Basketball Stars™: Multiplayer

4.8 (316.1K)
206.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Basketball Stars™: Multiplayer

4.75 out of 5
316.1K Ratings
2 years ago, justin2334
The other flaw that i have.
When you play the game you receive money, and i have a lot of money. Like 22 million because i win a lot of games, but one thing that doesn’t make any sense is why do you have to spend gold to open packs. Why can’t you use your money? I remember when i played this game a long time ago it used to be like that where you could open bags with money. Now When you try and watch ads they will work but than than it gives you a message a lot of the times where “their isn’t anymore videos available please try again later”. This is a problem for matchmaking because a lot of times like I mentioned before is a lot of times you match up with players with a high ball collection which causes your stats to go up. Which is critical in games to win a lot. most of the time. When you can’t open bags because the ads Aren’t working it doesn’t help your cause. I’m a level 18 with a ball collection of 11, and i will be facing a lot of players with a higher ball collection which causes me to loose quite a bit of games. I’ve won a lot of games to because i get lucky sometimes facing players with around the same number of ball collections as me maybe more but not a lot. It’s fair matchmaking to me. I wouldn’t mind having a ball collection of 11 and the opponent has a ball collection of 13, 12 or 14 nothing higher. Hope they fix this flaw, but other than that i love the game. I recommend this game to y’all its fun!!
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3 years ago, D.Dawson87
My Experience
I appreciate the calmness and serenity that this game gives. Especially when you have a match under control. I remember mastering my shooting accuracy. However, I was horrible at shooting off the back board at one time. I said to myself that I have to master shooting off the back board as well. In time I did master it by means of the practice mode. I can truly say that this game is inspirational. Sadly the abrupt disconnection of my matches is a HUGE issue to me. I’ve genuinely defeated players that are over level 100 in the last level “Tokyo” and just other players that are at a higher level than I am. I’ve noticed that when I’m defeating my higher level opponents that my match just ends abruptly. Due to this happening many times, it leads me to believe that the game monitors are purposely doing this. I could be wrong, but it’s a logical conclusion based on it always happening when I’m winning. To the Creators of the game Thank You.🙏🏿 I’ve gotten into arguments in the past about how long I play this game, 😅 but it creates a disdain whenever I experience the abrupt ends while I’m winning. Hopefully this can be fixed and won’t fall on blind eyes. PLEASE FIX THIS!
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1 month ago, Jland45677
Great Game
Over all keeps you wanting to improve, challenging, and it’s simple but rewarding. Great toilet game, great game to start and stop. Hopefully they will keep upgrading the game cause it has so much more potential, definitely plan on devoting time to the game. One thing that needs to happen, and I would rate it a 5 star. All things extra is only required to reach level 7….. I see me capping out game in 1 week at a level of 10 or less. You need other things to unlock and all the way to level 100, put more effort into the future of the game and this can be just as good as 8 ball pool or even better. The potential is there, unfortunately from my point of view, they developed the game for quick attraction and make as much money as they can in a short period of time from as many people as possible. They should focus on adding content. Cloths, hair, balls, even your own “Crib” that you can upgrade and customize to your liking and music options and records you can buy. This could be the best game on the store. Unfortunately I see this not getting any better which it’s already a good game but why stop there. I would not hesitate to spend consistent money each week if these listed options came to the game. But like other games I doubt they will go to this extent.
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4 years ago, Pop _Colla_Fresh
M. Gilbert
I love this game. It's almost sickening how much I play it. Since I do play the game so much I find it hard to believe that while I'm making bank shots all of a sudden I can no longer make the shot when I need the points to win. For example if I have a flaming lucky ball and a 5 point backboard shows up, I can't draw up the shot meter to attempt the shot. I can make that shot but the game literally will not allow me to make an attempt on the shot and sadly my opponent is able to nail it. This has to be one of my biggest problems with this game. Other than that I can still win. I’d also like to add that I am no longer able to use my profile to play. I’m only able to play as a guest and I don’t understand why. I’ve never downloaded any cheats to help me play, I’ve just simply been playing this game for years. I’m able to win because I’m good. That’s it. My profile is banned forever so I guess there’s no reasoning or questions to be answered on why that’s the case. Good game but all the cheaters that are still able to play, play.
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6 years ago, Dodge59rt
Sadly not getting any better
I have a real love hate relationship with this game. I enjoy playing but can’t stand all the glitches and hacks. I mostly play the shooting race part because the one on one was tooooooo rigged. I mean going left and the opponent goes right then jumps and still has time to land move left and block you? Or watching the ball about to drop after a nice fake then they jump and somehow bloke it? The shooting one is no better. Balls flying over the backboard and they get points or my favorite is they get 3 bonus balls (all while on fire) when I get 1 as the second ball and can only get 2 extra points to their 12. Oh and my favorite...the backboard is not even showing the bonus but somehow 3 times in a game they somehow “guess” the exact time it will pop up...maybe once but 3-4 times come on (fixed). At the end your a split second ahead of the opponent and sink it and then he does and you try for another shot but time runs out and you think you won but then out of nowhere a ball comes flying into the screen and they “Win.” Now I played for hours one week and finished 1st in my group and then on Monday I got no gold reward and you click on the last week summary and it says “you didn’t play last week!” I wish I could give this game a negative review but I guess we wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings so they get a 1. Enjoy the game if you have patience because you will get SCREWED.
