Barclays US Savings

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Barclays Bank Delaware
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barclays US Savings

3.24 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
3 years ago, dannyincolor
App is suddenly failing to connect
I’ve been a fan of Barclay’s for years, and the app is acceptable for balance checking (only). Unfortunately, it was recently fired an error and insisted on an update that isn’t available. It’s also a shame how out of date it is, and update very infrequently. A few extra features and regular maintenance would make Barclays far more attractive. The savings rates are ok, and no ridiculous fees, so that’s a plus.
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1 year ago, barclays us app user
Third rate app
The bank does a good job as an online bank, but this app is pretty bad. The logon mechanics are horrible. While it says it is Face ID enabled, once the app confirms your face, you still need to enter your login and password manually, which seems like a big glitch. More recently, the app gives me errors when it tries to load the Home Screen (yes, I am fully updated) and never actually loads. If you make it past the login issues, the functionality is basic. You can use this app to see your balance, deposit a check and do an immediate transfer to another Barclays account or a previously linked external account. If you are wanting more complex (like scheduling a transfer for a later day, or setting up a new external account, for example, this app doesn’t do that). The look is also very basic. They haven’t done a refresh of this app in the 5+ years it has existed, and it shows. Compared to apps like Citi and Chase, for example, this app is amateurish.
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2 years ago, MAGiardinello
The worst finance app I’ve ever used
I use nearly a dozen finance-related apps. This is by far the worst. The user interface is poorly designed. It’s a pain to do anything on this app. And that I can live with. What I can’t live with is how buggy this app is. I’m constantly getting random errors. The app doesn’t recognize that I don’t have TouchID. The app doesn’t have support for FaceID even though it’s been out for years and iPhones made in the past few years only have FaceID. I need to go through two different steps to sign into the app —not two factor authentication, two steps to enter my password because it doesn’t pull it from my keychain like every other app. And now, for the past week I haven’t been able to access the app at all. I get an error on login. I deleted the app, reinstalled, but nothing. And if this app is so poorly designed, my data can be vulnerable. If it has so many issues I’m aware of, how many security issues are happening behind the scenes no one is aware of?
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4 years ago,
The Bank is Good... The App is Not.
As someone who loves opening their banking apps for no other reason than to cheer myself up on a bad day by seeing the result of my hard work and savings-self-discipline, I hate this app. Upon initially logging in, it shows your AVAILABLE balance... not the actual balance. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that they always seem to put my money on hold for almost a week for some reason. You can’t even modify the settings to make your default screen display your real balance. Barclays, I love you (although your interest rates could be more competitive), but this is a world that loves immediate gratification (one of the things that makes saving so difficult), so when people deposit money, they want to see it immediately. P.S. A chart or two showing you the monthly, yearly and lifetime performance of your savings would also be nice.
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4 years ago, Ajackson522
Reliable Online Banking
I’ve had my Barclay savings account for about 10 years, maybe 9, and this has been the most reliable bank I’ve experienced. I recommend to everyone who’s in need of a bank account that you won’t have quick access to the funds. I like the auto draft feature and I’ve never had issues with money going missing (as I’ve experienced with brick and mortar banks). In reference to the app, I basically use it to check my balance, set up one time transfers, or to deposit checks. Those features work well for me.
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4 years ago, LaBelle053019
Literally the worst mobile app ever. If they didn’t have such good accounts and Rewards i would have transfer my money to my credit union. Literally who is smaller but their app is 10xs better. And more informative then barclays half baked app with almost no investment. It’s not informative I can’t view my account statements, I can’t see how much interest I accrued during the month that I’m in. Something my credit union shows me so I can see and be excited about my money growing. I can’t manage my user name or customize my account or my greeting or anything I mean this is literally as bare-bones as it gets this app . that’s why I give it one star. A banking customer like me who has Wells Fargo and a really Member oriented credit union that really puts clients is not impressed by this app oh im 22 btw
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3 years ago, dizzlemetimbers
Decent bank that is a generation behind on tech.
