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User Reviews for BECU

4.84 out of 5
62.9K Ratings
3 years ago, getclientsnow
Seem less so far
I opened an account for my business with BECU when my bank changed their policy after having my account for over 25 years. I want to keep the business open for now even though I’m not doing much with it because small projects still come up. But the new $2,000 minimum in checking was too high to maintain since Covid. BECU doesn’t have a minimum balance required. When I went in to my local branch to open my account I had the nicest people helping me get set up. They’re professional, patient, have the most knowledge about small business, we’re thorough, and most of all friendly. It’s so important to feel like you have a relationship with your bank professionals. It is to me. I even emailed with a question when I went in to move my other accounts over and heard back within an hour. This was all comforting for me as I switch over after years with another company. And to top it off, the online banking is so easy. I needed to change banks and couldn’t feel better about my decision to go with BECU. Seriously a positive experience all around.
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1 year ago, DB7477
Easy Peasy!
I received my auto loan through a credit union. Unfortunately, it wasn’t with BECU, who’s rate was slightly higher. Because I’d wanted to get rid of my regular bank, I opened a checking and savings account with the credit union that I received my car loan from. The problem with that credit union is that it has no branches or ATMs in my city! The app is so rudimentary that it’s very difficult to use. I will refinance my loan soon and hope to transfer it to BECU if the rate is the lowest, but in the meantime, I’m transferring my accounts to BECU. Just because it’s a credit union doesn’t mean BECU is unlike banking with any other established banking institution, and they make the use of their app and website VERY user friendly, which is appreciated! You have a very pleased new customer. And Neha at the branch in downtown Seattle was a pleasure to meet and help me set everything up! Thank you, BECU!
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1 year ago, Nem4865
Visa transactions not synching since update
UPDATE 6/6/23: the Visa syncing issue was fixed about three months ago, but has reappeared in the past few days. Today is 6/6, my last synched Visa transaction is 5/31. There are zero listed transactions since 5/31 including my payment, even though the payment shows coming out of the checking account a few days ago. I have confirmed I have the most recent version and there is not an app update available. Love BECU and the app. However, since I installed the most recent app update, my Visa transactions are not synching. The balance is correct, but the last transaction shown is on 2/6/23 (today is 2/16). If I login online, all of the transactions are there through today, but the app is missing the last 10 days of transactions. I’ve made sure I’m not missing a new update, and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Update 2/22 seeing others report the same issues, and the developer response has been that there is an update available. There is NOT an update available, the most recent update that fixed the crashing issues seems to be the cause of this new syncing issue. I have the most recent app version and nothing has synced since 2/6.
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1 week ago, Tribe ▲
Transactions FUBAR
I wanted to love the app, especially coming from a CU that wasn’t as tech savvy and being a developer myself. Unfortunately, BECU’s app has been more frustrating than it has been helpful. I keep better track of my money by using a ledger than I do trying to rely on their buggy app. Most transactions are days late, some transactions show pending while also showing it’s gone through, there have been instances of duplicate transactions that were not the merchant’s fault, and I’ve experienced discrepancies in my account balance in the app that has caused issues when making transactions- even with plenty of funds available. I’m unimpressed that the most important features of the app are practically worthless at this point. In addition to the app, their customer service/support doesn’t know their own system or what the fraud flagging process looks like, so I’ve gotten calls about fraud that never actually occurred. All in all, I’ve decided I’ll be switching to a different CU, but I really wanted to like BECU. 2 stars for the decent UI on the app, but -3 for the lag and bugs regarding transactions and account balance.
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1 year ago, Esmeraldav18
!!!App Needs Attention!!!
I just recently joined BECU and at first I liked the concept of the app but honestly it’s very frustrating when it doesn’t update very fast. I have a account at WSECU and their app is so well done and wonderful. It shows you pending transactions in real time, your available and current balance at the top, and I loved that it would show alongside each transactions in your account how much is added or deducted from your current balance. What I don’t like about BECU is that it only shows what is being deducted or added from each transaction without showing available balance underneath it. I can only see my balance at the top which makes it hard to know exactly what I had previously before money being added. It feels almost non transparent or a lot more work as you have to do the math yourself. BECU app developers SHOULD get tips from the WSECU app it could really make BECU a 5 star app in my opinion. I will say in comparison to WSECU it does have a more modern look and feel which I like. I really hope that you guys actually can update it to be more functional and easier for customers to use it.
