notification. If you want to buy tickets through the app, make sure the place where the tickets are purchased has the correct info. I just got tickets to Art Garfunkel. The Borgata web site had no info of this sale. I was able to call and get the tickets. The web site had wrong credit card info, so I wasn't able to process online. I love this app and I find it very helpful. This summer will be known as the summer of concerts because of this app!
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1 month ago, LaValleyT
Had this app since 2006 for a reason!
This app always keeps me updated with not only the big venues, but the smaller ones that the bands I follow are playing. There were so many times I would have never known these smaller local venues even existed or my favorite artists were playing there. It’s the only app that really does that and alerts me, so make sure you customize your account and sync it with your music apps to find all the artists you may normally not choose. Thanks for giving me the chance to see so many events I would have missed!
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5 years ago, steve_2525
Hard to use, hijacks my device browser
I’m about to delete this app from my iOS devices. It takes over Safari whenever opened. It’s hard/impossible to navigate through, hard closing is the only way to get it off my screen- often without the info I hoped to get. It-and the developers-sem more interested in gathering my data than providing me with useful info. Today I got a message notification from a favorite artist- just the tease notification that there was a message, no indication of what it concerned (something that could have been easily put in the notification). I’ve done this dance before, but fell for it again: and Clicked Thru to the app. The app threw up a splash screen asking for more personal info from me. I couldn’t get past this screen to view the message without entering data sp I exited- as I’m about to do wit Bandsintown in general.
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6 years ago, hedededede
Loved this app
Once upon a time, this app was great for finding out about local concerts. Now, it’s full of bugs. The notification settings were never amazing. But suddenly, I couldn’t get the app to stop sending me useless notifications about artists supposedly messaging me (even from bands I don’t follow??) and it has almost stopped sending me concert reminders all together. I was getting at least 3-4 notifications a week that Mae had sent me a message. I don’t follow Mae, never listened to them, and the phantom messages never materialized when I opened the app. I tried adjusting notification setting several times without relief. So finally, I broke down, deleted the app, and reinstalled it. Now I can’t log in. At all. All I get is “server error, check your connection”. Get your act together Bandsintown.
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5 months ago, jabjablonski
Maybe my favorite app ever
This app is incredible it’s linked to my Apple Music and let’s me know when there’s bands playing in my area. Going to Nashville not being a huge country fan but wanting to see some live music I was able to find an August Burns Red show the day I arrive. They will be playing with one of my new favorite bands in Spite. This is a must have app if love music is a passion of yours and if you’re reading this theres probably a good chance you are. Also the app makes buying tickets great with multiple option for point of sale and links to your calendar.
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4 years ago, Traveler 3689
Wish I could track multiple cities
Wish I could switch between cities a little easier—like I do with my weather app. I travel to different cities and countries and would like notifications of when my favorite artists are going to be in, say, Vegas or LA or Chicago. Even though I don’t live in those cities, I might like to plan a trip around my favorite artists. Too often I am taking a look at a favorite artist and notice that they were performing in a completely different region and I could have attended. Don’t have enough time to go through each artist’s concert dates for all the cities I am interested in. Addressing this would make a great app even better!
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6 years ago, Blisstix
I am really greatful to have this app, anytime I am looking to go out for a concert I open it up and almost always find something interesting. I think they do pretty well for lesser known bands too. I like that sometimes they have the ticket prices available within the app, I would like to see that more often though. Through Facebook it has all my favorite bands listed, and I can track my top favorite bands. You can search bands, locations, and events. Even see the line up for the show. RSVP, and comment within the app to connect with other people going to that show. Thanks Bandsintown!
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6 years ago, Pyropod
Not impressed
Hopeful, but first impression is NOT a good one. I have NO desire to give anyone access to my life (including my library) just to get tour dates. That's one reason I don't belong to any of the online library apps out there. My music library is huge and I don't feel the need to know the movements of every artist I listen to. That was complaint #1. #2 is their idea of selecting bands you might want to know about is to throw everyone up on screen in RANDOM ORDER. Seriously? You expect me to spend hours looking at every band/artist that ever put out a song, in random order? Ever heard of alphabetizing? How about a simple search field? You do realize that many of these artists don't tour at all, and many are actually dead! News flash: Simon and Garfunkel split up decades ago! So why should I have to sort through them to find what I actually want?
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4 weeks ago, rebecca613
Lots of promise
Overall I think it’s a great app and I love being able to see the shows in my area even for artists I don’t track, but if I’m viewing say the month of April it keeps jumping back up while I’m scrolling down. It seems to be loading shows as I’m scrolling. An example is I’ll get to the 25th of the month and I’ll scroll past it say to the 27th but I can’t view it because the app keeps taking me back to the 25th. No matter how slow I scroll, or amount of time I pause, it will keep jumping back a few days and eventually I give up. This has been happening for several months now and the developers really need to correct whatever bug this is.
