Bank of Colorado

4.8 (4K)
95.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pinnacle Data Services, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bank of Colorado

4.79 out of 5
4K Ratings
12 months ago, Not a Dog Riding a Motorcycle
Very Helpful
Makes going to the bank almost completely unnecessary. Can do everything I need from the device, love that I can deposit checks directly into accounts. Any issues I have had over the years have always been fixed quickly
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3 years ago, CorporalDecay
Terrible Bank and Terrible App
I’ve had a relationship with Bank of Colorado for 5 months and I’ve had more issues than with any other bank (Chase, BofA, etc). App doesn’t work at times when I need it (late at night since I work late at night) ATMs don’t accept cash deposits past a certain time. Deposited check & cash at a branch and next day the deposit is completely gone from my account because of teller error. Now they charged a overdraft fee even though I already made my account current before midnight hit. Teller told me they don’t waive overdraft fees until it’s the banks fault. (Most banks waive overdraft fees once per year) I’m shocked Bank of Colorado still exists at this rate I don’t understand why anyone would want to bank with them.
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6 years ago, cedaredgesam
Impeccable Service
I originally opened my account with Surface Creek Bank in 1996. And when it became Bank Of Colorado I was concerned that the small town friendliness would change. I should have never had any fears. The employee's at my branch are absolutely wonderful. They laugh and joke with me and I feel like they too are from the small towns of Colorado. Much respect.
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5 years ago, Ciwboyredneck
Would give 5 stars
I would give 5 stars but here lately I go to check my balance it pops up with we are sorry the log in information is incorrect please go and check and have done it 15 times and still same thing and gives a phone number to call says 24/7 went to call it and got a message saying they are closed and couldn’t catch the hours they are open I’m know getting another message saying that my disk is full or connection errors please try again how the heck can my disk be full when I don’t have one it’s a stupid app??😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬
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3 years ago, waltermama
Always Helpful
Whenever I’ve had any issues, Bank of Colorado fixes my problems. They even call me if I have insufficient funds so I don’t bounce a check. They are just like a small town bank! Thanks B of CO, you’re wonderful!
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6 years ago, rkkeicocod
Just Awful
I’ve have more problems with this app than any mobile banking app I have ever used. Some times it will just shut down for days at a time. I’m really trying to find a budgeting app to help my financial health but this bank isn’t compatible with any other app. Not to mention I have had multiple encounters where the balance displayed was just plain incorrect. Pinnacle needs to put in serious work if they hope bank of Colorado will prosper. I would highly suggest finding another bank with a mobile service that actually works.
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4 years ago, Gundo1
So, so convenient!
I can’t tell you how handy this on line deposit option is for my husband and I living out of state and needing to make large deposits into our account. Just take a photo and hit send, boom!
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6 years ago, RKMart
Worst banking app
I have to make mobile deposits every week and it never takes the check the first time. It takes 5-10 attempts at least. Constantly deleting and reinstalling the app. I actually had to open a separate checking account with another bank, to do mobile deposits if they don’t work on this app. I am fed up and frustrated. Customer Support has no way of helping me fix it, they just say “keep trying it.”
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1 week ago, Chloelovescats
Probably the worst banking app I’ve ever used.
Turns off Face ID verification for no reason. Not a terrible user-friendly experience. I wouldn’t call this app helpful. I wouldn’t call the staff helpful either. All of my issues with this app started about 6 months ago; I’m not sure what happened, but I have become so fed up work this app that I’ve cancelled the account that I’ve had for nearly a decade.
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6 years ago, diggerpride19
Bank of Colorado
I have banked there for 25 years. They are a welcoming, always willing to help, know you by your first name, kind of home town bank and business our family appreciates being apart of.
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5 years ago, Sbaker96
Easy to use
Easy to use. Super convenient to be able to deposit checks through the app and check my balances.
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4 years ago, Cadie04
Terrible app
I have been using this app for a few years. About 1 month ago they updated the app and it hasn’t worked on my phone since. I have called customer service a few times and they just don’t care that it’s not working, but the admit it is on their end. I’ve used the app for all of my banking and now it won’t even open. This bank does not care about its customers.
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3 years ago, rod tomson
New website
This is without a doubt the most f——d up “improvement “ I have ever seen. Considering changing all of my accounts to another bank. Rod Tomson Soundings
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4 years ago, Parker519LLC
Ridiculous app update
I’ve been using the app for years and have always been pleased with updates, but this last one has been undeniably terrible. I can’t get past the gold and black logo screen, no matter how many times I restart my phone or delete the app and re download. It’s been well over a week and no resolution, come on Bank of Colorado! You really are classier than this.
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4 years ago, Sliccnutty lol
It’s an ok app. Needs a lot of work. When I want to use it it never works. Don’t let the app fool you though. As a bank these guys are top shelf and this review or rating has nothing to do with the actual bank. I will never bank anywhere else. This app is just not where it needs to be
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2 years ago, skippyjwinkle
Dan Wirth
I do my personal and business banking with Bank of Colorado here in Pagosa Springs. Every single person there is great to work with. Friendly, helpful, and professional.
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8 months ago, lauderdalenative
App is stating I have a rooted or jailbroken phone when I do not. My carrier has investigated the issue, reset my phone, and my iOS system is in tact. Nothing has been changed or altered on my phone. I have had constant issues with the app since the last update. The app is frustrating and I’m about to give up banking with BOC because of it.
