Bank of the Sierra Mobile

1.9 (141)
40.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bank of the Sierra
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bank of the Sierra Mobile

1.92 out of 5
141 Ratings
5 years ago, Mitsuca
Lacking in a few areas
Why is there no options to save login information? Would also be nice to be able to see all of your accounts or adjust in the app in lieu of just the web browser.
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3 years ago, Dakotag94
Latest update makes the app crash instantly
This app and the bank themselves are always uncooperative when trying to connect other services to my account. Every time I try to add or subtract money from my account with other services like PayPal or Venmo, they always report something going wrong. I tried to pay my brother back for breakfast on Venmo and the app once again said “something went wrong”. I tried reinstalling, restarting, and finally updating the app. The first two tries didn’t help and updating the app actually left me worse off than before since I now can’t even access my account. Use a different bank and never suffer through the agony of this app ever again.
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4 years ago, CurlyGorl
Frustrating app
I stopped using this app years ago and relied on the online site due to missing transactions. I’d get frustrated wondering why my numbers wouldn’t reconcile. When I used online version, I would then find the missing transaction not reflected here. Now we cannot use our phones to access site and are forced to use this 2 star app. Also annoying that limited transactions show up here. Why? I hope updates are made soon.
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2 years ago, pedrettisterling
Works great.
I’m happy I have to login every time, it assures me no one but me can access my hard earned money but me. Also I can make mobile deposits from anywhere in the country!
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1 year ago, Pink Ribbon Rabbit
This app use to work okay, but recently I’ve been getting a pop up message saying, “We’re sorry but we’ve encountered and unexpected error” followed by a string of numbers and letters. I already tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but this problem persists. I’m not sure if it’s the app itself or if there’s issues on the server end of this bank. It’s really annoying.
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5 years ago, Sarie3
Horrible after update...
This app is now useless to me since the transaction date reporting is all mixed up. Dates and amounts are not accurate and it’s really becoming a problem for my budgeting. I constantly have to question if the amounts are actually cleared from my account or not or why the same transaction pops up as new on multiple days. FIX THE APP!!! This is ridiculous and I’m honestly thinking about banking somewhere else...
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5 years ago, sspring
Has never worked!
This is the 3rd time I have had to contact bank of the Sierra after not being able to log in. Then starts the process of them telling me I don’t have an online account (which I do). Then having them snail mail me s new password. Set up the new account, then try and log back In To tell me that user name and password are incorrect. I give up! I have no issues with bank of America’s banking app!
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2 months ago, AshtonPa
Crappy app that’s needs a makeover
This is such a poor quality and sure app that is pretty much outdated. Slow as a snail app. I’m trying to make a payment and get a message “User Blocked” and can’t setup a payment on online bill pay. After that the app shuts down and restarts. This doesn’t even solve the problem. What a waste of time. Fix this dam issue.
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2 months ago, Andrue22
When it works, it’s great.
This app is fine when it works, but sometimes I can’t access my account. The app won’t load at times. I tried to leave feedback, but it wasn’t an option, so I’m posting here.
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5 years ago, EJCR_00
Says the password is wrong when it’s not.
I recently opened an account with Bank of the Sierra, when I was told they have a mobile app I thought it would make tings easier but it didn’t since every time I try to log in it tells me my password is wrong when it’s not. I have had to change it so many times and that is annoying. They need to fix it.
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3 years ago, A.Danyiel92
Doesn’t work at all
I have a business account with them for about 3 months. I still have yet to be able to log in. The app just closes out immediately after opening. Deleted and reinstalled multiple times as they recommended and still nothing! Literally can not manage my business properly
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5 years ago, wingo1
Needs Improvement
It would be nice if the app would have the option to save our login/password or fingerprint ID instead of having to login every time. Also, notifications should be an option. There is no option to turn on notifications when there is any activity on account.
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11 months ago, MikeMolly44
Deposit camera won’t work
When I try to take a picture of a check to make a deposit the camera goes black. Then I have to close out of the app to get back in because I can’t exit or go back to a Home Screen because the screen is all black
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3 years ago, Albertthao
No landscape mode and continuos Face ID activation after logout
The app won’t changed or not available in landscape mode on iPad. Also Face ID automatically activate after you log out.
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3 years ago, DGE1977
app does not work properly
I have tried to set up mobile deposit for business, it has never worked, went into back and signed all the proper paper work, still says not authorized to make deposit. working on this for months.
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12 months ago, Sr3nity97
App NOT working…???
I deposited a $800 check and it’s showing I have $6 on my name for the last 2 days. Won’t show my real time balance! Please fix this piece of junk of an app! I don’t want to drive to my bank just to see how much money I have! >.<
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4 years ago, HighlyyFrustrated.
Mobile deposit does NOT work
After you take a picture of the front & back of the check, you enter in the “amount” I start putting in the numbers and “AOA” pops up and doesn’t let me enter the whole check amount. Frustrating.
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5 years ago, ocho84
So tired of this app
The updates have been horrendous! The last update had the transactions with dates all mixed up. And now this new update crashes constantly! It makes me so frustrated that I can't check for transactions without a computer. Fix this!
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5 years ago, destinyloveyou
A very unhappy customer
Ok, just seen that you have taken off what money I have spent and to whom & where! WHY!? I, along with a lot of others I’m quite sure, relied on that to make sure bills had went through. Bring it back please! I truly need it!!! :( This app is now of no help to me at all! It’s Nov. 5,’18
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3 years ago, bduehbdi
Need improvement
Very difficult to use. Always has problems when trying to log in or to do a mobile deposit.
