BeautyPlus - AI Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (316.2K)
382.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixocial Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for BeautyPlus - AI Photo Editor

4.82 out of 5
316.2K Ratings
3 years ago, KeshaBoo87
So, I am going to be truthful in saying that I have always hated taken pictures and I usually don’t do reviews that pay me. As far as photographsI just never looked attractive in them, pictures seem to accentuate my flaws, thus making me self conscious. Prior to this app I had no social media what so ever because I looked distorted and disfigured in photos. I took a chance on this app just to “ goof off” and do silly filters. Upon navigating the app and taking some trial and error pictures, I was flabbergasted by the enhancements in my photos after adding the beauty features. I took a couple of days to process if I wanted to purchase the app or not, so I posted some pictures ( free trial)on a dating web site just to experiment. My page “ blew up”. By day 3, I was ready to make the subscription. Now I am a social media star and I owe it to this investment. My confidence is at least 99% better. I hope that BeautyPlus will continue to add more features. I would like to make some requests as well. I do believe that I will be a subscriber for life. Thank you Beauty Plus for giving me my best life😘
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2 weeks ago, Soocavi
First, I would like to say I never thought I would ever have to write a review like this, especially about my favorite app PERIOD!! I understand app developers love to tweak things here and there to improve what their app has to offer, but why in the world would you change your app in a negative manner and take away from your product??! That makes no sense to me, at all!? So, I noticed almost a week ago that if you are using the Beauty Plus app to take a selfie the quality is no longer there?!!! Even if you are using a flash, the picture is extremely dark, as if you were in a cave!!? The photo is extremely pixelated and this is even the case if you change the filter!!!! At first, I thought it was due to a dirty lens on my iPhone but this was still the case after I cleaned it multiple times! Also, if you flip the lens and take a picture using the flash it comes out extremely vibrant, clear, and crisp!! Something is not right here!! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??! HEEEEEELLLLPP!! Please help fix my favorite app! Don’t destroy a great thing, instead enhance your product to make it better or just put it back to the way it was two weeks ago!! P.S. my app is also up to date, so that is not the issue! Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter!!!
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12 months ago, Badchugz1436
Bad representation of black people
As a black women I am saddened by the lack of care this app has put forward in representing black people. On the app I decided to try the different filters to see what I would look like in an anime. I used a photo of myself and put it into their ai filter and they gave me a cloud of smoke/burnt ash not even a real human being. This actually didn’t just happen once but 3 times with different photos and filters. It is terrible how their ai can’t tell the difference between a black person and smoke/ash. When putting in other photos of myself, they would typically make me look white and very pale and they would ALWAYS straighten my hair when I either had braids or natural curly hair. Clearly when making this app, people haven’t thought about representing black people and took little time in considering how ai would represent them. I see it as if they really cared, they’d take the time to actually check how ai portrayed black people before releasing this app. Because of this I am outraged and can say this is the worst app I have ever gotten and I would rate this 0 stars if I could. Note: this app uses filter that lightens skin of darker women and lacks accurate black hairstyles changing natural hair looks to straight hair. Their ai also sometimes can’t properly identify black people.
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2 years ago, Givinmyside.
My honest opinion.
I’ve been using this app (free version-only) for years and I it has been my favorite app to use in editing, enhancing and creating beautiful memories. I’ve referred it to my family and friends. They’ve all received and/or seen my creations within this app all these years. They’re so impressed that some of them have asked me how I’m creating such awesome memories before I can even recommend this app. I don’t recall having any technical difficulties or issues. The app is easy to navigate through. It offers many, many options to customize your projects. It is easy to make changes, edit and personalize any project you may have. To me it’s the best app to use with your cherished photos. Again, I’ve only used the free version all these years and it’s phenomenal. There’s no pressure to upgrade to another version, thousands of free options and there’s no pop up ads. If you enjoy editing, customizing and creating memories you have to try this app. I’ve used other apps and unfortunately purchased a few subscriptions/upgrades and they still can’t compete with this app. I didn’t renew my subscriptions on any of them and some I actually deleted the entire app. Get this app and enjoy yourself in your own style of creativity. 💜 Buffie Note to Developer: Thank you for developing this app. It’s the best out there. I’ve created some memories that I will treasure and share forever. 💯
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12 months ago, ABAdams13
I accidentally renewed this subscription and immediately canceled it. Made a report to Apple and they denied a refund, tried contacting Beauty Plus directly through the app and no luck there either. It’s terrible to have been charged for a service you don’t want that was immediately cancelled and yet refund was denied! All done within a matter of minutes after realizing that it was subscribed to. Now I’m going to have to go through my banking institution to remedy this problem when I shouldn’t have to. If you use this app on a trial please be very careful not to re-subscribe to this app, you will have a problem getting your money back. As I stated I ACCIDENTALLY hit this subscription and didn’t want this app! I contacted to try and get a refund through apple and they said I had to contact the app developer and the only option I had was to leave a review, now a response is telling me to contact apple! A person is responsible for making an error and I paid the ultimate price. Charged for a app I don’t want and didn’t want. I try to do things the right way by making contact so if I have to dispute the charge with my bank I will. It said that people make you go an extra mile because I made an error. Unjust will not prosper!