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7 years ago, AlmaLovesMusic
Can't recommend enough!
I have been using this app for at least a couple of years now. I recommend it to every music lover I know in every city I go to! I travel a lot for work and I'm always checking this app to see what shows are going on. I love how it has evolved to include date ranges. The mileage range is a huge plus, since I live in a small border town that doesn't get much action. This app lets me see who's on tour that I otherwise wouldn't have noticed, since most don't come to my city. It also allows me to plan for future travel, and dream a little (Rancid in Paris perhaps?)
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7 years ago, Rach998
Great idea, a bit buggy
App has so many bands connected. Push notifications are great. Kudos. However, the app doesn't refresh well when changing locations, following new bands. App needs to be restarted before it will pick up your changes. If you can handle these issues, you've got a wonderful tool in your pocket. New ideas for the team: Search radius expands beyond 150 miles (would like to have two large cities in my search scope, not just one). And allow specific date searches (say I'm going on a trip in 3 months and want to know who's playing in that town... I shouldn't have to scroll through the next 3 months to see the 1 week I want)
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4 years ago, Ashton Lippel
Great but the new update is really bad.
Have been using Bandsintown for about 3 or 4 years, and it’s always been reliable and given me the earliest notifications for tour announcements and more. But with the newest update, every time I open the app it prompts me as if it’s my first time using the app, and all of my push notifications are never able to be viewed because it says I’m not following the artist who literally just sent me a notification. Not so impressed with the update, please fix it, I didn’t know that One of my favorite bands announced a spring tour in my city until the day after the announcement, when i scrolled past it on Twitter. Please fix the app I have loved and used it for so long. 5 stars before the update.
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6 years ago, easplane
Seems great, but it’s flawed
Been using this app for a while now without fault. Recently, however, I hear one of my favorite bands is coming to the area - which I’d been waiting eight long years for - and that tickets go on sale on 8/17 at 5:00 PM. I set two alarms, one the day before and one an hour before, so that I can’t possibly forget. I wake up the morning of the 17th and I find out immediately from a different source that tickets went on sale at 9:00 AM, and they sold out immediately. Bandsintown posted the WRONG TIME. Now, I have to consider getting scalped tickets (the lowest price on StubHub is 250% what it was originally going for) or waiting another eight years until they come to town again. Thanks for ruining one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve had in years, Bandsintown.
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5 years ago, a_big_dave
Spams notifications
This app only needs to do one thing: tell me when the bands I follow are in town. I give it two stars because it does in fact do that. Unfortunately, in addition to its promised function, it constantly spams my notifications telling me I should follow more bands and that it has recommendations for bands and events I might like. None of these recommendations get even close to mark or seem to be based on a sane algorithm. They’re just spammy and lazy “use our app more please!” type of things, and they make it difficult to separate the actual notifications from the spam. And worst of all, the spam notifications are written in this over familiar, cloying manner (e.g. ❤️ you, we found some events you might like. 🤘 rock on!). You’re not my friend, you’re an app.
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5 years ago, Dilly_Mecc
Decent app for finding shows- the alerts of upcoming events have been handy. Some other features are just plain pointless, e.g. “messages from artists” - these are sent to you with notification saying “[xyz] artist messaged you” as if they are DMin you. When in reality it’s more akin to “an artist you track posted to their wall about [uninteresting news].” Worst part, hands down, is the user interface though. It’s pretty horrible, it just does not flow in anyway. No matter what you click, you feel like the app is actively working against you. Also, with the most recent update, I was logged out of my account and can’t seem to get back in. Had to start a new account with a different email.
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9 months ago, curlyheadedkelsey
Accurate and Efficient
This app only notifies you about the artist you choose to follow. It takes you to the ticket vendor website that is cheapest, which is always changing. It also will remind you of the show that you wanted to buy or bought tickets for a week in advance and day of. Syncs with your calendar if you want it to. Lastly, it gives you details on prohibited items for that venue, directions to the venue, instructions for once you get to the venue, and even suggests multiple lodging options/hotels near the venue!
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11 months ago, Hilchea
Love this app!
Been using Bandsintown since 2014 and I love it. They seem to have worked out any kinks it used to have, and now it works great. It always notifies me thru email when artists I follow or might be interested in are coming thru, and I love being able to look back on all the shows I’ve been to in my history. Occasionally I’m not able to find certain artists in the app, so I don’t know how the artist profiles are made, but that’s rare. It would be cool if it also had an option to add favorite venues or something similar.