The fact that this app has been so bad for so long is mind boggling. This is a major international bank with an app that has the same quality of apps I had on my iPhone 3 in the mid 2000s. I love their online savings rates but I am seriously considering moving my money out to a bank that has kept pace with the current tech generation. An app’s quality and user interface can say a lot about how seriously a company takes itself. Other than making simple transfers there is nothing else this app can do for will have to pick the phone up and wait on a hold line and talk to someone to do anything else. This app is like using dial-up and AOL; if you’re into retro tech this may be for you.
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5 years ago, mrd1118
Almost useless
The app is extremely bare bones and not in a good way, the only purpose it can serve anyone is displaying your account and at most you can execute a transfer or deposit but cannot setup reoccurring transfers through the app or manage ones setup on the browser. Don’t expect this to change since the last update to this app came 9 months ago, you’d be better off bookmarking your account on you mobile browser and then dealing that way. The lack of support for this app is annoying and you can tell it was just an afterthought. I won’t hold my breath but, I’d appreciate if Barclays hired a team of developers to actually give their apps support and expand the features.
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9 months ago, currentuser148
Everything about this bank has been difficult
Transactions take forever , the app isn’t user friendly at all it’s like an app from the 90s and on top of everything I tried to make a simple 100$ transaction to my account and because there was an issue with the funds clearing in the funding account they froze my account and keep asking for more and more info . It’s been weeks . Contemplating cutting ties and moving on . If there acting like this for 100 bucks they can’t be trusted with large amounts of money . Check out these other banks before wasting your time with these guys : Bread Savings(been with them a year never any issue) , Laurel Road (Just signed up so far so good)
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1 year ago, Strong PW
Most Likely an Insecure App
The app is a poor built. It did not work for me. So I contacted the help line listed in the app. The personnel stated that ‘I am not sure why this is not working for you’ and was unable to help. Asked for tech support and I was told there isn’t any. Asked if they can seek some advice from other colleagues. The customer service discussed with others and can back to me to say IF I HAVE ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN MY PW then the app won’t work!!! So all in all Barclays app does not support strong passwords and likely has vulnerabilities. No tech support is a red flag too. Perhaps the APP was hastily built or done by a startup person and with many coding issues. Feel less confident to use this app.
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6 years ago, SpeedBart01
A first cut with a VERY dull knife!
I realize this is Barclays US’ first cut at a mobile app for their online savings customers. That said, they really should have allowed their developers the necessary time to create an app that is actually useful and that provides a better user experience. Aside from checking your balances and transactions, the app is basically useless. The transfer function has crapped out after only having the app for about a month – and this is without any published update during that month! So, if I need to make a transfer either to or from my account, I’m out of luck if I am not near a computer to access the full website! This app needs SERIOUS work, Barclays!!!
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6 years ago, Elray187
The app team should be FIRED!
You’re a supposed major financial institution and you allow this HORRIBLE app to go public? The interface doesn’t fit the screen properly and I don’t mean on the X I’m on a plus and it’s off. The balances on one tab don’t match the other. Just a clunky horrible interface. You also create 2 different apps one for savings and the other for ??? When you download the non savings app it locks you out. To unlock you have to remember your account number which is great especially when you just opened your account.....🤦🏻‍♂️ How about 1 universal app for whatever type of account you have like every other company ie CHASE?! This app is a joke and absurd in 2018. This is an app you expect from a tiny local bank. It feels like the Barclays higher ups do not use these apps and I bet they still read physical newspapers and think apps are just a fad.....shameful. I’m seriously considering closing my newly created accounts because of the horrible app and don’t get me started on the website.
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4 years ago, whitmcghee
Couple of glitches
I don’t use Face ID, but every time I type in my password, the app automatically checks the “use Face ID” checkbox even if I have previously unchecked it. Then, I get a pop-up that says “Face ID not configured on this device.” The fonts in the app also don’t seem to be embedded within the app, and everything just appears in Times New Roman. As soon as they work out these two bugs it will be a 5 star app again.
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1 year ago, Acejukerman
Since opening my account with Barclays I have NOT ONCE been able to open my account without jumping through hoops or having to call customer service. I KNOW I have inputted the correct password , yet I get no access. This is the WORST online banking experience I have ever had. A local small bank I use is way more sophisticated than this Barclays online experience. After my CD matures I will have strong reservations about continuing to do business with Barclays. To make matters worse, customer service is closed after 2:00 o’clock Hawaii time. So no help until I try tomorrow morning.