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4 months ago, I_pink
I've been using Beautyplus for a really long time since my highschool days when I got my first iphone, and I've been enjoying it since. Lots of their tools and filters used to be free without any charges. As they released updstes, more of their tools got into their premium subscription. I was still fine with that since the only tool that I was working with the most was the acne tool. I don't really work with other tools that much. Recently, I had to change my phone and wanted to install this app once again to use it. However, I noticed even the acne removal tool needed to be paid now as a part of the premium subscription. I'm really disappointed in this app and don't really think the app will be that useful anymore if someone where to use their free service. If you want to include premium subscription, try to be creative and come up with other advanced tools for specific and costomized use. I really thought this app was different, and now I see all they care is their own benefits. Thanks for your service you've provided me so far, but I won't be using it anymore.
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3 years ago, ohnips
AWFUL update [FIXED]
EDIT: They actually responded and fixed my concern so quickly! Thank you 😭🙏 —————————- This is my favorite editing app of all time. Without fail. I don’t ever write reviews but the latest update (while seemingly useful/efficient) really destroyed one of the things I loved about it which was “layering” effects. I could stack multiple filters and edits through the check mark until the picture was perfect and now I can only do one at a time which would force me to save and reopen the picture multiple times. For my preferences, this app is now unusable to me. Which is why I gave it a 1 star in hopes they’ll see this. Otherwise, it’s a very clear 5 stars. The “layer” side bar is lovely but the “mechanics” (effect stacking) can be reverted and I think it’d be perfect! BUT ALSO, I might be dumb and can’t see the new checkmark to approve changes so hopefully that’s the case 😭🙏
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3 years ago, Sara Jodi
I would give this 4 and a half stars
Get comfy cause this is long..... Ok so first off.. this might be the best beauty app I have ever used!!! It has sooo many filters!! And I can search up any filter I want there is also these stickers that you can make go big and small or left and right. My favorite filter is this wanted poster and I can type in my name at the top and it’s like I’m wanted! And you can try different makeup! But I mostly use the filters but you can use whatever you want! and there is photo repair I have not tried it yet but I will soon and it seems like it will work well! The best thing is that this app is free!!! My stepsisters got this app and I thought it costed money but it doesn’t I got this app for free!.. wait I think I did.. I have a bad memory..They also give you recommendations and there is always new stuff! I use this app almost everyday! So thanks for reading my review.. if you kept reading to the end..cause I never read all the long reviews.. hehe and I recommend you t try this app out it’s amazing!!!
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5 years ago, Marinaval
Simple and clean.
Even a kid could use this app since it is so easy to use. You can pay for a membership but I have never done that yet I love it so much. It has automatic features and manual features that allow you to fix a picture within a minute, looking completely realistic. This is not one of those trashy apps that make your eyes bigger yet they look fake. This app is very realistic and professional. You can tell that the company cares about its customers as it has a huge variety even for the non-paying users. A little retouch does not hurt anyone. If you are a little bit creative, you can take some tools beyond their original purpose. For example: Got food on your teeth? Disappear it with the acne tool. Your smile looks weird? Fix it with the slim tool. And guess what! No watermarks nor ads. Trust me, you won’t regret getting this app.
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1 year ago, Rightway35
Slowly charging for more of their features now, :( really sad
Used to really enjoy this app. I used this app for YEARS because I loved it so much. It was amazing for photos. I loved it because mostly everything was free and I didn’t have money to use other apps/ still don’t really. I could use the blemish tool to fix little imperfections and the tool actually worked. Now they are charging for it and so many other tools/ features. I’m deleting it after having it for so long, I feel really sad to delete it off my phone since it’s been with me for so many years, but with having everything go up in price for groceries, school, etc. I can’t afford all these extra little charges on this app and all the other apps. It’s really not that much per month from this app, but when all other expenses are added up everything becomes too expensive and that extra money could be used for something else more important. This isn’t the only app I’m getting rid of unfortunately and probably won’t be the last with how everything is progressing, having to pay for every little thing.
