BeCasso: Photo to Painting

Photo & Video
4.8 (6.8K)
834.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digital Masterpieces GmbH
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BeCasso: Photo to Painting

4.83 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Kck in WA
The BEST! Creative, User-friendly and Thoroughly Enjoyable to Use!
I’ve been using BeCasso for over a year now and absolutely love everything about it! I use the oil painting #’s 1, 2 & 3 on at least 3/4’s of my photos in varying degrees as a standard part of editing them as it can make them look more like oil paintings and watercolors. When I’m feeling more “artsy” I can literally get lost for hours experimenting with the endless options on this app. BeCasso both feeds and challenges the artist in me - which I love - and I’ve also been impressed by how user-friendly it is. And most importantly, the response to my enhanced photos and “art” on social media has been very rewarding! Another huge benefit is that I’ve been able to turn what I would’ve considered throwaway photos into some really beautiful pieces as the oils in particular can soften the lines of slightly out of focus photos and fill in the graininess of others while also enhancing the color. I cannot say enough good things about this app and I definitely wouldn’t trade it for any app currently on the market. The developers are also quick to respond to any concerns and have recently added an impressive number of new oil, watercolor, pencil, cartoon and color options that have further enhanced my experience with this app. Another benefit? There is now a relatively new BeCasso group page where you can share your creations. Overall, this app exceeds a 5. I highly recommend it!!
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2 months ago, BBPullinHard
Outstanding, all-in-one app
I am amazed there are only 2 reviews for this app. I have used BeCasso (uncompensated) since it first came out years ago and have used it to create all kinds of different transformed photos - some of which I feature on my professional photography website (squareknot dot net) and some which I've sold and/or won competitions with. The best thing about the app is all the typical transformation modes (oil, watercolor, cartoon, drawing) are included in the app. This is great because you can quickly see transformations among all these modes quickly and effectively without having to jump between different apps. Each mode features an amazing number of transformation styles as well. Version 4 has an updated interface - be sure you learn and understand how it works. ALSO! Great, responsive, helpful, and thoughtful user support, 5 of 5! Buy this app - you won't regret it...
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7 years ago, marcuswmd
I just don’t understand the worth of sending out updates that still don’t comply with the latest software support and aren’t maximizing support for new hardware! Update, I read the developers response saying that they did update for iOS 11 in September and also Support the new iPhone X. The reason I mentioned this lack of support is that I went through and read every update listed here for the past 6 months and nowhere did the updates list these changes? So, is it that all the updates aren’t being shown here or what? 2nd update, I received your second developer response and it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. There’s thousands of apps for sale and download currently on the App Store that haven’t been updated since iOS 8. So to expect customers to just assume that a developer wouldn’t allow customers to download an app unless it met all current software and hardware updates is nonsensical. Maybe in the future to avoid confusion you should do as most all other developers do and clearly state in writing to your version updates exactly when you’ve updated to support the latest software and hardware instead of expecting customers to just assume you have just because it’s still available to download. I’m certain that all other users agree.
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5 years ago, Camera--Guy
Best of the photo to art apps
I painstakingly went through every photo to art conversion app in the App Store. This company released BeCasso and ArtCard. I paid for both and pitted them against everything else out there: they are the clear winner. First off, I eliminated any subscription based apps. There is no way for me to get a return on that kind of investment, and none of them appeared to do more than BeCasso. The rest of the apps always had shortcomings. For instance, after you use a filter to convert, you need additional controls for detail, relief, softness, intensity, etc. BeCasso had all that. Last night I gave it the ultimate test and converted for about 6 hours of Hawaii iPhone pictures taken with the iPhone 10 Xs Max. Wow. Some of those pictures are now like masterpieces, and are not cheesy at all. The comic watercolor and comic features also rivals or beats other apps that only focus on those features. The only feature request I would have is to create a new app and merge their Clip2Comic, ArtCard, and BeCasso with all their filters and features. It would be worth $15-20 USD to me, and would certainly be a differentiator for any other app like this. I really just want one app that does it all for filtering affect. It could also cause more folks to leave the Adobe world. I think this company is close if they could pull it off. Thanks to the developers for helping me create some wonderful works of art.
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3 years ago, r-Gordon-7
Can’t Access Free Version - Just Two Week Trial of Premium Version
I downloaded the free version onto my iPhone with the desire to try the free version. When I open the app, it seems I can access only three screens. I arrive initially at a simple “Welcome” screen that offers just two choices - either scroll to either of two other screens or “Skip”. The first of those two other screens is essentially just a continuation of the first screen and similarly offers just the choice of scrolling to either of the other two screens or “Skip”. The final of those three screens just offers a button to proceed to a free two week trial of the premium version. Selecting “Skip” from either of the first two screens simply brings me to that third screen that only allows me to proceed to the free two week trial of the premium version. This is something I do not want to do - at least not until after I have had a chance to use what is supposed to be the free version I was led to believe I had downloaded. However, there seems to be no way to access a free version on my iPhone - only to commence a free trial of a premium version...