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1 year ago, J.fergalicious1
Mobile Deposit Neve Works
I have been a client for years and love the bank itself. But for almost a year I have NOT been able to do a mobile deposit on the app. When I call the customer service team they always say there are no known issues and no one else has reported this problem. I have deleted, installed, deleted and reinstalled multiple times to no avail. The purpose of mobile banking is that it works. Someone needs to respond and tell me why it stopped working. Please note for years it worked but does not any longer.
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6 years ago, cinemaven
I want to love Barclays since the APY on the online savings is great. But they make it so hard. I can’t log into the app at all, though I could yesterday, and I can log in online. Customer service is little more than useless- I was on hold for a hour and 5 minutes and they had no idea what was going on with the app. An hour of hold time for banking is ridiculous. I’ve opened a high yield savings with AmEx and will be transferring my money even if the APY is slightly lower. I’ll take the hit for piece of mind that I’ll actually be able to speak with their customer service reps in a reasonable amount of time.
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5 years ago, bchrispy
Good rates, bad app
The functionality of this app compared to other finance apps is severely lacking. You can setup transfers but you can’t manage those transfers if they are reoccurring. And now for some reason I cannot log into the app. I can log into the website on my phone but the app says it can’t process the request. Don’t get me wrong, I like banking with Barclays. They just need to get a real team in there to overhaul this app and make it a beautiful streamlined banking app.
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2 years ago, BSamuel327
No Barclay’s UK mobile app in the US App Store?
As an American based in London, it is incredibly inconvenient that Barclays does not make its UK account app available in the US App Store. Instead, I must use a browser-based tool on my phone which is not even mobile optimized and does not support more advanced authentication options that are available in-app. I don’t want to have to change my App Store country to have to get just this app when every other app I use is available in both countries’ app stores. Not a very advanced or client-centric approach.
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6 years ago, jordonjackson
The iPhone X has been out for 7 months
The is no legitimate reason for apps to not yet conform to the screen real estate of the iPhone X. It looks terrible when their exists the black bars on top and bottom. Your Barclays credit app was just recently updated to accommodate (which I find humour in as it’s the Apple-authorised credit line, yet it took so very long) the screen of the newest (nearly year-old) flagship.
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1 year ago, Kazzoh
Works for me
I was concerned when I see all the 1 star reviews posted recently, however, the app actually works for me. Logged in, transferred, deposited check with no issues It’s honestly a really simple app so you can’t do much than that. Ugly Interface tho. Not as fancy and smooth like Chase or Marcus, but it does the simple job.
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5 years ago, runswithriver
Needs a lot of work..
The updated version allows the customer to do more rather than calling customer service every time something was needed to be done. Unfortunately everyday there’s an error saying the server is down and currently unavailable unless the customer checks the account after 5pm each day or so. The deposits don’t come out right away and the transfers aren’t right away as well. This is such a great savings program but the app is killing me.
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6 years ago, JLL929
No external transfers
I use my Barclays account as a secondary savings account. I was super happy when this app came out because I’ve always found their website to be a bit more complicated then it needs to be. When the app first arrived, you could transfer between your Barclays account and an external account. They seemed to remove this functionality. Thought this may have only happened to me (I’ve had other weird issues with this app - Touch ID not working, etc), but after reading reviews, I see it isn’t.
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2 years ago, Amira A
Fix Face ID
On top of the fact that Face ID doesn’t work they take forever to clear checks. It’s been 10 days and I’m still waiting. It’s like they transfer the money from whatever bank they are cashing the check with, count it several times to make sure the check fully cleared then hold it for a few more days to make 100% sure no one claims fraud before they release your money. Put people money in their account so they can dispose of the checks properly!
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5 years ago,
External transfer now possible on app
The one missing feature that was needed to make this app useful and helpful to the extent it could be was the external transfer feature. Now that this is working, this is a great app. Yes, the app does crash sometimes but let’s give the app developers a chance to improve this over time. Thanks for your continued effort.
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1 year ago, MusingsOfAMinimalist
Terrible app - poor security
Called customer service to see if I was missing something before rating. I was told the app can’t handle/process special characters and I’d have to change my password to log into the app. Dear Barclays - you are a BANK. To tell me to remove special characters from a password is completely absurd and antithetical to the idea of security/protection of sensitive account information. What a joke! This is 2023, catch up to everyone else alresdy.
