4.5 (87K)
347.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
playus soft
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for BASEBALL 9

4.51 out of 5
87K Ratings
3 months ago, MHS0
Ok wit the best baseball games I have ever played
I think this game's gameplay is really good. They got everything right, but I wonder if these are the same devs of the other Apple store game, "Baseball star" because it is almost an exact ripoff, with the graphics and animations. The only difference I can think of between the two, is the gross amount of in app purchases they offer. But if you don't want to buy things, you're out of luck..Because they make it seem like you need to purchase money to better your team. That or play an entire season to actually improve your team. I guess I could get over that part as they are just trying to make money, but the worst part about this is that, in order to make my player bat left handed, instead of right, I need to purchase it for 20,000 coins, and 23,000 to throw left handed! Which might take you 3-5 games to get that, FOR ONE PLAYER! Why do I need to pay money to bat and throw left handed.? One of the few examples of how this game makes it feel impossible to better your team, without hours of playing. So if you plan on playing this game, be prepared for that, but other than that this game is perfect or a perfect ripoff of a free, (Not pay to play) baseball game. Developers please fix this or it will be hard to keep me and many others who hate this kind of "NBA2K" stance on
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10 months ago, brewire
New things to add
I LOVE the game, but I think you should add trading. That would make the game even better! I also was playing today and lost 14-1. I lost from the mercy rule. The news thing of the “day” next to the standings said “Neck and Neck “. That made no sense, it was talking about the game I played and lost 14-1. It wasn’t even close. Anyways, I also think you should add multiplayer. It might be hard to create, but more people would like the game if you could play with your friends. I think you should be able to make your own bat, glove, stadium, emblem, and/or uniform. Also, changing your pitch type is way too much money. I wanted to change a change up into a knuckle curve and accidentally changed the fastball. Then I had to play like 30 game to get enough money to get my fastball back. There should also be like a mode where you play on one of the other teams and have a career. Like a career mode. I could play for the Storms with N Cabrera and Y Rivera. I also think that it should be 4 divisions with 4 teams in each division. I think that you should be able to train players differently. Like you have to go to the workout room to get strong for throwing and power. Or hit off a tee for contact. Taking fielding practice for fielding. Stuff like that. I also think you should be able to upgrade you bunting skills.
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4 months ago, user82828274848266261737
Best baseball game on iPhone!
This game is up there amongst the mobile sport game greats such as retro bowl. This game is perfect I wouldn’t change anything except for one thing. This game is amazing as I said but it lacks mobile game aspects. What I mean is unlike mlb the show for console this games progression is CRAZY HARD a simple game I like to play every now and then is fun but I find that I can’t get any better because I’m not spending 4-5 hours a day on it bc after a while it gets repetitive. Also just the overall price for things in the game is way to expensive I have to sell a kidney to upgrade my player to gold and yes I have spent money on this game. Just lower the prices of in-game stuff but also the price of stuff for coins aswell. And I have 2 platinum players now I mean I’ve been playing forever. I think this game could also use game modes but I want to point out that I like that this game isn’t always updating that’s good! Keep it normal but it is ok to add something after a while. I thought that a exhibition mode would be pretty cool and then a new game mode of some sort I would use mlb the show for ideas. But it would be cool to see the other logos you provide to come to life as teams aswell. Other than that this game is amazing and I love it!
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2 weeks ago, middlebeard
Pretty good mobile game but some issues
First off, for a mobile game, it looks and feels pretty good. However, the game pulls an EA and bombards you with micro transactions. I understand the game is free and the devs need to make money somehow, so I never get angry at a few micro transactions. The amount present in the actual game is simply unbelievable though. The power setting for hitting feels a little janky too. The PCI is smaller in exchange for balls to be harder hit, but the PCI feels so weird. I’ve had home runs where I’ve felt the PCI wasn’t even near the pitch, and I’ve hit weak grounders where I didn’t think I could barrel the pitch up any more than I did. Also I may go on a little bit of a rant here, but I barrel up almost every pitch but it manages to fall into the hands of a diving outfielder. I understand it’s baseball, and expecting a base hit every at bat won’t happen in a million years. But 50-60% of my line drives are line outs to the outfielders. It feels as if the game punishes you for making good contact, or if some rng is at play. It’s just kinda stupid and annoying. If it’s a fly ball, then it gives the outfield more time to grab it so I don’t complain. However, my line drives are either right down the middle, or to the left and right fielders. I won’t lie when I say I’ve had fun playing this game, and I’ll definitely continue to play it in the future. These are just some issues that my perspective sees. Thanks for reading.
