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4.6 (8.9K)
78.6 MB
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Current version
BeFunky Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BeFunky

4.63 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
4 months ago, Mommy 16
Bible Study
Be funky helps me with my Bible study I really like this app it makes me see my scriptures and clarity and pictures that I might share along with the word thank you very much it’s a little different now I haven’t tried all of the things be funky has since they’ve had me start paying for it two months ago. I had it so long ( years)that they should’ve asked the person it’s had it’s so long and respectively using it I don’t know I guess everything cost money now I haven’t quite learned how to use all of the things that’s offered to me being this is a paid BeFunky instead of regular like I used to have so BeFunky decided to let me go and I had to pay I didn’t think that was fair being that I’m always using your app This is my new I love this app. The only problem I have with it now every time I come into the app and I haven’t been there for maybe 2 to 3 days. I have to go back to the part or I have to press. Do you wanna join which I’ve already joined then when I say yes, then it takes me instead of it being that I already paid for it, it used to do this until I had to renew
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3 years ago, :) try befunky (:
BeFunky is awesome!
I think BeFunky is beyond amazing, it has all the features you need. Templates, adjusting, backgrounds, stickers, and texts. It’s the app you need for making collages with up to nine photos and it allows you to choose what your template will look like/be. I am speechless when it comes to how many times I’ve used BeFunky, I probably used it about 1,000 times already! Almost every single one of my family members have BeFunky, that’s how amazing it is. There is probably about 100,000,000 people who has and uses BeFunky. It’s just the BEST! I would recommend BeFunky if you need to make a collage or some sort of edit for your photos. I also love how as soon as you open the app, it lets you decide either to edit a photo, or make a collage. In my opinion, it’s just amazing! EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT OUT!!!!
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4 years ago, FUBARinfidel
Good editor, needs tweaks for IOS small screens
Works good for generally making memes and captions on photos. It’s a good editor but could be better. Two pet peeves I have about this app are: cropping photos, the top is directly in the place of Apple’s irritating pull down menu, you have to crop the bottom of a photo and move the crop space down, and then place the top of crop lines on the photo where you want them. It’s just an irritating extra step that does not need to be. It’s impossible to do the top without pulling down this iOS menu. And text alignment, this could be fixed if you could move the top crop edges without actually touching the dots. And two; This app is absolutely impossible to get text to align horizontally again if you touch or resize it. You need a feature that snaps text to horizontal alignment when its moved close to horizontal. Other editor apps have this feature. But the ease of BeFunky makes it my go-to app if I need to make a caption on a picture in a real quick in the middle of a conversation. It works well, but I think these two things could help it be a lot better.
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5 years ago, Phreephorm
Easy and Fun
I’m a professional photographer, so even when it comes to using my phone for taking pictures as opposed to my DSLR, I still like an editor that packs a punch and allows me to stick to my aesthetic. I have numerous apps for the “heavy lifting” so to speak, and use Adobe for the majority of that. But I also enjoy having editors that allow me to take pictures less seriously, to make silly things for friends and family, and to just play. Most of my apps that I have for this only have a couple main features. Like ones that pretty much just do collages, or just allow you to play with makeup. While I actually enjoyed this app enough to buy the pro edition for extra options, there’s MORE than enough here to do all kinds of entertaining and cool things. I like that it’s current trend wise, from the stickers to the frames and effects. And each have the ability for you to customize to really get your creative thoughts from mind to screen. The stickers are fun, and you can flip them any which way and choose the order in which they’re layered. To sum it up, this app takes no photographic skills, or technical knowledge to be able to open it up, choose a picture from your camera roll, and just play. The only thing missing is the marker and pens you don’t get on your hands, or the glue that somehow has managed to get everything around you sticky!
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4 years ago, Edenwild
Great for text boxes
Update: I originally used for the text boxes and gave five stars for that feature alone. Now I use the photo editing features and it’s now one of my favorite photo editing apps. Original review: I wanted an app for simple speech boxes for my comics. I’ve tried several apps and this is the best for a simple text box. It allows you to use your own fonts, and you have great control over size. You can choose background color or no background, and opacity. It’s not perfect (I wish box could have an outline), but it’s the best I can find. There are other features I don’t use. I only wish the text box didn’t tilt so easily when I resize, and for more choice in color (I can’t get the light yellow color I want). Thanks for the great app!
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2 years ago, Dawney05
By Far the Best Photo App
I’ve been using this app for several years. I love it!! I used it a couple of weeks ago. I went back to use it again and it’s telling me my phone is not compatible anymore. I’m so devastated. A new phone is not an option at this time. I’m now unable to make any photo gifts. It’s the only app for me. 75,000 pics on my phone. Graduation, wedding, baby’s first, holidays, party’s. All the pics I take for people and any edits and prints were made with this app!! I recommend this to anyone especially someone that is just learning! Praying I get access to this again soon!!
