Beach Buggy Racing

4.5 (5.6K)
114.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vector Unit
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beach Buggy Racing

4.46 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Mort&Fe0&CaT
Fun but could be better.
The game is great but. The things that In my opinion would make the game a lot better is to make it harder. Also, make all of the drivers race. There are only 6 drivers per race. Another thing that I would do is change the drivers abilities. For example Rez,Leilani,Roxie Roller and El Zipo abilities are so similar. They get a speed boost and knock the other drivers out. I believe, you and your team could make there abilities different. Making the game online would also make the game better. I like BeachBuggy Racing better than the second one because. In the second one you can upgrade your power ups. That makes the game play to win. Only make is my so that you can upgrade your car. Those are some of the things that I would do to improve the game.
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5 years ago, Jamezon
Console convert PLEASE!!!
I never really do these reviews unless the game is awful in every way conceivable.... However, this is the complete opposite. This game is insanely addictive and fun, well thought out with incredible graphics and game play. That being said I would love to see this game go BIG! I’m talking about home console Xbox and PlayStation BIG! I personally would at least want it on Xbox. I believe this could be as big if not bigger than Mario Cart. And I volunteer to do anything needed to help the developers make it happen. So please please make this happen. I think for the most part it’s perfect and all it needs is to go bigger. More vehicles, tracks and even broader range of customization with the vehicles. But most importantly don’t do anything even remotely similar to the Beach Buggy 2! I’m sorry but “If ain’t broke don’t fix it!” And the second version of this game was a complete abortion! Except for a few good tracks. Again sorry for the honesty but, it is what it is.. Anyway I’d love to see this happen and would love to help in anyway possible thanks again to team Beach Buggy developers 😁🤙
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3 years ago, silverzilla
Good game but sometimes the game isn’t equal
The game is all amazing and we have some good ups but when reaching the el zipo boss the game gives us downs for one fact that everyone complains is how the bosses get to use their boost almost every time and it is something we should because it’s not equal for us we only get to use our ult once the bosses get to use like 4 times or so and it’s not equal for example el zipo why does he use the short cuts cause last I checked when I dueled these bosses they never used short cuts and which it makes the game non-balanced not only that it’s not fair how we get useless weapons against the other racers, for one fact the racers won’t fall for churchmen create and oil and other kinds of weapons that sit and do nothing just like in beach buggy racing 2. Not only that it’s not fair we get useless weapons but the bosses get good when we are in 1st and they are in last and which it makes me disappointed in this game even in my honest opinion even crash team racing on PS4 is better so to all I have explained I would give this game a 1 outta 5
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3 years ago, twentzxa
Go big with it!
I feel l like it is underrated. Please go big with it! It would be awesome if you could get a multiplayer setting as well. A few of my problems, number one, is how not all the tracks have shortcuts so it would be really nice if you could put one in at least all of them. Two is the fact that I will jump into first place, then five seconds later I will be in last. It also unfair in the fact that all the racers can have power ups that I don’t have. There should also be other ways to earn coins and diamonds. It would be nice to earn them on the track, through the shortcuts, basically anyway other than just winning the race. One thing that would be cool as well, is that the people on your team should give you diamonds and coins as well. So like if someone on your team wins, then that would add to you score. Otherwise this is probably one of the best games out there. Keep up the good work!😍
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4 months ago, Cute Gril Mychelle
I have been stuck on this level for sometime now and fine levels get hard as it should. But how to you expect me to beat somebody who always uses speed. I am trying to unlock a person, Roxie roller. And everywhere I go she uses this punching speed she speed all the time, how am I supposed to catch up to her. My car is fully loaded. It’s all the way up there far as speed. It’s the person now, Roller well Roxie Roller so she decides to use her thing. I know it’s the AI. Yeah and nothings wrong with that, but I don’t understand how you expect me to beat somebody if they’re using their speed multiple times I know we have bubbles to power us up, but the bubbles are barely helping. I only get like one time to actually use a type of super speed or something to make her stop going to catch up to her but how am I supposed to beat the level. How do you expect me to beat the level if she’s the one who’s over here using speed like I understand and you guys expect me to beat this and now I am losing cash by doing this and this is unacceptable like BB racing number two is not as good as one.
