BankMobile Vibe

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User Reviews for BankMobile Vibe

4.2 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
6 years ago, itsjustoneimo
It's not your Chase or BOA, this is for student accounts.
First off, it does what's intended and has progressed a long ways in terms of functionality of its app, the ability to deposit from the mobile app. ( This can take a few days). I have yet to be charged for any services, it's included in the schools end I'm guessing. Though beware, I did have to call in the first semester, the reason was that it was first set up as a none student account. A few min on the phone, and a stop by the administration office on campus and it's worked great since. I didn't know this was how I would be receiving the money, direct deposit into my main account to would of worked. However, it also can act as a "greendot card" type, and a rechargeable Mastercard card that has some great functions. So for now I can say it's been a decent account. Thanks for that, the work on the app compared to others, is night and say so cheers for that too. One star off due to time for things to clear. The CS has been very helpful in my experiences. For some I'm sure this card is a must. Sorry for the -1.
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5 years ago, gallkass631
I am so upset my school opted to use this option for their students. I never had a problem receiving my financial aid in a timely matter. For myself and many students rely on their financial aid. My check was sent via mail and was never received I waited two months. I then chose to get direct deposit to my personal bank and that never happened. They told me if I used the bank mobile I would receive my money immediately. I was now waiting 3 months for my money and desperately needed to pay for my classes and books. When I changed my preferred deposit option to the bank one I could only make purchases online or over the phone with the virtual card. Well what good is that ? So I tried to look for an ATM or bank that will allow me to withdraw my money. There are NO BANKS EVEN IN MY STATE! that should be the first thing a school and bank should consider when partnering. I never had this many problems before. I called customer care and asked what was the fastest way to receive my money I told them I have been waiting a very long. They were very kind and I was informed I could do a domestic wire transfer to my bank. That was a whole other problem within itself. I wish my school would of explored other options. It’s very unsettling now this whole other entity has all your information and holds your money as a student, I wish that international companies like BankMobile wouldn’t exploit schools/students for their own financial benefit.
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2 months ago, laurenhatfield7
a CONSTANT headache.
I did not choose to use Bankmobile Vibe when I started school, but I had to. At first, I had no issues with them at all, but as soon as they updated the app, I have had constant problems & there is no easy way to have them fixed. There is no chat support, or any way to look up error codes when they show up (nor does google have ANY information about them, at all), and just getting through to a representative can take up to an hour. For two months now, I’ve had issues trying to get a new card. None of the services offered in-app work properly, I can’t EVER get a money transfer to go through and that’s my only way to access my funds currently because my temporary virtual card won’t work either. I can’t add money to my cashapp, the transaction is declined EVERY TIME, I now can’t transfer any funds to other accounts through Vibe itself, and I have no way to access MY OWN money. I cant make any purchases, they are immediately declined no matter who the merchant is. It’s been nothing but constant frustration & trouble. They fix it for one day & it’s immediately back to absolute nonsense. Absolutely not worth anything. If you google “Bankmobile Vibe issues”, there are entire reddit threads dedicated to the bad experiences people have had. I recommend finding any other bank.
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3 years ago, Waynecobabe
Great bank!!!
I wasn’t so sure about BankMobile to begin with. I didn’t choose to bank with them, I was pretty much forced to get it because I was in college & having a checking acc w/BankMobile was a requirement if I wanted to get my financial aid refund(s) early via direct deposit or snail mail. Goodness if snail mail doesn’t live up to name. It was absolutely & most def worth giving it a try. BankMobile is great to bank with. I’m not even going to college anymore & still have my BankMobile checking account. The only complaint I have &’have ever had in the 4 1/2 years since I first signed up for my account is that there aren’t any physical banks even anywhere close to me. I’d love to have a local BankMobile bank (within 15-25 miles of my home) so that I could just walk into a BankMobile branch & handle my business if needed. There are some things you just can’t do online when it comes to banking. Aside from that one minor issue, I must say that I am very well pleased with the service I receive from BankMobile Vibe.
