BCA mobile

2.6 (248)
228.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BCA mobile

2.61 out of 5
248 Ratings
3 years ago, cikobear
Jeez this UI and UX is really out of date
Go get some developer and change the UI and UX into the new or modern one. We all know that BCA is one of the most popular bank in Asia but come on, with the popularity, you all can make something better than this. Take a look at some of the rivals. They are all one million steps ahead than this lame old-school design. Seems like it’s useless to write down our thoughts or reviews here. They don’t even reply or make some changes about the interface.
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4 years ago, Al faqir
UI Need Changes!
Same like old version, not full screen iPhone 11 pro
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7 years ago, syuing y
Need new software developers
Hi guys, I have a honest suggestion . As one of the main banks in Indonesia, I'm pretty sure your company have enough funds to build a better app. Good software designers are not that hard to find. I hope you can realize the importance of customer experiences on phone apps. When other Banks's app updated with the society, your app still make us feels like in year 2000. It's not what your customer expected for a world known bank like yours. I really hope you will considerate my suggestion, this is really what your customers want.
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3 years ago, 145pat
5 star indeed
Love the capability, simple UI that works. Thats all we need rather than fancy bells like others, we don't need extra update. Right on, keep away from extra function. It served well and enough for nowadays user, stay on simplicity that matters.
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4 years ago, Ahmad Nabili
Take advantage of full screen area please
I dont know the app project still using the old ios sdk, still using old xib template, has set fixed size for the window frame size, still using old small launchImage, or anything. The app window size is so small. On iphone XS its not take full the screen area. You’re one of a large bank in Indonesia, I think you can deserve better. Please tell your dev related to this.
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6 years ago, Mckus
Great. Some improvements made. Some more required
I love the search feature in txr list Some needed additional features: 1. Use face ID to login 2. Ability to share proof of transaction directly from apps without requiring me to use screen capture
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1 year ago, Low grade app
Shameless application i have ever seen.
What kind of design and service you’re giving? Why you have 3-4 separate apps? Are you really have education or knowledge about how online things works? At last I request Apple to remove this quality less app from your store. It’s a reputation for apps store to have this much old apps in 2023.
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6 years ago, sstur1
Terribly Poor UX
This app has probably the worst user interface I’ve seen from any reputable company in years. I understand that big companies don’t have a clue what makes good software (or ui/ux) but, in that case, just hire a team who has a clue! Get a startup to do it! I’m pretty sure two fresh grads in silicon valley could do a better job in a weekend hackathon. This app is next-level terrible. BCA, you should be embarrassed.
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1 year ago, roaming_abroad
19th Century
BCA acts like a bank FROM the 1880s! Innovation? NO NO! We’re too set in our old-fashioned ways. The BCA Management team comes to work afraid they might offend their tyrannical bosses. There’s not a bank in the WORLD with a more useless App! It’s because BCA is a monopoly bank. The government should break it up. ->>In any other country Bank BCA would go bankrupt.<<-
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3 years ago, Read it later user
Finally the UI has been updated to take advantage of the taller aspect ratio. Long overdue update.
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6 years ago, DyeriWyn
Language options
I do love the app for it helps me a lot for doing transactions without the need to go to a branch. But please give an option for another language like english. I can’t use other transactions because it is in indonesian language and the alerts as well..
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5 years ago, Beijing ren
Clunky and bully
This app just forced me to update so that I can use their new features to top up Telkomsel and Indosat. News flash, I don't use either of those and see no need to update the app. But it kept forcing me to App Store even after I entered my password. That's the behavior of ransoms ware!!! BCA is bullying its customer to upgrade so they can charge more fees. What a bully....
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5 years ago, lerot
More concerned about the backend than UX
First of I've seen some pretty capable apps in Indonesia both service and fintech so it can't be a lack of programmers. Consider how bad Japanese banking apps are. What concerns me more than how bad the BCA apps are is the quality and security of the backend and who's working on that. In any case this app takes the cake in sucking.
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5 years ago, mrlessy
Most ridiculous app in 2019
It’ll win an award for the most ridiculous design and atrocious ux in the app store. Seriously. Klikbca is a hyperlink to the site. It’s so dumb. I keep telling people and sharing this app as an example of the worst app i can imagine. I asked if they’re changing the design. Nope. It’s like they’re not even trying.
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5 years ago, reted boy
Bad programming
I always get error when i wants transaction and i needs to delete the apps and download the app again it will work ( on transfer money ) after that it will get error again. Note : can BCA hire some pro programmers because it need to be fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Trevor Fandalism
Full View
Please update the app into support full screen on iphone 11
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5 years ago, JoenathanDoe
Cmon bro read our review
It is almost 2020, and you are guys still using 2005 UI.. go get up and catch up in this world bro..
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6 years ago, AlexandraVanessaS
Please update the design
App works perfectly, but the design made me feel like it’s 2005. I’m 17 year old and I can even design the app way better.