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2 years ago, THENerdyAlien
Way better than I remembered
So, I’m a big racing game fan. When I was little, I had a kindle and I would play this game all the time. Recently, my friend and I were talking about old video games that we played as a kid and suddenly this one popped into my head. I searched for a name and eventually found it. I downloaded it expecting for a nostalgic but very boring game, and I ended up falling back in love with this game. I would argue that despite the auto-drift and early 2000s-esque graphics, this game controls better, has a better feel to it, and is ultimately more interesting that Mario Kart Tour. Though it isn’t perfect, I think its flaws are what make it feels so personal to me. Honestly, I might delete Mario Kart Tour after playing this, it was an overall much better experience for me. 10/10!
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4 years ago, TYLERTHEPRO
This is great except for one thing... 😕
Ok, so first of all, the game is great. Love it. exciting, thrilling, an off road adventure. Super fun. Lots of items to buy, lots of different modes. Awesome. Except... the weapons, you can get affected and possible destroyed by you own. Example, the oil spill power up. I have placed it down and on the second lap I end up running into my own, getting the slippery effect I would have gotten if it were someone else’s. Can you change that? I’ve been playing for only 1 day and have rage quitted 12 times losing a race because I either died or got thrown out of place by one of my own power ups. Thanks. 😉
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2 years ago, IpadGamerPlayer
I love this game i recommend if you like a car racing game that’s not TOO volatile at least in my opinion. I like mow you get to decorate your own car and choose your own character. ( Mika is my favorite. ) the only few things you could change. Maybe you could add a feature where you can create your own character. By that I mean you pay gems to create your own beach buggy character by mixing and matching other characters. One other thing is that some of the power-ups are useless. Like the spring that makes you jump really? the fire work and earthquake could go too. Overall it’s a fun game and worth it. ( P.S. Beach buggy is my second fave game! )
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5 years ago, 21taylorp
Amazing. Incredible.
This app is all out amazing. Sure I figured there would be purchased within the app but there is hardly any and it’s for not necessary stuff. I love this app. The graphics are amazing and it’s so much fun to upgrade and race others. I didn’t realize t but u can actually use a controller with this app. I would definitely recommend and I will be telling my friends all abt this because it’s the perfect app relevant to Mario Kart. I think it’s perfect for anyone is looking for a good racing app with barely any Ads. On top of that, the required tickets that you need to use to race have an awesome alternative where you can watch Ads to get as many as you want and potentially use them to beat the boss. love it. 110% worth the download
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5 years ago, Harry Potter's secret sister
I love this game, but i have a suggestion
So this game has been so much fun, but lately it hasn’t been letting me control the car, or it has been making me fall off edges of the track without my control. I would love it if you can fix this, but otherwise, it’s a great game! Thank you! 😊 Edit: So i closed the game to write the review above, and when i got back (i had been on pause so i didn’t lose my spot) the other cars had moved ahead and i lost! I had been in first place! Please fix this! Edit 2: Sorry for all the edits but in one of my boss races the boss started of the game with a powerup, and he hadn’t even gotten to the first powerup yet. This happened throughout the game, plus he kept taking shortcuts. Please fix this, it would make the game so much more fun and enjoyable.
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1 year ago, Stonehewn
Playing for first time in a while
If you really want to enjoy this game, pay to get rid of the ads and for unlimited dollars. It’s very fast paced and the graphics are great. I haven’t played all the tracks but as you go along, they just keep getting better. Some can be difficult at first but they become second nature with practice. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m playing this on a phone. A current phone can play this with the graphics turned all the way up no problem. Sometimes it feels like you’re being picked on mercilessly but the power ups keep you in play.
