Barcode Scanners

4.7 (749)
34.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cognex Corporation
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barcode Scanners

4.67 out of 5
749 Ratings
5 years ago, gmnstrunr37
Fantastic barcode scanner, from the OCR / imaging experts
For years I had been looking for a decent DMC scanner and downloaded probably a half dozen, none of which really worked well for everything. I stumbled across this app (when it was still called Manatee) about two years ago. Since then, I’ve used it for barcodes and data matrix codes alike, down to a size of around a ballpoint pen tip. I don’t usually rave about apps, but this is the only review I’ve ever written for one — I’ve been that impressed. For those looking for something simple that reads everything, this is the app. (For those not totally happy with the app — there are some settings that might need to be adjusted. I had to enable multi-angle reading, for instance, and also changed the time before trying another focus.) (I am in no way supported by, affiliated with, or requested from Cognex to write this review — it’s been a long time coming and I wanted to share my opinion.)
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2 years ago, G tinman
The new continuous scanning feature is problematic
I love the app. Use it for inventory purpose all the time. But the new continuous scanning feature does not seem to offer any action after the scans. I'm left with a camera mode with a preview of the scanned barcodes. Perhaps a button to stop the scanning would help. Otherwise, it's by far the app that offers most reliable barcode scanning, even in low light situation.
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1 week ago, familyrules122
Works perfectly!
Downloaded it and it worked straight away with no asking of information. It directed me to its other products, but once i hit close, i never had a problem again! The scanner scans everything quickly and correctly, and the settings to make the preview 60 fps and to choose how it scans were a cherries on top
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1 year ago, Bickktoriia
I downloaded this scanner to check if my label printer labels were clear and to check if they were good enough for shipping. It’s a new label printer so wanted to check that before paying and printing labels at home. This scanner has read every label. This app has helped me with reading other things on labels on boxes too. I definitely recommend
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1 month ago, jo2jo
best barcode reader
finally, a great usable, barcode reader that isn't trying to shove some monthly reoccurring subscription down your throat. I understand if you're a business but for smaller use cases a subscription to read a few barcodes is ridiculous. This app is free even though I would pay $10-$20 one time for it.
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3 years ago, Cerakote Joe
QC Medical Devices
I needed a quick scanner to read data matrix codes for quality control purposes and this app is years ahead of the others. I use it for all my 2d scanning I need outside of a production role as well. I’m a long time iPhone user and this is my first review I can remember but I knew I had to take the time to share my positive experience.
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2 years ago, RanBash
What the **** !!!
This app is by far astounding. Total recommended when your in the work place and fall short of Cognex guns. I can’t stand not using their brand. I don’t know how other facilities go without such high quality scan guns. The app is nearly as good without the connectivity and automated copy paste to spreadsheet. I’m blown away!
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2 years ago, Bentleyspotter
Great scanner
Very snappy performance on all types of codes. Very useful to be able to have this in my pocket at all times to be able to read any barcode typed out there. I ended up finding this doing research for my company, but are use it on my personal device as well. Great product!
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4 years ago, d..ecay
Of all the free barcode scanners, this one ROCKS
I’ve had a bunch of free or freemium scanners throughout the years, all updated to current levels and NONE of them are able to read Maxicode - except for Cognex. I really appreciate the clean, fast, *complete* functionality of this app. Way to go, Cognex - time to delete the other apps!
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2 years ago, Warriorturtle
Great All-in-one scanner
Recognizes all barcode types, so you don’t have to have multiple scanner apps. Also has a great web-search integrated so looking up the barcode information is a quick and simple process.
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2 years ago, nickname918183
Great app
Fast, flexible, reliable (unlike some of the others). The one feature it’s missing is the ability to display bytes. It’ll show bytes where there’s no ASCII/UTF (which puts it way above its competition) but there doesn’t seem to be a way just to display all bytes as pure hex.
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3 years ago, mskvarenina
Need a barcode scanner, this is it!
