Baraja de Loteria Mexicana

4.7 (16.5K)
45.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alan Salinas
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baraja de Loteria Mexicana

4.7 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Sandysanders22
So Fun and Convenient!!!
My family has the entire set for the lotería but everyone hates being responsible for yelling the cards. So happy I found this app :) we put it on a speaker so the viejitos can hear and we put it on a fast speed. Highly recommend. One thing I absolutely hated was not winning :(
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4 years ago, Stephhhxx
Easy to use!
Downloaded this app when I was too lazy to call out the cards during family fun night. Hooked it up to my sound bar and opened the app to call the cards out. The app was super easy to use and the sound was crisp. A must have when playing Loteria with your Latino family/friends.
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4 years ago, joooooocyyyyyyalo
100% recommend. Everyone complaining about ads clearly don’t know their phones very well to know that you can just turn off your data for this specific app & you won’t ever get ads again!! Or just set your phone to airplane mode.
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2 years ago, vilerma
Second version
This message is for the person who made this app. Could you look into doing it for the second version of the lotería? Please
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2 years ago, ROCKY970
Has bugs but great app otherwise
I like it but it still has some bugs. It will freeze on you if left unattended for a minute. The way to review which cards came out can be better too. Overall, fun app. I might develop one just for fun.
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1 year ago, A Iris
Great app for Loteria!
We use this app all the time now instead of reading the cards. We love it!
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2 years ago, lencho_33
Fun times
Great game for the family to spend time with and everyone is playing at the same time! Would definitely recommend it
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10 months ago, Crb760
Not bad
Not bad but to many ads everytime you want to do another game, and if you tried reading the cards yourself, it repeats cards over and over so you’ll get frustrated pullin el gallo 3 times in a row
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4 weeks ago, AndersonMom
Love the Loteria app
It saves me from having to call them out but wish it had an ad free option.
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3 years ago, poppy in the trashcan
I really like it, can change the time and the size.
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3 weeks ago, Tips for the app
A tip
Just use it on airplane mode for no ads it works the same.
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3 years ago, mybeth27
New but great thanks
I’m just learning it but seems pretty easy to use!
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7 months ago, Raffle bingo
Los carte per jug at
Where can get the Mexico cards to play on Facebook
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1 year ago, bro solo_cheese
just use the card it’s not great it has a bad voice it’s wrong and i always lose 10/10 do not recommend like i said use the cards u didn’t study 4 years in lang arts just for a annoying voice to read
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2 years ago, Alex😃✨
Great app!
Perfect for family fun! Love it! Makes it easier to play, love it so much.
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4 years ago, Chucho312
No ads
Where can I buy the no ads
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4 years ago, Luv1y
Best so far
Easy to use and definitely love the timing settings .. great for adults and kids
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2 years ago, thecoolestmom88
The best!!
Excellent app!! I love not wasting time shuffled cards, it’s definitely the best lottery deck I’ve ever used..
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3 years ago, gehdicuv
Sound doesn’t work
Love the app but can’t figure out why the sound won’t work. My volume is up and sound on in app settings and nothing .
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12 months ago, Bájala ns
Thank you for everything
Gracias por todo
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2 years ago, Kassie2015
Stops working
I loved this app! But it would freeze during the game! It would pause and show a commercial and freeze during a game so I decided to delete the app and get another one.
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2 years ago, Jem2572
No sound
My app has no sound. I tried deleting the app and downloading it again, but it was still unsuccessful. Would not recommend because of that.
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3 years ago, nandyfirlksndibo
Porn ads
Playing with my family (including two 8 year olds) and one of the ads playing is porn. Extremely disappointing. Especially when they’re asking why I keep picking the phone up.
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3 years ago, Dgs bgb
Download it twice
First time sound was not working
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4 years ago, elpinchewoody
Doesn’t work
It gets stuck on pause after a while and I have to close the whole app and start over
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2 years ago, epsonmaria
It’s a fun way to play
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3 years ago, flaca1176
I like to much the app, but who can I take out the publicity
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3 years ago, Petrucciator
An ad would pop up and would be unable to close it. Constantly did this. Used to work before.
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4 years ago, christa cee
Annoying to many ads
It keeps getting stuck on the casino jackpot ad and I have to reinstall it every single time!!! It is so annoying.
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4 years ago, 9$8@
This used to be the best app for Loteria Cards, but it starts good and then ads come out and gets frozen, you have to restart your game again, not worth the download anymore.
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1 month ago, UrMoThEr."'
it has some kind of virus where it freezes ur screen and makes it all glitchy and all u can do is turn it on and off. DONT GET THIS APP
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4 years ago, Loteria Lover
Not Good
I us3d to love this app until it got updated. With new updated now I can’t manually get the cards out because the game gets paused and stuck. Really annoying
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4 years ago, it.el
Itzel Hinojosa
I love it but to much commercials
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1 year ago, Diablita83
How do I get rid of ads?????
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2 months ago, Btdsergcvsjk
Sound issue
Can’t hear it
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2 years ago, kdudbsmskd
Very bad
This app does not work I never win I hate this app it does not work
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7 months ago, Marbbhh
I lost
I lost 10 dollars because of this all
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3 years ago, MauraTB
Okay it’s comvinient
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4 years ago, PurpleFishPinkFish
Doesn’t have sound
Doesn’t have sound
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4 years ago, mrbambam
Great app
Easy to use!
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2 years ago, Gr8 monkey
Best app for loteria mexicana.
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3 years ago, DebM75
Can you please make this app available as split screen on iPad?
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2 years ago, Chinayo 72
No sound
Mine has no sound. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, melyisreading
Loved it
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1 year ago, mdeyanira
i am not able to hear any sound at all. and it’s on.
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3 years ago, leslie0704
Please make split screen happen for IPAD MINI 5
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4 years ago, Linatrs
awesome app
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4 years ago, lkelel
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3 years ago, MAD USER 472885828
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5 years ago, Lups0o
Dislike the new update but love it overall
This was my favorite app to use when playing with the fam but i hate the recent update. I dislike the new voice given to the “card sayer”, and the ads completely kill it now. At least with the old version of the app we were able to skip them by pressing the home button but now we have to wait through two ads. Its annoying having to lower the speaker volume every time we reshuffle or start a new game. Please, please make a version that we can purchase that has no ads. But thank you for the amazing app. My Mexican fam love it!
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