bankESB Mobile

3.6 (7)
54 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easthampton Savings Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for bankESB Mobile

3.57 out of 5
7 Ratings
9 years ago, Nade2000
Good start
Haven't had any problems logging in as others have. I think it's a great idea and has a lot of potential. It needs some functions that I think should have been included from the beginning. Two come to mind, being able to add notes to deposits & debits. The other is to create your own budget items instead of having to use their generic terms. A good start though. If you will include these two enhancements, my rating would go from three to five stars.
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2 months ago, Go to Florence
When ESB first launched this app I never had issues. After the last major logo change (I think after the bank bought out another bank) and the app update that followed (About 1 year ago) it’s awful!!! This app I would have to say is the worse one I have. Ever since the biggest update I spend more time trying to log into the app or not being able to access my information due to “errors.” It honestly almost just makes me want to switch to Florence because online banking is really important. Being able to access my account in cases of emergency or to monitor is that important to me. By not being able to access it now 95% of the time is just not acceptable to me. Not in a world where skimmers or identity theft is reality. Do not bother using this app.
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2 months ago, J-sun Finland
Fix your App
When it works it’s great. The past few months after redownloading it. It never lets me log in, it just resets to the Home Screen. It takes 4-5 tries before I can login and yes I put everything in correctly each time. Now the new thing the app does it lets me login immediately but will not show my account activity. It says system is down try again later. There is no later it always says this. It’s making start to think about switching banks all together because of how poor this app has been.
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2 months ago, #always_smile
Never giving me much trouble, however recently
Recently, whenever I try and open the app, it just gets stuck on the loading screen. I got lucky if I’m able to put in my password and then it just freezes. It keeps saying it’s been under maintenance for over 24 hours.
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12 months ago, ancsefsf bdje
Good when it works. Breaks often.
When this works its a great app and constantly is getting updated to look and perform better. Sadly, at least once a month (often more) tbe app decides it doesnt want to work and needs to be deleted and redownloaded. Sometimes it locks my account and forces me to call customer service for help. I never want my account to lock and i always want access to my funds.
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12 months ago, luka1234
Hardly ever works anymore :(
Used to be a great app, esp since I do online banking for just about everything… But now, every time I go to use it, it’ll let me log in, and then as soon I choose an option to do something *error*…. Please fix this. I can use the desktop site, but obviously the app would be so much more convenient and time-friendly :(
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1 year ago, tma17
Extremely slow and unresponsive.
Extremely slow on startup. Sits at white screen for a few seconds. Selecting items along the bottom and throughout the app is also extremely sluggish or completely unresponsive and have to click them 2 or 3 times to register. Not looking good for this long time customer to stay around after a long term of lacking technology…
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4 months ago, Boss_Liz
Face ID not working
The Face ID doesn’t work. I have updated, deleted and re installed the app several times. It will not recognize my Face ID. Then I have to enter my password not once, not twice, but 3 times to be able to access the App.
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1 year ago, HAMP not NOHO
Love the app. Makes banking so much easier!
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5 months ago, xWhaleShark
Face ID is broken
I need to close and reopen the app every single time I use Face ID to view my accounts. It doesn’t load into the app just brings me back to the login page.
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3 months ago, Glassfern1238
Awful. Won’t load error says “insecure connection.”
All my other apps work fine including banking ones. Why not this???
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6 years ago, Dankid500
This will change the way you bank.
Creating your online account may sound like a difficult task but not with ESB. I have been using this app for over a year now and it has saved me countless trips to the bank to move money around. I recently convinced my partner to use the app and she ran into some trouble creating an account online. The website provided a number that immediately connected us to a real person that had her account up and running in under 5 minutes. Great bank, great app!
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10 years ago, Brieesmith
I love the new ESB Mobile App!
I absolutely love this App it's fast, simple and allows me to complete all my day to day banking while I'm out and about without any hassle. I can even deposit a check right on my phone! There's also an amazing feature that I can activate/deactivate my debit card instantly! Great addition to the ESB customer convenience. It's so easy and simple I was even able to show my mother how to use it!
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2 years ago, Jo Landers
Won’t accept money orders
The current version (2/22) will NOT accept postal money orders for mobile deposit. Prior versions were touchy, often requiring you to retake photos manually but this version won’t accept them at all. Otherwise generally convenient for depositing, though I wish we could do descriptive deposits like you can at the counter.
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4 years ago, PinkEnid
Love it
I read a lot of negative reviews from prior years. They are totally wrong. The app is easy to use with modern updates including facial recognition. Bill pay is easy as pie. Love alerts. What I love best is the friendly personal service you cant get at big banks. They know your name and they’re always ready to help. Thankful I found them!!
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5 years ago, DarrenMasloski
Decent app, but needs FaceID
This app worked well up until I got a new phone with FaceID. Now I need to log in manually every time. Please update to allow FaceID. Fingerprint authentication on my last phone was great. We could at least have the same thing caught up to newer technologies. Thanks!
