Bank OZK Mobile

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Bank OZK
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2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bank OZK Mobile

4.55 out of 5
4K Ratings
5 years ago, Mobile Phone Guy
Additional information
Bank OZK has a wonderful staff. And, I’m very happy with the service they offer. However, here’s additional information about their mobile app. you’ll need. First, there is a 30-day waiting period after opening an account before you’ll be able to use the app to make photo check deposits with your phone’ camera. And second, there are two (2) mobile apps. One is for mobile banking and the other is for your bank card management. You’ll need to download the mobile app first. Then, from that app download the card management app. After doing so, you’ll need to log in to the card management app through the mobile app. That is, you cannot use your mobile app log in information to log in to the card management app. You must log in to the mobile app first then go to the card management area of the mobile app and log into the card management app there.
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4 years ago, dawgmom75
The new app is the worst!
Since switching to Bank OZK from Synovus, I have been in heaven. The customer care, hours, and online banking have been superior in every way. That is until the latest upgrade. Now, the app and online banking are no better than the rest of the banks out there. Prior to the most recent “upgrade” the digital register was up to the minute. You had a real time understanding of where your money was. I guess OZK figured out how many fees they were missing out on by providing that level of detail, so now there is a lag. For example, I am pretty sure that on the way to dinner I transferred money from one account to the other. However, it doesn’t show anywhere— not in either register. So did I not do it or is it like the last time I went in to the actual bank to deposit the check that “didn’t deposit” through the app only to find out that on OZK’s end it was showing? I seriously HATE IT. I am actually kind of mad about it because I have recommended this bank to so many people. I know of two other accounts that were opened on my recommendation. My hope is the developers will put out an update that restores things to the way they SHOULD be. OZK: you’re playing with my emotions. I wish I could give it no stars.
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6 years ago, Darren Duff
Surprised and very pleased to see Excess Ability improvements!
For a very long time, this app has been very difficult for a blind iPhone user like myself to access. Now, it appears that you folks are finally looking into adding accessibility features to make your app more usable for voiceover users like myself Sure, there are things that could continue to be done to make this app more usable for a person like myself, but for this reason alone, I am giving five stars today. Thank you so much for making Excess Ability a priority of your app design. Please don’t stop! Please continue to add Excess Ability features, so that I can use this app just like everyone else. Thanks once again!
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6 years ago, Phb9
I love this bank. The app stinks.
First I've got to say that Bank of the Ozarks (now Bank OZK) is excellent. If I'm depositing a Bank OZK check, they will look at the account balance then credit my account immediately. They're willing to fill out deposit slips if I haven't done so already. They have given me free check books more than once. It's the Chick-Fil-A of banks. I love it. But, this app needs work. • Even after using Touch ID / Face ID to login, I still have to manually type my password to confirm a transfer between my accounts. I don't need that redundancy or want it. • I wish I could opt to turn off the privacy image that covers up the app when you switch between apps. It hinders my ability to use the app rather than protects my privacy. (I can't reference a transaction that I want to put into my budgeting app without switching back into the bank app.) • The app times out the login session too quickly. If I'm switching back and forth between the bank app and YNAB (my budgeting app), I often have to login to the bank app multiple times. That session timeout is annoying and it needs to be a setting the user can change (I would pick between a 2 and 5 minute timeout.) • THERE'S NO BALANCE COLUMN FOR THE TRANSACTIONS PAGE. That seems like a glaring omission to me. • Routing information or full account numbers are not available in the app. That information would be helpful. Please improve this app!
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2 years ago, MykulV
They “updated” this app over a year ago. It took away “landscape” mode on my iPad (which I use ALL the time) and gave us the “cookie” issue when trying to use Bill Pay which is STILL unusable. Before the update, it was AWESOME. Oh sure… I can go to the website on my iPad browser and take care of things that way. Then why do they need an app? The “Customer Care” response you get to your complaint will give you a general customer service rep. The one I spoke with had NO CLUE. I even emailed them. Gave that up after the rep told me he tried after 2 emails (which I believed). Why don’t they just revert back to the version that worked until they can figure it out? That makes too much sense. Obviously, NO ONE cares about these issues or they would have been resolved shortly after the 1st of us mentioned it. Thanks for letting me vent :). OZK… FIX THIS PLEASE!!
