Beat the Boss 2

4.3 (4.6K)
226.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Game Hive Corp.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beat the Boss 2

4.33 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
4 years ago, jonathan garrett512
Bring back the swing from (playground)
I rated it four stars for a reason because the swing from (playground) got removed and now there is just two missions sitting there that I cannot complete now and plus I can only complete one mission at a time, and if there is another mission that I cannot complete there is just going to be three missions sitting there. All and all me and other people want the swing back because it was fun when it was there so because it got removed people might have stoped playing the game and got disappointed and some people said “it ruins the fun”, so to make the game fun again bring back the swing.
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2 months ago, NarniaTK
Bring the swing back
Love this game especially when I was around ages 10 and 11. Would play this game nonstop however I was never able to unlock the other areas as I was little and didn’t understand. I would like to do it now, however advancing is tougher because I am unable to do any of the 3 missions. The 3 missions require the swing from the playground. As there is no swing in the playground and you are unable to skip its impossible to finish any missions. I also have noticed the screen yes my brotha linger fits in the frame. I’m seeing the offscreen things such as the squirrel, ice cream machine the the lady in the office. Just sad to see one of my favorite games have so many issues the it once didn’t have and I was able to enjoy its unique game. Hopefully the developers will give just a little more love and bring the game up to date and revert the reactions of the boss as it used to be with the blood or the framing, and maybe the glitching of the boss getting stuck and glitching out the map. Thank you
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3 years ago, T. Robert Romero
Nostalgic, Childhood, Amazing
I remember downloading this game when I was 7 — yes I know, when I was younger I broke the age rules. This game was literally my stress reliever and the best game I ever played when I was a little kid and still is from the nostalgia it gives me everytime I play it. I definitely recommend everyone from when this released or the original because it WILL bring back nostalgia. I am so surprised how this company is still strong and going, good job! I also recommend this game to younger audiences, of course with your parental/guardian approval. But yes, I did and still forever will love this game! LOVE ALL THE DEVELOPERS FOR KEEPING THIS GAME ALIVE, AS A FELLOW APP DEVELOPER MYSELF I UNDERSTAND ITS HARD TO KEEP A GAME ALIVE, ESPECIALLY FOR 7+ YEARS! ❤️
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4 years ago, qazxswedcvfrtgbhynjumkilop
Beat the boss stinks
At first I thought it was a good game but then I realized that it is not it is the worst game I have ever played and I play a lot of games it glitches and it really depends what phone you have I have an iPhone 8 and say for example you have to have a big phone to do stuff like I just unlocked the playground and you can’t see everything on the playground cause it gives you a bunch of side missions but you can not do most of it cause you have to have a big expensive phone I don’t have anger issues and don’t get angry easily I just thought this was going to be a fun game I just don’t want y’all to waste y’all’s on this game just to be disappointed 😔 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔and thank you for not being like most people who did not want to stop and read this I hope you take what I said into consideration I am just trying to look out for you people have a nice day and thanks again for reading this thanks bye
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1 year ago, AkiraTheGamer912
Great game years ago, now needs a lot of bug fixes
I used to play this game a lot as a kid and then when the years went by, a lot of glitches & bugs started to occur. Like for example: There’s no blood when shooting him with a gun, he barely says “Ow!” when hurting him and 90% of the time he doesn’t seem phased when you hurt him, but most of all, the tire swing in the Playground is missing making various achievements impossible. Another thing is he often glitches out and makes the area respawn. This game needs to updated to work properly on Modern devices.