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2 years ago, QualityGig
Download / Upgrade Loop
The new upgrade isn't supported on my iPhone model. Fine. But what I've gotten for a month+ is a prompt when I try to upgrade that asks 'download latest compatible version'. The thing is I click 'Yes' and then all it does is ask me the same question 4 more times, ultimately doing nothing. When the above series of 5 prompts does nothing it then aborts the overall app upgrade process for ALL my other apps. (I upgrade manually.) VERY annoying. Been a user for years, and it's been a great tool. But now? I can't see keeping it if you aren't supporting the ability to lock-in my version as the prompts advertise. Also, a -2 stars to the Apple App market for allowing updates to apps that won't update on slightly earlier iPhone models that are still considered completely legit. That and another -8 stars for building an update process that allows the above described prompt to abort all other app updates. 100% atrocious.
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4 years ago, qq_Sam
Versatile and Easy to Use
I make collages/moodboards and this app is so simple in a great way, I can simply line my pictures up and rearrange in my own style without getting a headache from complexity. I've been using this app for years, and there's a reason I come to back for book covers, moodboards, etc! For something like text color edits, it'd be really nice if we could use our own color codes, it's hard to drag a little circle exactly where I want a color 😅 That's about my only complaint, though. Everything else is awesome!
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1 year ago, AprilDYoung
Old version should be available to older phones
I noticed the new social media creations weren’t an option on my phone. So I looked at the app and saw a new version. But no upgrade. I thought, that’s odd. Maybe I’ll just delete it and redownload. Mistake. I deleted it and now I don’t have access to the app at all because I don’t waste money upgrading my phone every year. 🙄. Update since the developers didn’t understand: It’s not compatible with my phone! It’s not available to me at all! I at least had the old version to use before I stupidly deleted it. So now I don’t have it and I can’t get the new version. I was saying if you’re not going to make the new version compatible with all iPhones then you should have two apps in the App Store: one with the newest version and one with the old version
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4 months ago, Lifeisadance24
Update Rating from 5 to 3 star.
Now it’s 2024. I’d prefer to give it a 2.5 rating. The photos will change but it’s still less useful than before the 2022 update. Is there an app developer to offer assistance? Might you please provide the option of selecting more than one photo at a time for the collage feature? NOW Nov 2022, the rating is ONE STAR! The app went from dependable and user friendly to an app with lots of bells and whistles WITHOUT BEING USER-FRIENDLY OR HAVING INSTRUCTIONS! I have deleted everything possible but cannot get rid of the image that’s up or get access to edit the image I want to use! I thought it was me. I tried for two months. Maybe it’s a glitch I don’t know but THE APP WORTHLESS AS IT IS.
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7 years ago, Metros
What a Surprise!?!?
I installed this app just to use the Collage. However, to my surprise I've ended up using 85% of all features. The editing tools are surprisingly useful and work just as well, if not better, than the ones I originally thought were the "best" and "only ones that work"! Give it a try - you really won't be disappointed - this coming from a very, very critical critic when it comes to photo editors (for cellphone cameras). ***The above review based on keeping photos on phone. I have not printed out any one photo that was edited. Assume there is distortion - just from previous editing apps such as this.
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4 years ago, Slaulig
Simple and free
I wanted an app to just do a couple of side by side comparison photos. My last free one was so time consuming and difficult that it wasn’t worth using. All the others that we free downloads charged a weekly rate to get the collage. This app had great google reviews so I decided to give it a try. It does have where you can pay to use more features but for what I was trying to do was so simple and it was free. Because of this experience if I ever need the other options I will definitely be willing to pay for it.
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2 years ago, vegapatron
Bad reviews are false
This is an extremely high-end photo editing app. They have now updated it to be fully like the web version, which is essentially photoshop but more user friendly. People leaving bad reviews are those who want everything in life for free. They still let you do great edits for free, but if you want the high-end features of course you have to pay, go get a job. I 1000% recommend this app and the subscription, you will get so much work done!
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7 years ago, Just one review for today.
So much more than expected.
I got this app for Wattpad because one of my friends said it was very helpful. As I downloaded it, I saw the “in-app purchases” message and thought “Oh no I won’t be able to do hardly anything.” But boy was I wrong. I got to use about 85% of the items available without having to pay for anything and was amazed. I could send a heartfelt message to my friend, Fox something in my photo I wish I could’ve before it was taken, and just design a photo in general. Amazing app, I would love to see more!
