Beach Buggy Racing 2

4.6 (28.1K)
223.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vector Unit
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beach Buggy Racing 2

4.58 out of 5
28.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Yeici
Excellent game!
I like the game in general. I have reached level 12 (I’ve been playing from time to time during my free time so I can speak about it based on my experience so far). I like the graphics and the level of difficulty. I don’t understand why so many people complain about the latter. Is it hard? Yes. Do you feel all the cars teamed up against you? Yes. But what’s the problem with that? I think that makes the game more exciting and more rewarding when you win. In my case, even if they attack me every 2 seconds, I still end up in the top 3. I like the game how it is and I hope the game developers don’t change the level of difficulty just to please certain people who doesn’t know who to race or pick their powerhouse strategically. Yes, emphasis in “strategically”. This is not just a race game. You have to put some thought on it and play smart! I only have one suggestion though but maybe for the bb racing 3 (I hope!). It would be nice to have the option to play with real people live. For example have the option to join a session and everyone who joined play against each other. Of course, you can’t pause the game while racing or lose internet connection because you’d be immediately disqualified. I think that would make the game more interesting that it already is.
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1 year ago, Challege game
Love the new update but there is a few things.
Ok so I like the new update and the new customization but a few things… 1. You have to now watch a lot more ads to unlock crates. I don’t like it, it wastes a lot more of your time to unlock one. I hate the 30 second ads. And now they show the same ads over and over and more forced ads, stop trying to force us to watch the same ads over and over again. Stop trying to make as much money as possible and make people like your app Vector Unit! 2. The cars and drivers now cost real money, you can’t unlock them with gems anymore. I don’t feel like wasting money on the limited edition cars or the drivers. Also in the Hot Wheels update you need money for the Hot Wheels cars. I know they are free in the events but only in Rank 1. It would be better if you changed it so you could get the Hot Wheels cars in Rank 1 - Rank 5. You also can’t unlock the cars from the daily challenges anymore. 3. You changed the ways the cars respawn, now they respawn where they got shot by the opponent. I don’t like it, it’s basically cheating. 4. They changed the power up behaviors and now we need a lot more coins to upgrade the power ups. And also we have to wait until the power ups are finished until getting the next power up. Please give me a developer response to my rating. Developer Response We are sorry about this. We will fix this in the next update. We hope you will get used to the changes. - From Vector Unit
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5 years ago, Pastor_RobP
I know how you can make this game very popular
Maybe you could possibly make this game playable for Xbox or something you should add in pets pets help when you attack players with power ups maybe add mini games like wack a player you drive over the little players in there cars pets you can add that would be for specific races like penguins maybe if you can add make a map hide and seek battle royal with real people power ups included hunger bar so you have to pick up food to eat it if your on somehow computer space would work on a tv that you can play games on middle button you can choose the rest of the keys you should add creat a car creat a character and if you add make maps I will tell my friends to get this game there is so much more I’ve thought about like adding fortnite edition because fortnite is very popular maybe you can add Minecraft edition on it maybe make it so people can make plugins for this app I hope you read maybe there can be candy land map pet for that can be gummy bear gummy worm and chocolate bar as common rare as gum drop Loli pop and vinnila ice cream epic as jaw breaker everlasting gob stopper and whithe chocolate last legendary as candy unicorn gummy shark and honey bee hope you were reading hope you can add this please do
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2 years ago, SpeedyLynie
Every “upgrade” more frustrating
Can understand making coins harder to acquire, to encourage the purchasing of coins and have no problem living with that, if the developers would leave the power ups and how the cars react to them alone! Every time a forced upgrade happens, the game suffers. Very frustrating… please take game back to pre-Halloween 2021………………….(((((((DEVELOPERS response of “power up upgrades are to make them more fairer” is total RUBBISH!! If we all get the same power ups and exact usage of those power ups, then it is fair for all, no matter the behavior of power ups!!!)))))) DEVELOPERS…. GET REAL!! No-one with common sense will believe and accept y’alls lame explanation!! All us old timers HATE the power up changes and the game’s drop in ratings and player’s complaints should cause the developers to want to make the majority of their players happy!! Here’s a novel idea, change it back to pre-Halloween 2021 power ups and if players complain in greater numbers than currently, developers will then have reason to re-update power ups. Like so many others, I loved this game but now hate it and although it pains me greatly, if the power ups are not reset, in the next few months, to reflect pre-Halloween 2021, I will stop playing and completely delete the app!! P.S…. By changing the ball & chain power up, as well as a few others, you, the developers have considerably reduced the need for players to have skills in accordance to their level.
