Bejeweled Blitz

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2 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bejeweled Blitz

3.03 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
5 years ago, 2old2sk8
Blitz Developers - please pay attention to the poor reviews - especially the recent ones. I have some of the same issues most of them have: 1. Never getting the jackpot when playing special gems. I certainly don’t expect to get it one out of 9 times, but at this point I have played HUNDREDS of rare gems and NEVER gotten the grand prize. Once in a while you gotta let your loyal players win. 2. In the new Spin feature, let the players watch two ads for two additional spins ever 24 hours like you used to do on the old spin feature. Odds on the spins get you small numbers of coins most of the time anyway, so why not at least offer a few more chances to spin each day. 3. The events are not showing much imagination. Please change the rewards more often. I liked intermediate rewards of gold bars and shards that you did at the holiday season. I don’t need more coins - I’d like to be able to get shards and gold coins in some way without having to go to the champions events. I enjoy the champions events but there should be some other way for players to get shards and gold bars. 4. I like the happy hour and special offers store ideas. However, again, please have some of the happy hours provide sales on shards and gold bars, not just coins. As I said, I can get coins plenty of ways and will NEVER spend money on coins or rare gems, no matter what the discount or special offer.
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3 years ago, Gooooser
I really enjoy this game but….
This is one of my favorite games with challenges that keep you coming back to play - but creators really need to change up a few things. Game play - the events & championships are so much fun, but you need to have certain gems to compete them. You would think that you could have access to all the special gems, but no. You only have access to a few of the gems, if you need a white special gem you’re out of luck because you can’t buy them so you really are out of options. Also, out of years of playing on & off I think I ha e only ever one 2 of the 500,000 coin bonus at the end of the rounds which is nuts considering how long I’ve played. And I cannot end without saying how ridiculous the adds are in this game . Holy crap it’s ridiculous, you would think like any of the other games there wouldn’t be an insane amount of adds you can’t skip. Half the time I just close out when an add pops up. Yea I’ll watch the adds when you can get extra coins, or spins on the wheel but after every singe round is nuts. I would rather pay the $1.99 like another game to just get rid of them for good. Please think about these things, it would be a great came like many of the other candy names we don’t speak of, lol. At least give us the ability to use all the special gems so I can actually beat some of the events !
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6 years ago, Lindalolos
Great new features. open Siri I am a little concerned about your gym pro challenges four instance:
I like many of the new features and the artwork is beautiful, however I have a couple of concerns still including the new gem pro series has been asking for TASKS that seem all but impossible like getting 12**star gyms in one game. Maybe you meant to say flame gems. I have played for years since the beginning of this game and I have never managed to make over about five star gems and any single game I agree that the challenges should make you work to increase your skills but it is discouraging to set the pole too high. I would also like to see the spins less tightly controlled and also the prize bonuses after playing rare gems to be more random. I have never received a 500 bonus or above in any game and I play for hours every day for years. When this happens it makes me feel like I’m being cheated and that you guys think we are dumb. I think you would please your audience by continuing to increase ways to earn coins and gems as your pricing is very expensive and not an option for elders and kids with fixed incomes. You are definitely doing a better job with this update, but I am hoping that you will keep improving our experience. By the way, did you know that many legally blind peoples can play your game due to its bright colors? Just saying....
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2 years ago, grandmaiske
Problem with blazing speed boost
I enjoy playing this game. Been playing for years. But all of the sudden now I can’t activate my blazing speed boost. I can add it to the game, but it has the little clock and never loads. I’m very frustrated as I play my events and daily challenges and cannot clear most of them now if I can’t use my boosts. It’s making me not want to play anymore and take this off my phone all together. I can’t believe what a hassle it is to report a problem as well. I have been trying all night just to finally come and write a review. So hopefully someone sees this and repairs this bug or problem or whatever it is and let’s me know. And fast. Or I won’t be able to enjoy this anymore 😔 I hope I can write a 5 star review after this is corrected. Thank you. Well I have restarted my phone and closed my game and restarted it after I read the response from bejeweled and it still doesn’t work!! I am so frustrated with this please fix it!!! I am just letting everyone know that I am loving my Bejeweled!! They have fixed all the problems and I am one happy person again!! They are really good about fixing any problem that comes up !! I hope you have a good time with your games!! I give this 10 stars!! Thanks again!!😀😀🎉🎉
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2 years ago, Workinonitladykitty
Starting to hate this game I loved
July 3, 2022. I have four out many reviews both loving this game and disliking the fact that it crashes all the time. It has crashed three times in the last two days, not to mention the many, many times prior to this. When it crashes, “resume” does not work and you lose your gem, your coins (if you used them) and sometimes a game that you were doing terrific in. This outfit, so far, doesn’t care. They make it VERY difficult to contact them asking for info, game #, password, etc. etc. that you just don’t have or try to force you to Facebook. I am starting to think these crashes are intentional. Programmers, whoever you are, FIX YOUR GAME. August 1, 2022. Still crashing. I tried all their suggestions except deleting and re-installing as I would probably lose everything. Yes, they reached out with an email but did ZERO to compensate what I have lost so often when this happens. My IPad is older but powerful and I am NOT going to replace it to the tune of $1200 to play a game. Everything else works, all other games, movies, etc., etc except THIS game. Contacting them is VERY difficult, so difficult that I’ll just use this as my means to bring attention to this. They say it is not on their side, but it is quite a coincidence that it never happens if I don’t have a gem I’ve used involved, or used my coins to purchase one or in a not important game, just happens when there is something at stake. Once again, developers, FIX the problem.
