BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game

4.1 (301)
37.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game

4.06 out of 5
301 Ratings
7 years ago, Jehehbehehehwb637
Pretty solid game.
This game is great fun. If you have ever enjoyed games such as Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, or Stepmania, etc. then you will definitely enjoy this game. You can select songs that are in your music library and it will automatically generate the track for you to play on. The tracks it generates are very well synchronized too, so don't expect it to be off rhythm. It is very addicting, but it does have a couple issues. This game is free to play and so it is pretty much expected to find things such as ads or hassles, and this game doesn't disappoint. In order to play songs, you have to spend coins. You can get them for free by watching ads or by purchasing them via microtransaction. The worst part is that you have to pay to unlock the unlimited version just so you can sort your songs. If you have several hundred songs, this will be your nightmare. Fortunately, the unlimited version is only a few dollars and allows you to play as many songs as you want too, so I definitely recommend buying it if you enjoy it and play it frequently.
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5 years ago, Jmqwepsndjrlamxnfnclsbej
So much fun!
I recently downloaded this game and I am currently obsessed. I love that I can use my own music. I wish that I could hold the phone upright to play as I have smalls hands and it’s hard sideways but otherwise I’m a huge fan. I upgraded to unlimited but I think it was worth it!
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6 years ago, NavyBr0wnie
Would like to play offline.
I probably in the minority here, But the sole reasons I want a rhythm game is so I can play with my own personal music library, and to be able to play it offline and anywhere I want. While this game accommodates at least one of those criteria, the other is unfortunately non-existent. Most of the time I have little to no cell/internet service so it’s hard for me to play many games, Most require some form of connectivity and end just being a waste of space on my devices, Would appreciated if an offline mode was added so I can play my personal music and not have to always 100% be connected.
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6 years ago, chicken money yo
Good Game (Minus the Constant Crashing)
I love this game and I spend a lot of time on it. However, very recently, it crashes after I try to get past the home screen. It used to just crash every so often after a played multiple songs in a row, but it’s never glitched this bad. I’m unsure why it keeps kicking me out though. I’m tempted to delete the app and reinstall it, but I’m afraid that all my high scores will clear (and I worked really hard on some of those). I’ve already restarted my phone and closed/reopened the app a couple times. I really hope this issue does not continue and that it can be fixed soon.
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6 years ago, xlikxeinsteinx
Music, like food, nourishes the body and soul. Give them the wrong things, and. . .
I absolutely love this game! It accesses my music library and allows me to play the game with the songs I prefer to listen to! I for one, am not a fan of mainstream music. They’re pretty much all the same, and provide no real value to me anyways. With this, I can continue my mainstream music boycott without being subjecting my ears to torture lol
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6 years ago, variegatus
Couple issues
When it works it’s fantastic, but it NEEDS portrait as well as landscape (I have tiny hands and it’s killing my average), also, several of my songs are apparently not supported, even though I downloaded them from apple music, which I granted permissions for. The last time I used this app, on my old phone sans apple music, I had no problems besides the portrait thing (which wound up frustrating me to the point of just deleting the game, and it probably will again)
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6 years ago, BibleHater666
Solid game
But there are some things that could make the game better. A search bar could be added as I have tons of music and it's a pain to scroll to find the right song. Also maybe making the game available while offline? Great game through and through
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7 years ago, AppJudge#1
Great Game
I love playing this, especially since the game changes the beat structure every time you play the song. Instead of becoming bored you are constantly challenged, and you master the game rather than memorize the buttons to each song.
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6 years ago, Figure skating⛸
Really FUN!
This game is super fun! I like it because I get I listen to my music in a more fun and entertaining way! Not to mention it is nice on a big road trip! I love listening to music but don't have anything to do. Now I do! This app has 100% my vote! No complaints here!
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7 years ago, Djjsiwnsbebnskzkzjxjhs
Love it!
It's such a good app. Although there are a lot of ads, it's still amazing due to picking your own music. The only thing is I'd make it sound like YOU are playing the song instead of playing the original song when you play.
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6 years ago, Yako takashi 57869
It's all right
The game is great and all, but the only problem is the internet connection. if the game access my apple music app and has all the songs from the apple music app, Why would it need a internet connection? The app would be way better without the internet connection.
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4 years ago, Elgalina
Great Game
It’s definitely intense and more than a little bit confusing, but being able to play all my favorite songs and hear the voices of my favorite singers definitely makes it better.
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7 years ago, igachagaiga
Very well made. Very challenging musically. Having only played Rock Band a while ago I was truly in awe of the fact that it can synchronize to whatever music you have on your phone. Bravalabro!
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7 years ago, Salkhwlani
WOW THIS IS SO MICH FUN! I'm so happy my fiend introduced me to this game because it's so much fun, ESP because it uses your own local music! I just found a new way to enjoy my music and its pretty fun and competitive bc i have no sense of rhythm as I'm trying to do well.
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4 years ago, dramageek32
Exactly the type of rhythm game I was looking for. I’ve played some that took from your music library before but they didn’t generate the track for you. Absolutely what I’ve been looking for
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4 years ago, Mr. Neega
Fix it please.
Well the game is pretty cool but you cant play any of your Apple Music downloads and it is really frustrating. I would love to see this problem fixed please and thank you!
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5 years ago, HopeSooFtw
Super fun!