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4 years ago, n kin
Good but 1 problem
Hello I’m an OG player I have this game on everything it is possible to get it and it’s not that big for me but others may feel this is no good YOU ONLY HAVE 8 TICKETS I know you want us to go premium but you have 1m more games + another problem (well not really a problem but a suggestion I have a lack of games on my NINTENDO SWITCH and I’m looking for a free game on switch and it would be my DREAM to have it on my switch I would go premium on every thing and I would recommend it to all my friends and everyone I know so plz plz plz fix or add these probs or suggestions
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5 months ago, 2Save1Land
I wish the second game did NOT seem so Difficult!! I have come back and played this one every few months because the only other games I like are Car Racing and Crashing into other Car Demolition games. It is True that PC games are more Exciting, but I still remember the times I got a Virus, immediately Shut computer down, and that always helped me. If I had more Monies, I would buy something like the Alien computer, only because Alien is NOT Demonic!! Remember, many have seen Bigfoot, but still NO Pictures!!
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2 years ago, qwerty26
Its like a 1 player mode of a certain plunger bros kart
I am very surprised by this game. I played on my iPad and the graphics and performance are stellar. Downloaded this when I went to Target to purchase Mario kart and it was out of stock. This was a surprisingly great substitute. Yes there are ways to pat to i crease your access/allowance for upgrades, but I haven’t needed to spend a dime to thoroughly enjoy it and advance to the fifth series of levels. It’s really a great game and the only con is that it’s not for two player because I would love to play it with others.
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1 year ago, Person #696969
Great, But Not Perfect
There’s not much to say here. I agree with everyone else giving good reviews and calling this underrated, but it’s not my favorite game ever. It’s kind of hard, actually, or maybe I’m just bad. It’s a pet peeve of mine that sandy shores doesn’t have any shortcuts like every other level in the entire game. This is also kind of a pay-to-win game. Now, I’ve DEFINITELY seen worse, but I’ve also seen better. Although, aside from those and a few other minor things, this is a great game, and I’d recommend it to any competitive spirit looking for some fun.
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4 years ago, boblun07
It’s fun, but could use some work
This game is fun. I like it, however the logics of this game makes it to where the compute has an advantage towards you witch isn’t bad but sometime the computer can do some things that the player can’t even do and these advantages are way more then the player. But over all I do like this game and enjoy playing it. Its a bummer to have to pay $4 to get unlimited races. It shouldn’t be tickets. I don’t like the entry fees for this game. I might buy the $4 dollars but I’m not sure if I want to or not. But it is a lot of fun, so Irecommend it. Just know the logic is off and the computer has a way higher advantage then you. Takes lots of skill.
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5 years ago, AJ Minni
Super Fun and Great Graphics!!
I never write reviews but this has been such a great and fun game to play. The color and graphics and the detail that goes into them are so fun and inviting. This game really knows how to get you engaged and you don’t have to spend money on in-app purchase to have excel and progress in the game. It reminds me of a Nintendo game almost. But this is a great racing game you’ll have a lot of fun!! This need to be in the top 10 at least!!! Also one critique is I hope to see more tracks and locations added. 15 is not enough we need more !!
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2 months ago, nothing u need
It’s fine but
It’s fine but can we change it up? Why do we need to buy it for coins the cars? Can we change that to no coins? And it’s fine but coco loco is hard slow it down! One more thing for the developers please enable x2 coins for no money please 😭. I really like it but can’t you guys like make the power ups less expensive? And the really last thing is that could you developers change the game up please so u can change: Cars money x2 coins blah blah blah please change thanks 😊
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5 months ago, Valt And Valtryek
Love it!
I’ve been playing this game for most of my childhood and love it still I have 99% completion but there is one thing the achievement that requires you to jump 400 meters is broken for me so I can’t complete the game, it is still fun having all the cars maxed out and with gold on them and I like that the paid Cars don’t affect the completion process I know it doesn’t get major updates but that is fine I love it and it will always be a classic (love the old graphics btw)
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10 months ago, green gus
One of the best free games
This game is one of the best free games you can download on the AppStore. Unlike so many of today’s games this game doesn’t bombard you with adds or pop ups wanting you to purchase diamonds or coins or whatever. No, this game just quietly has those options but doesn’t shove it in your face. Plus the controls and gameplay feel straight out of a Mario Kart Game. By far one of my favorite games to pick up and play whenever.