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3 years ago, gejdbb
fun game but many flaws
so i want to start off by saying i love this game, but there are a couple things that highly annoy me. the first one is when i use a rare gem, i never get the grand prize. ive used hundred and hundreds of rare gems, and i have NEVER won the grand prize. and i always choose the same spot when i get the option to choose my prize, so i know its not just bad luck, the gem has to go in the middle sometimes. im not saying i expect to win every once in 9 times, but every once in awhile would be good. second, this happens more than you would expect, but if i am playing a game, specifically in blitz champions, and the game crashes or i accidentally click out of the game, or even pause it for too long, when i re-open the game, it takes away my coins that i used, or the gem from my item box since i “used it” but it never saves my score, or gems destroyed, etc. so i have to either spend more coins/gems to get another score, or if i dont have enough coins and dont want to spend money to get more, then i cant redo my score and just have to deal with losing 100,000+ coins or a gem. other than these, its actually a really fun and addicting game, and if these issues could get fixed, it would make the game so much better
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2 years ago, Fiddler Green
1 Boost left and walking away.
I started playing a couple years ago and haven’t spent a dime. Unlocked all the boosts except one and was planning to walk after unlocking it. Last night I decided it was time to walk. Why? As I said I haven’t spent a dime. All the powerful boosts are unlocked for me. Got enough coins and gems to last for days. Playing Blitz Champions matches now are no challenge. Last night I beat the 2nd place player in Gold Masters and Mystery Monday by nearly 300,000 each. Where’s the challenge? A new player clearly (if dedicated) would need to spend money or slowly grind out gold to unlock chests (for coins, shards and diamonds). Maybe the developers could have a veteran league, so they aren’t up against the new players. If you want a 3 match game (with annoying adds at times) this may be for you. If you want to succeed and progress in the game be prepared for a long, long grind or spend money. Last I apologize to newer players that walked away after seeing the unfair advantage an established player has. Note. I never hit the grand prize after playing a boost. 2 years plus playing and not once. For over a year I continually (There were a few times I accidentally picked a different one) picked the center prize (you have 9 choices in a 3x3 row). Although I can’t prove it, but I think it’s rigged against the player.
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3 years ago, blkaser
Love the game, but site has 🧐 changed.
I have played this game longer than I can remember. Just mindless fun & relaxing. There are some tricks to be aware of. Like all these game apps they prefer you purchase extras, but fun regardless, most of the time, without purchases. There are specially timed events to enter, the goals change from best score, amount of those “special gems”, etc.. Special Gems, that’s not always easy to define. While I have found a couple in my inventory list, on top, offers to purchase labeled special gems! I ignore most of those games. Some prizes I have never gotten, after this…(10’s) of yrs.. Notice to developers, there must be a bug on the app.! The worst is using your earned & won gems on games when the app is dragging to stay up. Played at least several tournaments games today & the site is so slow, I couldn’t break 20k for most of the games. Even tested it & bought (with games points) a labeled “Special Gem)! A beautiful butterfly & got shot down still. Turn up the speed please! When scores are normally in the 10’s of millions…something is wrong. Waste of gems, not fun to play when the site, app, or game plays against you like that.
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5 years ago, Meg23678
The constant pop ups make me want to scream.
This is supposed to be a fun time killing game. I recognize that this is an app and that the developers deserve to get paid for their work, and I don’t take issue with that at all. Except having three pop ups on every screen before you can even play a game (or after you’ve only played a single game) is incredibly frustrating especially when you can’t seem to exit out of the pop ups (even the ones that aren’t ads!) until the useless little animations go through. I’ve had this game for years, and each month it’s like they add another money grab option, which, again would be fine if it wasn’t so repetitive, time consuming, and in your face. I gave it two stars instead of one because actually playing the game is fun and simplistic, once you can get to it. Although I do agree with the other reviews in that it definitely seems as if the “jackpots” are rigged against you, that aspect really doesn’t matter to me and buying more “coins” to play with additions that lead to a higher score is a legitimate way for game makers to make money. But for the love of all that is holy I’m begging the developers to STOP with the excessive pop ups, especially little cave digging demon that WILL NOT GO AWAY until you let the animation play through.
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6 years ago, 1QueenoftheNile
I really like playing the games on my iPhone. I don’t, however, like feeling as if I’m being jacked. By this I mean, if the game is advertised as free to download, it shouldn’t be any ambiguity. If I put in my Apple ID password and I’m now on my credit/banking information. Why? If the game is advertised as if it’s free to play, then it’s free or you should make it clear that it’s “NOT FREE”. I’ve been just deleting the games that I’d long ago downloaded simply because I pressed the update because it seemed the only way to keep playing. NOT! So, there’s no OPT out button or the “X” and an update shouldn’t be used to try to fleece people. I can do crosswords for free. I’m insulted by your pitiful attempt at surreptitiously charging me to play a game that btw, you also cheat on. Like Subway Surfer, they just stole all of my points, lives, etc. in that specific game. They still try to get me to update but I have the option of pressing the “x” to continue playing the old version. People are BROKE ENOUGH AS IT IS, WE DIDN’T GET THE TAX BREAKS BIG CORPORATIONS GOT. SO NO THANKS, I’ll read and do crosswords, writing, etc. I won’t be extorted because I happen to like a game that was free when I downloaded it. Mama was right, greed begets GREED, no wonder the people who are that way are so miserable. WOW!! CHILD OF THE CREATOR OF ALL. I SEE YA’LL. JUST REALLY WHACK!
