Bank of Hope

4.6 (3.3K)
27.8 MB
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Current version
Bank of Hope
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bank of Hope

4.59 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
3 years ago, uptownguy2005
So hard to take a picture of the check..:(
I tried the app for the first time and had a hard time taking a picture of the check I was depositing. Definitely needs improvement!
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3 years ago, wombat4sale
Ok but…
I have problems often with the online check deposits. It seems to regularly remove my face ID for security purposes and I have to reset it up every few months. Their maximum echeck deposit is not very high. Has nothing to do with the app but after so many years with them they still hold every deposit for a certain number of days before making the funds available. Not sure what it takes to become a trusted client with them who is on regular direct deposits from payroll. But it does feel like a personal bank but with an impersonal touch. The good news is all the ladies in the branch are friendly when I infrequently go there.
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11 months ago, bblipad
Good Bank for me
I've been using Bank of Hope for 21 years, and the service is good, and I think it's a much better bank than other banks in every way.
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2 years ago, beegueen
Need to link their credit card to the app
It is frustrating to not have your credit card management in the same app. In these era of one stop banking it is sad that Bank of Hope has not included in the app the feature where the customer’s accounts are neatly organized for a one stop management.
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2 years ago, Bank of Hope
Useful app with features that support banking
The app has features that will support banking needs.
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3 months ago, Chrisean Kim
Face recognition & Password
App face recognition function disappear very often, very inconcinient. And ask me new password and security question set up very often, too much hassle. Please improve log in process to more convinient way. :(
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4 months ago, aheddy
Love the new card controls!!!
Love the new card controls!
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3 years ago, mancha321
Mobile deposit
It’s really hard to do mobile deposit with Bank of Hope. Not convenient at all! Had a really hard time to take pictures and it got deposited after my 9 times trying.
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3 weeks ago, Josjuul
A great bank
Great service , thanks bank Of hope.
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3 years ago, OTR Keith
Banking now more easier!
Nice app
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3 years ago, standrewhiuse
Very easy to use for depositions of checks and using Zelle!!! Awesome!!
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1 year ago, estmkim
Can never log in
I can never log in using the app and always says my account is restricted and that I need to call customer service. Super inconvenient. Please fix this, BoH!
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2 years ago, Aref Yakhi
Making customer experience so satisfying… 🙏🙏🙏.👊👊👊.
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2 years ago, mahvadh
Easy tools
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3 years ago, Thebvg
Why is this so difficult
Really laggy. Crashes often.
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2 years ago, mambo2307
Horrible uncommon made up rules
This bank makes off the wall rules uncommon to any other bank.
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2 years ago, auuduhhheuu
Bank of hope
There are too many inconveniences.
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3 years ago, ysc_boss
More easy!!!!!
Feel so good ~~~^*^
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3 years ago, Etsoriano
Very convenient
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4 months ago, 고독한즐거움
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3 years ago, saaaaasad
Online banking
It’s the worst online banking between all my banks
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1 year ago, min70 kim
good always
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7 years ago, Giyomi
Easy to use
Easy to see balances and do basic tasks. New addition, stop payment, is very efficient and doable.
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1 year ago, gfdtuugfg
Bank is No good
Bank is No good.
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6 years ago, elisakid
Bad to worse since update
I use this for my checking account. The app was subpar before but since the new update it has moved three steps backwards. Can’t quick log using a pin # anymore or use Face ID with iPhone X. It’s slow and laggy, some functions don’t work at all like viewing previous mobile deposits. Viewer interface in general is not appealing. Only reason to use is for mobile deposit.
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11 years ago, Jd012
It's here!
Finally this bank is catching up technology wise! I been waiting for them to make an app! So much easier to do banking now! Great!
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4 years ago, nlvcjl
App does not have real time balance.
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7 years ago, missyujin
Doesn't support credit cards
This app is fine otherwise but SERIOUSLY lacking in that it doesn't give me access to my Bank of Hope credit card. I can't check and pay my credit card bills on this. Please fix.
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11 years ago, Rope cutter12335
No more visit to branch for deposit
Simple with functions needed for basic banking. I dont have to go to the bank to make a deposit now
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11 years ago, Jk of LA
Easy to manage ~
Love it. I can manage my account with my phone. No more rush to branch to make a deposit...
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6 years ago, jjc476
Login doesn’t work
Can’t even login to the app. Each time I try, the login button is either grayed out and unclickable, or it says my username/password is unrecognizable and threatens to lockdown my account. Always have to login through the website now, so what’s the point of the app then?
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10 years ago, Mars bar too far
Easy to use banking app
The latest update makes this app even better. The best banking app I've ever used.
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11 years ago, Dtchen07
It's about time
Finally I can conduct transactions without physically going to the branch. So convenient!
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11 years ago, Tttttoooooonnnnn
Best One So Far!
This is probably better than any other banking apps out there.
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11 years ago, AlmondJK
Easy to use!
Straightforward app.. Comes in English/Korean!
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5 years ago, cart trouble
Horrible upgrade
This is by far the worst app I have ever used on my phone. Its beyond slow and confusing. It literally takes about a minute to open up anything. I rely on bank apps for all my finances and this is the worst.
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6 years ago, Foeveryoung
Non sense! No daily balance shown!
They finally consolidated online banking and mobile banking. But the new app doesn’t show the balances with each transaction in the summary page! Very bad! They should fix it ASAP. (How they miss this feature....???!!!)
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4 years ago, ElevenTwentyTwo
Worst banking app
This is the worst banking app I’ve had the misfortune to use. Not only does it look bad with a terribly clunky design, it offers limited and terrible functionality. Forget trying to see transaction or account details, forget getting PDF account statements from the app, forget being able to easily sign in with FaceID. Be happy if it doesn’t hang or crash on you. An app this bad screams one thing: do not do business with this bank.
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7 years ago, wise.out
What did you make the app?
0% working. Don't waste your time to download the app. I already wasted mine so I'm spending more of my time to warn you! And Bank of Hope! If you don't know how to make an app, don't waste time and money on this.
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7 years ago, dddfox
Can't even log in
When I try to log in, it keeps shutting down and saying "An error has occurred." Frustrating, I'm having not a lot of hope with Bank of Hope
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3 years ago, WPS Reviewer
App does not work properly!
This app is not consistent when making a mobile deposit. Stay away from using this app at all cost.
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5 years ago, Isacc I.
great systems and almost perfect app super easy to cash in and out OMG GET THIS RIGHT NOW
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6 years ago, hiku808
This is the worst bank app
Tried to have e-statement set up. Crashed every time. They need to spend some money and design a better app for their customers. What a joke!
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9 years ago, Sunhaebae
The numbers are all black. There is no red to indicate money being taken from the account. It is VERY hard to see the money taken. Please fix ASAP.
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5 years ago, hydrangea8
The worst bank app in 2019
No credit card support Terrible user interface, it takes all the aspects of the Bad parts of the Wells Fargo app and condensed it to a half functional app.
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6 years ago, PBM4JC
This app is excellent...if it works the way half way decent other bank apps work. This is crap just like their services.
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9 years ago, 0ttr
App is broken
Unable to login at this time. I have an up to date 6 plus. App crashes on startup on My iPad mini retina.
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5 years ago, Everardo & Clemen
This application along with the website are the words application and web site I ever see in the USA. They need A LOT of improvement
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10 years ago, Skyedream
Not working
It worked for one day then it says device is not supported.
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11 years ago, 어라1981
Still can't do the mobile deposit
Please fix the system ASAP
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