BeatMaker 3

4.7 (4.3K)
216.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BeatMaker 3

4.73 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
6 years ago, moukeefe
Too much too soon
I just bought this app. I was a big fan and daily user of NanoStudio which I can now say, “back in the day”. Sadly, NanoStudio was rubbed out by apples merciless grindstone of progress and the app makers dropped the ball and NS2 which was to fallow never was released. So my quest began to find a replacement. I’m not fully confident in saying much about this choice other than there is a lot here and the workflow is going to take a bit to get my head around. I also don’t see a stand alone synth, which would be nice. I see that I can sample whatever synth I want and then alter that using t(e many included filters and FX. Oh yeah, the other reason and probably even more important to me was to find an app from which I can trigger Drums samples using velocity over note triggering. I just made that term up, seems to make sense. Example, I would like to trigger a snare on note D1. D1 would also contain velocity information, which it does, 16 levels I think, of velocity. I would then have the choice to place a different sampled articulation of that same snare on any of those levels and the velocity with which I hit my snare would trigger the corresponding articulated sample. I heard this app has this going on as well. I’ll get back and review it once I have a clue. So far, looks impressive, sounds great!
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6 years ago, Big Shove
I’ve been waiting to make beats portable with PC quality on my IPad for a while. I’ve always been an FL Studio user on my PC, the IOS app is garbage lol. I have been using Beatmaker since Beatmaker 1, purchased Beatmaker 2, and now have Beatmaker 3, which is why I stopped using ,y PC btw. I was even able to, although not implemented yet, transfer my Beatmaker 2 files into Beatmaker 3 believe it or not!!! All this program needs is to be able to export the songs as .wav, .mp3 and files straight to my flashdrive, ie iXpand, or through the camera connection kit directly to a 3.0 USB Flashdrive without having to use iCloud or a PC, etc. Maybe you can make an app to do this or write it into Beatmaker 3 itself, then no producer on an idevice in his right mind would need any other program aside from this one to make a beat, put it on a drive, and put it in the car or take it to the studio for further developement. The Intua team gets no complaints from me, just a minor request lol😁, and thanks for the best beatmaker since the MPC 2000XL, in my opinion!!!
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5 years ago, VitoCorleone1999
5 stars but .... 🤧😕😓
Hello beatmaker 3 needs a major update I’m currently using the latest iPad and experience major issues it really hinders my workflow being a full time producer one of the errors I seem to encounter is constant crashing if I load to many more then 4 plugins I have the lowest latency and I’m running the latest iOS software and I have the latest iPad with 64gb of space I don’t see why this would be a problem but the crashing needs to be fixed I consider this a daw and some minor drawbacks messes up my workflow another error I encounter is not being able to change the interface color scheme I know this is nothing major but this can sometime strain my eyes and I seen numerous of other complaints compared to beatmaker 3s lighter colors I would love a option where you can change it to different colors again thx but a update is needed ASAP !!!!! Another error I encounter is sessions becoming cure pot for no reason and not being able to load or anything
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5 years ago, Jonnie Sparkel
*update* it is very hard to use after the last update. It’s taxing something immensely in my iPad Pro 10.5. The battery drains quicker than its usual quickeness with BeatMaker 3 and I couldn’t make a song more than 4 tracks using 13% cpu. Froze my iPad even after closing beatmaker. Not sure if it’s apples software since it allegedly is having memory issues at the moment or just BeatMaker since I’m not having issues with other apps. But I finally got the hang of the interface. It’s very much like the pc version of Maschine. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the previous versions of BeatMaker but 3 is now my new favorite iOS daw, possibly just daw at the moment. I just can’t figure out how to copy a track, I can copy the midi data and open a new track and paste the midi data but I can’t figure out how to simply copy an existing track, sound bank and midi data and paste it for a simple doubling.