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4 years ago, Jason2730
I like this game, but some suggestions
I like the graphics, I’m actually pretty good at this game, rarely getting below top 3, and the new tracks are awesome, but you should be able to choose from more than two tracks at a time! Plus where’s free race? I like the better handling compared to the old game, and I like the new power sliding mechanic. I don’t like the fact that it often takes weeks to level up after you have reached levels 5-6. plus you barely get ANYTHING from winning a race. I have a TON of upgrades ready for my power ups but not enough coins to upgrade them. a lot of people accused Nintendo of fake online in Mario kart tour, and THIS game does the exact same thing. We have to be online to even start a race, but all of the racers are cpus? WHY? Why not just add actual online. That being said I like the fact that this game NEVER plays an ad unless you tell it to for things like opening a chest or getting another go at the tournament. Other mobile games just spam their games with ads and it makes the game completely unplayable. This game doesn’t and I like that. Anyways the game is great, but could be better
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6 months ago, ELEMENTRICHIE007
My view
Well I totally love this game, and I have been playing this game for a very long time I played the first one before the 2 was invented, and I can say there’s more upgrade and differences, I love the features, but what I don’t like is the adds, they are becoming more annoying, we can possibly play the game without adds, and if you must there much be an adds you should reduce the time, 30secs is a lot, add I would like the developer to add new driver character, like someone suggested, probably a penguin, lizard or crocodile, I’m just suggesting, and also the arena, instead of changing the direction of the road to the other side, why not create a new arena, and also why is that some people in the same stage as you are unlocking some power ups and you can’t unlock them?? Please I need a response and I would like to address this, you can possibly make this game more fun this festive season, or any other times we are having a celebration around the world, create a tournament whereby people earn real money, please I know some people are playing this game everyday, it would be very interesting to earn real money from there, please I need a response on this…. Thank you for creating this beautiful game, we appreciate the developer for their great effort behind this game.
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4 years ago, xxxWill1976xxx
Excellent game, but.. And there’s a HUGE but!
Everything about this game, is perfect, aside from a couple of notable things. The elephant, in the room, is the cheating. The BLATANT cheating. I’ve been playing this game, for awhile, and, when I changed my phone, I had issues, trying to retain my old Apple ID, so, I made a new one, resulting in starting this game over, from the beginning. Let me just say, that the developers started the cheating, very early, in the game. It was like, almost immediately, they were trying to figure out ways to sabotage you. You can pretty much predict like when they are coming to get you. Like, if you’re in 1st, by a considerable amount, you can count on getting blown up, by something. If you have 4 shields, I’ve seen them strike you, blow after blow, until all your shields are gone, then they get you. It was never this bad, when I first got the game. At times, it’s downright infuriating to see how blatant and desperate, the cheating is, on this game. You almost want to throw your phone, at times. I would suggest that you tone the cheating, down, for users that may have just found this game. It’s a huge turn-off. I would give this game 5 stars, but the cheating is unforgivable. Still, an awesome game, that you can barely put down.
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5 years ago, ANTHOlogytaken
another pay to play
don't get me wrong you can play this game without spending any money, but this game wants you very badly to spend the money. There's countless abilities, vehicles and characters to pick from. The characters can technically be unlocked by defeating them in races and earning a racer card. Collect the required cards for that character and they are now yours. Every so often the chance to race one of these characters appears on the main screen but they really want you to spend the cash to challenge them quicker. To earn a new car you can also do the daily challenges and possibly win one by spinning the prize wheel which also has prizes ranging from unlockable special car colors and decals to coins. Which are only used to power up abilities, and they're so many. In fact what makes this game even more "challenging" is the amount of abilities and their similarities. It's hard to not draw comparisons to MK, but it's like the devs thought if they make repetitive abilities then surely your gear is lacking and maybe if you spend money you can be better. But in actuality to remain in first place is totally up to chance and not any type of driving skill. The game is frustrating, fun, playable without paying but it's just gonna constantly remind you to cough up the dough.
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2 years ago, Marty Grosvenor
I love this game and it’s fast pace, but I never was a fan of how the developers changed the power up durations! I have re-adjusted my driving accordingly to compensate for it. A couple of power ups I still cannot get past, and it has to do with physics. If you were traveling at a rate of speed towards a certain goal and somebody behind you hit’s you with a Tiki Seeker or a Firework’s just before the finish line, physics tells you that when you hit that object it’s going to push that object forward. Before they change the power ups if somebody hit you from behind just before the goal line, it pushed you over. I would think the developers would realize they had it right before they changed those power ups. Don’t get me wrong I love this game, it’s just somethings kind of stick in your head, that you can’t get rid of. P.S. oh by the way could you guys update your reviews? You have the same one from three years ago before the upgrade. Also there’s been a lot of new cars added. Schmittie
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4 months ago, Stonehewn
Could be better
There are some great new tracks but the game gets dragged down by the change in how the cars handle and the changes with the power ups. How cars handled in the first game was easy to grasp. These cars can lose control easy and then the game corrects you and you lose whatever power you were using. Other times, it won’t self correct you at all when it could be helpful. The power ups are fewer between and take longer before you can use them. That being said, your opponents seem to be able to attack at will often. This often leads to your going from first to back in the pack mere moments before you would have won. I have had four powers hit me simultaneously before finally getting blasted for good. Shields have been weakened considerably. Not much difference between having them up or not at times. A good hit with shields up can still send you flying high while others pass you by. Lastly, it doesn’t seem as if opponents of the same level are paired up with one another. Please get rid of the pick pocket power. Powers you just got get stolen before you even know what they were, or stolen right as you were pressing to use them.
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4 years ago, Shaquille Adams
My honest feedback
I love the game, it could be addicting sometimes but there are some elements of this game that should be checked out. For example, the shield doesn’t shield from every power-up. I’m sure the creators of this game knew this would be an issue but still implanted it in the game. I don’t know why they did this, but if I have a shield, I shouldn’t be hit with the power up that has the 4 heads on the screen and I can’t see where I’m going. It doesn’t make sense. I have a shield I should be protected at all times. Second, ITS 2020, I should be able to play my friends via multiplayer. You know how much fun we’ll have. Since you guys don’t have multiplayer, they way we race against each other is we start the game at the same time, and see who finishes there race off first. We need to be able to ADD FRIENDS and Challenge them. Third, I feel like it takes a month to level up. I know you have to earn your way up but sheesh. Lastly, even after the update, when I hit a opponent with a power up they still res pawn in front of me which makes no sense, as well, sometimes during the gameplay my car goes backward.