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1 year ago, dieggsmm1
My experience on the game
Look I really enjoy this game and I can say that it’s very fun. But there are a few things that really need to be fixed number one is being that when you’re playing a game and you go into attacker versus defender, you shoot the ball and it says blocked even though the ball is literally about to go in makes no sense that should definitely be a gold tend. Number two, the match making system is super unfair. I will play the game and be on level 10 and I’ll get matched up with someone who’s a level 13 and it’s not fair at all. Of course this game has its flaws but just like every other game it has its weaknesses, and the weaknesses are obviously the ones that I listed but the flaws or that the game is super fun and has amazing graphics, and all of the other games along with it like the dunk one and the mini hoop one are very very fine so good job on that. However, just try to work on those things because they’re starting to really annoy me and I really like playing the game but sometimes whenever that happens, it really annoys me because if it gets close to the hoop, or if it touches the hoop, and it looks like it’s about to go in and it says blocked that’s gotta be a goal tend. Ok thanks for your time.
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5 years ago, Jmart388
Great game but...
This was a really great game when I first started out but after some time and climbing the ranks, I started to see some "shifty" play. First off the games become predictable meaning you already know you will lose before the first basket is shot. I can usually tell what players are cpu generated by the mismatch outfits, emotes, or game level with tourney wins🤔. Another giveaway is when you are are at a very high level say 75 and above, playing cpu players becomes an unfair challenge. For example, all your shots are perfect and you are keeping inline with challenge until you make a bonus shot which of course will put you ahead say between 5-12 points and all of a sudden you will have "connection issues" which is a tactic the game uses to slow you down. That 5 or 6 seconds you are waiting to be "connected" back, the other player has caught up plus gets a blue bonus ball while on fire. It's happened quite a few times that also makes the game predictable for you to lose. This happens a lot when you are playing for higher amounts. The company will deny this up and saying it is a bug they are "working" on which is complete bs. Best way to have fun with this game is to get cheat codes and give the company a run for their money. One cheat deserves another and it has been great😈.
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1 year ago, mkgre
The amount of glitches
The amount of glitches makes this game so agitating. I really liked this game at first but it gets more and more annoying. At first it’s fair because you don’t get matched up with someone who is 3 levels ahead of you (which is fairly a lot in this game) and someone who has 3 levels has more attributes than you which makes their character faster and whatever. My biggest complaint is that this game is majorly rigged. In the regular 1 on 1 you could fake, step to the side TWICE and the person would bite for the fake and then also move over twice and STILL block the ball 💀 even tho it is about to go in the basket by the time you have shot it, it is rigged. The reason I’m calling it rigged and not buggy or glitchy is because somebody else can block my ball mid air but I can never once block their ball mid air. I don’t really play the shooting race much but from my experience that isn’t much better. You can be winning by like 12 points and then your opponent gets a luck ball and then they win, and you can’t come back because you don’t get a luck ball. Idk the whole game is just unfair, sometimes you get lucky and win a few but yeah it’s glitchy so devs please fix it because it has potential
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3 years ago, hdycfjfdeijvfewjjo
It’s okay, wouldn’t play it again though until they update those things.
How did this game turn out to be so bad? I downloaded it thinking it was going to be pretty good, but as soon as I loaded In I was met with horrible graphics and as soon as I got out of the tutorial I got a pay 2 win bundle pop-up and from then on I was already disappointed. The gameplay was pretty good in itself, the graphics and money system aren’t that good though. Don’t forget the fact that every time you load into the app it hits you with an in-app purchase ad. I like the gameplay, hate the fact that there is no in between a lot of the money amounts. So when you are betting the money, I think you should add more in between a because if someone was to bet 3/4ths of their money, they should still be able to bet that one fourth instead of having to grind the money back all over again. Not that bad of a game otherwise. What also kind of made me PO’d was the fact that you play against bots and it’s not hard to determine that or not. No real person is going to put their face on your game ( no offense) but just for privacy reasons. The names are so generic and the profiles of the bots look the most stock image you can get.
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7 years ago, 😂😙😝oooo
Fun but glitchy
The game is very fun and I used to play it a lot, but there is a really annoying glitch, the clothes I worked hard for and won and played a lot for and were very cool just go away. It used to happen shortly then I get it back by getting off the game, but now I only have the same shirts and shorts you start us out with, so please change that, besides that I probably would give it 5 stars. But also try to even out the levels, the last person I played against was a level 60, I'm a level 11. And my brother and I used to play it together we used to say,"oh no, hacker" when we noticed something strange, until I realized it happens with almost everyone, like teleporting, throwing the ball through my arms, and blocking the ball when it's right over the hoop(and sometimes in the hoop) it's very frustrating. I don't want to make this too long but please also listen to other people, there are more glitches. We should also have more matches in career, but if you guys can't do all this it's okay, at least try please
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6 years ago, Zerxes69
Glitches R Us
The farther my player gets advanced, the worst this game gets. My opponent just scores a basket, then next thing you know they steal it and I miss taking a turn. Happens all the time now. How bout the player getting a block on you when the ball has either gone through the basket or it’s about to go in. Isn’t that goaltending? Although I have never seen anyone in history jump straight up in front of you and manage to block the ball as it is going in the basket.....that’s incredible. Constant problems with the game slowing down in the middle of the game and your opponent has either scored or stole the ball from you.....and your like how is that possible.....we are both experiencing the same problem right....unless they are creating the problem and cheating. The other issue is that I don’t rarely play the shooting contest aspect as it seems no matter who I play and what level they are at, they get more points. Doesn’t matter the ball I use and I don’t miss a shot and some dude is scoring 120 points and I didn’t even hit 100? Doesn’t seem to be to realistic to me. Especially when you hit all your shots and even get the backboard bonuses. I like competition but getting real tired of losing due to glitches and not because I sucked.
