BBO – Bridge Base Online

3.3 (117)
51.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bridge Base On Line, LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BBO – Bridge Base Online

3.34 out of 5
117 Ratings
2 years ago, nemluvim
Not a good learning tool for beginners
App tries to use all conventions, including some that aren’t found in a search of other references. And clicking on your partners bid, it doesn’t fully describe the possible bid interpretations. For instance, partner bids 1 club, description says 3+ clubs, but doesn’t suggest it’s a possible short club bid. So you’re left guessing does partner have 3 only or more?
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2 months ago, Ptahmus
Irritatingly close to great
The mechanics and variety of ways to play and watch pros is outstanding. However, it has enough irritating Bridge-specific systemic flaws to be frustrating. It has been close to great for so long and the flaws are not bugs so they don’t get addressed. First, it tries to make the sampling of hands more interesting for the individual player by making most games based on the player having the best hand, but to keep the bidding competitive, it compensates by including a lot more distributional hands so there is a much greater likelihood of bad splits which frequently penalizes players who understand and play for the higher probabilities of actual random deals. Second, and more important, there are terrible quirks in the AI bidding. You will frequently feel less like you are playing with an AI partner and more like playing against three AI opponents. It does not handle doubles well, frequently passing takeout doubles or bidding over your penalty doubles. It fails to place your bid into the context of prior bids often attributing outrageous values to a bid despite the hand having previously passed our competing with preemptive bids. It tries to help by describing what each bid is supposed to mean, but you will notice it’s flaws occasionally as it will describe your hand as having completely incompatible holdings such as: 1 or fewer AND 5 or more in the same suit; showing 25+ hcp by a passed hand and other frustrating inconsistencies.
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2 years ago, Catawbabean
Trouble with app
Several times during play on the afternoon of January 12, all four of us at our table were knocked off of BridgeBase though none of us had any Internet issues. One player just had to quit playing because she couldn’t get the application to respond. This morning I was set to play in a tournament. Something happened while I was waiting for the tournament to begin and bridge base sent my partner a message saying I was not online. I was indeed online I can see how many tables had signed up I can see how many minutes it was going to be before the game started. This resulted in my partnership being canceled from the tournament. I like BridgeBase but I think this iOS application has way too many bugs in it.I ended up having to use the Internet version of the game and play in a different tournament.
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2 months ago, Chilequile
Such rude people online. No consequences
I love practicing my bridge game online. There are a few very kind people on this platform, but the majority will just lambast you for a minor error or difference of opinion. Based on the anonymous nature of this platform they feel free to use profanity and make the game miserable. Big problem? No consequences. There is a “Report” button to report abuse but I’ve yet to see any action on the part of the developers. The abuse and rudeness continues. Bridge is a civilized game that should be played cordially. There’s rarely a cordial moment on BrideBase.
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8 months ago, bridgebeginner
Not friendly to beginners
My bridge instructor recommended this app (“it’s free!”), so I registered and attempted to play with other players. My virtual partner quickly got frustrated (and snarky) with me because I was slow/not playing at his level. I was slow because I was having trouble figuring out how to use the app! It’s not intuitive like other bridge apps I have used. Also, where are the clues, instructions or explanations? There are several very good, beginner friendly apps out there. This is not one of them.
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2 years ago, niroS39
Cut the audio
I like playing bridge and like listening to music. The app takes control of audio and cannot listening to music while playing bridge.
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9 months ago, DancEncounters
So disappointing
I enjoy playing with other players, but I also used to enjoy the anonymous play with robots. Tournament style. It let me practice playing match points vs IMPS, for one thing. Unfortunately that option no longer works, even though there is still a button for it. I am trying to find another app that does the same sort of thing.
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1 year ago, AlexMwtfwiththenicknames
Site is great, but this app is trash
This app has a bug that it almost always disconnects you from the site whenever you change to another window. What to check your email? Disconnected! Want to respond to a text message? Disconnected! Want to check what time it is??? Disconnected! As a mobile developer myself, it truly astounds me that a reasonably popular app can have a bug this nasty for such a long time.
