Bank With United

4.8 (30.9K)
104 MB
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Current version
United Bank (US)
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bank With United

4.8 out of 5
30.9K Ratings
4 years ago, InvestDeb
Bill payments
Very unhappy with your bill paying system it takes too long from the authorized date of payment before your bank actually sends the payment to the customer specially electronically it should be instantaneously paid like my old bank North Carolina trust now you hold the money for several days before relinquishing it to the payee For that reason alone I am looking at other banks to do business with
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6 months ago, TelosPego
Always get a receipt at the ATM!
I deposited $500 cash a few months ago and it immediately showed it as available. However, the next day it was gone and there was no record of me having deposited the cash. I went into the bank to let them know, and they said they didn’t see where I had deposited the cash either and they would have to wait until the weekend when they could count the money in the ATM machine. That was when I pulled out my receipt showing that I had made the deposit and that changed everything.! 😉 all is well that ends well I guess. But I’m very careful to get a receipt for every transaction now.
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2 years ago, Mobilefitt
Who am I again?
Every month- the bank app forgets my face- then forgets my log in ( which cannot be any email address whatsoever) making almost impossible to present should you call in to customer service for help. Finally the system forgets the password - which is blocked out when you type it and may never get typed correctly and is impossible to confirm. If I should get it all fixed, there is 100% chance that it will be forgotten by next month by the United Banking App system as I have it all written down. I now have 2 legal pad pages of notes - sign ins and passwords trying to log in. I know the service reps voice and name now as we get to speak every single month right around the 1st.
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4 years ago, zsohrab
It works... sometimes
The United Bank app is below average compared to other banking apps. It is generally slow and login takes a very long time (sometimes minutes on end of a spinning circle). But, when it does work, it’s alright. Tells me my balance, allows transfers between accounts, and allows for other minor features. This is a step in the right direction, and having an app is better than having no app, but it still does not stand a chance against other mobile banking apps like Chase. To be honest, the United Bank web interface, while clunky and antiquated, still is a better option than the app.
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6 years ago, pratthe
Can’t even log in just like everyone else
This is ridiculous. I haven’t been able to use this app for about six months or more. After one of the updates I tried logging in and it says my credentials are wrong because my phone number doesn’t exist. I went into the online access and everything is there and correct. I have called multiple times to customer service and every time I am told that the system is temporarily down. For six months? That’s no longer temporary. Can you find someone who knows app development, maybe a pasty pimple faced high schooler that is proficient in Halo or something computer-ish? Anyone has to be better than whomever you have working on your “temporarily” permanently down system right now.
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3 years ago, karenusarmy
They Have My Back
I am going through a divorce. Things have been overwhelming and stressful, to say the least. However, every single time I have a need for help, or a question, Ms Audree M. Riefer has had my back. No question/situation/banking related issue is beyond her scope of knowledge. She has NEVER let me down. Then, the two ladies who assist with daily transactions are a class act. I have been in the lobby when the customer in front of me is a brick or two short of a load. They remain professional, personable, patient, and their sense of humor is unequaled. If you want a bank that has your back, will answer your questions without making you feel stupid, will make you feel like the only customer they have, this is your bank. Thanks bunches ladies!!! Karen Farnell
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3 years ago, dfacedu2x
Best Bank Ever!!!
My branch treats me like I’m their most valuable client every time I walk in. It’s one of my favorite breaks from my office madness in the day. They always want to say hello and see how my two sons that are 9 and 11 years old with 90% mischief in their blood. United let me change the name on the college fund account from “College Fund” to “Inevitable Bail Money for the Future”. I’m family there but it’s GENUINE not just employee to customer fake friendship. I’ll be a customer for life!
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1 year ago, Denny Ballard
Co-Owner of Account
The United Bank has been very good to me for at least 28 Years or however long I have been dealing with them. If I have a question about my account I either call them or just stop in at my convenience. Kim the branch manager always has taken her time to answer any question I may have and Kelly is also very helpful. Thank you United Bank! Dennis E. Ballard
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5 years ago, aweserwv
Works great, when it works!
I have had to uninstall and reinstall this app many times and sometimes when inconvenient. It will suddenly and without warning stop accepting my Face ID or Pin and even when I put my full password and verification in and it is all correct, it tells me it can not validate my login. This causes you to uninstall and reinstall the app about once a month.
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6 months ago, megan mays rev of mcd
The app is nice, but I will say that I don’t like how long it takes for transactions to come out of my account. Pending transactions can take days especially if it’s over the weekend. Also I only get text alerts with some transactions from select businesses, but not all. My suggestion would be for the amounts pending to automatically reflect in my ending balance so I don’t think I have money that I really don’t. Other than that the app is fine
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2 months ago, X employee CBL
April at the Raleigh Mall location has been so helpful to me. I've called her to let her know we would be coming in and she had things ready. She's been very helpful to me personally since I've had Parkinson's Disease and have had problems signing and getting organized. Great Asset! I wish she had worked for me when I was in banking. Former Manager at UNB Clovis Lawless
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4 years ago, katrachita02
Latest version is not working
I have tried to uninstall, reinstall, and it keeps telling me that there was an error and “to try again later.” It’s annoying when I’m trying to zelle money to people and I can’t do it cuz the mobile banking app is not working since about 5 days ago! Please fix this and I will give back5 stars.
