Bass Tuner BT1

4.6 (877)
6.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
JSplash Apps
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bass Tuner BT1

4.64 out of 5
877 Ratings
3 years ago, J00000008
Bass student
I’ve just started learning the double bass and struggled with a clip-on tuner to find my pitches. This app is EXACTLY what I needed. It’s simple, tracks extremely well, it has an attractive screen (the “signal line” inside the color bands is a great feature! You can really nail down your intonation) and the full screen makes it SO easy to see from a distance. And yes, it picks up low tones that a standard tuner just can’t seem to handle. Another reviewer mention the app picking up background noise. It does, but I imagine that comes with making it sensitive to low frequency. Something to be aware of. All in all, a solid app! Get it!
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3 years ago, jonbopper
Great for long tone exercises on winds and brass
I started using this with my Bari sax and am now using it on my other saxophones too. The tuner makes it very easy to see any pitch fluctuations as you’re playing. It also doesn’t freeze up like some other well known tuning apps. Highly recommend trying it. Free version works great!
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3 months ago, The Bassiah
Wow this app works so well!! Literally just got it a couple minutes ago and it can get the note like no problem! I wonder if maybe it could be updated so there is a feature for the drone notes to be held out indefinitely so that I can practice to a drone? That would be epic!
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2 weeks ago, JelloHello_
Double Bass Tuning
When I tried using the regular tuning app from you guys (Tuner 1), it couldn’t pick up the E and A strings on my bass. But when I downloaded this, it picked up those strings really well!! Not only does it work on basses, it works on my violin too! This app is great!!!
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2 years ago, beanpear
Great tuner, but tons of lag
Seems to be one of the best free tuners I can find. The coding needs a big fix though. Every time I try to shut the app down after using it, my whole phone freezes up and I can’t even exit the app until it in freezes. Which can take a few minutes at times. Would be a 5 star if the app didn’t lag
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2 months ago, Abessler
Excellent tuner! (tuba)
I’ve been a tuba player for a good while now, and I’ve had to deal with mediocre tuners. So it came as quite a surprise- this one is actually super intuitive, accurate, and sensitive! Highly recommend for your bass tuning needs.
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2 years ago, LilIdiotDumbBoi
Amazing tuner, non intrusive ads
This app has ads but they stick to a small banner that is out of the way of everything you need or use. 10/10
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6 days ago, Some girl on the app store
Beginning bass
I’m beginning to learn bass and I needed to tune mine, I saw that this tuner had good reviews so I downloaded it but it was so laggy I couldn’t use it- even though I literally just downloaded it. The app looked like it would work great but it lagged so badly unless there was a consistent tone (my voice) I’m a little disappointed, it seemed like it would work great. Maybe it was an issue on my end :/
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2 months ago, fastforwarded
The last bass tuner you’ll ever need
It’s perfect - so easy to use, you can easily see where the next note is, if you’re sharp or flat, and it can get a pro level tuning.
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4 years ago, S q u i d k n e e
Great for upright bass
It is very accurate and really helps me improve my intonation and is also able to pick up on the E string very well. I highly recommend this app if you want to tune your bass more accurately and improve intonation.
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2 years ago, Emma's reiews
Good guitar
This is a really good app my guitar was out of tune like very out of tune and I tried a lot of apps and then I found this app my guitar never sound better I recommend this app.
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8 months ago, Shabudi
This is the best app for iPhone I have ever used, I have already recommended it to all the friends that I know play bass and they love it. so thank you for this app
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5 months ago, WJK2023
Quick and accurate.
Always use it before playing. Easy to get tuned and accurately.
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11 months ago, elchingonmancos
Works great for bass
Works fantastically! Most tuning app have trouble with acoustic bass but this app is precise and easy to use. No annoying addons. Highly recommended
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5 years ago, CheathamFamily
Double Bass Heaven
This app is amazing. It does pick up other sounds but when playing a double bass nothing interferes when you are tuning it. I don't know what's so great about the pro version... The free version works sufficient to my needs
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2 years ago, OG Supa
Love this app
It works . Make sure you are in a semi quiet environment 🤷🏾‍♂️ But the tuner on the neck stuff . That always break . The plug it in the hole dang man I forgot my battery tuner are dated concepts in comparison to this app. It just works salute to FENDER
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4 years ago, Someone-giving-opinion
I would add another star but the app is able to hear quit background sound which makes the app a bit hard with younger sibling(s) who are being noisy or if someone is playing music.