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5 years ago, Shiruxriu
Good but needs more features
Honestly this app has more and more become an indispensable way for me to smartly manage my money month by month, something that is exceptionally difficult as life happens. That being said, I have found so much good and bad over the years with using this app. The bad nowadays, since my last review over on Google’s Play Store, has been a few things that I’ll go in to depth on here: First the good; The app exists, you can set budgets, you can see your net worth, you can transfer money, see past transactions, you can organize said transactions into special expense categories, and you can see the different balances across all accounts. Next the bad: cannot create saving’s goals, cannot denote set amounts as certain types of transactions, and cannot easily link debit cards to Apple Pay. As you can see this list of “bad” is negligible. In the grand scheme it is kind of useless. To be honest the feature I want to give the most praise too right now if the budgeting and net worth tools. I’ll be doing a bit of work to ensure it’s as I believe but it’s definitely sounding like a good set of features if metrics can be a motivating factor in your life and a moderate sense of achievement. I know I know, my life is sad. Anyway, I intend to see how they influence me this next month and what happens. Wish me luck and I hope this review helps someone with BECU as their bank decide on if this mobile app is right for them.
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12 months ago, Euro to
Worst Banking Experience
In terms of user experience, BECU is by far the worst banking experience I have ever come across. Whether using it for mobile or online, the user experience is awful and confusing. I have no choice but to use BECU because I have an auto loan through this bank, otherwise I would not choose to bank with BECU. Linking my third party bank with BECU to make payments on my auto loan was a nightmare of its own. Also, there’s no way to setup autopay online, you have to fill out an online form (which was like finding a needle in a haystack), and then wait 10 days to get a confirmation in THE MAIL. It’s 2023 and there’s no way to setup auto pay ONLINE?? Using BECU for banking is extremely frustrating and I will be sure to stay far away from this bank once my loan is paid off. If you have the option, avoid using BECU for anything loan related - it was a miracle that I was even able to link my outside bank account to BECU. I don’t ever have trouble using technology or finding my way around things, but I actually had to call support to have them help me link the account.
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2 years ago, Keaton Markey
I’m not the guy who’s gonna review his banks app but
Personally, I’m always afraid to check my bank app. I can’t bear to face the financial consequences of my reckless behavior over the weekend. While the BECU app doesn’t change how I feel about my negative account balance on Monday morning, boy does it look nice on the screen. Regardless of your situation, you have to appreciate the quality and usability of the interface. I just discovered the budgeting feature (which is actually pretty useful) but for all those over-budget parts of your life, you can swipe them right away! It is a very pretty app, and I really get the sense that I am in control of my money. It helps me understand that is it truly my own fault that I can’t pay for these groceries I’m buying right now.
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3 years ago, theCTod
Old Mortgage Not Removed
So, I think the app is great. However I’m giving it 1 star to grab attention, because I’ve called in, sent emails, but so far I have had no response on whether or not the issue is being fixed/or even if they are aware of it. The issue: My first mortgage was through BECU, since then I have refinanced (again through BECU). So now I have both my old and mortgage showing in my account, in addition to my new mortgage. BECU has confirmed the old mortgage was paid off and closed, and calling them resulted in a “oh contact the developer” response. Which is fine and dandy, except the other issue, is there is no way for me to contact the developer, outside of writing a 1 star review and hoping they see it. So, if you see this, I like the app, except for the issues mentioned above. Seeing the old mortgage was quite terrifying at first, resulting in a frantic call to make sure it was in fact closed out, so that wasn’t fun haha. Thanks, and I will change this to 5 stars once the issues mentioned are resolved. This app is otherwise great.