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5 years ago, Twenty-One I
Give me a Dollar and I’ll Give You 1st Place!!
Dang!! Talk about you have to pay to play. When it comes to Micro transactions you have two options and that is give a crap load your time or give a crap load of your money. Right from the start the game teases you with a easy difficultly for a couple of races then cranks the difficultly level up to the MAX!! Enjoy coming in 3rd or last place because being in 1st is almost impossible unless of course you pay to stay in 1st place. The ranking system makes no sense and leveling up take way to long with very little reward. To add to the ranking system why would it make since to play with people/A.I that have a higher rank than you. Your already put in an unfair advantage and the AI makes sure to keep you at an unfair advantage. Once your in 1st the AI makes sure to unleash fire and brimstone upon you making staying in 1st very hard. Also you can have the fastest car and still you will not be able to catch up to the computer once they have a big lead on you. Straight to the point in my opinion to enjoy these game you have to pay to win. Paying to get rid of ads I'm for but paying to cheat your way to 1st I'm not for. My two cents is if your trying to entice people to pay money by making the game harder then do not make the game free.
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2 years ago, Jftech01
Battle royale on wheels, just like Mariokart
Hands down one of the most fantastic mobile kart racers in the App Store and also an extremely clever twist to basically Mariokart with completely different powerups and controls. In fact, Beach Buggy Racing hardly consumes any battery power for the surprisingly exotic graphics it boasts, not to mention, you can play this game offline with no fuel limits of any kind, basically summarizing how you can spend countless hours racing in this game. The truth is, for those who dislike the aggressive mature of the game, Beach Buggy isn’t much different, race-wise from Mariokart in terms of hammering your foes with projectiles and gunning powerups to win and the ai actually DO target each other in the game (glimpse at the racing status bar at the top and see for yourself when someone’s head other than yours starts flashing). Overall, seriously challenging racing game, but a buggy-racing thrill nonetheless. Highly recommend if you’re up for the challenge.
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2 years ago, Shady2dodge
Terrible update
I’ve been playing this game forever. Been level 13 forever until the update. Was a super fun game to pass the time. I personally play it because it’s somewhat mindless and with the hopes of lapping someone one day, and not to be competitive. The major update really ruined it for me. They took away tracks that were already earned and now have to re earn them through progression, which already takes a crazy long time. The slot blocking really is a bummer. Because of this it takes longer to finish races, which makes it longer to level up. Today I logged in just like every other day to see that all my power ups that I spent two years leveling up are now incredibly reduced in how long they are active. Money put into coins to get the longer buff times are completely wasted. I’ve never seen a game be completely ruined by updates, and they did it with back to back updates. After the reduced time in this update I will no longer be playing. So much taken away from players that put a lot of time into the game. Such a bummer because this was a great feel good time killing game. I have never left a negative review for anything in my life and I hope to change it if they adjust these terrible decisions.
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5 years ago, hello im damian
Why do the challenges have to be so hard????
I am just writing a review to get everything off my chest because it is a big pain not being able to yell in my house. But what makes it worse is that my sister is always on my case never minding her own business. Anyway, this game is great in all but the one thing that made me hate this game a lot was the challenges. When you lose against a character your willing to unlock, the character is all like “ooh woopty doo! I won!” Instead of just like a “good game”, or “better luck next time”. And if you want a rematch, rip 15 gems. Unless you want to wait. I don’t like waiting. I like this game all together, but that one feature ruins the entire game for me. Like in the original, I want to be able to go against the character anytime. (Also another thing I hate: why can’t you use every power up instead of picking 8 ones to use for every match? Shouldn’t all of them be available like in the original?) so, this game is incredible, but those two features make the game trash. I was glad to see new features including everything from the original, but when I realized these two features, the game became pretty sad.
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3 years ago, NJT9999
Best Kart game on iPhone
Without exaggeration BB Racing 2 is the best kart game on mobile. The amount of details developers and designers put into it is unbelievable. As a level 10 player I‘m still amazed when I look around the landscape while driving. I wish in fact it was an open world concept and that you wouldn‘t respawn whenever you drift off the map. Game dynamics is just perfect. As you progress, your opponents progress too, so you need to try a bit harder and in some complicated maps have a bit of luck to get to the 1st place though top 3 is completely doable. The game is not infested with ads - you can choose to watch them and in general you can progress without spending a penny. The game reminds of Crash CTR that I used to play on Play Station many years ago. Perhaps this nostalgic childhood feeling is what also makes me come to BB Racing 2. Thank you everyone who made this game happen!
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2 years ago, theqtguy
Terrible now. No longer worth it
This game used to be fun. Unfortunately, as you level up, you get blown up or frozen by lightning way too much. To the point that you rarely can finish in the top 3. Regardless, of which car you have, the other cars can shove you around any time they want. Including, causing you to go off the track and die. The toilet and candy cane cars should not be able to take the big trucks out so easily. Each level up is supposed to improve your car stats, but that stopped on or before level 12. Amazingly, during races your car will drift at the last second to miss a power up. Or your car will go between two power ups so that you don’t get either. Too frustrating to bother with anymore. If I don’t here that these issues a being addressed immediately, I will just delete it! Deleting app. No response to my review. Just getting worse. The “balance” attempt on the power ups was bad, but the inability to get many power ups during a game due to being blown up or another driver coming out of nowhere to take the one you are on, is ridiculously stupid. Terrible changes over time.