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2 weeks ago, angel cells are 550
It’s good
I really like the game. The game is a cool fun. I really like the graphics. Wish there would be more stuff into it. I wish there was more ways so you can get diamonds and ways to get more baseball players from a rookie to legend, I wish, you guys would put colored uniforms like blue and black or green yellow stuff like that or even colors like in the MLB or in the little leagues baseball team like the Las Vegas aviators colors like that and I wish you guys would give more equipment for players, instead of having the same thing over and over Earrings, bracelets, necklace, facials, more beers, more glasses, more sunglasses, better guards for the players, face guards, ankle guards, arm guard, and I wish you guys would give more batting equipment to and pitching but overall this game is pretty good Baseball9 is a good game I wish it was serious about equipment. I feel like you guys should make the bats or the gloves have a the same scenario, the bracelet necklace, and the earrings how it can give you better control or better eyeball stuff into the bat and gloves and if you really wanna make me more money, try to drop the price and also try putting more stadiums for coins and last diamond I want to see BASEBALL 9 make the game where you can recruit other players from other teams and they can recruit other players from your team by choices and you guys should do like an MLB draft, but in BASEBALL 9
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2 years ago, playboi30
Great game for people looking for competitive match ups
Its a fun game honestly. The games its more competitive and harder to win as you move up in leagues. So theres 6 leagues and for me it started getting hard to win simmin in the third league, and winning through actually playin in the 4th league. So it starts off easy, but gets competitive and hard in about 2-3 seasons. The teams keep around the same players and the best players will continue to get better so you will recognize some npc players. The customization is fun too. Being able to customize, my players names and their looks. Just wish i could pick a color scheme for some of the jerseys instead of a set color scheme for them. But the stadiums are really expensive. Like u can get 10 gems every 4 hours watching adds, but not even achievements it end season rewards will help u buy some of these stadiums. Like they have 1 cheap one u can get with coins, but the ones bought through gems are like 2k, 3k, 4k, and 5k gems. And the achievements awards are really unrewarding. Like on says change a players batting stance 5 times which will cost me about 100k coins to do and the rewards is 4k coins. Like please at least give me 50k to 75k to do this. Now there are awards worth the time, but some are just lackluster. Other then that i really enjoy the game and it is definitely worth getting.
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3 months ago, I love this game. .
Just a few changes.
First off I would like to start by saying I absolutely love this game. It’s really fun and a great game to play during baseball season. There’s a few changes though that I think would make the game a little bit better. First, I wish you could trade players. I don’t like how if your going to get rid of a player you get nothing out of it. I think it would be cool if you could maybe have a gold player but then trade them for a silver and bronze player. Second, I think it would be really cool if there were more teams and it would be cool if you could make custom leagues. I think this game would be more fun if I could edit all the teams and make my own leagues. Finally, I don’t now if this is a very good idea but I feel like it would kind of change the game a little to much. I think that it would be fun to be able to sign free agents and have a draft each season. I think that if there were to be a draft each team should only draft one player unless they were to trade with other teams to get more trade picks. Sorry that this was so long but I really do think these ideas would be fun to add to the game.
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3 years ago, mikey03220322
Great game but needs to change some things
So I just want to start off by saying this is a really really good game!! (especially for being free). There are a couple changes I really hope you take into consideration that are so irritating. First, our pitchers are so horrible when you do auto inning, it shouldn’t be that much of a drop to where we make a great pitcher and then he gives up 7 runs in one inning on auto inning after pitching a scoreless game. Second, not being able to control all your players during the all star game is so infuriating because my guys are doing there job but then it gets to the other guys and they blow the game. Third is base running, it’s so frustrating when they go and try and take an extra bag by themselves and it’s too late to hold them up! And finally, we need way more recruit tix and silver and gold badges when we get to the elite levels, when you get into the last 2 levels/leagues, all of the other teams guys are all gold and diamond tiers and you’re trying to beat them with a bunch of bronze guys and a handful of silver and golds. I really hope you take this into consideration, I actually stopped playing because of these frustrating issues, you don’t want to keep losing people like me. PS: And more gems!! It’s irritating that you have to spend what little gems we get on condition drinks the second we have enough.
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4 years ago, leafyverdant
pay-to-play galore
Been playing the game for well over a year now. Relatively interesting, decent mechanics. But the major thing I’ve noticed is the sheer amount of effort the devs seem to put into getting more cash out of you- if you’re a more free-to-play user like I, a pretty huge portion of the game is just cut off. Want to get different uniform colors? Nope, the amount of the tokens needed to get it is awarded very sparingly and it would take an eternity to do. Get a new player? Pay up, $25 for a pack of infield players ($5 each- what?!!) because the little tickets you need are basically impossible to get once all the achievements are completed. On top of that, the players you get when you first start can’t even be upgraded, so you’re stuck with the very definition of mediocre players if you don’t buy more. The coins awarded for games, in my eyes, are almost completely useless since you can’t even buy the things that you really *need* to. As I saw another reviewer note, the autoplay function seems to try its hardest to PUNISH you for using it. The only times I ever lose a game are, surprise surprise, when I use the auto functions. It’s ridiculous. I would definitely raise my rating of the game if the core elements of the game were easier to get, or at least cheaper, but with how most mobile developers these days are I seriously don’t see it happening.
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6 years ago, krlly9164
Kinda fun
First of all the game is good. Great concept. But so many issues. First the fact that a few times I hit a homerun with runners on base and got one run out of it and I have hit a single before where the runner ran home and never got the run. The whole thing where teams can hit the ball no matter where you throw it and it turns into a double is very unrealistic. And the fact that infield players never go to catch infield pop flies really makes me irritated. I also hate that you can’t I grade basic players while it’s extremely hard to get good one especially since y’all try to rob people of there money if they want to “pay to play”. All players should be able to upgrade and you should constantly be able to get better players if you want to. I hate how your players condition will go down almost all at once and it’s almost impossible to get everybody back to healthy all at once since you rarely get the stuff to get there condition back up. I will say I would have easily spent 30 dollars in the first two weeks of playing but your prices are absolutely horrible way to over priced for stuff. It’s one of those games that you play for about a month and then realize that you can’t really get better unless you pay but since the stuff is to high you delete it. Which will probably happen to me since it seems impossible to do anything after the first season. I hope y’all Listen to use about what needs to change because this needs to change.