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6 years ago, sunmornrain
Crappy bank, crappy app
This bank was forced on me by my school. Over the years it’s only gotten worse. The app likewise just keeps getting worse. It somehow seems to lose features every update to look shinier. I absolutely hate it. Edit: I hate inform you guys, but many schools have actually cut down significantly on the options students have as ways to receive aid. The “quickest” way to receive a refund at my school is still through your bank (at least on paper), with the only other option being direct deposit to a bank that takes around two weeks longer at minimum. My school at least is absolutely pushing you guys. Formerly checks were actually the quickest option, but this was removed years ago. When this bank was pushed, the direct deposit option to another bank took even longer. I’m sure this varies by school, but while saying there’s a choice may be true, having that choice in arrival be the difference of 1-2 paychecks in time between significantly is going to alter that choice. But at this point I likely while switch anyway, since Vibe rarely delivers my refund when it’s actually supposed to anyway.
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8 months ago, artworm98
Not a good experience the last couple months
I find it strange and weird that between my bank and my job no one is giving me a clear solution on how to get my paydays through the bank processed on Fridays instead of Mondays/Tuesdays. The bank ensures that you’ll get your paychecks earlier than some, but now that isn’t the case and there’s no clear solution to fix this. Not BankMobile or my job can clarify exactly why. Additionally, as of writing this, I went to purchase food in a restaurant and the transfers feature was disabled. I find this extremely frustrating and inconvenient because I could not initially transfer funds because “some features won’t be available for a bit”, I was stuck and needed to leave to ask some else to pay for me- it’s embarrassing. Also, I get that if these are maintenance related issues but this pops up without any warning ahead of time. What if I need to do an emergency transfer??? I’ve been using this app since I started college, but these are dealbreakers for me, and I think I need to find another bank to do business with so I encounter these problems less.
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2 years ago, squishyyyyy22
I opened an account with this bank for my military university refunds. This bank is so unprofessional and impolite. They sent me a debit card and I never received after 10 days. Turns out I contacted usps and it was supposedly dropped into my mailbox 5 days ago. As I explained my concerns with bank mobile about not getting my debit card. They didn’t care and told me to wait 10 more days and if I wanted to cancel it and get a replacement they were going to charge me $10. How messed up is that? I told them my wishes to cancel my account and close it. And asked to transfer my funds to my other bank. They told me to download “cash app” and do it myself. How pathetic? I then stated I would just Zelle it. And they said if I did that, they couldn’t close it because it would be a “pending” transaction. They proceeded to offer to send me a paper check, and I then thought to myself, “if I didn’t receive my debit card they supposedly sent, how do I know they’ll send me the check?” I can’t help but wonder…. Is this a real bank? 🤔 Where are the consumer rights? The integrity? The politeness/ civility????????????
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4 years ago, Hmm!(:
Thank goodness for this bank.
So I’ve had my BankMobile account since fall 2017 when I graduated , I’ve kept it in the positive and been a loyal customer for some time. Well I decided I was going to open a chime account & keep my bankmobile. Well I tried to deposit 2 checks through chime & BOTH GOT DENIED. Even though my minor sons check had my name on it too , they said nope. Then denied my own check saying they didn’t have significant evidence that the place was real where I got my check. What the hell?! I get these checks REGULARLY every THREE MONTHS. Well thank god for bankmobile! I have cashed these checks with bankmobile just not recently. 15 minutes after sending my sons check in it was accepted. Another 15 minutes later and it was approved! My check was accepted 3 minutes after I deposited through the app. 15 minutes later & it was approved. Woke up & money was in my account 🙂
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4 years ago, Douglas B Step
Great App!!
I’m not really sure about the issues others are talking about on here but I really like the app. I’ve never seen a fee for transferring money. Probably happens after so many times like any other bank. The only fee I have seen was the $2.99 monthly fee because I only keep a certain amount in here for school and playing. If I made the required $300/mo deposit then I wouldn’t see any fees. I love the immediate transfer!! It helps because my bank only transfers when they are open and they update their records. I did have an issue with it showing I paid for something when it hadn’t but it actually fell off after so long and the numbers were correct. I didn’t need this account but my school set it up to receive my student loans and I’m glad it did. It has been very useful and I will be keeping it after I graduate this fall. Great job guys!!