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2 years ago, bitemephil
Problems with being shut out
Playing this week we have had repeated issues of being online (we thought) but unable to play, not visible to other players, being booted from tournaments. Playing on iPad
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2 years ago, joanmill
I also am having trouble with app. While playing duplicate the screen constantly goes blank, thank you
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6 months ago, katy bg
Too Touchy!
Love to play game but it’s so touchy. Always losing game in the middle of play if you happen to touch anything. Wish it would stay on game until you are finished.
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1 year ago, IMunhappy
The app frequently gets into a state where it is stuck and needs to be restarted. Some of the ads also require clicking, waiting , and clicking again to get rid of
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1 year ago, Tennisfans
Logged out while app is hidden
It’s very inconvenient the app will lose connection to server after switching to a different app.
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2 years ago, bobbylanna
No matter what I do BB no longer recognizes my password and I never receive the email they say they will send me to change it. Would one solution be to have you completely cancel my current BB so I could start fresh by downloading a new ap? Bobbylanna
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10 months ago, xtern2020
Well played hands but seriously flawed bidding
Hands are well played, but has a fatal flaw in solitaire play as the dummy makes outrageous bids often bidding up suits with little or no strength to back it up. Makes it impossible to bid a serious game
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9 months ago, PaulKeedy
Amateur programming
It appears they turned the development of this program over to the secretaries. The people who wrote this have no idea how to write a decent program. It does work sometimes. But don’t depend on it.
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3 years ago, Morrie42
Some bad user interface
Opening dialog box with two buttons having identical names and doing two different functions. Not good
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2 years ago, Librarian Carole
No bridge
I love this site & would like to play on my phone!
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2 years ago, cccush
Not improved
Recently they changed screen layout on iPad. It is very confusing. If I go in via browser the layout is as it used to be. So I’ll be using that until they fix the layout.
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2 years ago, devilishblue
Almost every time I try to play I have to delete and re-install the BBO app.
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2 years ago, kk1's
This app has twice charged me for “bridge base dollars” without crediting me for the money. I know don’t if it is a glitch in the program or planned. But I can’t get anyone to answer my question on it. Beware.
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7 months ago, Scrabblerev
This app is awful. After a certain number of log one you get stuck in advertisements and cannot get out of them.
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1 year ago, Rv896000
Constant problems with iPad Air since June 5
Keeps freezing, dropping me from game while showing still online. Others I play with same problem
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4 years ago, violageek
Missing Shop icon
I am a huge fan of BridgeBase Online and was absolutely thrilled to learn there was an iOS version. More so, when I learned that there is a way to pay for your Bridge bucks via iTunes. That being said, I can’t find this option and their help desk insists that it should be showing up on the menu bar on the bottom after logging in. Well, it isn’t, and their own screenshots confirm this. Their help desk stopped replying to messages regarding the ticket I opened, so I guess this is just the way it is. Better help desk and having features it promises would get me to change my review to a 5.
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1 year ago, ERsueRN01!
App will not fully download on new iPad
Older version 6.2.0 will work on older Apple products but will not on new iPad. App developer needs new update please
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2 years ago, march1965
Mean spirited players
In the “casual” category, Table leaders can bump players out of the game with no warning or explanation. And advanced players are often rude. I have given up on this APP.
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2 years ago, 1kr@zney
App will not open on my iPad
My app will not open. I just get a white screen. Can’t find any one to contact to fix.
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3 months ago, Willielily1
One Redeal Accepted is enough. Don’t need to flood page with several!
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2 years ago, robomommy1
So one sided
Played all afternoon I never got more than 4 points Partner the same Both opponents had super points every hand Not worth it, very poorly done
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7 months ago, Red Ridley
App does not work with IOS
App is unstable on ios products. Totally ridiculous company has not fixed super bug.