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1 month ago, Balende
The computers cheat
I think everything else about the game is really good, but the computer is really do cheat. It always feels like they get the perfect power at the perfect time. They can use their special ability before you are able to which is not fair. Another thing is the always spam the stupid lightning item they always get it and somehow seems like whenever I have my super really going or I get a speed boost do you always have a lightning item to slow me down last thing I find it really stupid that some of the characters you have to buy or win challenges but it’s still I feel like there should be another way to get them that’s for free right now I would just wanted so the computers are a little easier and that they don’t cheat and it’s more like a human play so again they’re not getting the perfect power up at the perfect time. It’s a little more fair for the people also remove the lightning item all together.
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2 years ago, 000003892772937
Excellent Game!! BUT
This is a thrilling game with awesome graphics and controls and an abundance of cool cars, characters, and tracks! Also the music is creative and kind of a bop lol. However, in 2021 there was a huge update. It was good for the most part, but there were two really bad things about it. One, you now have to pay for things that used to be free, like certain characters and cars, and the prices are way too high. I’d be fine to pay for a premium version of the game or a permanent package with certain characters and cars, but 9.99 PER CAR/CHARACTER? Nah. The second thing only applies to me, and that’s this: before the update happened, I was a level 12 and had all the cars, characters, and powerups. After the update, my account was reset to when I was a level 5 and I lost over half my progress. I emailed Vector Unit but they haven’t responded and it’s been months. Very frustrating. But this game is still worth playing😁check it out lol
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2 years ago, ArmorBearerOEF
Thank you
The effort you guys have put into this amazing racing game is truly appreciated...I found that if I hold on, I'll get used to it and like most of. The only irritating issues I have is the how obvious it is when the game wins, so much so that some of the most ridiculous attempts are made to knock me back from first or second to sixth. I've actually pass cars (2) and still came in last...Losing is fine and when it's my mistake then my driver will look at me and shake it's head, but when I'm cheated out of a win the driver just sits there, not even and an angry fist🤣. Now to be fair, I've come in at first place and had to sit back and ask myself HOW did I just win, most are funny but some are just ridiculous...When it's all said and done, the good far out way the irritations, so thank you all, you're appreciated🫶🏾
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1 year ago, Clacking Maligator
Fun for a while but deleted again.
First time playing was really fun. Got up to a level 10 then the pay to play kicked in. I was put in races with others ranked higher and would go from a 1st or 2nd position all the way to last, with my car made impossible to catch up. I deleted the game and data but came back a second time, starting fresh, in hopes something had changed. Fun for a while but I no longer was able to accumulate cars, coins, cards as fast as my first time around. Again, I was put in races where my opponents were higher ranked and it was apparent they paid for upgraded cars and maxed out weapons. The dune buggy I was given at the very start of the game was not able to keep up and race challenges to win new cars could not be won as the AI would defeat me at the very last parts of each race. I don’t pay for these games and I get it, someone has to be paid for their development. No sweat, just time to move on.
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4 years ago, TheMuttBall101
We need more driver!!! Me and my friend agreed that these drivers should be added to the game. We’re forcing you but just giving suggestions for a new update. 1. Mr. Red(The guy who cheers up children, he loves sending presents to houses with surprise. He eventually started racing due to the fact that kids wanted more cars for a present.) Ability: Present Blaster(Send presents flying to unlucky opponents, the ones who receives it will get random effect). 2. Mr. Feather(This mysterious dude escaped from a Thanksgiving party and was hunted down. He soon found out that the hunters would never go see race events, so he quickly joined.) Ability: Feather Blind(Unlucky opponent who gets near will be covered in feathers in surprise, blinding them for a while.) 3. Miss Love(This lady was fired in the cubic company. She was a lonely lady and wanted to have fun. After finding out about racing and friends she could meet, she quickly joined the racing events.) Ability: Love turn(Opponents who see this beautiful dress up, will go opposite direction from you!) 4. Nina-pro(This dude was a big fan of ninja that he also dress like one! He got toy swords from Mr. Red. One day he loses his toy sword. After his dad recused it, he never loses it again. As a thanks to his dad, he started racing.) Ability: Sword throw(Throw a sword at an opponent and slash them down, if it doesn’t land, it can be trap for other racers behind.) 5.
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2 years ago, None1.
No longer a fun game
Updating in response to power up “balancing”: I have tried but the changes, including the hot wheels tracks, have wrecked the game. Please see mrtreehead’s review for a good description of the complaints I’ve been playing this game since it was released and have really enjoyed playing it until recently, I had given it 5 stars. First there was the update that had you watch 4 ads instead of 1 for the same benefit (they changed it from 4 to 2, I used to watch ads regularly to open chests and make money for the developers but now I just don’t watch them). They changed the power up behavior so that you don’t get a new one until the current one is used up. They also changed how the power ups act. I’ve invested in the ones that I use and now I’m being penalized? Why mess with a good thing? I used to play several times a day but now maybe once. It’s just not as much fun as it used to be. It’s also obvious that the developers don’t care that they have ruined the game because all the recent reviews are saying the same thing.
