Bangor Mobile

4.8 (11.4K)
141.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bangor Savings Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bangor Mobile

4.83 out of 5
11.4K Ratings
8 years ago, kkatsikas
I Love Bangor Savings and the App Lives Up To Expectations
I've been using Bangor Savings Bank for nearly a decade and they are by far the best bank I have been able to find. The app is no different. Fast, easy, full of useful features (that work). I live in New Hampshire so I use the app as my local branch. I make deposits with ease, earn rewards, print out reports, and all ATM fees are reimbursed. I just can't say enough good things about Bangor Savings Bank and their app.
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4 years ago, kdowner101
I’ve had this app for a while now and at first it was good, but now I’m having a the same issue with it constantly. It will say I have a lot more in my accounts than I actually do and it won’t show me my recent purchases from the past week when I just checked it yesterday and it was updating fine? Like I checked it yesterday and it was correct and then I checked it today and suddenly my accounts have more money in then than yesterday when there has been no deposits into the account? This app is really starting to frustrate me because it is not reliable at all.
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1 year ago, WUP from Maine
Thanks for being my bank!
For nearly 50 years Bangor Savings has always served me well. When they acquired my account during a bank merger I wondered if things would change. As banking services change I was always pleased to stay a customer. I’m confident that our relationship will continue to grow in the coming years. Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, TonyMofMaine
Great, easy to use app, 1 minor enhancement would be great
This is a great app and like others have said, a great bank too! The only minor change I would love to see is if for the mobile check deposits, that the scanned image of the check be made available on the ledger like checks deposited at the bank. Right now all you get is an image of a deposit slip.
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7 years ago, Misterhil1
Great app!
Bangor Savings Bank is the best bank and the app is great too! I would have given it five stars, but a lot of things you have to do through a web browser still like nickname and hide accounts. Would also like to be able to set up a new bill pay and be able to instantly transfer to another Bangor Savings account that belongs to someone else. Give me those features and you get your fifth star.
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3 years ago, Kath1465
Mobile deposit is the only negative
I love this bank and the app is great, except everything needs to be perfect before the photos of a mobile deposit check are accepted. And the photos are grainy black and white, like a bad fax. My last bank (which was terrible in all other ways) captured a colored photo of the check and there were never any problems with it. I wish Bangor Savings did the same!
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2 years ago, fleababy06
It’s really convenient!
I got this app for easy access to my account. I’ve had this Bank for a while and would definitely recommend this for anyone! Thank you for this! Also they are always on quick for helping you!
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3 years ago, Frankdrizzo
Mobile Check Photos no longer working for me
I’ve deposited several checks in the past using the mobile app. It now no longer recognizes the check photos and wants me to retake the photo. No problem except all the photos I retake are not recognized. I’ve tried many different light sources and contrasting backgrounds. The app will not let me proceed until it’s happy with the photo even though all needed info is in the rejected photo. Hoping for a fix.
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4 years ago, beans1719
App crashes fixed quickly!
Back to 5 stars. Very impressed with how quickly it was fixed :-) Was happy with the app but since iOS 14.3 update app crashes when I try to open Bill Pay. Since I use this to pay all my bills this is very inconvenient. I hope this is fixed soon.
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7 years ago, MEASPE
Reliable, Easy to Use, and Secure
I have been a BSB customer all my life, and have had the app as long as there has been one. I have had very few issues with the app, and all of those issues were resolved by BSB customer service reps within a couple of days. No complaints, and the mobile check deposit feature is a great asset. Highly recommended to all.
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6 years ago, davidcrsl
Great idea, but…
I always have trouble taking the picture for the back of the check. Sometimes I have to take it 15 times before it finally is correct. It crops off the endorsement end of it virtually every time. It will sometimes tell me that it’s the wrong size compared to the front. I try carefully to allow the same space around the image. There is something wrong but I don’t believe it’s at my end. It is very annoying to take so many images, as well as time-consuming. I could’ve mailed the deposit in half that time.
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4 years ago, D & D Metal Recycling
Business Checking
This bank is so great when it comes to helping me get my business going on the right track! It is so simple and convenient! I highly recommend Bangor Savings Bank to anyone with a business...well everyone for that matter! Thank You
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1 year ago, Bc_207
Could use some improvement
I like the app but it would be nice to be able to manage my debit card and credit card on one app. For example it would be nice to see the balance on your credit card and be able to make payments on it through this app because their app is not user friendly. It is an easy app to use.