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10 months ago, Strizbiz
Slowly going down hill
I hate to write this review because this was once my go to app. I’m just going to say it…ever since the original developer left, BM3 has been steadily going downhill. As of this review…there hasn’t been an update in over two years. Look, I’m not asking for new features, just that it be maintained if it’s still going to be sold on the IPad. Now a lot of plugins don’t load or crash, which I won’t put all the blame on whoever’s developing BM3 now, or should I say whoever isn’t developing it now, but the same plugins work fine in other Daws so it’s kinda hard not to lay the blame on Intua.I have so many tracks that I made that I can’t really listen to because of auv3’s just not loading or crashing that at this point I’m ready to stop using it altogether and I’m fine with that, sometimes it’s just time to move on. This was a really great app at one time, but the fact that it’s not being maintained makes it feel like abandonware and with it original developer jumping ship I get it. I guess his shoes were just to big to fill.
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5 years ago, Jonavin Jackson
Feature request : Multi sampler instrument
Dear Developers of Beatmaker 3 would it be possible to have a Multi sampler instrument created in The next Beatmaker update ? The multi sampler would have these features . feature number (1) sample mapping view where you can use your own samples map them to multiple keys and zones number (2) edit view where you can edit and customize your samples and waves Number (3) recorder where you can record from the microphone or inter App Audio Number (4) multi velocity sensitive pads and keys number (5 ) Multi sampler instrument Folders where you can create name and save the instrument or drum kit you have made Number (6) have all instrument type categories number (7) sampler import view where you can import samples from drop box audio share audio copy the files App even instruments and samples from the web browser like SFZ SF2 EXS and even multi sample files
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2 years ago, Rampage Muzic
Love this app but when will we see an update?
I absolutely love this app as a producer coming from the MPC era. It has a lot of useful features as far as production goes. I am wondering when we will see an update for this app? It has been well over a year and many IOS updates but no update to this app. When will we see more features that will help propel this app forward and make it a lot more complete as far as Recording and Editing goes. I always find myself doing Production in BeatMaker 3 and Recording and Editing in Cubasis 3. I would like to be able to do everything in one app without feeling the need to bounce to another DAW to feel like I’m getting the complete experience. Can we expect anymore updates or has this DAW been abandoned as far as updates are concerned?
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5 years ago, K.W.A.K.KristopherScottThomas
I love this app BUT...and it’s a big “BUT”
When I first started using it I didn't have any problem, but now when I tap the pads or the sequencer timeline button on the left side, it's like the button gets stuck which prevents me from even switching to that view. So, now I have to close out of the app and open it back up just to be able to fix that. It doesn't just happen with that, it also happens when using the selection tool, the touch tool, and the cut tool on the actual timeline when editing or arranging notes. sometimes it will highlight both the touch tool and the selection tool and when you try to deselect it, and tap+drag on the timeline it adds another note. Please fix ASAP it's getting extremely annoying. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for all your hard work with this app. After fixes, it would be nice to have different color themes for the entire interface :D EDIT : Please allow us to sort our project files by last opened, change date or created date, not just alphabetically.
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6 years ago, Shaul305
Just Wow
I bought the iPad as a means to provide sample fodder for my Octatrack. I bought this app because of videos by Henny Tha Bizness, who’s done an impressive job showcasing this great program. I now find myself constantly on BM3 on the go, than at home on my hardware. Great program all around. Not sure if it’s because I’m on an iPad Air 2, but would love to see better RAM optimization as I’m forced to usually resemble AUV3 tracks or after a good 4 tracks of certain AUV3 plugins and my RAM is maxing out. I’m always having to up the samples to 1024 samples on some tracks. Hoping this can be addressed and that it isn’t solely hardware issue, either than that, fantastic work on this software. So clean, well designed, and fun all around for creativity, btw love the added scale and chord modes, blows Chordion and other paid apps out the water. -nkdvkng
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3 years ago, D_W_H_2
It’s Keeps Freezing lately???!