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3 years ago, Nestor borges
I honestly been playing this game since release it it was amazing yeah it had a lot of bugs but it was still fun what I dislike now is how you can’t purchase basketballs with the money you make from playing against other players and in order to get vip bags etc you have to have gold and I’m not gonna continue purchasing gold just for a ball! At the end of the day this game is amazing it’s just now having money is useless you can’t nothing but upgrade a ball and the chances of getting a basketball is nearly impossible honestly I just think they should go back to buying basketballs with cash again it would make more sense then having to buy gold and have no chance in even grabbing a ball. This game would honestly be better if they honestly listen to their players but just dislike so much that I sit there playing for hours playing Tokyo just to remind my self that cash in this game is useless would be better if you can buy the ball with cash and still upgrade it with cash this game just has been going down hill for years.
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6 years ago, Tjderning
Great game but changes needed
I would like to start by saying that this is a phenomenal and addictive game that a ton. I play this game a lot and have probably spent upwards to $120+ to get gold bars and Coins to post the crazy sitting game. The biggest problem I would love to see changed is that when the chicken of she player forfeits the game because they realize that they cannot win I as the player being forfeited on loses the experience points and that is extremely aggravating because it's happening more and more since the last update. I know/think that when you forfeit a game I believe that the game takes away more money from that player that should also go to the player that is getting forfeited on but it doesn't. This is a phenomenal game but the ONLY problem I have had the losing the experience points when the person you are playing does that COWARD move. Please fix in the next update please
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6 years ago, Lobo_Life
Good game
Love this game very addictive even tho is mostly about shooting the ball in the basket, one thing I don't like is that if another player has a better upgraded ball they have more chances on scoring, if this player has been playing for a while, or else it won't matter. The other thing would be nice to be easy to obtain are the skill points upgrades, but I guess it's good to get one skill point here and there inside the bags, not really much to change on thus game this are my preferences and other might like what I don't, so give it a shot, the other thing is the delay when playing attack or defender, there is a delayed when you get block, I had gotten block when my ball is right over the basket, this is a bug that really needs to be fix, is a timed game so getting a block when the ball is over the basket is either a glitch or slow connection, the other thing why is so expensive to get gold bars? It would be nice if offer specials or daily bars or arcade token, for a price of course, but anyways that'd my review, play the game and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed
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4 years ago, durns818
Some times
I don’t really know about this game. Sometimes I like it but mostly it frustrates the s$&T out of me. So many times in the middle of a game when I’m winning or about to win the game shut down. And I lose the money that I’ve invested in the match. The game has many glitches where it slows down at times when it shouldn’t. It’s just not smooth enough in the movements..I.e. the players ball handling and shooting motions are jerky and smooth. And it really seems like the game cheats me because really low ranked players are able to put up unbelievable scores when playing me when I Up the dollar amount that I’m betting. I am definitely accusing you guys of cheating and weighing the game in your favor in some regard. I would not doubt that you create an algorithm in order to draw people into that they spend more money on this game that’s what you companies are designed for so that people can become addicted to these games so you can make more money off of them. It’s really shady. I really like this game and I wish that you would improve functionality and at least give the people who spend money on the game A fair shot at beating the game.
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7 years ago, flannelghost.818
The wrong things about basketball stars😡
I like the game but one time I was winning by 3 points and then the buzzer rang and I was so happy that I had one but then my opponent made a last minute shot(which should not be allowed)and then they won. That's what gets me mad about this game. It kinda makes me wanna delete it. And then another time I had got a token so I could play the mini games and my wifi wasn't that good at the moment and then it took me to my home screen and I got back on the game and my token was gone! AND I WAS ALREADY PLAYING THE GAME I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!!!!!! AND IT SAID CHECKING WIFI CONNECTION AND IT LOGGED ME OFF😭and one time I got my phone tooken away and I got back on the game and it stared my character over! I didn't have no money and my character was a man(and I'm a girl)🙄but over all the game is good and I really enjoy it👍🏼but those are the things you guys need to fix. Ooooh and also instead of giving 500 dollars for free cash you should give 5000😛💸more people would download your game if you did that. And you should definitely give free matches for the career game😫thank you
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5 years ago, nein Gut
The game is fun and great but there are some serious issues. One there isn’t a lot of places to bet and win money because once you get to betting 100,000 in Central Park, there is only two other places which are Tokyo and Dubai which are limited players playing there (6 mostly) and are players of the very best in which makes you not even wanna play there because you know your gonna lose unless you spend all of your time playing as best as you can in Central Park and then play a level 90+ who has a bunch of experience and give it your best shot. There should be more match making players whin the league and level and more arenas in which we can play in and enjoy. And not have the best hog Dubai and Tokyo. Also, I’m not the best at the game but I average 90+ a game when I first started but I could never play in Dubai or Tokyo because there was always an unfair advantage to time of their shots and made me take less shots on purpose. This is a big problem which makes me want to be a great player and play in Dubai and Tokyo expect when it’s a level 20,30,40,50,60 to a level 90+, it’s really not fun and competitive but just a way for me to delate the game.
