Barclays US Credit Cards

4.8 (233K)
127.2 MB
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Current version
Barclays Bank Delaware
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barclays US Credit Cards

4.83 out of 5
233K Ratings
1 year ago, LyraKingdom
If i could give a 0 star i would
I have been a member for over 8 years, i have never missed a payment, i always pay on time but when it comes to costumer service horrible, i made an on time payment for the bill of march, days later i made another payment for over $1600 for the bill of april, it counted as a march payment when i already paid the bill of march days before, i called and asked them they said yes because i paid it on march, i told them i had never had this problem if they could help me because i made a huge payment, got told no there policy change they can’t change the payment for april and if i didnt pay the “april bill “ ( that i already paid) they were going to charge me interest and non payment penalty. I made 2 payment on march but the second one was for the month of april, they solve nothing, so disappointed.
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3 years ago, Frito/Fargo
3.5 hours later
After 3 1/2 hours of trying to purchase a train ticket in Spain online and speaking with six separate customer service representatives at Barclay MC and trying to purchase the ticket four times I finally gave up. During the process of trying to purchase the ticket I was informed Barclay had a mobile app where I could schedule by international travel by using the “Tools”. Since I was on hold with Barclay I thought I would give the app a try. The reviews did not look encouraging. I awarded a one star rating for a very simple reason. Nowhere on the homepage is there any indication of how to get to the tools menu. Absolutely nothing indicated where or what to click to go to the tools menu. The fifth customer service rep I was transferred to was the web specialist. She had no idea how the mobile app worked and could not help me find the tools menu. She and the previous representative offered to schedule my travel. I understand they will do that for me but if they’re going to have an app that they advertise in anyway whatsoever has the capability, it should work. I gave up trying to make the purchase on the Barclay MasterCard. It’s a mystery to me but why my personal bank Visa card worked without an issue is beyond me. I had my ticket within five minutes after using the visa card and I don’t understand what the difference was. I entered everything the same way.
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2 years ago, Reggaegirl39
Multiple Flaws
Barclays took over Gap credit card and in just the set up of my account I came across multiple errors. First of all at some point during the set up it asks you to select a primary number for text from a drop down box but the only thing in the drop down box is “select.” This app also does not allow you to get alerts for purchases and security by text only by email. I big step down from the previous bank that had the Gap card. My career doesn’t afford me the option of sitting in front a computer to check my email, so it would be a good 12 hours minimum before I realized that someone was using my card. The app also asks you to answer security questions when you are setting up the alerts, not sure where these questions came from but clearly they don’t know my life as well as me because it kept telling me there was an error and I could not complete the set up. That’s question we’re not the ones set up earlier in the process but either way if I chose the actual correct answers it while not let me move forward. Very disappointed as the previous company was so much better. WHO DOESN’T ALLOW TEXT NOTIFICATIONS.
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5 years ago, ScopedSearch
Worst app || bank full of malpractices
1. If your card expires, then they will turn off the auto payment “automatically”, but will let you use your card. Eventually, if you don’t check your account every two weeks or so, then you will realize that you are being charged late fees and interest. But the bank wouldn’t inform you. 2. The app wouldn’t let you sign in until you have your full card number in front of you. So if you are generally trying to check your balance, you cannot unless you first activate the reissued card. So you will continue to pay late fee (“quietly”) but you wouldn’t know. 3. In the end, they will inform the bureau about your delinquency. You will learn about the delinquency when you have your credit alert turned-on. Luckily, I had. But it badly impacted my credit, right before I was about to apply for home loan. 4. After calling, they admitted the technical issue and waived the interest but dost waive the fee. They didn’t communicate to the bureau either. So now I have to carry the burden of their malpractices and poor app interface until my credit score comes back. 5. If you login, you will realize how poorly designed app this is. A college graduate can make a better app than this!
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5 years ago, RobzApps
Horrible card, horrible app
This is the only card I’ve had over the past 22 years that randomly lowered my credit line (excellent credit) by $10,000 without a single late payment since owning the card for 2 years. Worst yet is this was done with no warning or notice. None whatsoever. I’ve read some complaints online about this but I figured it was happening with people that were late a lot, had bad credit, bad debt to income ratios, etc. I never thought it would happen to me but they lowered my credit line twice with no notice. The second time it was lowered to just barely above what my balance was on a business trip. Now imagine that you have to book a flight back home, go to pay but it’s declined due to your credit limit being lowered to just a few dollars above your current balance. That’s how shady this company is. If you’ve downloaded the app then you’ve already gotten the card so all I can recommend is keep a very close eye on this companies management of your credit and identity and cancel the card as soon as possible at a time that’s least impactful on your credit. If you don’t, I can confidently say that you’ll wish you had at some point.