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4 years ago, Did I really just say that?
Kicking a dead horse*
I have a turtle with arthritis that is tied to a rock with a bungee cord that lives in an aquarium full of cold tar that is able to move faster than this app. * I don’t think there is anything else to say that hasn’t already been said in all the one-star reviews except: Why is there a daily limit on deposits? Loads of love Bank OZK. The five stars are for you, not the app. You are great, just not a fan of the app. *No turtle actually exists, was kept in captivity, tortured or abused in any way in the creation of this review. No horse was put to death or kicked repeatedly after said death. The author of this review does not really have a turtle nor a horse, nor does he endorse cruelty towards animals in any form, actual, written or implied. Those statements were for illustrative purposes only. All creatures mentioned should be thought of as made of plastic and not as living breathing organisms. All references regarding the speed of the app or lack thereof were excessively exaggerated except where they weren't and should not be used in deciding to download or use this app.
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5 years ago, Riddlememary
Best bank ever
I love my bank. I have been with the big ones prior and was never as satisfied with my banking experiences as I am with the Bank of Ozarks. I am greeted with smiles and feel very comfortable, no matter how my day is going. They are friendly and very helpful. They honestly care. Friends that I have sent there to talk about opening accounts have contacted me back with “thank you’s” for suggesting the bank. I have no negative statements to give about this bank. Bank of Ozarks has my vote ☺️
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6 years ago, Spidersbite
Love the app. BUT...........
I love the app. but sometimes when I try to log out it just spins and doesn’t actually let me log out. When it does that sometimes I can’t log back in later because the screen freezes up and doesn’t allow me to sign in! Other than that issue I love the app. ! Just one suggestion though to improve it......allow us to copy and paste our statement. I’m 93 going on 94 and sometimes need a copy of my statements and it’s hard to get one unless I get in my car and drive to the local branch to get it. It would be more convenient if I could copy it and then paste it in my iPad to print. Other than that I would have given you a FIVE***** star rating!
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4 years ago, HOUSEHOLD61974
Old School bank
I have an acct here for the sole purpose of convince to my rental property manager who banks with OZK. They strike me as an old-school bank, which I certainly can appreciate! Maybe they hired an employee from within to do the app? Admirable. But I wish they’d make privy their intentions of starting very basic and then expanding on the app. I’ve had a few hiccups over the last year with signing in, but it was during the day so I spoke with someone and cleared it up. There’s a separate app for managing any cards associated with the accounts (why?), But what annoys me is the limited transaction history I can view - it appears to be limited to one month? After digging around I figured out how to manipulate it (search transactions > All > Any) and everything for the past 12+ months shows up Maybe default to last 50 transactions? So for the app, I can’t give more than 2 stars - 1 for existing and the second because I CAN sign on. Btw, No need in going to the mobile website - it does the exact same. Also note, three times over the last year I know the in/person teller has messed up deposits by combining them or switching deposit slips. (I’ve seen the physical slips. Not my PM messing up.)
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5 years ago, LGWS...
New Bank OZK app has serious problems, at least in the bill pay section
The new updated app makes it absolutely impossible to make payments from my phone. I went to pay a couple bills, selected “Make and Manage Payments” and that is as far as I can go. The next few screens start off with such large text that it is barely possible to read the options and continue to get larger until it is completely impossible. I managed to make the first selection of “Send Money" on the next screen even though I can barely see the edge of the words even at the beginning. But on the next screen the list of my payees is already so large I can’t select to pay anyone or type in an amount. Until it is fixed using a desktop is the only option.