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11 months ago, plscareer
Please Add Career Mode
I believe that this is the absolute best baseball game on the app store. I have been playing the game for a couple years and I have to admit it has been extremely fun. However I feel like there can be more added, I always thought of a multiplayer but then realized how hard that would be to pull off. Then I thought about a game that I used to play when I was younger, Baseball Superstars 2012, Where you could have a career mode. And I must say being able to play on a team and control your own stats and things as such was extremely intriguing. I believe with the mechanics of this game and career mode being added on where you would be able to pick a team(maybe add contracts/ Free agency / trades but not a priority) would really push this game over the top. I find myself just playing the same game over and over with my team can be extremely repetitive. But It would be a plus to definitely add a career mode where you can swap back and forth to career or team mode. If this were to be added it would bring a lot more players as well. On behalf of the whole entire Baseball 9 community please add career mode. Thank you.
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11 months ago, mikey4617
Fun game but I want it to be more difficult.
This game is amazing from start to finish and I think a lot of what the game does is great. The hitting is good and the pitching mechanics is well plus you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get a stacked super team. It’s amazing how well this game is made. But there is one major problem that would make this game go from amazing to generational and that’s difficulty. Now what I believe should be added is a difficulty scale as that would make the game SO MUCH MORE FUN then just blowing every single team out. Yeah I know the leagues get harder as you progress but I want it to be difficult all the time so there’s actually a reason to play in manual. Make it so you can choose between like easy to normal to difficult and then to like some insane difficulty that you’ll have be spot on with everything for you to win games. It would just help the game so much to give it a little bit of a challenge and I’m not saying the game is bad or anything but it’s just too easy. So developers PLEASE make it so we can choose the difficulty as we can have so much more fun playing against actual competition.
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2 years ago, 1KTRG
Realistic not fun
***Update: Hitting is back on. This is the game I loved! 5 stars even with a few on the wishlist. Would also LOVE to see multiplayer vs. other real players.*** Used to crush homers all the time. Since update, it is more realistic, but also a million times more frustrating. Don’t waste your money on upgrades. You can have diamond super high player, and constantly hit grounders and pop outs. You are wasting a lot of money for nothing. I used to avoid auto play as you did worse. Now you need auto play so your guys can hit. What fun is that? If you get past the starter, which is so hard now, then you can crush homers for a bit before game AI takes over and locks you down again. I stay in rookie league and powered up all my guys. It doesn’t matter. Opponents stats look lopsided, but they progress as you do. Again, must play auto to get most out of high level players. The exception is pitching. There, you will greatly improve manual pitching over auto. I also wish season stats would be permanent so you can look back at each season. Stats are a big part of baseball and this game is really weak in this area.
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1 year ago,
Amazing game, just one suggestion
Ok, so I should probably preface this by saying that I play this game daily. No joke. I love this game. However, playing a game you love pretty much daily will lead to you noticing problems and/or things you’d like to see in game. For me, I love this game and everything. However, I have just one suggestion. Usually, when you’re playing defense, you play as the pitcher. Now, for me that was fun for the first season, but after that it got boring, and I figured out how to skip an inning, so I would do that, until I created my ace and would pitch whenever my ace was the starter. My suggestion would be that you can play as other positions. I’m not saying all the time, but maybe you can slot them in sometimes, as there is over 100+ games in one season. I play as catcher, so I think it’d be really cool. You can call for certain pitches, let’s say, and then the pitcher would throw. And just like the pitcher, you could see when someone is trying to steal and throw them out. And it would make sense to price it. Maybe with gems, or coins? Heck, I’d even pay a dollar or 2 for one player! Just a suggestion, thanks.
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7 months ago, fjshdkxud
Best mobile baseball game
The only things I would change is add stealing attributes to position players and stamina velocity and break to pitches I would also add achievement s for each player and you would earn gems or recruit tickets and for team achievements you can earn even more. Another thing I would add in the game is a play vs friends because I think it would be very fun if you are able to play your friends. A thing I would add for the season is like a gold glove team of the players who fielding the best a silver slugger teaam of who hit the best and teams of who lead the lead in each major category to see how your players matched up compared to others at the same position. An all league team would be nice of who the best overall player at each position was in the entire league. Another save file so we can use multiple teams at the same time would really help most of us out. Another idea is to build your own player whose overall and attributes increase by doing certain things in game. I love the game overall these are just some extra ideas to make the game better.
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2 months ago, HOG-warts
Great game
Amazing game i love how they fixed some of the bugs and stuff. There are still some stuff like if i hit a ball straight to their player and before it counts the score i can just get out of the tab then go back in like nothing happened so they shoudl fix that to make it harder for people to cheat. But other than that i love how they just completly bettered the graphic that their baseball star that they made so its a great job listening to the customers and fixing this i LOVE it but you def should fix that one glitch i said earlier again great game but i feel that making it so that it costs me 20,000 coins to make my player left handed like me and stuff while other batters come free left handed i think it should be the same also i think that the only thing that should cost coins is being ambidexerous because thats cool. You guys should also add trading so i can trade my player for abother or so i can sell then for coins instead of just getting rid of them also there should be a way that i can search for coaches instead of just having to use the ones they give me and i should be allowed to customizee ttheeir names and stuff. Cool game though 😁
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3 years ago, BIG THINDER #12
Good game
This is a good game if you want a animated baseball game where you can make your own players and team, I think emblems and uniform’s should be free, especially because the starting emblem and uniform don’t match. The only things that has really made me frustrated is that when you slide into a base the tag is placed on your back when you slide feet first your called out, if the tag is placed on your back that means that your feet have already slid into the base. Also when you slide in head first the tag is placed on your feet, if the tag is placed on your feet, that means your head and hands and torso are already on the base. The biggest thing is that when I play manually, I can win 22-3 in pro league, if I sim a game I’ll lose 10-3, if I can dominate against a team when I play manually, why can’t the computer do it too. Also I wish you didn’t to wait and or buy stuff to skip games and you can go to the schedule and skip multiple games at a time like if I’m 22 games into a season, I should be able to skip all the way to the end of the season if I wanted. Thank you, BIG THUNDER 12
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1 year ago, GGAMMMER
Could add a couple changes
Baseball 9 is great where you can upgrade and get new players on your baseball team. You can customize players and you can put them in home run contest and Allstar games. Not going to lie the developers should add a couple of changes and upgrades. First of off the developers should let you upgrade the stadium that you are playing in with your coins or diamonds. There should be a lot of customization for your stadium that you can spend your game currency on. Second of off there should be a lot more customizable options for your players. Third there should be an easier way to get diamonds, recruit tickets, and coins without spending money, completing surveys on the internet, or watching videos. Overall this game is pretty fun, and these changes would make the game %100 a lot more fun. This game also cost no money, no Wi-Fi, and THERE IS NO ADDS, if you watch videos to get rewards, that’s the only requirement for adds. You should download this game and the developers should make some pretty good changes in the upcoming future. DOWNLOAD THE GAME!!!!!