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2 years ago, A Renae
Pretty nice app so far
I haven't used this app a great deal but the times I needed it to make collages it's been great. It's better than other apps that I've used in the past. I love, love, love that there's no big watermark on your pictures! The one thing that would make it better would be to add more background pattern options. There are ample photo templates and I'm grateful for that! Overall, I'm happy with the app at this time. :)
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11 months ago, Rx'd
Suddenly changed? Disappointing…
I have been using this app for almost a decade??? Maybe more, I can’t say for sure. But Be Funky was always an amazing app for collage making. It is no longer easy peasy and I’ll be trying to put a collage together and it’s switching things on me and reverting to my previous selection rather than the one I’m working on, and then suddenly an upgrade screen will pop up and interrupt me. So disappointing. I just can’t use this anymore. Maybe I’ll see if it will change back to the old functionality based on the negative reviews, but I won’t waste space on my phone with this app for long anymore.
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6 years ago, Tsedeq
Not as great as I was led to believe
Either it doesn’t fit my iPad well or I am not able to figure out how to get it to go into the landscape mode rather than staying in the vertical mode. Annoying. And I supposedly upgraded to the BeFunky Pro but now am learning that those features don’t work on the iPad. And when I switched to my laptop their was a monthly fee, not a one time fee. I felt led on. I was looking for the cartoonization feature, which the pro led me to believe was available on the iPad, though customer service says it isn’t. Again, not something I made up. Hmmm. Still trying it out. The book is still out.
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2 years ago, ppppppllllEdddd
App is charging to make collages once you upgrade
I did a regular update for the app thinking I was just doing it to fix bugs and current crashes. My oh my I was in for a rude awakening. They changed everything about the app. You can’t even create a regular collage. It’s very confusing and You have to pay for everything. I’ve had this app for yearssssss! Today we will part ways. I’ll be dam if I pay to collage my pics. They don’t give you an option for nothing free. So if you have the old app version that Is a white logo don’t upgrade or you’ll be wasting your time. This is what happens when greed takes over. Peace out Bfunky, now y’all acting real funky!
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2 years ago, Mooch4
I’m honestly not happy with the filters. I loved the older version. All the filters I loved to use to do simple edits, gone. It used to be in a line where you could have the filters that you used in a row. It’s a pain to have to go through each specific filter type for only like at most 3 if that, filters you can use before having to purchase the subscription. I will say though it nice you can zoom in and it’s easier and do the certain areas for filters. If anything bring back afew of the older filters so photos I have that I want to re-edit I can use them.
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5 years ago, Pipi00000000000000
Great app! Very useful!
I tend to find myself lost in all the many tools and options of most photo editing apps, but that is not the case with BeFunky. Though the app doesn't offer an immense variety of tools, the tools available may have other uses than the one of the name. For example, I took a picture of my girlfriend and she was wearing earphones. So I took the lipstick tool to delete the chords hanging next to her hair --- And it looks great! No one would guess I used any edit on it. I recommend the use of this app very strongly.
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5 years ago, trentonsmusic
Go-To Photo Edit App
I use several great apps, from Enlight to PS. However, this little free app is just a go-to. It simply works. It works easily, it works quickly, and it has pretty much everything you need. For serious detailed photo editing, you need to pay money. But for simple text, graphics, collages, etc this is THE app to have. I use it way more than any other photo app on both iPhone and iPad. Highly recommend, five stars. Thanks guys!
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7 years ago, david.re1
Very Surprised - Excellent Editor
I have been trying several photo editors for a presentation where I can place 4 photos together as 1, and stumbled upon this app in the App Store. This app went above and beyond my expectations, I was amazed at the rich features, both for photos and videos! This app is a keeper for iPhone, for as long as the developer keeps it updated, which seems fairly regularly! A must have for basic and more complex image editing!
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6 years ago, Rebekahjean.
GREAT app!
I never write reviews.. but, this app is worth the time to write one! I really enjoy this app, so much so, I even purchased BeFunky pro, Which was definitely worth it! There are so many different effects & filters to choose from! I definitely recommend this app to all my friends, & anyone on here that likes to edit pictures! BeFunky will definitely always be my go-to photo editing app, that I use basically daily!
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2 years ago, TrippyMickyy43
Sad day for this app
I have used this app for years to create all sorts of different collages for memories, and LOVED IT. There were options to “buy” extras before, but the core function of the app was free. I’ve literally never used another app. However, today I opened “BeFunky” to create a collage of my family’s summer pictures and had a totally different experience. Not only have they WAY overly complicated the app but I now have to “upgrade to BeFunky Plus” to use any of the features, change the collage layouts, use a filter, anything. I will be in search for a new app… The creators of this app have obviously become greedy.
