BeatStars - Instrumental Beats

4.8 (64.6K)
194.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BeatStars - Instrumental Beats

4.85 out of 5
64.6K Ratings
2 months ago, EndGAMEuDONE
To the moon and to Saturn I think
I’m just saying that you should be able to see your own face in the picture of the person who has been living here since the beginning of the year because they have no sense of the world without the same people who live in this world and they have no reason to be in the same situation as us because they don’t have the ability to be able to do anything else they have to do whatever they want with their own bodies they are the only thing that matters to me is that we are in this together and we can be happy with ourselves because we’re all in the same place together and that’s all that matters to us so we can make sure we’re all happy with each other’s lives and I think it’s all about us being able to see the same things that we are all together and that’s all right now we just want to make the best music that we can all do what we want to do whatever we can do it and we have a lot of fun with the best players that are playing with us to make a big deal with the music that is what we need to do whatever is the best thing to do whatever you can do to help us all have a good night and I love you guys and we can do whatever we have to do what we need to do the most important thing is that we have a plan for tomorrow so that we can get this done and then we can have some time to prepare for the next thing that we do and that is the stage of dreams and lights out and good night love you all have fun
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2 years ago, J Rice Music
Revolutionary Service and Platform
First off this is not a requested or a paid review. I just went to use this app again to capture a new song and they asked me if I was happy with it and I realized that I’ve made dozens of songs now with this service and hadn’t even said thank you. For someone who’s been independent my whole career since 2005, I’ve spent years relying on producers, then years learning how to produce when they couldn’t be relied on or got busy with life. I spent years getting folder of beats here and there, and had always loved writing over someone’s full or mostly full beat. But there would be dry spells where I wasn’t getting beats or being very productive on the massive task of producing a song from scratch. Beatstars is like a dream come true for the vocalist/beat maker relationship. I’ve found myself going back to certain producers here over and over. That’s normally really rare to find producers you instantly connect with and get song ideas for, so kudos to you all for making a platform that can connect us creatives and amplify everyone’s gifts.
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11 months ago, Disney/piratefan
Fantastic platform just one suggestion
It’d be awesome if when I go into an artist’s catalog, scroll down, and play a beat they released months ago, that the “Playing Queue” would continue on from where I was in that artists catalog. I understand that this may be to show off the artists newest work, but often times i’ve already heard these beats and am simply perusing through their selection. It’s somewhat frustrating to then skip to the next beat and be automatically taken all the way back to the beginning (of the artists playing queue depending on what filter is applied), rather than continuing through the selection organically. I can obviously manually unlock my device, scroll through to where I was and pick back up where I believe I left off. However it would be a major boost to the factor of convenience if this wasn’t the case.
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4 months ago, Mr.Phil_B
Stole my money
I marked my subscription to not renew a few months before the renewal date because you have to do it at least 3 days before the payment is run. They still charged me the yearly price and it is like pulling teeth to get a refund. I’m going to have to call my bank and report as fraudulent. The reason I do not want to renew is it is easier to sell beats on social media directly and my own website. There is way too much competition on BeatStars, and they force you to advertise. If you do not advertise you are never going to get plays or sales, furthermore, the pro plan comes with “free” pro credits which are basically worthless. You cannot control the way your ads appear so you just have to give them money and pray they show your beats to the right people. I’ve seen terrible results on beatstars compared to google ads on my own website. Most of the pro kits are either trash or so restrictive it’s not worth using them. And of course you don’t know that until you buy and download the kits and see the read me documentation. Get your own website to sell beats. drive traffic to beatstars and they will show others advertised beats to take your sales.
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3 months ago, SuperHangry
Where are the artists I liked?
There’s so many little tweaks that would make this experience SO much more user friendly. The activity feed is just the official beatstars account reposting tracks and none of it is the type of music I’m actually following. The only way to view songs from the artists I followed is to search them up every time I want to look, because they aren’t included in your activity feed if they haven’t released a new song and tapping on your following list doesn’t do anything. Like great I’m following 8 artists but what if I want to ACTUALLY go and look at those artists? I can’t because it’s non interactive, I have to search them manually every time from the search bar. It’s super annoying. And then even if you are trying to scroll through an artists songs there’s no quick preview, you tap on the song, it brings up the full music player, and then if you swipe to another song surprise it’s just an ad for another artist again. It’s like beatstars doesn’t actually want you to listen to the artists that you follow, just the ones they promote through either the activity feed or ads.