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2 years ago, Lovely22154
App is just like the company Trash
The app is as worst as the company and customer service, Trash. It’s telling me I don’t have an account when I clearly do. I’m able to log in online with the same information but can’t log in through the app. This is the worst place to have money sent to. Bank mobile’s identification process is a joke. I’ve waited 3 weeks to get verified because you have to send your documents through mail. Afro an entire week they kept telling me that I was giving them the wrong number on file when trying to pull up my profile. The reason why is because they had received my identification information and updated the phone number but not the email. They never sent me anything notifying me that they had partially updated anything. And you have to have all information correct for them to assist you. My New phone number was on file and old email address was still on file. I finally spoke to an agent who put a note in and someone sent me an email, and after 3 weeks that’s Crazy!
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5 years ago, SBVC..Student
They charge 25$ every time to transfer money to and from your checking and saving they charge random 5$ fees and all around completely just steal your money.. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! If my school didn’t use it for my financial aid I would NEVER have used it.. MoneyNetwork is 10 times better. Terrible company and their customer service is so unprofessional... if I could give them negative 1 stars I would! NOW ON TOP OF THAT. A week later I made a 75$ purchase that I changed my mind on so the company I purchased it from ultimately gave me a refund have the email and screenshots saying it would be put back into my account in 3-5 days.... it never happened... the purchase is now dissappeared from my BankMobile purchase history. So they completely STOLE a 75$ purchase a company refunded me... GOOD THING I HAVE EMAIL AND SCREENSHOT PROOF... And in response to the developer... you have the worst fees of all major banks.. and even Money Network, as I said before is much more honest, cheap, and all around 10 times better. I will not let this company steal anymore money from me.
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6 years ago, jaime torres student
Want to deposit money into your School account? You can enjoy a $4.95 fee each time you deposit cash oh and you can’t do it at they’re atm on campus you have to go to a retailer and load up your card like a pre paid card. I just deposited cash and paid the outrageous fee for a government school account and I get a msg saying there systems are currently down and the money will appear some time or day no specifics. On top of that I was supposed to receive my fafsa refund on the 9th “Tuesday” and I haven’t gotten it yet or even received a msg saying it’s processing, they have a useless faq tab that gives you tutorials on how to view the process of your refund but there’s no option on this poorly designed app. So if any student reads this Beware, refuse this ripoff and rather choose direct deposit into a safer,reliable, and trusted bank with 24hr customer service like Bank of America or chase, sure it might take an extra day or two but you will save your self a lot of time and a huge amount of money.
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1 year ago, Brycar213
Terrible Banking App. Inconvenient. Terrible Customer Service/Support
Completely Disappointing . Terrible Customer Service, especially when maintenance time comes around you could be sitting around for days trying to get a relevant response in regards to your account being on “hold.” The whole customer service team is unprofessional and at times they don’t even know what’s going on, “not knowing when maintenance is over”, “not having access to their systems”, and just the lies they tell you about your account/debit card. In my experience, no other bank has ever taking this long to “verify identities”, process refunds, contact you back, and so much more. Overall, this app and accounting system was forced upon me for school, but I would not recommend it to anyone. Save your time and money by banking somewhere else, with guarantees on your money, and a guarantee for good customer service/support.