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1 year ago, yvee2023
Shockingly terrible bank
I thought Barclays was a reputable bank however I am now having huge concerns. I signed up for a card never received it went to the store because I needed to be able to make a payment they said I had to wait for the card to set up payment. Two months later and 2 late payments I then receive a statement but no card. Called them got a credit that never showed on the statement. Set up my online ability to pay the bill and minimum payment is more than my bill. Called again and everyone sees the credit bill n there end and can’t understand why it’s not updated online. Now I have 2 late payments on my credit report because of this bank. And I’m still on hold and they’re stating they are trying to push the credit through and don’t know if they will be able to. Wth Barclays? 2 calls to this company and their system is apparently freezing WHAT?! Yeah don’t trust them. The customer reps have all been polite no issues with them BUT their computer systems are horrible this makes me nervous because I have to be able to trust that they are running secure system. This is bad Barclays.
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4 years ago, RedAdelie
App on iPhone needs to fail gracefully, or better yet, work!
This app auto-upgraded on my iPhone from Version 6.25.7 to 6.25.8, which boasts “Minor app improvements”, but the actual effect of the change was that the app no longer works. Specifically, it attempts to load, then disappears, crashes. I can see the Peek features (long-hold on App icon), so I know the App has my correct information. I uninstalled the app, rebooted iPhone (iOS 13.5.1, which is up-to-date, lest someone claim it’s an iPhone issue), then reinstalled the app, to no avail. Ok. I get it: an App update didn’t go as planned! I know: let me submit a ticket to report the issue, and hopefully revert to older version of working App. Ah, those are not things the App Developers or this bank value, apparently: the App Support link in the App Store takes you to the Barclays US website, which is lovely, except for the whole “missing the point about support” part. To be sure: the website has no mechanism to report App issues either. Hence my 1 star rating. An App should not take this much time from its users. It should work, allow for simple downgrades, and simpler means yo report issues.
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6 years ago, Lisa cushman
Pretty good but it would be nice if the current balance was an easy payment option
In general, I find this to be a pretty good app. My only issue with it, and the reason that I gave it four instead of five stars, is that when you pay your credit card, the current balance is not an option that you can select. So I pay my credit card multiple times per month to avoid debt. However, to pay my current balance, as opposed to the statement balance or the minimum payment, which are the only pre-filled options, I have to remember the balance and type it in in the other amount field. I know that it may seem weird that somebody would pay their balance off before it was due, but if I do this, I’m probably not the only one. All my other credit cards offer a choice to pay the current balance, where the current balance is already filled in. It would be great if you could add this feature, as it would save a lot of time and hassle.
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4 years ago, onewsangtae
Terrible App and Website Design
Shady with fee charging and not letting you log in. I can log in with app completely fine but to change the bank account connected I have to use online website. I log in on my laptop and they say my user or password is wrong even though i checked it on my phone app and it works. Asked me for my social and phone number or my bday and my social and kept saying that info was incorrect. How tf do i get my social or phone number of birthday wrong? Then they lock your account with no choice but to call customer service and this happens literally every time I try to log into the website. Just add the option to change my payment option on the app already because you’re charging me interest fees for not paying the last month yet the bank account I have connected to this isn’t even active any more. PLUS their customer service is only available monday-Friday til 8pm so good luck reaching them if you work two jobs full day. Been weeks and they lock my account every time I try to log in. Terrible app without being able to change payment option and terrible website with bad verification locking
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7 years ago, Bigfoot777
There are better cards
I must agree with the one ⭐️ reviews. I just put in my password 3 days ago. I opened the app and I did the Touch ID. Then it asked for my password again!!!! Really???? Also there are no push notifications when using the card. I've signed up for everything. Sometimes, not always, I'll get an email message a day or so later of a charge. So let me get this straight. You pester me with endless passwords and questions to use the app, but you won't give me the info so I can see if there's actual fraud going on??? My wife buys gas, charges things and nothing ever comes across. I might as well turn off the notification. Other cards are instant. Pretty simple. I'm actively looking for a better card now. I've waited a year for these guys to clear up their nonsense but it's futile. It's easier to just move on. I originally got this card because they said it was a true chip and PIN card outside the US. Not! Every time it spits out a receipt to sign. So outside the US where they don't check the signature, there's no security. You lose the card, they'll be on a spending spree.