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3 years ago, DBT customer
Less functional than DBT
Bangor Savings Bank’s online banking and app are functional and get the job done. However, it is less user friendly than the app we were accustomed to from Damarriscotta Bank snd Trust. The notifications are a full day later, which rather defeats the purpose. Notifications were almost immediate from DB&T, so they were useful.
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10 months ago, hate to be cold
Memo for mobile deposit
As a business owner I would find it very helpful to have a memo line for deposits. Otherwise it is a great boon to have mobile deposit convenience , while retaining an annotated check for my files.
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6 years ago, muddy anne
Review on online backing for me
Everyone always told me how easy it was even the tellers at the bank. But I kept putting it off. Now I have it I love it. Saves me time from writing in a checkbook and forgetting at times. I still need to learn the rest of it witch will take time but till then it’s great!!
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6 months ago, MaineRockhound
Perfect the way it is!
I’ve seen this too many times. This app is perfect as is, please don’t try to make it better. That’s a sure fire way to take something that’s not broken and destroy it. Love the app, it’s easy to use and works well. NO UPDATES PLEASE!
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1 year ago, Gratitude and pride
Smooth and consistent service without many questions or doubts. If needed, the staff at any station in bank lobby are more than helpful to any concerns. All members of the Bangor Savings branches are perfectly placed and appreciated. Thank you all!
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3 weeks ago, SometimesIThinkThisMatters
Mobile check deposit functionality unusable
Recent updates have made the mobile check deposit functionality unusable. Extremely disappointed in Bangor for allowing this to go live without running it through thorough testing. Edit: Grew tired of fighting your app and simply moved my direct deposit / primary banking from Bangor to another bank with a functional mobile check deposit UI.
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8 years ago, Big Al 6229
It Just Plain Works
The app is very easy to use and completely intuitive. Very straight forward and doesn't complicate what you are trying to accomplish. It covers all of the most common things that normal people do and makes life easy.
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3 years ago, Jelloboy45
Best Online Banking App
I’ve been a customer of BSB since 1996 and kept them as my bank after I’ve moved away from Maine, because this App is the earliest and most feature laden online banking tool out there.
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6 years ago, Maestersir
Excellent app for a great bank
Been with Bang Savings for just about a year and it’s been wonderful. This app is one of the better banking apps I’ve used. Loads up wicked quick and tells you your balance faster than you can spell the word lobster.
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3 years ago, ericm1985
BSB is great!!!
Mobile banking has made my life exponentially easier. I especially like being able to mobile deposit and the staff at my location are incredibly nice and helpful. Kudos to BSB for all they do for me!!!
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2 years ago, Tre Diesel
Uploading Checks
This just started that when I go to deposit a check from a client, a window comes up saying “rotate your phone.” NOTHING happens. You need to literally close out then come back to access your camera. Not Fan. Put it back the way it was or fix it would be awesome.
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2 years ago, HowAreAllNicknamesTaken
Great bank, terrible app
I live my Bangor Savings local branch and the advantage they have with reimbursed ATM fees is extremely useful, but so is being able to check your balance and the app is borderline regularly under maintenance with no warning. This is literally the 3rd time in as many months I have gone to check my balance and been told there was an “application error” and my account information is unavailable.
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5 months ago, Dawson Julia
Should be our state bank
Bangor savings bank is headquartered in Maine and it should be the bank our state banks with but for some reason the state goes with a bank that’s headquartered out of Canada (TDbanknorth) which trades on the stock market!
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5 years ago, Zdog22
Great at What It Needs to Do, But Needs New Design
This app is great at doing what it needs to do as a basic banking app, and it does them well. I do think it needs a design overhaul to make the app more appealing. Also, it would be great to have a way to do transfer directly to other Bangor Savings accounts! Thank you for making a great product for the people of Maine!
