Barchart Stocks & Futures

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Barchart Stocks & Futures

4.75 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
3 years ago, wubbaaaaaaa
One of the best screeners
I got started in TA with Barchart, and have used it around 2 years. It’s a great tool and has only 2 drawbacks in my opinion. The first is during the open it lags the market for the first 15 minutes. The second is that you can drag you finger across the graph to see specifics for a day ie: OHLC and things like that. One of my favorite things about it is that your moving averages don’t get affected if you pull up a shorter-term chart. StocksTracker for example will cut a moving average if you pull up a shorter time frame than the moving average. When that happens you can view OHLC data for some reason. So I typically use Barchart when I want to view shorter time periods with longer term moving averages. StocksTracker gets used around as much as Barchart but I find myself less annoyed with Barchart as I don’t feel like I’m constantly getting ads. Aside from the 2 issues listed above, Barchart is a great way to view your stocks and apply certain technical analysis tools, also called studies, on the app. They also have earnings growth information, all the info to be able to find payout ratios, as well as earnings growth, revenue growth and other statistics like trailing and forward P/E. Honestly the more I write the more I like the app and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to further their knowledge on companies as well as keep up to date with market news.
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3 years ago, 4WYNSK
One of the few paid services that are worth it
Very nice setup. Multiple alert options, email updates on watch list, advanced screen with technical setups, sector strength, chart recommendations, etc. I could keep going on and on. This is great program for all the gambling degenerates and investors alike. Create a free account or trial, you don’t like it, don’t pay for premium. Even the free service is pretty darn good. Only other one I would consider is chartmill, but they are more expensive and Barcharts service offers more than just chart analysis. I would consider this a primary paid service with WSJ digital account. Enough info to keep the most OCD busy.
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12 months ago, RealSD
Another review? Why so many? Read on!
March 2023 UPDATE: The app keeps crashing and then when reloaded starts pestering to review. If you delay the new review it crashes faster, so have to keep updating my review. Dropped them from 4 to 3 Stars Feb 2022, as use app daily crashing about once a week necessitating a new app download and new email to set up any favorites + *NEW REVIEW! If you refuse to review the app crashes by the next day typically. How annoying! My suggestions: 1) A big improvement for futures charts would allow the option to display electronic suspensions and not exchange settlements at former pit closing times, often hours hence, i.e., in Gold futures 12:30pm vs 4pm suspension. The net changes should be from suspensions, at least as an option! 2) It would be nice if one could update the watch list, without having to sign up for emails, as in earlier versions. 3) MOST importantly, please bring back previous 5 days intraday charts, like in earlier versions! UPDATE: they are obviously not interested in improving this feature. Overall, a useful app, better than other similar apps for now. Note: *The app crashes periodically and every time reloaded asks for another review, which if refused, seems to bring on another glitch and reload again! They probably are just collecting more reviews, IMHO. Btw; I subscribed to Barchart Premium and found it useful, until early 2022, when rising tides still lifted all boats. (easier momentum bull market)
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5 years ago, Cales32
Charts only allow viewing daily candlesticks
This app is pretty good, and the technical charts are quite good, too. The big weakness with this app and its charts are that only daily candlesticks can be viewed. I would pay lots if this app also allowed weekly candlesticks to be displayed in the technical charts. But, since weekly candlestick charts cannot be displayed in this app, I have to use other apps and websites, and it is really annoying. Also, the symbol search is not right. If you quickly type in a symbol like AAPL or IWM, the first two keystrokes display the correct values in the search, but after typing in the 3rd keystroke, the search becomes confused and just searches for the first keystroke. When using the symbol search, this is a problem because one types quickly and then touches the symbol in the list, but the symbol in the list changes after the 3rd keystroke and the user is shown a page for a symbol they accidentally tap and which they do not want. Highly annoying.