I used to play this years back and found it again. I forgot how much fun it was honestly, getting to play any song off your phone is pretty neat.
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5 years ago, Marel Girl
Good game
I just got the game and i really like the fact that you can use your music that you have downloaded on your device
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7 years ago, dpotter42
Deleted My Coins
This app was 5 stars until recently when I tried to come back and play this game again. I noticed that the app had deleted all of my coins. And I had a TON stored up. Until I get these back this review will remain at 1 Star. Players Beware! I was gone from the app about 6-7 months or so, but that gives it no excuse to delete my hard earned coins!
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7 years ago, rdnoodles33
Very well made game but...
Game is smooth and great. The only problem is it doesn't really flow well with the song I choose. Hard to play a rhythm game when the things you hit is off beat.
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7 years ago, ZachIsBoss2018
Great game
Love the fact that you can listen to the songs you want to listen too as long as it is in the iTunes library
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7 years ago, Allijoyfly
So Addictive!
This app is great if you want a game that syncs up with your music. It does have ads all over the place, though, which is why I just gave it 4 stars. I totally recommend this, though!
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6 years ago, Ey3sh1eld21
A fun game once you get the hang of it
This a is a game that reminiscent of Guitar Hero, DJ Max, Dance Dance Revolution, etc. This title takes time and effort to master especially if the song you choose is fast and lots of beats. For coins watching ads is there. In all this game is fun and challenging.
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7 years ago, TMF202
Just started playing
It wants me to write a review. It is fun but there's not much of a library.... I'll have to pay for a subscription if I really want to experience the game. But so far, it's okay.
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7 years ago, PrincessHood
Good App
It's a good app, kind of like tap tap back then. It's cool because you get to choose songs that you want to play to since it's synced with your itunes music.
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7 years ago, Viola violin
Very nice app
It's really nice that your songs can be analyzed instead of having a fixed library for everyone
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7 years ago, Maine coon cats are fluffy
Fun game
It's a simple and fun game and I enjoy being able to use my own songs. Sometimes the beats don't make sense but overall most of the time they do.
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7 years ago, Krisyvette
This game is amazing. I do recommend getting this game. One suggestion, add a search bar so we can look up any song to play
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7 years ago, sbrn725
I used to play this game called Symphony where it also uses music from my files. I'm glad I can find this similar game to it.
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7 years ago, Hanahaki
I love that you can choose your own music, I'll definitely be playing this all the time now lol
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3 years ago, edanjr777
Really fun!
The best is that I can use my own songs from my library
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7 years ago, Known as me
Can't stop
I love these games. I have multiple on my phone. They are really fun. Would recommend it.
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6 years ago, Reena1919191919191919291919
Been playing it for a while
I think this game is pretty cool. I would recommend it
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7 years ago, ArigatouFam
Good game
This game works better than the last time I tried it. The beat maps follow the song well enough to make it fun
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7 years ago, Monster of Books
Awesome Game!!!!
Love this game, all my songs work. Other apps like this you're stuck with certain genre songs. Not with this game!!!
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7 years ago, Finu11
Finally a game like the old tap tap game!!! It's so fun and you can play with the music on your phone library it's the best ((: I'm so happy and I loooooooove it!
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7 years ago, xmelodies
Addicting !
Quite fun and addicting. Sometimes the beat doesn't match but it's pretty close.
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4 years ago, Almodusa
Accurate gameplay
Very easy to use and synchronized well. It’s addition of bonus boxes are a great addition as well.
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5 years ago, Miguel-Web
Connection Based
Game is good and all but the only issue i had is that when i wanna play it and i turn my wifi off on my ipod and wont play like can you guys fix this
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7 years ago, Pinkzzina
Love it
It's great how I can use my own music. Best rhythm game :3 Edit: Notes won't show up when I use my own music help;;
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7 years ago, Justmakingapoint
Not bad
I like the concept. Using the whole song is the best part.
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7 years ago, Hallowseoul
Great game but lots of bugs
Maybe it's just this version and future updates will fix it but it won't analyze any music I select. Even basic MP3 files, the demo worked fine which led me to buy the unlimited version. To just find out I can't at all. Uninstalled, trying to get a refund.
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7 years ago, BandGeek727
So cool!
Such a cool idea! I love rhythm games, and I'm loving playing with songs from my own library. I'm a little concerned about the coin system, but we'll see how it works.
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7 years ago, Ther_t3t
Really fun so far
You can rally enjoy playing your music and listening to it
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6 years ago, ChefCharChar
Fun but a little hard at first
Fun and easy to use right off without instructions but I’ll definitely need practice!!
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5 years ago, Thatwokeguy
Needs to be fixed!
I’ve enjoyed playing this game the last couple years but now switched to an IPhone from Samsung phones and the game doesn’t support ICloud music and the apps not really much fun whenever you can’t play the music downloaded on your phone!
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5 years ago, bobbycorbin
Won’t load after restoring purchase
I’ve got a new iPhone 6S Plus and when I went to restore the purchase and will not load and I’m on high speed internet the rest of my internet required to use apps work perfectly Its that this game won’t restore my purchase
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5 years ago, MythArtist
Awesome sauce
Good game recommend , like the fact that your music is able to be the game as you play it
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7 years ago, HaHa_Cupcake
Trying it out and seem to like it so far.
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7 years ago, Bdjdjdndn
I love it
This game is amazing. I can play my own music, I just wish the coins were unlimited .
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