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1 year ago, strgrlspxce
Amazing…until it wasn’t
this app used to be my lifesaver. i was so happy to see so many amazing and useful features be free for use. unfortunately, that all came quickly to an end…some of my most used features like background blur, dark circle corrector, and more than one makeup colour effects are all now shifted to being Premium… it’s just disappointing to see this app take away what was free for use. it’s not encouraging me to buy the Premium, it’s pushing me to remove this app off my phone because the things i used to use it FOR YEARS are no longer available freely. i hope you take into consideration that people enjoy your app for all that it offers and how much of it used to be accessible. if this strategy is kept consistent, i’m most probably going to get rid off this app. it’s a shame, i hope you think about your free users more instead of only capitalising on the pay as you go ones.
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1 year ago, RayToTheMax
Past Its Prime
To preface this review, BeautyPlus has been my go to app since I was high school. It was perfect for photo editing. It could be subtle or intense depending on your preference and had the best color filters I could ever find. Unfortunately I think it’s time to move one. More and more of the essential features are getting moved behind a paywall. The breaking point for me was the blemish tool (which I honestly prefer to photoshop’s). I don’t want to seem out of touch because I’m know an app like this takes money to keep itself afloat, but there must be better incentives that just cutting out preexisting features from your audience. Honestly, I’d be fine watching an add anytime I applied certain “premium” features rather than just losing access to them. I don’t know if this app can keep up in the paid photo editing market, but to me it was the peak of the free editing apps. It was the only editing app I’d ever recommend because it allowed people so much creative control. Hopefully I can come back after some changes are made, but right now I’d say keep looking for something else.
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12 months ago, SaBora24
They’ve started charging for basic items.
All of the features I have used for years now cost money. I don’t know why you all changed it to a paying app now but it saddens me. If you’re a black or brown person, you have to have premier status to use any features made for darker skin. I don’t know why dark circles is now a paid for add on when it never was. Greed took over my favorite app. I’ll be going back to photoshop and Lightroom before every button option can’t be used unless you pay for it. I don’t mind paying for something but not a monthly subscription. A flat fee would bring in more people. Once word gets out that if you’re black or brown, you’ll have to pay to use the feature made for darker skin. It won’t be good for this app. I made sure to grab it all on screen record before writing my review. Just incase y’all go messing with it before I share it to social media. Do you hate darker people? I used to never really see racism but it’s becoming increasingly common anymore. That shouldn’t be.
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10 months ago, Intelli😆
50 Friggen dollars!!! And you can’t use most of the things!
So this was my old review the game emailed me which I’m happy I got some nice service from this game 😊 So if you have a problem with this game it’s so nice!! First I got this game from a add obviously! It looked fun and cool to see what you look like as a Barbie or Ai etc. The first thing that popped up was subscription for 50 dollars a month!!!! Like WHAT! Most games it’s like 15, but 50?! I thought that was pretty weird so I didn’t get the subscription. So anyways I went to put lipstick on my self in the game and one of it had like some beauty plus logo on it so I clicked on it and moved on, then when I wanted to click save the subscription poped up again saying you have to buy it or you can’t use the logo ones 😒Like girl!!!! Most of the makeup things and Ai things were the LOGO😡🤬 50 dollars a month for a app???? Anyways one thing was fun, it was the camera thing!!! And that’s it!!! Very weird circumstances.
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11 months ago, sexysingingcupcake
LOVE IT!!!!♥️...But one concern...
