Bask Bank Mobile

4.6 (700)
45.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Texas Capital Bank
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bask Bank Mobile

4.63 out of 5
700 Ratings
6 months ago, Ca dreaming987654
Love this bank!
I was with another major online bank for my savings. They were great but Bask was higher in APY and they also increased when the other bank held at a lower rate. At first, I was cautious because I had never heard of Bask Bank, but after checking I realized they were tied to another bank in Texas. Since I live in Texas, that was all I needed to know. They transfers between my bank and Bask happen quickly and seamlessly. They even have set up an automatic feature that is easily modified or cancelled. Interest always goes in on the same day. They even show accumulated interest any day of the month before it is deposited. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this bank for online access.
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2 years ago, JenniferCovid1977
Updated, not so fraudulent anymore
I will update this review to be fair on 10/23. Finally things started transferring. Now that the accounts seem to be all set I’m having a lot of ease going back and forth between accounts. I’ve pulled sig money out and had it appear in other accounts the next day. Occasionally I still get an error reading. I’ll increase the stars to 4. Best savings rate and the miles program is awesome………I opened the mileage savings account. Approx 06/13. Transferred $50,000 into account. Took a full 5 business days plus weekend for funds to appear. I was going to transfer much more money in but decided to try transferring it back out to see how smoothly this bank works. I can’t get a single penny back!!! I tried to transfer 40k. Said I exceed amount. Then I tried 20k, 10k, today I tried $100. I’m being told I exceed my transfers. I’ve been trying this for a week now! I have pictures to prove. The top of app is saying customer service is experiencing high call volume. Now I need to spend my Saturday calling Bask, Calling The Texas bank they are affiliated with, calling the FDIC, calling whoever I need too! Today is 6/28. Still can’t get my money!!!!
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2 years ago, karanece
Scary and poor app
This bank and its activities are very scary. a) If you forget your password, they don’t have any option to reset it and the only way out is to remember the account #, to talk to the customer support. b) They purposely remove the Bask bank account # from the From account drop down, while doing transfer. I have seen others mention this on other places, but now I am experiencing it. c) The transactions shown on the app|website shows different values at different times of the day, which is very scary as sometimes it shows high amount and sometimes it shows less amount. d) Show details doesn’t show any details about the transactions. e) At times you receive email, your account has been temporarily disabled, because of unusual activity. Just login fee times a day is unusual? They haven’t defined what does unusual means. f) Chargeback return is showing as debit. If it is return, it should be a credit. g) Though the transaction has settled(not pending), the available balance is far less than the actual current balance. This is also very scary.
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7 months ago, ekwade
Great Basic Bank App
I opened an account with Bask for their high yield savings account and the app does exactly what I need it to do. There aren’t a lot of extras included but I can easily check my account activity, the current interest rate (some banks hide it!), and I can easily move money between it and my primary checking account at a different bank. A previous bank I used for a HYSA didn’t allow external transfers through the app, which was irritating. I believe the security is good, and the Face ID works well. I’m happy to keep using this bank and their app.
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2 months ago, Gonenuts
No Complaints From Me
I've been using the Bask Bank app for a while now and I'm very satisfied. I've never had issues with functionality and I have noticed with time that they have added features and continue to improve the app. Also with Bask Bank you're not stuck with only chatting if you need Customer Service, they have real humans to talk to that offer excellent customer service the couple times I've called. I'm completely satisfied.
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2 years ago, surfman49
Unreliable txt/sms authentication
This app uses mandatory txt/sms authentication when logging in. The problem is that the message arrives several minutes after the initial request. This means that in order to access your account, you either have to sit and wait for the sms or do the voice authentication through a phone call. This is very frustrating and there is no way to remember a device if you like to check your balance often. Of course, this could be a problem with the individual phone number but I don’t have this problem with any other txt/sms messages or similar authentications with accounts at other banks.
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3 years ago, TicketSubmitter
Fraud Alert!
This company is a fraud. Customer service and support is horrible. When you open an account and transfer money into it they will call and ask you a few questions. If they don’t like your responses they will deny you access to your account and never tell you how to get your money back. They “claim” that they will contact your bank to see if the transfer was legitimate to begin with. They never do this. When you call you are told that someone will contact you and they never do. Don’t ever speak with Joe. He claims to be a fraud investigator who has no customer service skills. Doesn’t know how to communicate with people and obviously never resolves any issues. I have contacted the authorities and opened a theft and fraud investigation.