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6 years ago, dolfinxprs
Set up directions
For those who don’t want or haven’t been involved in their banking accounts I can see the benefits here, with the less fees etc. However, though an easy step by step initial set up, the direction for the additional aspects are not. The mobile app is recommended but doesn’t answer the questions for the items that MUST be done on the PC side of the website. I have a regular bank and checking account that have used for years and have set up to any external accounts with out fee and ready to go once approved. I only opened this account for school purposes per school requirements, only i want all my funds controlled and ran in one. There were no directions on the mobile app on how to set up external preferred transfer if a refund or other deposit were to be made. I actually found out from another student. Then apparently too late for regulars with out getting hit with fees via having to wire it to myself or having to go to my branch to handle the transaction once I get the card to do cash withdrawal and then deposit to my account. There were also misleading or not direct answers involving this process from pop ups, emails and customer service. So far not impressed and will not be looking to use on any kind of regular basis
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6 years ago, 😍💇
Great bank
I love this bank. It’s the only bank account that I have . I have been with them since 2014 and have been satisfied since. They always post my deposits instantly . I can see everything from the app , I can transfer money into my savings , I can send money . I can do slot of things . AND when all my bills try to take from my account and my account becomes negative they stop the payment and reverse the money so my account isn’t negative. Whenever i call customer service they are ALWAYS nice , apologetic and they fix everything right then and there . I don’t have to be transferred or given the run around . I really love Vibe . I trust Vibe and Vibe always looks out for me and I love that .
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8 months ago, Ts_2001
I recently just started using this bank due to my refunds being sent from my school to this bank and I have had several issues with my card as well as my digital wallet. I can’t even use my physical card anywhere it literally declines it and says insufficient funds even though I have money in my account. Even with the digital wallet I have had several issues from my card randomly being removed from my apple wallet without my permission. My account is locked when I haven’t even logged in through any other devices but my phone using Apple ID and then I was told in order to unlock my account I would have to call customer service which I did do and have received no response at all for the past 2 weeks. This is really frustrating especially during the height of the fall semester trying to purchase books and exam keys.
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2 months ago, 1MoonToGo
1st - they keep you in that automated hold for almost 30 minutes maybe more 2nd- you finally get someone and of course its not someone you can clearly understand. Im a immigrant and I tell you this much it’s disgusting that im not able to speak to anyone whose first language is English 3rd Then they ask you all these questions your email address your date of birth your telephone number which school you went to your last four digits of your social. They might as well ask you your address your mom‘s name your dad‘s name and his father‘s name. AND still cant tell you anything in your account WHICH IS EXTREMELY SKETCHY AND MAKES YOU FEEL UNSAFE 4th The operator cant answer any account questions without putting you on hold and then comes back with NO ANSWER. 5. All they tell you is that they will create a follow up. No answers, they don’t know why a certain thing is happening to your account. They are clueless everyone you speak to has to put you on hold just to come back to give you nothing. I spoke to 2 operators today and both have no business having access to anyone’s banking information. I dont know what screen they are looking at but it cant be the same screen as mine. Might add the update that you did to your app is trash!
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6 years ago, destinyrocks333
Indifferent Opinion
This app is very useful to me. I am a online student, and I LOVE that one can just take a picture of a check and get it deposited. It would be nice however, to have a smaller re-load fee for adding money to a depleted account. For the most part, they have done a great job of keeping my money safe. The only thing I think it should seriously include is like a e-pocket. Something you can put a little money aside that will not come off when you make a purchase. The snapshot function is useful but it doesn’t secure it the way I would like. If I want something put back, and I make a purchase it still takes money out of whatever I have in the rainy day fund.
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3 years ago, BeadGirlRocks
Super impressed!
This is hands-down the best bank I’ve ever known or heard of. The fees are reasonable, easy to load money on it & since they made my account a checking account I requested checks & also ordered some which completes all my banking needs. Whenever I talk to customer service they are super nice knowledgeable & professional. After I had to leave school to take care of my Mom they still continue to serve their customers. Quite frankly I will never have another bank account the rest of my life, they made it so good I don’t want to switch to any other bank including the big name banks!!
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4 years ago, whydoihavetoenterastupid
Terrible is all I have to say about this bank, from the “atm finder found in the app” that literally takes you to an external website to find atms. And that website being so outdated it can’t even use your current location. From the fee associated with card replacements (I bank with another bank and they don’t have a fee associated) From NOT BEING ABLE TO SEND WIRES TO OTHER PEOPLE. This is the biggest crime of them all. You can only send money to other Vibe users. Disgusting. From not being able to use this card with cashapp venmo or any money transfer service. I could go on and on. This bank nickel and dimes you to being broke so the big guys can get rich. If I could give zero stars I would. I could really go all day about how this bank is trash but I feel my blood pressure getting to a dangerous level so i’ll leave it at this. Bank with someone else.