I’ve been using this app since December. And it’s my favorite music making app for iPad Pro. It’s usually very reliable helping me compose and produce a lot of great music. However, fast forward to this month. It’s been freezing and crashing a lot. When I close out the program and open it again there is this beat maker 3 loading screen with the loading wheel that doesn’t go away. It takes 2-5 minutes for the app to work again but this keeps happening. When I playback music the app freezes. Then I have to close it out again then it’s back to square one. This is really taking away from my creative process and ultimately my work flow. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the recent update of IPadOS 14.6 but what ever it is please Beat Maker 3 team. Fix this ASAP! I am a loyal customer!
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4 years ago, Kool Videos
What up with the sample Chop
I get the BM3 app becuz of all the hype however I am a dedicated Akai fan I use their iMPC app the funny thing is I had the BM3 app way before I bought the iMPC 2 app for my iPad the only issue I have with BM3 is when it comes to chopping up a sample it is a bit much I have to copy and paste the entire sample over to another pad and then make my chops and repeat this a process until I get the samples I want to use instead of just chopping my samples or using the slice tool to make my chops I should be able to apply those slices or chopped samples from within that one process and there should be a way to make your chops or slices then have a option to apply those certain slices and/or chops to another pad without repeating that process over again just to get those certain chops also when you go to save your sessions its less unwanted samples being saved to the storage supply so if that can happen that would be fantastic BM3
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*Apple Magic Keyboard Update*
I have been producing on this app for almost 2 months and and am beyond impressed by the capabilities of the program! I’ve just recently purchased a iPad magic keyboard and one thing I did notice is that when I open BeatMaker I am able to drag sounds and use the Trackpad to navigate faster through the application... BUT it does not give you the ability to play keys with the keyboard like it does for producing DAWs I’ve downloaded on computers I’ve used to produce on in the past. This kind of update would put you in competition with... if not leaps and bounds above other programs I have used in the past. (ie FL Studio, Reason, and Logic Pro X) still I am satisfied with the program this is only a suggestion to help me and wow other into making BeatMaker 3 their GO TO DAW!
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4 years ago, BigMajorLabel
Temporarily Disappointed
Is a update going to ever come or have you guys abandoned the BM3 app & community and ran off with all our money. It has become very buggy—-updated review, after studying your update version history I guess you guys or coming out with a update in about 2 months I’ve noticed that you guys update about every 12 months. FYI a lil teaser or something or a preview of what’s to come ANYTHING just keep us informed. FEELING ABANDONED BY YOU GUYS. Y’all gotta do better with staying in touch with the BM3 community. Come on man, oh and reply to some of these freaking comments & show you care and you are hearing us some lesser developers do a much better job at this than INTUA. These things can make or break the future of BM3. Show Love & get Love
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5 years ago, blasto2236
Wish it could be 5 stars
This is far and away one of my favorite interfaces/feature sets of any DAW I’ve played with on iOS. But it has two major bugs that if unaddressed will leave me looking for something else to get my work done in, because it continually stops me dead in my tracks. First, it crashes nearly every time I select an AUv3 plugin after the app has been idle for a bit. After I re-launch the app and do it all over again, I’m okay from there, but I risk losing work and it’s honestly just a major annoyance. The other, larger problem, is that my Bluetooth midi keyboard disconnects every time I stop playback on my track. So let’s say I’m past the point in my track where I want to add some synths, or other flourishes, and I stop playback to rewind it back. As soon as I press the stop button, my keyboard disconnects and is forgotten by the app, and I have to dive back in to the settings and reconnect it all over again, even though the keyboard itself is still on and ready to be paired. I don’t have this problem in any other music making apps for iOS, so that says to me it’s a problem with BeatMaker. I’m running BM3 on the latest and greatest iPad Pro, so there’s really no excuse for this from a hardware/performance perspective. Get it together, Intua. I want to love your app more than I do.