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The true review
My business partner and brother introduced me to the sight and I purchased my first beat a few days ago some beats or ok and some beats are top quality with anything it takes time to find the perfect beat this site is a great fraternity of producers to artist engagement and I am definitely going to come here to get beats I love how you all break down the full leasing agreement(s) I’m learning a lot in the past I use to spend a lot of money good and bad with producers in studio session this process is much more convenient and pandemic safe I want to say more but I am new to the site and I have a lot more to learn!!! “Give me a plain canvas shoe and I’ll paint a picture in designer fashion sell that and profit… Artist -IMMACULATO THE GREAT
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5 months ago, TDLZXY
I’m done.
I absolutely love this platform!! But there’s always a ridiculous issue with every company who creates something. Can someone tell me what is the problem?! This is absolutely ridiculous for professional companies to be having. Resolve the issues somehow. This keeps happening, not just one company but many others who lack discipline consistency and drive to maintain an organized and respected business. The lack of care and passion in a project greatly reflect on the creators and owners of the company. I'm sick of the lack of respect for customers who are the ones who make you your money. This is constant and repetitive. It wouldn’t be such an issue if it happens once every so often. That’s not what I’m seeing here. I love your platform but I have so many better options. And honestly who’s gonna stop me from just taking whatever I want from your platform whenever I feel like it.
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1 year ago, DoeBoy15137
Good when it works
Update: hey so I’m a daily user of this app, over 50 beats/ songs in my lyrics library, this is like the 2nd time it just deleted some of the words (like half the song) anyway you guys can address this problem asap, please? It’s Not just a hobby for me I’m all gas no breaks! These are songs that have been written for a while but when I actually go to look for them to record, open it then close it next day the song is gone!! Please help! (I believe this app has a lot of potential, so much so I’d like to buy into or buy out soon) So I just want to know if you guys are currently fixing the crashing problem? As a serious artist as you can imagine my life’s work is on this app, so if you guys aren’t working on it that’s fine just give me time to move my music to notes… so app crashes when I switch from WiFi to 5g it’ll crash. Other than that and paying for messaging it’s pretty good. Keep up the good work
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4 years ago, Sj_dub
Won’t Let You Leave
This app often sends notifications for contests, summits, and other events. These would normally be awesome! In this case, the app only lets you see the webpage if you tap the notification. If you navigate away from the page for any reason you can’t get back to it. You also can’t open it in a web browser. You can’t go back to your previous notifications and find the notification about the contest. I can’t tell you how many events I have missed out on because this app does not let users open web links in their device’s native browser. It’s really simple guys. Fix it.
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4 years ago, KoviListensToMusic
Great app but has its negatives
I love this app and have been a fan of Beatstars long before the app’s introduction. This app nicely extends the functionalities of the website; however, has a few major flaws. Since the addition of ad/promotional songs to the service, a few things stoped working: - Previously played tracked cannot be accessed if the ad song is playing. (whether by design or not, a very annoying UX) Sometimes I will be in the zone, writing to a fresh beat, and as it ends I do not click repeat track. So the ad beat starts playing and now I have to close the app to put that desired beat on repeat. Why? Read next. - After ad beat is played, option to put a song on repeat or shuffle the queue disappears. You have to restart to enable the feature again. Once these issues are fixed, I will definitely change my rating.
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3 years ago, Lil Vinchy
Great app however….
I’ve been using beat stars for about two years now, and I completely love it!! However, just recently, beat stars had a new update, and I don't like the latest update. One thing that is very useful now is the filters tool. There are more options than before. Most of the time, I'm searching for beats on my mobile device, and options like Keys, Bpm, Tags, etc are helpful when I'm not on my laptop. What I dislike about the new update is the new search suggestions. Before, it would say the type of artist; now, it's trending titles for a track. 2nd after you search your desired artist, tracks seem more prominent than before. I prefer how it was before the update! Aside from that, great app❤️
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5 years ago, Dbroach11
Customer Service is Terrible
Producers have 100% control over what content you receive. The producers aren’t held accountable for the licensing agreements and can send you whatever. If you contact customer service they tell you there’s nothing they can do and to contact the producer. Even If it’s not the content you purchased. I personally got stuck with a 50$ tagged beat. Not to mention, another producer I purchased beats from was removed from the site and I can no longer view my license or anything. With some producers its better to take the free license because the purchased beat isn’t a different quality the beat is just formatted into a wav file. All this on top of the fact that after the app was hacked I have a very hard time logging in. I actually had to connect my Twitter because the login failed too many times.