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3 years ago, cheese but go crazy
No matchmaking
I had just started to play this game when I was a level 2 and decided to go to Venice beach night after I had gotten some money. Once I got into the game i match made with a level 23(21 levels more than me) and I was startled to say the least, but I thought that it might be because of his low shot%. Turns out that he was a real level 23, and greened almost every shot he shot, except when he made the back board bonus for 8 points. In the end I had lost all my money and had to wait to the next day to spin the daily win to get 1,000 coins. Which to bring up another tangin about how the spin is rigged, I have spun the wheel about 20 times and the biggest prize I have gotten was 5,000. Another thing about this is that once you lose and try to play another game there is always an ad, but when you win there are no ads (almost like it’s trying to make you mad). 1 star if I had a 0 star option I would pick but my options are limited. If you are reading this thank you for reading my review, and you will see me reviewing other games as a hobby.(mostly those “free games” that are just really an ad reel)
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7 years ago, Bud Knox
Great game w/ a small problem that needs fixed
One thing i challenge myself to is to see how many games in a row that I can win. My record is 23 but should be 26 because sometimes, for no reason on my end, I will get disconnected from the game. It will say that I lost my internet connection but that is not so. My internet connection was fine. This has happened many times and is very, very aggravating! No fun to pay 6,000 dollars to play, be killing my opponent and then that happens and even worse is to lose a winning streak that should have gone even higher! From there, the game is super fun, very challenging and very addictive. This is now my favorite game but THEY NEED TO FIX THAT FLAW IN THEIR PROGRAMMING! I would give it 5 Stars but cannot with that flaw. I want to give it 4.5 Stars but there is no 4.5 so i have to give it 4 Stars.
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4 years ago, SongZRUS
Fun and addictive game but needs improvement
This game is great and really fun overall. It’s addictive and enjoyable. However, one issue it has is whenever there’s a connection issue either from me or the other player, the game just stops and it counts as a loss for me. Even when most of the time it’s not my fault and my connection is fine. Its the game’s own connection issue, not mine. Or its the other player’s connection issue, that somehow is my fault. And for whatever reason it counts as two losses rather than one. That makes no sense at all. It shouldn’t count as a loss at all, and should just be considered a no contest or the match should be cancelled with no winners or losers. Especially when its not my fault, most of the time. Please make an update and fix this issue because it really pisses me off and I doubt I’m the only one who has this issue. Its an annoying issue that happens one too many times and shouldn’t be a problem in the first place.
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6 years ago, Mr. Snazzypants
I played this game before, then I got a new phone and I didn’t want to make a Facebook account to pair (because like, who uses facebook anymore), so I basically started all over again. It is very frustrating to shoot with starting balls. I could get the bar right at the white line and still it is probably a 25% or less chance shot. And on top of that, Cash in the game does not mean anything, all it does is allow a player to be able to wage more in higher games, but it is not even useful in building up your own player. Also you need to pay up hard earned gold for a bag that doesn’t even have decent clothes or facial hair styles in it. Overall, the gameplay is frustrating and there is no way to get your player to be good unless you pay money. I’m fine with paying money if it’s a good game and I’m having fun, but I refuse to give money to game developers that want money right at the start to be good at the game, that’s not how it works. I hope to see an update soon or I’ll just delete it and reinstall in like 1-2 years. It’s a game with potential to be one of the best in the app store it just needs some major fixes to it.