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3 years ago, dcjonesNYC
Locked me out
I use face recognition to open my app. I never had a problem. Three days ago it asked me to activate my card. It would not let me log in unless I activated my card. My card has been activated for almost two years now and it hasn’t expired. So now I’m locked out of the app and the website. It tells me to call a number and when I put in the last four of my card number and verify my birthday I get put on eternal hold. I’ve called now for THREE DAYS and no one ever picks up! I’m glad that I set up a payment before I got locked out or I would be late on my payment. WHERE IS CUSTOMER SERVICE??!!!!! This is ridiculous 🤬
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3 years ago, CharmLady
Can’t pay bill w/app
Or so I thought...over the last three months I’ve attempted to pay my balance on the app each time I have received an error message that either tells me that I can’t pay more that the balance due (when I am selecting “pay balance due” or the other error that tells me something isn’t working now, please try again later. Each tome I have had to call customer service for help (so much for the convenience of mobile). The first month I was told that a) my payment was received - which meant that the payment I submitted through the app actually went through even though I got an error msg and b) I was told there were some problems with the app “right now” so just use the web. The second month - same exact story. Third month, today, after scheduling a payment last Friday but getting an error msg and trying it again 2x today, i again looked at the app to see that I had 3 payments (totaling 3x my balance!) pending. I called and customer service, they adjusted my payments and told me to delete and reinstall the app, or just use a desktop...ugh!
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5 years ago, drawerNumber3
Card gets a worse wrap than it deserves
Ok, the app is far from perfect, but if you: a) have a decent limit b) don’t max out your card regularly c) pay on time OR contact them before any missed payments It does everything needed, and a different FICO score than my BoA app which is useful. Since main complaints seem to be about the card.. Idk what people have, but without perfect credit I got a 9.08% APR. Perhaps you have a rewards card if yours is much higher? This alone makes Barclays worthwhile. If you miss payments or even stay maxed, yes, they’ll reduce your limit. If you want idiotic lenders, then deal with higher APRs. There’s a trade off. People seem to think Barclay can’t move your credit as they want - mine has been raised, lowered, and raised at their discretion, and any request for a raise was denied barring my first one. I quickly saw they like to see 50% or less revolving balance. That’s reasonable. If you can’t keep that up, you’re spending yourself into debt you can’t get out of, and they see it coming. They’re reducing their liability by reducing your limit. Use it wisely and it will only ever be raised. With 20% + being normal, idk how anyone can complain. Also, yes there’s a payment turnaround for available funds.. it’s their money after all, I’m borrowing it, seems reasonable unless they have a bigger relationship with me (not my main bank so I don’t expect it).
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7 months ago, Broetzman
Barclays are god awful!
The worst credit card company ever. I was alerted to potential fraud. Barclays cancelled my card. From November 14 I spoke to 8 different Barclays representatives. 4 promised my new card would be sent out. They checked all my details, then obviously, hung up the phone and did NOTHING. I was traveling and needed my card. I finally spoke to a rep, that told me all the prior reps had failed to order a new card for me. She ordered a card and had it mailed to me in Thailand. I received it yesterday, December 3. I tried to use it today and the morons at Barclays declined it, because of fraudulent activity. I am supposed to call them to sort out the problem. They have notes saying I am in Thailand. The people at Barclays can read the notes and see how much trouble they have caused me and still it goes on. What a chronic bank Barclays really is. Representatives that are barely trained and without any ability to take responsibility for the job they are supposedly doing. In the meantime I am stuck in Thailand with very limited financial resources. Barclays, you should be ashamed!
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10 months ago, YoMasterYnez
The WORST - 0 Stars!
This has GOT to be the worst finance company. They took over the GAP/Old Navy credit card and since DAY 1, I’ve had issues. Every single month, I have the hardest time logging in to pay my bill. Every. Single. Month. I have a password manager on my phone, so it’s not like I forget my information… I’ve changed my password multiple times. I tried logging in today and the exact same issue I’ve been having is STILL an issue!!! I don’t understand how a company that makes millions every single day cannot have a working app/system. How ghetto! If you use “forgot password” you need last 4 of SSN, DOB, and the 16-digit account number on the card. I don’t carry that card and frankly don’t even know where it’s at! If I have my personal information, why can’t that be enough??? PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE SO I CAN PAY IT OFF AND CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. I am more than FED up. I’ve had multiple credit cards from different companies last and present and I’ve never had an issue like this. Get it together Barclays! I’ll avoid your company like the black plague.