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1 year ago, snipoppers16
Literally can’t login
I’ve used this app off and on for the past few years and it is BASIC. It’s good for viewing your account balance and initiating a transfer and that is pretty much it. However, I haven’t even been able to login on the app. For the past several months I keep getting an error message that prompts me to try again later because it’s not working “right now” No amount of uninstall/reinstall can remedy this disaster app.
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5 years ago, SamplingItaly
Not functioning properly
It seems to take a long time to load and recognize Face ID. Then it tells me I need to sign on with User Id and PW but then I get another error message and can’t get into app. There isn’t an iPad app like they have for the credit card. I often just sign into through a browser making this app useless. I even got locked out of my account entering the PW they said was wrong but wasn’t and when I tried to get the account PW reset by having to call I was told my account was fine.
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6 years ago, Rick330
No longer adequate
This update generated a significant flaw - external accounts no longer included, only Barclays accounts shown. No more ACH transfers unless performed on a Windows computer. The Savings and Credit card apps look almost the same and have same name. Recommend combining apps.
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6 years ago, r paul
Icon too similar too your Barclays credit card app
Great there is an app now to access Barclays US Savings. Has same name (Barclays US) as the credit card app for Barclays. Can you name them differently possibly? Or alternatively consolidate under one app where after you open you can chose credit or savings info?
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6 years ago, BRabbit22
Needs Work
Facial recognition doesn’t always work when I want to log on to the app. It won’t let me transfer funds into my account on the app. Keeps saying I need to verify my external account when that’s already been done. I can only transfer funds into my account on the website online. This app basically only lets me check my balance and does nothing else. Even then my balance on the app and on the website are not the same. This needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, Burton Clark
Worst customer service ever
Opened an account. Went through a 2 week long ordeal to get verified. Then less than 12 hrs after getting approved my account is closed for being fraudulent. Called the customer service line and was informed that they do not know why it was closed, and no way to rectify. No manager to talk to, and “not allowed” to talk with fraud department. Definitely the most bizarre experience ever in dealing with a bank. Definitely don’t recommend.
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5 years ago, skyjumper10
Needs An Update ASAP
Great bank but the app itself needs to be updated. Does not accept Face ID and the Touch ID did not work on my old iPhone 7. I keep having to type in my password several times. Just an unnecessary hastle. The app itself is just clunky and outdated. Not very aesthetically pleasing as well. Also, why are the credit card and savings/banking on separate apps? Please combine them like Chase and Charles Schwab. Those are great apps. Learn from them!
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5 years ago, Jo Shwah
Has not worked once
I only got a Barclays high yield savings account (instead of the Marcus account from Goldman) because of the mobile app, and I’ve been sorely disappointed by its consistent inability to work properly. First the app would crash every time I tried to log in, now it gets stuck on the two-factor verification page (and I never actually receive a text to my cell to verify). Do NOT expect to be able to access your Barclays savings account from this app!!
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2 years ago, emily_1899
bad login experience
first, FaceID only works sometimes. tried switch off/on Barclays app FaceID settings on iphone, and also quit and relaunch app, issue still occurs. second, after FaceID doesn’t work, i typed the passcode manually. However, every time after typing a letter, an alert pops up “Barclays US pasted from iTunes”. what does it mean?? i’m getting scared as i’m not sure if it is even secure to type my passcode. i’m looking for the feedback. thanks.
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6 months ago, Wllmhjames
App No longer works
This was a pretty rudimentary app to begin with, and the login interface has been a constant issue for years. FaceID doesn’t work and you have to manually type in your password no matter what. After the last update, it’s impossible to login and you just get the same generic error message. I’ve tried un-installing/installing again, credentials work fine on the website.
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4 years ago, Dustin126
Face ID doesn’t work on iPhone 11
When I launch the app on an iPhone 11, it only provides an option to enable Touch ID (which this phone does not have) but no Face ID option. However, the screenshots in the App Store show the Face ID option. Update: Increased rating to 4 stars when Face ID started working all of a sudden.