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6 years ago, Judo4me
Blitz has been one of the best games out there and as all my favorite games succumbed to greed, I had 2 left: Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz. Then Angry Birds needed to be deleted from my phone. Now, it’s Bejeweled that will get the ax next. Some of the tasks have become IMPOSSIBLE to achieve and I have yet to figure it out. FORCING us to equip and use Rare Gems before we can advance is a horrible display of greed. FORCING us to play 25 Blitz Championship Games before we get the new boost? No bueno. And this last update, messed up one of the tasks. Every time you press play, it redirects back to the Special Championship Blitz game board! There’s no way to achieve the ridiculously high Total Game Score, even if one is willing to do the work. I’ve really had it with this game. The Daily Game and Daily Spin... I don’t even want to get started on that topic, as my blood pressure will blow up. So many of my friends are I’m disabled & cannot get out so I made sure to have plenty of games, books & crafts to keep my mind off of the pain & to entertain me... and now, I’m getting ready to delete this one too. And I’ve supported this app monetarily...and not in a small way. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME? Thank You
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7 months ago, Glider161
Royal Match Infomercial App
Update: Game is almost unplayable now because of all the Royal Match ads. I really miss playing this game. Warning, don’t download this game unless you want to see royal match ads almost nonstop. UPDATE: I just want to reiterate what many others have said. The Pick Your Prize is totally rigged against getting the 500,000 prize. Case in point: I picked the center square 500 times without ever winning. On pick 501 I picked a different square AND the 500,000 prize showed up in the center square. I repeated this experiment and the samething happened. There really isn’t anything we can do about it since we are not spending or losing real money. I still love the game, but I definitely can’t play as much knowing it is rigged and not just my bad luck. For many years this was my absolute favorite game to play. But now it is nothing more than an infomercial app for the Royal Match app. The ads are triple the time of game play. It is completely horrible to play this game anymore. Can’t believe how bad it’s gotten just overnight. Goodbye.
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6 years ago, Capt Eno
Troubles brewing.
Gems are to expensive and not enough points. It’s obvious your objective is to run everyone out of their free points. And since the high point values at the end of the game, I have never once claimed the top prize and I’m sure my luck isn’t that bad. Bad enough I have to play against the clock but now I have to play against the computer as well. And while playing a game with the guitar I went for the extra 25,000 bonus and not a single guitar came out for the entire bonus. I’ve been playing this game for years. You’re ruining it and getting way to greedy in the process. I scored a 11,000,000 point game and all I got was 6100 points. You gave me 26,000 for a much less of a game total. You know, I’m up to about 280 something level with this game. I’ve been a very loyal player. Some times playing for 8 hrs or more. Either you better smarting up or I better. I stopped watching the NFL over the anthem and NASCAR over the Daytona 500 on Sunday. Bejeweled might just be next. Like you would care at all.
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3 months ago, Harleygrl82
Need a little more help
I used to play this game a long time back I think when I had the iPhone 8 or something, but anyways this game has changed A LOT since then and there needs to be something that tells newcomers what these “power up “ gems are for. I got the idea of what the ones are that helps you get a lot of coins, but some I have no clue and I don’t have social media so I can’t go on FB and ask. There needs to be another way to get help from other players, maybe hooking up with the Game Center app players can find other players near them or if their contacts play, also I think with this there should be a way for 2 people to play each other but if there was someone that you wanted to play then you invite them into your “room” they watch you play (they can’t interfere with the game whoever is playing at that moment) *Honestly though for new/old players you should have a “sheet”that tells you what these things are and it can go under the help section. **I have learned that I can’t get a response to questions when I write a review and give it 5 stars, so I’m going to give it 1 and if I hear back then I will come back and give it a 5, I really enjoy the game it helps with my anxiety and stress. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Laxenater
Too greedy
I used to love playing bejeweled but now its just completely focused on micro transactions. I get it, everyone needs to make money but what frustrates me is that in your description of how all these new in-game currencies work you state that the gold bars can be used to buy coins, spins, and chests. However they cannot actually be used to buy coins; they can only buy spins and chests which are random.... Additionally, the entire game is focused on using these rare gems now, which have gotten so ridiculous that the entire map is just exploding the entire time and im not even making matches and playing the game, the board is just auto-clearing the whole time. So stupid. I remember when it actually use to be a challenge to get a 1m score, you had to get two blazing speeds by actually playing the game and make your own matches. Not to mention that the *rare* gems were actually rare and you got them randomly. Now they are always available to buy, very expensive and are required to enter all these challenges youve created. Can you please just create a mode that is reminiscent of the original bejeweled blitz? Like a challenge mode with its own leaderboard where you have to buy your powerups and there are no rare gems, or maybe just a cats eye.
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5 years ago, littlestormyq
Absurd level of pay to win (hundreds$$)
Title says it all. The utter magnitude of money required is actually insane. If you want any chance to even get to the middle of a competition expect to pay hundreds $ or grind for years. The disproportionality is what is so staggering, and exactly why I don’t waste time with app games, but this is NEXT LEVEL PAY TO WIN. It WAS the only app game I’ve ever played bc there was real visual acuity skill to be gained and there is too many apps that are pay to win. I played thousand plus hours, since early days. Now, unless the greed lvl comes down substantially, I’m done. The game revolves around competition, but uses boosts. If u don’t max them you can’t compete. To fully upgrade just 1 of the 3 boosts allowed in a game it takes MONTHS OF DAILY WORK or YOU CAN PAY ROUGHLY 75$ plus to do it via roundabout in game purchases. There are 9 boosts so do the math. Naturally there are always ppl who think paying to win makes you a winner so if you aren’t willing to drop a few hundred dollars on the game there is literally ZERO point playing. And don’t be fooled into thinking you can eventually skill your way to the top. I’m a professional gamer, and I can push 2 matches a second but it literally means nothing. The algorithms and money decide who wins.