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2 years ago, Deucx
Perfect for High-Quality Music Creation in 22’ and Beyond
First things first, the interface is very inviting. Setting up and saving banks is a breeze. Using FX sends is intuitive and assigning different functions to macro controls is smooth. I make sample based music for sync and recording artists and compose entirely on my iPad Pro using BeatMaker 3. I want to see BeatMaker 3 continue to get updates even after version 4! We will support you! At the end of the day the only feature request currently present for myself is to allow lazy chopping of samples in the editor. Thank you for all your support and hard work!
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12 months ago, SoloDeed
Missing sidechain input… also bug on plugins
Beatmaker 3 has a really good UI. It’s pretty much adored by all MPC style beatmakers and many other mobile music production enthusiasts. The sampler is amazing. The workflow is good. Beatmaker 3 is missing one important thing that I can think of at the moment. Support for sidechain for auv3 plugins such as Fabfilter Pro C2. This option is available in Cubasis 3 with the latest update. Currently, you can only sidechain Beatmaker 3 with its native compressor. It would be nice if they add this ability. Also, I just noticed what seems to be a bug. When I add a Fabfilter compressor on an audio track, it doesn’t function correctly. It seems to “get stuck” in a highly compressed state. Seems to work fine on midi tracks and in the master out. I want to to give Beatmaker 5 stars but it seems to have a couple of bugs.
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3 years ago, Hamer1952
It’s Pretty Good.
I just bought Beatmaker 3 about 4 days ago. It has it's Pro's and Con's. I have about 6 DAW'S, the Save and Load feature it's the worst that I ever experience, it's scattered in 3 different places, it took me a while to figure out how to load a save song within BM3. The save feature is on top right, to find the song to load it up it's on the left side and a little ways down from the top, then you tap the song and nothing happens will guess what the load button is close to the bottom of the screen. the person who design that feature must of been high on something. The Save and Load feature should be all in one shot, usually on the top left side. I hope this problem will be taking care of in the near future.
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2 years ago, Station86
Good daw, but a couple of issues.
Issue #1: The plugin list is sorted by company name, then alphabetically. There is no other way to sort plugins. You cannot search the plugin list. This is an issue, because I’m used to having plugins listed, alphabetically. On the fly, I can’t think of the plugin’s company name, so it takes me extra time to find plugins in the list. Issue #2: BeatMaker crashes whenever you drag/drop multiple samples on the beat pads. I’d like to be able to drag a folder full of samples on to the drum pads and file up the drum pads with all those samples. Doing so will crash beat maker. Feature request: I’d really like it if there was a “right-click” option to assign a knob value to all knobs on the drum pads. For example, if I change the ADSR release knob on one drum pad to 100ms, I’d like to be able to go to the long-tap menu and click “Assign value to all pads. Beat maker is a unique DAW, which to me kind of resembles Ableton, which is familiar to me. I’ve used several other iOS DAWs, like Cubasis, NanoStudio, and Audio Evolution. Based on the current price ($28), I would say that the price is fair, based on the features it has.
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3 years ago, Fromar
The Best Music App for my Workflow (but still not enough)
I have tried all of the major DAWs for the iOS platforms and I can honestly say that beat maker 3 has one of the most comprehensive and versatile experiences on the AppStore. It is the best I’ve found for my workflow-I am able to quickly access and load up samples and manipulate them on the fly with my Midi controller. I’ve been making a lot of stuff with it recently, but it’s also been crashing on me a lot. I try to remember to save a lot but this definitely hinders the experience and I have lost a couple beats now that I was really liking. But nonetheless I still recommend this app, it’s almost there – but still a lot of performance stuff that can be worked on
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2 years ago, CazalOrganism
One crucial problem w the browser
First off pretty much all the functions work immaculately. The app is super easy to get into coming from DAWS and hardware drum machines in the past. What’s got me stuck is a issue with imported audio files displaying "0 bytes" under all my imported files. They all looked and worked fine the first time I imported them but have been broken now for months. Looked online for forum help and it seems people have been also having this issue since circa September 2017. Tried both database rescans and they still show 0 bytes and will not load into pads nor audio tracks. Pls help bc I’d be using BM3 so much more if my breaks were loaded and working properly lol.
