Bank of Stockton Mobile

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Bank of Stockton
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bank of Stockton Mobile

4.36 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 years ago, JJNezRed1369
Much Needed Improvement!
The New Bank of Stockton app is much more usable than the last version. It looks better, it's easier to use, and it gives you more information about your account. You can now see images of the checks you've written. No more confusing way of displaying your Current vs Available balance. And for the next few days (at the time of writing this) the bank will have extra people on the phones helping customers get set up with the new app and also the new regular online banking system.
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2 years ago, Chilequile
It’s just OK — compared to other banking app
Just checked in again. Deposit checks function still poor. Trying to deposit 2 checks. Takes the first one and invariably rejects the 2nd which is similar but a different amount. Just not the most sophisticated online banking app. Also a serious draw back — if you make your own deposit online, there is no image available in the statement function. Why? You have the image?? The check deposit function is unreliable. Should be more intuitive. Half the time it rejects good checks for no reason. Especially when there is a silver or gold medallion on the check. Deposit checks should be prominent and not hidden in other menus. Menus overall are clunky and not readily displayed. It’s just not as efficient as other online banking apps like Bank of America.
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3 months ago, Tito6867
Bank of Stockton Online Banking App
I just recently downloaded the application and discovered to my surprise how many features it has that are lacking in the financial institution that I have been banking with for a long time. For one, the ability to link an external account is simply a great thing. Also, having Zelle there to use is another convenient cash transaction feature. Giving this application 5 stars is an easy decision to make because it truly deserves it.
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5 years ago, MotoManiac68
Good banking app
BOS always seems to be behind the times electronically speaking. This app however is a big leap forward for them. The design is not the most intuitive or user friendly, which is why I took a star off, but they are finally offering a more useful app that reflects the tech that has advanced over the years. Now if only they could add more billers to its bill pay functionality they might earn that last star back.
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4 years ago, Abby Ken
WoW! Awesome service!
I bank at the Pine Grove, CA branch and have found that the ladies there are absolutely outstanding. Whenever I have a question, they never hesitate to answer fully and clearly so that I understand. I’m totally stunned by their excellent customer service skills! As a supervisor in a call center for 20+ years, it’s rare to find this level of service. Not only service, they treat you like gold every time I call or visit! What a wonderful bank! I highly recommend everyone to use this branch! Kudos to all!
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5 years ago, Always Sam
Time for an Update
I can only check my account balances, not my credit. Which means I have to use the computer to make my payments (I didn’t know this till after my first bill was due and I wasn’t sure how to pay the bill)... also. Every time I try to do mobile deposits I have to submit my check photos at least twice. Then the last time I got called by the bank due to a bad image. On my end it was perfect. I live rurally, so having to actually go to the bank is a lot of time and effort. I have used multiple banking apps, and this one, by far, is lacking many basic features.
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5 years ago, Sha-Sha's Sweets
The Best Bank
Bank of Stockton has superior customer service. The app is easy to use and navigating to the options you need are a breeze. I also have 2 loans with BOS and the loan process in order to obtain them was easy the function online is secure and goes straight to the loan processor for the next step. Overall I’m proud to say I Bank at Bank of Stockton where they put the customer first and have staff that provides exceptional level of service!
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2 years ago, TheSharonDon
Great service
We have done business with Bank of Stockton since about 1967 or 1968. They are wonderful. We had a member of our family name my husband as executor then they died. The nationally known bank they used was horrible. Bank of Stockton guided us through the process. When we go in the bank we are greeted and treated like family. I could not be happier with any other bank.
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3 months ago, ConchyKP317
Bank of Stockton
I have several banking experiences and many over the years. I recently opened an account at this bank at their branch in Rio Vista where I live. I am sorry I didn’t do this years ago. Their service is impeccable and reminded me of the local banks where I grew up in Kentucky. The app is as sophisticated as any bank in America. The Bank of Stockton is the best banking secret in California. Dr. Sherman Smith
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9 months ago, Rick256Land
Not happy with this app
Problems: - No longer uses two columns (Transactions Amount / Current Balance) - Seldom does the account balance indicated match the actual account balance in the bank account. Also don’t like the removal of the option to add a note for each transaction for future reference.
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6 years ago, Jeanie3cats
Love this App!
I love the Bank of Stockton app! It's everything I need. I can quickly cancel a check, or set up ongoing payments to pay bills. One of my checks was stolen from a business. They notified me, so I immediately canceled the check. Then I resent a new payment all on this app and didn't have to make a trip to the bank. So far I've had a wonderful experience using this banking app. No complaints!
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11 months ago, Anonymoust-1
Love Bank of Stockton
The mobile app is awesome. It gives you anytime access to your account information, and even allows you to shut your card on and off in case it’s lost. So you don’t have to cancel it and go get a new one unless you really need too. Plus the customer service is very helpful and courteous. I love banking with BoS!!