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2 years ago, MirandaSkillin
Worst Banking App I’ve Ever Used
I have never submitted a review in the decade+ that I’ve owned an iPhone and used the App Store, but this app is SO bad I have to write something. Like their website, nothing in the app is intuitive or user friendly. For a company that’s based in a leading tech city, it’s crazy to me that to do ANYTHING with an account you have to call someone. The chat function in the app is a joke - you submit a message and it disappears, with no way to even see what you’ve submitted and never being connected to a representative. Two months ago I wanted to order checks and I gave up because it was such a headache. Today I want to change my withdrawal limit (that’s it!!!!!!), I open the chat, and it’s STILL broken. The app hasn’t been updated in over two months. Why does this company not invest in their web services?! It’s beyond comprehension. The difficulty of trying to accomplish such small things is leading me to switch banks. It gets 1 star because it’s easy to transfer money between accounts, so I get that’s a positive.
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5 years ago, tayst33ee
New Icons for purchases👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Holy cow, BECU, you have ALMOST made my entire year......(almost, only because you don’t offer the WSU Coug banking cards anymore). Seriously though, linking my credit card to my BECU account from my other bank, and having the store/business logos now on the far left side of each transaction that is recognized is LIFE changing!!!! As a visual (and tactile) learner— THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!! Honestly I might switch all my banking services to BECU just because this makes me so much less overwhelmed with finances and makes it WAYYYYY easier to search for transactions on ALL cards(even my BofA Alaska airlines card), which helps me to prevent fraudulent charges and see what’s actually happening in real time with the logo!!!! This is so huge for me— I am very grateful for the new updates to the app!!
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5 years ago, Andrew98734
Fanatic despite one annoying bug
Removing one star from an otherwise great experience for the pesky yellow banner at the bottom of the screen that tells me "You have challenge questions. Tap to view. Hide" When I attempt to select "tap to view", or the far left of the banner away from the "hide" it only directs me to the top of the Accounts screen, even if I'm already there, and does not SHOW me the challenge questions after I taped to VIEW them. Solutions: 1. Direct me to the challenge questions in question. Take me right there to view them, just like the banner says. 2. Direct me to a special filtered view of accounts to draw attention to ONLY the accounts that need attention. Push the accounts that need attention to the top. 3. Change the language to be more direct: "Some of your accounts have challenge questions. Go to your accounts." For example. This way you're not setting up an expectation to be broken. 4. A space in the app dedicated to situations that "needs attention" so I can stay on top of situations and feel good when that space is gone or clear. This doesn't have to be a hard space in the menu, it can be present only when I have issues, like the banner, only it takes me to a feed of situations that need my attention.
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6 months ago, Ibdetny
Great Banking App
This is a great banking app. It Offers for the most part, everything you could really ask for, as for daily needs on this app. It’s very nicely laid out, user friendly. WAY BETTER then My first experience at the local Branch!! 🤯 I’m SCARED to go back!! For Real!! It’s was SERIOUSLY OVERWHELMING, and not welcoming!! FAKE & SCARY 🫣 I was referred here by a friend who banks here. She knew I was in search of a Good, friendly local credit union. I was telling her about the last I had had in Colorado. Well let me just say… Exact opposite!! Then I was looking for in a “Branch Location”. However, who goes to a branch anymore unless it’s a big purchase and you absolutely have to or you absolutely have to?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ We use our phones?! So, besides all that, so far, I love it.
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5 years ago, lmarieb7
Use it frequently but have some suggestions
This app came a long way from when it first came out. I use it frequently, and hardly use the online website anymore. I can transfer money from one account to another easily and the mobile deposit of checks is great. There is a couple of things I would really like to see change. Not just on the app but in general. The money manager is hard to use, and it’s odd. With bubbles of your budget floating around. It only lets you do a budget for 3 months, when I need one every two weeks. We should be able to change that. Also- there is this dreary background on the app of fog and trees. It’s been on there for a LONG time. Can you change it to something brighter or different? It’s getting tiring to look at. Even a black background would be better. Thanks!