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11 months ago, Megamech 1
Great game just a thing…
This game is perfect! It’s baseball but on the go! The hitting, the players, the pitching and all of that is great! But here are some issues… First the Umps make terrible foul calls like this example I got a hit it wasn’t on the foul line it was like right next to it and the Ump called it foul! It was a base hit so it brought me to that perspective so I could see it and it was fair but it was foul… This is something little but it comes a long way. This isn’t a issue but I don’t like it and some other people who write a review would complain about this: GRINDING! This game makes you want to pay to win a lot, I don’t know if it is just me but I hate pay to win games. You have pay coins to switch lefty or righty that’s fine at first but when you want to switch that brings a -20% coins if a 100k that’s a lot! People like me who don’t pay to win are in ride if you don’t want to pay to win to make you’re team better than your going to have grind for hours! All the XPs bought I hate it! But besides that this game is better than all those knock offs
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2 years ago, urass149
One of the best mobile games out there
It’s rare that I write a review for a game, let alone a good review. But this game has actually astounded me with its quality. The gameplay itself really feels like an actual baseball game, and the AI of the other teams makes it so that the game doesn’t baby you, but you also have a fighting chance against strong opponents. Another fantastic thing about this app is that the only ads are used to get rewards (meaning you aren’t bombarded by ads every second if you don’t want them) and the rewards are only used for customization options, so it’s entirely possible to complete the entire game without a single ad! Additionally, if you don’t feel like sitting through a long 9-inning game of baseball, they both have options to skip half-innings within the game and use “Energy” (you can watch ads to get this or just wait 15 minutes or for a milestone, trust me, it’s not hard to get) to skip full games. Honestly, I wish I’d discovered this game sooner. It really makes me, an unathletic scrawny guy, to feel like part of the game.
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8 months ago, Gmanphillips
Great game
I love this game however it would be nice to have a few more errors. If you look at the way baseball is played, everything is not always perfect. So I think it would be more realistic if there were more fielding errors (there are occasional fielding errors already). I also think there should be more past balls or wild pitches to steal on, and most of all throwing and catching errors on the field. I would also like to have a few more upgradable thing’s especially for the catcher I think the pop time should be completely separate thing that the throwing plays a role in. It’s also kinda annoying when a pitch is right on the edge and the catcher jumps to get it so upgradable framing would be be cool. Another example of something that would be upgradable would be transfer time for a infielder or outfielder from receiving the ball till throwing the ball. When hitting I would like to see the placement of the hit to be a bit more dependent on timing of the hit. These things are not all necessary but it would make the game a bit less repetitive.
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6 months ago, Number one Dodger
Needs some changes
I want to start off by saying this game is a great time killer. I have written about this game before and I have enjoyed playing for the last two or three years. However, I would like to be able to have a selection of uniforms to choose from that I created myself. As well as the emblem to match my uniform that I created. Some other changes would be the gear that I use would increase my performance. Such as a different bat would increase my contact rate. A glove would increase my fielding ability. Shoes would increase my running speed. Glasses would increase my ability to see the ball while batting. You get ideas. And of course the new gear would cost diamonds or coins. Something to consider would be while playing on the road. The fans are always cheering even when the visiting team hits a home run. My 10 year old son pointed that out while he was playing the game. But overall the game is wonderful. My son and myself play it every day. Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, B - West
Edit - Couldn’t recover but great customer service
My son loves this game. He has talked me into purchasing a number of things to make his team better. I tried to link my phone and iPad so he could play at home when I was at work and when we did - we lost all the data. I have emailed the help center multiple times to fix the problem. I have never gotten a reply at all. So be careful if you link things. I might be a rookie at connecting devices but it would be great to hear back. Overall - fun game and would recommend but be carful if you purchase things on the game because you may lose them and there is no way to recover. Great game my son loves to play and is hard enough - but now too hard. Also he can earn things by winning and playing well. Great game to understand baseball. I wanted to add to this review and say it was my fault that the emails were not replied to. They went to my junk mail and I neglected to look at that inbox. They responded quickly and answered all my questions. They did a great job helping me and I could not ask for a better experience.