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6 years ago, ShelbykRN
Switching banks
We are very unhappy with the new app provided by this bank. So much so, we have decided to switch banks. While the customer service at the bank itself is wonderful, we do not particularly want to do all our banking in person therefore the internet application and services are very important. With this app my husband and i see different things and do not have access to tte same information (bill pay, pending purchases). On the mobile text banking the balances don’t match that of what is online which creates issues when trying to know balances on the go.
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7 months ago, Ders grandma
Ease of Bank of Stockton app
I find that this app has been easy to navigate and allows me to check on my account daily even when I’m not home and away on trips. Such peace of mind to be able to see what is being cleared and what my current balance is.
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2 years ago, aj5667
Terrible Design
Unlike the previous comment, I still see my Available balance and current balance. It’s very confusing. Charges don’t pop up until a day later at times. Always hard to know exactly where you’re at with how much money is in the account. I also don’t like that each transaction shows the business address and not the name. Very hard to follow and check charges. Hope they correct this. Bank of America app is so much better and straightforward.
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11 months ago, Kode L.
Bank of Stockton app
I preferred the old set up, especially in bill pay. It was easier to pay bills and keep abreast of details when you could see the whole list of payees, and their due dates. I’ve tried to get the desk top version on my IPAD, but, it doesn’t seem to be compatible. The app doesn’t show you enough information for all your payees at once.
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10 months ago, Hal’s remarks
Excellent service
We’ve been with Stockton Bank for nearly a year now and the most outstanding difference we find is the pleasant and professional staff. It’s a pleasure to come into the bank and deal with them all. My only complaint is the excessive charging of fees.
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2 years ago, Immotrich
Constantly forgets my face and password
It’s an awesome app when it works, I can do all my banking every possible type of transaction when I’m not in front of my computer. Problem is the app is constantly forgetting my face id and password, forcing me to delay whatever bank related task I was hoping to accomplish. Bummer. Edit: Bank tech support lacking, suggested it was a problem with my cell carrier. LOL. I love Bank of Stockton but their online banking and app are plagued with bugs and security issues.
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6 years ago, Snowsog
Terrible. Completely worthless
The worst app I have in my phone. Their technology is extremely behind every other company in business to date. It’s like someone on there end has to manually input each transaction. Also, how about depositing a check, seeing the deposit register on the app, then, magically, the deposit disappears. It does reappear a couple days later though. The only thing it’s good for, is nothing. Even account balance is a few days behind. And transactions are “pending” for days.
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4 months ago, scott the cook
BOS online
The Bank of Stockton app is flexible, powerful, easy to use, and so far has all the features that I could ask for. I have pretty simple banking needs so I haven’t tried anything too complicated. Ask me again in a year. Scott Lindsay
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6 years ago, Lakerlover95222
This app sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. They seem to be slow to catch up with technology. I had an iPhone 6 and just last year (or the year before) did they finally get the thumbprint login to work. Now I have a 10 and it doesn’t even offer the option of face recognition. It logs me out before I’m ready to be done using the app and half the time when logging in it kicks me back to the login screen after I’ve entered my password. Wish they could keep up.
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11 months ago, tripp j
It works
Cumbersome and could use a lot of tweaks to streamline functions. It gets the job done, but it doesn’t feel like it’s intended to be a primary method. I’m glad they the office is still friendly and focused on service. Mobile shouldn’t replace friendly and personalized interaction entirely but with so much banking happening electronically it is important to have a dialed ebank too.
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9 months ago, Mrtruker
Long time customer
The best local bank around. Truly personal professional customer care, not lost over time. 30+ years. If they don’t know your name,they know your face. Always help one be on an other bank I have ever seen. K Jones
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5 years ago, Genevieve McNair
Don’t like the online banking
Banks are now using the fingerprint to access online banking. Also, the transactions will post and give you your balance based on your recent deposit (credits prior to debits)and then the next day give you a different balance once debiting NSF fees because your credit gets moved and at that point you’ll notice that your debits posted prior to your credits. This happens a lot. Online banking shouldn’t show you that you’re in the clear of your technically not and get NAF fees anyways.
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5 years ago, craewells
Needs better sign in
I don’t understand the point of having thumbprint validation if you still have to put your password in every time. Other than that, if someone only has checking when doing a mobile deposit, the app should know that there is only one account and it should automatically sync to that account.
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6 years ago, Mymarr
Pretty good, but could be better
It has improved since it started, and a couple of upgrades would make it great. 1-Touch ID to open 2-Auto photo for deposits, so I don’t have to steady the phone and hit the button. I have accounts at 2 other banks that have an automatic photo function, and it’s awesome.