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10 months ago, qhsprn
Fun and frustration
The number one app played on my phone. The challenges are great for your personal competitive side with rewards of gems, diamonds and coins. Easy to save gems for future use. Buy more with earned rewards. Daily spins (used to be 3 free showing the bonus) now down to two free spins. I spend time executing all of the challenges & looking for bonuses. You can see other players score and play again to vie for top score and rewards. The frustration comes in to play with poorly executed ads that must be watched to redeem the reward. I do not mind the ads that flow and take me back to the game. I am disappointed in the ads that freeze the X to exit back to your game. You lose the bonus, it leads you their web ad. You cannot return to Blitz even with arrow. Game over. Move on to another game until the next round. You will need to tolerate long ads that imply you can return to game yet run for an additional extended time before releasing you back to play mode. I keep it for the ease of play and challenges.
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5 years ago, Staceyb23
Really a bummer
I loved this game for years, and decided to delete from my phone a few years ago to free up space. I was always ranking well and earning jackpots and lots of rare gems and prizes when I stopped playing. Just downloaded it again a couple weeks ago. Like finding an old friend ... AT FIRST. Still fun to play, but even with high scores, and after playing hundreds of games, never won a single gem jackpot, on the 9 spots to chose - when chances should be 1 in 9. When I win the daily challenge, half the time (like just now) I don’t get the rare gem even though it says I qualified (cat lights up and meows on far right). I select BANK IT, but it is NOT added. You have to pay pay pay to play with gems, which you need for all the contests, and the good gems are $100K plus - why aren’t they given to you as they used to be, for loyal (paying) strong players??? I can go to Vegas, I don’t need it to be in my phone, too. Deleting again, but won’t be back this time 😔 I really loved this game - look at my user information guys, you’re going the wrong direction, for sure, and you have to reward the paying, strong players. When there is NEVER a carrot 🥕 the bunny eventually moves to the next garden. ... HOP Hop hop ...
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6 years ago, Htmj4
Fun but frustrating
I’ve played this game for years. Really enjoyed leveling up and getting gold stars for scores, and it’s a good way to kill a few minutes here and there(more like thousands of minutes). I even enjoy the latest update and the gem explorer challenges. Here’s what I don’t like though, I understand the devs want to make a buck but I’ve never spent a dollar on this game and now it seems like the fun is gone if you don’t. Sorry but I’d rather stop playing than spend real money on a game. Devs must also think people are stupid if you think for a second that your fooling anyone with the “randomness” of the prizes after playing a special gem. I’ve literally picked the exact same center prize for at least 10,000 games and miraculously have never received the top prize, I must be the luckiest man alive, and daily spins are exactly the same. I’ve literally spun thousands of times over the years and never once gotten the 1mil top prize..IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re not gonna allow people to win then why even offer any prizes? In short if you haven’t started playing this game I wouldn’t start now unless things are fixed and prizes actually become attainable.
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2 months ago, 谁也不粉2022
hardly can describe with words
my advise: 1. only play for leisure and earn ur way up, like leveling up boosts with the prizes u get from blitz champions. DO NOT ever pay a dime, because no matter how much u spent on gold bars, coins… etc, the end results will always be useless. why? u think millions of scores will win some events? they will match u up ridiculously with users that have billions of scores. u keep paying until u get all boosts on max level? that will still not guaranteed u with the top spots. 2. i have left two constructive 1 star review on this game. yet both of them were deleted. it seemed like a cheater’s behavior where only whining and common unpleasant game behaviors review are accepted on their page. 3. freezes in game is non-controllable, as they updates their ads mins after another. that’s the reason behind. 4. check ur phone’s storage, such a simple game does not need that much of size, most are preloaded ads. 5. there is no support at all. whatever replies u see here, aren’t they just pushing to EA side? there will be no responsibility given to u if ever u get something cocked up. stay away! for ur own good. or at least keep away from anything that has a relation with POPCAP.
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6 years ago, ak6015
I have been an avid player for many years, but I think I am done. Most of your upgrades over the years have been great, but this last one leaves a lot to be desired. The daily events was fun at first but is so rigged that it is nearly impossible to win. The five step events were nice for a challenge but when my hundreds of gems that I have built up over the years are practically gone just to complete a few of the levels now there has definitely been a injustice. Last night I was just completing a level and my game flashed and reset. I lost almost a million coins, almost 2k gold bars, 1,700 purple diamond thingys and 8 crystals. The entire game reverted back to playing with the fictional character players. When I logged back in their Facebook it was like an entirely different account, none of the people were listed I play against. All of the past event I won and completed were lost not to mention all of my hard earned items. Not sure what game you are playing but count me out. You don’t even have the decency to reply to my request as to what happened. I have been a loyal player until now but enough is enough!
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6 years ago, kristaannnkkk
I have played this game from the day it came out. I’m happy with some of the improvements and also not. For example. I bought coins using my money. I have one screen saying I have over 1 million coins and one saying I have 700,00. I bought gold bars to buy chests and I received coins and they don’t add up. The last time and the first time this happend I eneded up losing coins and I eneded up being cheated on my money. I have pictures but there is no prof that there the same day. I love this game but and something like this has never happened until now.. very very disappointed...... how can we win lots of coins for the daily challenge when you receive 1000 coins per game and it costs 100,000. Then I pay for bars and win coins I’m very very disappointed. The challenge is so much and on a day of you have Just enough for 100,000 game you loose all your coins and play a million times just to win 1,000 a game and play for 3 days just to do another challenge/ I don’t understand...