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8 months ago, Deceit on the website
When I applied for the JetBlue credit card, I was very excited. During the process it offered a balance transfer, but I was unaware of the fee that I’m charged. I’m sure the website displays it, but it’s displayed in such a manner that it’s easily missed. As a consumer, I’m very mindful of how my money is spent but when I transfer the balance from another credit card, I was doing it so that I can push out my due date. Unbeknownst to me I signed up to be charged $500 for the statement balance transfer. I am disgusted with how this relationship with JetBlue credit card started. I would never recommend this card to anyone because the website is deceitful. I think it should be made clear that customers will be charged such a high percentage to transfer a balance. There is no incentive to transfer a balance. What made it worse is customer service was not able to help with my innocent error. I have great credit but unfortunately they didn’t value me enough to credit me the $500 I was charged.
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3 years ago, Uufvjuvc
Worst company ever!!!!
Call center is in India. Zero help whatsoever!! Hung up on me after I yelled at them, I was supposed to be enrolled in auto payments, they never set it up. Weird how when I went into the app to set up auto pay myself after that conversation where they hung up on me, my checking account info was in there already, how did they get my checking and routing info... weird! I was sending additional amount every month to pay principal down, that amount just so happened to be above my minimum payment but when minimum payment went up, the additional amount I was sending in didn’t cover the minimum anymore. 30 day late on my credit. This is the 2nd 30 day late I’ve ever had in my life, guess who my 1st 30 day late was with? This same company! Lol. The reason I set up the auto pay. Granted that one was my fault. I had a balance of like 15k, I calculated what I needed to pay card off in 12 months. Was sending in that amount every month. I miscalculated by $20... 30 day late. F this company!!!!
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4 years ago, Delirious453
Love the app but looks like an update is needed
I prefer using the app over the website. The website forces me to log in twice as the website just hangs on my first login, then I have to refresh and login again. That needs to be fixed but this review is supposed to be for the app so I gave it 4 stars because I can easily manage both my Barclay cards and logging in with FaceID works great. The only issue currently is since updating to iOS 14 when opening the app it says I have a jailbroken device which from seeing other recent reviews I’m not the only one experiencing that error message. I just ignored the message and logged in with FaceID but it is concerning if the app believes my device is not running what the app believes it should be and might be making the app less secure. Looking forward to an update hopefully soon.
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6 years ago, AkiraMitsuki
Password Input is awful
The app, like many other apps with sensitive information, periodically logs you out and disables Touch ID requiring you to put your password in again for security purposes. That’s all well and good, however many people now use password managers to keep up with their passwords and therefore it is nearly impossible to type out this password. Copy paste would be the solution here...if it worked. The app recently broke the paste functionality so I cannot paste my password into the app. Oh, so just swap back and forth between your password manager app and the Barclay app typing in 4 letters at a time that you read and memorize. That would technically work too...if the Barclay app didn’t reset your typed characters each time you changed what app you have active. This app is pretty bad for multiple reasons but it was at least somewhat functional. As of now it is LITERALLY unusable for me without having a way to login.
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6 years ago, Crash.Davis
Ditto, Ditto, and Ditto
I have to echo many of the others’ comments, hoping the volume of like comments will eventually motivate you to actually listen to your app consumers and implement features that are pretty much standard for banking and credit card apps these days — 1. Able to schedule a payment for a pre-populated current (not statement) balance. I can’t stand balances on my cards so tend to pay as soon as they get put on balance. 2. Push notifications of user-selectable transactions (not just/only email) 3. FICO scores. Update them regularly (monthly) or drop the service. Sometimes it goes three months without an update. (And there are lots of FICO scores. Could you say which one you’re actually reporting? So, you lose three stars - one because your not up to the standards of other like apps (citi, cap1, discover) and two more because you’ve had these issues and these comments from day 1 and haven’t been responsive.
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6 years ago, christina.h.r
When auto-pay isn’t actually auto-pay
First of all, this app is clunky, slow, and hard to look at. Second, Barclaycard failed to make it clear that auto-pay takes a billing cycle or so to actually get going (why? Nobody could tell me), which it mentions in tiny print on the last page of setting it up. So off I go, thinking I’m being a responsible customer who doesn’t have to think about manually making payments every month (oh, and on the front page of my account is a big banner that says “ENROLLED IN REPEAT PAYMENTS”). They don’t even attempt to contact me to inform of a missed payment or late fee. I just happen to go online to check something and see that I have a missed payment alert. Ridiculous. And when I called in to fix it, the agent wasn’t sure if my auto-pay would be “ready” for next month, so I should call in and confirm. Absolutely outrageous. Be very cautious when setting up your convenient, responsible auto-pay - Barclaycard might not be able to ha handle it.