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3 years ago, AcunaAndrew
Worth a shot but beware
The game is very addicting & a lot of fun but it’s not without its issues. For one, I find myself (& my opponent) getting disconnected from games more than a few times. This wouldn’t be so bad except when that happens the game counts it as a lose & any progress on win streaks or tournament play are erased as a result. That is unfair. The developers should either fix the connection issues OR make it so we aren’t unfairly punished for the game pooping out. Also when it comes to their leaderboards, they made it so we can’t win any score towards our standings if we face the same opponent more than once in a week. That’s not so bad except the game continues to match me up with the same opponents over and over again, hindering any progress. Again, unfair and really stupid. These are legitimate gripes but overall the game is still very enjoyable and I do recommend giving it a shot. Just be prepared to have carpel tunnel lol
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5 years ago, AGLDAGOD
Good game but needs fixed
This game is really good, when I first got it I was super into it and loving it, but now just like most the other people writing reviews I’m starting to experience a lot of bugs and glitches in 1v1 where the ball is way passed the defender or already through their hands and they somehow miraculously get up in time and block it. It’s super annoying and almost made me sock my phone or delete the game several times. And when the game lags for a minute n gets stuck mid game then next thing you know the person is way gone and already scored and just outright cheats you. Also the gold should be more easily accessible like maybe sometimes getting it in bags or making cash more useful maybe? There’s many other things I could go on and complain about but I don’t want be that person, these are the main issues at the moment that need attention and fixing. Other than that it’s a good game and I’d have no problems spending money and time on it if I seen some good changes. Thank you
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2 years ago, didjeridude
i’m glad i’m not the only one that some shady stuff happens to. in attacker/defender, how is it possible that my opponent can block my shot when it’s more than halfway to the basket, yet there are times when i jump WITH my opponent and miss blocking their shot? in shooting race, how is it that an opponent who has been making all perfect shots knows to aim for the backboard bonus before it even shows up on my screen? also in shooting race, why am i stopped from shooting at the buzzer, yet the opponent is able to shoot well after? probably the most inconsistent thing in shooting race is the timing of balls hitting the backboard bonus, and whether or not both players get the bonus. i’ve hit it and my ball gone in at nearly the exact same time as my opponent and i don’t get the bonus, while there are times when my opponents ball goes in a good second or two after mine and they still get the bonus. i love this game, it’s fun, but i’ll be d***ed if it’s not rigged to some extent
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5 years ago, Artyd1manparty
Great game but in game advertisement won’t play
In all honesty, and directly to the developers... this is a fantastic game. Fun and addictive. But the in game advertisement (for the Fair app) does not start. The 30 second timer never comes up and the screen stays the way it is until I leave the in game advertisement. This wild normally be okay, but it gives me no access to the rewards for clicking to watch the 30 second clip, because the clip itself never begins to play. Additionally, this glitch causes me to lose out on the gold bar and other daily rewards because I cannot get the player to show the advertisement. Hopefully the developers will fix this issue. I have deleted the game and reinstalled it, signed back up with my Facebook account thereby saving my character and it’s progress, but to no avail. The glitch still persists and has not been resolved. It’s been 48 hours already... and I see no threads about it, nor any messages from the developers acknowledging it. I do hope you fix this issue!
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7 years ago, Lolololo27272727
Obviously Rigged
The game is fun to start out with, but once you get your character to level 7-9, you start to see how it's rigged. You ball will be flying over your opponent's head, then BAM!, when the ball is in the hoop your opponent SOME HOW glitches and blocks it. Sometimes you can literally get a PERFECT shot (where your power is on the little white line) and it bounces off the rim and flies away, causing you to lose the match. Mostly these "Glitches" happen when you bet more, like when I bet most of my money and got paired against a level 34 when I was level 6. This causes me (and some friends I know) to get really mad, like delete the game mad. But, don't do that unless you are logged in with FaceBook or you will lose all your progress because you can no longer log in with a MiniClip ID! Even though this game has what other players call "Glitches", the game is extremely addictive. (Mainly getting customizables for your character) Just Un-Rig the game and make matchmaking fair and this will be a 5/5 from me. Until then, I'm sticking with a solid 2.
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2 years ago, shtayne
Needs more loot
I feel like you don’t get enough loot for what you have to wait for. Specially if you’re buying The season passes. All of the Goldbags should at least have one gold card in them guaranteed not just sometimes. At least. And the duplicated items is what really kills it for me. I get that it’s a pay to win game and that’s ok but when you’ve got millions of cash and u get duplicated items that switch to 1,200 cash or less it’s not only frustrating its just also REALLY disappointing. I feel like I buy a lot of bags and don’t really get anything that honestly helps. Specially when I’m waiting three hours to eight hours for bags to open just to get duplicated items from a gold bag. It just doesn’t seem worth it. I’d be more then willing to spend more money on the game if I was guaranteed to get good stuff out of them. Please consider my review. But besides all that the game play is good and the career mode is great also. Please please please fix
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11 months ago, Pyroblaster11
Basketball Stars
Hello, this is a great basketball game (been playing for years) I have my ups and downs when it comes to the bugs with this game, but overall I enjoy my experience. List of things to change&add: 1. More frequent chances to get a gold with bank shots both in shooter&defender/attack modes. 2. Keep the amount of basketball points needed to get a golden bag at 500 all the time instead of jumping it to 800 points the 2nd time because 500 points is already a long enough grind to get a golden bag(talking about the 3 challenges). 3.New levels need to be added after so many years ( like a 2nd version to each of the existing levels) just like how VeniceBeach has a night version so like each level/map should have another version of itself or just overall completely new levels. 4.Give us more ways to spend/use our money. I’m at $1.6b and I got no way to spend my money and it keeps accumulating. Let us spend our money on the standard green bag and white and gold bags should be bought with gold like how it used to be in the old version of basketball stars also change it so we only get little amount of money in the green bag in one of the cards and in the white&gold bags should only be hairstyles/clothes/tattoos etc. Hopefully you’ll read this review Thanks for this amazing basketball game 👍🏻
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7 years ago, Victor Lobé