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1 year ago, lil tecc a
The worst
For some reason the card doesn’t work on everything. Second, whenever you refund something, you never ever get that money back. If you contact the stores that you are getting your refund from they will say they already sent it but your bank hasn’t cleared it or something. Third, the user interface and app design is sooo bad, I think like I could build a better app. The app is slow. 4th you cannot send money directly from the app or that bank, you have to “spend” it with them which is so dumb because I never wanted their dumb bank. 5th they closed my account for having an overdraft of 1$ and change because who would ever put money back into the bank that doesn’t even work? On top of that the bank kept on sending me emails everyday about how I needed to pay that 1$. Anyways it kept on saying that I had 120 days to pay and I was like alright by then I’ll get another check right? All of a sudden in like 2 days they close my account. Like babies, first they said 120 days, now 2 days all over 2$. I’d suggest to you all to find some method to transfer everything you get out from this dumb bank and into something else because anything else is better.
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4 years ago, lindasue546
Happy with Bank Mobile!
I’ve been using Bank Mobile for 8 years and find it to be simple, easy, and reliable. Every month my SS check is direct deposited into my account, then I use my debit card for daily purchases. If I need cash there’s lot of ATM machines in my area, even some that don’t charge service fees: To deposit money in my account I use 7Eleven. I also have a check book if I need to write a check. My one complaint; they don’t have a chip on their debit card. Swiping your card is old school. It’s also the safest way to bank during the Covid-19 pandemic! Banking doesn’t get much easier than this.
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4 years ago, cbgonzalez
Great way to pinch some extra people miss from college students.
My university has no other option other than using Bank Mobile. Sure, it’s nice to get your refund deposit the same day. However, the monthly fees take advantage of students with limited means. The free ATMs are a joke. I’ve yet to find one reasonably close by and with the cash shortage, taking out a few extra bucks at Walmart is t an option. The finally kicker is that for more than two days, the app freezes on the wait screen with Bank Mobile across the top, then says “cannot connect to server.” This only happens from the app. I can access my account from a computer. Please work on fixing the glitches and consider a less predatory fee schedule.
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4 years ago, haieltyq
Personal opinion
I have not had a bad experience with bank mob like through my college. They only complain I have is that it doesn’t count financial aid as deposits for their free service. They charge me like 2.99 or 3.99 I’m not exactly sure on the price a month to have this account when as student we have no other choice but to accept our financial aid on the bank mobile account unless you do direct deposit into your personal account. However I do not have a personal account for many personal reasons. Other than that I am completely content with bank mobile vibe.
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5 years ago, Fee $&@% OFF!!!!!
I hate how I have to pay a fee to load money into my account. My work doesn’t offer direct deposit and I get paid every other week so my checks are usually more than $500 which is the limit for making a mobile deposit by phone. So I have to pay a fee to cash my check and then I have to pay a fee to put it in my bank. Not to mention there is a limit on how much I can deposit at a time, which is $500. So if I need to deposit say $750 I have to pay $12 to cash the check, then $4.95 to load $500, then another $4.95 to load the remaining $250. It’s ridiculous. I asked for a limit increase on my mobile deposit and they denied me! Despite the fact that I had no issues with returned checks or overdrawing. Just another financial institution that preys on people.
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4 weeks ago, bunnyuzamaki
Ruined the app with the new update
this app was amazing before this update where the colors and everything changed. Now 90% of the time I can barely log in. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, been connected to different Wi-Fi’s, and still so often I run into “connection errors” when trying to log in. Or it will just buffer for minutes on end until I give up. Not to mention the new colors and layout of the app are far less attractive than the previous. When transferring money from accounts, all of the numbers & decimal are not able to be viewed on the screen all together, I have to scroll down to select a decimal or a zero or whatever else is at the bottom. Overall I’m disappointed in this less than functional update.
