Beard Booth Studio

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4 (916)
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Oplytic LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beard Booth Studio

3.95 out of 5
916 Ratings
7 years ago, thesleepingdisturbance
Fun but
Fun. But for $3.99 it really should have more options and features. Color changes and a shaving option and more beards would make it more worth the money
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2 years ago, Boobylikidy
Its a fun little app.
The amount of joy you get from this app is based purely on how realistic your expectations are. If you’re expecting this app to cook you breakfast, serve you the best coffee ever, change your life, and save the world, then you’ll be disappointed. But if you want an app that lets you take pics of you, your friends, and your pets, then see what you/they would look like with facial hair, then theres no reason not to give this a high rating because thats what it does, and it does it very well.
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8 months ago, strawberrymornings
this is funny
me and my brother use this app to take pictures of ourselves and our pets (fish) to make ourselves and the fish have a beard. this is SUCH a funny app!!! i definitely recommend getting it if you want to have fun with filters and have a great time. i love taking pictures of myself and my family members and giving them beards. i also think you should add some more free beard options though. anyways, very fun app! recommend downloading 👍
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6 years ago, audiogbee
App Shares without notification
Pressing the Unlabeled icons on the bottom of the app screen posts your face photo to some unknown place. App does not warn the user that this is going to be shared publicly. There is no way to view the post. There is also no way to remove the post. Bottom line is that the app takes advantage of your data without 1. Informing the user what data will be stored/shared 2. Specifying the purpose of the data usage 3. Providing a convenient method to delete the data if the user no longer wants the data in the database or feed.
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7 years ago, Swartheesha
As good as the real thing!
As a young man, I grew up never knowing I wouldn't be able to grow a proper beard. Now at 40 I know I probably never will. But I can live vicariously with this app. The only bad thing about it, is having to break it to people that the images aren't real. Pro tip, take bright, forward facing photos using the app rather than importing images, although both work well. Please make more updates! 5 stars! Totally worth the money!
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1 year ago, Chino Macrayne
Maybe I didn’t use it right…
It just has a beard image that you drag onto your face…it doesn’t like fit it to your jaw or anything. The beards are all really big and require you to get super close to your phone to take the picture a x even then they don’t fit your face. It’s not a good app, Snapchat probably had a free filter that actually fits your jaw. I may have been dumb enough to have paid this amateur app developer but hopefully you’re smart enough to read reviews before downloading.
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8 years ago, Bill F@$king Murray
My masculinity allows me the luxury of growing my own beard. Tragically, my wife and children lack the ability. We have been stuck wondering what they might look like with a fantastic man mane. Well thanks to Beard Booth, the wait is over. Thank you beard booth you've made the world a better place.
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4 months ago, flubnet
Not modifiable
Although most beards are included with the $5.99 purchase, they are not able to be colored to match the person or further modifiable in any way. If you don’t have dark hair, you’re out of luck. For a quick funny app, it gets the job done but more beards should be on the free pallet.
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2 years ago, Ibowled837
Beard Booth
It was a lot of fun to try different beards on my Face. My family and I had lots of laughs, at all the different looks this app had to offer.
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5 years ago, Adam the Coupon
I bought the full app about 10 months ago and my family enjoyed using the full access. However with the new update, I have lost any way to reactive my previous purchases and to change from a one time purchase price to a monthly subscription without notice is in my book FRAUDULENT!! I tried to contact the company. This is the only way I could readily find.
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4 years ago, DaWoofee
If you try to open an image it will most likely flip sideways when you try to place a beard. Yes, you can flip it back in your photo album once you save it, but a lot of times it cuts out a lot of the photo when you flip it.
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4 years ago, Tiquisha Bullion
Funny pictures
I created some really funny pictures with this app and shared it with everyone. They loved them.
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8 years ago, Rex Matt
Not bad
Fun but needs more styles for those wanting different ideas when deciding to grow a beard or not.
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5 years ago, the_real_nikster
The best beard app in the world
Has the most beautiful beards and is not scammy and is easy to use also the beards are beautiful and make me more handsome than before.
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3 years ago, Raymod MacDermott
Moustache styles
If you're like me and look horrible whenever you try to grow a stache, just use this.
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3 years ago, Aradhya Andor
Tried it on everyone
Even my girlfriend wanted to try it out and we had a really good laugh.
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3 years ago, Dantoinette Balfe
I feel way more confident about myself after using this app. It's great to see how I'd look with a moustache.
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7 years ago, Jimuntu
Good work fellas
I love this one. I myself keep a beard and this is the best beard app I have seen thank you for your hard work
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4 years ago, Saphyra Prover
Looking handsome!
Everything thinks I look so handsome with the beard I added through this app. I feel so validated.
