Bass Booster Volume Boost EQ

4.4 (9.9K)
17.8 MB
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Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Bass Booster Volume Boost EQ

4.38 out of 5
9.9K Ratings
3 months ago, DustyStuart
Good app, does what I need it to do
I was looking for a simple graphic EQ app that would allow me to tweak the EQ settings to accommodate the tonal characteristics of several different sets of headphones that I have (as different models of HP’s and earbuds have their own inherent sonic characteristics, that can vary from just slightly to significant) while listening to MP3 and WAV files that I have stored on my iPhone (12), and I found that this app works well in allowing me to dial in custom EQ curves for each pair of phones/buds that I have. The app was free (or at least the version I installed is the free version), and so far, after listening to music for over half an hour, my listening hasn’t been interrupted even once by any pesky adds or pop-ups, and that’s a pretty rare thing when using free apps. I rated this app only 4 stars, not because I’m unhappy with the app’s overall function or sound quality, but only because there’s no way to save different EQ settings for each of the different sets of phones/earbuds I have… but, I also admit that I’m being pretty picky in my expectations, too, considering that the app is totally free. ;)
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10 months ago, Lukekylestanley
Only imports songs
I have over 20 music folders on my phone in files that are basically playlists , but I could not import these folders into this app . The app wants me to import songs, and that is ok, but when you import songs from your phone onto the app and you have over 2,000 songs it is burdensome to try and recreate a playlist again….especially when the songs you import from your phone don’t have specific titles and names. This app offered almost everything I wanted except for that. I wanted to increase the volume in my sony 720s, and it did that perfectly. However, I can’t use the app if I can’t import playlists or music folders. I just can’t import each song individually. And let’s consider I do import each song individually. I can’t even hide the songs from the “songs” list on this app, and this means if I import 50 songs and create a playlist on this app, then when I want to create a new playlist with 20 more songs those 20 songs are added to the previous 50, and so on. So therefore it’s now 70 songs I have to filter through to make a playlist. Then as I add 20 more songs, you can get the picture. It be becomes ridiculously burdensome to song for song try and create multiple playlists, when the songs you import all stay on the same file. The best solution would have been that after you create a playlist using this app, that you can then go to the songs file and delete the songs from that file while maintaining the songs in the playlist.
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2 years ago, Gameplay13241
Best Free! Version out there
This is only true free volume boost and bass boost I can find. Working with the new QC2 earbuds. Gives a nice bass boost to my rock music. Only 4 stars due to my opinion. Let’s me access my Apple Music. However, I can’t create playlists through this app unless I put my music dedicated solely to the app. So I can’t play my workout, lawn work, house work playlists. So in will have 2 sets of music on my phone. I don’t do Apple Music subscription. I see that being a problem for those users as well. All in all good app. You just have to find your own workaround.
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3 weeks ago, King Northerman
This is only an audio player
If you are looking to boost/adjust your iPhone's sound volume there is no other way than getting a speaker or using the iOS's built-in EQ tucked away in the Apple Music settings found in the Settings app at the Apple Services section before the TV Provider. From there you can scroll down to Audio settings and it will notably adjust sound as you would expect. The EQ does not change the sound drastically depending on the iPhone model but it is the only one you can use on iPhone that works best. There are no third party apps that can change sound quality in any way. But if you want the loudest sound possible on an iPhone it is recommended that you set the iOS built-in equalizer in Apple Music's audio settings and set it to 'Late Night' where it is notably louder that any other setting. If you read this by now you should know not to trust any falsely advertising apps on the iOS only App Store as the developers can tell Apple one thing to then give the users another.
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2 years ago, Animaldrummer04
Is this really free and no ads???
I’ve spent about 20 minutes on the app store looking for an EQ that doesn’t want me to pay a monthly subscription to use it. Downloaded this one, just tested it real quick from a song i have in iCloud drive and it works as expected (the EQ part is all i tested). I saw a review about getting a lot of ads that the developer replied to saying that there was an option in settings to get rid of ads. While i didn’t experience any ads, I was still interested in paying the developer $2-$3 to show my appreciation but i don’t even see an option to purchase the app anywhere. Is this a truly free AND ad-free eq??? :capitalism sweats nervously:
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10 months ago, sla-dreamer
Downloaded the app, messed around with the settings found that when you put the “maximum boost” on in the app it equals the maximum volume in the player w/o using the app. I didn’t mess with the equalizer at all so maybe using that you can get a slight increase over the standard volume settings but otherwise the “boost” just raises the volume to the level that you were already getting in the basic volume control. It tricks you in bro thinking it’s boosting the volume by starting with playback at a lower volume and the when you boost the volume does rise, but if you compare it to what you were already getting with the base volume app this “volume booster” app does literally nothing. I forgot to mention that 1 plus is that you at least get to test it for free. The use of the app isn’t hidden behind a paywall.