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4 years ago, EternalDreamer3
Inaccurate Balances Reflected
Avoid frustration and wasted time. DO NOT GIVE THIS BANK YOUR BUSINESS. I used this bank to finance my computer purchase and carefully tracked my payments to pay the card in full before interest free period ended, so that I wouldn’t be charged full interest for missing a payment. Even though the app is underwhelming, I still expected it to reflect an accurate account balance. Even that was too much to expect! I thought I had payed off my card and even payed extra after forgetting to discontinue the automatic payments. I made a couple of purchases to redeem the money I overpaid. Long story short, after hours on the phone with their substandard customer service reps, we find that the app had inaccurately reflected my account balance but I am still expected to pay the remaining balance. If you’re looking for transparency in your financial records and the support of a good team of customer service representatives, this app and bank is not for you...
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2 years ago, HanselC
Worst customer service
I wish i could give this much less than 1 star because of how i was treated. The main reason for applying for this card was for their 60,000 award miles which was applied if you used this card for any purchase in the first 3 months. For some weird reason i waited for almost 1 month and never received my card. Than i tried calling customer service and was asked to please update my address (it was always the right address but yet i went ahead and did it). After another month i went ahead and called again they came to the conclusion that they had to send me a new card. All this process took longer than 3 months for me, which meant that i never received my 60,000 award miles. I called again to fix this and was told that everything will be alright, to please give it a month or so until their head department received my complaint and help me with receiving my miles. I just finished talking with one of their managers and was told that my claimed had already reached a deadline and i will not received my award miles. I have never had such a bad experience with customer service as today. Now I cannot claim something that should be mine do to their fault for never sending my card. I really which i could gove less than 1 star which is what they deserve. Don’t recommend them to anyone.
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1 year ago, JR1TCH
First off, literally every other app I utilize for banking purposes has face scan login capabilities. Pretty much a leading factor in not using my Barclays credit card as much as any of my other cards. Oh and not to mention, the only reason I signed up for a Barclays credit card in the first place was because the original offer was for a card backed by Uber in which you could get 5% cash back on dining out expenses and other misc. Uber related benefits. That only lasted for a year, maybe two, until they switched the card to a ‘Barclays View’ card that doesn’t have any of the same offers that the Uber credit card had. Feels pretty slimey if you ask me, because I wouldn’t have ever signed up for a ‘Barclays View’ credit card with its current perks. At the end of the day, I feel pretty cheated because everyone knows what happens when you cancel a credit card that you’ve used for a while.
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2 years ago, Silvster
Good app, annoying security “features”
The app itself is good for your mobile banking needs, it’s pretty easy to use. The reason for the 1 star is solely on the security policies that are implemented on this app. For whatever reason after a certain amount of time, I think 3 months. The app forces you to log in with your password which isn’t saved instead of using Face ID. Once you log in, if you remember your password without having to reset it, you have to go into the settings section and then Face ID back on because for whatever reason it gets disabled on it’s own as well. You have to type in your password again to get Face ID reactivated. It’s an incredibly annoying “feature”, no other banking/credit card app does this except for Barclays. Please change this, there’s no reason to have to use your password if Face ID is already activated by your own accord.
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5 years ago, mistermeech
Poor chip quality
I have the Barclay Uber VISA card, I’ve had transactions declined at major retailers like CVS and Walmart, when I called customer service they have no record of an authorization attempt, there is also no security hold on my card, I have my Barclays card also tied to my Apple wallet so I was able to complete the transaction using the card reader via my iPhone, so the Barclays network is working, but the card machines can’t read the chip when I physically insert the card into the machine, so it’s either a cheap chip or an issue with the hardware at CVS and Walmart which is unlikely since everyone else is able to use their credit cards, so must be a Barclays issue, frustrating to have a credit card that only works some of the times, I’ve already had my card replaced twice this year and the issue is still recurring, most of the time the card works but not always, never had this issue with my Chase or Amex cards
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7 months ago, Jae_Bae12
Just don’t bank with this company
So Barclays isn’t a good credit company. My job recently cut my hours and they offered a payment plan schedule which I thought was nice…. absolutely freaking wrong. They closed my account ,which I didn’t get notify about, due to setting up a payment plan arrangement. I don’t have access to my account I can only make payments to a account and credit card I no longer have access too. After talking to a representative I have to wait 24 month to get access back to this account or submit another application for the same card I received no type of communication such as calls or emails about my account. Your best bet is to find another company. I spoke to multiple representatives and was given different and inaccurate information. The app was a little glitchy at times but it work fine compared to the actually company
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4 years ago, Platinum Medallion 333
Horrible and virtually inaccessible. Keep your laptop handy.