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6 years ago, Cjburt128
Last update ruined it
After writing the last review, I tried it again because I missed it - and now the boosts don’t work. I loved this and played it often. But after the last update, I’m done. It’s become impossible to get on the leaderboard without spending money. No matter how well one plays, possible points have been lowered on the Challenge to keep one from earning enough points to buy gems, etc. one is no longer fairly rewarded, if compared to the way the game worked in the past, for excellent skills. One can keep the board lit up, and still have only a mediocre score, and it’s now impossible to get a super score without special gems - something a really good player could do in the past. Moreover - blasts actually take away profitable next moves from players, but it’s impossible to tell if one is even compensated for them. I realize the game has to make some money. And there are always those who will buy their wins. But it should be fair for those who just work hard and long and practice, too. Did you think we wouldn’t notice what the last update really did? It stacked the odds even more against winning without paying.
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6 years ago, BlueBlood3
Just awful
In the middle of a match I decided a power up wasn’t working, so I paused the game and selected to go to the main menu. Now because I was wearing headphones I had the in-game volume turned way down. Instead of taking me to the menu however, a video/audio commercial was played where a man yelled “NEED CASH TODAYYY??!!!!” at the absolute full volume of my device. Now why a commercial would play when I attempted to go to the menu is one thing, but why such an aggressively loud commercial played when every other one that had played had a completely normal volume, is an absolute failure of the developer to produce quality and to respect their players. I understand that these commercials aren’t produced by the developers in anyway, however this isn’t just some random company, this is popcap, and I expected better from a company that used to care about its products and its customers. Hey... come to think of it I bought bejeweled on my phone when it first came out on the App Store for 3.99, and it didn’t have commercials, but did include Blitz... So popcap is actually putting commercials in a premium version of their game. Way to go guys. Way to go.
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6 years ago, bridget330
Play with caution
Let me begin by saying that I've played this game for years and enjoy playing it. However, Apple i-tunes robs you when buying coins. They offer a special but after you agree to purchase it for one price, they charge you full price. They also have a new thing if you play it on your computer. A pop up asks you to purchase coins in a slick little way that you just click yes to get it out of the way, until you realize that it just charged you money for coins. I've contacted the makers of the game and they referred me back to I-tunes. It is next to impossible to contact them for any reason. It seems to me that the maker of the game has responsibility to make sure that we are charged the correct amount without getting ripped off, but they play the innocent victim. I have been charged $65 for coins. "I know, I'm the crazy one because I continue to play." I don't think I should have to stop playing because they lack integrity. Anyway. Proceed with caution.
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4 years ago, TurboRevo
Micro transaction garbage
I haven’t played this game in a while and decided to come back to it. Boy, was that ever a mistake. You can’t go a single game without being bombarded with full page banners insisting that you spend coins or buy in-game currency of some type. And there’s multiple types of currency (more reasons to spend money, of course). The worst part about it is they send you straight to the payment screen if you touch literally anywhere on the banner but the tiny little [x] up in the corner. But even that isn’t the worst of it. I could forgive all of that if they hadn’t fundamentally changed the mechanics of the game itself. Scores are now heavily inflated compared to what they were 10 years ago due to pay-to-win garbage. “Spend a whole ton of coins to get a special boost with some hastily-made visual effects that makes it so you barely have to be good at the game to get a massive score.” This used to be a fun, competitive, skill-based game. Now it’s a prime example of the worst that mobile gaming has to offer. It’s a shame, really. PopCap used to be a power house of fun little games. EA truly does ruin everything they touch.
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6 years ago, Disappointed in Georgia...
Latest version is a dud...
I’ve played this app since its introduction. But the newly revamped version is crap. Oh, I learned its new features quite rapidly, but I play to win, and when I go in on the first day of a new round and the ‘fake’ players are showing 32 million points, I’m not wasting my money to play. Yeah, every now and then you get a ‘free ride’, after you’ve spent $20 Dollars or so and a consecutive hour. ‘Disco Zombie’, ‘Peashooter’, ‘Kokomo Kamari’, ‘Zombie Yeti’, ‘Blazing Steed’... get real, Blazing Steed is even a proprietary gem. Like you folks think we are totally stupid, or what!!! These pseudo players were in the original app, so we know them. But now, they are the elevated, so guess I’ll find a new game after I exhaust the current purchase. Oh, and the ‘prize’ at the end? I ALWAYS, for years now, pick the top left button, and I have NEVER won the jackpot points. If it were truely random, I’m literally thousands of games by me, I would have sometime win the jackpot points. I also notice that the bottom right hand button is almost ALWAYS the lowest payout, and NEVER the winner either.
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6 years ago, Goldenmom
No Improvement Here
What happened to this game? I played every single day before the latest upgrade. Either I have lost my mind or certain features just don’t work like they used to. The reduction in the size of the game board was the first thing that I noticed and this change has made it more difficult to distinguish between the different jewels. This new version seems to have a mind of its own. None of the boosters seem familiar. It is difficult to determine where to go to find everything that is needed for the successful completion of a round. Players must now look at everything on the board, jostling between multiple layers of “enhancements” just to get a feel for which features are being used in each round. Improvements are supposed to be just that however, this upgrade failed miserably. Please rethink what changes really need to be kept and which ones need to be thrown out. Maybe once a week is about all that I want to play these days. Hopefully something will click with your developers and you will return most of the previous features. Not happy 🤨🤬🤯🤔at all!!
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6 years ago, 2G4U2C
I really enjoy playing this game I have enjoyed playing it for years the only thing that I have a problem with is the fact that when you get your boosters it really does not last the whole game. If you get extra time added the boosters never show up again especially if you spend 25,000 points to get another extra time they definitely don’t show up during that timeframe either I think that’s not fair because when you play the freebie or the one you pay 10,000 coins for that brings down all the boosters the whole time in order for you to meet the required coins or the booster in that particular game the boosters coming down like crazy but when you’re playing your regular game trying to come up in rank or beat a person that you’re playing the boosters never show up again and you’re charging me coins to get these boosters and yet I don’t get them during the play.