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3 years ago, Nicolas Quinones
Hard to believe
How come in the mobil app I can’t access a full detail about my mortgage account? The mortgage account does not show what is the min monthly payment or give the option as in the computer to have a separate space for additional principal amount, does not show the option to see the mortgage statement; very few features with very limited options.
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5 years ago, Peacefulviel
Password Bug
Fix the bug because the login issue still remains a problem with password saying its wrong. After typing password correctly multiple times and the disables the user from logging in. With password saved even with touch id on iPhone says it wrong and disables you from logging in. Then have call customer service to reset.
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1 year ago, CJHayes78
Great Service all Around
I have never had a problem with any service that United Bank offers. The in-person banking has great customer service, the online banking is very up to date, and the the call in customer service it a no wait and has answered all questions thoroughly. Best bank I have ever dealt with.
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3 years ago, unreliableBank
Went to the bank last weekend (Saturday)through the drive through at the Sterling location and it was closed! No sign on the window why it was closed. This was at around 10 am. Other customers were walking toward the bank and walking away disappointed.
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2 years ago, Bad_Grand-Paw
20 Years behind other banks.
This app is totally useless and 20 yrs behind other bank apps. It doesn’t offer a way to add other banks as a way to make payments on any accounts. If you don’t have a checking account with United Bank you’re just screwed, because there is no way to make a payment on any account you have at United Banks. No wonder United Bank is in last place. They make it as hard as possible for customers to make their payments. I would give this app zero stars, except this app requires you give them at least 1 star.
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3 years ago, WVHollywood
My Bank
I love the bank. The app is ok, but every now and then I get kicked off and it will say my password is incorrect. Sometimes I have had to un-install the app and re-download. Just annoying. I also wish that the bank would innovate and create a money sending service similar to companies such as PNC.
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3 years ago, lovemyshoes!
United bank app not functioning
For the last 2+ weeks, both husband and I unable to use app. Keep getting error 0014. Called support, tried all different ways (reduced my storage by deleting rarely used apps, deleted old texts, etc). Nothing worked. Went to local bank; they put in a work order. Very frustrating; up until 2+ weeks ago, no issues with app. Really should be zero stars at this point. If not rectified, will have to change banks which is a real pain, but in this day and age, a functioning bank app is a necessity.
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6 years ago, Got2bFrankie
Pretty decent
Ive been with United for over 20 years. I was very excited when they developed a mobile App. One thing i would like to see is the ability to “freeze” your account if you've misplaced your card and “unfreeze” when you find it. My husband has a CHASE account and this feature has given us peace of mind on occasion.
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7 years ago, JBinNoVA
Day late and a dollar short
Count on United Bank to release a new app a week after iPhone X comes out - and the app doesn’t support iPhone X’s face recognition feature. It’s back to dumb password entry now. And it’s not like they didn’t know the X’s release date; it’s that they’re an old stodgy bank from Ohio, probably still wearing 3-piece suits and smoking cigars in the office. C’mon guys: it’s almost 2018, can you get with the program here?
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5 years ago, ktick504
Needs to have more current technology
Would like the app to have more updated technology and features, like being able to deposit a check through the app without having to physically go to the bank. Sometimes it is unavailable to use, which is inconvenient.
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3 years ago, epa$$$ Rockstar
Owner of accounts
I think emerge from both banks has been very successful and this website seems to be pretty much easy to deal with which I’m very grateful I’m not a computer person whatsoever but the transaction has been great I’ve been easy. Thank you all for your services .. William Arnold
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1 week ago, southern homebase
My bank United
I love United Bank. The people are forever being patient, kind,respectful. I have always had someone to help me with an issue and never felt for any moment that I was imposing on them. I love this Bank and will continue to tell other people about this Bank.
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6 months ago, CVS1968
Customer service with 800# call center
I had a problem with my online app. I had to change my password and was having difficulties!! Called C/S and they we’re friendly and so patient and helped me resolve the problem! Great employees 😃 They should be rewarded and recognized! Cathy Stevens
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4 years ago, Hdluredxndydyhx
App doesn’t keep sign in info
I turn on Touch ID and the next time I sign unit wants me to sign in again instead of allowing Touch ID. Also tutorial screens keep coming up every time I log in. Need to have Fiserv fix this or roll back to the previous version from a couple months ago.
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4 months ago, Very Fortuitous
Simply amazing
In my 54 years, I have banked with many, and upon finding United, I’ll never go anywhere else this simplicity of use with their mobile app, the kind and courteous atmosphere when you walk into the bank cannot be overstated … A++++
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2 years ago, cbullgreen
Katrina from customer service! A++
After several days of having no success raising my deposit limit. I spoke with Katrina in customer service who was amazing and helpful solving my issue quickly and with great customer service skills. Shout out to her!