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2 years ago, cantbewaspe
Good game
This game is great. I really like it because it is a good realistic baseball game. The only things I would recommend is not buying anything. It is overpriced and it is not worth it because the other people on an opposing team will still keep up with you. A couple changes to the game that could be made is the all star game. The all star game is annoying because you cannot control people that are not on your team. The people could end up blowing the game for you. Another Change I could make is auto innings. I think that whenever you auto inning your teams messes up so badly but them when you play the game you usually do so well. The final thing I would fix is the prices. I think it is way overpriced and not a great deal. Overall I think this game is great. Honestly I just said some of the things needed to be fixed to this game. There is so many good things in this game that I did not say. If you are reading this review I highly recommend you give it a try. It is the best baseball mobile game you could find. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Noe112
Best game ever!!👍👍👍👍
I play this game everyday whenever I have time. I like to get really good and then brag to my friends. TIPS. When pitching spend the extra coins on pitches like ephus pitch, knuckleball and gyroball. They are all great. When hitting with your non-star players use contact and with your stars use power. I got confused on bunting but to make contact you have to press bunt at the right time. The gem surveys are a scam though I spent 1 hour doing the surveys and none of them gave me the gems it said it would. The $30 premium daily pass is worth it because you get 2100 gems which costs like $20 and then you get badges like you get 5 diamond, platinum, gold, and silver badges which in total is about 3500 gems which is another $35-40 so you get over $50 worth of items back and it is so worth it. Raising your max energy is very worth it because you get more in the long run. I usually auto inning the pitching unless my superstar pitcher is in so then I just play the whole game. Well in conclusion it is a GREAT game with some minor adjustments.
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1 year ago, future mlb star
Best game that exists on the app store, it can only get better!
I recently deleted just about every game off my phone except for BASEBALL 9! This game is actually hard and exciting unlike most other baseball games. The only thing I would change, would be to be able to change customization and gear to whatever I want once I’ve purchased something, like every face, stance, bat, chain, etc. should be interchangeable once one is purchased. Another idea is to make customization and even gear more customizable. Like have different hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors, face shapes, facial hair, weight, height, etc. That way we can really emulate a player or person in real life as accurate as possible with our players in the game. And maybe make gems a little easier to get, but otherwise just keep adding in new updates (and maybe an online multiplayer mode soon), but this is the best game on the app store without a doubt even if it stays how it is forever, It’s the only game I have and I play it every day!
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2 years ago, tender omlet
This game is fun, but rigged and predetermined to all balls. They make your players slower than a sloth, and give the ai team cat senses, and apparently super speed. Sometimes it impossible to win a game due to your player being too slow, the ai always catching the ball, and the ball always going the same direction when batting. When pitching, one pitch can be perfect, then if you repeat that “perfect pitch” apparently it is now a home run and a complete loss for your team. Batting is difficult and rigged, and hit will get you a home run, than that exact hit gets you an out. It’s near impossible to get new players, making this near pay to win, which removes all motivation to even play this game. Coins have no use, and you can’t even upgrade the starter players they give you, leaving you to be trash without even being able to do anything about it, unless you grind for days, or put money into the game(which you shouldn’t), upgrading is useless and seems to do nothing, and progression is tedious. Your games are already determined who the winner will be before you even start it. You guys need to give coins a use, make upgrades more efficient and effective, and add more realism to the overall game.
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3 years ago, wildchild1997
Fun game but too easy and pay to play(ish)
This game is very fun and addicting! The custom character awesome is great because you can add in your friends to the team! However the awards are weak. You basically can only play in one uniform color because the others cost an insane amount of uniform tokens that are way to hard to get. The same goes for recruiting new players. So you’re basically stuck with the same default players who can’t be upgraded. The amount to pay to recruit a player is ridiculous and unachievable. I would rather pay $4 or $5 dollars for this game one time then download it for free and have to pay to upgrade the team. But... you really don’t need to upgrade the team because the opposite team is so easy to beat. No matter what championship level you are on. It’s a huge deal when the other team scores because it never happens unless you skip the inning by watching a video. Please please please make it easier to unlock characters and customize the team, but make it harder to play! I don’t want to be undefeated season after season. It doesn’t make it any fun anymore. Do this and you’ll get 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Arthropd
Minor issues but overall, amazing!
Since I’ve started playing the game has been overall fun, I cant really think of more than a few issues and the mechanics in the game are easy to understand and easy to use. In my opinion this is the best baseball game on the mobile platform without much challenges. The only little flaws I see are the fact that there isn’t a multiplayer mode and how frustrating it could be with very recruit tickets coming your way. Having multiplayer should be a given since it could really make the game way more better and the fact we don’t have it kinda confuses me. Recruit tickets aren’t really a issue until further into the game and once you get into the higher leagues it gets harder with the teams you go against having more than enough recruits to crush you over and over again. Again these are only two issues and this game is really fun, hopefully you guys can add multiplayer and increase the chances of recruit tickets after games.
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6 years ago, a_lye22
Nice baseball game!
Update to previous review: I figured out, as Playus pointed out, that my runners were taking off due to my fingers accidentally hitting the steal button. The swing and steal buttons ARE, in my opinion, too close together and should be reconsidered, but aside from this, I think the game is great and highly addictive. One suggestion beyond repositioning the above mentioned buttons....make it so OUR fielders dive for some balls too, just like the AI players do. I really like the realistic nature and simplicity of the game. HOWEVER, what is the deal with my base runners taking off on their own?! I’ve lost a fair amount of games because my runner takes off for third and is toast every time! And to top it off, when this starts, you can’t even try to hit the ball for a hit and run to try to salvage the situation. The batter won’t even swing even if you press the button to swing. This is very aggravating! Developers, please fix this. It makes me want to stop playing when it happens. Other than that, I think it’s a rock solid and enjoyable game!