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3 months ago, nwkclekms
Great bank
It’s been a great bank since I’ve had the account. I had to get one when I enrolled in college classes and I have kept it many years since. I haven’t had a problem with it, at least none worth being bothered over! But, The newest update to the app keeps crashing. I don’t know where else to report it. It’s very inconvenient to be able to access my account. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and turning my phone off and back on. Nothing. Usually around holidays it will warn us some days will be closed or account may not be accessible for some reason but I have never had it happen where it just will not load the app. I thought the last update created some bugs when trying to log in, but this one is serious. The screen stays black with a rotating circle in the middle like it’s loading a video for hours or however long I let it. It will never load. :/
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5 years ago, Li'Luu
5 Star in 5years experience and faith
It’s 5 for me, due to many past issues/encounters that have deemed worthy of these digits. There’s just one issue that cease to relieve itself, when I first registered to the account it saved my phone number through years I’ve have multiple numbers and the same old one will remain, & will not update, a glitch which has every agent, rep, and manager baffled. It’s a nuisance most Def! However, the professionalism of the organization, methods and procedures to ensure my Monies availability is abundant and secure is beyond my peace of mind. FiX the darn Glitch please! Namasté Always Linda Luu
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6 years ago, Obrilliant1
No complaints
I have been using this bank since 2007 and I've used it for more than just school. I've used it for payroll direct deposit as well. It was a different name back then but same service. Anytime I've had a question or concern, they've addressed it for me. I like the check deposit feature. When I use this feature I usually have my funds available by the next day. But this does depend on when you take a picture and upload your check. I can use my fingerprint to login to my account which is cool. Overall, I like it.
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3 months ago, DaeDreaama
Recent Update
The most recent update is horrible. It’s not optimize with the consumer in mind. The fact that I now have to scroll all the way down in my transactions to see my current transactions. Why am I seeing transactions from 2023 at the top of my list instead of the most recent, and then there is now ads on the main screen instead of just showing me my bank account info clearly. Also the white format but no dark mode in the app. Why would I want to check my account and it’s on full display because no dark mode is offered. This again was not intended with the consumer in mind. Hopefully they take this feedback and implement the old design with the more clean and slick new design that is more comfortable for the consumer.
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3 years ago, DAmoemoe
Completely satisfied
Since being with bank Mobike I’ve experience it transition progressively and it has always been their goal to offer the best customer service, in which I’ve always received. The representatives are caring and have been trained to deal with a range of issues dealing with your accounts. I would recommend bank mobile to others for the convenience of mobile banking, the customer service and overall resources that is offered.
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10 months ago, Jam9996
Next Buttons Don’t Work
First I was being led in a circle on this website. After entering my personal info it rerouted me to enter it all over again. I finally got past that with no help from customer service. The customer service has heavy accents. Then I tried going through the process to try and get a refund from my university. I filled out all my bank info and the next button does not work. I thought maybe the app would work but nope. It says “login error - this account has not been created yet.” This is extremely frustrating. Update: one star given to “Paul” for his rude and dismissive response to my review. I don’t care how many 5 star reviews your app has, that has nothing to do with my personal situation. Stop bragging.
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1 month ago, MandieMc83
Takes Too Long To Load
I live in a major metro area and it always takes several attempts to be able to even log into the app either using facial recognition or email and password for it to load into wanting to show balances and then it takes forever to load that information if it even does that. Sometimes it works great otherwise it’s absolutely useless and I just end up going to the website from my laptop to check my balance and review activity on my account. App is up to date, iPhone is new and up to date and problem seems to be getting worse rather than better 😭😭😭
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4 years ago, VikkiB92
Send your refund to another bank
Do not use bank mobile . They will not protect your money. I was scammed out of 100 dollars due to someone pretending to be a illustration artist. They ran off with the money and when I disputed it the bank said no error occurred. Even though I gave them all the proof to show I never received anything. They implied that the merchant did in fact deliver. Which is a lie because when I asked for proof of that. They had none to give. They just don’t want to help me get my money back and that shows what type of bank they are. It’s better to use another bank to get your refund. Read the reviews online if you don’t believe me . They show the hundreds of people who bank mobile did not and will not protect if something happens.