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1 year ago, The cat master
Buggy and old
This BankOZk app feels like it was made by a high school coding class. It has an ugly interface. The responsiveness of the buttons and icons barely work. Has not been updated since it was bank of the ozark s. I have been putting up with this thing for years now and I feel that for a little town of ozark Arkansas that has bought up so many banks in the USA having to change the name and had a whole convention center down in hot springs AR. They could at least up date the app to look like Arvest (another Arkansas bank) or someone else. I’m not switching banks yet but come one. Hire someone to fix it. You can’t tell me that this works good for you.
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2 years ago, bardb
Overal this app is okay. It does crash a lot and resets your login. With the bank itself, I’m highly disappointed in their lack of security. I’ve had fraud on my account once a year for the last 4 years. Once they caught it before transactions. Twice I caught it before transactions went through. But once they didn’t catch nor did their fraud dept fix. I had to call the company the charge was mad though and got their fraud dept to fix. The bank just told me “you’ll find out via mail within the next 90days”. At that point I already had the charged company reverse the transaction because the bank did nothing.
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5 years ago, Edwin needs more locations
I just open an account I love this bank
I never heard of this bank they’ve made one here in Fort Worth Texas and I’m loving it when you go in. it feels like home the bank doesn’t feel like a business if feels like they will take care of their customers well and they do when I go to Wells Fargo it feels like a business. but when I walk into this Bank OZK feels welcome mean love this Bank keep it up 👍👌
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4 years ago, T_Nix35
New App is Terrible
I have banked with Bank OZK for a long time. The old app was amazing, I never had trouble knowing exactly where my money was or how much money I had. This new app is EXTREMELY (like diabolically) slow, and I have had two instances of thinking I had X amount of money in my account for bills and then end up over drafting. This is due to the delay in updating my account balance to what is actually available. Maybe I need a better understanding of how to know how much money is in my account. It shouldn’t be rocket science. There should just be one “available balance” number that is the end all be all for how much money is in my account. Needs work, your better than this OZK.
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4 years ago, farrahaintfair
Great Bank- TERRIBLE App
This app is absolutely horrible. It does not work half the time, is super slow, and will log you out at random for zero reason. I love Bank OZK overall but they need to completely redo this app, because it is so unreliable and frustrating. From logging you out (the only way to fix is to call customer service, which is only available in small time frames), to disorganizing all of your transactions, and then just totally not deciding to work (at least twice a week)- it’s safe to say they should 100% remake the entire platform. THE WORST BANKING APP EVER. Updates usually are for the worst, anyway.
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5 years ago, elletu
Absolute Disaster
It’s been a week and a half since Bank OZK pushed out their new app. It’s been an absolute disaster for me. I’ve made 6 calls to customer support in that time, and as of this morning, I’m once again locked out of my accounts. I can’t log in on my phone, on the website, or connect via a third party app (I use Mint for budgeting). I have no idea why the felt the need to push out a new but broken app full of bugs when the old one worked just fine. I’m incredibly frustrated and shopping for new banks. In this day and age, customers demand reliable online and mobile banking, and this app ain’t it!
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4 years ago, Geeznotagain
Horrible Mobile and Online Banking
Since they have switched to the new online and mobile banking, nothing is ever correct. Everything is very unorganized, hard to understand what’s going on with your money, and what you even actually have available or in your acct. We need to step it up here. I have 3 accts, including a business acct, and can’t tell what’s going on with my money. This has been a problem back and forth since they brought out this new platform.....and quite honestly I’m about to just go elsewhere. I can’t run a business or my life if I can’t keep track of my finances properly.
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5 years ago, CounselorTroy
Mobile Check Deposit
This app is convenient and easy to use. The photos register well. I gave it 5 stars for ease of use, but would add that I have wished when reviewing past deposits, I could see the photo of the check I deposited.
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4 years ago, Using keyboards on iPad
Latest BkOZK app upgrade not iPad friendly
While Bank OZK is a customer friendly bank and the former iteration of its app was mostly good (needed more access to archival data), the new app makes it almost impossible for folks who use their iPad with a keyboard. Apparently, landscape viewing is not available. Upon inquiry, the support dept. essentially shrugged and said, “use the browser version for landscape.” :( This can’t be a hard fix. The old version supported landscape viewing. Why can’t an “upgrade?”