Dear, the developer of BeautyPlus💄 Hi, My name is Celine❤️, I’ve been using this app for like 2 years now! & I absolutely love this💖, I love editing my photos, I just like to bling them a bit✨. I love the shades of the eye makeup, a lot of them are aesthetic, light pastel, & pretty! A lot of them look really good on my face. Because of the concern I’m about to tell you, I just wish I could only give 4 in a half stars ⭐️ °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° Concern: I don’t like it when I’m finished doing my makeup (on the app ofc) I save it, but I have to buy a pass to save it. Like...why do I have to pay for something just to save it? Like, when I first started using this it would save it, but now, it just won’t save until you buy I pass............I rlly don’t get it............... °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° But aside from that, I love this app a lot, I’ve been using it for 2 years!😁. I love this so much! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -P.s. This whole thing was just my opinion, of this app, I don’t mean to hurt anyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you have a great 🌇Day/Night🌃 -From, Celine♥️
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5 years ago, Vampaliciousss
Bait and switch
Since apple holds. I responsibility any longer for the apps sold, I am not spending ridiculous amounts of money on apps, especially subscriptions. I’ve been looking for a fun editor that I could inexpensively buy a few upgrades to and play. And that’s what this says it is. Until you waste your time downloading it. Then switch. Yet another ABSURDLY priced subscription app that could be discontinued tomorrow after taking my money and apple would do nothing about. No thanks. Keep your apps. Apple has now retrospectively wasted SO much of money in devices AND NOW in their hands off policy which was NOT the policy when I paid for my most expensive apps. What exactly are we paying the extra money for again anyway? For us to be told to track down the developers of apps that they’ve pulled from the App Store to try to get refunded money that we paid who? Oh. That’s right. Apple. These are third party. Wool. Off of my eyes. I won’t spend what your asking for what’s called entertainment today and a risk I took of my own accord, accepting the possible losses, tomorrow.
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2 years ago, AndrewLin310
What used to be free, now you have to pay
I’m a long time user of this photo app and it’s really one of best ones out there. Unfortunately, if this was like 3 years ago, I would’ve given it 6 stars, but now it’s 2/10 and that’s just generous. The features that used to be free (like acne remover, black eye remover, etc…) are now subscriptions only, which that doesn’t make sense to me. I would understand if NEW features added are subscriptions only, but the ones given for free should stay that way. Btw developers who are reading this: I don’t understand why you had to make acne remover and the dark eye remover features a paid subscription. A lot of people are self-conscious of how they look today and I’m sure they won’t post any of their selfies when they have severe acne. Please don’t change anymore free features to paid subscription, otherwise there’s gonna be a lot of loyal customers over the years who will end up deleting the app altogether.
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4 years ago, Chrissy Saoirse Fae
Superior Quality
This app is better at what it does than any other app of the same type that I've tried. You don't need a half dozen apps to make your photos look good - just one app does it all - and they don't force a watermark all over your stuff. I'm a very satisfied customer. My only complaint is lag. Sometimes it's slow to load, slow to respond, slow to take pictures or video, etc. That could be my internet or it could be the app size. I still love this app anyway. I remember the old adage: sometimes, less is more - I find that you don't have to use strong filters to get nice results. This is an ideal app for a phone that has an unflattering camera. It captures the best of everyone, from newborn to over 80.
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4 years ago, Cass878
New Version not as good
I have used this app for several years but am now researching a new option. The latest download is much less user friendly and randomly closes while I’m editing a pic, causing me to have to start over on editing a photo several times. There are also bugs with the editing tools. The new version of the slimming tool won’t let you undo the auto edit of slimming your face, which automatically happens when you open the tool and then you have to switch to manual mode. For me, this just makes my jaw and head look small. I have to choose between my face looking distorted or being able to use the feature I like most on the app-shaving off the 10 pounds the camera often adds to my bod. I also don’t like the new blemish remover either. It takes a long time to remove a blemish whereas before it was just click over the spot. So sad. This app was amazing before.
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3 months ago, NickiRose999
Honestly Amazing…
Man…I Genuinely thought this was going to be another one of those apps that was ridiculous & poorly put together, on top of asking for a bunch of money every month to use their “services.” But it’s NOT. This app is Genuinely AMAZING. I don’t edit/alter photos of myself. It keeps me humble, yet improves my self esteem to NOT edit my photos. EXCEPT for when I would like to see how my hair would look dyed a certain color or if I should get a piercing or how my face looks w/ a certain type of makeup or tan, etc…before I actually go spend the money to do it & DEEPLY regret it later. 😅😂 This time around I wanted to find something for the hair dye reason. & I used to use PicMonkey for that, buuuuut they sadly took off their “tool” to apply color to your hair. Which was horribly disheartening b/c of how ACCURATE their “tool” was! I found this app & now I know of 6 different colors I would look GREAT w/ if I choose to dye my hair any of the colors. This app is great for many other things as well! I’ve edited some of my photography photos on here & so far, I am more than pleased w/ the results of everything. Thank You! 🩷
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3 years ago, SINCERE THANKS!