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6 years ago, Caradamata
Keeps crashing
Worked great for awhile. Now as soon as I log in it says “205 - Sementara transaksi tidak dapat diproses, silakan ulangi beberapa saat lagi.” “Since the transaction cannot be processed, please try again in a few moments.” No explanation of why that’s happening. Please fix.
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5 years ago, SoloStep
Can’t open the mutation
Need some help for this issue
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5 years ago, GravitasCH
BCA is the largest bank in Southeast Asia. This app looks ten years old, has a tiny screen size on modern iPhones, and doesn’t support any modern iOS features. BCA should be ashamed. Internet banks are going to eat BCA alive if they don’t wake up.
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4 years ago, Riska the ordinary
Bad UI and UX
Hire new developers for the UI and UX please. This apps style feel very old.
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6 years ago, Tajakaailansbalalkxxnnznsn
This app cant be used!
Please update, as we can’t transfer fund to any bank account because the link to the message app doesnt work.
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5 years ago, Krisna706
Bad Application
Many times crashes, just getting worse.
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3 years ago, Amphibian lover
This apps is hang and crash!
What happen? I can’t log in to this apps, it keeps hang and close down itself
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5 years ago, ben93s
Innefective app
Stupid developer, each time you update a phone number, you have to reinstall the app.
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6 years ago, Haryoso
Cannot login
This app is not working anymore. I can't login in my device iOS 8, always shown error 205. Please fix it ASAP!!
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5 years ago, Ghonks
Force close
Iphone 6s , force close mutasi rekening after update.... try reinstall and still force close.... Amazing... nice feature
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2 years ago, Phirasb
Terrible app
This app is from the dinosaur era! No English language option as well
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4 years ago, Sticko13
Preview vs reality
So, the designer can do full screen in the preview page, but we still got the old UX in reality?? So who’s to blame? the designer or the developer or BCA?
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5 years ago, NewDhany
Upadate needed for iphone
We need update for big screen, no body use iphone 5 anymore
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6 years ago, Fraw2
Error 205
Can you do something to fix this 205 error? All iphone users with IOS 8 couldnt log in!!
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5 years ago, Al.Faraby
Iphone X and newer
Can you update the apps and make it compatible to newer iphone.
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2 years ago, tbkkg grxscbuyg
Catch up to the other banks…prove you’re number one in Asia
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1 year ago, Gon-Gan
NFC doesn’t work iOS 16.3.1
Please fix it. Thanks.
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4 years ago, bnndghjg
Update add Flazz feature please...
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5 years ago, Wanchah
mBCA useless when Im abroad
mBCA useless when Im abroad. Unlike mBNI, mBCA using SMS from Indonesian carrier for excecution. While im abroad this SMS become umavailable or the SMS cost besome ridiculously high.
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2 years ago, lolilvova
No English version
No English version of the app
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4 years ago, Zeutrinox
Can’t even log in, what a joke.
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5 years ago, halimanr
Not able to top FLAZZ using NFC
Why this app don’t have the option for topping up FLAZZ?
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11 years ago, clueluzz
Needs fix!!
Great app. I think the facilities that you offer in the app is really good but you need to fix the ability to copy / paste the transaction results from the inbox. Since the result window pops in front of the app, when I try copying the transaction (to send as proof) the iOS "Select all / Copy" is behind the window and therefore cannot be selected. This is both after the transaction is processed or even when the transaction proof is in inbox. Please fix this or add an option to forward / send via sms to third party :)
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6 years ago, Sanctussia
No iPhone X display support
Please adjust to the iPhone X resolution
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7 years ago, Bhiuku
Cannnot login
The app cannot authenticated my id afer the update.
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5 years ago, Veltee
UI Improvment
Cmon its 2019 and M BCA is still using 16:9 ratio on iPhone X? This is actually disgusting 🤮🤮🤮
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5 years ago, Dragonixjin
Clungky app
Pretty much useless and unsafe.
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4 years ago, Ahsan Yoga
Segera update aplikasi buat fitur scan Flazz
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5 years ago, Triger77
Show more
9 years ago, dnluk
Everything work flawlessly
If you guys have some trouble, just reinstall it
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9 years ago, audyerel
Gini caranya aktivasi nomor ATM!
Thanks untuk yg posting cara registrasi nomor kartu ATM! Repost: Caranya adalah pastikan Date/Time iPhone diset ke "24 Hours" (jangan pake AM/PM, ga akan berhasil!), yg kedua setel Messages ke "Send as SMS". VOILA! Sekali kirim langsung bisa aktif tanpa ada lagi pesan menjengkelkan "YOUR INTERNET IS DISCONNECTED"!!! Cheers :) Please inform this to your customer, BCA.
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11 years ago, Mrswana
Awesome app!
Very useful! Good improvement compare to the old version.
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