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6 years ago, Jimmy Legs 316
Mostly fun.
This is a nice game to play against friends and letting you try to best each other’s scores for a week is sweet. The mini games against strangers for coins, shards, etc. are nice to. There is a daily game that allows you to win coins and gems to use but it is very unreliable and crashes often. I’ve learned to know when it would crash though. If I am more than halfway to the score needed to get the coins and gem, with more than 30 seconds to go, the game is going to crash and kick me out to my phone’s home screen. When I go back, there is a 10,000 coin fee to play that particular game again. Due to it happening once or twice daily, I can only give 3 out of 5 stars. p.s. - At the end of the game, when going for the grand prize, never pick the top, right corner. I play about 10 games daily, have picked that spot every time for this entire year and the grand prize has never been there. I’ve seen it ever place but there, so we’re approaching a statistical impossibility.
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5 years ago, Grimace24
Disappointing recently
I’ve played this game for many years and have always considered it one of my favorites. Lately, however, the game has been far less fun. First, connectivity to your servers has been consistently poor, which slows the game with irritating delays. Second, it’s obvious you’ve changed the programming to make higher scores much harder to obtain. This is especially frustrating in Blitz Champions games like Gold Masters, where high-placing scores now depend entirely on seldom-occurring detonations that begin a cascading of rare jewels. This so rarely occurs of late that placing in those contests has become almost entirely dependent on luck. That is, you can only be competitive if you’re fortunate enough to draw rare jewels that are positioned to cascade automatically after you’ve extended the game with $25K in coins or 200 shards. Most of the time this no longer happens, so you’re usually doomed to lower scores no matter how fast or strategically well you play.
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6 months ago, Hugh the HUmorous HUman
Hey I’m new to the reviews here but I’m very into your games.
But I came up with a very unique and satisfying idea if you guys were thinking about making a new game or game mode in one of your games you already have out on all platforms. it can be that like in bejeweled blitz there is a daily challenge and sometimes I’ve seen there is only 4 different colors of gems. and it would be cascade heaven when I played a daily challenge that had only that many different colors of gems so I was thinking. if there could be a zen mode that you can set the number of gem colors you want to use in your gameplay and start playing the new game mode and start making cascades galore. I think it would really satisfy people who are in love with match three games. my name is Hugh Mattis and I wish you guys a great crystal clear day.
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11 months ago, con9852
I like this game a lot, however lately the adds freeze and I have to open and close the application several times to play on. Also there was an ad that lasted like 107 and that really took a long time to get past. Way to long end I ended up quitting playing the game. The ads from Ford are really the biggest ones I noticed freezing. Please fix and not have such long ads. I’ve played this game for several years, however it’s starting to really be frustrating to play. And it you do have a hard time getting good scores and collecting your gems any more!! Now I’m trying to do the new up date and that won’t work it just keeps clocking and I can’t play the game! You have several bugs to work out on this app it appears! Can you shorten the ROYAL MATCH adds PLEASE, you think you’re finally done snd the ad goes on another 30 seconds PLUS!! I have tried the game and it really DOESN’T add up to all the hype it’s received with the ads. Thank you , Conniesue22
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4 years ago, 59yroldw41yroldbabe
Give us a BREAK
Developers I will have you know I spend way to much money just to be able to continue to play it because I love playing this game. I play it almost everyday. The only days I don’t play it is when my disability check runs out after paying my main bills and have just enough to purchase items to play with, mainly gold because gold is your friend in this game and now shards are too. Do you think it could be possible to help your loyal players by sending them a substantial gift on occasion? I also play a poker game and periodically they throw me a chunk of coins to play because I am a loyal player. Please consider my suggestion because it really won’t cost you anything. It might just save many players from jumping ship. I wish you well and keep up the great work. I do love this game. Thanks for reAding my suggestion.
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4 years ago, SuzJBR
Gold Bars Requirement in Blitz Quest is too high
The quest levels are a lot of fun but the requirement on some to “Earn Gold Bars from Blitz Championship Games” is unachievable. it is nearly impossible to earn 250 gold bars from blitz championship games if you only offer one a day and you are ranked upon score as to how many you earn. Most people will never get 250 because those with max boosts win the bars. And that eliminates the other Quests they are able to complete after that one. I have played your games for years EVERY DAY and I have always enjoyed it but this new situation is frustrating. I will say when you updated to add the challenges and the newer daily spins it’s much better. And spin rewards like 10,000 gold coins don’t do much when the smallest thing you can buy with coins on this app is 5 seconds on game time and it’s 25,000. I am sick of never winning anything more than 25k coins when choosing reward at the end of blitz game.
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4 years ago, Lady K 007
Love the game but bugs need more work
1. I play on an iPhone X with the most recent update, but the game still freezes a lot at the end of a game, or moving from one section to another. 2. I have been denied the opportunity to complete all of the sections of the Blitz Quest on more than one occasion only because I was not offered enough Free Chests to complete the number required. On the Quest that is ending tonight, 5 are required. I have been stuck at 3 since 8/24. I have opened the app several times throughout the day, but none have been available. You should consider allowing users to get credit for buying chests with gold bars to fulfill this requirement the way you do with spins. This is very discouraging when you have completed everything else on 3 or 4 screens and you can’t collyyour rewards. The is the reason for the only 3 stars. Thanks for any change you can make to fix this!