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5 years ago, Happy Yam23
Finally a fun local multiplayer!!
It’s about time someone put together a fun multiplayer that makes good use of the steelseries controllers. My kids enjoy the game and it has a lot of fun power ups and race courses. Comparable to super Mario cart. I would like to see more multiplayer games become available for the new Apple TV 4K! It’s a great platform and there aren’t many multiplayer options as of yet. Most of the games are silly and a waste of time with just the Apple remote being the main control.
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3 years ago, MCRider!!!!!!!!!
Great game! Design, gameplay, graphics, etc... The non-race levels can be a little frustrating... Closest thing to the great MK on iOS. Well done! One major problem: I paid to support the devs but now the second daily spin only takes gems instead of offering an ad option. As a result of paying real cash I now have no gems and no second option for more coins or gems. That is backwards. Paying real currency should not have cost me game currency.
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8 months ago, 1245ben
Love games
This is awesome I love it I just remember the game years ago and my brother found the game so I downloaded it just today on October 10, 2023. So I give it a 5 outta 5 because it’s fun. I would play this game all day but I play fortnight much because I trying to get lvl 200 to get hacker thingy that go on jacket, pants and shirt. So please all of y’all need to rate it 5 outta 5 because the person who made it he’s gonna be SUPER HAPPY. And yeah that all my review ok so byeee
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7 months ago, Millingsworth5
Amazing game
I have been playing this game ever since I was six. It’s super fun, addictive, and easy to learn. The one and only problem I have is the fact that they try to milk as much money out of their players as they can. I logged back in to my account one day to find out that all of my purchases have been lost, yet, I still find the game an amazing memory and something good to pass time. Thank you to the developers. ❤️❤️
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6 years ago, xARKeDGEx
Fantastic Kart Racer!
This game is a lot of fun, it’s about as close to Mario Kart as you can get on mobile! Lots to do and lots to unlock. Controls are spot on and the graphics are really good! The adds aren’t too bad and I don’t mind paying $4 to eliminate them. The fact that the devs are still supporting this game over 3 years after release says a lot as well! I love that they just updated to support full screen on my new iPhone X! Keep up the good work, devs!!
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5 years ago, Ptown20
Very frustrating for me that you can be blocked from unlocking further career mode levels if you come across a challenge (ie, follow the leader) that you can’t seem to beat. Rather than locking you out from the rest of the game and causing you to start hating it, why couldn’t developers set a threshold of how many times you at least try to beat a level... then go ahead and unlock successive ones? I understand the “challenge” idea but why to the point of making user despise the game?! Who does that benefit? I enjoyed the game up to the point I was basically forced to stop playing.
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5 years ago, mans1ay3r
Fun quality game but uses cheap tactics
Long story short, I’m an adult and am very good at racing games. Two instances in this app made me realize I used a power up to knock all 5 other racers off course and took the lead, I’m driving straight full speed then within seconds of being knock off course four of them passed me within seconds! Haha! If you understand acceleration, how is that even possible. I just laughed it off. Just now, once again on a straight path, I attack 1st place car with the homing missile and it blows up and flies into the air. Again, this is a straight path so I catch up to it very quickly. Now that car is flashing and resetting in front of me, he starts accelerating about a foot in front of me while I’m already going full speed. He speeds away. LOL. It’s basically like I never completely destroyed him at all. But hey, it’s a free game, just unfortunate the obvious tactics to keep you playing longer by forcing you to lose.
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2 years ago, lamecoinsj
Good but needs some changes
This game is wonderful and very fun and I would recommend it, but the game is a bit frustrating on levels that are a lot harder than the ones that you play regularly and that causes you to miss and sometimes that means not being able to unlock a level. But overall it’s a very good game it just needs some minor changes.
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6 years ago, Bacon34865
Best race game ever!
I’ve been playing this and BBB for years and always come back to it. The developers are in my town of Sausalito, which makes the game that much better! Great graphics and game play, only wish there were more levels / tracks added, as I’ve completed all levels and achievements, have over 1.5mm points but no where to spend it, all vehicles maxed out with upgrades. 5 stars all day!