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5 years ago, uj ur df
Frustrated and ignored
I put so much time into making playlists and actually being active and enter acting on this app just to wake up the next day and I’m logged out and it won’t allow me to long back in this isn’t the first time it’s happened either and I’m completely overwhelmed and irritated with this constantly happening this needs to be fixed and I can’t even get help getting my account back either why put money into this app if everything you build could just disappear in the blink on an eye.
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3 years ago, Grand-_-master
Annoying bugs
Please fix this useful app! For whatever reason my beats from my ‘Favorites’ section have been unliked & not by me… Now when i go to the section I’m only met with the beats I recently favorited and when I scroll down the beats that have already there reappear once the page is refreshed. Another thing is audio playback. I could be listening to a beat & writing to it at the same time, so the ‘REPEAT’ function is very helpful to me for some reason once that beat is done it not only replays the beat but it also plays the next beat at the same time, causing both beats to play on top of each other… really like using this app, i really want to continue using this app, but these bugs are quickly making me think about deleting and making me own beats
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4 years ago, bvfcimtfjk
worst functionality for a beat sit
i’ve never came across an app that was so bad that i needed to write a review so that y’all can fix it. the app crashes and the beats stop loading when you go from beatstars to another app, and i have to constantly force close and reopen it. this is so inconvenient when trying to write lyrics in my notes app. the algorithm for finding beats is terrible. i don’t get any results for the type of beat that i’m actually looking for, they are entirely different genres than what i searched. genres that aren’t even remotely close to what i searched for. why am i seeing beats from people with USERNAMES similar to the typebeat i searched, instead of the actual genre of beat i’m looking for? y’all need to get it together especially with the search engine because it’s 0% effective as well as exhausting as an artist which completely turns me off from beatstars.
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2 months ago, ToneCapone85
Convenient app! Very useful
I use this app a lot. Sometimes I have some time to write a verse while I’m at work and it’s nice to be able to open the app and gain access to all the beats I have saved or if I wanna shop for more. The one thing I wish they’d change/fix is to have your favorites playing from where you started instead of starting over from the top. For instance, if I go to my favorites and play beat number 4, the next beat will be beat #1 from the top of the list instead of beat 5, 6, 7, etc. No matter where in the list you start, the sequence will start over from the top. Other than that, I enjoy the app daily.
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2 years ago, joeythizzles
When I first got the app, it was AMAZING. Life changing for me really, being able to discover producers at the tip of my finger was a whole new universe. The app is EXTREMELY easy to navigate and you can find producers based off moods, energy, BPM and etc. The only downside is that I will get logged out EVERY few days. I will click on beats to listen and it will take me to the play screen but it won’t play the beat. I can still navigate through the app and click other beats but none of them play. I keep having to close out the app to reopen and even like that it won’t work. It’s truly upsetting and I would love for this to be fixed so I can just stream beats when I’m in the mood to write. It’s killing the vibe. This app was DEFINITELY a 5 STAR ⭐️ app before but now it’s just been consistent bugs and issues 💢
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1 year ago, MarthaElisa17
Poor Customer Service!
I have tried to reach out to this app about the fact that when you first open the app, a pop up ad comes up and suggests beats for you, but there is no way to close the ad and it prevents actual customers from actually entering the site to browse beats, which means as an artist I cannot search beats or purchase beats. They need to fix it or stop putting ads right when you enter the site. It is a disservice to both producers and artists alike. I have tried reaching out several times, but they do not seem to care. I tried uninstalling and putting it back on, but it still does this. I sent them pictures of what it’s doing and no response. I’m so disappointed, because it use to be easy for artists to navigate, now it’s like they don’t care.