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11 months ago, Glory Mc
Cannot login
Having a difficult time registering and logging in.
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3 years ago, notyoboy
Seems slanted towards EW when playing anonymous.
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3 years ago, Shoot me!
Complete Frustration
I am new to this app. Joined when the shelter in place began and we all had to go to playing online. Initially all was good, playing solitaire and playing in my clubs virtual tournaments. But I have had nothing but complete frustration trying to play casual games with my husband and/or my normal bridge partner. Only once have I been able to play a casual game with my husband. The problem is when we both sign on, it says that we are both offline. It makes no sense, since we are both online! I have emailed support multiple times and get a generic response. Finally got a response today and it didn’t help at all. I am going to be looking for another avenue to play casual bridge. I’ll keep playing virtual games with my club, as that is my only option. Would love it if somebody at BBO could figure all this out!
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3 years ago, Gklprrs
Issue starting a table with friends
Have been playing with friends for years. As of a couple weeks ago, it’s like we sign on in a parallel universe. I can see one other player is online and the other two players can see each other but don’t get invite to play from me and other player. Have had to sign in and out many times to finally be able to see each other. Support people responded with something completely unrelated to my email and haven’t responded for over 2 weeks now to my reply that asked them to please read and respond to my original two questions. Just sent another reply asking them to reply to the first question. Did an upgrade trial but canceling and looking for another bridge app
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7 years ago, MartyFlutterbutt
Too much down time
This is a good game although it doesn't help much if you are learning. The biggest issue is the amount of time you sit waiting for someone to bid/play. It appears that a lot of players just leave the game without making their departure known. So you are sitting there waiting for someone who isn't there. They need to make sure everyone who asks for a seat knows how to exit the game properly.
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7 years ago, Silly move
What a mess!
I know intentions were good but the update is awful!! No chat on iPad2. Had to go dig out old original one to be able to play!! The format is horrible and so "in your face" bold when you sign on. Can't find friends as easily. Have to search and fool around to see where everyone is. Why remove the More Tab?? Let one have a good over view of friends while playing Have to tap chat button every time you want to say something and it stops working without reason so then no chat at all. Want the option to go back to 3.91 version. Your advertising is going to suffer from lack of use! Still don't understand why we can't use 3.91?? Customer support emails were more than rude!
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11 years ago, bridge fan
Well for long time I waited to play on BBO on my iDevices. Finally I was excited. Downloaded. Well good try BBO. The graphic is lagging. Although it is usable on iPad, it is almost unplayable on my iPhone. The screen is too much squeezed, hard to see the text and really hard to select the correct bid due to the positioning of the buttons. If you want to keep the same playing experience you have on BBO, you must change the UI. In addition, where are the human players? Playing with robots is not fun for me. Please improve as the other bridge programs here have much better setup and playing experience. Standing by till the next improved release.
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7 years ago, TN Gma
Hate the new version!
This version is ugly, hard to navigate and pops up in the middle of my game when a friend comes in to ask me if I want to "greet them" in Chat. Since I added a lot of top names in bridge as "friends", so I could kibitz them, I bet they would be very surprised if a complete stranger greeted them every time they logged in. This is just one example of the useless features added to his update... The new update looks amateurish and is not functional with so many features Not related to playing bridge online. If you could offer the option of going back to an earlier version I would happily accept... please!
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6 years ago, Docweas
I Am Not Alone v. 5.0 Issued
No Ipad users can get this "update" to view in landscape orientation. Contacted their help folks three times and they seem on another planet. Beware updates; when they are issued they are ofter downgrades. As far as nasty people on site, you will find them everyehere on the internet. Just keep plugging. Dec. 7 update: Took a month to repair the chaos unleashed in discussion above. Nonetheless, it's still the best show in town for online bridge players
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9 years ago, wkrasl
Fabulous (and Free!)