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2 years ago, Dragonfisch
And also, for those of you who are somewhat confused
I saw a decent amount of people complaining about the jump at the start the NPCs get and complaining they can’t do it. You can, you don’t need to to beat the game, you click the ability button just before you go kinda like Mario carts boost where you begin acceleration right before you go.
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4 years ago, Vyl Dex
Request please ❗️
Dear developers, I’ve been a big fan of this game for years and I know that BB Racing 2 has got a lot more attention after all these years. I’d like to see the updates with new power ups and cars. And a bit more challenging quests to accomplish with the necessity of a reasonably priced set of items. If not paid, the game will demand playing for 3 months etc.
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4 years ago, Wesleys4
Nearly Impossible To Put Down!
I never write reviews on games, in fact this is my first time doing so, but I cannot even begin to stress just how fun and addicting this game is. I have Beach Buggy Racing on my iPad and my PS4. Beautiful graphics, fun engaging gameplay both single player and multiplayer. This is one of those games that you can easily spend hours playing without really meaning to. 5 Stars easily!
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3 years ago, HappyEgg:)
I love this game, and I have since I was little. It’s so much fun! I downloaded it again, even though I finished the whole game before the second version came out. I wanted to do the whole game and characters again in this device, and now I can’t stop! What I wish Beach Buggy would add is a online mode! I forgot so much about this game, that I will need to remember!
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7 years ago, #DA BOS5#
I LOVE this game. And the fact that they were able to get it on the Nintendo Switch is awesome. I can’t play racing games enough. This is exactly what I wanted! There is no other game like it on the App Store. A great fantasy game for racing. Other apps give you actual real world cars, which aren’t bad but I find fantasy stuff better. I love what they’ve done. This game should have far more downloads.
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3 years ago, lhdnofch
Stop playing this game! ✨🙏🏾
So today I was playing it and a whole bunch of pop ups came up, WHILE I WAS RACING, and then the car was controlling its self (it wasn’t that power up of control, trust me) and then my friend said that her little sister was HACKING IT! Now ofc I forgave her but if she could hack that means anyone could hack and I definitely don’t feel safe anymore that someone can hack. I don’t know if you guys can do anything about it. But at least make it more high security. But this game is awesome. I just don’t wanna play it anymore unless y’all make it more safe. 😓😮😤
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6 years ago, Chel1928383
Fabulous! Went premium but...
I have to agree that it started taking longer to load after buying both the premium and the 2x coin boost. Other than that, app is great and I love it. If I could have anything to it, I’d LOVE an option to convert gems to coins or vice versa. :D Sometimes you need more of either one or the other (and can’t spend cash) and gems are harder to earn than coins. :) Great work guys, keep it up! God bless!
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6 years ago, irish.adam
The fun ends quickly
This game seems to be specifically programmed to get you to spend money. Inconsistent gameplay and the NPCs are not subject to the rules and physics of the game that you are. If you download this game YOU WILL SPEND MONEY out of sheer frustration. There are other games that have been programmed without trying to extort the players. I routinely and suddenly have no turning capabilities of my vehicles only during a specific challenge. NPCs/AI are allowed to have multiple and various weapons with only one collection. NPCs special abilities are allowed multiple times during one-on-one challenges. This game is inconsistent. Don’t bother.
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5 years ago, Phins phan
This game is really fun (addicting) it’s literally Mario Kart for your phone. But once you basically complete everything it’s pretty much useless. Maybe y’all can add maybe something where you can upgrade your power ups. Like the shield last longer or instead of throwing 3 dodge balls you throw 5. You can always add more characters ;) What also would be cool to add is when you are in the higher levels the other racing people can use their OWN special ability. Love the game. :)
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4 years ago, des1111114
Cute but deceiving
I think it’s a cute game, but my buggy is maxed out in all the power ups, and I STILL can’t get past 5th place in races. And someone attacks you literally every few seconds. It makes it impossible to move ahead in the game. The other cars have crappy acceleration, so how come they all beat me when I’m maxed out? I’ll keep trying for a little while longer, but might as well add this to the list of “games that make you lose unless you spend money”
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2 years ago, LAYLA!!! LAYLA!!! LAYLA!!!