I don’t usually write reviews, but I’m so grateful for this app, it’s the least I can do... I’m BIG on taking pics. Besides constantly snapping shots of my daughter and fur-babies, I also post on various social media sites. I have tried every photo editor in the App Store, but since finding Beauty Plus, the others have been sent to the recycle bin because they just don’t compare! This app can do it ALL and it’s super-easy to navigate. It’s even my mom’s go-to editor now! I’m constantly asked what app I use for my pics (and I’m using the totally FREE VERSION!!!!), and HANDS DOWN, I will never use another photo editor again, so my answer is ALWAYS - BEAUTY PLUS!!!! Thank you for creating this amazing tool!!!!
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1 year ago, REPORT DUMB GAME
Download this app now
I finally found the perfect editing app ✨BeautyPlus✨ I’ve been wanting a editing app for a while I’ve downloaded 23 editing apps and there were all fake so I downloaded another and I loved it but it hade nothing to put makeup on there was no lipstick no eyeliner no eyeshadow so it just wasn’t it but then I found ✨BeautyPlus✨I looked at all the editing tools and it was amazing this app lets you brighten your eyes whiten your teeth and my favorite part there’s makeup I love all the cool stickers and brushes and frames and super cool filters and I love how you can save all the pictures you edited to your gallery I even put makeup on my cat it was Hilarious Idk what I could’ve done with out this app
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12 months ago, LinLinRN28
My go to app!!
I recently discovered this incredible photo editing app, and I absolutely love it! I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to enhance their photos with ease. The app's user-friendly interface makes editing a breeze, even for beginners like me. With just a few taps, I can effortlessly adjust colors, apply filters, and add creative effects. It's incredible how this app has transformed my ordinary photos into stunning works of art. If you're searching for a user-friendly photo editing app that delivers exceptional results, this one is definitely worth a try. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
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11 months ago, Acá toca pagar
Esta app es mentira, puedes editar tus fotos todo muy bien se mira muy bonito y todo pero no te deja descargar las fotos no te deja guardarlas tienes que pagar. Ni una sola foto te deja descargar todo tienes que pagar, y si piensas en tomarle captura o la que ya hiciste no te va a dejar te va a salir un anuncio diciendo que pagues para tener la foto o lo que editaste así que si no quieres pagar por una solo foto mejor no te descargues esta app tan horrible. Y yo le doy 0 estrellas. This app is a lie, you can edit your photos everything very well it looks very nice and everything but it doesn't let you download the photos it doesn't let you save them you have to pay. Not a single photo lets you download everything you have to pay, and if you think about taking a screenshot or the one you already did is not going to leave you, you will get an ad saying to pay to have the photo or what you edited so if you don't want to pay for a single photo, it's better not to download this horrible app. And I give it 0 stars.
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2 years ago, Alison😍
please see this and please fix it!!
the “tone” tool used to be my favorite editing tool ever. but then the app changed it and it’s no longer the same! i miss the old way the tone tool used to work whenever you could just use all the tan tone colors instead of just being limited to one tan tone color. i hate the hue and degree thing you have to use now. it’s awful and it only makes you look way too dark and makes you blend in with the rest of the picture. the tone tool used to be so much better because you would just click your skin tone you wanted and use the bar to drag and get tanner. now you drag the bar and you just become dark not even tan. it’s not the same and i’m begging you. TO PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK. the tone feature is awful now and instead of looking tan you only look grey! please please change it back. i miss the old tone tool so much.
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1 year ago, Annoyed Canva User #165242
Sad to See
I’ve been a long time user of this app. It used to have so many features that other apps didn’t have that made it really unique and great for photo editing. These features were all available for free or after you’d paid for the premium features. I remember purchasing these features a very long time ago (when one time payment was the only thing needed to access premium features) only to find out they changed their model to a subscription based one … I understand the need to charge some $ to maintain the app but sad to see how they pick and choose certain features to put behind a paywall. I was paying for the subscription for awhile but every few months I kept seeing more features added behind the paywall. It’s no longer a good enough app to justify the payments so I’ll be looking for something else.
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2 years ago, KatieFer
n o p e n o t m y t h i n g
so I was playing a game when I saw an ad that had this app and it showed removing people from your pics and stuff and I rlly needed that so I was interested and I downloaded it. I found the effect and started to use it. It was all great until.. it said this. “You need to have the BeautyApp or whatever it’s called Premium thing” so I obviously didn’t want to pay for something that’s absolutely useless so I tried to take a screen shot . AND I WAS FURIOUS WHEN THIS HAPPENED JUST SO YOU KNOW. Every time I took a screenshot to prank my mom with the photo I did because it was funny and k wanted to show her, it kept saying every time I took at screenshot I would need the premium monthly thingie and it wouldn’t let me take a screen shot. I got of the app instantly and deleted it. I’m not trying to offend anyone or be rude about it just letting you know!!💗💗 Have a good day/night. Bye.