Update Feb 2020: still terrible. App will not use Face ID to log in, even though I set it up to do so. I have to enter my password first. What’s the point? So frustrating. UpdateJan 2020: Still the worst most frustrating cc app. Every other bank and cc app i have is secure AND lets me log in, imagine that. Once you get into the app things are fine, nothing special. I really can’t say because i can’t get into the app to refresh my memory of what the app offers. It constantly is asking for my password. If I remembered my password, i wouldnt use biometric access. What’s the point?! Horrible and pisses me off everytime i want to open the app bc i have to go find my computer to reset the password. You can’t even reset your password through the app. Security through denial of service to the authorized user. Worst App that has not gotten better in the years that I’ve had it.
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3 years ago, Doug McQuaid
App works great
I was wary after seeing all the 1 star reviews but this app works great for me! I can see my recent transactions and current balance on the main screen. There’s an option to lock the card there as well. The login process is easy, it does face id as i open the app and has a nice animation saying good morning/afternoon/evening. I havent had any issue with having to enter a password or security questions multiple times like other users have said. Knocked one star because it isn’t super easy to see all your previous transaction history. There’s usually maintenance and i can’t login if i try to login around 7am EST but that’s understandable, the app always works if i try it a couple hours later. Overall, good app, does it’s job.
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5 years ago, Moliciousmo
This app needs to be fixed
This app is slow in terms of transactions for instance let’s say I make a purchase and it cost 50 dollars, it will take like a few days like 5 days before I can pay it off. Why?? It doesn’t need to be this way, my Bank of America app lets me pay off my balance immediately after I make a purchase or at least like a day or two TOPS. It seems like to reason for this is to get people to unknowingly rack up a bill higher than they can pay off so that they end up paying the high interest. It’s shady. The only reason I have not cancelled this card yet is because I want to use Hawaiian miles card but guess what? Southwest is in Hawaii now, so I think I’m gonna just get a credit card with them now. Your reign is over. Make some changes to your set up or you’re gonna lose a lot of customers in Hawaii. You have some really bad reviews, think it’s time you make some changes.
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3 years ago, Rita007
I enjoy this app
I’ve had this card for about 5 years now and I’m happy with it so far. The app has had its challenges in the past, but it has been improving consistently for quite some time. I don’t use Touch ID or biometrics, only password, so maybe that’s why I haven’t had any issues. I can access anything from summary to credit score, make payments easily (latest update solved the problem of typing in your current balance - thank you for that), with overall pleasant experience. I have a few cards so my main criteria for this review is the ease or making payments and checking credit score - and this app excels at that.
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6 years ago, blind_access
Notifications Anyone??
This app needs a lot of improvement. The UI could have been designed by a 5 year old. It's stuck in the minor leagues... while the other banks are playing in the major leagues. I am thankful that it is fully accessible to the blind. Easy to navigate, but not feature enriched. Many people are complaining about the login, and I get the frustration. Although, I haven't had any issues with TouchID with my iPhone 8. It has worked every time I've logged in. I've not been asked to constantly reaffirm credentials. Barclays... Please improve on this app. I'm pleased with my customer service. User experience with website and app, not so much. The biggest security issues... Where are my notifications? It doesn’t protect me after the fact. Notifications should occur at point of activity, not when sale posts.
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7 years ago, scprochnau
I’ve really enjoyed this card
Second card I received to rebuild my credit after they bought the original card company I was with - Orchard Bank. I was rewarded on a regular basis for my on-time payments and wise use of credit line. They have increased my credit limit a few times in the last 5 years and at times the extra support cushion has been necessary. I love that I can track my credit score and they help you see how you can improve your credit as well. So far a great company and excellent card. Thank you for taking a chance on me those years ago and helping me get back to my 730 score!
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4 years ago, The Real Providence
Real time
This app needs to be real time. I pay my bill or make a purchase and it can take up to two days for either of those transactions to show up in the app. It makes deciphering your actual balance impossible. I actually saw a negative number show up as my balance as my charges hadn’t as yet caught up with the payments. And because of the built in restrictions you can’t pay when you have a positive balance even though the app shows you pending charges coming in but not yet applied. The payments form will still show you an amount you can pay, but it won’t let you pay it. They need to fix this. If I can get an email instantly indicating that I’ve setup a payment, they can show the payment as pending immediately, not two days later - linger if you make it on a Friday after 3PM EST. The same is true for changes. Show them pending immediately and subtract them from the balance unless something subsequently goes wrong. You can always reverse it. If Starbucks can finally make their app payments and charges instantaneous, so can Barclays. Thank goodness you have extremely patient and kind representatives to talk us off the ledge when confronted with the shortcomings of the app. You might have another revenue stream as a call-in therapy help center. ;)
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5 years ago, MrsPaige
Good idea at the time
I locked my card after I paid my card off so I wouldn’t have any problems with someone using and getting my card number. So I go and try to unlock from the app so I can make a purchase, and it won’t unlock. Try to do it over the phone and that didn’t work either. I call customer service to unlock my card and they can’t do it with either. Then they send me to someone so they can help and they are talking about they are doing maintenance services at the time so it can’t be unlocked. I said the other rep never said anything about this as long as I’ve been on the phone. I asked since when because I haven’t been notified? Did you send out a notification? The lady says no ma’am I’m sorry! So how the hell are you doing maintenance without notifying your customers? I am sooo done with these people. I always have problems with them and at this point I’m done!!!