From time to time in my job I need to scan a barcode to see what’s in it and what symbology it is. This all works flawlessly scan after scan. Great job to the developers who built this fine app!
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3 years ago, J-TX
Useful UID reader (not true validation or verification, but useful)
I’m not a developer, but rather a user: this is very useful, quick tool for providing data elements from a UID label. (It’s less than our Cognex SW and HW printer setup can do, but it’s som thing anyone can us as a preliminary checker without being on location with the main label printer.)
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2 months ago, Scott1155
Barcode Scanners Works Great!
This app is simple to use, fast and accurate. Barcode Scanners has been able to accurately scan every barcode I have tried. My thanks to the developers for an excellent app that works great. Job well done!
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1 year ago, phxlip
Super Reliable and up to date
Love this app I have cognex products in our facility along with other thermal printers and this help me verify super quick what barcodes are good. works just as good as their products scan on mobile device
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2 years ago, Scottr3
Skip the apps listed above this one
Skip the apps above this one. They’re a joke. This one just works. I needed to print and test a barcode out of Word and I downloaded and deleted four other apps. This one is a keeper though!
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4 years ago, crustycornholio
Loads of scammy scanner apps full of ads and links to shopping sites. If you work in retail and just want a reliable super quick scanner with no ads and bloat and nag screens then this is it. I’ve tried about 10 apps over the years and this is by FAR the best.
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2 years ago, Nick A...
Really good scanner, no privacy invasion
Great scanner, no extra permissions or ads. This leaves me with very good opinion of the company and would consider them when we need to make purchase of products in future.
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2 days ago, 1eyesam
Great app!
I love the way the price just pops up. And you can check several prices one after the other without a lot of extra commercials like other apps.🙌😊
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3 years ago, payphonezzz
I've only used this for like 3 minutes but I already love it. Gives you the raw information and can scan a bunch of barcode types.
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3 years ago, Ricardo Gtz Soto
Best scanner app ever!!!!
I’ve used Cognex scanners for years, best quality. When I found out that they have an app I didn’t hesitate. The scanner works wonders, way better than anything else on the appstore or even the one included with the iPhone. Great app!!!
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4 years ago, Lnfletcher
Awesome scanning
This app is able to scan codes my previous app didn’t even try! Even the smallest of fonts. I wish it would do more with the results! I can manipulate it to my needs, just not convenient.
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1 year ago, snottzoid
Works great!
I am able to read multiple types of bar codes easily. The user interface is simple and straightforward.
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9 months ago, evanultra01
Top shelf
Cannot understate the power of this tool. It scans everything - from simple QR codes to the most proprietary postal barcodes, this can handle it all with little fuss. No ads, no bells or whistles, simply an amazing app. Cognex corp for the win!!!
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2 years ago, Ant1120
Works well with issue on iPad mini
Scan works perfectly on multiple devices. But when running on iPad mini, app will crash when trying to export scan history to CSV. Any resolution?
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4 years ago, frankfrank132
This is a good one
Tried a few different apps and they didn’t work so I wasn’t able to test my barcodes to make sure they were scannable. This one does. Happy to have found it .
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5 years ago, Leallyn M
Great app! One of a kind!
I needed an app to confirm proper gs1 encoding in barcodes and this is the only app I’ve found that does it. Works great for all other basic scanning functionality as well. Thanks cognex! Please add feature for barcode grading as well
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1 year ago, kalaniho
Export to CSV doesn’t work
First, this feature is hidden, I had to stumble across it (go to scan history and long press on the screen to bring up the export button). Second, the CSV file is blank and does not contain the scan history. Not sure how that’s useful.
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3 years ago, Xtever
A great company with a supply chain reputation to uphold saved us all from adware trashy scanner apps. This one is super. Just the name from this company says it all. (I don’t like the one in the apple camera)
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7 years ago, DirSupport
Excellent performance, clearly experts
The app not only captures and interprets the machine readable data for any encoded information you place in the crosshairs, it also provides other meta information, like the encoding method. Well done, Team Manatee.