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2 years ago, broadwayozian
New design
I like BeFunky, don’t get me wrong. It’s a good app. I made a lot of stuff with the app and for a long time it’s been my go to app for collages. Then they changed. Now I’m cool with change, it’s part of I get that. However, when you have really cool collage stuff and you say it’s only for the people that pay a subscription, that I’m not cool with. And there is no way I’m going to pay to make collages. I mean shouldn’t all the templates be free for everyone to use? Regardless if they are a plus member or not? Okay okay, rant over
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2 years ago, twelch00
Old lady trying something new
I am going through hundreds and hundreds of photos to create digital “scrapbook” for my adult children. Considering the poor quality of some of my originals I am pleasantly surprised at the editing tools. Seeing the picture, edited, makes my heart because it takes me back to that moment, the sounds, the smells. Just beginning, so I will update review after more extensive use. But right now, I am very happy.
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7 years ago, 00Chelle00
I love this app for one great reason!!! The blemish remover..... every once in a while I get a "blemish" that stands out like a sore thumb but disappears on here!!! lol absolutely wonderful!! Always happens when I have a pimple on my face... a family gathering of some sort which always includes pictures that of course I want to keep and they turn out great except for that oh so noticeable pimple on my nose or chin! I turn to my trusty app and zip bam boom it's gone! 😊 love it!!
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6 years ago, kamil869
Awesome Free App
This is an awesome, free app that makes it easy to create photo collages on your iPhone. Have used it for years as a person who mostly uses it to make collages to share on Facebook or to create prints to give framed as gifts. Every once in awhile I look around at what else is available to see if there is something better, but this works great, has no ads or pop ups and costs me nothing! Thanks for a great app!!
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4 years ago, woundrn1992
Several features are well done
This is definitely A good tool. The only thing I would Change is I would allow the frame in collage mode to be colored or black instead of just white. A free form collage mode would also be worthwhile. Although many of the editing functions are available in other apps, I have found the Touch up & goodies to be worth keeping this app handy.
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5 years ago, ErockOfTheJones
Perfect editing without distorting
This app has been my favorite editing app since my iPhone 5c years ago. I don’t like to alter the photo that much or distort its original quality however I’d like to be able to utilize editing to show the world how I see it, this app allows me the perfect blend of balance of enhancement without alteration to original quality and natural content, I’d give it more stars if they let me. Eric Jones Canton Ohio
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2 years ago, kittenGrl566
Really Great!
BeFunky is really great to have! I’ve only had it for a few hours, but my mom has had it for a long time, and she uses it a lot. I love making layouts (and editing unflattering photos😄). I am super excited to use this app!!! I hope this helps! (One thing I couldn’t understand was how to rotate and change the size of the text, but I’ll figure it out.)
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2 years ago, Peeved in Oregon
Beyond recognition
Opened the BeFunky app today to create a collage for my blog and it was beyond recognition. Too many changes. You need a PHD to figure it out. I think they’ve made a big mistake and am looking for a different app that is similar to what this app use to be with grid and editing options! This is AWFUL! Let me repeat, AWFUL!.. and I’m not in the mood to figure it out! Or, Pay whatever fees are associated. What was once a WYSIWYG APP is now an abomination! BeFunky BeGone! Update: Changed to PicCollage which has the basic grids I use and am figuring it out…much simpler than trying to try and interpret the new BeFunky revisions!
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2 years ago, Giada Shadowfax
Overall Perfect!
This is the greatest photo editing app I’ve ever installed, and I use it almost every day. It has amazing features that improve the quality of every photo I try. It could maybe use a few more needed features such as removing backgrounds, but it’s great without them too. I recommend this app, from small children to older people, this is the perfect photo editing app for every age group!
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5 years ago, have a great day 😁
Best Photoshop App!
I was recently researching some good apps to use for enhancing my photos. I tried multiple apps and none seemed to fit my needs or styles. I found BeFunky and LOVED it. The filters are so cool, as well as the blemish/wrinkle fixes! Great app overall. I would try to make the app more compatible with wide-screened iPads or tablets because the app size is slightly cropped around the edges on the big iPads. Great job overall! 🤩
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5 years ago, Myriah Noel Jackson
Great editor!
I use this for lots of things like my Snapchat photos or Instagram! I love this because it comes with features not only to make me look better, (because I need it) but it also has text and stuff. So sometimes I create a black screen and put text on it with stickers for an intro or title! I definitely request getting this! No money and it’s absolutely perfect!
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7 years ago, Tym4peace
Amazing Artistic Abilities!!!!