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5 years ago, Sapparu
From first to 6th place
After the first few easy races the game gets insanely difficult. The AI suddenly keeps up with your car or blazes past you even when you drive the fastest vehicle IN THE GAME and go at top speed but can never catch up to the first or second place AI racers. AI are also overly aggressive and the racers who aren’t in first place never catch up because most of the power ups used by AI are usually used specially on you and the ones that aren’t almost never slows down the first place racer but rather pushes them further ahead of the rest. The power ups used against you are also incredibly unfun when you’re trying to use a turbo or taking the special path, the AI seem to be able to react to your power ups or when you’re about to take the special path resulting in being further behind or having wasted a decent power up. All in all it’s an alright game but the AI needs a lot rework because aiming for first place is like trying to fight against a bunch of cheaters. Enjoy getting 5th or 6th place over and over again.
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3 years ago, connorthebozz
Amazing game! A few problems though...
I’ve been playing this game for a decently long time and I love the game. In the pandemic I was looking for a time waster and this was that in the best way. The maps have so much detail put in them and the characters seem so lively. I love the power-ups because they are so creative. Another great thing about the game is the online racing. I love the tournaments and rewards that come with them. Now onto the few problems. One time in a race I sent out a dynamite attack when I was last place. I died right when I sent out the attack and nothing happened. Another problem is most of the characters need buffing and nerfing. Beach Bro especially needs a buff and Mikka needs a small nerf. Vector Point is an amazing developer and Beach Buggy racing 2 is one of the funnest games I have ever played.
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5 years ago, ~chrisw~
Surprisingly bad
This game is so close to being really fun, but the matchmaking is completely broken and there are too many annoying powerups going off all the time. It doesn’t feel like a racing game because about once every three seconds, you get hit by someone’s missile/bomb/etc and are completely stopped. It feels like a game where you just have to use powerups at the right times, and just have to grind to get better powerups so that you have a chance to win. You will have an almost zero percent chance of winning a “race” until you get about halfway through level 4 (which takes a while), because you will always be racing against people two or three levels above you that have better powerups, faster cars, and more familiarity with the unintuitive game mechanics that aren’t explained until later for some reason. There’s a certain good feeling that most racing games give players from the speed and power of the vehicles, and how they kind of flow around the racetrack. This game’s design constantly interrupts that feeling, which is usually very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Sowems11
New update
I really love this game, and by love, I mean love. I’ve had this game for sooo long and I’ve downloaded it on so many peoples phones. It’s extremely addictive and I really don’t get tired of it. But this new update is a bit disappointing. The thing you guys added about the power ups are so weird. I get that you’ll want to make us know the timer of the powerups but it seriously prevents us from taking other powerups making us practically defended while we “wait” for the previous one to expire. It also limits our offense. You get the idea. My advice is you should put the timer in another position or better still make it optional. You should add it in the setting so if people want to turn it on, they can turn it on but this part of the update isn’t really impressive so I’ll leave the laser star with me until you correct that mistake. Thanks love you game.
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5 years ago, Kodenkan
Fantastic game! My favorite
Those of you complaining about paying, how do you think the company makes money? Do you think they’ll continue to develop unpaid? Seriously, how do you expect them to eat? I just hit level 10 and never spent a dime up until this evening. I bought $20 of gems not because I needed to - I get gems every few turns - but because I wanted to contribute and thank the developers for an engaging entertaining program that almost never errors. This game unlike others doesn’t demand cash, doesn’t play an ad every game except as an option, and has variable AI play so I’m always challenged. Some complain there are too many power-ups, for instance. But they start off easy and build as you progress. I’m sure I sound like a shill. But it’s my favorite. And I’m not a typical video gamer.
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5 years ago, Buster14169
More tournaments, coop play would be great...gems to play? Not ok
There should not be a cost of gems in order to participate in a tournament. This game is by no means hard, I see people complaining about the randomness of getting hit with power ups. The whole point of them is to make it harder, you need to know how to protect yourself properly to make it to 1st place. The race is fun, but there is very little to work towards, and very little competition. After I get my star tiki and have all my chests theres no point to race. Placement is also pointless in this. The rewards for 1st place are only a few coins apart from getting in last place. Whether you get 3rd or 1st it has no effect on the best you get. Seems random whether it’s 2 hours or 12. It would be nice if the reward for 1st place felt rewarding. For instance, 150 coins for 1st, 100 for 2 and 50 for 3 would make a big difference. I would also enjoy some kind of tournament that involves multiple levels. Similar to how mario kart tourneys are organized. Only tournaments they have are timed races. It would be amazing if you could compete live with other players. I hope you are working on that! Racing against AI is fun for only so long. I think a tournament or level that includes all the power ups or everyone has the same power ups. I think you did that with the new tournament.