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6 years ago, YOUNGSUMMA
There is a coin bug that needs to be fixed!!!
In the span of two weeks time I have been robbed of my coins. The first time this happened was after I posted a tip score on my leaderboard. The game glitches and rewards me with 4.1 BILLION coin, on top of the 200k I had saved up. I was in total disbelief, I had to count the commas to make sure I was seeing that correctly. In fact I was, so I go to repurchase the egg power up(120k coins) and then the game tells me that I don’t have enough coins. Huh??!! Surely I knew the game would correct itself, and my balance would go back to what I should have, NOPE....the game takes my hard earned 200k coins too. —————-UPDATE—————————— 5/2/18 this game steals my coins AGAIN. I had 220k coins in my wallet , I purchased the egg boost, now I have 100k in my wallet..... play one round....I got rewarded 10k coins(so now I have a total of 120k in my wallet) so I go to make a re-purchase and all of a sudden I am missing my coins...I do not have the boost. I will not be playing this game too much longer if it’s going to keep stealing my hard earned coins from me.
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6 years ago, Yopumpkinhead
Overly complicated and burdensome
This used to be my go-to game when I had a minute to spare. Sadly, despite trying the new version for a while, I've stopped playing entirely. Aside from the unpleasantly deceptive pop-ups trying to trick players into paying money and/or linking their FB accouts (why is there not a button for "I don't have one, stop badgering me"?), as well as the various gameplay changes to enforce pay-to-win, the update simply has much too high a cognitive load to be enjoyable. I used to be able to open the app and be playing within a couple taps; now, there are boosters and gems and boosters for the gems, at least four different currencies to pay for it all (and I still don't know what one currency is even for!), which must be navigated and dismissed and dealt with before I can even start playing. The amount of tedious management involved in the game is now far too high to be remotely enjoyable. I hope the changes will be fixed and streamlined in future updates, but if not, I'll sadly have to delete one of my first-ever apps.
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1 month ago, Azsunshine2u
What happened?
I accidentally logged out of Facebook on the Bejeweled Blitz app and now when I try to login, it says that the app isn’t active. What happened? I’ve been playing this game forever and have a lot of coins and boosts. I don’t want to start over. I’ll give you more stars when you fix the problem and allow me to login with Facebook again. Not really happy now. Update: Changed my original one star to four stars. Everything is back to normal now and it was just in time for the new week on the leaderboard on Tuesday. Been playing ever since. Thanks for getting things back up and running as quick as you did. 👍 Update: Officially done with this game. After playing for 15 years, somehow, they “lost” my account and all my shards, gold bars and whatever those blue things are, are GONE! Lost most of the 7.9 million coins I had. I’m down to a little over a million. Contacted customer support and the best they can do is compensate me with 130,000 coins. Goodbye, Blitz!
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4 years ago, StarKizz
Bejeweled Bliss your game is still crashing after Latest update!!!
I have been a long time user and have never written a negative review. However, I was enjoying your Blitz Quest until you started making it impossible to get through all the levels. The rewards really aren’t that great, either. It involves winning gold bars from the Blitz champions games. It is impossible to win that many gold bars required to pass a level in Blitz Quest unless you are in the top 3. This is virtually impossible considering the number of people that are playing the game. It means only 3 people can advance. That is crazy. Here is the effect it has on me. I quit playing with disgust. Is that the effect you want on your loyal, longtime players??? Really???? Please don’t require this or make it attainable, or you’re losing another player. I have also lowered my rating until this is changed. You guys are losing your followers.
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4 years ago, Ggmama
Getting disappointed
I have played Bejeweled for almost 10 years and spent a fair amount on coins and boosts. Now the experience is getting more and more disappointing. Complaints: 1. I have never ever struck the jackpot “choosing” the prize in the hundreds, no, thousands of games I’ve played. It feels like that part of the game is just plain rigged to get you to buy more coins by dangling a non-existent carrot in front of the player. 2. And more and more, you can’t access the charms/boosts that you’ve already won or bought when you first login to play. Says they are “downloading” - for over 10 minutes!! I have WiFi or LTE speeds on my phone - how long can it take for a bunch of icons to download??!! It feels like EA/developers are more concerned with squeezing revenues from longtime players than trying to maintain loyalty. Time to switch to another casual game for chilling with.
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5 years ago, mjdfidd
Problems not fixed.
Every time I receive the option to watch a video for another chance to win coins, the first time I select it will pop the error “Oops out of ads”. The second time it usually works. But not always. Then the occasional offer to watch a video for 4000 coins pops up “oops out of ads” just one chance for that one and it’s gone. I haven’t been able to collect on that offer in months. When you play and you’ve collected a number of coins during the game and you’ve also collected a number of multipliers. When it tallies the final coin count it drops a multiplier 4/5 times which means means you don’t get the number of coins you should have received. That said, why would I spend money to buy coins for play if the game is going to steal winnings from me??? Here’s a clue...not paying money to a game I don’t trust. I’ve continued playing the game because I generally like it but the bugs (and deceptive awards) have gotten to the point I’m ready to delete the app and never look back.
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5 years ago, MaestroBaran
Excellent Game!
