BayPort CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (7.7K)
80.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
BayPort Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BayPort CU Mobile Banking

4.79 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
1 year ago, biggie_818
Notifications Buble.
Looking at news and information shows 6 new notices. But when clicked on it goes to either old info or tells you can find that page anymore. Please fithe ( you got 6 new notices Buble) above app open. At very least put new news and information. Also put rates in details of savings and credit card accounts/ loans so us account holders know what each account Apr. Or apy. Is. Thank you.
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3 years ago, mgb0608
Great app
Overall, the BayPort app is useful, and performs well. Transactions are reflected (mostly) in real time, I can apply for a loan on the app, and I can see my credit score. It would be great if there was an option to enable notifications for branch deposits and withdrawals, as well as debit card and ACH transactions. Most of that is available by downloading the CardCommand app, but it would be nice if it could be consolidated. In addition, sometimes the app can be a bit sluggish when it comes to giving updated balances, especially between the hours of 10:00 PM-1:00 AM. In addition, at one time, it indicated on the app how many online savings transfers were available before incurring a fee, but after a recent update, that was taken away. That being said, the app works well on the whole, and the employees are always very friendly and helpful.
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2 years ago, Ms.Janaf
I love this credit union. The only thing I don’t like is when you let something go through when the money is not in the credit union and then you charge me extra. I know you feel that it’s my fault because the money should be in the credit union.
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2 years ago, rjames0017
Needs work
The app is functional, but it could use a few improvements. They need to add the ability to pay additional principal on loans unless the intent is to prevent customers from saving any money in interest. Also, the check deposit screen is annoying how the image of the check moves to a different location after you take the picture. It asks if all edges are visible. The edges were visible when I took the picture, but not after the app zooms and shifts the image.
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4 months ago, kiki calliopy
Check deposit hold
Every time I deposit a check, the bank holds it for days and only releases a small portion every couple days. The full amount doesn’t get released until almost a week later…. That’s unacceptable. When I deposit a check, I need that full amount of my money at that time. And BayPort didn’t used to do this. I could deposit a check and the whole amount would appear. More recently, this hold has been happening and it’s not good.
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4 years ago, AMR, CPA
The constant mail notifications to sell me various products is super annoying. Every time I use the app I have another mail notification and it is never anything important - just a solicitation to sell me some other product. A big time waste for me and I am too busy for that nonsense.
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3 years ago, designer1523
Feed is bugged
Feed function on the mobile app shows a notification but won’t show anything and just kick you out app when trying to check and clear notification.
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6 years ago, TysGurl
Life made simple
This app makes my life so easy! I log in to deposit checks and transfer money. Then when I need to check account balances I just swipe over to check my widget! Amazing and easy! Bayport has made Life with a young family better😊👍🏻
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1 year ago, SLW1962
Time out
I love the app except for one thing and that is that it times you out way way too fast just today I ended up having to resign in to it 5 times just to balance my written record of transactions to what the bank says I have and it is extremely irritating
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1 year ago, rlspitzer
Check Deposit Feature Broken
Great app but the check deposit feature seems to be broken since iOS 16. It’s not detecting the phone rotation properly.
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6 months ago, bubbagooch88
I had the best experience at the branch in Chesapeake va on old Taylor road. Lasanda and Calandra were the best of the best. My experience was easy and fast. Calandra Is warm and welcoming. Lashonda suggested accounts that fit my needs. Will be a customer for the rest of my life.
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3 years ago, lynndda
Outstanding app. Easy t use and always up to date. I also like the check deposit feature.
I use this app daily. Very easy to use and helpful n
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3 years ago, Counselor4U
Bay Port App
As a technology challenged person, this app is very easy,and I am able to do anything that would do at a bank on my app..I have enjoyed using it..It keeps me abreast of what’s going on in my account..No more calling the 1-800 number..LOVE It
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2 years ago, LindaHerring
More options needed.
There are some kinks to be worked out. I am not able to transfer money between my accounts. I’ve called twice and complained about this still no resolution. Also why aren’t feature for card support such as card replacement or freeze card available? Because of these missing features I’ve moved my money elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Ralog503
Needs improvement
Need to improve updates on check pending
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3 years ago, RFansler
If would be nice to have the filter back on checking account transactions where I can just look at my checks that have been cleared instead of having to scroll though hundreds of transactions. Thanks
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3 years ago, Sec1880
Not accurate
The application itself is very user friendly, however I can never trust the amount shown for available funds. Transactions will randomly disappear and the reappear days later, giving me an inaccurate balance. I shouldn’t have to write down each transaction so I don’t get charged an overdraft fee. When I called to complain, that’s what their solution was. I am very frustrated with this issue.
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4 years ago, LF757
Great update
Love the app. No issues. The new UI is awesome. Only thing I would recommend is changing the naming convention to maybe just BayPort or BayPort CU. It needs to be shorten. It’s all one big continuous word right now. It’s like 3 words with no spaces. Looks weird to me.