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7 years ago, *4U2NV*
Fingerprint Authentication - Not in latest update
This app was just updated for bug fixes and fingerprint authentication. However, the feature is missing completely from "mobile services" which is where the app directs you to go, to enable the setting. Ironically I have a separate bank app that uses this identical UI (user interface) and it was also updated for fingerprint support a week ago with the same exact issue
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3 years ago, RalphLsen
App Access
Previous review stated they have to leave App a few times before getting into banking. Lucky them! It’s been 5 days of trying to get into the App and so frustrating that I can never access my account. Please get this problem fixed. I went to your Easthampton bank for assistance but bank lobby is closed! Rating doesn’t even rate one star as I am in total lockout on my mobile phone. Please fix.
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3 years ago, 366Injected
Awful update
App only opens MAYBE 10% of the time after update. Have to open and close it out at least 5 times until it’ll load. Forget about loading if you have “iffy” service. It’ll spin on the loading screen forever. Not a good update at all. *UPDATE* App gets worse and worse after every “new” update. I can’t get it to even load up to the login page now.
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4 years ago, Ecoco9222
App update created issues
The app used to be seamless and I never had issues using it. Since they updated it, I now get a “Network Error” when I try to login. I have to exit and re-enter the app one or two times before I can successfully login. It’s really inconvenient.
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4 years ago, Counting thedays
When the app works, it’s great. Ever since the new look/update, i get a network error which then leads me to use the website on my phone versus the app itself... defeating the purpose of the app.
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2 years ago, Supasandro
Nothing good to say about this app. It crashes CONSTANTLY, wont even open or load about half of the time, and when it does work is is by far hands down the slowest most unresponsive app that I have. Pretty much all I can count on is that it won’t work when I need it most.
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10 years ago, LS1053
Awesome new app from ESB!
The app is so easy to use I love the deposit a check feature! ESB really knows what their customers need to make banking easy!
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10 years ago, carabeing
Thank you!!!!
Best bank app I've used. So easy to use. Thank you for mobile deposit!! You know what the people want!
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3 years ago, Pamelam413
I’ve been banking online for about 8 years at 5 different banks due to moves. In 2015 ESB had a terrific, easy to use app. They switched shortly thereafter to this horrible one. Was it cheaper for them? I HATE it. Got excited recently when they told us big changes were coming; nope. They changed the FONT.
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2 years ago, Nol32145407
Cant log into my account
I don’t know if this because the app is down currently or if it has to do with my account but upon entering my info(correctly every attempt) it says declined access. Please fix this (12/24)
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10 years ago, Jon DeBlase
Check it out!
Deposit checks with a mobile app? Yes please!
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3 years ago, ljhgdddfbjooo0007ygh
Always worked fine until they for some reason decided to update it and now it rarely ever lets me login with out saying “network error”. It’s been doing this for numerous people I know and they haven’t even attempted to fix it.
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4 years ago, Kiam McQuaid
UI is dated
Needs a refresh (feels very dated) and better performance. App is slow and unreliable.
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4 years ago, Liquid Bagel
“We’re updating our branding.”
We’re updating our branding, is not something that should lead to a non functional banking app. This is ridiculous. I’d be better off with an online bank at this rate. At least their apps load.
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4 years ago, t1ff40
New updates
Since ESB has updated, the app is ruthless. It does not load. You cannot even get into your account. It used to be such an easy, convenient application to use. Why fix something that is not broken?
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4 years ago, Ad21512
Won’t load
The new update has made the app not load. If by chance the app does load it takes over an hour! Please fix this problem!
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4 years ago, um093739/
The app will not open. It just said loading and never actually opens. Only once in awhile after like an hour of waiting does it open. It was fine before the new update
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3 years ago, Nik118
This app used to be great!!
Ever since the update I keep getting a Wrong password error, thinking that I forgot to change my password I reset it. It tells me I can’t use the password I already have.
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4 years ago, Cats Eye
Crashes all the time with ios14
Can’t even log in. Please fix. This is getting ridiculous here. Please fix this app. I’d hate to leave ESB over a silly app but you may leave me no choice.
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2 years ago, LLcoolJays
very user friendly. your own little banker in your pocket.
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7 years ago, magpack
No setting in the app to activate fingerPrint
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4 years ago, Steve1013
App Won’t open
Just did the update that came down today and app won’t open on the iPhone 12
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4 years ago, Bluepack15
WHEN you can get onto the app, it’s fine, but getting on is so frustrating.
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3 years ago, AshRose1108
Haven’t been able to log into the app in forever
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4 years ago, Adam from WMass
The app is currently unusable. Just loading forever.
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4 years ago, Natalyasini1234
Can’t log in
can y’all please fix the app!!! I can’t log in at all?!?
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3 years ago, MDJ12387
App is Horrible
You need to reprogram your entire app becaue it doesn’t work in iPhones.
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4 years ago, tjewski
doesn’t open whatsoever
will not open even after 10-20 minutes of loading. recent update is terrible
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4 years ago, Drbrocco
Bank app
Terrible works bad wasted 2 hrs still not on
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8 years ago, Pappa_Bear5
0 ! forced to put 1
Doesn't open...
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9 years ago, MassNative
Don't bother
I've tried getting into this app for almost 2 years and you can't even sign in! Username is right, password is right, but still nothing. I would be afraid of my security if ever I got in! Waste of customer's funds for this failed project.
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9 years ago, cr72inCt
Seriously? Call/ Email ESB for help with logging in. Don't rate an app that you haven't even been able to use because you are having a problem with your username/PW. This is a new app has been out for less than 6 months not 2 years. It uses the same info as the desktop site...
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