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6 years ago, btaylor36
If you’re a DAW person, skip this...
...this app is strictly for beatmakers. I keep going back to this app trying to create tracks. I learn more each time I try and it works fine within itself, but when you start connecting external keyboards and OS synths plug-ins the inconsistencies in operation will kill whatever idea you had, dead in its tracks!!!!! Non-intuitive and unnecessarily complex. To all you users who can get this app to cooperate, good on ya. But if you’re a traditional musician and play an instrument or six, get you a USB audio interface and fire up your DAW and skip this style of music making. Reminds me Macromedia Flash vs Adobe After Effects. Two apps that basically do the same general thing—timed animation, but the difference in user interface and implementation renders one or the other useless for different types of creatives. I’m sticking to Logic Pro X for now.
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6 years ago, indieninja
I’m neglecting Maschine because of this
I’m blown away by the professional quality of this Daw. This is basically a full blown Maschine for iPad, with some advantages over Maschine in terms of performances. The Auv3 functionality is pretty great, and I like to use this as a brain for my other synths and drum machines. I would like to see the plug in functionality improve, as it can be glitchy at times. What is wonderful is that your projects with auv3 save with the plugin and its settings. I’ve had some problems with iSEM patches when I reload, but they seem to resolve when I open the app independently. Using my favorite drum machine, MV08 works absolutely perfectly within BM3. You guys have restored my faith in serious iOS music production. Keep it up!!
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2 years ago, B-Real225
Was thinking about buying the MPC Live but when I heard about this app I immediately changed my mind! The sampler is so powerful and real easy to use! Now the only thing that I would wish they would do is have the ability to go up or down on the notes in the piano roll and change octaves and also have another transport somewhere so when you going thru samples you can still play and stop your song. Other then that, this app is powerful for music production and I would highly recommend this app for any musician that doe’s production!
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6 years ago, Start-Up Guy
Great Product. So Powerful!
I’ve been using this app for about three weeks now. I’ve been in the industry for 10 plus years but I’m just getting back into production and composing. The only issue I’ve ran into so far is an almost unbearable amount of clipping coming through when I play audio via the app. It doesn’t happen all the time, and it doesn’t follow through to the export. My exported audio is really clean. But I do have a first gen iPad Air. So I’m thinking it maybe just be a lack of processing power on my iPad. Either way, it does make mixing a pain, but composing is a breeze with this thing
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7 years ago, Tilden Thorne
Just Keeps Getting Better!
This “little” app started out good, but over time... It just flat began to ROCK! It now possess a deep feature set that even includes MIDI audio unit support (Cubasis is not even there yet) and has an intuitive interface! My only dislike at this point is that some visual elements (such as the transport bar) are a tad small and hard to read... If that is my only real issue though, that alone says something big. I regularly produce some of my favorite work with BeatMaker 3 and would whole heartedly recommend it to any iOS producer! Just buy it already and get to making tunes!
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6 years ago, angelo grover
So close
For the iPad Pro to be the desktop replacement, give it two generations more at most to accomplish this...the only reason I use my Mac if for Ableton Live as the nervecenter for my studio , not to mention superior softsynths...Beatmaker is SO close...Beatmaker should be the premiere iPad sequencer for iPad One improvement after working hard with this great app I can see is that of having record-enable switches per pad. For instance, if I have two pads with the same midi channel, they will both record when I arm the record button...what if I wish to record only on one of the two pads, thus having two different & discrete sequences for the same midi channel (this is how i work) Cheers
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6 years ago, Jonplife
The Real Deal
This app has so much thought put into it. They do not skimp on features or leave too much to wish for. It is a solid version of a MPC style workstation to the point where the actual hardware seems to be playing catch up. We waited quite a bit for version 3 but it was worth it because while other major brand competitors gave us a stripped down version of their hardware operating systems, Intua took their time to deliver us all the specs a user of this platform would dream to have on their iPad. I really appreciate their hard work.