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5 years ago, reviewsbyz
It’s too easy
I really love this game a lot, and I got all the way up to the pro league. But it hasn’t felt like it has got any harder. I’ve played a ton of games and the opposing team has never hit a homer in against me, and I usually always win. I feel like the should keep the hitting the same because it’s so satisfying and is my favorite aspect of the game, but the other team needs some more offensive power. I don’t really find it fun when the never score and just strike out, or pop out every at bat because then I’m not really playing against anybody at all. There is a feature that lets you skip a half inning, and that’s the only time the other team scores. I would rather be pitching against them when the score because it’s more fun. Because I can throw all fastballs down the middle and they get out, of don’t even swing. I would like it if where the ai could guess a certain pitch and you throw it they have a higher chance of getting a hit off if it if it’s in the strike zone. And if you don’t always throw in the middle they’ll get more hits and stuff. But it is a great game other than that.
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2 months ago, Rayholes
Almost perfect!
This game is amazing! Me and my buddies all have it, and during long bus rides to games it’s all we play. I think it’s a great little pocket version of mlb the show. Definitely worth the download if you’re looking for the best baseball game on the App Store. Suggestions for the developers: Please please please make this so you can play head to head against friends. It would too this game over the edge into greatness. Being able to have an ongoing tournament with your friends to finally settle the debate of who’s team is better would be awesome. Please make the games more competitive. It’s fun to hit 25 home runs a game, but at a point it’s more of a home run derby than an actual game. Even in pro leauge and up there are far too many games where it’s like 75-0. And that’s not fun. And personally I think so many credits and gems to purchase uniforms and stadiums is a little ridiculous. Other than those things though, this game is an absolute gem. (I would actually pay like $10 for this game if it supported multiplayer. That would be awesome!)
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3 years ago, jdc2508
Great Game! But it does have flaws
So I just recently got this game. It’s extremely fun. It is a little easy but none the less you will have games that are close. I enjoy the feeling of actually being able to play a baseball game that allows you to actually bat and throw wherever you want. Here’s the problem though. It is impossible to get players you need. I cannot get anymore recruiting tickets. After completing achievements you’re stuck to hoping you get one from a game. Which has only happened to me once. And the devs give you 7 free ones per day the first week you play. After the first week they give you no more recruiting tickets. Here’s my suggestion to the developers. Make a system where you get daily rewards. It doesn’t have to be only recruiting tickets. It can be xp for players or accessories for players. This game is to much fun to let it die from not giving the players enough or at the very least decrease prices for tickets. I understand paying for a player in MLB the show that cost 25 dollars but not one in a mobile app.
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5 months ago, Realsaucey
Recommended but
Highly recommend the game, it’s not like other games but it’s decent gameplay along with a decent season and some customizable options However with all that being said, there should be certain customizable that shouldn’t cost you tokens in general as they don’t impact your stats in the game. For example, paying 21,000 tokens for a posture change or a pitching style is a bit excessive. It’d be better if you just paid about 2-5k but 21k is excessive, pitching styles is the one that should be least effective as it is just a visual cosmetic and nothing else. That shouldn’t cost you. Beards, facial changes and so forth should also not cost 30k. The game is single player and already makes it difficult to make those tokens as they require challenges that you can only complete from the achievement screen. With that being said, the game is good. But it’s the little things that can show how much of a money grab it can be at the end.
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6 years ago, Kitch5oh
Good, could be great
It’s fun but after a while certain things start happening that just don’t make sense. Some games seem like you’re destined to lose. Constant pop-up fly balls, repetitive pitching errors when you’re at full stamina, and the opponent hitting it in just the right spot in the outfield really come in waves in some games. The team rating system must not mean anything, especially with the “quick-result” feature. My team is fresh, ranked mid 800s playing against a lower 700s team who is broken and somehow ends up losing by a large margin in “quick-result”? If anything, those should be the “gimme” games. I wish it was more consistent. Sometimes it feels like games are already decided for you one way or the other. I’ve had games where I won by a huge margin and the opponent was playing like trash and I’ve had them where I can’t seem to do anything. I get this happens in the MLB but I’m not looking for realism in this app. It’s fun for the most part and I do enjoy it. It’s just not a 5-star game for me. I’d also like multiplayer at some point where I can play against friends but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.
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2 years ago, Allyns
Great game! Just one suggestion.
This game is a game I play every day. From 12:00 at night to 9:00 in the morning, this game is a awesome game to play. But I think we need online play. I mean, it is fun playing against bots, but also against human players is even more fun. Really, you guys have outdone yourself with this game! Very addictive, especially for baseball fans/players. Plus, when you add Online Play, can you make a “spectate” feature? And can you censor inappropriate team names? Also, can you vote for which team you want to win? Like, a player could press a button that adds your vote to the team you want to win, and it shows how many votes there are? I am not saying you NEED to add them, but if you wanna add this spectate feature, please do. Also, when online does come out, can you show how many times your team has won? Or show how many times another team has won? Like it would say “93% of games won” and “7% games lost”? It would be cool if you added that.
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2 years ago, master7723
Multiplayer and other stuff pls…??!!!!