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5 years ago, JadeKorrin
Please fix your app update
Loved the app before they just changed the whole thing. I’m not sure how long the new version has been available, but I just updated it as it would not let me log in without doing so this morning. I’ve never had major issues before, now I actually can’t do anything. I’ve been logged out multiple times, when I am able to log in load times are about a minute. It does not remember me or faceid although I opted for it several times at this point. Trying to do an internal transfer to savings took about two minutes then ended up with an error that crashed the app. Which was the last straw and now I’m here. Also, maybe this is superficial, but somehow visually it also looks more outdated and clunkier than before. Please fix the crashing/troubleshooting issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one that relies on this app as an important part of life/paying bills etc.
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4 months ago, lc012477
This is the worst bank I ever had. When my debit card was going to expire, I sent them a message reminding them I would be needing a new card. They replied I would get a new one 2 weeks before the current one expired. That never happened. I wrote again & told them I needed a new card, & their response was to come in & get one. If I had access to a car, I would’ve done so. It’s obvious they DO NOT CARE about their customers. I’m moving all the money from this bank to a bank that values customers & cares about customer service.
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2 years ago, Boomerfdrg
Good but can be a hassle
This app undergoes so many updates for bugs and fixes that half the time you try to check your balance and it won’t allow it, the other half it disables your account and you have to call and wait on hold for 20 min to get them to revalidate your credentials, all so you can do a simple balance check. Definitely needs some fine tuning
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9 months ago, shannonb133
I hate the app and I’ll be switching banks
This app has been giving me inaccurate information for the whole time I’ve had it I cannot accurately track my funds and you have no idea how incredibly frustrating it is to not be able to track and keep up with your own money. Terrible terrible app it’s so hard to read and understand and it gives false dates and false transaction history and amounts. Terrible! Needs more than just improvement y’all need to get it together!
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6 months ago, zackaaaas
Terrible customer service never willing to help.
I’ve been using bankozk for 2 years now and have had nothing but problems. For 2 years now I have not been able to register for the bankozomobile app saying my information is incorrect even thought it isn’t. I’ve called costumer service twice and have gone to the bank personally 4 times and each time they just say “I don’t know what the problem is”. Sorry but That’s not a solution…. Will be moving to a new bank ASAP.
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5 years ago, Bobiscool129
New 20.0.0 version is awful
I liked the previous versions. They were easy to see and navigate. The new version is hard to read. I have problems getting any navigation to function. I just spent 15 minutes to set up new security features which I don’t need. Your web people dropped the ball on this one. It shouldn’t be this difficult to see how much money I have in the bank. If you’re going to stick us with this dull gray hard to read and navigate app, at least fix the bugs before you force a download.
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10 months ago, Tad Perturbed
Verification to Login
Great except for the fact that it asks me to verify my login with my phone number every other time I try to login, even with my Face ID?? I don’t have service at my house, & it is very frustrating that I am often unable to access my balances & other information when I am home.
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5 years ago, Nottakendammit
Constant Errors
I’ve never reviewed an app before, but hopefully someone is paying attention to these reviews. They’ve recently released an update and it’s full of errors and glitches. I’ve been banking with and using the Bank OZK app for years, and the app is now saying I cannot deposit checks via app because I’m a “new banking customer”. About 40% of the time when I log in with the touch feature, it presents an error and then I cannot log in. So I can’t log in and I cannot deposit checks. The update is beyond frustrating.
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5 years ago, lobohog99
New update (Sept 16, 2019) feels clunky
The app has never been exceptional, especially when directly comparing it to larger banks, although that’s to be expected. However, the new update feels very busy, clunky, and somewhat glitchy. There are lots of crashing bugs, things do not display centered on-screen (often cut-off stuck to the side), etc. I was looking forward to a great update but it just does not feel quite right yet.