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6 years ago, DankHime
Not impressed with the update.
Let me just start by saying that I’m a pretty avid fan of this app and have been for quite some time now but there are some quirks that are quite annoying. Before the most recent update, I would have given this app 4 stars if not for how painfully slow it is on start up. For whatever reason I have to tap on it MULTIPLE times before it registers what I’m wanting to do and actually does so. It’s almost impossible to tap on the “back” arrow or the albums button to go into editing without tapping over and over and over before it actually does anything. As for after the recent update, I’m now contemplating deleting this app all together and moving onto something less buggy. It is so incredibly slow and can barely register this without, again, tapping multiple times and sometimes opening up an ad. Buttons not registering is an overall issue with everything in this app currently. Also not a fan of the batch editing option or any of the other features recently added. This is mainly due to having to click through them all while in the albums option just to open a photo up in the actual editor part of the app. In combination with how terribly slow it is, it just makes this app too frustrating to even bother with.
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1 year ago, AmandaRosiePanda
Everything I loved about this app changed :/
I used to love this app because most of its tools were free. Now it expects me to pay 36 dollars a year just to use their acne eraser and a few of their other features. I thought this app would never change which is why I loved it. Now I can hardly use the app that I’ve loved for many years and it’s stressful because I don’t have that kind of money coming in. I’ve actually never written a review before but I felt like this had to be addressed. Everything in the app is slowly turning into premium use only. Including things that were free for years. I understand companies need their money but this makes me want to delete the app and find something else. If you’re considering downloading this app just keep in mind that at some point the whole app might become premium only. :/
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3 years ago, CerahHendrix
GR8 app
If your one of those girls like I that just want a different shade of photo such as sepia, etc. this app is great! However if you are one of those little pop tarts, you know the girls I’m talking about that use every filter in the world to make them self look like a 10 when you’re in real life there a five and should just own it because they’re smart amazing wonderful creatures ?? you can do all of that in this app as well make yourself look like A fake supermodel to keep that facade up. But if you still want to look like you and simply do a couple color changes or add a sparkle this app is wonderful!!
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11 months ago, Fassavalu
Thank You
I just wanna thank you people who made this app and the free tools people could use for their stuff’ I am very grateful for people like you that let us use it for free even tho theirs stuff that cost money theirs still stuff that’s free and I’m grateful for the free stuff because their really useful. So I hope you guys read this and I hope you guys are doing good good and are safe and God Bless each and everyone of you🙏🏽, and please don’t take away the free tools away and make them have a cost and thank you again. I highly recommend anybody to get this app if they wanna make their photos look better💯.
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5 years ago, BTS JIMINS WIFEU💩💕
💜Best app ever purchased💜
This has the most aesthetic filters, so easy to photo shop with this app because it sooooooooooo simple, and it’s just amazing!💜💜💜💜💜💜 You can do almost anything on this app, it literally turned some of my originally HOrIBLE pictures into some 𝓡𝓔𝓐𝓛𝓛𝓨 𝓐𝓔𝓢𝓣𝓗𝓔𝓣𝓘𝓒 𝓟𝓘𝓒𝓣𝓤𝓡𝓔𝓢! The filters are so cute, so many to choose from, and this is the best app for selfies along with any picture u want to take. It’s so amazing, I use it more that my phone camera. In fact, 99.2% of my 345 pictures in my camera role are from BeautyPlus. There is no other app better, I will use this app like forever! Thank u so much for BeautyPlus!!!!!!xoxoxoxo😍💜💜💜😘😘
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2 years ago, Miah Mc
Why can’t I save?
Hello, so first of all I think this app is AMAZING! It’s literally so awesome all the filters and stickers and things like that my only problem is I have to pay to save my photos! That is ridiculous, I feel like that simply isn’t fair. Now to pay for more effects I can understand but you shouldn’t have to pay to save and you can’t even screenshot the picture there is literally no way to save without subscribing which I find is stupid. I love everything else but please remove the fact that we have to pay in order to save and this app will be perfect!
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4 months ago, Hahyhdbdbd
I can only use a couple filters!
