Basketball Wallpaper

Photo & Video
4.8 (16.5K)
24 MB
Age rating
Current version
Abdelkrim Mabkhout
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Basketball Wallpaper

4.78 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
4 years ago, epicgamer4093
I love this app because I can have my favorite basketball team and I can have amazing posters that I love the most. If you are a basketball lover like me download this app right this second so you can see how much basketball merch there is. Also, I love this because you can pick your favorite basketball team and mine is 76ers and the most potter I love is the Ben Simmons one because they look amazing and make me think I want to walk to his face and say can I have your autograph so I can get famous ( Maybe not but oh well) so if you want to have posters of your favorite players download this app right now ( I am just saying but Kobe Bryant is in this just go to LA lakers) and if your a fan of him you must download this app. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!!!!!!!! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
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2 years ago, KO Legend
It’s great
This is no doubt the best basketball wallpaper app of all time. The only thing that I don’t like is that it has a lot of ads, but you can easily get rid of them by leaving the app and going back so this is an amazing app too me.
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4 months ago, fart and giannis
It’s OK
The app itself is well organized and designed but it’s not accurate Donovan Mitchell is still on the Jazz and Kyrie is still a net/celtic and I love how the certain wallpapers are under certain teams, which makes it so much better than searching through millions of wallpapers to look for my favorite team or player. This is worth it but it’s not worth being on every single day like once every week I’m on it not every single day don’t get addicted to this.
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6 months ago, Ethan_X09
It’s ok needs some work 🏀
So since the new NBA season started I have become an OKC fan! And i was looking for some OKC wallpapers but I couldn’t find any… but then I found this app and there is some OKC stuff but a lot of it is outdated! I would like to see some SGA and all the other players who are currently on the team! This is just some suggestions thx for your time! Jesus loves you!
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11 months ago, Unknown367373
Soo many bugs
There is no search option and when you go into favorites and click a picture it kicks you out also there are blank spaces where you look for wallpapers and finally there is an ad on the bottom of the screen so it’s really hard to download pictures
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4 years ago, dhhhdhdueydbtud
Never had a better wallpaper
The wallpapers are fire they really express your phone in ways that people know u are a basketball fan butttt why the ads the app is good though I gave my friend a wallpaper and he begged me for the app I loved the app overall and it was pretty good
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1 year ago, dhcuvyxoh
I like this app but it does not have a search button witch is kind of annoying and it takes a while to load/save my photo everything else is fine,prefect and good just please add a search button.🙂🙂
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2 years ago, DarKnight568
One problem
I love this app so much and love the wallpapers but what this needs is a search bar. Like why not have a search bar. I cannot find any Ja Morant wallpapers so please add a search bar.
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4 years ago, Alyrmesh
There are so ads!!!! On top of that it won’t even let me close them. Takes like a minute for it to work. In addition, the wallpaper is being cut off and I can’t see their faces. Sorry but I just would please like this fixed. But other than that the wallpapers r great. It’s just to bad that I can’t enjoy them
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1 year ago, hi there im hugry
Great app
It’s sooo good! You can access so many of your favorite backgrounds with out a payment. All The backgrounds are really cool! If you want a great nba walpaper with no purchases nesasary. This is the app for you in every way!
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3 years ago, THE among us gamer
Very Good
I love this app. The quality of the pictures is very good. One problem I have is that it won’t let me view all of the pictures (Even when I have a good WiFi connection, I checked.)
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2 years ago, isis hordan
Basketball wsp
It’s a good app and there’s only a few problems I can’t seem to get it to work when I save it it doesn’t go to my screen
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2 years ago, RexDragonBoss
MJ LeBron James
So I think you’re the best basketball players in the world even Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan and LeBron James and James Harden and Kevin Durant I think they’re the best and this app is good because then they can use wallpapers and I needed that and this is the best app ever!
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1 year ago, Plattjjs
Great app
Its a great app able to um give you any kind of wallpaper you want, some adds but that’s fine overall a 5⭐️
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2 years ago, hidndu)hhdfmrmnd
A lovely app
I love nba and i think it’s amazing. There is nothing wrong with this app. Everything from teams to players this is amazing.
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1 year ago, Greyson Harrison
It’s so good it has all of my favorite players and it has a lot of options! The only down is that side is that’s there’s a lot of adds. But other than that it’s really good.