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4 years ago, Ready to conceive
This app is very slow! Anytime I click on a transaction it spins for before opening which is aggravating. I usually end up closing the app because I get tired of waiting. I’ve also noticed a huge lag in transactions. It used to stay up to date almost immediately showing up, but now it takes a bit to show. It’s great if you want to deposit via mobile device.
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4 years ago, MitsuMan
Old App Was Better
The new app is terrible. It never remembers Face ID information and requires user ID and password to be entered every time. It constantly crashes or just freezes for minutes on end. It’s not easy to read transactions and the mobile check deposit no longer works. Just a constant error that the check can’t be read. The old app worked great, it’s time to go back to that one. Bank OZK is a great bank, and the old app was ahead of the curve. This version is a BIG step back. Very dissatisfied customer here.
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5 years ago, LM0414
I hate the update.
The updated version of the app moves extremely slow. There is a fast balance option, but it takes the fast balance longer to load than to just log into the app. I also don’t like that you have to wait for your transaction history to load instead of it loading as soon as you open the app like it used to do.
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4 months ago, SalemNurse
Not enough visual contrast
I love the mobile app overall. However, the grey and white areas are not contrasting each other enough. And there aren’t clear indications of where to tap to do something. We need outlined or better contrasted button areas. The lines and text need to be darker. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Chadrick Unions
Could use some more convenient updates. I hate that every time I make a transfer I have to type in my password, would be more efficient by either taking that out all together or adding facial recognition/fingerprint ID. Also, about twice a month it doesn’t allow me to even make transfers to or from savings. Had to learn that at a very inconvenient time!
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3 years ago, Doja369
Good bank!
I’ve never had a problem with the bank, or with the app until the latest update and now I can’t use my Face ID to sign in. It says I can, I’ve gone through the steps a few times, but ultimately it won’t let me just sign in that way anymore.
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5 years ago, Kathy Williams 23
NOT Ready and NOT User Friendly
This new and improved mobile apps, was not ready for mass distribution! If your going to create a new app here are some tips for users. 1. Develop a user guide through the app for the first couple of uses, allow the customer to opt out 2. Make sure the information displayed matches what happening the account real time. I have two difficult balances displayed for one account. Big inconvenience to have to call and verify which one is correct! 3. MAKE SURE ITS WORKS PROPERLY BEFORE LAUNCH!
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6 years ago, KittyPadawan
Most Outdated Bank App Ever
I recently switched to Ozarks from another bank and this app is the most ridiculously outdated one I’ve ever come across. Incredibly inconvenient to have to type in my password EVERY SINGLE TIME. Can y’all develop a quick login method like a pin I can type in easily (go steal GA’s Own Credit Union Login app developer or something). It’s 2018 and y’all are in 2010. And no, I don’t care about your Touch ID feature - I shouldn’t have to program my fingerprint into my phone to access my bank account faster.
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5 years ago, Flyingsnipe
Great Bank..Terrible App
As great as Bank OZK is you would think they could do a better job with this app. Their web page is also fantastic but they are really missing the boat here. Lately, each time I open the app it tells me the app must be updated and takes me to the app store but there’s no update in the app store then it takes me back to the app. Once you get inside the app it doesn’t get much better. Come on OZK, you have a lot of loyal customers, get us an app that blows our socks off!
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5 years ago, Ddhh12
Terrible so far...
Updated app this morning and so far, it’s awful. The app won’t let me sign in. Follow all instructions and then it times out before it lets me see my account. I tried to go online instead, and I can actually sign in there. It even tells me my balance. However, when I go to try and see my transactions or deposits, it says I have none. And, it almost times out just getting to that point. Worst update as of yet, and that’s saying something for them.
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5 years ago, Llllljjjvvvvv
App is awful
I can’t complain too much about the bank itself other than where I’m located you can’t make cash deposits at an ATM and they don’t have customer service beyond 8pm which is inconvenient considering the poor quality of the app and their website. However, this app is useless. 90 percent of the time I can’t log in before it crashes. I feel like the constant issues with the app is the icing on the cake and makes me want to switch to another banking institution
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5 years ago, Adam Mc.