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5 years ago, JSD,ME
I have use online banking for ages...BOS makes the whole process so simple. It’s so easy to get a daily snapshot of what has come...or gone... from your accounts. Paying a bill, transferring to and from accounts or just sending money to a’s all a your fingertips.
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2 years ago, asilh
Mostly good
App is clean and fairly intuitive. Closing out of bill paying isn’t smooth with one getting the spinning wheel of freezing regularly. I can see the payments scheduled, balance, and interest so overall satisfied.
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2 years ago, JTBaller212124
Bank of Stockton - 5 star banking
With amazing customer service when you walk into a branch to the ease and efficient app, to give you instant access to your account, this bank is truly a 5 star institution!
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2 years ago, pastacheese
Needs improvement
The branch is great. In regards to the app specifically, the mobile deposit function is not only a failed attempt at convenience, it causes an inconvenience with the time it takes to resolve the issues created by the app. Don’t mobile deposit or it may take you days to receive your funds. Customer service wasn’t able to resolve the issue either but the branch was.
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5 years ago, Ninalee34
Hate them with passion
Thier the worse bank ever they don’t listen and charge way to much for insufficient fund . Plus technically my account should not go through if Thier no money on it . But still let merchants take the money out and charge for that dumb fee . Can’t deposit money / cashed and it won’t be available until 830pm . For instant I deposit cash at 515 pm the money is not ready or available until the next day at 830 pm . Why can’t they be like other bank . It’s stupid .
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6 years ago, Zarboobafoo
Great app great service
Most banking apps today are reasonably good but what makes BOS different is excellent customer service. When you have an issue with anything their customer service is excellent. Wish more businesses did customer service like BOS.
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2 years ago, B-gassin
Great app Great Bank
Love this simplicity of access to many banking functions. As a customer of 40 plus years I like the innovative that our small and family bank offers!
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11 months ago, gkkgfdsa
Bank of Stockton app
I appreciate the smooth transferring among accounts and the ease of handling this on the app. I like I can make my deposit and I like the fact I can pay the clients in such an easy transaction.
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6 years ago, Steve Hiebert
Easy to use
This app is very easy to use. We use it to transfer money between accounts, for mobile check deposits, quick checks for balances and more. I would’ve given it five stars but sometimes it’s finicky about logging on.
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5 years ago, Stocktongirl59
So much easier if you work
It is easier if you work or have limited access to transportation. You can even deposit checks. I keep better track of my account too.
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10 months ago, KatfishD
Love mobile app! So convenient
Works really Easy to use BUT mobile deposit isn’t working, saying RDC file not available, Try again later
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3 years ago, Ray Faria
Not user friendly
Once signing in it asked please select a target then asks do you want to register your device. Registering your device never works. When you balance your check book it is very hard to read the name of place of purchase is it up or is the amount down on the sheet. When printing your register it should be clear and easy on the eyes.
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2 years ago, i love my dad and mom
Makes banking easier
Love this app makes all my banking better and easier love how I can track all my purchases and I know what’s going in and out
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5 years ago, Ranchonc
Mobile deposit is great
Very well designed efficient easy to use. I really like the mobile deposit feature it saves time and money driving to the bank.
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11 months ago, MemeCakes
I really like this app a lot. I used to always call and check my balance. Now, I can click one button and for myself. Plus I won’t be wasting the trees 😊
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5 months ago, Angelic1351
Bank of Stockton
I love the people there their staff is so helpful and nice at anytime I go their.i let family and friends know this is the place to go with all there banking needs.
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1 year ago, Ace7601
User friendly
Easy to navigate and provides detailed information.
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4 months ago, tleachus
Problems with False Alerts
Hope this issue has been resolved. Not good receiving false alerts that eventually get ignored
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10 months ago, Eric232623
Luv this app.
This works much better after the last update. Everything is upfront and easy to use.
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5 years ago, Nana53KS
Bank of Stockton
Always great customer service no matter whether I’m in bank or talking to someone at 800 number! Love this Bank people always call you by your name and ask how you’re doing. Genuinely mean it!
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6 years ago, jchristinr
BOS mobile app
I love this app. It lets you pick what Information you want displayed and and you can even transfer money. Amos’s importantly it has a number of safety features for secure on-line banking. Wouldn’t be without it!
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1 year ago, Jisdana
Bank of Stockton Ph App
Love it! Easy to use and fully responsive! Besides it being the best bank in town, it has made it user friendly anywhere I am.
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10 months ago, Bustz
iPhone Sing in
I have to login every time I use the app to make a mobile deposit I don’t know why i have to sign in every time
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4 years ago, Lybrater
Check deposit
So great to be able to deposit checks without making a trip to the bank.
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