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6 years ago, MajesticBison
Constant connectivity problems
Nine out of ten times I try to open this app, it can’t log on. And then when I’m finally on, the basic functions of the app will inevitably be so slow that they time out. I’ll be on WiFi, great connectivity, every other app on my phone works just fine - and yet mysteriously, I just get stuck on an endless loading/sign in screen every time. This is not a review of the banking, which has been fine, just this horrendous app that has constant, mysterious, pathetic connectivity problems that have never been improved from update to update. I love having to sign in 10 times over 20 minutes to finally get it to stay working long enough to pay my credit card. (Literally the only thing I use this app for is paying my credit card - do they not want me to be able to quickly and easily give them my money??)
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2 years ago, Happy-Tony
This App needs lots of improvements
I’m new (second day using the app) to the Aviator Credit Card - Two things need to be updated to be at par with other banking apps: 1) Remove that one has to answer security questions on every login & 2) Notify when a new charge is made. Customer service supposedly corrected the issue of notifications when a charge is made. Made a charge today and no notification, either email or text. Called customer service second time and went through all the steps as previous day and this time they told me “no text message option available” But should get emails after a charge is made. We’ll see. If it does not work I will close this account because with all the bandits out there cloning cards, etc., charge notifications is extremely important to me.
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1 year ago, nunu_9000
This app is terrible. There’s no option to do autopay and even tho I have it set up to send a push notification when my bill is due I know for a fact I don’t get that notification. I’ve forgotten about payments because of this. When you make a payment and submit it, you are rerouted to the same screen which makes it seem like it didn’t go through. I’ve made double payments because of this before. Your balance doesn’t update instantaneously either which also makes it seem like the payment submission failed. I was just using it and there was even html showing on the page which never should have made it through QA. If they’re missing simple html in the UI, how can I be confident that your security practices meet privacy standards. USbank by far has the best financial app I’ve used.
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5 years ago, Ctp Morgan
I have been very happy with the APP
Overall this app is quite useful. I do all my banking on it and rarely have found a reason to log onto the main site. I have found that I am able to make payments, view balances, schedule travel notifications and even lock the card if I misplace it. I have read all the negative one star reviews but it seems those are specific to a credit product offered by Barclay not necessarily the app itself. The app is very useful. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to redeem points in app. It’s possible it just takes a few steps and a little patience.
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2 years ago, BishNC
Good App. Could be Improved
The pending activity view needs improvement. A pending transaction and a pending payment are treated the same when totaling pending activity. If I have pending payment of 100 and a pending charge of 100 the total pending activity shows 200, when really activity nets to 0.00. This is the primary card I use so it makes it difficult to track actual rolling balance when I have large volume of pending activity. It would be nice if rolling balance would be included in pending activity as well.
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5 years ago, Da bawz
Some things fixed, others need fixing
I find that Face ID works fine, as well as most things in the app which is good because it seems those things were broken before and Barclays fixed it. My biggest complaint is I haven’t been able to activate the push notification for all transactions. I always get an error message. Also the interface and lag time is sub-par. They should look at Chase’s app, it’s not perfect but WAAAAY better. If they don’t make improvements I will close my account because it’s not worth not being to access my info and customize things the way I need them. It’s my hard earned money we’re talking about, and whomever lets me manage it as easily as possible is who I’m sticking with.
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8 months ago, Jurock918!!$
Poor Service Does Not Care About Customer
Barclays app does not provide alert notifications nor text messages to indicate that a payment is due. I do not use this card so it is a dormant / zero balance open account. Recently they charged their $99 annual fee but I didn’t realize it was due. Rather than take reasonable steps to notify me other than an email (went to spam) they reported me as being past due on my consumer bureau report negatively impacting my score. I called to fix this with them and they didn’t resolve the issue instead pointing me to some onerous PO Box to send a snail mail. Total failure of their customer service. I’ll keep using my Citi AAdvantage Card not this Barclays joke.