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5 years ago, Conner_Reeb
BBR1 was a ton of fun and reminded me of racing games from my childhood. Whereas BBR2 feels incomplete. Sure it looks better and feels better control wise, but it has way less to offer than its predecessor. I loved the single player style of the first one, working through each level to get to the next achievement. But this game is just back to back racing with no goal in mind other than getting first place. Something that is also short sided in my opinion is the billion weapons to use but only 2 laps... Not to mention the track sizes are small. If you get nailed by three people back to back good luck placing. This game could be really good if they had somebody who knew what the heck to do. Some suggestions: 1.) Streamline the weapons into one of every category. Example: 1 targeting missile, 1 fixed missile, 1 shockwave, maybe 2 different boosts, 2 shields, 1 first place targeting weapon. And maybe that’s it. (Almost forgot the launch pad) 2.) The ability to shoot the fixed missile behind you. 3.) The ability to see when you can challenge drivers, get cars, easier. So you can set goals and winning races would mean more. 4.) Bring single player missions back and a single player “campaign” like the first one. If you don’t want to restructure this game, put these changes towards the next game. You could seriously gain some dedicated players this way. Edit: I also forgot the obvious ai rubberbanding in the driver challenges...
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5 years ago, Silky112
Please get rid of the pickpocket power-up
I really do like this game and would love to give it a five star rating but if I’m honest its not as fun as it was when I first started playing and the reason why is, since I’m at a level where I pretty much have all the power-ups available, I find that the most used one in the game is the pickpocket. The issue I have with it is that it seems that its always used on my by every character in the game all during one race. I got pickpocketed on an average 3 to 5 times in one race and often both my powers are taken. I figured it’s because I’m in the lead by no I can be in the middle to last and still get picked. This needs to have more variety because the only time I don’t get picked it when I don’t get a power up and that makes the game just a regular racing game for me and that’s boring. I hope you can get rid of this or create a power up that will block temporarily from being picked or something.
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5 years ago, UsernameBecauseYouSuck
Break out your wallet
Fun game and I was looking forward to the follow-up from the first version. I like that it took out the rather dull challenges for level up’s like “follow the leader” and the “bullseye”. The daily and weekend challenges are nice, too, but the daily isn’t very rewarding especially since you can only try to beat it once. Biggest complaint is the incredible amount of points it takes to level up. You have to pretty much dedicate your time and energy for days and days and days to advance beyond higher levels WITHOUT spending money: 1.) You have earn chests by racing and winning 1, 2 or 3rd place. This also gives you small amounts of points to power-up based on how you place in the finish of the race 2.) You then have to use the scarce diamonds to open chests which contain the power up cards 3.) Then it costs coins to upgrade power ups, which then gives you more points to level up. The higher the amount of coins it takes to power up the cards, the more points go towards the power-up The problem is that if you don’t enough coins, you spend diamonds to get them to power up the cards. It is inevitable to run out of diamonds and coins. I respect the developers and they have to make money but this is a vast change from the first game. Get rid of the diamonds, or offer more challenges to earn them. Make the level-up simple instead of incredibly time consuming or expensive.
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5 years ago, Vee Yano
Has Bursts of Fun
The game is, at it’s core very fun. It’s just not particularly rewarding to play, which I suppose is the intent of the ironically named “free to play” model. You definitely don’t need to pay to win. I’ve only on rare occasion bought one of the level-up packs and I come in first plenty, though I’d love to be able to see stats on that. But the leveling progress is SO SLOW via actual racing, so if you want to level up faster you need to buy power up cards and coins to pay to upgrade the power ups. The biggest knock against this game now is this Halloween update rebalancing of vehicles. Guys, you can’t rebalance vehicle speed and handling without modifying the maps. There are now some tight turns in a few maps that I can’t make in a car I’ve been using for a long time. With the courses being static, retuning the vehicles handling has made the this feel much less frenetic and fast paced and it’s now just sluggish.
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3 years ago, Race 4 eva
This game is just awesome. Other people complain about having to pay to play. How? I have gotten all the best cars and characters in the game and I did not spend a penny. The basics of the game is just like Mario Kart, but better. This game lets you chose all your powers and Mario Kart does not. Other games spawn ads at a million miles per hour. BB Racing 2 does not. The only time you would see an ad is doing it to open a chest faster. You can compete tournaments to earn cars. Each car is different and they can not be separated into a category. Each car has different stats. Depending on who you are and what type you like ( cars with better handling, acceleration, top speed or toughness) you can always find your kind of car. Please if you read this get the game! This is the best racing game by far!🏎🏁
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1 year ago, ChaosEater202
Love the game but it hasn’t opened for me since the last update
The game is great and I love it but ever since the last update or the one before the last update when I go into the game it kicks me out before it even loads. Because of this I get to miss out on all the events I might of won and gotten prizes, characters, or cars in and i know I’m not the best player but I win events about once a month or so and I missed out. I didn’t even get to see what I would’ve won and if I’m determined I don’t lose so if it was a character I wanted I would’ve won or a car I want ( toilet car & super fast cars with good handling.) But now I can’t play with my brother either I’m a level ten and so is he and if we have the same race and tap it at the same time we can race together 😢 I’m really sad can you please fix this 🥺
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5 years ago, Jackineer
What the Heck Vector Unit
Is this game some sick joke? Are you on something? Because this game is abysmal compared to the first one. Adopting Clash Royale’s loot box system to upgrade abilities is stupid and annoying, the lack of vehicle upgrades is upsetting, and don’t get me started on the level up system. It is a massive grind to level up, and the rewards are not worth it. Grinding the same map over and over is not fun, especially since I can only choose 2 MAPS! What happened to the choice of any you want? The new maps aren’t that interesting, with little to no secret areas or ramps. And the multiplayer, tricking people into thinking they’re playing against real people is just dumb. You’re not fooling anybody. Add a real multiplayer. I do like so of the maps and characters, but that is kind of expected in a sequel. Fix the level up system to require less “shields”, remove the two map system, and add a multiplayer; then it will be worth playing, but for now the game is a joke of a sequel.