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3 years ago, yo boi a
Spammers and scammers
Okay so I downloaded this app to try to see if I can make my own beatz and show my Fam but nooo this app is full of scammers and spammers thst will not stop messaging you first off I simply say to them please stop and then it says message failed if the problem persists please contact our support which I did haven’t gotten ANY response from the support team and yet every single time I get spammed with oh I heard that there is a contest click this link to join so I simply deleted the message and I got another message from this producer sayin hey fam hope you are doing well I got something that you might like click my profile and find out I again deleted it and yet this person spams me again and so are the other Bots on this App not to mention I’m NOT WASTING MY MONEY TO BUY OVER expensive Beats DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SPAMMED BY BOTS
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1 year ago, emer!ck
Terrible recommendations
I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone else, but on mobile, it recommends beats that aren’t at all similar to what I look for and listen to. And every time I get on the app it’s the same recommendations. Will there be an algorithm fix for this? Other than that it’s a great app! I wish that there would be some sort of criteria when allowing people to sell beats for example, mix/quality, copyright, etc. Though It’s very nice being able to purchase/lease different licenses for beats and be able to come into contact with the producers that made them. And it’s extremely helpful being able to write lyrics directly into the app!
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5 years ago, Azilliondollas
Great app but it lost my lyrics
So recently I went crazy searching for a song I was building to a beat by one of the uploaders but I couldn't find it. When I searched for the song I found out he reuploaded the beat for whatever reason but my lyrics were gone. I'm not sure if that's something that can be recovered but I figured it should be something to be aware of. Maybe your app developer can implement that into the next update so people aren't losing their lyrics in such a great app.
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2 months ago, Cutler Construction
So Far So Good, So Fresh & So Clean
I’ve been sourcing producers / instrumentals through BeatStars for a few years now. A while back I started utilizing the lyrics / writing section. I’m now leveling up again and starting to purchase leases. I’ve just purchased my first couple beats. It was very easy transaction. I have not completely downloaded and opened all the files and loaded into my DAW yet. I’m hopeful that will be smooth as well. Believe me if it is not, I’ll let y’all know. - Sam C
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5 years ago, lF lL A lM lE
Horrible for consumers
This app is great for artist selling. However for people purchasing beats it’s horrible. They only allow you to send 4 messages a month unless you pay a subscription fee. Even if you buy tracks you cannot message the person you’ve bought them from via BeatStars. I bought 3 tracks and they still had tags in them. Couldn’t message the artist. Opened claim and BeatStars said they had no control I need to contact the artist outside the app. Which I did with no response. And that I had to pay money to talk in messages on the app. I’ve read other reviews about tagged beats for money. They do nothing even after you file a support claim except tell you to contact artist. Tagged beats are for free DL or preview. Period
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1 year ago, Amberlyn F
I love everything about BeatStars
**Update The good folk at BeatStars were super quick and thorough to resolve my issue. I was back at it the same day. 😊 thanks guys. However, not sure if it’s the most recent update but it will not allow me to go past the “suggested beats” page. It tells me to tap 3 or more people, but only gives me 1 or 2 options to choose from, hence, being stuck and unable to move past it. Please fix it. I’m ready to create.
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5 years ago, ⚡️JohnnyKing⚡️
BeatStars hits the mark again!
Now this is how you do it. I appreciate the user interface here being not only beautiful and easy to navigate but also that it is the same (easy on the eyes) dark aesthetic as was chosen for the website revamp that launched recently. Y’all hit this out of the park, really. As a long time member but also simply as a creative, thank you for always adding and never clouding the user experience. BS allows the music to do the talking, and now more than ever frames it with style.
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1 year ago, prophet_omar
Great for musicians of all skill levels!
If you’re looking for quality you’ll have to really give it some time on the app but you’ll be surprised to find great talent for great prices. There’s something there for all kinds of budgets. I use this all the time to find new producers & try out different flavors. 10/10 would def recommend if you starting out as a rapper just needing some beats or just beginning to learn. It’s important to diversify!
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5 months ago, Chef Kruger
The literal ONLY thing I can say that still needs fixing is the bug issues. Everytime I try to go to my updated beats it’s always an error on loading. I have to hurry and click the highlighted beat before the notification pops up! Other than that this app is freaking amazing. The fact I can listen to the beat and write while doing it, as well as word/lyrical help if needed for a certain rhyme scheme you can’t get! Oh maybe a suggested fix is when I click a song to listen to the beat , in my library, and it’s reloads from the top of the list instead of start where I was at? So I have to scroll all the way through the beats to get back to where I was in my playlist? Slight annoyance but nothing crucial! Again app is fantastic for new or seasoned artist and producers! Love the end of the year round up too!