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5 months ago, flatfingers
Years ago Barclays took over a credit card I could never use again because their website would not allow me to register the card. Now I was issued a new credit card for a different business and guess what? I went through the registration ordeal without a hitch, so I thought. Now I can not get into the site because I have been locked out TWICE!!! First I was locked out because I could not enter the correct answer to a security question I did NOT answer when registering. I have now been locked out because first my password was wrong!?! and then the “information “ entered could not be found !!!!! The information? The credit card number! At this stage I am debating cancellation of the card because of the website . Where did the 4.8 rating come from?
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3 years ago, TheTruthMightHurt
Had this card for over 4 years now, never missed a payment, kept below half my credit limit (below 30% is better) one day out of the blue I get a letter saying that they took over 3k credit limit away from me. This messed up my credit score and caused me problems and for what? I called to ask about what the reason was and they said if I have a problem I can send in a dispute but nothing else can be done unless I want to agree to them giving me a hard inquiry on my credit to check to see where I’m at now and possibly give me a little more credit back. I said NO! Needless to say I’m done with this creditor and moving to a better one. Don’t waste your time with these people. Your not gonna get anywhere with them. I had to find out the hard way unfortunately.
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10 months ago, Zcrement
Payment options
Your payment option is totally confusing. I previously selected to make balance payments, not preselected amounts. You enroll me in preselected payments and it was never enough to pay the balance so I changed it to balance payments and you canceled my entire payment plan. Now I am late for a payment and you are making me pay a penalty fee. You messed it up for me. I should not have to pay any fee because of your error on my account. I just finished going through your website and changing my payment to be for the balance, not a selected amount. BALANCE is my selection.
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3 months ago, chloe flower
Withdrew my balance transfer, card wouldn’t work,
Terrible experience, I’ve already canceled my card after 1 month. I got it specifically for balance transfers. I entered two balance transfers on line after getting my card., only the smaller one went through and they cancelled one saying they couldn’t get ahold of me. I never got an email or letter and I don’t answer 800 number calls with no caller I’d. They wouldn’t help me reprocess the transfer, they wouldn’t refund my annual fee or other balance transfer fees for the inconvenience, or be helpful at all. I cancelled my card even though I had a nice 20k credit line with 17k still available and good credit bc I don’t want to deal with a company like this. Apparently their customer service is as bad as the airlines that issue it. (Front tier)
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5 years ago, Evanshmevan
Can’t paste password
I use a password manager. The app occasionally disables Touch ID and requires you to enter your password manually. But it’s not possible to paste a password in the field in the Barclay app after copying from the password manager. And to add to the frustration, the app clears any text you enter if you try to view any other apps by double tapping the home button. So now when I have to log in, I either have to write my password down on a piece of paper, or if I’m out and about I get my girlfriend to type it into her phone so I can copy. That totally negates whatever security measures Barclay is seemingly trying to employ by disabling copy/paste. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a bad user experience with an app, and I’m an app developer so I come across a lot of bad UI/UX.
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6 years ago, Thai Eater
Barclays, have you ever tried to use your own app?
Basically have the same complaint as everyone else. I enabled Touch ID for a reason. I appreciate you trying to do me a favor by making me sign in with my password almost every time I use the app but what favor are you actually trying to do? Enable Touch ID....period. Stop logging me out. Also, what possible reason could you have for not allowing the paste function into the password form? My password is some random long string of garbage because I use an encrypted password app and just cut and paste my passwords in. Another favor I guess? To sign into your app, I literally need to find a pen and paper, write down my password, open your app and then plug it in and hope I don’t have a typo. Seriously, just, so, awful. You guys are light years behind your competitors.
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1 year ago, Tut!DVP
Wrong math
Barclays approved me for a certain amount, then they proceed to do a Balance transfer for more than the available credit, which put me $555 over the limit. No Senior manager was able to help me, nor did they accept it was the bank’s fault that my balance went over the limit, yet I was very upset because that could negatively impact my credit score. They gave no solutions as to how to fix the issue, they just said to make a payment that will bring the balance down to, or below the credit limit. I think it’s very irresponsible on their behalf to have transferred more than my available credit, if I would have done it manually, I would have done the math, and transfer a lesser amount. Very disappointed with their decision, and with Senior management!
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2 years ago, Harleyhint
Fine… but makes you log into the website to make lots of basic changes
If you just wanna check a balance, or make a payment the app works well, but they’re all kinds of basic things like setting up notifications for unusual transactions over letting you know when payments have been made and received, which show toy the options but that don’t actually function and until you open up a “more info” icon and read a bunch of jargon, do they tell you that you have to log in to the website to make those changes. There’s no reason at this point to have annoying restrictions in that kind.
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