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1 month ago, AKIPPIHIRO
Works Great! #1
The low rating people just don’t know how to use it correctly is the problem. Some mentioned it doesn’t work on iPhone 12 but I have an iPhone 12 Pro and it works perfectly fine and no one has to subscribe nothing u can import you own songs on this app. I suppose all the mobile phone illiterate people can get frustrated because of their own illiteracy and blame the app. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use this awesome app. Keep up the beyond a great job and thank you for creating such an awesome user friendly app!
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3 months ago, Him dammit
I found you!!!
I’d been looking for a way to boost the sound on my iPhone. Owlfiles is nice. But recently the updates have messed up features I liked(when the screen is locked it won’t continue to play songs without interacting,no equalizer. ) but with this. I’m able to pretty much do what I want with my music. I can even pull the songs form oldies and use them. I like this. I’ve setup a custom playlist. And setup the sound for the bass rumbling ear shaking sound I wanted. Yes. I found this amazing app. I love it!!
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1 year ago, some random guy : /
Needs more songs and access to other services
Hi I found this app and it’s great but I don’t pay for subscriptions so I don’t have iTunes or anything so I’m stuck with the music on this witch is OK but I think it would be a lot better if the app gave you the option to customize the audio output on your phone or speaker all around. Overall though the app has a very nice considering it’s completely free.
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4 days ago, smoke dat 420
Great app
Finally found an app that doesn’t have ads every 2 seconds or makes you pay for premium just to do anything in the app. This works great for boosting the volume or bass without distorting the audio. One downside is that every time you change a song, the audio cuts out for a second but that’s a small price to pay for an app that works as intended without any money coming out of your wallet.
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2 years ago, Reyna36
Just to distorted
I have used and purchased well over 20 apps in hopes of adding an equalizer to my music to play in my vehicles and home stereo and can't seem to find an app that doesn't destort the music I have on my phone. having experience with sound mixing and DJ for many years I do have a base knowledge of how to mix. This app has potential in my opinion but once I BT in my truck it just sounds distorted. The system in my truck is highend and I hoped for a better sound. No offense to the developer. Just seems tough to find an equalizer app that can reproduce a good sound at high volume
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7 months ago, Felix-The-Fun-Fox
Great music app, but albums covers disappear.
This is a great music app, I’ve been able to save tons of songs to my phone and such. But theres one problem I have that keeps occurring, the album covers I give my songs only show when I play the song. I don’t know if its just my phone or maybe I’m bumping something but if anyone else is having this problem please reach out.
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2 years ago, Lackkuchu
the application is very good, the sound quality is good but still very raw application, I listen to Internet radio and it stops very often, I have to click on another radio and return to the one I was listening to start it, otherwise it will not start in any way. There is no category search in internet radio. I would like the sound processing to extend to everything that sounds from the device on which this application is installed, if of course this is possible.
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1 year ago, Jjfazgam
Cant equalizer iTunes
If you purchased your music from iTunes you cannot use this equalizer with those downloads because Apple puts a restriction on your downloaded music that stops you from altering it. This program will not allow you to equalize those songs. So if you’re just using this for iTunes, find something else …this is a good app only because it doesn’t gather information about you. Once again you can’t use this for anything you purchased on iTunes.
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6 months ago, praetorian28
Good equalizer, horrible playback
The equalizer is great! Simple and efficient to get the sound you want out of your music. However, the playback is frustratingly poor. If you connect to your iTunes, the app has difficulty recognizing most of the songs on the playlist. So if you want to shuffle the rough like a normal player, forget about it. Frustrating that this is the case and most of the times the player stops, or you have to select a song individually to play. 👎🏻
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2 years ago, Jeddy2047
Great equalizer but….
The equalizer and bass boost work great and well worth the cost of the app BUT, I wish there was an easy way to save my favorite radio stations so they were easily retrieveable, especially the onesI have to search for every time I use this app. Also wish “Pandora” and “Tunein” were available with this app. Also, this is pretty bare bones. You could do a lot more with visual stuff.