Facebook Issues/Rank Matching
It’s happened to me quiet a few times now. I would look for a shooting race match and find one. Then after going into the match I’d take a few shots and it’ll kick me out saying connecting to facebook and I would automatically lose the match. I suggest instead of it kicking you out and making it so where you can’t rejoin, instead when you renter the game then it should immediately put you back into the game you are just in. I’ve lost a lot of cash from this especially when I bet higher. Also as others have said, I sometimes get matched with people who are x3 my level and have better balls to use. That matching needs to be within a 2-3 tank ranges being lower or higher. The balls itself shouldn’t matter since you can just basically buy any ball that you want. Please fix, I’ve been playing this game for years, going off and on, and I would really like to continue and see this app improve.😊
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4 years ago, jamiebenish
LOTS of bugs
When I say lots of bugs, I mean A LOT. It’s really fun until you have enough to get to Dubai. I’m a level 14 and I always get paired up with people at LEAST 30 levels higher than me. In this game the point is to play basketball. I usually play attacker-defender. Whenever I play in Central Park or Dubai it always glitches. When I fairly get the ball in without anyone blocking it, it AUTOMATICALLY says they blocked it, even though they didn’t. Another problem I have is it should not be allowed to wait till the timer ends than shoot the basketball. It’s just not fair. When the timer runs out you shouldn’t be able to have one more shot when I can’t dodge it or move it. I mean seriously how is that fair. I also hate when my game disconnects for NO REASON and I have to end up giving my money to the other person. I’ve checked many times and my internet is fine but when I play the game it’s reconnects for no reason. It’s just your game, not my connection. Thank you for your time and I hope you can fix these bugs soon. From, an annoyed customer
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6 months ago, Big noahhhhh
very nice game, but rigged🤨
i love this game but it’s rigged and unfair sometimes. i’ll be a level 25 and then go against someone who’s level 45 and who has WAY better stats than mine. in attacker - defender, it’s sooo rigged, i shoot the ball and it’s clearly going in and then the opponent somehow blocks it. also, sometimes i slap the ball out of my opponent’s hand and then it just glitches and then it says that he scored. also, sometimes i go all the way to the side and then shoot, and then my opponent slides so fast to me and somehow blocks my ball. in shooting race, it’s also unfair sometimes because you can be winning by a LOT of points and then in the last second, your opponent can get a lucky ball on fire and right when the backboard appears, then he wins the game. it’s a very cool game but it has many glitches and bugs. overall, i love the game except for the rigged part.
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2 years ago, prettyluh_nay
How much i love this game💕
I love this game I’ve been playing since i was 7 in 2017 me and my sisters had fun playing it and now im 10 years old now from 3 years I’ve been playing this is a fun little game to play in stead of just playing roblox you can play this me and my sister was having fun and now they are 12 and 16 years old can you believe that I downloaded it back she was like I wanted the tattoo next thing i won the round i had got the tattoo that is a fun we laugh our heart out on this game we still play don’t get me wrong but as i said i love this game well me and my sisters do too so we all love this game i hope this game never gets banned and keeps getting all five stars and i wish it the best i could ever can thank you🥰😘
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3 years ago, Brother Rowe
I love playing this game but I am experiencing something that according to other reviews a lot of other players are two you will be ahead and really putting the beat down on your opponent then THEY disconnect it says at the bottom of the screen your OPPONENT is trying to connect it says the OPPONENT!!! I read a thread were the app developer was saying that the guy writing the review was having disconnect issues and he kept trying to explain that his connection was fine it was the OPPONENT. After looking and waiting while the screen says the OPPONENT is trying to connect suddenly the game cuts out and I lose the game and the money I spent, I’ve noticed that the developers has not answered anyone’s questions or concerns about this issue it has to be something that can be fixed it doesn’t make sense that OPPONENT can do that it almost makes me Feel as if it’s a cheat or a hack
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6 years ago, King Hezekiah
Unfair Glitches (and Hackers)
I love playing the game since it puts a new spin on basketball games. I also have the soccer version of this game and I love it as well. The problem with this, though, are the glitches. While playing, I faked somebody out twice and shot the ball. The camera had starting transitioning to he point where you see if you made the shot and how many points you get for that shot. But it then moved backed to the original camera and said I was blocked. Then, when the same thing happened to me and I tried to block when I had been faked, it goes straight through. Maybe this will be fixed in an update, but until then, I will still be upset with this glitch. After playing a little longer and reading other reviews, hackers have made this game no longer fun. I thought it was a glitch, but then I couldn’t do it. After playing some more players, I could tell that sometimes something was off. Then realized they were hackers.
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2 years ago, wow a pretty word
This is trash
I downloaded this when I was little and that’s only reason why I download it and I decided well this will be pretty great so do you know remix some childhood memories and to my surprise it’s awful they pick favorites they make the people who pay extra money they make them when all like the games just because they pay extra money and then I sit over here and I work so hard and try not to pay any money I still try so hard and then I get like 1000’s of dollars and then I just lose all of it they take away too much money away from you when you lose a game and it’s awful it’s just not good so please let this be your sign to not download this game because it’s awful and I really thought that it was just gonna be amazing like it was just gonna be some childhood memories and I don’t I will just love it so much but it’s just the opposite of that I don’t like it and please don’t let your child play this because I might end up throwing the phone.
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4 years ago, Junk ibufnfmckvnv
I like the game but there are a few glitches. The most frustrating is how you can be playing and then all of a sudden “connecting”!! I have a fiber internet connection and no one else in online but it still losing connection?! Sounds like their server can’t keep up or something. And when your connection drops you lose your entry fee because you “left the match”. Really frustrating when you have shot left to win and it happens. Also, you pump fake a shot and when the ball is about to drop in the hoop “BLOCKED”! when there is NO WAY other player came close to blocking it. Not to mention when you start getting further in career mode the entry fee goes higher and higher and then you start getting paired with opponents that are 2 and 3 times your level (I’m at level 18 and I’m getting paired with players that are level 47 and higher?! Really?). So it cost me $100K for an entry fee and I’m playing against a level 63 player. Nice.