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2 years ago, Fordgirll
Deb in customer service
I had a problem over the weekend where I paid for Mr Happy but he wasn’t unlocking. I was charged 4 times for him (I think it was Apple and not the game) but my son still couldn’t play using him. I emailed customer service and first thing Monday morning I got an email back from someone named Deb. She was very nice, helpful and replied to me almost immediately every time. Being charged 4 times was not their fault but she did everything she could and made it right for me. I will be saving the emails so if I have future problems I can go to her directly. This game was already a favorite but she made it that much more enjoyable knowing that the people on the other end of this game actually care. Thank you so much Deb!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Decmomphoto
Frustrating to say the least.
Luck is the name of the game in this sequel. So you’re a great driver and have and the skills and know where all the “secret” shortcuts are? Too bad…it doesn’t really matter because in the end all you have is you trying not to get shot from behind over and over and over and over by missiles or another random weapon for which you have little to no defense most of the time. You are no longer racing, but hoping you don’t get caught from behind from the absolutely absurd number of weapons the other racers are firing at you. It’s only been a week and I’m already back to playing the original version. Not worth the time or frustration when luck trumps skill at every turn. Very disappointing. EDIT: downgraded to 1 star. The game is officially unplayable. What a giant cluster this game is. I can’t put into words how annoying and frustrating this game is to play. It’s a complete dumpster fire. You spend more time getting blown off you vehicle than actually racing. It’s being deleted ASAP.
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5 years ago, Ya Boi Shnoozewaggle
Pretty Finna Woke
This game is good because of what it accomplished; this game is, in fact, a 3D racing game that plays smoothly on a mobile device. Sadly there a many small things that just leave the game lacking. 1. The online isn’t actual online play. Personally I don’t care who I’m racing, but since the online is “faked” (by using CPU’s with name tags of user ids) I would love a pause button. This would be a great addition since most people can’t play a game indefinitely for hours. 2. I need to be able to sense what’s coming behind me. This game sports a large array of fun to use items. I say fun to use and NOT fun to get hit by. If there was simply a small graphic that informed me of what I was about to get hit by (tiki seeker, moon rise, earth shake, etc). I could strategize and play easier. 3. Respawn points are terrible. Sometimes I spawn where my car stopped, sometimes where I get hit, and sometimes on a completely different path. The worst case of this is with the shortcuts (which I love by the way, two thumbs up). Whenever I’m driving a cut and I get hit with something I consistently am respawned on the main road. This aggravated me from time to time. Other than this this game is pretty amazing, great graphics, course design, power ups, karts, characters, and point system.
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2 years ago, Southpaw1124
Recent update ruined it for me
If you’re new to the game my comments may be inconsequential to you, but for me the recent “rebalancing” has ruined the game. I spent a significant amount of time playing the game, leveling up, and got to the point where I could rank 1 somewhat regularly in events. The latest update significantly changed the way items work. Between slot blocking and massive reduction of some items it means I would effectively have to re-learn the game and then spend another significant chunk of time leveling up items again. Why would I do that - so they can “rebalance” again? Thanks but no thanks. To rebalance something is to make minor tweaks - that’s not what this was so please stop calling it that. These were massive shifts that significantly changed the game and effectively made all the time and any gold, gems, and real money spent on the game nearly worthless. Really frustrating… and too bad because it was a really great game. Likely will be removing from my devices.
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4 years ago, Respected Valiant
Please Read!
This app is great I have been playing for weeks now. I have decided to write a review on the app taking in the negative reviews and seeing if their true. They are all false! They are either people just mad because they are not good or have played it for a grand total of 3 minutes. Yes sometimes you can’t drive without getting hit every 2 seconds, that is correct. But it doesn’t happen often and when it does just brush it off don’t cry about it. Something else you need to know is their is almost no ads! Which is why you can spend money to buy things to help you out more, but you don’t have to. I enjoy the game very much and haven’t spent a penny on it! I hope you read this before downloading and thanks for taking this into consideration😁
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3 years ago, 420epicgamer69
I am so good at this game!
I don’t understand why everyone is saying this game is hard. Granted not everyone is blessed with fingers as dexterous as mine, but the reviews saying this game is too difficult must be from the more plebbish side of humanity. Is it hard? Yes. Am I still winning? Obviously. There is no excuse for inadequacy when it comes to this top tier game. All one needs is half a brain and to choose their characters strategically. Emphasis on “strategically.” I’m sorry if others are struggling to master this peach of a game, but to rank it one star is crossing the line. This game is so amazing, and although I’ve only played it a few times, I’ve been able to completely dominate the field. All guts. All glory. No excuses. 10 out of 10 Mariokart knockoff. Period.
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5 years ago, Foofafoof
Please read this
I absolutely LOVE this game. L.O.V.E it!. Seriously this game is incredibly fun and astonishing to play! But there’s absolutely one big problem with this game that needs to be fixed. And that’s ‘experience points’. To be honest, getting 10,000 or more experience points to go to the next level is extremely annoying when you only get 20/25 experience points from just one race. This makes the game so annoying and it takes a LONG time to just unlock at least one race track, driver or car challenge. You could put more unlockables in one level. So if you’re reading this developer. Please... and I mean PLEASE. Take my response into your consideration and fix this problem and make the game more enjoyable and entertaining to all players. Thank you❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Benjamin YT
The game is sweat but...