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5 months ago, RL738
Love the app
The app is very clear, clean, and thus easy to read and navigate. Also, as opposed to other bank’s apps, one can see the current interest! I find this refreshingly transparent, and makes me ask: what are those other banks afraid of when the interest rate is not easily accessible?
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2 years ago, kzme
sloppy webview performance
this app is not a native ios app. it's just a webview wrapper for the mobile website, hence the poor user experience. for example there is a 10-12 second delay before the current/available balance appears at the top of the home page. it's VERY annoying. it should be the first thing that appears on that page, not the last. i wouldn't trust any bank that isn't willing to invest in a native ios app. if they don't care about their customer experience should you really trust them with your money? makes you wonder what other areas of their business are they skimping on. buyer beware.
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2 years ago, 77slowasmolasses!
Slow service, plan carefully if you need access to your funds
Ugh, a wire transfer at a normal bank can be executed and funded in one afternoon. At Bask, plan for at least three days. One day to get instructions to request a wire since it’s nowhere in the app or website. Day two to get someone to send form confirming the wire. Complete it, get no response. Day three, if we are lucky, maybe they’ll bother to send the wire? Also the cap on daily transfers is $25k which contradicts what is listed in their FAQs. Plan well ahead if you need to access your nest egg because they are slow as mud.
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6 months ago, vyvttggfgftghvgy
App works but needs UI improvements
The app needs some user interface improvements to allow easier money transfer set up and reducing unnecessary email alerts. When you authorize a payment on the app, it sends multiple email alerts on the transfer request with very little information of why you are being alerted. It also takes a few steps to see your account balance and often a long time to load.
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2 years ago, RandoReviewer21
High Yield - Low Rating to fund availability
Overall great yield. Primary issue with Bask is their severe delay in making your funds available. Worse than Chase. States “up to 5 business days.” My minimum wait time has been 6 business days (8 calendar). Have a deposit that will reach 7 tomorrow (9 days total) almost a 3rd of a month unavailable. However, my funds were taken from my sending bank within 24 hours of submitting.
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6 months ago, howieburch1
One of the best bank apps
I have used this app for over a year, and it has never failed. I can instantly look at my account and check my interest income at any time. Much better than some other apps from other banks.
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3 months ago, I Love Furio
Not Just a Great App
But a great bank, too! I have been a Bask Bank customer for 1 year. In that year they have been superb both for banking and for customer service. The app is also great-user friendly, easy to access as a customer and safe.
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2 months ago, just checking up
Bask is the best
Great app and fast transfers. I use them for their savings and I had an issue with attempting my first transfer but a few minutes on the phone and the issue was resolved so their customer service is fast too.
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7 months ago, Pnoycali
It’s an ok app. Very basic. The transfer section on the app when you view the From and To is a little tricky trying to open it from your phone. You have to flip your phone to landscape instead of portrait in order to see the account. It’s kinda annoying
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2 years ago, TERRYTN63
This bank is scam, they will take your money away After opening a saving interest savings with them and put a huge money as initial deposit They disable my ability to transfer money and for days now they keep telling me they suspect unusual activity and for that that I can not make transfer till someone reach out to me and it’s been days now nothing I can just login to they account to see the money but I can not access it PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK THEY ARE BAD NEWS !!!!
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7 months ago, Beantown02178
Love Bask Bank
So happy with the interest rate I receive on my savings account. Transferring money is easy and customer service is helpful. I convinced my brother to open a savings account, even though he lives outside Texas, because the interest rate is so great.
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7 months ago, KGDOB
Ease of use
IMO, Bask app is easy to use. The interest rates are good, though not the best. But this app is superior to my other online account which pays a bit more interest. Yet Bask transfers/credits funds a couple of days quicker than the other online bank.
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4 months ago, hotboybt
It’s been great to me
I’ve been using this app for 10 months and I’ve had no problems, it runs smoothly with easy layout also with really good interest rate returns.
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2 years ago, jc_ky
Laughably bad customer service
Ran into a glitch in their system authenticating my linked external account. When I asked for help I got a canned response that wasn’t responsive to my issue. When I followed up, they basically ghosted me, responding *sixteen* days later after I finally gave up and asked them to close the account. Even then, they didn’t attempt to resolve the issue. Avoid them — if anything goes wrong, you’re completely on your own.