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6 years ago, rmw2112
Best app out there
I’ve been searching for an app like this. I’m not a professional trader but this app gives me the tools and analytics that are so far ahead of any free app I have seen so far. I’m upgrading to the paid version because literally in one week of trading using this app I traded for enough profit to pay many, many times over their annual subscription fee. IMO this app, even the free version, beats Zacks hands down. And I’m canceling my Zach’s subscription. Well done guys- finally an app that works and isn’t filled with useless info that is constantly advertising an up sell. 10 stars! Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Trade Winds Trading Co
Great Site!
I use Barchart to track the futures markets and plan my trades. One thing that would be additionally helpful to me would be a 3 month dollar volume leaders feature for stocks. The daily dollar volume leaders feature is great! But adding the same feature over a quarterly timeframe helps to sort out which stocks are the consistent dollar volume leaders. I currently calculate this monthly by hand, and having it on the site would save me some time.
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6 years ago, Y2kovu
Wonderful Service, iPad Issues
Like many other apps, this one runs in a much narrower scope, indicating (I believe) it was never really meant to be scaled to an iPad’s display or functionality. (Pro 11” A12x here.) Not usually a problem for most apps. However, I cannot scroll the login screen down to enter my password from the website as registered. I cannot scroll down to confirm adding symbols to my favorites list. It looks solid but unfortunately in this case it renders it absolutely unusable for my device. The service itself is great. I’ll just continue to use their website, which does not suffer in the slightest for running on a browser on the iPad.
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4 years ago, jbolden1517
Good futures information site
This is one of my favorite sites for a quick update on what’s happening. They type in lots of free newsletters that are good (not great). The spread tables are easy to read. I don’t particularly care about complex charting which is ironic given the name and still use this app and website daily. Worth the download. I’ll update if i go premium which i’m seriously considering.
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1 year ago, Travelguy0715
New user
The app is pretty good, but I find it difficult to navigate as a new user. I’d like to be able to just click on the live after market futures, and pre-market futures to determine the direction of the market. Also, I feel there are too many secondary options, and that a screen should break down major currencies and major US treasury items in a separate area than just the complete list of futures. I’m sure it’s there somewhere but difficult to find things.
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2 years ago, 1JCali1
Rating the layout
I really like that we can see pre-and post market action. I don’t like that you can enlarge the images so much that you can see the price range on the right side. I wish that could be improved. I would also like to see whatever stocks compete with a stock I’m looking at, I would like to see that in a list by itself as well, but I do like the format as it exist. Good job.
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4 years ago, LOANSMART
Great App!
This is a very useful app! The team developing and maintaining has delivered on giving us a robust and handy tool to help you make better decisions on investing and market analysis. Although Im still evaluating this app, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a long term relationship. I find myself turning to this more and more compared to my other apps and tools I use. Highly recommend this app to others!
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2 years ago, Gooberfish24
This is without a doubt the best financial app ever
5 star app that gives you watchlists that you can create custom views that allows you to view your stocks based on a plethora of financial criteria. I wish I would have found this sooner. There are so many things for you to explore. This is by far the best app ever!!!
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2 years ago, XXX2022b
Barchart app review
I love that it provides my watchlist from online to my app under MyBarchart. Huge benefit!! However I wish there was more configuration I could do on the website (specific new columns) as well as some of that translated to the app. But I love the MyBarchart watchlist and news tabs. However, the first Favorites page of the app is pretty limited. Also, wish I could add more crypto alt coins, like I can add ^BTCUSD. Love BARCHART!! Thank you!!
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2 years ago, blagoon
Great try it free and see if you like it
The app continues to offer updated information and has introduced utube lectures which supports regular webinar broadcasts. It takes a bit off time to figure it out. They offer a 30 day free intro and if you register you get many of the screens free. Would like to see more tuitorials to explain in detail how to manipulate various screens
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4 years ago, Modus Operandi7
Great app and suggestion
Surprisingly, the app runs better than the website itself via a browser. Barchart shows detailed info that is very easy to access and to understand. It would be an even better app if you could compare two instances of any sort of info for even greater detail.