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3 years ago, OurBoyNoah
Absolutely Incredible
This app blows my mind, there are so many ways to customize your photos and turn them into something that looks like it was actual painted! I love the pop art section and toon, they fit my style of art very well and was so happy to see all the things I could do with this app. Unlike other apps, BeCasso has so many choices to select from without having to pay a penny! There are so many amazing things you can do with this app and the quality of the photos/paintings is great! In the future I want to challenge myself to try to recreate some of the most famous pieces of art using this app! Thank you so much for keeping things free, and I will probably be buying your premium in the future!
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4 years ago, Elmertraut
Tremendous Support/ Best image app I’ve ever used!
I cannot say enough about the team at DigitalMasterpiece, the developers of BeCasso. Stepping out of character, I went on a rant and emailed the company, citing that the app was ruined by the recent update. The gal who contacted me, Julia, was amazingly kind and empathetic, immediately calming my fears. She was immediately and incredibly responsive to the issues that I was so angry about. With her input to the team, they actually corrected what I was so upset about and put out another update in about a weeks time! BAM! Perfection 🤗 What had happened was that when they first updated this INCREDIBLE application, the new platform no longer had some of the key modules that I’d been using with my images. It is my opinion that BeCasso is the best imaging application available, bar none! I have deleted all of my other photo apps and am using BeCasso exclusively. I strongly encourage any and all photographers out there, to download the App and try it yourselves. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Julia, and thanks to your development team for being incredibly flexible and addressing my concerns so quickly. Well done. I can’t thank you enough... With warm regards, J Melangton
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7 years ago, Lafinboy57
Lots of fun / beautiful art
Fun program. You can create wonderful effects. We live in a really pretty area. I have extensive gardens. I enjoy photographing the flowers and plants and turning them into impressionist pieces of art. I ordered my first canvas and it came out beautiful done. It was stretched over a frame, and had picture wire already installed. The package came well wrapped. The photo shop included two different types of hardware to hang the print. I also received a thirty dollar gift card for my next purchase! Communication was great. I received two or thee updates about shipping. What great, fast, top notch service and the printed canvas is breathtaking. I am already saving more garden photos and will place another order soon. A real quality experience.
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6 years ago, Catfishc
One of the best photo mod apps you’ll ever find!
BeCasso is one of the best art apps for modifying and lending painterly effects to your photos. Period, exclamation point! It really is well thought out, easy as eating pie (ummm, pie!) and allows for printing on canvas or postcards as a third party offering accessible from the app. The permutations and controls for the amounts of stylistic effects applied to your photo offer what I believe to be; practically endless possibilities! All from the convenience of you iPad. Sure, there are other useful photo mod apps out there; but you won’t find any offering the variety of styles, media styles from oil, watercolor and cartoon to paper and canvas selections. When creating art with BeCasso, you can use you ‘artistic eye’ as your guide. You are freed from the technical requirements and mundanity of needing to know an artists brushstrokes. I’d give this one 10 stars if I could. It’s that good, and that indispensable! I’d like BeCasso to be offered as a Mac OSX offering if it isn’t already.
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2 years ago, Amber's Gramps
Frustrating and useless interface
I was able to find and open a photo from my iPhone library using my iPad and thought the next steps would be as easy. Instead I got very unhelpful interface with no useful onscreen guidance or a link to a user guide. I selected the Effects button expecting to see an array of different effects applied to a generic image or, even better, my photo. The blank screen that followed gives the option to enter the name of an effect in a field. No clue whether that means you will then create a new effect of your own naming or use an effect with a known name. Entering the name of an artist had no results. A list of options here would be helpful but isn’t available. In essence it’s a dead end. This is not an app for slow learners unless they have lots of time to explore unknown paths. Will probably uninstall depending on the developer’s response
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12 months ago, Ghostmoth
A question now
I have had this app since it came out. I got all the in-app purchases. I use it as an accessory app, I use it to change certain aspects but don’t originate work in it. I don’t want an AI and I certainly don’t use it enough to make a monthly subscription justified. I am looking at 3 variations of Becasso. Which one is mine? There should be one that has all the Pro stuff a subscription is necessary to use if. It sounds like the second or free version doesn’t hav enough to even try full use. Like every body had who paid for the original one and more through in-app purchases. I did not get the free version or the pro..I have the Original. The one with no monthly fee. I haven’t upgraded mine. So to keep it, no. More upgrades until it dtops. Because the versions in the APP store I don’t want
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5 years ago, ARandonReviewGuy
It’s great to study from too
I use the artistic filters (mainly the artistic ones), and I find that this app does a brilliant job at truly creating a painting from an image. It’s possible, and it’s fun to also look at how the computer did it, like what strokes it takes at different settings and I can apply new things I learn from the computer generated version to create some of my own. Several other filters and options and settings and I overall, recommended!