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2 years ago, idea4youuu
First of all BECU is the best banking experience. I don’t think I ever banked with a bank better than this. I banked with First Independent Bank which sold out to Sterling Financial. I banked with Washington Mutual which sold out to Chase. Had problems with those banks. I banked with Bank of America which has endless fees on top of fees for no reason. BECU has provided best service without any fees and this app is well put together. I had minor glitch moment with it only once I’m signing in and that got taken care of right away. It’s very easy to use. Love that they notify me for every use of this app when money comes in or out. Love the budget option there. Love their communication. I enjoy this bank and the app 100%
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4 years ago, snooblin
A powerful banking app that is easy to use!
The BECU app is excellent for managing accounts on-the-go. I’ve used it for years to keep an eye on my savings, to cash checks, and to pay bills. Recently I discovered it’s possible to edit travel plans from the app—very useful while without browser access! My favorite feature is the visual budgeting aid: it depicts spending goals as a web of colorful bubbles and can send text-alerts when a category is nearly full. My only request is that the depositing feature be updated. My app will often say “Oops! Something’s gone wrong!” when I attempt to cash a check. The only fix has been to cash the check by browser or in-person instead, because waiting for a few minutes (as suggested by the app) doesn’t seem to make a difference.
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3 months ago, Hollyberry601
Lacking in many areas
This is probably one of the most lackluster and frustrating banking apps out there. They've clearly done little market research and have built this app in it's current state as to what other financial institutions had probably 10 years ago. There are many missing features and they oddly filter transactions from the accounts view from the app and force you on their website for normal access and viewing of your accounts. Can't see more than a couple month of car loan or mortgage payments... Can't make a mortgage payment over the minimum amount... Can't search transactions from the account view and have to navigate to a redundant and inefficient transactions menu... BECU please redo this app and make it so that it's actually useful for the bulk of your members.
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5 years ago, Ravina Joy
A Breath Of Fresh Air
BECU is a breath of fresh air in the congested field of sometimes stuffy financial institutions and banking services. As a member, I enjoy being treated like an individual and not just an account number or a mere statistic. I also really appreciate their community life involvement, and their courteous, informed and knowledgeable customer service associates & staff. The only suggestion I’d like to make is improvement on the wait time when I call their customer service, right now it takes a little longer to get someone on phone than most places, but it helps that when I finally catch someone on phone, I feel like I have their full attention and assistance. With Becu, I always know that I can count on great service and advice as a member.
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7 years ago, kd-from-WA
10/10 Would Reccommend
I had his app for a couple years before I realized ITS AWESOME. If you aren’t connecting all your other accounts (credit card, investing, VENMO!!!) then you are missing the beauty. All the normal banking functions are simple and reliable, but the real hidden gem is how good their spending tracking aspect it. I’ve tried probably a dozen different apps and so far BECU is the simplest and reliably connects to all my other accounts AND ITEMIZES MY VENMO TRANSACTIONS. Honestly amazing. It takes ~5 min a week to go through all my transactions and make sure they all have the correct categories and then boom I have graphs,charts, and errythang I might want to track my budget. Thanks becu also thanks for the sweet interest rates, love you!
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1 year ago, ShiviBhatia
Disappointing App
Utterly disappointing app. I have a loan account with BECU and added my salaried account to the app, on the payment option first it does not give me an option to make payment from my salaried account which I have already added and authenticated. Secondly I cannot unhide my car loan account number. This is beyond frustrating. Third - since I was traveling I was not sure of my password so I clicked to change password. I did the authentication to revive the link to change the password. Some idiot who made this app will ask you to add your previous password and then change the password, this beyond frustrating. How would & why would I remember my old password when a customer is requesting to reset password and they selected the option of forgot password. Very very pathetic application. I can guarantee a person who is less tech savvy would have a nightmare to use this application.
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3 years ago, ReesieRoo!!