*I like the game*
The game is fun and easy!!! people who don’t have the game and reading this to see if people like the game and if it’s worth getting the app. There’s a 16.9 percent you might like the game try it out and show your friends the game so the game can have more viewers to make the game popular! can you make the game have future updates?
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6 years ago, The Photobomber
Great game. One problem.
Great game. You can tell the creators put a lot of work into it. The graphics are great, I haven’t encountered any glitches, and the tracks are fun. My only complaint, is that it has been 3 years since they last added a new track. I got the game about a week ago and have pretty much completed everything on it. So, new levels and tracks would be nice.
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3 years ago, Maitrisss
Best game in the world
This game is great for when your bored because there are really cool maps and great racers your going against so it brings up the challenge. And this game doesn’t scam you fir your money just to get a small little upgrade. You could get a supercharged car, coins and jems for 1 dollar!! Whoever reads this,Trust me, this game is amazing
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4 years ago, Shealin Banta
really fun, but
I love playing this game a lot! The only thing that annoys me is when the other drivers are ahead of me when I am trying to be in first place. There is only one power up that I don’t like which is the oil paint bucket where you spread on the ground. That power up makes you spin and it looks creepy on the ground. But over all I like hitting into the objects once I win a race and play it again. And to be honest, I like all the characters and power ups should be all unlocked instead of buying them with gems.
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5 years ago, Valtoonii
Great Game!!
I started playing this game a long time ago. Today i reinstalled the game and cannot finish race 4 in coconut cup because the game crashes. Every time i play in this place the game crashes. I love this game and it would make me very happy if you solve this problem. Btw. i play this game on Iphone 5s ios 12 and this is the only game it gets crashed on my phone.
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10 months ago, Unknown3067749
I am playing the race against the girl. I don’t know her name is start with a L but I am racing against a computer at least give me the Headstart instead of getting a computer the Headstart like be for real you expect me to like beat the computer be for real because this is playing right cheating you’re giving the computer the Headstart why you’re not giving the player the Headstart be for real so I’m giving y’all one star review because this is unbelievable like if y’all go on cheat Elise be a good cheat because we can see ya, Shee in
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6 years ago, Really? REALLY???
5 Stars, with Minor Glitch
Love this game. It’s one of the few I’ve kept on my phone long term. One request is to develop more courses and levels cuz I’ve maxed out in everything. Also, a minor bug is that anytime I get a notification, call or anything else that interrupts with a noise, i have to restart the app to get volume back.
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6 years ago, Monix_255
Amazing awesome game
The game is amazing and so lot of fun but the thing is when you are going head to head with one of he players it takes you like about 3 times to try over and over again but when you beat them you get to play a mini game called coco loco it means crazy coconut but the game is so much fun and I recommend this game ❤️
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5 years ago, marley mayham
Up there with Mario cart
This is one of the best games I’ve downloaded in a long time. The graphics and controls are spot on and the levels are just hard enough to keep you entertained. I hope they keep the ads to a minimum like they have been doing. I highly recommend this game.
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2 years ago, player375659147
used to love this game…
used to love this game but it’s kinda boring 🙄 not so much fun. the championships are boring, lots of money paying things, can’t spin the wheel again, and more boring things in the game. don’t get this game. giving this game 2 stars cus I kinda play it but not much kinda like it but…meh 🙄🙄🙄 fix this game pls if you fix it very well like make online, better rewards, upgrade powerups, and other stuff, I’ll give it a 5 stars. be sure to fix it!
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5 months ago, Henryhumanbeing
Good game (But buggy).
I found a bug. I have the vehicles to the left & right of the dune jumper, but not the dune jumper itself, and whenever I try to buy the dune jumper, it says ‘select’ instead of ‘buy’ and it won’t let me buy it. Other than that though, the game’s amazing.
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