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5 years ago, BlobbyNugget
The app is great. The bank?
We don’t get an option to have our school refunds sent to any other bank. It’s either wait forever for a paper check, or take this account. The app itself is fantastic. The developers did a bang-up job. The problem comes in when the bank you get stuck with then takes a monthly fee from you, even though you get no choice in the matter. Paper versus account isn’t even a competition and you should NOT be charging students monthly fees for their refund. Update: Those are fair points, but with my own bank, I don’t pay per ATM transaction. My school only offers paper checks or your bank.
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3 months ago, Fierce warrior fairy
Worst nightmare ever
I helped my kid today and bar none Bank Mobile Vibe is a nightmare and a half. Just before term starts, rent is due and school purchases have to be made, these geniuses decide to upgrade their app for two entire days. My kid all of a sudden can no longer receive the codes they send. Therefore they can not get into their app to transfer money from savings into checking. Four hours on the phone with absolute unhelpful reps and one supervisor later the issue still hasn’t been resolved and rent will now be late which causes my kid to be fined. We will be sending Bank Mobile that bill. I am absolutely disgusted and if there were another option to get the reimbursement believe me we would take it.
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3 years ago, obeykaye
Always Had A Good Experience
I have been with this bank for about 4 years now, never had a bad compliment. I remember being in college waiting for my refund to pay for extra school fees, I didn’t want my refund sent by check in the mail, which was already in progress and I called to see if it was delivered. Long story short that same day I called, i was able to get instant access to my refund using a virtual card they provided for me. They have always been nice & helpful. Good bank!
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3 months ago, Whitevader
Poor UI & performance after update over the weekend (April 1, 2024)
The app worked perfectly before this new update they enforced. First of all, they marketed it as “maintenance” where in reality it was an “update”. Weird way to do that. First they said the website and app would be down until 6pm. I got in around 8pm and the website was still not working. If you’re going to provide time frames, stick to them if not just say you’re down the whole day. Now, after this update the app is complete garbage. You can’t even transfer money between your saving and checking account which is interfering with my finances. This is the last straw and I will be changing banks moving forward.
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5 years ago, CooooolKiidd805
Not Cool
I was pressured to make the account because my school said funds would be transferred easier through BankMobile and at first they said as long as I was enrolled there would be no fees. Totally not true!!! They charged me 1.99 at first and now it’s up to 2.99 and the only way to get out of it is to deposit into it but the only problem is there are like no actual “bank mobile” banks. The fees are unavoidable unlike other banks that are fee free for students because they realize that they shouldn’t charge a student for holding their financial aid!!! I don’t like this banks service it’s very impersonal and not the best option to receive your funds. If there’s a way to delete my account and still receive my funds through them I’d like to know how.
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4 years ago, Florence Marie Worthen
Out Look
I am so happy that I opened this account because it has a direct connection to the school financial services. When you school has a financial obligation that you need to receive the bank has a faster release of that obligation than BOA, Chase or any other well known bank. The other bank has up to a 10 day wait. Bank Vibe posts it sometimes the next day depending how quick your school releases the funds to them and how big the list is they receive from the school.
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5 years ago, Tinker bell1031
Very user friendly
I have never had a problem with the Vibe app., and my funds from the school have always been available fairly quickly, I usually get the email funds have been deposited from Vibe before the schools email telling me the loans have dispersed. The only issue I have and it’s not a big one , is there is no actual physical bank I can go to, so any questions, problems or issues I have to call, and I’m more of a face to face person, but obviously times are changing.
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3 years ago, Kglez159
Have this bank because of my school but the app is so frustrating to use for one I have it to send the money directly to my bank account and it has yet to do so and second every time I try logging in it says my there is no account with that email and I go to the website and it lets me through but on the app it says I don’t exist and when ever I try to log back in by retyping my email it does even let me click on the email to retype I’m just tapping my screen and it’s not responding only on the password it lets me type so I if I need to log in I have to delete the app and download it again just so I can attempt to login just for it to say my account doesn’t exist.
