Banorte Movil

4.3 (2.2K)
290 MB
Age rating
Current version
Grupo Financiero Banorte
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Banorte Movil

4.26 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
3 months ago, The cute mexican
Good, but.
The app itself is pretty good, the only thing I don’t like is that every time I want to add a new contact to transfer money, it doesn’t let me do it unless I actually send money. Sometimes I just want to add someone new just in case I have to transfer money in the future. But other than that, I’m happy with it.
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2 years ago, William Harvey
Horrible bank and app
I am SICK and TIRED of Banorte. When I was robbed on January 20, 2018, they did NOTHING to restore my money even though CONDUSEF told them to do so. However, they implement insanely stringent “security” restrictions that prevent me from doing nearly anything with my account. For three months, I have been unable to register new transfer recipients and no one in person, on the app, or on the phone has been able to resolve this. Today I couldn’t log in to my account for a long time, ostensibly for security. When I tried to resolve this over the phone, the English option didn’t work, and none of the Spanish options were “nada funciona y quiero hablar con alguien que puede lograr que ALGO funcione” which is what I would have wanted. Where was all this “security” back in 2018??? If you can choose another bank, do so. Banorte and its app are garbage. Their “security” will prevent you from doing any of the dozens of activities for which a normal human being needs a bank, yet when actual security is needed they won’t help. And it’s impossible to ever reach a human being who can actually solve your problem
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6 years ago, App Store USA
Improvements Needed
There are many unnecessary clicks that can be eliminated in the token and other parts of the application, when a mistake is made, it would be ideal to correct the account number, description, amount, etc, without re-entering all the fields again, it would be nice to show the balance of the account on the same screen where a transfer is made, and to to have the option to delete all notifications, rather than go page by page.
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4 years ago, Ramond
Better, not really ok
With face id instead of the previous horrible face “recognition” the app is definitely better. The only gripe I have now is that the withdrawal function is not working. It says something like “Try again in 15 min”, but it does it ALWAYS. I was forced to use the physical card, which is not Ok...
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2 months ago, Erowichi
Change language to English
Open in the App Store, the languages say Spanish or English. I have searched the app and I cannot find the location on where to change the language from Spanish to English. I’m not sure where to look. I’ve tried to find it on the Internet too, but I can’t find it. I’m just wondering if it’s a misprinton the app description.
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5 years ago, VS7VS
Notifications in new app
Can’t find how to read notifications inside the app w now, that’s why I give 4 stars even it’s still going slow and some times I have to close it and open again cause it stays frozen
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2 months ago, CloverKila
Contact doesn’t show in transfer list
I add a new contact and designate as a favorite. But, the contact does not ahow at all in the transfer contact list. It shows up only in the edit contact list, but I can’t transfer from there. I have to manually enter the clabe every time.
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5 years ago, MaeLeigh81
Needs more transfer options
The app works really good. I would like to be able to transfer between currencies though. I shouldn’t have to go to the atm to pull from my dls acct and deposit into my pesos acct
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5 months ago, Jhernandez.ruiz
Forced to uninstall old version, now requires a Mex Cell to activate
Everytime Banorte updates the app they never consider the users outside Mexico, it’s a nightmare to update the app and at the end of the support line they say. ‘You need to stop by to a bank location’ In Mexico!!! Really is this the customer service this bank gives to international users.
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3 years ago, xpd99
Great if we lived in the 80s
This app is so far behind competitors it hurts. Just spent 2 hours in the branch and twice that on the phone just to get it to work after I upgraded my phone (kept the number, just phone change)
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5 years ago, Cacaotepec
There are some times when the program asks you not to close the app because it is validating a click and it never stops this validation.
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6 years ago, PS001A1
Great app
Have been using this app (in several versions) and it works great for my needs. I can easily find the information that I need.
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6 years ago, imcarrera
Some improvements are still needed
Major fixes were done but still takes a lot of time to load the application.
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6 years ago, mazanarez
the works
makes task much easier cant be with out it. highly recommend
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6 years ago, deal 71
Best in Class
This app is getting better and better. Need to work a little bit more on notifications.
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4 years ago, Cuernacarol
Does not open
The app used to work fine. Then the other day I tried to open it and NOTHING. NOTHING three days later. I decided to erase it and try downloading again, NOTHING. I actually prefer to do my banking via the website and not use the app but I’m trying to add an account and you are telling me you are sending a notice to my app. HELP
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6 years ago, Toca disco
Appallingly low tech, UX marginal at best
They have updated the app, which was an improvement. However, it is slow and does not compare to better apps in the market such as the one offered by BBVA. If you are a foreigner like me and used to banks on the EU and US stay away from Banorte. They are dismally far behind when it comes to technology and customer service.
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2 years ago, Lily🦋🦋
Good for nothing
I needed to replace my card , I couldn’t register on line bc it was expired, open a chat waited for 30 min No response back , call the 800 number and the guy just said GO TO THE BRANCH. On the first chance that i get ill GO TO THE BRANCH and take my money out .