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3 years ago, juanthedon888
Bring AUv3
You may feel like bringing this sampler to AU form might tank this app but it will actually raise the value. Everybody who already owns this app will gladly pay the in app purchase to unlock it as an AU to use inside of any DAW! I personally started with BM3 but moved towards Cubasis 3 and I have to say beat maker 3 has the best sampler of any daw i have ever used and i come from desktop Fl Studio. Its just that for audio recording and mixing Cubasis is the DAW for me. I still use BM3 to chop up samples and make loops. Please Unleash this sampler and make it AU so i can load it into Cubasis and even Garage Band. INTUA will be the leading sampler for every iPad user out there!
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5 years ago, Artice
Audio cracks and skips
It keeps happening to me more and more. The audio will start crackling when the song is being played and stutter/skip. Eventually it gets so overpowering that I have to restart the program. Sometimes it helps other times I have to restart it multiple times in a row to hear clear audio. Very frustrating. Edit: Dropping from two stars to one. I’m not sure if it’s the newest update or what but I’m trying to export my tracks out of this headache of a DAW and the values set for auv3 instruments has now changed so half of my sounds are completely different😩. I don’t understand how this is worse than BM2 never had a single issue ever with that application and this one makes me wish I didn’t waste $25 and lose hours upon hours of time and work. Garbage.
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4 years ago, roblittle
Guitarist & developer here...this thing is amazing
To the app devs...holy cow, I love this software. I tried all the freebies, some of the cheaper ones, and really wanted an OP-1...but with BeatMaker...I don’t need anything else (looking at you GarageBand) this app. If you’re reading this, and on the fence about the cost, think of it this way, it cost basically the amount to see a movie in the this instead, and spend a couple hours playing with it. You will more entertained, and on your way to making your very own music.
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5 years ago, ReVue_R
No slave/master MIDI sync
I’ve held off from writing a review for some time hoping the dev would come through on their promised update for syncing this to an external device. Nothing. They promised that it would be available “soon” right after version 3 was released and there is a whole thread devoted to the subject on the dev’s forum. Still nothing over a year later. I will not pay for an update to version 4 if the update will not be available till that release because it was promised for version 3. This app is completely useless in a modern DAW environment. Until the dev adds syncing between the two formats don’t waste your precious time creating projects on this to find out later you’ll have a total hassle finishing them up inside the DAW of your choice.
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7 years ago, JakotaDohnson
DAW made for the touch interface
This app is pretty spectacular...where to begin. After dragging my feet over purchasing BM3 for weeks, I finally pulled the trigger and couldn’t be more thrilled. Initial impressions: 1. Speed: this app is fast. I’ve noticed significantly less lag compared to other similar apps. On top of that the workflow is streamlined - everything is one tap away with no load times for virtually anything. 2. Live Potential: right away all the live performance features pop out at you - assignable macros, 64 pad grid, easy controller mapping, etc 3. Best sampler around: it does everything and is so convenient. Import & save sounds from other IAA apps, slice a sample into 16 pads with one touch, and EQ your samples all in one place I have more to dive into but I can see I’ll be using this app quite a bit in the coming months, can’t wait to find out what else it can do.