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4 years ago, Tom Dos
So Long, Identity
Horrible app and horrible bank. I could rarely, if ever get my debit card to work. I was constantly having to call to verify the simplest of transactions-but never got a call when money started disappearing out of my account. That was ok, I guess. I don’t know if this is where the identity theft started, but it’s awful suspect when emails from you for advertising purposes are encrypted...wait for it...but ones concerning the security of my account, including RESET PASSCODES, are not encrypted. That tells me your advertising partners are more important than the individual account holders. *Slow clap* It could be worse. At least Bankmobile isn’t CitiBank. Those guys let a disabled veteran starve for weeks before finally realizing their error.
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5 years ago, jasonabullard
Banking Made Hard
I’ve never seen a bank make things so difficult. Want to “transfer” your money from them...good luck. The transfer option doesn’t work so you’ll have to send yourself a good ole snail mail check. They want to make things difficult for you to get your money so they can make more. $1.99 a month for non-student status? Really?! Why would I even contemplate paying that for below average features and service when every other bank in the US offers more for free. The app is basic and bland. At least do something awesome and offer some type of round up feature. If people actually stay with this bank after completing school we need to seriously take a look at our education. Lol.
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4 years ago, Malenurs
Great so far
I’ve just loaded this app. I actually was shocked how fast it loaded onto my iPhone. I get my refund from my school like you said immediately when sent to me. So I can’t say anything but looking in the app it reminds me of the website you guys have. Fantastic job so far. I’ll keep my account I’m sure after I graduate from Liberty’s divinity program. I’m not a regular students age I’m going into my second career as a minister. I printed my SS checks and maybe my veterans disability a little later. KUDOS guys 🙏🏻😁
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3 months ago, tsusjtdkgdkgdiedkhxnditdkgxkp
Vibing with Bankmobile
I’ve been vibing with Bankmobile since 2010 when I was in college! I graduated in 2011 and have kept this bank account ever since. My husband has one too and we transfer money back and forth as needed so easily! I have another account at a credit union but I prefer this account! Direct deposit and all! I LOVE this bank. Any problem I ever had has always been solved quickly and easily. I recommend to anyone!
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2 years ago, V92222
App works great... mostly.
The app works great for the most part, however the snapshot reserves are a but confusing and easy to misunderstand. If you start a reserve or a stash there is no way to edit it or delete it or even pause it in the app. Would like to see this feature as mistakes can be made when navigating a new app especially a financial app with bells and whistles. Please add the ability to edit, delete, or pause goals and stashes under the snapshot feature, it would greatly help, as I haven't encountered anyone else whose had this issue with the feature.
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6 years ago, Hmking
Excellent app for an Exceptional Bank
I have never had any issues with this bank. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do when they say they will do it. The customer service department is outstanding, as is Tech Support. I’m so grateful Liberty University utilizes BankMobile. Thank you BankMobile for the updates on my balance and all the tips and tools for saving money and earning interest on the money I have deposited. —- One Happy Customer! May the blessings of the Lord rain down on you in abundance.
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3 months ago, Ash8836
Bank mobile
I was forced to get bank mobile because of school. Just recently they had the app and website down for two days for maintenance. It came back up and I had to update the app. Did that and then tried to login to unlock my card for it to say I don’t have a card on file for my account. Have been trying to talk to someone for 3 days and the wait time is unacceptable. First day was on hold for an hour just for someone to answer and then hang up. Second time 1hr and 30mins and now it’s almost an hour and still no one has answered and I can’t use my card or get my money until I speak with someone. I’m livid
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2 months ago, Little-umbreon
Will not let me move cash to actual bank I use
I’ve tried countless times transferring cash to my Wells Fargo account bc I don’t ever use bank mobile for reasons like this, I’ve tried scheduling transfers, I’ve tried doing it on their service hours, which by the way still doesn’t help considering they’re from 8am EST to 11pm EST meaning depending on your time zone completely ruins you or screws you over when doing a deposit. The update does not help in any way and it’s mainly reasons as to why I’m trying to transfer all the money I have on this app into my new current bank. But nope the app and website does not let me do anything with it.
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