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2 years ago, hdjcjejfejdjdjd
Good app good bank
Only complaint is I can’t see what I’m typing because it’s white text on where background. Ironically everything else has been smooth
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1 year ago, varresa_mrj
App is very buggy lately
It used to work beautifully but lately I’ve had a ton of problems with the check scanning on the mobile deposit feature. I get error messages constantly. I log out, restart the app, nothing helps. I will try it again another day, then it’s fine. Or when it’s not, I just end up driving to the branch :( I am using the latest version of iOS.
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6 years ago, bseek91
I love the Bangor Savings Bank app, I really liked the Touch ID option on my old iPhone 7, when I got the new iPhone X, I was hoping I’d be able to login with Face ID like meany of my other bank. MY BAD!! I figured it out! Disregard my question. New user error!
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4 years ago, Snowpyle
Used to be better
I like this app but this recent update is awful in that transactions used to be separated by a date marker. Now they are a running list with the date in TINY letters underneath the transaction. Makes reviewing transactions much more difficult. Please put the date separators back!
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4 years ago, blueskull390
Good but issues
Love the bank but the app keeps crashing on me I have it on iPhone 6s and I use finger ID to log in but lately it’s been freezing up and keep getting application errors I have even restarted my phone multiple times and am still getting it off and on please fix this I will be a member for this bank for life
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2 years ago, Pauly Pistachio
I have only been with Bangor savings for a short time. But the two times I’ve been in there I’ve been treated with respect and like I am one of your family
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2 months ago, dhfhdjdm
used to love updated version is terrible
Use to love this app. But the last couple months trying to deposit a check is so hard. I cannot get an accurate picture if there’s any fraying on the edges it’ll say can’t find edges and I cannot deposit. It makes this feature unusable. Please go back to the old way.
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1 year ago, RubyBraff
Check deposit is infuriating
The mobile deposit function works fine until it’s time to photograph the back of the check being deposited. The auto function will work once or twice, then stop working. It is truly infuriating. I called once about it and got little sympathy and no fix.
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3 years ago, Mackjann
Great way to manage your bank accounts
Easy to navigate and manage our accounts. Recommended to everyone.
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6 years ago, lebenshunger
The app is complete and functional. I can check the balances in my accounts anytime and easily. I can move money between my accounts with a few clicks. This app is invaluable.
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2 years ago, Frenchy3168
Best app
I have multiple accounts at multiple banks and the bsb app is still the best one by far. Won’t change banks even though I don’t live in Maine anymore
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3 years ago, Justin 456789
Forced to review
Forced me to review when I kept clicking that I did not want to review right now, unable to process my banking info without pop up after pop up asking for a review. Otherwise it’s five stars.
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6 years ago, ableblanc
Very impressed!
I just switched over from a different bank and his banking app is far superior with regards to the amount of things that you can do as well as ease-of-use.
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4 years ago, frahel4547
So convenient!
With the problems today it is so nice to be able to keep an eye on my finances so easily. I have had no negative issues with this app.
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3 years ago, BrooklynS7436
Excellent app
Excellent app the only thing I should be added would be a feature to put a debit card on hold in case you lose it like other out apps I have seen.
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3 years ago, ACBelfast
User-friendly bank app
I appreciate the Bangor Savings Bank app because everything that I need works smoothly.
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5 years ago, Lee beck H
When your given a Fraudulent check use the app they take it away from you
I hate this bank because of the inconvenience
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4 years ago, Bruce R. L.
Nice to be able to check in especially after a visit to the bank. Peace of mind!
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8 years ago, Ric Tyler
Time Saver, Money Saver
I may only use this to keep an eye on my balance and transfer from accounts, but this BSB app -- with its fingerprint tech and easy to use features -- has saved me from racing to their bank and saved me from overdrafts.
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2 years ago, EEYUCK!
The only one I have ever had
Bangor Savings Bank is a wonderful bank; the only bank I use for all of my banking needs!
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7 years ago, cmurr13
Great ap!
Love being able to do everything on my phone and not having to go to a physical bank location!
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3 months ago, reneepaallen22
Mobile deposit is ruined
What is this update? Terrible. It takes so many more steps to deposit a check on here. It was easy before and now it’s so confusing. And too many popups
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5 years ago, lobster boat
A awesome app
It’s awesome because I live on an island. But the only problems I am just running into is some of my checks haven’t been going in. Awesome app to have thought .
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