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1 year ago, mountaingryl
Info filled!
Everything you need to make a successful trade is at your fingertips from unusual options to chart patterns and moving averages it really is fantastic and always widening the scope of information and data. Barchart is a huge part of my DD and I highly recommend using it.
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2 years ago, Track portfolio
Not for iPad
App works great on PC and iPhone but there are issues on iPads. One major issue is that you cannot exit after viewing the Full Chart page and the only three options you are left with is to share the chart you’re viewing on your social media platform or send an email. Even if you share the chart, you still won’t be able to exit. You’ll need to kill the App and start over. This is annoying.
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9 months ago, Mokesvr4
Great information and app!
The app is simple to use after a few minutes of playing with it. Information is very useful and I enjoy what it gives. If you understand it, it can definitely help guide your investments and trades.
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4 months ago, Razmik B
Get yourself familiar with the app
At first I didn’t care about this app so much that because I hadn’t familiarized myself with the app but once I put the time and figured out how to navigate around it, I thought it was the most amazing app, very nice work thank you
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11 months ago, OOO Gee
Must Have Tool
I run all my ideas through Barchart. I use the different evaluation functions to confirm my trades before I make them. It offers a really good value versus trying to make all those calculations or run it down from different sources. Big timesaver for me.
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6 months ago, El Paso County Rick
Barchart makes me money every day.
Excellent service used for five plus years. Great data set, wonder graphics, good record for opinions and recommendations. Understandable training/coaching materials. Only issue is MacOS fingerprint security but that might a Jobs-Isn issue. M Smith Colorado Springs
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4 years ago, One time too many!!!
They keep it accurate
Very reliable with the information, and easy to understand. I do wish they would give a cheat sheet for the cheat sheet page. I can never remember what the initials stand for, so that’s a little tough. Other than that, everything is clear and consise.
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2 years ago, Miyaboo1
New Trader
The app is awesome, it provides candle and bar charts for you to see stocks support and resistance. It doesn’t allow you to view certain stocks such as $SPX and a few others. It looks like it needs a facelift but it does what you need it to do as far as seeing VWAP and more for taking options and trading.
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5 months ago, dblj78
Easy to use
Similar to website easy to use and navigate. You have to setup a free account and synchronize it, but after that works just like the website.
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5 years ago, Koi1369
Problems with last update
I have used this app for a while and since the last update two weeks ago it has been screwed up Mostly it only shows half of my stocks daily updates to see the other half I have to pull down but then the original stocks showing go blank. There are also other problems This is the first problem I have had with this app and had to stop using this app till it is fixed
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2 years ago, @c4i
Great app for the iPhone, but nothing for the iPad
Excellent app for the iPhone, but I really wish they could offer the same product for the iPad as I'd buy all the premium features for it too!
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3 years ago, Yahoo Should End
Best Stock App
Most complete, up-to-date, and reliable stock app available. I use this app everyday. This app saves me so much research time, as it has many of the charts and rankings that I use to trade. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Scotlion
Great resource
Just started Barcharts after seeing samples on Chuck Hughes website. So far, I’m blown away by all the sources at my hands, upgraded to Premier too. It’ll take awhile to learn it all but I’m ready willing and able
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5 years ago, Internationaltrade
Very Good Tool
I strongly recommend this app for any beginner Investor that is looking for an edge to profit from the markets. It takes a little time to learn how to use all of the tools, but with the help of the videos tutorials that are provided, it makes learning the app a breeze.
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5 years ago, prestonsshadow
Meh. Steadily getting worse.
I used to use this app quite a bit. It was a handy go-to until the updates and refreshes started making it a pain. Constant crashing and forced restarts, freezing and jittery operation. Even more annoying that it can’t just be an investment app without requiring the email for spamming. I’ve erased and redownloaded a couple times in the last couple months hoping it’s been improved; but it’s only gotten worse.