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3 years ago, Mrtobascosauceguy4,000
Good, But A Few Problems…
Hello there Game Hive Corp I’ve played beat the boss 2 when I was either 6-7 when I was in elementary school. Here I am again playing beat the boss 2 and to my surprise I noticed a few things wrong also I have a lot of questions 1 why is the tire swing gone at the playground? 2 What happened to the blood and gore?. Why are they missing? That’s what makes the game so cool if you don’t mind could you please bring those things back and read this comment? Thank you game hive and have a wonderful day!!!;)
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3 years ago, WorkdayFidd
Unplayable now
I used to play this game ages ago. It was amazing, such a blast to beat up the boss. Only complaint I had back then was how impossible it was to get any of the good crafting materials. Now it’s infinitely worse. Every time the boss is killed there is an ad. The tire swing was removed so it’s impossible to complete two beginner quests now. The second I bought the boxing glove the boss started glitching, flying all around the room limbs detaching and flying the opposite direction. Not adjusted for newer phones. You can see the secretary lady on the edge of the screen before even opening the door. Not sure why I’m writing a review there’s a Beat the boss 4. While I haven’t played it yet I’m sure there’s less bugs however I can guarantee before I play it there’s endless ads.
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3 years ago, KristyMisty
The good old memories playing this game
I remember I used to play this all the time on my tablet well then for some reason I deleted it or something happened to it I really don’t know what happened to it but here I am again it was good old memories of the good old days when I was about four that’s when I finally started playing this game I know it’s really old and stuff it’s it’s still a really good game if you guys are so ticked off about the ads then just turn off your dang Internet it’s so easy stop getting all ticked off about to leave these guys alone
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5 years ago, Cramptyheadsman
Hahahahaha found a funny thing 🤣🤣🤣
Ok so I have an iPhone XR. My screen is bigger and this is where the funny thing comes in. This game is meant for smaller phones which have smaller screens and I can’t expand my screen. The sides are black but I can see the extra things on the sides. Like in the school if you use the key on the door and open it this random lady will enter, but since my screen is bigger i can see her on the other side of the door before she comes in. And on the playground it shows the ice cream truck and the hamster that poops.
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2 years ago, 72jordan
Riddled with ads
I remember playing this game when I was younger and it is such a fun game… now everytime I try to play it I get a stupid video… which I would be completely fine if it was an ad maybe every like 10 minutes. But as soon as I get out off a video it literally sends me into another ad back to back. I just got done having to watch four videos in a row. This is completely ridiculous!!! The developers stopped worrying about game satisfaction and started worrying about ad revenue… completely disgusting and sad to see a game go from a 5 star down to a 0 star.. I would have rated it lower if I can, you can’t even play the game anymore because of all the ads, it’s shameful
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5 months ago, Wyatt Dudley .
Thank you for being my childhood, but
Thank you for being my childhood, but the one thing I have a problem with where is the swing at? I can’t do these missions, so can you please bring the swing back and I might be able to give you a five star but thank you thank you for being my childhood. I remember when I used to play this game, while my brother was playing this game, and he was always a higher level than me and it made me so jealous, but thank you for being my childhood.
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3 years ago, pandasgod99
The game used to be better
I used to play this game all the time and I thought about it in 2021 and was like “I want to play that again” and I downloaded it and started playing again and the swing got removed and I cannot remove the road block on playground and I purchased diamonds and it said purchase successful but in game it said there was an error and did not give me what I paid for and there is no restore purchase button to get my gems. I would give this game a lower rating but it used to bring me so much happiness and joy. Please fix your game.
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6 years ago, Kurger Bing
Let me just start by saying, I enjoy playing this game. It is good to play when your mad or maybe even in a good mood. But let me get to the topic of the review. Ads. After I kill the boss and get the coins and parts, suddenly an ad shows up and takes everything away. It gets frustrating because I could use the coins and especially the parts. Please fix this. Or better yet, remove ads all together. Other than that it is a good game.