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4 months ago, Matthew Mercado
Face ID Login works fine - solid banking app
Solid, no frills and fully functional banking app for your savings on a competitive 4.35% APY rate (as of February 11, 2024). This app definitely does not deserve 1-2 star ratings now, it works perfectly fine for me!
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1 year ago, nickname1028573820
As of recent, the app continuously asks to paste from my messages, despite the fact that I have nothing on my clipboard and have received no messages regarding Barclays. I’ve deleted, reinstalled, closed all other programs and restarted the phone. It’s impossible to enter a user name and password let alone use the actual app when every half second I’m prompted to allow a paste. Please fix!
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6 years ago, AnyUnknown
App doesn’t load, Transfers don’t work
After having no problems with the app after its initial launch...the app has gotten worse with each update. Endless loading it doesn’t even load anymore. The transfer option became entirely useless as my reference accounts do not appear in the app. Not sure how you one make an app absolutely dysfunctional with each update...updates are there usually for improvement
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6 years ago, J. Do
Could Use Minor Improvement
Great app overall for basic banking needs. One feature I would like to see, however, is the total balance of all of my accounts. This is readily available on the desktop site, but not on the app.
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2 months ago, Lea.purple
Not helpful
This app will not update my accounts. Made a transfer and still several days later it doesn’t show up in the app. It doesn’t even show a complete history of the accounts. I checked that app is updated. Better off not using app and just log in through website. So inconvenient. Extremely disappointing
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5 years ago, sshres10
Doesn’t serve the purpose that I downloaded it for...
The app doesn’t show the transferred amount. The money has already been taken out of the “source” account. But when I check the app, it shows zero dollars in the savings and shows that the money that I transferred has been “credited” but there is no money in the account. I need to log in through the computer/internet browser to see how much I actually have.
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5 years ago, PrinceX
Embarrassing App for a big company
How on earth someone looked at this app, and said yeah we are only allowing people to manually type they password on a mobile phone. No support for pasting a password or iCloud Keychain. Who uses long password for a bank account anyway ? 🤦‍♂️ Seriously, this is an app for a company that manages $155 billion in asset (Wikipedia 2019) and they thought yeah, we are going to create an app that’s less useful than our site and much harder to login.
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3 months ago, mike3981
Poor App
I can login just fine on the website but the same credentials won’t let me login to the app. Is there really a different authentication schema for web vs mobile? The mobile front end don’t even shows an ability to forgot/change password. For a major bank like Barclays this experience can drive customers away.
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6 years ago, Ludus magna
Long way to go
Basic functionality that really existed 4 years ago. No landscape mode. Does take advantage of fingerprint login. Full functionality only available in browser. The credit card app is much better. Look to partner with that team.
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2 months ago, AsherSE
genuinely unusable app
I usually don’t care if these kinds of apps are bad if they’re just about useable. this one is absolutely terrible. you get sent in loops where it asks you to log in over and over and so many other issues. The people who made this app need to use it and fix all the flow issues and bugs. very very bad from such a big company.
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4 years ago, veryannoyed77
Bank is app is crap
Have had numerous issues authenticating with what I suspect was a newer version of this app. In addition my linked bank accounts have been cleared and I must re-enter them. To the best of my knowledge there was no advanced communication of these changes. This app is not even remotely as good as Bank of America, Citi, etc. Clearly Barclays does not have the level of IT quality assurance and usability that their competitors do
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6 years ago, tdonovan58
No Apple Wallet Support
Downloaded the app as I was excited to see on the App Store Page it mentions it supports Apple Wallet - assumed I’d be able to add a pass to Wallet that shows my balance and auto-updates. However, there’s no place within the app to add anything to Apple Wallet. Big letdown. -2 stars. Also docked another star since the app has not been upgraded to support to iPhone X.
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4 weeks ago, Strozzberry
Good luck even logging in
I’ve had a US savings account with Barclays for a while now, I think it’s a great bank so far, but this app simply doesn’t work. I’ve not been able to log in with my credentials a single time, just a message saying “we are currently unable to process your request”. Like what do I even do with that?
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6 years ago, Iandnelson
Can’t log in
As other users have said, for some reason I can’t log in to the app even though my website log in works. I’ve complained to customer service before but they were able to figure out the problem. My bet is that it doesn’t allow Loggins with two factor authentication right now. Pretty stupid and should probably be fixed.
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