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4 years ago, mediawolf
This solves a big problem
My tastes are pretty specific. There are quite a few artists that I like in various a genres, but it’s pretty rare that any of them actually come to my town to play. That means when I look at the weekly local listings, there’s a terrible signal-to-noise ratio. It’s like sifting for gold. It’s way easier to just track the artists. And BandsInTown tracks everyone. (Cue Gary Oldman shouting “EVERYONE!!!!”) That means my FOMO is gone. If a band I like comes to town, I’ll know. Period. It’s a solved problem, a non-issue. It’s an added bonus that through the app I can ask the artists to come play here.
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6 years ago, Absintheur
Jumpstarted my live music life
This is a kickass app, the most life-changing I’ve ever experienced. As a middle aged dad I’d written off concerts as overpriced hype and gotten out of he habit of going to live shows. This app changed that - it scans your music library and alerts you when bands you like (or might find out you like) are in your area. For me, it’s meant seeing scores of awesome shows in inexpensive (like $20 on average) intimate venues by indie bands I’ve been listening to (some new, some since the ‘90s) but had never seen before. What a joy it’s been to get back into the flow. Rock on with Bands in Town.
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3 years ago, mikeyvama
The ultimate app for fans of live music!
Updating a review from a while back to praise how well the app has adapted to the pandemic. Now you can find dates and times for live streams from your favorite artists. It scans the libraries of all your music libraries, and is provides info on both the superstars and performers with small followings. If you like live music, you’ll love this app! Share who's going to see what and buy tickets through the app. Smooth integration with Twitter, Facebook, and most venues and ticket vendors. Get your friends to join and see what they’re interested in.
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4 years ago, Kds198
Make sure to double check the Artists when buying tickets!
I received 2 alerts and an email stating that Banks was playing at a concert venue in San Francisco. I clicked the link and saw the picture of Banks and the venue name and date as stated in the email. I purchased tickets and then got a receipt and tickets sent to me for BLanks. Completely different person, not even close. The venue has a no refund policy and when I wrote to Bands in Town they directed me to their terms of service which basically says, too bad, we are not liable. So basically now I bought tickets to some random guy by following the links from bands in town and now I’m SOL. Not sure how an algorithm screws up by a full letter and no one at the company is running checks to match the actual events. Really expensive mistake for me using their platform.
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3 years ago, APierceArch
Hard to get started
This app is garbage to get started on. I just wanted to know the price of a ticket at a small show at a small venue in a small town. I had to use the app to do that. So, I download the app, thinking I’ll now be able to see this show and what it costs. First it made me select ‘artists that I like’ before I could proceed and presented me with an unsearchable list of hundreds of artists, the first hundred of which I don’t like or don’t know. I picked some random ones (dumb, not useful). Then I had to confirm my email, which I did repeatedly but the app does not recognize this. I cannot proceed from here, which makes it unlikely I will go to this show (whatever the price is..., I still don’t know), which ultimately hurts the small band I was thinking of seeing.
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1 year ago, yeitsdatbv
Worst music app in industry
I shouldn’t have to answer a dozen questions about my location and favorite bands and genres and habits to buy a concert ticket or have to do that and verify my email and decide just to view some bands tour dates. Stop it. Ask one question the first time around about whether or not we want to answer those questions. If someone does that’s great, if not leave them alone unless they say otherwise. It’s annoying. There are small acts that use your platform losing out on sales because people don’t want to be bothered with this all the time. It’s just an absolutely horrible site that does way more to hinder ease of seeing bands than improve the live music experience. It’s a never ending headache every time I am directed there.
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2 years ago, Fios1715
Used it forever but it’s horrible now
I’ve use this app longer than I can even remember unfortunately the interface has become a mess. I don’t want all these things cluttering up the interface I just want to know what concerts are coming up for the artist I’m tracking (not all these other categories they’ve polluted the main screen with). I can’t even find a list of my bands concerts coming to me soon in the app anymore with all the event spam listings. Also it keeps putting me in the wrong location (I emailed them months ago and they claimed to have fixed it ), I even manually tried to set my location. What a shame this was the first and for a while the best way to see which of your liked artists are playing near you.
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5 years ago, jkloyup
Helpful app
This app will help you if your a metal head like me or if you just enjoy music and want to see your favorite musician or band you can track your favorite bands in mile radius or click track the UI is simple and not just 1,000 sub menus it tells you exact bands from every genre this app has helped me track my favorites down and also they give you websites to buy tickets from this app was recommended to me by heavy metal entertainment make sure you check those brits out they are quite witty and hilarious anyways 10/10 would stalk bands again
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10 months ago, Corbcorbin
Why am I getting prompts to verify myself?