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2 years ago, Cspurg
Wonderful Bank
They are always professional and kind. I love this bank
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3 years ago, NINfan1999
Hardly functional
I mean I guess it does the basics like viewing balance, but is continually glitchy, logs me out, locks me out, and shows an error every time I launch the app which only goes away when I force close it and relaunch. Spend some money on a decent developer and make an app that’s as good as Capital One or your other competitors.
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5 years ago, ChelsiePagone
Won’t work
Won’t even let me log in. It asks for my email to establish profile and then says there are technical difficulties please try again later. Seriously considering switching banks just because of this issue I get the same message going to the website. This is absolutely ridiculous the old app worked just fine for me!
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5 years ago, Rey Dova
Bank of Colorado customer
Love how punctual and speedy this app works it’s great to have your account at the tip of ur own figures!!
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6 months ago, Lil Dooley 23
Very helpful
You can do mostly anything that you do at the bank but on your phone.
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4 years ago, Ross 🌊
Doesn't Even Let Me Log In Anymore
It was fine the first like 30 minutes I used it but then all of a sudden it wouldn't let me log in anymore. Another problem I noticed was that when you click on "my cards" that doesn't work either. Overall a horrible app and they need to fix it.
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7 years ago, Pao Mal
Credit card accounts?
This app would be made more useful if it showed credit card balances/payment options/etc.
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5 years ago, cctwinmom
Deposit info would be nice
This app never shows any deposit info in the designated section. Not pending, not past. You have to scroll thru the month to find it. Very annoying
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2 years ago, joshua giersch
Terrible & difficult app
The app is always down and won’t ever work when I need it. I have been with bank of Colorado for over five years and will be closing my account soon. Maybe invest in a bank that actually wants to help their customer.
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5 years ago, Mom2Mackids
I used to love the app but more times then not, I get a “can’t verify your information” or “not connected to the network” message and I can’t access my account. Not to mention the check deposit timing out on the final submission page. Totally frustrating!!!
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1 year ago, 7minsilence
Works ok most of the time
Won’t let me log in occasionally due to technical issues
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3 years ago, 22Ss33
A bit amateurish
No great user interface here. Need to download second app and constantly get Visa credit card prompts which opens to a third party. Seems like a vulnerability to me.
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3 years ago, Fafafofi
No Bill Pay
There’s no bill pay option. If I have to pay $100 for an HSA account, I should be able to pay my bills through the app. Get up to date with the 21st century.
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1 year ago, Elmya74
The best
I love this bank of colorado I’m so happy with them
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2 years ago, mks4him
Banker client
B of C is the best bank I have ever used…friendly and very people oriented! The best!!!
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3 years ago, Luckypunkgirl
Down often
I love this bank I’ve banked there for forever, but the app is always down!!! It’s so frustrating this app doesn’t work half the time
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4 years ago, Tommore2003
Poor App
This app works sporadically at best. Works one time and the next time you get a failure message with a phone number to call. Then the phone number isn’t even a work. C’mon folks this isn’t that challenging to get it right.
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3 years ago, rharp21
Requires update
I hate when apps require updates because my phone is sometimes incompatible with the update making the app unusable.
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3 years ago, FL6K4L
This app is good it is good because it has money and it’s good
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5 years ago, cyndifer
No workie for me no mo...
Used to be great but now the fingerprint login no longer functions even though it is turned on... forced to enter password. Print reader doesn't even pop up. Tried removing/reinstalling app. Still no workie. 😖
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5 years ago, TJDespres
I love my bank! Bank of Colorado
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4 years ago, Tydpod
Please fix
With the new update, I can’t even make it to the log in screen. I start it up, the screen goes white and then automatically closes itself.
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1 year ago, Foxtrot-2
App wont open on newest version of iOS for me.
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4 years ago, disappointed in WWF
It says it works on my phone
Well if only displaying the logo means that it works on my phone, then they did not lie. But if they mean you can access your accounts, no.
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4 years ago, Cameron Farms
Thanks to Cindy Sampson for her help with my phone at the Farm Show Wednesday!! Bruce Cameron
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7 years ago, jonny mw
Touch id
Please have a touch id for the app. Makes it alot easier to log in..
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12 years ago, Bud golfer
Doesn't work with iPhone 5
Worked great until new update for iPhone 5 came out. I have the latest update and it doesn't work it just sits idle at a black screen. Fix this as it did work awesome before.
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4 years ago, RACalhoun
Latest update will not get past the splash screen. I really liked earlier versions.
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3 years ago, b see jdd
Stop asking me while trying to use!!!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Lunamarium
Quite pleased.
I’m actually surprised by how much easier this app makes online banking. It’s cleaner looking than the Bank of Colorado website, and offers some nicely modern features, such as the ability to digitally deposit checks. (It could do with letting you access images of those checks for longer periods.) Happy customer!
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7 years ago, Countrygal33
I never write reviews
This service has been terrible. At first, I could log into my account and after a few days it just stopped working. When you call to ask for assistance, no one on the other end knows what you are talking about. The do not have direct experience with the app. This is the worst banking experience I have ever had. I am still waiting on a call back for a resolution to this problem and it's been hours. Stay away from this terrible bank!!!
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12 years ago, Bfrazeee
Great app but...
I love the app, it's fast and easy to see how much money I have and transferring money is extremely easy. The only problem with it is that it doesn't work with the iPhone 5. Please fix this!!!
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12 years ago, Stony Rice
Great app
This app used to be awesome. Since the update to iOS6, it won't work at all. It sits on the black BOC screen and doesn't go further than that. I was starving the other day but I didn't know if I had any money in my account to afford lunch. Please fix this app.....and yes, I am using the most recent update.
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