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2 years ago, MitziePenny
Very Unhappy w Your App
I have done banking with United Bank for years in WV and now in VA. You have the worst bank app I’ve ever used. I can not access it. I continually get an Error message 0014, whatever that means. No one I have spoken with in Customer Service or at my branch have any idea what it means. This has gone on since United bought out my former bank in VA. I don’t have difficult with other online banking apps. Apparently the solution is to close my accounts and move to another bank.
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2 years ago, Timmy134
Could be better
I believe app can be made must better. Do not ask to re-enter phone number to register for online banking. You already have one on file. There are some items which can be enhance. IT team need to peak over other online banking to make it competitive.
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2 years ago, msslisa
United bank
Have been a customer with them for a very long time have never had any problems with them. Very nice people that work there. Would recommend them to anyone wanting a good bank.
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4 years ago, Architect to the poor
Latest version does not work on iPhone
I agree w/ the other reviewers. Since UB’s update 2 wks ago, the app does not work on iPhones. It does work on Samsung/android, however. United Bank IT dept in WV, pls fix this problem! I need the app to work as I do all my banking on my phone.
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12 months ago, Roudy Robey
United bank
Let me just say, I get the best customer service I have ever gotten from any other bank in this area! Thank you! It’s nice to have the kind is service I get whether on the phone or in person! Thank you!
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5 years ago, kryan73
It did work then it didn’t.
App worked wonderful until some update. I’ve been to the bank to repair or whatever. United turned it over to technical guys and still won’t work. It’s been 3 weeks now and I’m not happy. I depended on that app all the time. Two months or more and my app still will not access my account. They say techs are still working on it. More than 2 months.......they need NEW techs and repair their app!!! Frustrating
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4 years ago, deryckj56
Superb SMB online services
I’ve worked with a number of banks and find United Bank to be superb. Their online services provide a lot of convenience for me and my business. They proved very responsive when dealing with an online security issue related to unrecognized transactions on my account.
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2 years ago, MBD54
Worst bank and banking app I’ve ever dealt with
Have had nothing but problems since my bank switched over to United Bank. I’ve gotten money orders sent to me and United Bank wouldn’t put the money in my account in person and I used the app to do it now they’ve changed the app so you can’t do it on there either. I’ve had trouble cashing checks in person and putting them in my account for the app. United Bank is just worthless.
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3 years ago, ghulam zama
Outstanding services
I bank with United so is my whole family we are all getting outstanding service form each and everyone from United Bank
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2 years ago, wineenthusiast
It’s tricky to learn
It finally took me 3 tries to get the check deposited. The icons to me didn’t make sense. To me: Check Mark accepted. Green to go. Red, try again. So, now I know Check Mark is accepted and tap on it to go to next step. The green and red icons are unnecessary? LaVonne
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6 years ago, Hemo.Mom
Never works
Very frustrating that this app works less than it doesn’t. I can use it maybe 2x out of every 10 times I try to log on. When it does work, touchID doesn’t work and I have to log in, answer security questions, wait for codes to be sent to my phone. It would be quicker to drive to an atm to check my balance—and it’s frustrating to have to wait until I can log onto a computer to see account activity because the app never works.
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6 years ago, WRSiii
The limit on single and ten days is two low and won’t allow me to make timely deposits. There are not enough branches to walk in to make a deposit. Unfortunately might need to transfer my account.
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7 years ago, italianprincess15
Love my United app
Absolutely love the app very convenient even if I still put my pin in I actually prefer that instead of facial recognition,that’s creepy... only issue is my new update won’t let log on now so I’m going to try and reinstall again ♥️💕
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2 years ago, Zebcon
Easiest way to bank
This app is so user friendly I check my balance every day and always know how I’m using my debit card. They know my name because it is like banking with family!
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3 years ago, JUST PASIN THRU
I’m very glad to be able to get on my iPad and be able to transfer money from one account to another in minutes. I’m also glad to be seeing exactly what I need to see in moments.
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4 years ago, idk what goes here
Bank That Cares
This is the only bank in Virginia, DC, PA, and now north and south corolina vicinities that offers free United checking👍🏾no monthly maintenance fees and no balance required only $50 minimum deposit to open If you want peace of mind in all your banking services, go United Bank way👍🏾 I loved what I got!!!
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2 weeks ago, Supseen
Rating for United Bank
My mobile deposit check into the United Bank is very quick, so convenient and it took almost no time at all.
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1 year ago, Dw9922
Wouldn’t read endorsement on mobile deposit
I signed in big letters with a sharpie to make it easier to read. Took me 20 minutes or more to make a mobile deposit!!
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2 years ago, popping3
Phone App
You have to put in your password in to open the banking app and again when you when making deposit
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3 years ago, Sister Roe
Transfer feature
I love this feature it has been wonderful to be able to do this. I have not had any problems with it.
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3 years ago, carroll 13
United bank
I work night shift so being able to deposit my pay checks with a picture makes my life and banking so much better
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5 years ago, awoodaldie
Face ID and tech support
I have had my new phone for several weeks. Your app has. It recognized my Face ID. I called your tech support and the woman had just been trained and told me it took 2-3 weeks. It’s been over that time. I log in frequently.
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