Hi my names ashauna and I LOVE baseball 9. But I thought in order to really satisfy me there should be a multiplayer mode where we can play our besties. Thank you!!!!!!🤠🤖👺 Edit: Again I still think the game is 🤩 but I actually have some other suggestions in order to make the game more 🔥. So In addition to multiplayer mode I think there should also be exhibition mode so we can play with no pressure. I also think there should be a commentator to make the game more alive. And when we sign a coach can we be able to customize the coaches looks and see them appear in the dugout? And can there maybe be a career/story mode so that we can Create our own player and take them to the top while following an interesting storyline. Or at least make some sort of story mode because I feel it’s more interesting when there’s a story involved. Again the game is great as it is but I feel this can make it even better. Thanks!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Gamingbud-dy
Hits & fails
This game is very fun and I like but, there is a couple problems. 1. You get “punished” in a way for auto inning. What I mean by this is I’ll auto inn and the other team will get a bunch of points, whenever I hit the ball it’s most likely a pop out, and they just do better at hitting whenever I do pitch. What I think is that you should either have a certain limit of times or just get rid of it. One match I was winning 6-1 and it was going good, I auto inn twice the other team gets 4 making it 6-5 then ever time I bat I either come close to scoring or I get a pop out. Going back to the 6-5 game I score barely making it 7-5 having this lead I auto inn, I do this and (this in the 8th inning) they score 3. Now it’s 8-7. I lose. I find this as a problem because why should you punish a user for using a resource the game gives you? This makes me really mad as I was on a 13 winning streak to be destroyed by THE LAST PLACE TEAM!!! By a small, hidden punishment that only if you think about it it’s like a punishment. I hope you can resolve this issue I think I have found and I can have more fun not worrying about losing by auto inning.
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2 years ago, J is K
Great but Could be Amazing…
I saw my friend playing this and I wanted to give it a try. Once i started playing I got hooked, i loved the upgrade system, the Team editing, the gameplay overall, but the only thing that made me stop playing was the length of the seasons. Most of the Games you just end up Simulating through (which gets annoying too because you run out of stamina). I get that it’s supposed to be realistic but playing 220 games in a season is bound to get tiring after a while. I would play this game again if the made the seasons shorter because after you win the World Cup you kind of become less excited to play after because you have to do it all over again. But i’m not trying to bash on the game, it’s a solid game lot of cool features and it almost gives you a wii sports vibe. But after playing 4 seasons, i just got tired of the same stuff, maybe add more things for people once they rank up tiers or something like that. But the developers did a great job at this game i just think if they fix a couple small things this game could be amazing.
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2 years ago, TurtlePizza
Some changes can be made to improve the game
I think that Baseball 9 is a very fun game to play. However sometimes it can get very very boring. I think the first issue is that the game is just too easy. I think that if “Playus Soft” makes the opposing team get better faster it would be way more fun to play. By saying this I mean that other teams should have recruited 2-4 players by rookie ll. The other teams have very few players up until pro teams are horrible. As someone who plays the game it is easy to recruit players. But the other teams seem to have issues getting players. The game would be way better if it was a little bit harder. I believe that one of the best times in baseball is the all star game. I think that the all star game should start from the very first season. That can be something much like the post season that players look forward to. I think that one thing that frustrates me is that once you start to get better at the game it becomes extremely hard to get recruit tickets. I think there should be a way to get recruit tickets with gold and also have there be a daily challenge for a recruit ticket. The last thing that I dislike about the game is that you can’t change the name on uniforms. That is very frustrating because I doubt that a baseball team would have a jersey that says “red” or “blue” Thank you for your time abs please consider using some of these ideas in the game. I strongly believe that they can make the game way more fun to play!
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11 months ago, Court Jester 80
Baseball 9
This game is fun to play, but the developers accentuated the errors while minimizing the opportunity to take advantage of those errors. For instance, if you have a pitcher that has very low stamina he can pitch a perfect game against a roster full of batters with full stamina. The fact that they put so much attention to fielding errors and pitching errors makes this game not worth spending a dime on. If you upgrade players to bronze or higher they will hit to the fielders 70% of the time even if your swing position and power are perfect. It’s rather annoying and as someone who has won 99% of the games I’ve played even, played 2 full seasons and 3 games and lost a total of 4 games the first two seasons and I’ve already lost 3 games in 5 played, starting my 3rd season. So, losing 1 game in a questionable fashion makes this game a 1. Not sure the developers have ever actuality watched baseball but the amount of pitching and fielding errors seem to be built in as a backup to keep the game fair, I suppose. But it’s actually cheating in my book. Forcing losses on players by way of coding is very skeezy. 1 star for game play and being like every other pay to play that still cheats pay to play players.
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1 year ago, jasonp1352
Great but not
I love this game. I have been playing for a long time. It’s starts off easy but then can get very challenging. I wish you could play online and against friends. But the thing I have a problem with is that, it gets much harder to upgrade your team. You get badges that u can use to upgrade players. And as you move up in a league it gets harder and the team are all better. Once you move up, u seem to not get as much badges which is unfair because the opposing teams have all gold and platinum and I still have bronze players. It’s very aggravating , I couldn’t sim any games because your team won’t win because they aren’t good enough. It took me a long time to play 168 games and I lost in the playoffs to platinum pitchers when I only have one. I just wish they gave you a better opportunity. Also, leveling up is useless, all u get full recharge and maybe 3 condition drinks, which are super common. This game could be better and more fun, but of course I am going to continue to play this, because it is fun but I hope they read there reviews and improve it.
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4 years ago, Happy Sara
Needs more excitement
I’ve played the game on and off for a year and it’s getting a little old. Although it’s still really fun, I kinda wish every update could have more than bug fixes and better graphics. I wish players couldn’t do whatever they want and still be in the game. Like if umpires could throw out pitchers who hit to many batters. Or if batters could get thrown out for the occasional arguing with called strike 3. And managers should come out and argue from time to time. Or batters could charge the mound. (No fighting but showing them run at the mound. I mean you guy show the batter clinch their fists so why not.) And I think you should add challenges and Instant replay. (Instant replay meaning going back and looking at a really cool play and challenge meaning trying to change the call. That would make the games more exiting. Also the prices are kinda high on the player packs. Overall it’s a really good and fun game but these improvements could be made. Also I think you should make it multiplayer.