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8 months ago, obtrunco
Love it
I love the fact that there’s no subscription plan , just buy it. It helps when I transmit to my Bluetooth FM transmitter as the bass isn’t specially good. Aside from that, it would be great having the option to add any online storage aside from the popular ones, or at least link across other apps . Also, be able to link to any other online radio besides what’s on the list.
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4 years ago, Manoosha92
It’s a great app to add music from mp3 files from the mobile and listen to them offline without creating a folder with the mp3s copied in that folder like other apps so and a great app in arranging songs in playlists but I have a little issue with it about the ads that almost pops every minute after adding any song but rather than that is sooo perfect I recommend it for anyone good job 👏🏻👍🏻
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2 weeks ago, Brantley Jonesssss
Pretty nice gets the job done!
The only problem is that if your playing Apple Music the music has to already be bought on iTunes because you can’t edit music without purchase legally but a plus is that you can play files from your downloads!
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11 months ago, fazedragon74
I played god taught me and the bass was really good in my car and then I used this app and the difference was insane free bass boost and volume boost FREEEE with google drive Apple Music doesn’t work with bass boost sadly but it works Apple Music google drive files and more ways to import music can edit song names and make playlists it’s great 5* 10/10
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7 months ago, Eltronographer
Super Rad!
Yo, this thing rips. It delivers a super clean base as almost if you have a sub in your car. It also has amazing radio channels and genres that you can pick from. Best friend one of my favorite radio stations is the drummer Bass one, and it drops! I highly recommend this app for anyone has a car without Bluetooth.
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9 months ago, MIOmygod
shortly after downloading the app, I encountered a problem after selecting Apple Music from the menu I was notified that “Due To the DRM Apple Music restrictions”, I would be unable to tweak my music today while streaming…. Disappointing ! The app is categorized as an EQ but the EQ functions are buried in a sub menu. Where you might think the app would open with equalizer settings and the standard play forward rewind repeat loop features would be the default visual interface.
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1 year ago, xposr63
I’m Lovin’ It!!!
I picked up the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III clear speakers at a yard sale and am really digging the sounds coming out from them. Of course I want more bass and more control, and so it lead me to wanting to see what an equalizer could do to bring out the nuances in the music. Well, this app really hits the spot. I’m feeling my groove now.
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9 months ago, MashaCashmere
Perfect except for two things
I would love to be able to add reverb options and also the option to change background image with blur feature. Otherwise, perfect simple straightforward and versatile app. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Chevy vanster
This app is amazing it’s free to use and it has amazing features I just hope it does not become like the other apps that you have to pay because it took me forever to find a app like this amazing. It has a lot of amazing features best app I have used
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1 year ago, DΙSSΔΡΟΙΝΤΞD
This is the best free app there is! It’s 100% Free and the eq is really good. I recommend getting this app!! To the creators: thank you so much for this awesome app!! I use this for second Gen. AirPods (not pro) and this app makes them sound so good! Totally recommend to anyone with AirPods or anything else actually. Thanks for reading! 😁😁😁
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3 years ago, JpRivera_1
The updates
Your most recent update makes it so you can’t see what song is playing or the time on it. I liked being able to see all of that from the Home Screen. I’d like it if you were to add that back, and the loop button doesn't work anymore
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3 years ago, AdamsApple22
Bass Booster is apple groovy
I am a recording artist and Ive found this has become my go to app. Not my go to PLAYER (it is) but it organizes your music, shares easily between studio apps , file formats, and scources of music. I love the personalization and metadata editing options. The “pay” version includes a multi band eq and preamp (volume) sluder
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2 months ago, Verbs Water
Bass Booster
I love the base boosting and equilizer controls, the sound enhancement is top tier, would have given it all fives, but the one and only drawback is the little add bar in the screen that you can’t remove and you can’t enhance your playlist independently of the app, otherwise it’s worthy for a free app, very worthy.
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4 years ago, DedalMusic
Very good
I have been looking for an app that easily lets me listen to music for my iphone. I tried a few but this one was by far the best. The process of transferring the music is a bit of a pain but its better than what other apps offer. Overall great app. No intrusive adds btw.
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5 years ago, %__max__%
Please add support for private clouds/servers
Great idea for the app, because the standard music player requires too much effort to load files into it! But, please, add NextCloud support or, at least, FTP-server support. Don’t force users to create an account on Google/Dropbox and share files with them. NextCloud allows to run a pretty reliable private cloud on your computer or NAS.