I love Beauty Plus and me and my friends always go on it and prank and make funny faces and turn ourselves into witches and stuff like that,… but… most of the filters and other stuff like that have a diamond on them and you have to be subscribed and I don't have enough money like that to get every single Filter and stuff like that. So I only use the ones I can. But if you could make it so we had more options and less had diamonds on them that would be great!!! By the way I really love beautyplus they're just make it so we can use more things without having to pay!!! Please!!! By the way my name is Daisy.
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4 years ago, #helpful_reviewer
Better quality than the apps that cost $$$😂
Well, I got this app to do some simple editing. But it’s so much more than that. I can add color filters, makeup, teeth whitening, and even stickers. Some sticker are seasonal, but others make you look like a bunny in command 😂 and so much more. The app is totally worth it. There are some advertisements for their pro, but nothing you can’t live without. Even the basic app is tons of fun and I use it for all of my editing before collages. You may think this is one of those ratings from the editors, but no. It’s actually this good. TOTALY WORTH IT. much better than lots of apps that cost tons of $$$.
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4 years ago, yours truly allegra
Specific Change Suggestion
Hello. So I never write reviews but I hope this app is true to its word when they say they actually want to hear from us. So I think this app is wonderful, I’ve had it for YEARS. You absolutely don’t need to spend any more for it to work really well. My only criticism is the Auto function. For example, when I tap on the “smooth skin” function, I want to do the smoothing manually, however the second you click on it, the app does it automatically. So every time, I have to scale back to auto-correct down to 0 before switching to manual. It’s VERY annoying so please!!!! Just give us the option to choose auto, don’t make it the default!!!
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1 year ago, Goodbye Leah hair ci
A long time ago a little girl named flower her dad sent her to go get crystals it was pink blue it was crystal flower and her dad was a genius flower was sad for her mom maybe she said the crystals were Make her feel better no matter what we’re gonna make her the go to person ever she’s gonna have crystals all over her body she’s gonna be wearing crystal diamond we’re gonna add them to our clothes we’re gonna do anything for my mother dystopia my mothers name is dystopia and I almost really love her she’s she is beautiful and I love the way she was before I was like that never mind thank you goodbye by Aaliyah Edward
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5 years ago, Lissa Bella May
** Underrated app that deserves the most credibility
I have to say, out of most beauty editing apps hands down this is my favorite. Most beauty apps usually consist on makeup tools that lack other photo edits, or some that claim to deliver the selfie editing but then don’t have other amazing features like this app. What I love most is how it brings you high quality editing without the crazy ridiculous purchases many photography beauty apps tend to do. I highly recommend for anyone to try this if you truly want gorgeous photos with the HD type of look. I am very happy with this app & will continue to use & recommend. 💕👍🏼
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10 months ago, sterlingsanders
Racist AI makes all men of color white with a beard.
Was excited to use this application to make my friends anime characters. But all of my minority friends, Black, Indian, Mexican, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, and makes them all white men with a beard. It seems like there are only two possible male faces, and they both white men, one with a beard, one without. Even if you don’t have beards it’ll give you one, and give your skin the complexion of a white man, including face and body. Maybe this application is made only for women? Because most of the women I put it, it does a someone decent job replicating, though it struggles with black women as well. But, they male AI model has only been trained on white men with beards that look like Superman I suppose. It is extremely weird, awkward, and not worth paying a cent for. Let alone $50/year.
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1 year ago, kklo212k
Editing Features Glitch
Overall, I really love this editing app. I’ve been using this app for years and for most of my photography edits. However, I’ve been having a lot of problems with the editing features that I’m paying extra for. The feature would be applied onto the photo but it would glitch out and make lines all over my photo. This would happen on my iPhone 13 Pro and my iPad - Gen 8. I hope someone is able to reach out and help me possibly fix this issue. I’ve also tried to email the support email they provide but, I’m unable to send out any emails because it says the email doesn’t exist. I hope this review finds the owner and support crew!
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1 year ago, CNYcovet player
It’s just not the same..
Unfortunately I have come to not like this app. I use to use it all the time to fix little imperfections here and there all the time and have been using it for who knows how long. Especially with all the other cool filters they have. But now it’s just straight up charging for every single thing. Just like any other apps. Which is very annoying. For those who can afford it. It’s no issue. But for those who can’t. It’s not. Regardless if it’s $4.17 or 8.99 plus tax it isn’t bad. But that also goes a long way for those who needs it for something else more important. At least give us more features from each category for free to continue using the app and charge for some. Otherwise sadly it’ll be off to looking for another app again.