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5 years ago, CyMBoLiK
OG 🥁Beatmaker Me(Drummer) ♥️s BM3
Bought this app about 1.5 years ago for 25$ and it surely helped me get over the wasted $500 I spent on reason 7or8 I got like 3-4 years before and the frustration cuz I never learned to use it. I’m not a big PC guy and as a Drummer PC is not ideal cuz u can’t have ur drum kit and comp together usually but iPad makes it simple to work and lay down ideas whenever they arise. If i never saw and thought to spend the 25$ to try BM3 then my live and music horizon would be very dim but now my Musical Future at least has a Shim.....E yah... wu-tang 👐🏽😎
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2 years ago, hilltyler89
Really buggy needs updates
Overall I enjoy this program but is still buggy with midi fx. Using apps like scaler 2 in the midi fix tap don’t record the midi to timeline and freezes your session. You can’t record instruments like geo shred due to it being a touch instrument. Also certain midi files can’t be dragged in without freezing your session. I’ve seen dozens of similar complaints online about these same issues for over a year now and still no updates. What was the point of adding this to your program if you weren’t gonna make it work
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3 years ago, Dj Blxzzard
love it.
Been making beats on it and I love it. Feel like switching from fl studio and moving to making beats on my iPad. I only wish that I can create midi notes on free will instead of having to record my self, post editing notes. Also if you could allow maybe ghost notes for the other patterns that way I could tell what key I’m in it would really be a great help. Love what you did with this app. Will continue to support it. Great job.
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4 years ago, markshadows
Horrible Constant Crashing - Unusable
Very inconsistent stability. Crashes several times every single time I’ve used it. It claims to be able to do much more than it actually can do (FALSE ADVERTISING). It’s good (and works ok) only for making short 4 to 8 bar beats with no effects. Horrible MIDI editing ability. If it could actually do all the things that it claims to be capable of doing, it would be great. However, upon reading comments by others elsewhere, it has been buggy and crashing for over a year and the developers are not being responsive and fixing things. It seems like they rushed to release this (and take your money) before it was actually ready. I’m very disappointed with BeatMaker 3.
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3 years ago, DubznRoses
For some reason the app won’t open
I’ve never really had any major problems using this app besides a couple crashes here and there, but for some reason lately I can’t even get the app to open properly! I’ve found a workaround to where if I open another app that I use for music like Cubasis the app will open…but when it does it’s all buggy. Please help because this is my go to app for beats on my iPad
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9 months ago, fgjyfdf
Still issues + new ones after update and years of app neglect
It’s still my go to DAW. Best I ever used that allowed me to make my best work on. It’s just frustrating that wrinkles can’t be ironed out. Still unable to organize tracks, moving track up or down is erratic. Cpu meter is going into 500% suddenly, (new issue) Trimming an audio file sometimes leaves an unrecognizable waveform that won’t delete until app restart. Plus timestretched file are off sync after an export to wav.
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4 years ago, BigJohn826
Very powerful, but gets in its own way
Absolutely love BM3. It provided a seemless transition for me coming from Reason. However it is lacking in some areas. Not being able to copy Midi from track to track is inconvenient, Also the quantize is tricky, "Swing" should be able to be applied per track. But the BIGGEST issue is stability. The app crashes a lot! Especially when using AUV3 plugs. Sometimes the "Undo" button doesn't work as well. Fix the bugs and it's easily a 5 Star app.
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2 years ago, BossHaussguymanbrotha
cool app
this is not on the level of an akai s3000 😂 but it’s good at handling samples, maybe don’t expect hardware sampler results but it handles samples smoothly and each sample can be played on a keyboard, it has a sophisticated sound over all, samples don’t sound like trash when you load them they sound clean, if you love working with your own samples this should be the first app you get it seems to be the best one, and it works with AUM so that’s great
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6 years ago, StarvedArt
Almost there
This app is on the top 3 for sure... there’s a couple little glitches that still need work though.. my main pet peeve is that it works fine in the background until the screen locks, then it freezes up and I have to turn on the screen when jamming, or have to change settings back n forth every time I want to use... other than that, this app is great for performing. Not a big fan so much of the arrangement user interface, a little complicated compared to others..
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6 years ago, shocky2
Issue with 808 science sound pack?