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7 months ago, ill diss u hard
I’m giving it five stars so u can see it
It’s fun but needs ALOT OF WORK you need new IT or something because how can I PHYSICALLY not jump twice when I mess up but ANOTHER person WITH horrible WiFi can it’s annoying u need to fix that because we can’t see exactly when they jump because they lagging and then bad players beat good players not because of themselves because of the game u immediately need that fixed and when I fake someone make it the same animation as shooting I can tell when someone’s faking the shot it’s so easy to see and them to me fix it ur games needs so much work and a new update for like 24 hours of fixing because ur company is money hungry and it’s a good game that has potential
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4 years ago, 1234567890Joe1234567890
Loved this game but now i’m a little disappointed
I used to play this game a few years ago and it used to be so much fun but I stopped playing. Today I decided to play again but I was disappointed when I found out that they changed the rules of attacker defender mode. I remember how fun it used to be to be able to make basket after basket and it was hilarious and so satisfying watching your opponent struggle to stop you. But now with the new rules you don’t get to shoot again even when you make the basket. So now it’s just you make the shot, great but now it’s your opponents turn and there is no momentum to build. I get that you want to make it more fair and have each side have equal chances to shoot but maybe there could be a separate mode where you get to shoot again if you make the shot. Besides that this game is great I love it.
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6 years ago, Biglosc123
Awesome game but frustration looms
Totally hooked on this game but cannot help but notice that even if you play a perfect round you can still lose. Also, the bonus baskets will literally pop up when it is impossible for you to score on them and then you are penalized after the opponent scores a bonus and then your basket not counting as much. Very frustrating and cannot understand how if a perfect round is played you still do not win or while on other matches you are not given the opportunity to score the bonus baskets at all - on EVERY single bonus basket of the match that for some reason is impossible for you to score on sometimes. Especially true when you are trying to play in the high dollar matches that are scarce of players to begin with-this is one of those reasons if any developers were wondering.
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2 years ago, Jcalhoun0537
Slow down on AI playing
I played this game few years ago & logged in with my FB account so picked up where I left off . It didn’t take me long to realize you’ll play mostly against A.I. from starting level up to Central Park court. It’ll portray a “real person “ but if you’ll pay attention very few if any are synced with FB, no matter what I couldn’t get over $800k unless I moved up to betting $500k per match. Anything below your matchup is picked within one or 2 sec if that. If u move up to next court betting $500k it takes a lot longer to find an opponent so very obvious how they have it set up. It does have decent gameplay & graphics but does get repetitive. They haven’t updated the career mode since I played years ago so gets boring fairly quick. Would give more stars if it had less AI interaction & effort in updating gameplay. They expect one to spend $ with obsolete reinvestment on their behalf
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5 years ago, mdshule08
Good but needs changes
I think that this game could use a few more patches on glitches or bugs for example, on Attacker vs Defender the defender can pull off a block when the basketball is right over the basket, and I think you should take this into thought, considering that many other reviews are very relevant to what I’m saying. Another thing I want to have a change is the animations on the jump shot your character has. I know it takes a while to animate and add it to the game but I would probably say it’s worth it because the jump shot looks plain awful, I mean you can’t expect to make a good basketball game and have a jump shot that breaks your players back when you shoot. You should do something like 2k where everyone has their own unique jump shot. That’s it sorry about the 3 star it will go up when your game devs take a look at your reviews🖕🏼
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5 years ago, 1235ashe
Love game, but has some issues
1. This is a really fun and entertaining game. 2. Coins feel useless to me when I can’t use them to buy anything other then into another round of a game. Maybe use it to let us buy gold because right now the only other way to get gold is after matches in career or ads. Or make a clothing/item shop. Or find a way to let us use our coins to buy bags or tickets for the game room. 3. If you’re only gonna have a few bag slots then you need to make the times for it shorter or let multiple bags load at once. Otherwise it makes people feel like we’re not actually being rewarded from matches we pay coins for when we earn bags but don’t have enough slots. 4. There is some lagginess and bug issues. 5. We should be allowed to befriend other random players and have more chat options. We should be able to take our own profile picture. There should be a practice mode for the shooting (if there was one I didn’t see it) so that we can work on skills without losing coins. 6. Overall this is a really fun game, but it has some issues so I’m not gonna give it 5 stars just yet. Love the concept. It’s a great game and I would recommend. Been playing it for hours straight. -Ashley
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5 years ago, ST3N_W4RL0CK
Please fix some things
Okay so first of all in the attack-defender mini game sometimes when you shoot the ball will be way above the opposing player, but yet it will still say they blocked it, and also it will show that the ball will already be going towards the hoop though it will all of a sudden just go back to the opposing player jumping in the air and saying blocked again. It’s just really annoying because I keep losing so much money and I have to grind it back up, but it makes it difficult when the game doesn’t work. Also in the shooting race the luck ball that gives you more points is just broken because I’ll be losing to someone and then suddenly they’ll be on fire and they’ll also get the luck ball as well and then that just puts me behind even more. Other than this the game is still pretty fun and a little bit addictive.