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3 months ago, Gotalot
Great app
I do not normally leave reviews. Not only this version of the app is free but it works better than expected. No I can really enjoy my B&O H9i headphones. Bass is amazing. If you know what you want to hear the settings are all there. 6 stars if I could
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3 months ago, Philz Nutz
I originally got this app expecting it to be another waste of time and space. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that it actually does what it is designed to do! That’s a shocker for sure. Thanks!
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6 months ago, HeyItsKay1992
Works well with mp3 on Apple Music
Finally I can crank the bass in my new headphones. If you have good headphones and high quality audio files this will take your listening experience to the next level
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1 year ago, Joe Scanner
It works and it’s free!
This app is great. It does everything I need it to do. It works seamlessly with all my audio platforms and can be used with your music library while connecting to your Bluetooth devices.
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4 years ago, biden 2020 in a nursing home
I love the app
I love how you don’t have to pay I have tried to find a bass booster app that you don’t have pay for bit some of the songs I have no clue what they are like I clicked on hip hop/rap and one of the songs were Indiana songs.
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5 years ago, MikeShinodaisawesome
I like this app because I don’t have to have to listen to ads between songs and have my phone off while listening is great. It did take me awhile to find a way to get songs on though. Overall good app that doesn’t have trials
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3 years ago, Carmeljs
Great and bassy but one thing.
So this app is amazing on my Beats Solo 3 Wireless Pop Collection and very bassy with no distortion but every few minutes when I'm listening to Hot 97 and Power 105.1 the audio stops then comes back on after 10-20 seconds. Can you please fix this. Thanks! :)
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2 years ago, new aplication user
Bass Booster is AWESOME!!!
Love the EQ, BASS, VOLUME features! Also let’s me search and add multiple radio stations. When I click next it jumps to the next station, it’s like searching radio stations in your car! Can’t wait to listen in my car stereo.
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4 years ago, Poland Springg
great !!
my only problem is whenever I try to edit a song info on my downloads, the save button is grayed out. so I can’t tap or save it. also would be nice to have a fast forward and rewind feature 👻
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4 years ago, OliveSiern3
It’s what I wanted
Except it likes to skip songs often when it’s only a minute away from the ending with no explanation, and it’s not a incomplete download because you can go back and play that portion of the song, other then that and the constant name and icon change from equalizer, to bass booster and a few others it works as needed
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4 years ago, Elmuba
Thanks for putting this app together.
Apple Music app is just a pain. I Looked at so many apps but luckily I came across this one. It is very simple and straightforward. It should be higher in the listing on the App Store. Thank you Question: how do we remove the adds?
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1 year ago, John R S.
This is Awesome!
I was looking for an app that will allow me to change the treble on my cheap family dollar blue tooth speaker which was hurting for some help... I found this on the App Store and it's freakin' cool. Props and the author. I just began using it but it is awesome so far.
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3 years ago, Brenden Vallad
I like it a little
Do you think there would be any way you could support music from Treble? Because I don't have iTunes for nothin like that just treble and that's where all my music is
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2 months ago, bunsup
Better quality sound
The sound of my phone is now much louder and better quality...
Show more
2 years ago, Alfamonk
Such a shame.
This could've been the best equalizer app... Unfortunately, this is probably the only app that can play my Apple Music songs, but can't apply equalizer, bass boost or volume boost due to some "DRM restrictions". Sad, because I would even pay for that function. And I am sure it can be done, as other players already do it. If that would change, I will also modify my rating. As it is now, it's useless.
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1 year ago, what's burger
Needs work
Audio amazing. I wish it could be more customizable with custom app logos for the user and custom backgrounds too. I would give it five stars if it were more customizable.
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4 years ago, An Apple device user.
An amazing app, but...
When I edit a song(s), they let me change the cover picture, but I don’t see it changed. Please fix this problem.
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3 years ago, Ana's kids
When I put my song on repeat - it repeats only twice and I constantly have to move song back and forth to play it over and over again. Why repeat does not automatically repeat song again unlimited amount!? My kids want to hear one song all the time and while driving I have to deal with this player. Tiring!! And not safe!
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4 years ago, the girl with no jams
Update ruined the album covers
Last week I was using the application and it was working fine. I could see the album cover of what song I was listening to, but later that night all my music has no album cover just a grey cover. Can you please fix this problem
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