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3 years ago, thegoodbadandugly
14 day free trial
There is a huge difference between the free & premium versions. I enjoy the premium app, but the price of $30 per year is astronomical especially when there are so many other apps available. Most iPhone apps cost a one time payment of $2- $6. There is never an annual fee involved. I would be willing to pay a one time fee for BeCasso; I reached out to the developer, but never got a response.
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5 years ago, It All Fits!
The most amazing app ever!!
I’ve used many photo-editing apps, starting with Photoshop and Lightroom, and scores of others. BeCasso has the most intuitive navigation system and by far the greatest range of editing tools. I especially love the range of subtleties that are possible! It also can be used seamlessly in combination with other apps. I now shoot with editing options in mind!
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1 year ago, SoulSystem
Impressive Results
My expectations are generally low when it comes to these types of apps, but I was genuinely surprised by the results and the options. Upgrading was a no-brainer. This app is now a part of my permanent toolbox. A quick way to get impressive artistic results. I'd like to encourage the designers of this app to keep moving forward and improving it. You guys are really on to something!
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9 months ago, Jusatdown
I am loving this tool! Sooo many possibilities to tweak your best photos and to make something special out some of your lesser photos. My next goal is to keep this app in mind while shooting in order to push this tools limits. On the technical side , I get a little frustrated that we’re unable to double tap a slider to return it to its original position. It’s something I can put up with but if the tech crew is looking for something to tweak… 😏
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3 years ago, Autistic Singularity
Perfect for Painters
I’m a digital artist who uses all Digital Masterpieces app with iPad Pro and Procreate. I create original paintings by working on top and inside of my digital photos. I use BeCassio to abstract some of my photos before I paint them. BeCasio is behind some of my favorite creations. I can also testify to the Digital Masterpieces’ excellent customer support. Fabulous software from a shop who cares about user experience. It doesn’t get better than that!
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6 years ago, Janet Beth
Purely fun and satisfying
Giving a photo to BeCasso often produces an image more delightful and striking than the original. Whether it’s the smoothness and vibrancy of Oil or the color pallets in Watercolor or the outlines and caricatures in Toons, I’m constantly amazed at the Artistic results I get within minutes. And there’s so much more to explore in Styles, always with traditional editing features available after each transformation. Fun, fun, fun, not to mention useful, too.
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5 years ago, Johniccp
BeCasso replaced four apps
In short, I used to have four post processing apps on my iPad. Now, I have just BeCasso. I enjoy the wide variety of filters, the speed in which they appear, and the output files are suitable for 8x10 without the pixelated look I would get from other apps. Finally, the customer service has been excellent. They take an interest in well documented problem statements. Money well spent.
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5 years ago, ZosiaSar
Great effects, easy to use
You can have fun with this! Its so simple to making your photo into a faux painting or drawing, that mimic about 20 styles from impressionism, cubism, to comic illustrations and so on. For the price it’s s well worth it. Its easy and fast, with get eye catching results. If you regularly use pro design programs like LR or PS, you’ll find this app has limited options. The upside is that the app does most of the work for you! This is unique and most people can learn it quickly.
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4 years ago, the.Sak
The Possibilities are Endless!!!
I love using BeCasso. I share my finished masterpieces on social media and get so many ooh’s and aahhh’s! Everybody wants to know how I do it. I use the app with my nature photos taken in the great outdoors. 🌳 🎨 There are so many possibilities. With enough practice, photos can look like actual paintings. I was able to ‘try’ the app using the flexible 💪 monthly membership for just a few dollars. I will be a life-long subscriber 🖼
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5 months ago, redlovesfred
Took away my save without watermark
I have been using becasso for more than 5years and I have purchased many filter packs and I used to be able to save without the watermark because of my purchases. Now I am Super frustrated that they have recalled the option and already have my money!! I was not issued a refund and you’re just going to rework what I purchased. Not Cool!! I used to tell lots of people about this app, no more!! It is totally crooked to put your lame watermark on when I paid for it to be OFF!! Upon further thought one star is all you get because I cannot give NO stars.