Great app- can you please add comments to transfers
The app overall is great, easy to use, intuitive. Could you please add the ability to make comments to transfers?? This would make tracking finances so much easier between accounts. Not tags, not categories, but comments that show up in transaction history. I do not want to use your budgeting service- I want to be able to clearly show, at a glance, that’s where my money to pay my portion of the phone bill was moved, etc. Also, when you nickname a share on the app it doesn’t carry over to the website version, and vice versa. They also don’t stay in the same order of you rearrange them. Can we bring the two platforms together on this so that it isn’t two vastly different experiences? Thank you.
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6 years ago, Jelly 984
Not complete info
Downgraded the rating to one star because mobile deposit now does not read the amount on the check properly. Keep getting an error that states “the amount you entered does not match the amount on the check”. Despite the amount being correct, I tried to re-type the amount again, but it would not accept. Without mobile deposit functioning, this app is worthless. The BECU app is ok. You can do basic functions such as transfer money or deposit checks which is the reason I’m giving this 2 stars instead of one. However, not all activity accurately shows on this app - for example some bill payments made from the BECU account to an outside entity don’t ever show up. This does not appear to be a timing issue as even a week or more after the payment was cleared it still does not show in the BECU app. For complete information about your accounts I recommend using BECU online banking, not this app.
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7 months ago, Adeehay
Just One Thing I’d Change
The best app out of all of my banks, my biggest complaint that I’ve had for the two years since downloading is that the credit card balance that it shows is for the account as a whole, not for the next credit statement. It tells you when your next statement is due, but it makes it appear like the whole balance of the account is due on that day and you have to search for a statement to see what the charges for that statement period actually were. It can be kind of alarming when it looks like I didn’t pay the full balance. I would love it so much if I could see at a glance what amount is due on the next deadline in addition to the whole account balance.
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3 years ago, Eddie 77
Excellent App
I’ve been banking with BECU for a decade now. When the app first dropped it left much to be desired. Today, it’s functionality user interface and customizable features are second to none. Routine weekly maintenance is conducted in such a way that it never inconveniences and as a result the app hardly ever hangs or freezes up. There are a number of activities which can only be accomplished via the website, but these things are few and far between and are no different from competitor banking apps. BECU truly does put people first and it shows in this app and it’s banking products. Try it out, you’ll be be pleasantly surprised.
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7 months ago, ReadingDecibels
Good bank, BAD app.
If you are a financial institution, I imagine you’d want your customers to have utmost confidence in your app. I don’t see how that’s possible with an app that is this glitchy and inaccurate. For one, it does NOT update in real time. Yes it has a sync button. No, it doesn’t sync, nothing adds up if you just go by what the app claims. If you want accuracy, you have to log into the website for that, which makes the app almost useless! For two, there’s a weird bug where transaction details from Cash app aren’t loading when I click on them, which means I can’t edit the category, which means I can’t designate them as income, rendering the budget and insights functions of the app useless as well. I want to like BECU, but how confident can one be about their money with an institution that can’t even run a decent app?
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4 years ago, Mhg321nwwoods
I love BECU
So I really love BECU. I wish one thing though their app is real good but I would kick it up to 5 stars if they would allow the app to do some things you can do online. I have a truck payment that I would like to apply or transfer extra to the principle but I can’t on the app itself. Online I can and I know it seems maybe trivial but BECU is such a great credit union I wish they would change this to make it that more user friendly. Ok update as I am writing this I am thinking about the no fees, great service, overall wonderful experiences I have had with BECU and I thought forget 4 stars and I am giving it 5 and still hoping they add this other ability. Thank you BECU. Matt G
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1 year ago, RealNottom
Still Has Major Bug After Many Months
About the only thing you can use this app for is checking your balance - any other info it gives is wrong so often that you just can’t trust it. You have to go to their website if you want an accurate transaction history. For example: the app just told me I had a large amount refunded from overdraft charges… except my balance didn’t reflect that, and there’s no possible reason for the refund. So I logged into their website on my PC, and there’s no sign of the alleged deposit, and my balance is the same. It almost feels like I’m getting information for someone else’s account. This has been going on for at least a year, maybe longer. They have acknowledged the issue in the past but it’s never been resolved.