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4 years ago, joshy615
Great app
It’s a great app because you have a lot of options to choose and there’s not that much adds to deal with!😃
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12 months ago, ja Jordan
This is the best
This game has all my favorite wallpapers there’s nothing else I want to say so please get it Please get this game yes it is good
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1 year ago, jimmy!!!5
There are some cool wallpapers on the app but a lot of stuff is outdated, for example Kevin Durant isn’t on the Warriors, Kyrie isn’t on the Celtics, James Harden isn’t on the Rockets, LeBron isn’t number 23 anymore, and they just never add any more pictures.
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5 years ago, DayquanSmith
Gives you a lot of options to choose fr best basketball wallpaper app in my opinion and not a lot of ads
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4 years ago, im a xxxtencion fan
The adds are unreal there are so many adds and it won’t let me close them that I had to close the app and go back in it again oh my gosh to maybe it would be nice if it didn’t take 9 hours to load on picture, and every time I click on a picture it Kicks me out soo Please fix this app rn
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3 years ago, scoopyfd
GREAT APP. Could use a make ur own mode
This game is great but it would be fun if they had make ur own wallpaper mode. I just got it so I don’t know if there is tho!
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5 years ago, Michael favin
I love this app
My screen has never looked better
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1 year ago, chris_ish
Quality of the pictures
The quality is not cool ,not hd ,the quality for me is really bad i think u can let clients choose what quality they need?
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4 years ago, Jermo262
Not HD...
The wallpapers are very nice but the quality in them aren’t the greatest their not 4K and most aren’t in high quality once downloaded and put as wallpaper on phone.
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2 years ago, BASKETBALL45557
Great app 5 if weren’t for adds
This app is a great game but has a few adds now and then I would recommend this for ballers like me it’s an awesome app 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
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4 years ago, ArneDragon
Why the ads??
I like how the pictures are in 4K and high quality, but every time you want to look at a picture, and ad pops up and take like 5 seconds to go away. Very annoying with a wide variety of wallpapers
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5 years ago, gamingwithnoah
This is a problem I wast some
Please can I see the pictures
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1 year ago, jmetlow
Get this
Great just need a picture of ja Morant and less ads
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4 years ago, i like it so much😁
The best
This is the best because I was looking for Kobe brayant and they had like a lot of images of it so that’s what I like
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4 years ago, matthewzamora
Giannis Atentokoumpo
I like this because it has my favorite basketball player
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1 year ago, jetwill3rd
Come on
Like bro it is like someone is hacking me like it just crashed my phone when I was using it so please can you make it better just please
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5 years ago, ggghgfryu
If there was one word for this app it would be amazing 10 out of 10
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1 year ago, Fonte26
Pretty good stuff finding exactly what I’m looking for
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2 months ago, Duusjh
Way too slow! It takes forever to download a wallpaper
Way too slow
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4 years ago, ajayi.junya
Basketball wallpapers
Trying this app was very cool because the designs were great
Show more
11 months ago, Tj 360
A+ rating
It great just a little to many ads, besides that it’s a great app😁😄😃😀
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3 years ago, JaydenXD1
I hate this
I hate this app because it takes a minute to use the wallpaper you want and to many ads please fix you're app or just delete
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4 years ago, josephthegoat
Joseph Sowards
Found everything I was looking for.
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4 years ago, Mrs.Storey
Why I rated this a three
I rated this a three because the app has not been updated in 11 months so I can not get pictures of my favorite player (Ja Morant) which is very annoying.
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4 years ago, gamerwhoisguy
It’s alright
Needs more modern selections for players who have been traded, it only shows them with there old team
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4 years ago, ADS SUCK🤬
I absolutely love this app it gives you so many choices ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Pa Tay Tay
Basketball WP
I think it’s pretty cool because you can pick ur favorite teams
Show more
4 years ago, KDubbCheer
Please fix
Every time I Change the color it crashes
Show more
4 years ago, rfhhjhfded
I finnily got a wallpaper that had a perfect picture of devin booker get this game
Show more
3 years ago, dvgijchhhv
It’s alright it don’t really work for me
Show more
4 years ago, luckettj55
Thank for making this
Love it
Show more
4 years ago, BKCJ_Baby
There are way too many add every time I click on a picture and it’s annoying
Show more
1 month ago, Explore fortnight
Not letting me download anything and I can’t see some of the pictures
Show more
6 months ago, RindiNd
App review
The images are okay but they lied in the app description when they said high quality images cuz all of them are blurry
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