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6 years ago, Raul Avila
Decent mobile app, but terrible banking service. Constant denial of service.
Slow response time, and very often no service at all. The app have some opportunities , but the whole core banking system is terrible
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2 years ago, EdHdez25
Only local phone numbers apply
Apparently no intl std cell phone numbers (those starting with +) can be used. A pity. I could not use the app with my US phone number (+1 etc)
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The app is slow and it needs better communication with Banorte online banking. The design could also be better aesthetically.
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4 years ago, hagalindo
Needs immediate fix / urge solución.
I have not been able to activate “cellular token” for bank transactions on new iPhone 11. Neither phone assistance nor bank representatives have been unable to provide an answer. / No ha sido posible la activación del token celular en el nuevo iPhone 11. Ni los ejecutivos por teléfono ni en las sucursales han podido remediar esta situación.
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5 years ago, Marco Dmz
Banorte should hire decent developers
The application is slow too and confusing. It is too buggy, is crashing or sign-out with no reason. The promotional pop ups, appears too often and is stressful. The UX Is confusing, and notifications and useful links are not able to be accessed within the app. Using this app became depressive and stressful, you should invest more in UX and hire experienced developers.
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3 years ago, Mcdoopy
Painfully bad
Awful awful UI and user experience. This app is straight from the first days of iOS app development. Fire your entire UX and design team.
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3 years ago, drrobins
Since recent updates, can only login if the app is uninstalled and reinstalled. Have to use my token on initial login. Once I logout, login screen shows my name. I enter password and touch Continuar - screen dims a bit and then nothing happens, no matter how long I wait. Running iOS 14.5.1. Force reset doesn’t help. HELP.
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6 years ago, Karchimex
Lots of fix up needed
Very primitive app. Non competitive with other Mexican banks. Crashes. Slowness, non working features is the norm. Should be exceptions.
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6 years ago, xniuat
Good app
Great performance
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3 years ago, Simulación
Not a good application
I have been trying to use this application but so far no way to succeed. iT does not give a solution.
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5 years ago, Fabian Cvj, Mor. Mx
Slowly app
The service could be better, now it’s so slowly.
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6 years ago, prernas15
Language issue
There is no option to change language at app. If yes then share how to do so
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4 years ago, AxxApp
IOS 13 only
Does not work in most iphones You need the newer obes that has the IOS 13 only
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6 years ago, Mauricio2099
Still needs Touch ID/Face ID
The app is decent but the lack of Touch ID / Face ID is not good
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5 years ago, NoeSanchezExp
Intuitiva, fácil de usar y confiable.
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11 years ago, Buenera la App
iPhone 5
Optimizar a iPhone 5 Por Favor
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6 years ago, Sergio Trres.
No support for iPhone X
The app in iPhone X looks bad
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2 months ago, Omar VelVa
This app is garbage
TOTAL GARBAGE, nothing works.
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7 years ago, : :deranged: :
Pésima, no sirve.
Cuando se ponen los datos, se cierra la App, malísima!! no sirve para nada.
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4 years ago, Sharo@5
No sirve
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14 years ago, iWantRefund
No funciona
No funciona con mi iPhone 4
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8 years ago, Renélo
Para ser un banco, a caso no pueden contratar gente competitiva? Esta app. Es un reverendo mugrero! Tengan tantita vergüenza y quiten esta app. SI NO ESTA LISTA, NO LA LANCEN!
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8 years ago, shockwave201
No funciona !!!!!
Ni siquiera se puede acceder al menú principal de cliente... terrible !!!!
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12 years ago, Eder Dc
Esta app hace nada
No logre entrar me pide no se que cosa.
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13 years ago, R2d2villa
No jala
No jala en mi itouch. Antes si pero ahora no jala
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8 years ago, rguz1
No funciona
No sirve
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4 years ago, Yei happy bride
Me parece una mala app, es lenta, no tiene la organización adecuada, no es fácil de usar!! Solo por eso estoy ondeando en cambiar de banco. Es desesperante
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5 years ago, Vidauri19
No puedo iniciar sesion
Me manda el codigo de 6 digitos y no lo auto rellena, pido un segundo codigo y ese si lo acepta. Ingreso una contraseña, frase y pregunta de seguridad para que al final salga que mi token esta desincronizado. Llamo a banorte, resetean todo y vuelvo a hacer el proceso que me arroja el mismo resultado.
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5 years ago, amve90
Personal física con actividad empresarial
Si tienes cuenta personal y cuenta de persona fisica como empresa la aplicación tarde que temprano va a dejar de funcionar y no te dejara accesar a ninguna de las dos cuentas por tu celular. Solo por computadora.
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6 years ago, perlakarina
No funciona
No se pueden hacer transferencias, falla muy constatemente. No la recomiendo
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6 years ago, #nopasanada
Extrañamente me dice que mi contraseña es incorrecta, justo el mismo día que activé la app. Y me bloquea por 15 min. Y no hay opción de "recuperar la cuenta".
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7 years ago, Azullll
Se cierra la aplicación en todo momento. La peor por mucho.
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