I like the direction the developers are taking the game. However, I do miss opportunities to buy my favorite rare gems, some of which include: chromosome, pandemonium, coralite, plumeblast, archstone, slashberry, glimmerbread, twinkletree, boomstone, and groovestone. I recommend creating a rare gem tab next to the gold bar, chest, coin, and spin tabs in the store for rare gems sales—and don’t just sell the current and up and coming rare gems. I’ve depleted these favorite rare gem items down to one count in my item box and would love to have the opportunity to restock and replenish on a much more frequent basis as opposed to having to wait for the daily challenge to potentially give me another opportunity to pay coins to possibly win just one particular rare gem. You could even consider selling them in individual rare gem groups or combined rare gem groups. :-)
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4 years ago, PeterSGates
No Jackpot Ever
I’m seen this mentioned before, but having played thousands of games without ever hitting the jackpot I’ve begun to suspect this game is rigged. Rewards are few and the game will lock on occasion and instead of reverting back to let you try again it simply re-starts and you’re minus whatever jewel and coins spent. This has happened numerous times now and as there’s no easy way to report you’re pretty much screwed out of whatever you’ve managed to build up. As the game requires numerous plays to start seeing rewards it’s gotten to the point where frustration has replaced enjoyment and I play less. Also the ads are super repetitive and pointless. Happy hours always cost money, the coins you build up are not good for much other than special gems which are expensive for the rewards. Paying for additional time is often not worth doing either as it won’t help your score much. Bummer, this used to be fun.
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5 years ago, Xcdebthu
Blitz Quest
I have a specific complaint about the Blitz Quest that just closed. I accomplished all of the tasks in all four caverns except in the first one. I could never get two golden cats in the daily challenge (I didn’t even try using the specified rare gems in the other challenge until I got the two cats). It was difficult to get the first one and nigh impossible to get the second one. The amount of points needed was extremely high with no apparent means of getting there. I tried multiple times and could only get the bronze cat. This was extremely frustrating. I had all of these other goals completed and could not get past the first room to collect all of the treasure chests I had earned. I think I will just refrain from playing for awhile if this is going to be how you rig the game to work against us.
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4 years ago, blackman411
Why the Owl?
Playing the Blitz Championship game today and the owl showed up on bottom of screen over my boosts. I couldn’t use them for a few seconds. In these games a few seconds is the difference between winning and loosing. I only had 30 seconds to play and if I’m not able to use boost for 3 or 4 seconds then what’s the point. Do you not want us to win. Or even compete with each other. I won’t even complain about the freezing up and loosing boost coins and upgrades. Just why? I thought it was a fluke so I let it go. Played again and in the same exact time and place it showed up. Now I’m afraid To try again same thing is going to happen. Why wast my time boost and energy. Don’t need a response. Just fix the problem. Or is it a problem? Seems weird after update new things are starting to happen. Thanks for nothing.
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5 years ago, Hotchef13
Is it random or is it not?
I believe that parts are fixed as so people can not win. A perfect example is the bonus you have 9 choices to choose from to win, well if you always choose the same spot occasionally you should win you would think right? NO!!!! I choose the same spot EVERY time and I NEVER get the top prize and I am not saying I should get it often but at least once out of 1000 tries yes after all there are only 9 spots that means all 9 spots should be a winner occasionally well that is not the case with this game (and now as more proof of the fixed Can’t win I JUST PLAYED AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 1000 attempts I CHOSE TO PICK ONE OF THE OUTSIDE 8 SPACES AND THE CENTER CAME UP SO THERE IS THE PROOF!!!!! First time picking a spot other than the center and the center came up)... so if that happens in the bonus round what about when you play the game. If it is made so you can’t win bonuses is it made for you to win and advance in the game? Your game is fixed against winning and receiving bonuses.....
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5 years ago, flamingo2626
Like so many of the other people on here who complain—and KNOW—that the chances of getting the Grand Prize were rigged, I never got it either despite playing thousands and thousands of games. That is, until tonite!!! I finally won it!! I couldn’t believe it!! I hurried and took a screen shot so I had proof cuz I didn’t really believe it. It doesn’t make up for the 4 times recently when I should have won the 1500 gold bars in the Gold Masters game because I got the highest score, but it didn’t record it. Nor for the time this week when I did win the top prize, but for some reason it only gave me 1000 bars instead of 1500, but at least the developers showed that THEY ARE LISTENING TO US AND READING THESE REVIEWS!! Here’s hoping they share the wealth and others of u will start to win the grand prize like I just did!!!!
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6 years ago, AnnoyedRhymesWithWitch
Hate it
I looked forward to and played this game every single day without fail. Could not believe when I updated it today that it had become a different game...way too busy for me to sort through. At first I thought I had some sort of fake hacked game invade my iPad. lol But no, it has been replaced with a new and not improved, IMO, version. I read the developer’s prior responses to the current reviews, and no, it’s not basically the same game, and no, I don’t want to play it several MORE times than I already did to learn it/get used to it. A nice simple fun game has become a project. More flash and more “now do this, do that, choose this” and a bunch of pop up instructions do not make it “better.” I play this and 2 other games daily. One of them made way less invasive changes, embraced the negative reviews of its users, and removed the changes. I hope the same happens here. Want a NEW game? Make a new game. On the bright side, I just got more time in my day to actually be productive.
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5 years ago, sudzie2
Everyone quit playing.
Unfortunately since you made all the changes to bejeweled blitz all my friends quit playing. You have made it so difficult to play anymore. Can’t get enough points to play unless you are willing to buy packages. I also will be quitting. Shame on you. All about the money I guess. Finally quit playing. All my 18 friends quit at least 6 months ago but I continued playing. You have made it so impossible to collect on gold cats. Shame on you. Wasting my life I decided today. I must have tried at least 50 times to get gold star cats. You have achieved that is impossible to get. Yours was my favorite game but I will no longer waste my life trying to win at your game. I have finally joined my friends. Shame on you. Looking at reviews they also join my sentiments. Good luck on keeping people playing your game. I’m the 19th of my friends to quit. They are smarter then me. Quit along time ago. I’m the last one. Sending the review and then deleting the app.
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