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1 year ago, zczxzczccczcczccz
Incredible app
Doesn’t try to sell you anything, works perfectly, supports a bunch of formats. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, Riley Buns
This app has been very useful.
I don’t need to scan a lot of codes. This app has successfully given me the information I need.
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3 years ago, techtease
Easy scan
Picks up target and displays results faster than any other and gets more results!
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2 years ago, CanalNoises
Gets the job done!
I haven't really explored all the features, but it scans UPCs perfectly and lets me easily copy the number to the clipboard. Does exactly what I need!
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4 years ago, ThatSeattleGuy
“tips” on startup - truly annoying
When I pull out a barcode scanning app, it’s because I’ve got a barcode right in front of me. I want the app to scan it. Period. Instead, with this app you have to dismiss and intrusive “tooltip” pop up that would be the envy of Clippy, before you can actually do anything. No way to shut this behavior off. Two stars.
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5 years ago, Edward Martin III
“But can it log...?!”
I think this app is extraordinary at reading and parsing codes. But I can’t seem to locate the functionality (if it exists) to do something with the logger data. One can copy-to-clipboard a single data read, but one cannot log, for example, a run of 400 bar codes. Either to a file, or all into a buffer, or anything. It maintains a history, but there’s no way to download that history in the form of a scan log. Is it because it’s supposed to simply be a demo of the SDK? Or is it because I haven’t figured out how to operate it? Advice is welcome!
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3 years ago, Ramon Soto
Excellent App
Really good app and it seems to be able to scan every barcode available out there.
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7 months ago, Chigo28
Speeds up scanning old Laptops for inventory
Saves me a lot of time with inventory since most of the laptops have QR codes or Barcode stickers that can be scanned these days.
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2 years ago, yhbnddty
Perfect for Reading and Testing QR Codes
I needed something to show the text behind a number of QR codes and this works perfectly Thanks for the App
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5 years ago, JakeTheNYJew
Works very well
App works very well for scanning 1D codes. It’s also great that there is no shopping crap integrated into the scans. I just need to be able to read bar codes!
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4 years ago, Grape//vine
Does what i need!
I’m just trying to prove to my colleagues at my library that tracking in-house use of materials is a) important and b) not difficult or time consuming. This will help a lot. I’ll update as I get more into my project. Thanks!
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1 year ago, XGOdZillAX
So many options
The amount of customization for barcode reading is amazing.
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1 year ago, KaiBerella
Great quality app with no intrusive ads
Great app, rare that a good app functions well and doesn’t have loads of intrusive ads
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1 year ago, AV tech ES
Easy to use
The app is easy to open and copy info from this app to a clipboard or email. It works well.
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4 years ago, Twalpjr
Fantastic scanning app
For the barcodes we test in our industry this app saved us time (super efficient and very powerful) and money (didn’t have to buy a pricey scanner gun.
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5 years ago, Brotherkantu
Amazing app
Amazing. I never could imagine you can get so much for free. I don’t need this app but it’s so good that I want to find the ways to use it. Now I’m scanning every barcode at home.
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5 years ago, Jacks++
Best Scanner Software
I have encountered a number of symbologies that could only be decoded with this app, and it provides such a quick and convenient way to verify and review barcodes!
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4 years ago, Qmox
Exactly what it should be.
No complaints. Other features could be added but it works as expected and that’s what matters.
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3 years ago, Dog Fart I can't another name
No longer have a use for this application
Well, I’ve used this application for years. As an engineer I need to be able to see non-readable characters in a barcode. Seems this option is no longer available with this application as it was before.
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6 years ago, FtodaP
Last update disabled...
When I first downloaded this app, I thought it was the best. Now, after updating it, the app now longer scans the barcodes. Before, it was faster than I could blink my eyes. As soon as I opened the app, it would scan a UPC. It is not the same anymore. Something was disabled from the original default settings. Scanning...scanning...Deleted...
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