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5 months ago, Stranger2009
Extremely user friendly
It allows you to do all necessary account related updates or changes. Best app in peer group of online accounts.
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5 months ago, UPSGuyMO
❤️ Bask
I can’t earn higher savings interest anywhere online that I could easily find and their mobile app is super easy to use!
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5 months ago, rfdprd
Easily follow your accounts
Very clear account information can be had, accurate,fast and simple to read.
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3 weeks ago, Smaywork
Works for me!
Not any problems with the app, but I do have issues with the transfer limits being to low for me.
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7 months ago, MadCus14
It can be way better
It’s confusing, not very clear, it works fine but still not user friendly. There is almost no information i have an account for 3 months now still I don’t know if it’s possible to add this account as direct pay thing in my paycheck app. It’s confusing and not look like a banking app.
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6 months ago, LUV,FRANNY
The app is really pretty easy to use once you learn how. It is set up nicely once you’re in and it’s easy to navigate. I like the background colors too.
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7 months ago, Alberto_Jr.
Very User Friendly
Very user friendly and has all the questions that you’ll have about your account.
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5 months ago, Dr. Daniel Kirk
Top notch
A clean, effective, and straightforward ap. Never any issues, never any problems, and no nonsense. Just what you need, when you need it!
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7 months ago, Mekawi
Does the job
Ok application. The frustrating problem with Bask Bank is the long lead time required to move deposits into available. Far more than any bank I ever dealt with causing confusion and complication with getting a snap shot of available funds.
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7 months ago, Blobbo 12
Easy app
Works perfectly,which is something I can’t say about many others
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6 months ago, KolmanDFWTX
Easy to use and secure!
The Bask Bank app is easy to use and has the proper security to make sure that only you have access. Well done!
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6 months ago, foxinsocks
Straightforward easy to use app
Bask provides a basic saving account with high interest rates as well as great CD rates. Simple clean and easy to use app. Great onboarding experience. Modern and convenient..
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7 months ago, nixknme
Easy to navigate
Easy to navigate and supply the user with Relevant information without embedded land mines of pop-up advertisements. Fast to connect and secure.
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4 months ago, LuckyChau
Easy to navigate
Quick and easy to navigate. I never have any problems
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7 months ago, TRACON17
Ease of use.
Simple app, and easy to use. I especially appreciate the daily update of interest accrual for the current month.
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1 year ago, Al Jolson's Boogie Monsta
Legitimate Bank with High APY
This isn’t some random shady fintech startup run by socially inept nerds without business savvy trying to act Wall Street. Texas Capital Bank is behind Bask and your money is in a good place.
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2 years ago, malyboyt12
Bank was easy to open. Transferred $50,000 on friday. It is now a week later funds still on hold. Support team put my account under review for no reason, looks like this is like every other case. I’d say go to wealthfront there giving 3.00 apy and have even higher, faster transfer limits
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3 months ago, tom94vette
Easy to navigate
Easy to transfer funds and view earned interest
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7 months ago, Sorta slow
Best Online Savings
Excellent service. Online easy to use. Excited with the current interest rate. Very pleased overall.
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2 weeks ago, Ccdia111
Clear vision to see my rewards and accounts
Love this app, crisp visuals and easy to access all banking features.
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3 months ago, drudgeryb
Bask Bank
Professional and customer friendly
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6 months ago, VPFromNJ
The best savings account
Saving is so much easier when you have a high interest rate like at bask bank !
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7 months ago, TimmyB143
User Friendly
I find it easier to navigate than other lending institutions apps.
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6 months ago, Jigsaw007a
BEST High interest savings bank
Everything is wonderful if they continue to be very competitive on interest rate.
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7 months ago, LaurW.
Easy to use
This bank and app is user friendly. So far I am enjoying this bank and it’s benefits.
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6 months ago, PMMM1713
Excellent App - Excellent Bank
App is fast and does exactly what I need. Bank has excellent savings rate and all the tools I need to manage my money!
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6 months ago, RDunnDC
Love my savings account
Great account, easy to access and my money is transferred and deposited quick! Awesome interest!
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2 weeks ago, forgetit2021
Easy to use
Easy app to use works well with fingerprint recognition
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3 months ago, JackyIM1960
Great interest rate
Came to this bank via a referral from a friend. Great customer service and great overall experience.
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