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5 years ago, Sarahperkinz
Easy to Use.
This app is so useful. I love being able to check up on my accounts anytime, anywhere. This app is so well organized but also offers the ability to customize your viewing options. The budgeting capability is very handy and makes it so I need one less app on my phone. I really like the locator feature too. I can click and see where there is an ATM that won’t charge me any using fees and co-op banks for when I am out of town and need to do in-person banking. There is also an option to categorize your spending habits so you can see where exactly your money is going. Very useful. Love this app and am very grateful for online banking. No bugs, 5 stars 😊
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3 years ago, I luv $!!!
BECU is great with 1 flaw
I’m loving the app, been using it for years now. I love being able to do almost anything with it - LOVE the messaging feature! It’s hard for me to talk on the phone and half the time it’s quicker and just easier to get my questions answered that way. With that said it’s missing one thing: a search function. You should be able to search an account for a particular transaction but there is no way to do that. I’ve tried both the mobile app as well as the regular mobile banking on the computer. All there is is a general search function which searches the entire site. Not the same. Otherwise great app!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Caliii123
Really great app
This app is super convenient. You can contact customer support through a chat within the app, budget, see your previous purchases and you can even see a pie chart of which categories you spend the most in (fast food, education, bills, etc.) However, there is one thing that I would change. I wish you could choose which accounts are included in your net worth, budgeting, and pie chart. It includes every account that you have in the app and that doesn’t work for me because I have a joint account with someone and most of that isn’t my money/spending. Overall a fantastic app for a fantastic credit union 👍🏼
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1 year ago, Maks01
Great app overall, but some usefulFunctionality was removed
It’s a great app that allows users to do all the required things, and has improved overtime. One thing that has changed though is previously one could see total expenses across various timeframes for a particular expense (for example Starbucks related expenses), but this functionality has been removed, and there is no other features that does the similar per specific item overview. Please bring this feature back, as it’s been really useful. I could see how much I spend on Starbucks or Traders Joe, or Costco etc overtime. Now it’s just combined overall with all other related expenses (groceries, food), so no specifics.
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4 years ago, Emjoy22
Great budget capabilities
We switched to using the budget feature on BECU to track our expenses after trying Mint, Every Dollar, and YNAB. We have found it to be a really smooth and simple way to keep track of our finances! It’s just nice having everything in one place and not having to worry about syncing issues. The downside is that you can’t edit budget categories specific to a given month. When you change the amount in a budget category it changes the amount for past months as well. Otherwise it runs really smoothly! Less glitches than the other sites we have tried. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, Awesome ninja guy
Works great, and the statistics are very helpful
App is well put together and always works perfectly. Really like that you can just use touch ID to login, rather than always inputting your password. Has a very nice GUI that doesn’t have too much going on, but also isn’t too minimalistic. Really like the statistics that show your net worth, and your spending habits. It’s pretty useful to get an idea of what you do with your money. Some of the categories aren’t necessarily correct (i.e. I do a lot of grocery shopping at Fred Meyer, and it gets labeled as shopping rather than groceries), but it’s easy to figure out since you can see individual retailers.
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6 years ago, IslandCowgirl
Dangerous if you rely on it for accurate information about your money
The dashboard and interface design are solid. But don't rely on it for accuracy. Often doesn't match up with online banking info. Today I have debits that are showing up as credits. That show up as debits in online banking. One just magically turned back in to a debit. Two still show both a pending debit and a credit. I even got a text alert saying the vendor "deposited" money in my account, which of course they didn't. Wowza. I already passed details on through email and was told they'd pass them on to developers. Not that I can just repro this at will. It's random and so even more disturbing. I no longer trust BECU with my money and don't wish to keep taking screen shots as evidence every time the numbers literally don't add up.
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1 year ago, Shawnaem206415
I wish the app works better
This review only reflects the app, I have no issues with BECU or it’s customer service. However I really wish I could do more on the app and didn’t have to go online to their website for so many things, it’s much easier to just use Face ID and open the app. And if I could pick on thing on the app that I wish worked properly it would be the customer service messenger feature, after years it is still terrible. It crashes every time I try to use it, I close out old conversations, refresh, re download the app etc but the messages don’t send. I try to avoid calling customer service and send a message first in hopes it will work but it never does.