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4 months ago, 6377375474476534
Very good
10 out of 10 would try again
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1 year ago, aslscott
Works great!
I just use this for the first time. It seemed accurate and was easy to see intonation. Thanks for making this free!
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6 months ago, Jdisos
Simple and Brilliant
Better than my pedal. A must have for bassists. I wish i could get this in pedal form.
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2 years ago, TheRealWalt
Best tuner I have ever used.
It shows the frequency and has a tone generator so you can tune by ear and then check yourself with the app.
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3 months ago, Kyle GZ
Finally a good free bass tuner.
Dont know how i missed it all these years, but thank you for this tool.
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7 months ago, abcdefghigklmenoqrstuvwxyz
Very well
I liked this tuner very well it is about the one free tuner that helped me get my perfect tuba tone.
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1 year ago, DEE DE THEfT
It's amazing!
It's a really good tuner which you don't need to pay for.
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2 years ago, B25__--------
Good tuner
Good app, easy to use. It will pick up any sound though, so you have to be in a quiet place, but otherwise it’s great
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5 months ago, etp1800
App stopped working
Worked very well for tuning my bass, but now i can’t even open the app without it immediatly closing out!
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2 years ago, coyote0707
This app is good
This app helps me so much in band and I recommend it to anyone who is playing bass
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1 year ago, Noseflute_Sonata
Stellar bass tuner
10/10 - works as well or better than my old $200 strobe tuners.
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9 months ago, 3j7wam
Works great!
I use this app often and it works great.
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2 years ago, nic..:
It is definitely useful but can be off sometimes, it is still nice.
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1 year ago, Meow;:2,3,
Fun and exciting
I play tuba so much better now!
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2 months ago, tarusdabul
Super ppl for tunings
I love this app because it makes tubing easy.
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5 years ago, the daily pickle🥒
Meh could be better
It should have a setting for low brass and not just brass in general b/c it makes it really hard for me to play my tuba. And it also picks up every single sound in the background. It works ok tho
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7 months ago, A kid in band not a band kid
This a great free tuner that is very easy to use. Would defensively recommend to any beginners.
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9 months ago, Chasboy1
Love this app!
I love how this app lets me tune my 6 string and my bass!
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6 months ago, Mari@chi
From what i heard its good
How do i use it? I play acoustic bass and i don't know how to use it
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1 year ago, Stoopiddirtyhead78
Great app. Works as advertised which is rare. Thanks yo!
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3 years ago, @xicanarquista
truly do. I can’t imagine a more intuitive & user friendly tuner app. thank you so much 🖤
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4 years ago, WJR1989
My favorite tuner so far
Super easy to view
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4 years ago, MRPMusic
Best bass tuner app
I am a bass player. The guitar tuner apps never worked that great for me. This app is the absolute perfect tuner for bassists!
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2 years ago, a player of clash
Not bad
Good for the price, helps a lot
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11 months ago, JD Jenkins
I kinda like this tuner pretty accurate!
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2 years ago, sgmuel
Bass tuner app
This is the best because now I can tune my bass with my phone !
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4 months ago, Gamerbunny69
Doesn’t work for double bass
the two lower strings on a double bass are A1 and E1 respectively, why would you make a bass tuner app, that can’t tune a bass?? double bass is a VERY common instrument that isnt able to be tuned by this app
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1 year ago, Fernando Raymundo
App Store
I Like this I tuned One of my uncle’s Bass
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4 years ago, david - hawaii
Works for bass guitar
My 3rd tuner for bass. Works better than the others
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3 years ago, Oyl slip
Nooo bc i love this app. It’s perfect for my classes
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3 years ago, bubbah blue
Just needed a tuner
It does it’s job.
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5 months ago, lawm ma-i
Nice tuner
Great accuracy. I play bass guitar and this is the tuner I will always use!
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4 years ago, nerdkilla03
Horrible app
The app kept making a static noise and wouldn’t stop and would read/pick up any note no matter how close the mic was to the instrument
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