Horrible bank!!!
I enjoyed the nice customer service for years, until this bank decided to incorrectly flag a check as fraudulent— I confirmed with sender and everything was legit, entirely Bank OZK’s mistake— And they shut down my several-year-old account, saying I could never open an account with them again. All because of their mistake. Over a check from a client that I’ve been getting paid by for years. Not to mention there is NO after hours help #. DO NOT TRUST THIS BANK, GO ANYWHERE ELSE!
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6 years ago, Redhawk 52
The alert system for this app and online is not a good system. I know some one who has a Regions checking account and there alert system is awesome. Since you have updated your system could you please look into an update for your alert system. Thanks
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5 years ago, Satellite_007
Tons of issues
The new app looks sleek but has been a huge headache. It will not show me any transaction history. I can choose 30 days, 60, says that there is no transaction history. When I go to bill pay the print is so big that I can only see parts of a few words. I hope they get all this corrected quickly. It’s enough to make me switch banks. I rarely do my banking on a computer. Without a functioning app, I can’t stick around.
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4 years ago, musicdude387
Great bank but awful app
Love the bank! Best bank I’ve ever used and have used them for 3 years now. However the mobile app is HORRIBLE. It crashes frequently and takes an extremely long time to load anything after you click on it. If the bank itself wasn’t great I would’ve switched because the app is so terrible it’s almost unusable. Please fix your app and bring it to the same standards as the rest of your banking features.
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4 years ago, Claud1aK
Face ID doesn’t work on iPhone X!!!
The redundancy of having to type in my login information even after having enabled the biometric login is maddening. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times since this new app was introduced to be avail. Same with the OZK business mobile app. Called the customer support line multiple times as well and they are not helpful with this issue. They note it, tell me someone will look I to it, and then...nothing.
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5 years ago, Hannieloo
I love this bank. They’re fabulous. Amazing service. But this app is such a pain to use. If I’m already logged in I shouldn’t then have to enter my password again to make a transfer. I can’t go between apps to do things like budget, etc. It logs you out in like two seconds. Just annoying. I switched from BB&T and I miss their app. 😕
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9 months ago, ScufGHO5T
App doesn’t let you do
I’ve had the app for years. In the last 6 months the app no longer allows me to do anything but see my account balance. I click to view transaction, pay bills, Zelle, anything in the app and all it does it show you clicked it then nothing. It makes you have to pull up the mobile website and login in on there to be able to do anything.
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2 years ago, 4955153!
Basics only
Basics only with this app and that is surprising this day and age of mobile banking. Does not display more than 1 month of transactions. That is a huge problem within itself. And can’t view checks that have been written from checking account. I can only see a date and a check number on iPhone and iPad.
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1 year ago, Notots4u
Recent app links to camp USA
Not sure how but this app continues to pull up Camp USA when logged into my banking. Scary and when noticed the Bank about the issue they didn’t seem to care and said it’s my device. I removed app, turned off phone, restarted and reinstalled and yet issue is still there. Apple says to contact app developer so I’m leaving review to hopefully get their attention to the huge security risk.
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5 years ago, brittxmac
I’ve used the bank of ozk app for a couple years and they’ve recently updated and it is awful. 1) it runs slow 2) it’s so hard to read and purchases are out of order 3) the security to get into it is crazy. Typically if I’m checking my bank account I’m about to buy something and I don’t want to have to enter my user name, password, AND confirm my ID every time I open my phone to look at it. It’s stupid and I want the old app back.
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4 years ago, Seann232
This app is bad and they’re removing bad reviews.
Prior to the UI change a few months ago this app was fine. since the UI change, transactions appear out of chronological order or any order for that matter. the fonts and layout is ugly, and it freezes and kicks me out all the time. as i’ve said before, the in-person experience is flawless, however the digital experience has been ruined.
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