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9 months ago, 2003b
Not reliable
I hate that this app makes me change my password every month almost. I honestly don’t ever remember it, but they also kicked me out of my app, so now I can’t see how much is on my card.
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5 years ago, Thefrenchican
Removes Face ID, then no option to reset password
This app is garbage. It gives you no option to reset your password from anywhere. So frustrating. Oh, and if you’ve been relying upon Face ID to sign in, it’ll remove that too. Garbage.
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2 months ago, AKGreenwalt
Broken App
The app has been down for 2 weeks now, I can’t check my account or my checkings and have to go in person to the ATM 20 min away from my house just to check what’s in my account. FIX YOUR P.O.S APP ASAP
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1 year ago, Jelllybean17
I’m always getting kicked out of the app. It’s ridiculous because it’s happening way to often. I don’t get it why this keeps happening.
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2 weeks ago, djeshsjusjsus
Suggestion for UI Update and Push Notifications Integration
I wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback and suggestions regarding the current user interface (UI) of the application. As a user, I have found the current UI to be somewhat outdated and in need of a major update to enhance the overall user experience. Firstly, an updated UI with modern design elements and intuitive navigation would greatly improve the usability of the app. Simplifying the interface and incorporating user-friendly features would undoubtedly enhance user satisfaction and engagement with the platform. Additionally, I believe the integration of push notifications for various banking transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and account balances would be immensely beneficial. These notifications would not only provide users with real-time updates on their financial activities but also serve as a valuable tool for account management and monitoring. Furthermore, I would like to suggest the implementation of a feature that allows users to send and receive money directly to and from other members who hold accounts with Bank of the Sierra. This peer-to-peer payment functionality within the app would streamline transactions and foster a greater sense of convenience and connectivity among users. In conclusion, I believe that by prioritizing a comprehensive UI update and the integration of push notifications and peer-to-peer payment capabilities, the app can significantly enhance its appeal and utility to users.
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5 years ago, $ _-_
Bill Pay Downgrade
With the newest app update, paying a bill is longer an option. One is only able to see past history and a list of payees.
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4 years ago, afgeegee
Bank of the Sierra app
Please fixed app very frustrating You cannot see your banking information if you want star for now why even have an app if you’re not gonna do it right
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4 years ago, eric11129
Needs allot of improvement
It should have all history of the account instead of deleting every month notifications finger print ID
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8 years ago, HappyHappy21
Ease of use
User-friendly, simplified app.
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5 years ago, Jay030060
Why would you remove the fingerprint login it’s seriously so much easier to access my accounts.
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6 years ago, velvettkakes
This app is ridiculous it doesn’t show anything accurate
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5 years ago, frankxm77
So problematic
No longer gives option for fingerprint log in. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but that didn't help.
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3 years ago, Me pretty me
Really? Awful everything
Cant login, doesn’t save login info, not even face I’d. Unbelievable i will uninstall its very frustrating
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5 years ago, Fatel123444444
Update needs work
As of the update in October it not saving you login info or letting you use face id to login
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3 years ago, russhyyallaaann
Need major update, everything is so slow. Can’t even do anything with it. It’s like an old version of an Apple iPhone. NEEDS MAJOR UPDATE
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6 years ago, thelegendsniper87
Unexpected error ?
I keep encountering an unexpected error when I try to login please fix this
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4 years ago, Crazy banana200957
Please fix!
It’s is not letting me log in and saying my login info is wrong when it ISNT
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6 years ago, russiansage
User blocked pops up. Won’t allow log in
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5 years ago, warmachine9
Not happy
Updated app now my Id and/or password don’t work. This is crap
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6 years ago, ThisPsycho
Update App
Update app for iPhone X!
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1 year ago, Bjuzzle
dont use this bank
total garbage late instant deposits app will randomly stop letting you use it a d say user blocked
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7 years ago, RocSancho
Crap app
Crap bank
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10 years ago, Robert Guzzo
Limited, buggy, and inconvenient
This app does not offer much beyond the ability to check your account balance and move money between accounts. As other commenters have mentioned, half the time I launch it, the app gets stuck at the splash screen or goes black, making login a frustrating experience. Don't bother with the app and just log in through your browser, since the page has been redesigned for mobile to look just like the app with slightly more features like bill pay.
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10 years ago, Clampernick
Need more
I like that you can check your account balance and transfer money but.... It would be nice to be able to pay bills and deposit checks with this app
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10 years ago, ajones1996
I have had a great overall experience using this app...I can transfer funds from my checking to my savings with ease. I can easily see my transactions and they are so fast and up to date. I also heard that soon you can deposit checks with the app. Great work!
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8 years ago, Nas1220
save login ID
would be better if you have that option to save my ID on the app and instead for me to keep type in every time I want to go into the app I will really appreciate if you do that
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10 years ago, CaliCrow
App worked perfectly. If you users are having a hard time for your mobile device you need to enable it through a computer first.
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10 years ago, Telmita C
Great App
I've been waiting for this app for a while now and it works great. For the people that don't understand log on to your computer easily said. Amazing app.
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10 years ago, Cwh67
Much better
The first release was buggy with a strange interface. This version and much better and actually opens every time.
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10 years ago, Shejazzytaz
Works as Expected
I downloaded this app as soon as it was available and have had no issues with it.
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