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4 years ago, Chillbizzee
It is better online
I like being able to see my portfolio on line. I would think most would, I am surprised this feature does not transfer over to the app. It finally shows “portfolio” but not the actual holdings. I really like my laptop version but have never gotten into using the app much.
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4 years ago, PHARR333
My absolute Favorite
I am using many sites on continuous investing and Barchart stands out. Endless info helps me to make my choices $ go right. Awesome layout and easy to use. First stock app that I am thinking about paying for (Really) Love using Barchart- Thank You
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4 years ago, Réy-B-Busy
Detailed info
It’s great to get such detailed info especially with the options contracts. Helps a lot to know the volume out there. And the opinion section is also very good. Objectivity is the most important thing. Thanks
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6 years ago, dcm1754
Great App
I wish I had found this app much earlier. More information than my broker has. Current news, technical information and analyst recommendations are just a few of the features of Barchart.
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4 years ago, SP_Inc.
Gets the job done
It works the way it’s supposed to for a mobile app and that’s all that matters to me. No extra bells and whistles. Just gimme the data in mobile form that I’m used to from the website. Period
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7 years ago, zpjiang_us
best tool ever for stock players
I used to use other tools for stock watch. But they either stop working or do not working properly. This one looks GREAT and it's more human friendly and considerate. I strongly recommend it.
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8 months ago, Divergeek
Great !
I am a former professional trader, but not a rich one. The service is valuable to me because it is low cost but, despite the time delay, is still very accurate. God bless you guys!
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5 years ago, the pinworm
The information is accurate & well organized. If you need critical information quickly. This app is for you. I use it for option evaluation everyday
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4 years ago, CJL43568
Financials are excellent but needs a UI update especially w charts
I’ve been loyal to Barchart ever since my first Econ class in HS and now as a full time trader I still use it everyday. Many pieces of the layout work but their biggest weakness is charting and real time chart and being able to view the charts in a normal way. Otherwise thanks!
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3 months ago, sax123man
More information than you could ever use!
More information than you could ever use!
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3 years ago, Cory3970
Great investment site
Thank you for all the useful content you offer to the investing public. It is a tremendous value when making critical decisions on where to place your money.
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3 years ago, KimZYX
Deleted after much frustration
Such a sad app. I love the web site, but this app won’t even let me sign in to my account. First, it’s difficult to access the password box as the page jumps. When I finally manage to get the page to let me put in my pw, it crashes. Done. Previously, someone from Barcharts asked what I was using. iPad Pro, latest iOS update.
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4 years ago, vbr56
I really want this app to work, but...
This app looks great, I’ve seen some good reviews. But every time I tap on a chart or page under a symbol, it locks up or says I need to login to the web site. If it locks up, I can find a way out of that page and have to close the app. If I go to web and sign in, it doesn’t seem to effect the app at all. Frustrating.
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1 year ago, TNKS1
Love the favorites
…and swiping to see additional details for each ticker is an amazing feature, it even includes fundamentals.
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4 years ago, g_mogul
Best research app I’ve ever used
Since I’ve been using this app I have profited off of every option trade that I have entered into in the last three months.
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7 years ago, Dave-Opese
All the tools you need
Amazing mobile app..has everything you want. Very user friendly and I love how everything is literally at your finger tips. Also, amazing candlestick charting!
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4 years ago, NY Medic
Great App ! and Site
I rarely rate any app or site even if I love it, I have taken this moment to rate this app because they give you so much quality information. You will love this app and site!
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1 year ago, hoganchou
Good information tool
It covers all information, but the user interface is backwards and refresh pages too slowly.
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1 year ago, 820874
Great App
Easy to read layout and full screen of data, info and news for my watchlist
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2 years ago, WIC$
Great App
This app has most all the information you need to make an informed decision when buying stock or trading options.
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