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3 years ago, Specter 222
Not worth the price
Very disappointing. Would have considered it of little value had it been free. At $5.99 I feel it was a huge mistake. Limited features, no customization, just doesn’t live up to what I expect from a paid app.
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4 years ago, Laurine Top
My wife loves it
My wife absolutely adores the look I created on this app. I'm going to try to grow it out for real.
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3 years ago, Jliyah Matejic
Always wanted a beard
Unfortunately I'm in the majority of the guys who can't grow a good beard. This app really helped me out.
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4 years ago, Gram Bonehill
Fantastic description
The description of the app made me chuckle. I love the energy of this app and the developers seem really cool.
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6 years ago, i.Larn
Color options
Love it - but wish you could adjust the colors.
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3 years ago, Ilaina Buxsey
Perfect for Christmas
It has Christmas themed beards and face embellishments so I can't wait to try those
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4 years ago, Earnestine Ough
Works so well
It looks so real and works extremely well with my face.
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6 years ago, Chuck73
Needs color adjustments
Nearly every beard is dark black or dark brown. Should be an easy fix to allow adjustments to color. Add gray hairs etc.
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2 years ago, DurzoBlint116
Ehhh, no
Unless you’re buying the extra beards, you get 6 basic beards and that’s that. Not worth the download unless you want to pay
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4 years ago, Chichiflys
Doesn’t work
Using an iPad. Tried taking a picture with the app. Couldnt progress once picture was taken. So I tried selecting an existing picture. When I went to add the beard it rotated the picture 90 degrees. Soooo it didn’t work. Lame. Glad I didnt waste any money.
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6 years ago, Whiteejoshh
This app took my $4
It’s a good app, but it only comes with like 6 free beards. While using the app I tried to close it out, in the process of me pressing the home button it read my fingerprint and BOUGHT 4 DOLLARS WORTH OF BEARDS. I have never been so angry at an app before. Honestly it its ‘t worth it to download.
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7 years ago, johndann01
Just what I needed!
Can't grow a beard so this helps out a lot!
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8 years ago, O.B Cash
Just beardly amazing! I love all your guys products and this is just awesome. Keep up the amazing work
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4 years ago, Sebastienfish
Not good
Lowest possible quality. No facial tracking, just slaps a picture of a beard on top of your picture. They have the audacity to try and charge $5.99 for “unlocking beards” on this pile of dog excrement. My 12 year old nephew could slap together a better app than this.
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5 years ago, RD137
Entertainment for children, otherwise useless
If you want to see cartoonish mock ups of yourself with ridiculous facial hair- fumachu, Hulk Hogan, etc- this might be for you. The pay version is no better.
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7 years ago, 2121ken
I put beards on my gfs breasts and can't find where it posted then please help!!!!!
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4 years ago, jlaudermilk
Limited unless you pay.
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5 years ago, Brokendarkness87
This app is junk. Doesn’t even let you use the app unless you pay $2.99 a month. Why would anyone do that just to see a beard on someone. Apple should not allow these apps
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5 years ago, Jorgechata
Stop listing paid apps as FREE downloads!
If you’re gonna put your app in the store for “free” I should at least be able to try out a couple images BEFORE I buy. Also, a monthly subscription for this? Really? DELETE!
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8 months ago, M.P. Mitchull
Terrible and useless.
In addition to the privacy concerns others have voiced, the free beard selection is minimal and includes all of the ones you wouldn’t want. Terrible app.
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4 years ago, mugsy smith
Passing time stuck at home
Having fun My dog looks good with a beard!
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5 years ago, 13lemonFTW
Good app to start
Good app to start out with, I bought a pack with more mustaches and beards. But then it changed to the subscription service for some magazine and took that away for me. I would like my money back
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5 years ago, owhbooth
This app is not free
In order to use any of the features on this app, you have to agree to a paid subscription to some affiliated magazine. If you’re looking for a fun, quick app, this isn’t it.
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5 years ago, arkman9
Paid Subscription??
You have to pay to use the features of this app. Not paying 4$ a month to add facial hair to pictures. Waste of time.
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5 years ago, Mcfattious
Rip off
I already paid for the extra features and now it’s telling me I need to pay again. Just deleted it...
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5 years ago, jpcerv
Great app
So much fun and easy to use.
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11 months ago, slickysteve
Pretty cool
This app is very cool and one of a kind
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5 years ago, jarodtaylor
Won’t open
Open it and it immediately crashes.
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5 years ago, ShayRae((((
Paywall Alert!!!
You get like four beards and the rest are behind a paywall! And you aren’t allowed to save it or share it without a paywall either! Ridiculous!
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5 years ago, Bigzeit
So funny try it good game to laugh at
Show more
8 years ago, Atina Barwee
If you're going to pay 4 dollars for this, you need to make this more universal, like adding different nationalities hair on it! But it's pretty cool tho, just need to be more diverse!
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