This app is great except for one thing and that is when I load up any banks or samples from ‘smooth 808’ from my sound pack 808 science it sounds muted and buzzy? But when I tap on any sample it sounds great until I load it? I have tried messing around with everything but I just can’t understand why it changes the way it sounds when I load it? Unless I’m doing something wrong but I am unable to use the smooth bass because of this? Once this is resolved this will be a 5 star app.
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3 years ago, Atsu_Izm
Game changer for producers
This app has been a game changer for me, in that making beats has become so much more accessible. I don’t need to turn on my computer to start producing - I can spend a few minutes creating a drum pattern before going to bed, then go back to it and add a bass line the next day while I’m on the go. Also, if you like to make sample-based music, the sampling algorithm in this app is better than some of the DAWs I’ve used in the past.
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4 years ago, mushroom jesus
Simply the best Of iOS
Too all the kids crying about stability issues, us real producers buss our auv3 to external audio tracks and print to tape ;). Cubasis and GarageBand and other daws are trash. Bm3 only daw that actually has good exporting features for stems . Simply the best daw on iOS. Please add track duplicate and a way to punch audio better. If you added key detection for samples that would be nice too. I now have an army of friends rocking bm3, it has changed my own life being a dad makeing beats .
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3 years ago, SoutHsideMarco
It’s good but it can be better
When I first started using this app everything was good but then started messing up, the loading screen sometimes takes a long time, it would crash sometimes, it would change the pitch of my song projects by itself and it’s annoying because I have to keep changing it to its normal pitch. There’s too many bugs that need to get fixed but it’s still good thoe, very simple to use
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9 months ago, 252Miguel
Great App
I love this app and that it’s for the iPad. I’ve been using it for maybe 2-3 years now and it feels so new, yet so old school at the same time. A few things I would add would be the ability to randomize note velocity, as well as strum the notes with a short cut or option button. Ghost notes, midi flip, and transposing short cuts/options would be great as well. Still a five star app regardless.
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5 years ago, 4double
Far from perfect
It’s been almost a full year since an update, that’s unacceptable. The app is certainly a good one but it’s still buggy as hell. Trying to use a midi keyboard and have it consistently play what’s in focus (selected) is as al ost an impossible joke. Very hit or miss at best. App still crashes way to frequently for one of this price and of its age. The last update was 10 mo this ago and although your website speaks of a forthcoming 3.0.4 update that message is old enough now that version 3.0.5 or 3.0.6 should be here or now coming. Do better Intua, thumbs down!
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6 years ago, KushDaChef
Just needs some finishing touches
I have always used logic for my music projects but trying out BeatMaker 3 for the first time I was hooked and I love being able to make beats on the fly and having basically a fully working daw with me everywhere I go only thing I think is missing is an option to rearrange your pads without having to copy and paste and all that stuff u should add a swap pad option or a grab rearrange mode or something
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4 years ago, Alain-Christian
Not Ready for Prime Time
Adding audio tracks is a living nightmare. I have 2 tracks, one is a song and the other is an instrumental of that song. I add them each as individual audio tracks. The tracks are out of sync. So normally I could fix this by dragging the tracks on the timeline. Maybe even compare them in zoom so I can sync. But this blasted thing FORCES YOU to snap to a grid!!!! Who's genius I deals was this? Now it's IMPOSSIBLE to precisely drag the audio tracks. I'm tearing my hair out, this is beyond frustrating! How does a product that cost this much be missing such a basic feature. Clicking on "FREE" is a lie. There is no free drag. Garbage app. I'm so angry and frustrated right now.
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5 months ago, daddybick
Piano roll
Do you think by chance we can get an update for piano roll users? I’d like to draw my nose in but it’s hard trying to use the piano because it keeps deleting my notes or is hard to actually controlling without losing the note. Also would like to actually hear them know I’m clicking in other than depending on the side piano to hear it
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