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5 years ago, NamoMitK
Check Deposit Needs Work
New models of phones like the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max have what appears to be a different aspect ratio. When taking photos of checks for mobile deposit the scan box causes the photo to be oversized. The phone must be held far away from the check and there are no assistive borders to guide you. Please fix.
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10 months ago, Bles1sef
I love the service I receive at the Williamsburg branch. I also like the you have a calculator on your webpage. Makes it easier to balance my checkbook.
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4 years ago, Becky Basic
Bayport App
I enjoy the ease of being able to pay my credit card bill on this app, one and done. A much improved feature.
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4 years ago, babybrown45
Enjoy the bank and app
I do enjoy this bank and app. I would give it five stars if, like other credit unions, my direct deposit is available 1-2 days before the “settlement” date. Other than that, I am a pleased customer.
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2 months ago, zaynxgga
I love banking with BayPort and there mobile app makes everything easy from anywhere !
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1 week ago, Laura R.C.
Bank debit card faulty
Bayport has nice customer service for the most part, but I’m often embarrassed when I go to the grocery store, or some other store, with money in my account, and my card is declined. So I asked my dgt to use her Bayport debit card bec she had $$ in her account, declined. So shameful. Makes me not wanna use it anymore.
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12 months ago, Saucy now
It no longer seems to work with iPhone to deposit checks. The camera hangs up and you have to completely close the app. Their is no real way to reach out for app support.
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2 years ago, James Grasty
The app works the backend is down half the times I go to use it.
I’m sick and tired of half the times I need to see something with my accounts they are doing maintenance or the system is down. It is very frustrating and only seems to increase in frequency. Get it together BayPort!
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2 years ago, im not alright with this ?
Please call
I called a couple of weeks ago about my Gap insurance refund and no one has returned my call???
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2 years ago, reeee6969
Fair but slow
It’s pretty good but I wish checking mail and various items were faster or more easy
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5 years ago, ashleyalchemy
Ease of use
Great and easy use app. So helpful to do quick banking. Bayport has always been reliable and I’m thankful to have them as a bank!
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5 years ago, Kilabuck
Very User Friendly
Great way to keep track of finances. Easy to navigate around to different areas. I use this daily.
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3 years ago, Beach 07
Banking on line
I enjoy the convenience of checking my account on line.
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12 months ago, David in Norfolk
Mobile Deposit is Broken
Get error message “rotate your device to continue your deposit”. This will not go away no matter how I position the iPhone. Had same issue on multiple iPhones. Developer needs to test changes before releasing them
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2 years ago, jessbaybee
Transfers have not worked in days
I’ve been trying to transfer money into my flex line to pay my monthly payments and it’s been down. Because of this, it has been reported to the credit bureau and my credit score has decreased 38 points.
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4 years ago, J. Beasley
Absolutely Awesome
I love everything about this credit union. The people and services are amazing. Thank-you for not being like NFCU. 😊
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11 months ago, hgdsfghfdsg
Fix camera rotation for check deposit !
It’s been over a month and you can’t deposit checks through the app. The camera will not open and rotate
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3 years ago, VePee52
Excellent credit union to deal with they do thing others don’t do keep up the good work
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4 years ago, H@ppyK@t
Great app BUT!!!!
Messages keep notifying as new and unread even when there are none. Annoying...
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5 years ago, S.W. Cougers
My credit union always great service for my 35yrs Miss Iris in Denbigh is the best
Best credit union and app around I will NEVER leave BayPort my people
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5 months ago, KILLASHEILA
BayPort has the best app of all banks and credit unions. It is very easy to use and it updates easy.
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6 years ago, 7572up2down
Very easy to use and updates quickly!!
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4 years ago, #wilo1
Great little operation
I love the service and ease of banking with Bayside. I found Bayside by luck and am really happy I stumbled on to them.
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4 years ago, marcus4126
Why am I limited to only 6 transfers a month?
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4 years ago, wlynn17
Wade Lynn
I love the app! Simple to use and straight to the point for the things that are important! Great job!
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2 weeks ago, KdotOhh
Account numbers
Please post full account numbers we can see on the app…thanks
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5 years ago, BriceDuncan
Amazing app
Easy access to all accounts, great app!
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2 years ago, guygirl99
User Friendliness
Being able to locate account and routing number easily is a wonderful add in this ever advancing digital age
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4 years ago, Mrs .b
Delayed availability
It throws me off because it often is not showing the current balance which has caused me to overdraft thinking I have funds but aren’t really there
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3 years ago, KaiJai7
Compared to the other credit union and back that I use this app is so boring along with the website. It’s hard to find what you are looking for outside of your account balances.
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2 years ago, Wanna more hints
Never works
This app literally never works and always says technical issues try again later.
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3 years ago, gayport
I deposit a check through the app why does it take 5 business days before I can access my money? Why does it withhold so much of my hard earned check every week?
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