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3 years ago, Meacham82
Beat Stars
Oh man. Where do I start? I’ve been on beatstars for a looooong while now. It’s great. I’ve seen it go through various evolutions into what it is today. It’s an amaxing place to discover new producers and link up with other creatives. It’s a full service distribution service now as well. My only complaint, is that I cannot pay an additional fee to not hear ads. I am willing to pay $4.99 for an ad free experience. Other than that it’s awesome.
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2 years ago, Phresche
It’s cool
It’s cool for the fact I can find all my producers in one place with such versatility. What I don’t like is that most of the beats are “type” beats which could be subject to copyright. My only other issue is the limited messaging system. This is not a dating site yet I get that vybe when I see the message”your message limit has been reached” it’s a hit takeaway for people who really want to do business. I want to pay the people who are doing the work, not pay administrators of the app a data fee. That’s a terrible feature that should be removed.
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5 years ago, Ebecoat01
Great business.
Beats stars gives those the opportunity who may not know producers the option and availability to have beats and producers to be able to record music suitable for release. The prices range from low to high depending on your budget , but it is affordable. I’ve only had one issue with payment but not do to BeatStars; this was due to PayPal. I prefer not using PayPal and just debit purchases but sometimes you come across those beats that are so dope and their only payment option is PayPal.
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4 years ago, Taysuse
You pay for horrible promotion!
The promotion I bought was a total waste of money! It only got a me bunch of random people who ghost followed me and never liked or showed love to anything on my page purchase anything. And it seemed liked they all had zero content on their page and no people that they were following or that followed them so the following nothing short of useless! Should get my money back for it.
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2 years ago, 2OFFICIAL
This platform is extremely beneficial and significant to building your brand as a producer and artist. BeatStars offers positive life changing opportunities to artists all around the world. Beatstars is a global home where all producers can express their talents, gain major exposure, and make an honest living doing what they love. The founder and ceo of BeatStars is an amazing person with a pure heart and brilliant mind that caters to the people. If you’re a producer, come to BeatStars, you’ll feel right at home.
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2 years ago, Drizzy_Vanityy
An artist’ paradise
The absolute best place to get beats hands down ‼️ The amount of talent on this app is profound … This app is like sound click but way better .. Finding the type of beat you want is quick and painless … you can write lyrics to the beat on the app and it saves everytime you stop typing … They help you distribute your music on every streaming platform for a lovely price of 20$ … Beat stars is where it’s at ‼️
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1 year ago, DeekSmith1134
If you’re a Producer, Rapper or love music. This app is for you.
I’ve loved this app since day one. Found out about the app years ago but between 2019-Now my usage of the app is higher than my usage on any social platform. Pros: Lyric writing (Godly), ability to collaborate with others and the Responsive customer service. Cons: Tiny glitches here and there. Nothing to major to worry about. But over 5 out of 5.
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4 years ago, tayyrank
Love the app
Great app honestly. I would suggest making a feature that allows the listeners to restart a beat to a certain spot (like beginning of the hook or verse) for people that write their music before they buy the beat. For example:I can put markers on where I want the beat to start. when I hit replay the beat would start @ 0:35 seconds instead of the beginning ... feel me?
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3 years ago, 305vibez
A great start
It’s a great app but with some annoying issues Everything is good until you start using it a lot on a daily basis. I have tracks that stop in the midddle of play back. Their playback stats aren’t updated too frequently and this goes for the BeatStars Studio app as well which is even more annoying. It took a good while to update my plan from free to Marketplace so it limited me a lot in those relevant aspects. Like I said it’s a great start to a much needed app but now they need to fine tune it. Then I will gladly change my review accordingly.
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3 years ago, reaux4real
This platform is REAL!
Everything u need as an artist can be found on Beatstars. I have been a fan of this site for 5 years now. Their app is remarkable and their customer service is hands down the best in the industry. I even switched to them as my distributor now as an artist and they perform at an excellent level in that area as well. If u are an artist or producer, this is a REAL community and it is 100% legit!
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3 years ago, HeatedUp#93
I reeeeaaaallly dig this app...BUT
I swear this app is so DOPE and id give it a better score, but the music player on this app is THEE most tedious thing to deal with. Especially being the fact that this is likely its most primary function. Once a track is picked u can only run it back about 6 times or so until the music player stops working and u hav to close and restart the app all over again. It’s really annoying to deal with especially when ur on the go and the creative juices are flowing. It also logs out on its own soooo much 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Like i said, i dig it......BUT these obstacles make it difficult to enjoy
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4 years ago, Flourishvhs
Problems messaging and the beats need to constantly rotate.