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7 years ago, Jrock8808
Good game but horrible mechanics
Update: you can shoot a perfect game and still lose because of the horrible mechanics of this game that give the other player an advantage... The game is good and very addicting. I would love to give it 5 stars but some of the things in the game are rigged! I just played 3 separate games and only got 1 lucky ball between all three games. It’s like the game is rooting for the other player to win. The same number of lucky balls should be given to both players to keep it fair.. when u get the ball and how u make the shot is what gives u the edge.. it shouldn’t be that one player just happens to get 2 lucky balls in a row and the other player gets 1 or none or one when it’s too late. Also the ability for a player to still shoot after the buzzer is so unfair, it can’t be a lag in my connection it’s just the stupid mechanics of the game.. The game needs an update that fixes these bugs then I would recommend to friends and share it on Facebook thanks
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6 years ago, Truhth
Great game!!!!
This is a really great game. The only problem is that i hate loosing to hackers. I’m really competitive and like my win/loose percentage but when I loose to someone that is cheating is really annoying. Please add a “report user” when opening up their profile. I’ve encountered many hackers lately and I can beat them on Attacker-Defender but I can’t do much on shooting race. How to identify a hacker- for example when you go to look at their profile at the end of the game and see their total winnings is over a trillion.. yes more than a trillion, then that person is cheating. Easiest way is that their total winning don’t match their levels. I recently encountered a level 4 with more than a trillion in winnings and I ended up loosing.
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4 years ago, Ken Prince Smith
Great 5 Star game with a 3 Star rating
First off, This game is great for people that are busy with minimal minutes to spare as well as someone who has hours to play a game. The game has multiple sub games that enables some fun basketball shooting and one on one competitive moments with others internationally. What is attractive to me is that the game allows you to personalize your players physical appearance whenever you desire along with customizing your clothing style from a selection of various clothing earned in the game. It makes you feel like you can capture yourself without judgement. What hurts my heart is that others have many complaints as I have. It feels horrible playing a game wondering if the glitches will go away? Also, the messaging amongst opponents could be improved. I understand language is a barrier, but that can be addressed in many interesting ways. Making friends would be great. Lastly, the dunking in my opinion is irritating to do everyday and the prizes are worst. If it wasn’t for the notification Within the inbox I would not play it. It truly serves no purpose over time. I forgot to add the mini basketball is really fun! Overall, it is worth playing. You will enjoy playing it and hopefully add to the input of the quality as you get attached to the game.
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5 years ago, Fortnite2413
It’s ok. But need some fixes
I mean the game is awesome but some people are just too good to be in certain levels so yeah. And let’s say they don’t put people against other people like in level 30 when you are in 10. This happens to me multiple times, I’m like a level 30 and then they put me against people in level 45 or higher. And it not fair. Also if you delete the game and you used your Facebook account it won’t save if you delete it and get it again and then use your Facebook account. You lost all your progress if you delete it although you used your Facebook account. And also has glitches like you throw the ball and that person did not block it and like after you made it in it says the person blocked it and at that moment I’m like what wrong with this. It also has a lot more glitches but I can’t even describe them
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10 months ago, CrazyUncleDave
Horrible Game
They probably wont even read this because they don’t seem to care but they haven’t fixed attacker defender mode from glitches or cheaters you put money on to buy bags to get better things but all you get is items that you already had that turns into cash instead the matchmaking makes no sense i went to support multiple times and they said level doesnt matter thats just how long you played for but they dont understand that they have way better skill so its an obvious win and all i get matched with is high skilled players they say thats just because there are no rank matched people on at the time i click the higher matches but you cant possibly believe i would be the only lower level clicking on it i put money on the game support just says theres nothing they can do about it and any further replies will automatically close if thats the case give me back the money i spent
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3 years ago, Williey Dilliey
Basketball Stars
Basketball Stars is fun but I don’t like when you are winning in a shooting race it says connecting to the WiFi and it is very annoying but it doesn’t let you do anything it just sits there and spins. Trying to reconnect to the sever and it is fun but it does get on my nerves but I still like the game it is a good game created by MINICLIP. If you have the same problem you know what I am taking about maybe you don’t have problems with the sever but you have problems with the WiFi at your house, work, school, etc. Maybe you like the game when you get it but if you do I just wanted to let you know what might happened to you when you are playing the game.
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1 year ago, GamerBoi-101
Don’t play this game it’s rigged
So I used to play this game and I see why I quit. I used to have serious anger problems, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Whenever you take a shot in Attacker- Defender, the ball could be half way to the rim and they would jump and STILL block it some how. Also, even though they say you play real people, most of the time you just play AI. And the only reason they need Wi-Fi is to steal your data. I have gotten ads from my area before so I already know that they have my info and probably already sold it. In shooting race, you could be winning by like 20, but it doesn’t matter because one backboard bonus when your on fire and that lead is gone. Also in shooting race, the opponent gets lucky balls and you don’t. This game is good at the beginning, but the more you play it, the more annoying, buggy, expensive, and time wasting the game becomes. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS A WASTE OF TIME
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