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6 years ago, This,That
Should buy
I absolutely love this game love the weapons customizable options and how fun it is one thing I thing would be fun would be if the creators made a super smash bros type of game u could fight with other people guns and stuff would fall from the sky or spawn and there could be multiple maps to play on I also think that u should be able to be a girl or a boy character I love beat the boss and I would like to thank the people who spent the time to read it
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7 years ago, Llamalogan
I gave it five stars
This is a great game you should buy it it is the best game I like beat the boss because it helps me get out my anger on the bus I always have anger issues but this house we was there so you should get this game if you have angry shoes so this is a great game you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it you should get it is the best game ever
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6 years ago, Cody Jung
Good game, but fix all these glitches plz
I have recently redone loaded he game, but in the first 10 minutes of playing I’ve found many bugs, glitches, and things removed. The tire swing is gone and there are tons of glitches everywhere. In the first room the boss glitches out of the screen a ton of times and in the playground the cone you remove to get the ice cream truck is bugged. Plz fix these and other bugs that are currently in the game. Thank you!
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3 years ago, .ssydneyy.
Empty Swing Frame
This is a great game, I remember playing it when I was younger. However, it’s really annoying that you can’t complete the swing achievements at the playground because there’s literally no swing! I saw that other ppl have contacted y’all and y’all said you would work on it back in 2020. It’s still not there! It’s actually pretty frustrating. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? It’s just a frame without a swing.
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6 years ago, Hayhay02
Alright game, but still glitchy.
The game does work pretty well, but it still has plenty of bugs. The first thing I want to bring up is that the screen doesn't rotate. Another issue is that the boss sometimes glitches out and gets stuck in the middle of the screen (this usually happens when the hydrant is used). One final bug is that the tire swing is missing from the playground. This game does have bugs that should be fixed, but it's in better condition than the other two games.
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4 years ago, Fanboy 9000
A new revert
Hey uhh me again, used to play this all the time as a young kid, but uh, you know the turn in gems for lives button, the one next to the workshop button. Well, as we grow up, our fingers get bigger and wider. Because of this, we tend to miss click / miss press. And uh, I recently spend a lot of my gems on lame lives when I miss press ( I play on an IPad ). Can you suppose say.....make an opposite button of that? In case we miss click / miss press?
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3 years ago, isick newtin
Good but...
Ok I like this game but there needs to be some things changed #1 I can’t play because of all the adds the app is just bombarding me with adds and I can’t play second in the playground there is no tire swing soooo I can’t do my objectives and all mine right now involves the tire swing so yeah also in the store with the 25 gems = 25 hearts make a way to reverse that please and then i think it will be a 5 star game
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3 years ago, Hajer Alsalman
the playground swing is missing...
i downloaded this app again for the nostalgia and i cant even move forward with the missions because u can only see 3 missions at a time and all 3 of mine are swing related. this is really frustrating and I see the developers have done nothing to fix this bug that’s been happening to new players for over a year it’s ridiculous. i’m deleting the app because what’s the point in playing if i cant even move forward in the game... i’m disappointed fr
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6 years ago, LexiMarie'
I’m extremely disappointed. I have played this game before on my tablet. When I got my iPhone 6, I wanted to play this game. I was so excited. But right now, I’m not very happy. I love the game except for be fact that the tire swing just isn’t there. I’m getting very frustrated with it. I even deleted the game and it still isn’t there. Plz fix this issue!
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7 years ago, Crazy4Mario
Best freaking game I have ever played!
I love this game because Game Hive came up with the best weapons for the 2nd BTB game in the series. Game Hive did a lot better making this game then the people who made kick the buddy. If you don't know kick the buddy is a ripoff of Beat The Boss which is the game series that you guys have created. Thanks Game Hive. Keep making your apps! I really enjoy them. Especially Battle Run.
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4 years ago, SickSage
I installed this game out of nostalgia trying to enjoy this game but it just doesn't work. i have challenge that says put the boss on the swings YET the swings aren't even shown in the park map??? the boss glitches out insanely like if there were multiple fingers on screen. When trying to drag coins its so frustrating that it pulls down my notifications from my iphone and i just have a hard time dragging coins to the ice cream shop. finally the challenge to stack mines glitches out completely i cant have no more than TWO mines . HOW AM I GONNA COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE OF STACKING 8?????