This game is fun in so manyyyy ways what I wish to tell u but that’s not what am here for. Some people don’t have service or WiFi. U have to have some type of connection to play this, but are u playing with bots? Yes, you are which there should be some type of multiplayer mode if that is the point having a connection to play. Here’s the point: offline mode should have only levels to gain characters and cars for just offline mode and have everything it has now in the game. The multiplayer side: levels,modes like what level u are,some fun modes,like some hard division like fortnite, and be able to acces cars and characters like offline but winning races. This would be a sweat update since people (some) wouldn’t have a connection to play.
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2 years ago, 1monkeydude1
I’m not sure if this a problem with everyone’s game, or just me and my brother’s, but every time I ask for a purchase, it shuts me out of the game, and when I get back in, I don’t get anything. I don’t want to sound like I’m making a big deal out of this or complaining, but my mom spent a lot of money on this game for me, and I don’t want it to be wasted because of a strange glitch or bug in the game, so if there’s anything you can do to fix this, I would really appreciate it.😊 Also, I’m not sure if you (Vector Unit) got any of the money my mom spent on the game recently, but if you got at least 30 dollars on July 3rd, then that’s probably the money my mom spent that day for me.
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5 years ago, Shagstah
I want to like this, but so heavily flawed.
The game looks amazing and plays pretty well, but what you soon realize is that it’s so unbalanced that you will never be successful. 1) the computer cars are always faster than you. 2) 9 times out of 10 if you use a power up against a computer car it either pushes them farther ahead of you or barely affects them. 3) when the computer uses a power up against you you almost always drop to 6th place and it affects you way more than the computer cars. 4) the computer cars use power ups against you that you can’t even unlock yet. 5) even using the tank that makes you go faster powerup, you still can never catch up to the lead car. 6) the computer cars know and use lots of hidden shortcuts that are nearly impossible to find unless you actually see them use it. 7) you can never force a computer car off a cliff or into a wall or anything, but they do it to you all the time. It takes forever to unlock even a slight car upgrade and you still are always at a disadvantage. I really want to like this game, but I urge whoever is testing it to start over from the beginning with a brand new car and you will see you come in first maybe once out of 100 races. It becomes really unfun.
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3 years ago, Yuyytffhjk
Fun but frustrating
I really enjoy this game, but the frustrating thing for me is I often feel like every other vehicle I’m up against seems far quicker with better handling than mine. It also seems like I’m getting outclassed in the powerups department. I don’t know for sure if other players are spending money to get better powerups for an edge, but in many matchups it feels like it. Perhaps it’s the balance in leveling? I don’t know. Thank you for your hard work! I really do enjoy the game! Edit: I just got to level 6. Other reviewers have complained about how cheaty the AI can be, some remarking that it gets worse as you level up. I’m no game developer, so I don’t know anything about how you made your game, but I certainly understand how those other people feel. It really does feel like I’m getting completely screwed a lot, especially in challenges. This game is so much fun, but it definitely need to be balanced and “decheatified” 😆. It would be awesome if you can at least make all of the rewards crates unlock via watching an ad instead of making people spend gems to unlock or be forced to wait for hours. I assume you benefit from players watching ads, yes? I’m more than happy to watch an ad and help you make money, honestly, just let me open the crate! Lol
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3 years ago, Jonathan107
Dont waste your time or money on this update.
Shame on you for screwing your long term players with the “mirrored track” update. Try putting some time and effort in delivering new content instead of hyping the update as “HUGE”. Mirroring existing tracks takes little effort and moving tracks that I have spent time earning so that you can spead them out over increased levels requires little thought and makes the game boring by minimizing tracks to play on. I get that you have to make money and I have spent money on the game and watched a few ads in the past but making people pay for cars that once could be won and moving power ups to impossible levels in the game takes away from the experience. You have a good game. Try making it great by creating new content and maybe allowing multipler racing instead of this update. Stop taking the easy way out. You are only shooting yourselves in the foot.
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3 years ago, th3 niko
Great potential but falls short
This version (BB racing 2) is by far more visually appealing, but the first iteration (BBr1) of this game had better gaming style. The ai has the ability to attack you just before you reach powerups and are almost always packed together. Not very realistic and is why many comments are of the “cpu cheating”. I’m basically forced to just use speed powerups, as if you can get ahead of the pack you increase chance of winning. Then secondarily defense. All the fun attack powerups are useless. Also the mechanism to level up forces you to upgrade powerups you don’t use just to attain higher levels. And the reduced time of ad watching to expedite chests from 2h to 30min is maddening. Even with all the forced ad watching (I understand), if the actual racing play was better then this could be an addictive game.
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7 months ago, Joseph Toman
The Game Cheats
Simply that; the game cheats. When there are five cars and two power ups per car but you get hit by 15 power ups within the space of 30 seconds that means the game is cheating. when your power ups consistently get stolen just as you receive them that means the game is cheating. When you consistently get hit by a power up that makes you jump in the air just as you approach a power up line so that you don’t receive a power up but none of the other cars are within line of sight to arrange that then the game is cheating. I realize it’s just a cute little game but there has to be some semblance of rules. This seems to have none. Either that or the developers are incompetent at their jobs. I always opt for the healing power of “both”. When the bot cars use power ups before they could have got them, the game cheats.
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