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2 months ago, AllysonLopetegui
Listen I liked this game but not until I found something a bit questionable. Ever since i downloaded I liked playing these games because they kept me entertained. I’m only 12 and my mom has a child safety on my phone so I thought this game would be okay to download. Now you might not believe me but trust me I know what I’m talking about. What you’re about to hear is nothing like anyone would know. I joined the game, nothing was wrong. Then I started playing teams but I noticed that in the stands there was a picture of MYSELF. In the beginning of the game it didn’t say, share your photos. I’m warning you this may stalk you. For your safety pls do not download. I don’t know if this was a mistake from the owner or if I just got hacked but for your advice I would recommend to check everything and everywhere before getting this game. Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help and dedication to reading this news⚠️
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6 years ago, SHAZAM2180
Could be better
This game is very addicting and I’m glad I downloaded it but I think the characters should have more skin options other than just Caucasian and African-American. Something else I would like to see is more bats and glasses for the players. Also being able to upgrade or customize your stadium. There should also be more daily missions with better rewards for more challenging missions. Such as completing the cycle or hitting a grand slam. I also noticed this game does not keep track of grand slams and I would enjoy it much more if they did. But I absolutely love the challenge of winning and upgrading your players and recruiting them to make a better team because it gives me a real challenge. This game could be a five star game for me and I enjoy it but I believe it could be better. I also just noticed a glitch where there was a man on third and second and the guy hitting hit a fly-ball to left field and both the runners didn’t tag up and just preceded to run even though it was obviously going to be a out. Well my player in left field caught the ball and the man on second ran back to tag up but the man on third didn’t go back and scored anyways without tagging up.
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2 years ago, hogman tge inteuder
3 years, 22+ seasons played review
3 years playing and here’s my general review. It’s a really fun game if you enjoy sport simulators. The gameplay is fun but can be drawn out sometimes. More likely you’ll play your first couple of seasons and then you’ll be simulating mostly after that. The game has a good mechanic to bring you back into gameplay where during the season they’ll entice you with a game reward for winning that specific match. Simulating that game regardless of team stats, you lose 70% of the time. So you’re only hope to getting the reward is beating the team yourself. One of my only recommendations for the game is that they add to/revamp the stamina system. You start off with wayyy too little stamina and even when it’s maxed it’s not enough. I feel like people would play more if you double or even tripled the current stamina bar. Overall rlly fun game just hope to see more than just batting balances and bug fixes soon though
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4 months ago, phybdyh
This was originally a full review, but I decided to change it to suggestions that NEED to be in the game Some sort of facial hair update where you can add facial hair in a section of customize, this update could also give us remakes of faces but with facial hair removed for more variety. Batting gloves that cost coins would be lifesaving, even if they’re just recolors of the default batting gloves. If the umpires could have more faces, that’d be great since we’d have more variety from the three blond haired umpires. We should also have different types of weather instead of just daytime and nighttime, imagine how cool it’d be to play a game while some rain is falling, or maybe early in the season there could be cotton coming down on the field since cotton trees harvest when baseball season starts. Lastly, we NEED multiplayer as it would be so much more fun to see other people’s teams and what uniforms and names they chose. I hope all these suggestions could make it into the game, and thank you for reading!
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2 years ago, NotAPeoplePerson71
Great game but…
I have really enjoyed this game even though I have no idea how to play baseball. Good animation, good mechanics. Even though people claim that the game is rigged when you hit the ball and it just so happens to be in the direction of the catcher, I don’t believe this is true. Yes, it can be annoying at times however that’s what makes this game challenging, that’s good. The only thing that I’d like to see is the ability to customize the characters without having to change the face. I like the way the default character looks but I’d like some players to have different colored hair other than brown. If I want a player to have say red hair, the face would have to change example: Bigger eyes and a beard. I just want the hair to change, the rest is fine. I am aware that this literally has nothing to do with the actual gameplay itself, but I just like the ability to customize haha. Hope you take this suggestion into consideration. Thanks. :)
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11 months ago, RedBearLucas
BASEBALL 9 - me personally-
- alright, im going to start things if by saying that im not a paid writer this is my own experiences. this game is out of the park! this is my favorite game and i play this game more then 5 times a day for a long period of time. this game is nice and quick and it really gives old memories of ‘WII baseball. i love the fact that you can upgrade your players and have a really customizable team. i just wish that the team photos and team jerseys are free so your team can be anything (you) want your team to be. ——————————————————————— TO DEVELOPERS -i think that the game planning is great, amazing concept and gameplay but i think that when you are a new player EVERY player is upgradeable and that includes pitchers, DH, and fielders. I also want a feature were you can buy a starter pack of exclusives, like some gold tier tokens and ect. ive been playing this game for a really long time and im not planning to stop anytime soon edit- OMG THE DEVS RESPONDED TO ME
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11 months ago, Makena J.
Best Sport Game
I’m just gonna start off by saying this is an add free game. Honestly, it’s hard to come across a sports game that has no bugs, no glitches, and is actually fun. At first I thought “no glitches? This has to be fake” but it’s not. You actually get to build your own team. Also it saves your progress even if you don’t feel comfortable giving the game your information you can still play as guest and it’ll still save your progress as long as you don’t delete the game. Overall, best game ever, it’s perfect actually. And it’s pretty easy to understand how to play once you follow the instructions. So, I 100% recommend that you download this game, now. One more thing, you may see all these reviews saying “gross amount of app purchases” but there really isn’t. It’s really easy to make coins and gems by completing missions and logging in every day. Haters gonna hate you just appreciate! Make sure you download the game!
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