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3 years ago, hdycfjfdeijvfewjjo
What gave you the idea to remove the swing? Now none of us can do our challenges and you aren’t even doing anything to fix the issue that all of us are having! Come on! At least just add a skip quest button or remove those quests in general! What is the point of making games if you aren’t even going to respond to your community and fix bugs and patch the game?
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3 years ago, Tylan Johnson
I remember playing this game a long time ago when I was four and I’m 12 now and I have good memories again especially with that swing but the thing is it’s a good game but the only thing preventing it to be perfect like it use to be is the swing and you end up just having 2 missions sitting there and u can only complete 1 mission at a time so thx in advance but BRING BACK THE OG SWING
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6 years ago, CornOnTheCoby45
Ads screw things up a lot
Great game but sometimes when you get a whole lot of xp, diamonds, gold, and hearts from the frenzy you will get an ad directly after the frenzy and everything will disappear. It is really frustrating. It also won’t allow me to get my free gos on the pirate ship. Other than that I would say it is a great game.
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6 years ago, Mentor7303
Needs work
A lot of bugs: the boss character becoming "disassembled", or objects vanish from screen (try deploying lots of mines), depth sort of the on-screen objects is wrong sometimes, swords, machetes can disappear from the screen, Game gets stuck in Boss Rage mode sometimes, etc Very poor quality control. Also, would like to see blood splatter, and to be able to inflict substantial damage with knives, drills, etc including hacking off body parts, gouging out teeth, eyeballs, etc
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6 years ago, Ncasterrer
Tire swing bug
This is a really fun game but for some reason the tire swing never shows up anymore and all three of my challenges have to do with it so I can’t really progress and it very frustrating. I really hope this gets fixed some time soon so I can keep leaving up and playing this fun game.
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4 years ago, jakeflerb
Annoying bug
THE TIRE SWING DOENT APPEAR. This wouldn’t be a huge problem, but there are challenges with the tire swing, and once you do enough missions all of the challenges have to do with the swing. This game used to be so fun so I redownloaded it and was sad that they haven’t fixed this and it’s been a year since the last update. Please fix this. It’s also very annoying to the players that play this for the fun challenges
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6 years ago, Chad Nordberg
Good game but still an issue
I first got the game because it looked cool and fun so I got it and it was really cool and fun until I found some issues the tire swing isn’t there the pirate ship isn’t there for me even if I wait for days and adds keep popping up when I get one of those balls that have a thing in it to build an item so I couldn’t get it but still a really good game keep it up
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3 years ago, coolmanjoe13
Beat the Boss Has Turned Into the Boss
I played this game when I was younger with my iPod 5…I loved this game, it was goofy. Had animated violence in it, and was just overall a lot of fun. I even remember grinding for a gun upgrade that was overpowered. So I downloaded the game to get nostalgia. It is an entirely different game. No updates, broken Maps, so many ads! I might as well just not play because that’s not the way I want to remember this app. I used this app as a stress reliever one day. Now it is a stress causer.
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3 years ago, TheAlmightyNed1
Payment system doesn’t work
I tried to get some extra coins and paid $6 total to get some and it says my purchase was set and completed but then an error pops up saying it couldn’t be completed on the game and then didn’t give me the coins and there is no restore purchase option
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5 years ago, nico lily
No tire get it back on now
There is no tire and it’s not fare I gave it 5 stars but I think I am going to un do that 5 stars to 3 stars everybody is saying there is no tire and it’s true I hope this game gets the tire if not I am report this game not even and we have missions and I think it’s only me we’ll GET IT UP AND LISTEN TO US NOW OR I REPORT THE GAME
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5 years ago, pakfjekdjdndk
Best No-WiFi Game!(But still needs some fixes)
This game is so fun and really allows me to take out my stress on something. But, not everything is perfect. Sometimes while I’m swiping across the boss’s face to get the coins, I glitch and it never ends. Hopefully this will be fixed.