If you play bridge, or want to learn, get this app. Anonymous login lets you bid and play with 3 robots, and after every hand - instead of bidding next hand right away - show Results of previous hands for review and playback. You can also see how Other Tables bid and played the identical hand in duplicate competition with you. If you register, you can play for free with and against other real live players or sit and kibitz while watching them play. There is never an obligation to spend money, though you can choose to pay a nominal registration fee for real live world-wide tournaments, personalized tutoring in the Beginner and Intermediate Lounge (BIL) public club room, etc.
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3 years ago, BUB nicknames
I’m not one to pay when I can play for free, this app allows for that perfectly. My main issue is there is no settings feature that allows you to turn off sounds and keep them off forever. It wouldn’t be so bad but the app stops background (music) apps. So frustrating to have to go back and forth to try and listen to something while playing.
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7 years ago, Sodasara
Horrible new version
This new version format is horrible... I would play the old version many times at all hours of the day. New version format is not what a bridge player likes to see, put it back in a real hand format. I don't think you'll find anyone that plays bridge liking this format. And the quick auto if your robot partner is dealer!!!! What is that all about. Many bridge players play online for practice and this format is in no way conducive for that (use to be). Afraid I'm now switching to another online bridge until or if you ever change it back. Horrible
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6 years ago, JazyJudy
Doesn't have features like older version
What happened to the features that used to be part of this app when playing wth robots? The older version showed other tables that played the hands so you could gauge your skills against other players and learn from your mistakes and it also showed the IMP points earned. This is not near the program that I was using. The other version was exactly like the one I use on my computer. Also, this version will not display in landscape view--a definite turn off. Anybody know how to revert to the older version?
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10 years ago, rosegirlaustin
Getting better
This is definitely getting better. Last time,I downloaded,can only play with robot. Now it is real people, real game different format of scoring and tournament. Some of the content could be displayed in relatively smaller font to make it less interruptive. Team game and tournament host function are really appreciated. I will download again when that is available.
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3 years ago, Lolitabolita
To shoot me!
BBO has two servers, one for casual and one for competitive and they don’t talk or see each other, so if you want to play in a club game go to competitive, if playing casually, the competitive site won’t see you and you won’t be whisked into your competitive tourney, it will think you are off line! If you are playing clubs, your club will help you, don’t blame BBO
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6 years ago, I110O
Update ruins a good app
Prior to this update the iPad BBO app was my preferred interface to BBO. With this update landscape mode is broken and the user interface has changed in what feels like arbitrary and haphazard ways with no apparent benefit. I'm now playing on my desktop computer instead, which is a shame because that means I play much less often. I give two stars because the app does work, just not as well as it used to.
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3 years ago, Frankie1054
I’ve been playing BBO 5 days a week with friends around the world since March — our lockdown. Virtually no problems, and it’s free! It’s amazing and wonderful. That said, I wish I could understand how to pay for robots and use them so I could play with just 1 other human at times, while he learns.
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10 years ago, Jukish
Ads are killing this app
What is omitted from the new features list is that this version adds banner ads the playing table. Some are even animated, creating a constant distraction. It's very easy to accidentally touch an ad and launch it, plus the ad causes some do the screen area to be lost at top and bottom. If you log in instead of playing anonymously you lose the ads but cannot play against robots any more. If you have a previous version of BB don't upgrade to this one!
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10 years ago, Barlek75
I have played bridgebase online for quite sometime, usually anonymously. I mostly like it a great deal, but don't understand why my 2 NT response to partner's 1NT results in partner's rebid of 3 Clubs. I've never seen that as a convention anywhere. My big complaint is that lately the game will freeze and I have to abandon the play of that hand and redeal. This seems to be happening quite frequently now. Without this problem my rating would be higher.
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3 years ago, @#!%$&?
Fix the upload photo ....
My photo was approved and placed by BBO, but has not been able to upload again since mysteriously disappearing ...and I’ve also learned how discriminate robots can play ,when will they be intelligent again?
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