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4 years ago, F. Sheila D.
Outstanding Support
I needed assistance with art I created (couldn’t remember how I did it). I took a chance and wrote to Support. I honestly didn’t expect a reply. Julia responded a day later with instructions on how to recreate it. It didn’t work. She was able to figured out what I had done and sent detailed instructions. The product is very versatile and the support outstanding (bad support is a deal breaker for me). My thanks to the BeCasso team for an outstanding job. Thank you, Julia!
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2 weeks ago, BAR112
Love BeCasso!
I've been using this app for many years to turn my photos into beautiful artwork. Fortunately, I purchased it outright long ago, as I see this one also has gone the subscription route. I would suggest BeCasso in lieu of their newer offering, which to me appears redundant. So many choices to create beautiful artwork (oil, watercolor, etc.). Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, jyduchene
BeCasso update one change for the worst
Today I opened BeCasso and discovered the update. I was frustrated to discover the first oil painting selection significantly changed. I had used the first setting for a beautiful smoothing of portraits. It and all of the oil paint settings are far too extreme to provide a smooth portrait. Can we have the first setting back? I have relied on this often and feel lost even when using adjustments to attempt to temper the new effects. I love BeCasso and feel the new update a significant step backwards.
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5 years ago, SeanR
Game Changing
This app is an absolute gem! Absolutely beautiful program that converts your photos into works of art instantly. It runs flawlessly and quickly on both my iPad Pro as well as my iPhone 7. Not only can you make amazing art, you can have it professionally printed as well! I have tried similar apps, but this is by far the best. Thank you guys for doing such a fantastic job!
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6 years ago, Beckyjsc
SAD! So SAD! 😭
I have this on my iPad for quite awhile LOVED IT, purchased it paid full price! THEN my iPad crashed, need to be restored, list my apps! And now I can not reinstall it or down load what I PAID FOR!!!! Because now with the last update It is no longer "compatible" to my device! WELL I just can not afford to go get new iPad so this app would be compatible for BeCasso! And no way to get my money back! SAD so SAD! 😭
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7 months ago, Ellybones
Use every day, develop styles for your categories
I’ve used Becasso since 2020 and have developed styles for certain categories of my range: greeting cards in watercolor, framed prints of vintage autos as oil paintings, stickers for musicians with the ‘Toon-crafted images. This creative toolbox is a powerhouse for photographers developing a special niche. I only wish we could “copy edits” then “paste edits” across a series.
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4 weeks ago, MikePoirier
One of the best
I’ve been using BeCasso years & it’s one of the best apps for turning photos into different types of art work. I always get compliments. Hopefully as it expands it will work better with turning people into paintings. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s fair. But overall best value and most versatile. Highly recommend
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5 years ago, Frogzen
I really appreciate this app. I’m a traditional artist, but I love looking at my photo references in your app because the choices inspire me! Also, your app finds edges that my bad focusing has lost. That's amazing and very valuable to me. I hope you keep updating it. Update ... I’m still using and appreciate this app very much. Thanks for making something that’s such high quality!
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8 months ago, dwd204
Powerful Tool
This is a pretty fabulous app. If you want the flexibility of taking a photo and turning into a work of art with the biggest variety of tools, then pay for the $26 a year. I paint landscapes and this app is a powerful way to look at a photo from many different ways for inspiration. I am one grateful customer.
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6 years ago, 586671969lila
Incredible Digital Art features
Wonderfully surprised by its digital art options. Even more amazed by the fact that It allows me to make adjustments (+\-) to minimize or accentuate the digital creation. And to offer the postage card send feature to friends and family is icing on the cake. So worth the small price of this app! Highly recommend this app. MUST HAVE IN YOUR APPS ARSENAL !
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1 month ago, Lovesudoku2
Not as good as it used to be
I love this app and still use it often. However, when I first downloaded it, it had a “Custom” filter (NOT the one they have now) where you could upload pictures. It would transfer the angles and colors from the Custom picture, and I created some really stunning pictures with it. I really wish they would bring back that version of “Custom” back!
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3 years ago, Bvh01
Format when saving oil 10 filter (which is the best) is corrupting and the saved pic turns out looking like the oil is running off the painting. Picture Looks nothing like it does when you save it by the time it gets to the gallery of your phone. Tried 10 different times closed the app same result. Also would be great to have the signature option like the other apps.
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5 years ago, cycophuk
Subscriptions for photo editing apps is cancer
I am so glad I paid 5 bucks for this app the other month so I was able to get in before the subscription scam started. My one-time purchase allows me all the features you now have to pay 3.50 a month or almost 30 bucks to use for a year. It’s not worth it and it’s so disappointing to see happen. Skip the subscription and buy an app for full price or that offers IAP for the content from a different dev that respects their customers.