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5 years ago, FranzNewmz
Easy access but lacking in some places
I love using this app. I am constantly checking my balances and making sure the transactions are accurate. I also love that it helps you to budget and you can see what you spend your money on. The pie charts are an easy to way to understand it. One area I think the app is lacking is that you cannot view your statement - especially for the credit card. I can see my balance and my charges but I cannot see when the payment is due, the interest charged for the month, minimum payment, etc. Currently you have to go online and log in that way to see your eStatements, but they should be available on the app as well.
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4 years ago, Jrep490
Great app, but lacking important features
This app is great for easily and quickly monitoring transactions across all BECU accounts, and it’s great that you can link outside credit card accounts as well. I wish the app would have more functions that you currently can only do via the full website: download BECU account statements, view images of checks withdrawn from your account, and to view current savings account rates. It would also be helpful to get push notifications about interest rate changes. It seems like these upgrades would be fairly easy to integrate in to the app so members can access all of these functions in one place, easily and on the go.
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2 years ago, Shanai Nicole
Love it!
This app is very efficient & convenient. I’ve had this back since I was 16 years old & had to move a few years back. So going into the branch wasn’t an option. The app has everything I need between transferring money between accounts, pausing my card if I need too, chatting with an agent and even being able to see all my transactions. This app is amazing, especially for those who live out of state. Thank you BECU for your service & always lending a helping hand. They will always be my bank. I give this app a five star rating.
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12 months ago, annoyed#772
The app outpaced my phone’s ability
Some might call it discriminatory to stop supporting prior iOS versions, because not everyone can afford to upgrade. For me, it’s the idea that I’m not playing the useful idiot consumer that ALL these institutions coerce people into. Please consider keeping older phones/iOS supported. Throwing away a $1000 device to purchase a new (privacy invading) device to do banking, ain’t going to happen. The error message says that I can download the last working version but does not give the option of how to do that. Fix your updates section to find the last working version It would seem the mission to remain accessible is failed. “ Accessibility Statement BECU is committed to making its website usable by all people, including those with disabilities by meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level AA (WCAG 2.1 AA). We strive to ensure that everyone has equal access to our site. We monitor our site to make sure that all content provided is accessible to all visitors. Disclaimer It is important to note that efforts are ongoing for our website as we work to implement the relevant improvements to meet WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines over time.”
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6 years ago, Esblt
Not user friendly - doesn't even show updated transactions
If you live on a budget and actually monitor what's happening with your money and account regularly, this app is not for you. I just switched to BECU from another institution and this app does not compare. The app doesn't even show pending transactions. My balance changes, but it does not list in the transactions what made it change, ie; a direct deposit, an atm deposit, and an atm withdraw. All of which happened today. If I log onto my account via online and not through the app, it provides me with the information for those transactions... but who knows when it will show up on the app!? Why have the app if you'll need to log in online to see what's really happening with your account anyway? Knowing recent transactions is a pretty basic thing, if you ask me.
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5 years ago, renee2day
Functional app
This app does almost everything you want a banking app to do. It could be even more convenient if I could use one log in to access personal and business accounts. Ideally log ins would be for each individual to access their accounts not a log in for account types. I am subtracting one star for this. I understand that this may not be an app developers issue as it takes two Log Ins on the website also to access both types of accounts. However other financial institutions will let you access your business and personal accounts from one log in and it’s a feature I would like to have again but with BECU.
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5 years ago, Florence Naki
Very slow or freezes using iPhone 8 Plus with simple mobile
Very slow and freezes a lot compared to another app for TwinStarCU bank. TwinStarCU app never freeze or gets slow at any moment but becu app is disappointing me a lot. I have to turn off and then back on then it works. Another is to uninstall the becu app then then reinstall it back for it to work. Tired of this this frequently, will just use my laptop instead of this struggle if becu does not help resolve the issue. Been having this problem since I bought the phone. Not sure but very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Ryan717
"slow connection" "unable to sync" CONSTANTLY NOW!