I finally used this app again after a long time, and it said it found and restored my account, yet errors came up. Then, I was promoted to verify my email, which when I did, it brought me back to the app, snd an error message appears. Then, after trying to use it through safari, where I actually was able to see things, but not actually search an artist or venue, I received a very suspicious email, that was labeled verification, but said this email contains nothing. I flagged the email. After updating the app, it still did the exact same crap, and wouldn’t let me reset my password, even though the app stated my account was restored. It just keeps prompting me to start a new account. Sad.
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1 year ago, Caleb K - Hou,TX
App Saving Mi Vida
Working and being in school full time (and having the ADD) = not having the luxury of forsaking a lotta time to the hunting down of events given I’ve the off chance of being able to attend. Bandsintown does a great job of laying it out for me. My only critique to make it perfection for my usage would be the option of subscribing to merch drops for given bands without having to be subject to the umbrella of all the other types of notification that fall within it. Nonetheless, thank you & keep up the good work!
Show more
6 years ago, Lvlylisa
Love it and recommend it!
Think of this like Pandora for live music - it suggests band playing out that you’re likely to like based on your taste in music. And you can preview the band’s sound without leaving the app. If you travel, it will start to suggest shows as soon as you land. Only downside is the search function for a specific date and place if say, you know next month you’ll be in Boston, as you search a list and follow a band link, when you hit the back button you end up at the top of the original list.
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7 months ago, elittle2
Love the Bandsintown app!
I’ve only recently been introduced to this app, but I instantly fell in love with it! Music is definitely a passion of mine and a go to for date nights with my fiancée! Since I’ve found this app, there is no shortage of music at small and large venues for just that! We’ve recently realized it provides festival and comedy events too, which also offers last minute things to do with our teenage children! As an added perk, Bandsintown even provides you with a map of the area and places (with prices) to stay, should you decide to have a few cocktails and let loose during the events. We’re definitely looking forward to utilizing this app to its fullest extent, not only for local shows, concerts, and festivals but also during our travels and vacations to fill our downtime! We can’t wait to see how this app improves overtime, great idea/concept!
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1 year ago, HercFamily5
Great app in a music-rich city.
Great app - Nashville has dozens and dozens of options pretty much every day and this helps plan. Feature suggestion: have a tab or button which easily shows me all of the bands I follow and their next dates Feature suggestion: have a “today” button which shows me only the bands I follow. I can accomplish this mostly through the search function I’m just looking for convenience and I mostly want to see bands I have already previously added to my favorites.
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5 years ago, Jericho Powers
Life saver
As a huge music lover and musician, this app changed the way I view concerts. I used to just stick with the bands I listened to most and tried to keep up with their tours, but since using this app, I’ve probably went to5 or 6 times the amount of concerts that I did before, directly due to the fact that I got advanced notices of when bands I like (or similar to what I like) we’re going to be in the area near me. Seriously, I don’t miss any shows anymore unless I have things I was already doing, or work. Can’t rate this app high enough.
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Don’t even bother
This app shows you bands that aren’t even near you, I have gone to concerts in my state that this app didn’t even notify me of. Not to mention the fact that their customer service is non existent. I have emailed them several times asking for them to stop emailing me and I have turned all notifications off in the app and outside and reported the messages as spam, but since they are from different artist each time, I keep getting emails. SUPER annoyed and not going to use this app again. Edit: to the developer, no, I will not email you again asking for help because I have already emailed you and told you that I have already solved the problem all by myself, but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t check your emails do you. Thanks!! xx
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6 years ago, Yo Mommas Block
Very convenient
Very useful app only problem is it doesn’t update me on some of the more underground artists. There’s been a few shows that are barely making the recommendation section and it lists the headliners who are artists I don’t really care for (don’t have any of their music on my phone whatsoever) but when I check the bill it’ll have openers who happen to be some of my favorite performers. Just makes me wonder how much gold I’ve skipped out on based off the fact that my preferred artists aren’t getting listed in the upcoming show section. Other then that it’s a great app.
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3 years ago, MiaNj
This has to be one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. I deleted it once, then thought I’d give it another try. Nope. Just as bad. You cannot get past entering profile information, even to check on the simplest content about content. If you DO get past the profile garbage, and maybe find the link to get to concert info, it never takes you where you think you’re going. It either crashes, or you get error messages like “there’s nothing here.’ If you are lucky enough to make it past all this junk and manage to get tix to an online event ... there’s NEVER ANY WAY TO ACTUALLY ATTEND OR VIEW THE EVENT. this is a total waste. It’s nothing more than a phishing scheme to get your preference info, so they can sell it to third parties.
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