It’s a really big pain when I can only send one msg to one person a month and if there profile doesn’t have there social connected how am I supposed to contact them? It’s getting old when you see the same beats in the explore section everyday. I like it when I don't have to dig for new producers or sounds. It’d be nice if you guys rotate the beats everyday and stay updated. You guys got a great community going, fix these two problems and it could be so much better.
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5 years ago, HexsOfTroy
Best thing next to the actual website!
This is by far the best beat app coming from a great website to begin with. A couple kinks to work out but other than that perfect. Please make editing my beat playlist on Mobil easier. Putting together an actual album before purchases helps tremendously. If i can organize the beats with ease this would greatly help. Thanks beat stars for your great work and progress! 😃
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9 months ago, PhoKyew
Good platform overall
It’s a great platform overall the customer service is not always quick to get back to you, but they have tons of opportunities. There is a glitch on the starter package that will not display all 4 beat licenses though only 2 even after adjusting it on both a mobile device and a laptop. Please fix 🙏🏽
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2 years ago, litnesay money
Need to be fixed
BeatStars is a good app to get your beats from but some need to be fixed about it like every time I tried to download a song when it says export it give me some files not the actual beats so that the only thing need to be fixed on BeatStars is that for now I just go somewhere else to get my beats if this problem haven’t been fixed yet
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5 years ago, Official Ezee
My Media
I just want the “ My Media” section unlocked so i as a producer can have more control of my content when im on the go and all i have is my phone. ie : license prices, music distribution, sales & promotions. It just gets annoying always having to look for a computer to see that part of the site. Other than that, this app is very useful from a consumer standpoint.
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5 years ago, Jay_Cass
Almost there
The writing lyrics feature is super cool. But it has a knack for deleting unsaved lyrics when say you leave the app for a second to respond to a message or lock your phone unknowingly. I have to incessantly save my lyrics every two seconds to avoid losing my progress. Kind of annoying but everything else about this app is on point. I’m collaborating with a friend and I’m able to share a playlist of beats I want us to work on. Really intuitive.
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4 years ago, TEEJITO
Can’t Login After Update
Beatstars is so helpful for finding good beats and this is a pretty legit app. Wish there weren’t so many ads but it’s whatever. It can be wonky at times though and this is one of them. I’m using the same email and password as I was prior to the latest update but now it won’t let me login. Also this has been an issue for a while but I kinda just let it go, it never remembers you on the app (or pc) you have to re-login everytime.
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1 year ago, Wyll Green
Yes, I enjoyed it
The star rating would actually be higher if I didn’t have to write a review just to say I like the product. I just don’t know enough about it yet. I haven’t used it long enough to want to write a review, and I honestly to write or even think of a review better ….. Let me use the product for a little bit see if there’s something I like more that’s all I’m asking get to know it through a true rating instead of hi you haven’t even opened it rate it.
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3 years ago, mrmoonerson
Extremely user unfriendly
I’ve been using BeatStars mobile app for a couple years now and all I can say is I don’t appreciate how hard it is to take a beat off your lyrics written list. Neither do I appreciate the loop of same songs saved in my favorites list which leaves me unable to see what beats I’ve actually favorited.
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1 month ago, Nonfic
The Cure
I’m a producer by God’s design that also spits and have always had trouble finding other production that moves me to write….Until I was introduced to BeatStars. Since then, my pen game has went in beast mode….I love this platform so much….. when I get in a creative funk I can always find the right beat that coincides with the mood I’m in and then……..MAGIC!!
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4 years ago, J-Real Music
Save my life
So I was a drug attic I found my way out of my addiction through helping other people with theirs through my music so indirectly BeatStars save my life without these beats I wouldn’t be able to reach the people thank you for everything you’re doing for everyone of these producers and for everyone of the artist making these purchases thank you so much
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4 weeks ago, Ashtyn krutcher
Game changer
Only thing I don’t like is the Limited messaging I can’t have full conversations with producers I shop with but they have all their contact info on page and I reach out another way to talk deals but I’ve spent thousand and taken my Music way further having direct connects with best makers and so many of them want artist who take their craft serious
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