"slow connection" "unable to sync" CONSTANTLY NOW! doesn't matter if my connection is rock solid or not because it's the app and /or becu's garbage network that is the problem now. This app is pretty terrible and becu has really gone downhill in how they "secure" your account and money so much so that under the certain "circumstances" you can literally get locked out of your own money! now this is a problem in the banking industry in general today but becu had and used to be better than that. no more. now they can and have locked myself and others out of their own accounts when THEY deem it "necessary. it's always a ridiculous excuse or reason but they still do it. and this APP has made it all the more worse to work with. facts.
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5 years ago, JamineClaire
Best banking app hands down
I truly love the way this bank operates. The money manager is a fantastic feature and has truly helped me recognize where my spending is going. Need to quickly check to see how much your tax return was last year? The app can do that. Need to see a visual breakdown of your spending over time? The app can do that. It’s got many features that a program you may have to pay for has. Please continue to keep these perks in the app, so convenient!! I like the options to view as a pie chart, or bar graph or a general list of percentages for the categories. Amazing❤️
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2 years ago, desertken
Simply The Best(again)
My previous rating still stands! Much of my rating is for the fantastic way BECU takes care of its/my business. Always straightforward and professional. I've lived in Nevada and California for the last few years and have found that BECU still meets my needs. The only thing I can't do here is deposit cash into my accounts. No problem, though, nobody gives me cash in amounts I'd need to deposit. The app handles check deposits flawlessly and the main website handles everything else.
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2 years ago, Awwthatstoobad
Big bank becu
Considering all the big bank changes BECU has now made, making them no longer a small feel good bank, you’d think they’d get the app together. Consistently not using Face ID so I have to log in with my obnoxiously long password, constantly has issues logging me in at all, sometimes balance have a glitch where they’re all just zeroed out, frequently get error messages when trying to log in, get requests for my fingerprint (haven’t had a fingerprint phone in over a year also have had Face ID set up for years) and won’t allow me to log in. Also hate all the increases in fees in everything and the out of bank atm fees being waived went away. And etc etc etc. I hate becu.
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3 years ago, KylieAnn425
Easy to use but needs updates
I love the BECU app, it makes it easy to manage my personal account, business account, car loan and credit card. My only complaint is that every time they change their terms, or the policies are updated, I have to log in from a computer to accept the terms. I’m not able to accept them via the app, therefore until I can get on a computer I can’t pay my car bill, or my credit card bill. Just as easy as it can make my life, it can also be somewhat difficult at times. I don’t always have access to a computer.
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1 year ago, NKSesttle
Pretty awesome App
I love pretty much everything existing about this app and the ease of using the tools. Flagging and seeing all your transactions, transferring money between accounts. I also enjoy the different graphs and budget helping tools. There are however some things that I would add or change: -24 hour “real” help as opposed to just a cancel or lost credit card phone-Being able to transfer money into other BECU accounts or other bank institutions. I know that some of these are available by logging in online but I downloaded the app to avoid that
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1 week ago, Busterkev
Credit Card payments
Currently when viewing a credit card the payment date is listed at the top and stays there regardless if you made your payment early or on time. What's missing is a message or section that says "no payment due" for a card that's current and has a balance. Viewing your credit card section on account details without this message makes it look like you need to pay your current balance still and can be confusing at first glance. Would love to see a refresh or something similar to other financial institutions and their wording/format. Thank you
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6 years ago, Bari sax guy
It’s pretty darn good.
This app is a rather useful one. It doesn’t do anything it doesn’t need to and what it does do it does well. It’s got a rather simple interface while still looking attractive and it seems to be able to keep your info pretty secure if someone is trying to access it from your phone. Every time you leave the app and come back to it, you are required to sign in which could be annoying if your doing a lot of flipping through apps but is a nice touch for security. All in all an app I would definitely recommend.
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