I'm picky when it comes to photo Apps!! This one is the best I've tried. It has many abilities!!! If you are into making collages than this is the one you must have, I find it to be extremely great to have on my phone!!! The app is easy to use and offers lots of additional features without hidden purchase items, I absolutely love this App 👍🏼
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4 years ago, CoolAbby
I think this App is AMAZING!!! I love it so much it fix’s everything. I have a little bit of acne you can fix the Acne right up with this app. You can fix teeth whitening, blush, bronzer, lipstick,eye color and etc. I think it is so great you can even make collages which is awesome. Over all out of all the collage apps that I have had I would say this app was my favorite and the best out of all them.
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5 years ago, Jovi714
Second time I download it
Someone recommended this app to me so I went to download it and to my surprise I had it once before. I wish I had never removed it. With just the little bit of edits I have already made my pictures have come to life. I literally have only been using two of the edit options: beautify and light! Definitely a keeper.
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4 months ago, hgdseeff
Great app for picture printing
Hey my name is Joey, and we all know Valentine’s Day is coming up. Well I’ve worked with a couple other collage apps and none was as easy to use and looked as good as this app right here. I really recommend this app for anyone looking into making a cute gift for someone they care about. Thank you!
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7 years ago, ecmanaut
Easy to uglify, hard to stylize
Like most photo tweak apps, this one will help you destroy any picture, add text that is annoyingly tilted zero point five degrees, no matter how hard you try to keep it horizontal after resizing it with your not-precise finger tools, and then pick one of a zillion craptacular frame or pattern designs and other scrawly bits and fonts. With effort, you can try out some idea and have it come out not entirely awful, though booting up your computer is likely faster.
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3 years ago, crazyivanov
I’ve tried dozens of these apps. Either they don’t work or options are at per cost. I don’t mind paying for an app but it gets tiring paying for a feature only to learn that too doesn’t work or you don’t get the feature you thought you were paying for With this, it works for what I enjoy creating. I’d pay for it.
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3 years ago, ShanCut
Wonderful Photo Editor
I had this app before and when I got a new phone tried a couple new apps and of Course they want you to pay for the app. This app has quit a bit to work with and is free without having to have ads or only a 3 day trial period. Highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Bella Blue Tatu
USED TO BE the best app 😒
I’ve had this app for years and *previously* I absolutely loved it, and used it for all of my pro photography, but since they revamped it and made most of the beneficial features usable only if you pay, this app is worthless now. The ease of using the free features is gone, they don’t even translate right now, and I’m so sad because it was my go -to, but now it’s just another money scam. I wish they would restore the old version again, it was the best!
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5 years ago, itsjustmejulie
A Great Photo Editor That Is Really Free!
I can’t tell you how many photo editing apps I downloaded, only to find out that you had to pay a subscription to use them. This app is truly free, and doesn’t seem to have any limitations or “premium content” to make you pay for that so many other apps have. So thankful that I found this app!
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7 years ago, HomeRunKid256
My favorite photo editing app!!!
I use Be Funky on my MacBook Pro and have just realized there was an app on my phone for it as well. I subscribe to the pro version of it! Just can't beat all the effects and filters, the touch ups that are offered are fantastic. The price is fair! Recommend to every person that asks me what I edit photos with!!!
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7 years ago, HummingbirdFlower
Love it
I don't usually write reviews, but this app is awesome. I've been using it for a while to edit my pics. It's completely free, and better than any other phone photo editing app i've used. Although, sometimes the white frame fit to square makes the resolution of the pic worse... Hope they fix that soon!
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4 years ago, nolo_pi
An impressive app that makes your creations impressive. BeFunky provides a variety of tools to help you take your images to the next higher level and often impressive results. It is comprehensive and useful, but easy to use and get outstanding results. It is what it is, but it is what makes you do the very most with it.
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4 years ago, Butthole Chicken
Very Satisfied
I love this app because there are multiple ways to improve and change your photos. All of the filters are very unique, and I love how you can touch up everything, with options like teeth whiten, lipstick, and red eye removal. I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend downloading it and giving it 5 stars☺️☺️☺️
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7 years ago, iggy14
Great app!!
Quick and easy to use. I use it as my primary editing tool. I need to take pictures, quick and post them up for our business social media page. Having a app that can add text, crop adjust lighting and much more is essential in my line of work. Highly recommend this for anyone!
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8 years ago, LaceyMaePhotography
Great for professional or personal
I started this on my computer, I have the member version I pay every month, and I now have it in my iphone7 I love it, fir business and personal, editing, making ads, Christmas cards, banners etc... it has been great! Wish I could order prints through them it would be a life saver.
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