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7 years ago, andrestwain
Love this app but
When I first downloaded this app it wasn’t great. But they’ve made so many improvements that now I don’t post any selfies unless it’s gone through this app. The photos look cleaned up but not too airbrushed. My only critic is that when there are multiple faces, you can only fix one face and the app chooses which face to fix. I wish they can release an update where you can circle select the face you want to fix among a group photo or possibly select and fix each face individually. That would be such a great update. In the end I will continue to use this app.
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1 year ago, coolappsaasas
I’ve been using this app for a bit and I think it’s pretty good but pretty much everything is for beauty plus pro and I am not paying for that there is a possible chance I’m going to delete this app although it make my pictures slay and u cant see the green screen lines when u add a background there is a chance and I get if this app needs money to support there app u don’t need to charge for everything at least have 70% of the app free also I have a recommendation for y’all, I think you should add a recording tool so people can know how people edit their pictures, thanks for reading my review
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5 years ago, liz0021
Love this app
Beauty cam is great. I couldn’t do makeup to save my life. With this app you can fix and edit all your makeup mishaps. It increases your attractiveness by adding brightness, smoothing things out, and adding cute filters. Also the blurry background, super professional looking. It makes it look like you used a super complex camera and yet you didn’t, you blurred the back-round & reallyyy nice. It would be even better if you could make more filters to highlight the complexion of brown skin. Maybe it’s in my head but it feels like the filters do a really nice job of more bringing out the beauty of fairer skin tones and makes darker complexions look sort of white.
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1 year ago, Crafty125
My fav!
I really love this app, it just enhances the pictures and is fun to use. I have been using this app for years. The only concern I have is that they are starting to charge little by little. I did notice that the certain filters that I started to use a lot, my "go to's", they started to charge me for, and the ones that I never or rarely ever used were still free. I thought that was a little shady, but I don't want to start looking for some thing else because I've use this one successfully for a while.
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2 years ago, Little_Pickle_Bot
Like but not love
I recently got BeautyPlus to try the filters and the editing options. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of filters and things this app has to offer. Everything works relatively well and I’m surprised by how well the makeup filters work, not perfect but good enough to take a picture. The only bad thing I can think of is that there are a lot of things you can’t do unless you use premium which, is expensive. I wish that you didn't need to spend that much money on a silly app I plan on using for fun. Other than that it works pretty good! I would recommend this app.
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10 months ago, frog.spit
Random charges??
I used to LOVE this app. I’ve been using it ever since it was $5.99. I understand upgrading the prices because of the added features. But recently I’ve been being charged earlier than I was supposed to be; and on top of that- due to money issues I cancelled all of my apps and was just going to renew next month. My subscription was supposed to be good until August 28th. I paid for this month; just cancelled until further notice. Well, it’s not letting me access the features that I paid good money for. I’m supposed to be able to access premium features until my subscription runs out- I feel like I’ve been scammed.
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1 month ago, Halehooleh
No gallery access despite full permissions
I've been using your app as a premium user and, unfortunately, I've encountered a persistent issue. Despite reinstalling the app and granting it full access to my photos, I'm still unable to open my gallery to edit pictures or use any of its features. The interface is user-friendly, and I see great potential in the app, but this problem significantly impacts its usability for me. I appreciate the prompt support response, but the troubleshooting steps provided did not resolve the issue. I even attached a screen recording to illustrate the problem, but there hasn't been a successful solution yet. I hope this feedback helps in identifying and fixing the bug. I'd love to continue using the app once the issue is resolved.
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10 months ago, Aria613
Used to be good, now rip off
This used to be like the only app I found that let me use features for free. Every time I go on it there’s another thing that’s only part of the subscription package. Almost every feature used to be free but now barely any are free. I only edit my pictures for bad obvious pimples, and each time I go on the app, there’s another thing you had to pay for. A bunch of them used to be free, including the acne feature which is the only one I use. I only go on the app a few times a year bc I don’t post often, and of course they just made the acne feature part of their subscription plan that I’d need to purchase. For one pimple. Ugh. Time to try another app again.
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6 years ago, Cindy the German
Update fixed some major issues.
Originally I was in love with this app. Then after years they changed it all around and I couldn’t get a decent picture. They have fixed some of the issues. But the design i still can’t stand. It used to be you could edit your pictures right after taking them before saving. Now you have to save it go back to beginning of app, find the picture and be able to edit things like pimples etc. the save it again. It’s a pain. But I am able to get good pictures again so I changed my one star review to four! Used to be 5 though.
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