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6 months ago, Lő
BeCasso in it’s most current form
It was a good program until the made it much more difficult to use without paying for a subscription. They dangle things in front of you that used to be free. I would consider a modestly priced one time payment but never an expensive subscription, I would never be using the program enough to make that kind of ongoing payment worthwhile.
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3 years ago, PB&JAZ
By another name?
I have a version called pencil sketch that doesn’t exactly work anymore after my $1.99 investment. My niece and I used to play with photos to teach her cause/effect. I guess it was too good of an app b/c now apps have different business models to make more money. I get it, but this one isn’t as fun to create with. It’s fun, and I’ll use the freebies..until I decide whether to get it for creative work or not
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3 years ago, Bri Sulli
Such fun!
I came across this app as I love taking pictures and thought it would be fun to add some digital charm! BeCasso did just that and more! I adore the ‘magic’ options and am looking forward to receiving my first print in a few days. Thanks for creating such a quality digital gem.
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7 years ago, Mark David Zahn
Love it, wish for full res saving
This is one of my new favorite apps. Love taking my photos and making new art out of them. My one request would be full resolution output from the app. I load my 6000x4000 photos from a Nikon DSLR and would love it if I could get all that resolution out in the end (seems to max out around 4000px max.) PNG or TIFF output would be a bonus.
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5 years ago, BBPullinHard
Great app to exercise the creative spirit. Awesome customer service
At a minimum give this app a try if you're interested in seeing how your photos can be post-processed to look like various other forms of art! The customer service is amazing. I had a lengthy and helpful response by email within 24 hours of my inquiry!
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6 years ago, cyclopian
Forget Prisma
BeCasso brings out your creativity and may just educate you about great painters of our past if you’re not careful. This app is a stepping stone where you may wonder about Beckmann or Signac and seek out their works, after you love that preset. Just enough tools and at the end you can envision your image as a poster or print. No subscriptions!
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3 years ago, LWalshrnc
EASY Retouch a Photos
If you don’t want to use Photoshop or other photo options this is an easy way to retouch photos to get the look you want. Helpful to sign up for premium. But you can View water colors, oils, pencils and cartoon features and even order them in prints or on canvas! Highly recommend app
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8 months ago, BeCasso Wowed
Excellent Tool Artist
This is an excellent tool for any artist at any level. It is extremely easy to use and the premium has so much more flexibility and options. Definitely another aid to store in your creativity arsenal easily accessible right on your phone!
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6 years ago, Fiber Queen
Fiber girl
This app is the most fun and allows you to be extremely creative. Not the easiest to figure out, but the developers were helpful with additional information on how to navigate it. The possibilities for any given photo to become a painting are endless and very rewarding. Love, love, love it and would encourage anyone to buy it.
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7 years ago, iminubu
Good to Bad
Worked wonderfully the first day but today it wouldn’t pull up all of my photo albums and pictures. It also crashed while trying to save a pic after applying one filter. I would consider giving this Ap a better score if the developer fixes this.
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3 years ago, Outdoor Janitor
Hope it’s not putting painters out of work!!
Super-enjoyable to use; can edit your photos first in native iPhone app to add vignette, pick out highlights or shadows, then import directly info BCasso, and lose distracting details, and often accentuate expressions and beauty - or detail missing or texture desired - in oil, watercolor, etc emulations
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4 years ago, stephen wilmington
A true aid form ideas to completed projectsponse time
This app is a must have for designing projects. I do small to large art projects and murals. This gives many tools and the textures. Easy to use. Seamless response time. When complete types of printing ability. Even room vision. Thank you
Show more
6 years ago, Jdrla
Love the effects
Just purchased this a day ago and I’m already hooked on seeing the wild, astonishing and creative effects I can get on my photos. Would be helpful to see some info on what some of the menu items do. Love this app!
Show more
7 years ago, MBM 10S
Love this!
Imagine taking one of your pictures and then have Picasso or Van Gogh interpret it. Well you can with this APP. Smart, easy and intuitive, you’ll love it. Of course eagerly awaiting other artist presets: Monet, Dali ... it’s a long long list. Until then have fun with endless creations. Check mine out at Instagram at matt_in_nyc
Show more
5 years ago, HeidiHe
A little disappointed
I really only like one or two of the filters but I’m mostly disappointed in the lack of control. I had a pic of a girls feet in the ocean and wanted to brighten her toenail polish but I can’t find a way to do that in this app. I have to use the filter then bring the pic into another app to handle those kinds of details. I guess I was hoping for more customization ability.
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