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7 years ago, Jakster07
I Rated This 5 Stars
I Rated This 5 Stars because when my step-brothers come over, they really stress me out. But when I found out about this game series I downloaded all of them and played all of them and it helped me stay normal and I really hope it helps with my stress.
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4 years ago, lordofdawhale
This game is good but in some problems
The ads? Not that many so that’s not the problem but I had to get the game again because I got a new phone and on top of it the tire swing is gone and I can’t find out where it went and if the game has had things taken out they also need to take out the challenge that needs said item but love the game :)
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5 years ago, +Eddie_Gluskin+
Love it. Just one problem
I love the game. It’s the same as when I first got it on my tablet. The only problem I have is that the tire swing in the playground is missing so I can’t complete some of the tasks. Also the boss tends to freak out and disappear from the screen. Other than that the game works fine.
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3 years ago, 2883848358395949
There’s lots of bugs in the game and the tire swing is missing and something is wrong is fast food place you can’t get the boss to explode from the food it just sends him in the middle of the screen froze pls fix this
Show more
7 years ago, damp patatoe
I like the game but I have all the weapons and I'm getting bored of them they should more places like you should be able to go on the pirate ship and to a big island or a space ship that can take you to different planets
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1 year ago, BigJuisy
I read some reviews and thought I’d do some fact or cap experiment. I went to purchase coins and I saw my account was charged, went back to the game and saw my coins did not change. The game will say “an unexpected error has occurred” well if an error occurred why did you still charge me? The developers need to evaluate their app and do any and all updates necessary to prevent others from wasting their money and being scammed.
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1 year ago, BASIC12341234
I love this game It’s one of the best stress relief Games I played it’s fun all though there is one problem on the newer Phone the screen goes out of bounds and you can a lot of stuff your not supposed to see please fix this!!!!
Show more
7 years ago, hey cheese
Super fun and awesome 👏🏾 game is great for all kids that are you available I don't think 💭 is going on the same amount for a long long way to go but I am traveling forever and is not a great time for me a lot more than anything but I don't have a
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6 months ago, Theturbotoilet2000
Nostalgic fun, but has issues
As others have said, there are issues with the game, especially the swing on the playground stage. Other objectives such as stacking eight landmines is impossible to do because if I stack two or three they disappear. I would really like if these bugs could be fixed.
Show more
6 years ago, TwentyFiveTragedies
No Tire. Help?
I loved this game when I was younger so I decided to re-download it. I was having fun-the game was just as I remembered, but I was disappointed to see there was no tire. Plllleeeeaaassseee fix this bug, because without the tire, I can’t complete some of the missions. Thanks.
Show more
1 year ago, Chris031101
I want my money back
So a couple days ago I decided to spend $10 on coins in this game. After the purchase said i error I thought nothing of it considering it gave me no coins and it could of not gone through. However today I was looking at my purchase history and found I was actually charged $10 but no in game currency was given to me. This game is a scam and I want my money back.
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3 years ago, 🐢🐢🐛🐛🍉
Great game but the ads
this game is great you can do all sorts of things but the ads are annoying every time I kill the boss a ad pops up could you add a in app purchase that disables ads so people don’t have to get annoyed by the ads
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3 years ago, AnonymousLordreturns
My favorite game when I was younger
When I was young I used to play this a lot. It started to get boring but overall this was my favorite game when I was younger. I’d recommend this game for ages 10-12. After that it gets boring.
Show more
6 years ago, Dr. No10419
Game was made by 5 year-olds
I don't know if you tested this game, I assume not because there are so many glitches that the game is practically unplayable, that as well as the constant bombardment of ads literally every time you touch the screen made me delete it within 20 minutes of playing. The game is old so the devs don't care, but to anyone reading this, don't get it and waste your time.
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5 years ago, no tire swing
No tire swing
I love the game but there is no tire swing on my game and I’ve already have almost all of the places but the only way I can get the tire swing is how to restart the game and I can’t do any objectives because they all have something to do with the tire swing
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