Bejeweled Classic

4.6 (127.4K)
172.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bejeweled Classic

4.57 out of 5
127.4K Ratings
1 year ago, •ScreenKit girl•
It’s okay ..
Bejeweled has been with me for a while. My dad had an iPad (that I still have lol) that he gave to me to win him a game. He didn’t actually need help. He was just like my mom, on level 300+ but not on candy crush saga. Couple years later, we just stopped. He deleted the app, (he wanted to delete it, he just got a bit bored and unchallenged) lost all his progress, and passed the iPad to me because he got a MacBook. I reinstalled the app on my phone two weeks ago. Still as I remember, but a bit harder. Zen is my favorite mode. It’s amazing how you can just calm down and match with those soothing noises when the gems clad together or you get a supernova gem. I love Bejeweled, but I wish it wouldn’t crash. The more I use the app, whenever I go into any mode, (Zen, ice storm, diamond mining, ect.) everything freezes. It’s weird, but it’s not too often. Other than that, I’m obsessed. Barely any ads, it’s calming with sound effects (THAT YOU CAN TURN OFF), and so much more. It can be thrilling when your timed, but soothing when you have anxiety. I would rate it 5/5 stars, but for me I don’t like the ever-so-often freezes. Thanks for reading !
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10 months ago, Drumming in the Dark
Goodbye, old friend.
I've been a big fan of Bejeweled Classic since I found it included in the freeware that came with my flat-screen iMac over 20 years ago. It's been one of two steady go-to games on every iPhone I've had. I've never experienced the kinds of problems I've seen in reviews here, though there have been UI issues on my last two phones. All that seems to have changed with the latest update. A big problem is that the game board is suddenly half the size it's always been, an inexplicable change, as far as can tell. It's still playable, but barely. Restarting it didn't change anything, so it doesn't appear to be a glitch. A much bigger problem, however, is that the game now quits abruptly after about 10 seconds. Deleting and re-downloading didn't help. Just erased all my data, of course, but I'm not real concerned about levels. I reached the end of them a long time ago. However - I did discover something new. I hadn't seen the developer's privacy policy before. It is, in a word, unrestricted. Tracking and data sharing are completely unlimited. This alone might be enough to make me delete the game. I had no idea over all these years that it was so permissive. My fault, for sure, for not checking, but I haven't looked at the app on the store for years. So, I guess this is (a long) goodbye to an old friend who seems to have gone to seed or something. I'll sure miss the it.
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2 years ago, Gennadara
Too many ads
Look, I get it, they gotta get their revenue from somewhere. But the amount of ads I run into is absolutely ridiculous. I get an ad as soon as the game opens. Fine. But then I get another ad as soon as I click which type of game I want to play. Pretty annoying to get a double ad when I haven’t even played yet. But it gets worse. If I lose/time runs out/no more moves, it offers to let me watch an ad to keep going. That on it’s own isn’t so bad. Where it gets bad is when if I click no, it makes me watch an ad anyways for no reward, and then makes me watch ANOTHER ad after I get back to the home screen and click on another game option. Not to mention that every time I think I close an ad, it forces me to wait another 5 second to click another x to close it, and each ad will do this multiple times. It makes me click 3 or more separate arrows/x’s to close one ad. I understand they need revenue, but this is too much. Oh and the sounds and music glitch often. Sometimes the sounds and voice will stop playing, or the music will play when it’s not supposed to. What I’ve mainly encountered is sounds and voice not playing if I pause and in zen mode I’ll have the ambient sounds on, pause, and then the music will overlap the ambient sounds. I would really love this app if it weren’t for the highly intrusive ads. There are more user-friendly ways to get revenue.
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3 years ago, ColoEljay
Only 1 star because….
…since the “update to 3.1.3,” I can’t open this game. I’ll keep trying and update my review if things improve. 4 days later and lots of negative reviews, nothing has changed. PopCap has really ruined a good thing. 2 weeks later: 3.1.2 is on my iPhone and opens just fine. 3.1.3 on my iPad still doesn’t open. The circle almost closes, and doesn’t. I see other reviewers having the same issues and wonder if this will be resolved. About 3 weeks now: I actually opened the game a couple of nights ago but, the success was short lived. It only opened that once and now we’re back to the same issue. The circle that goes around the PopCap logo doesn’t quite make it all the way around. The game doesn’t launch. I opened a “case” with EA, but honestly, the “techies” there are useless and I don’t think they understand when I explain the issue. Does anyone read these reviews? Today’s update: if I turn off my WiFi, I can launch this game. So, I go to cellular, launch the game, then turn the WiFi back on. Why is that?
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2 years ago, Nanit
Is there gonna be an update soon? (Update)
Possibly one with less yellow gems??? There are a lot more yellow than any other color. It's not exactly my favorite but I have no choice but for it to be since it's all that falls down. And also I can't restore previous purchases. It’s been 5 years and for some reason, this game does absolutely everything possible to force my favorite gem to be yellow, which is by far my least favorite. Kinda ruins the game when it’s 99% yellow gems except when they could possibly be blown up by another color. Then it just doesn’t give any yellow gems. It’s so weird. Just remove that feature I guess. It would be more relaxing with more variety instead of forcing one color on you constantly through years and updates and different phones. I don’t want to play any new versions as I’m not too keen on having an unstoppable ad play after every move. That seems to be all these mobile games are. * So now I come back to the game after a day and aaaaaaaallllllll my progress has been wiped again. This is a terrible game that needs to be removed from the app store, and I will be reporting it. No update in like a year, and I’m sure it was just a “bug fix” that didn’t actually fix any bugs. This game is a broken down shell of what it was around 2004. Terrible, terrible, terrible game, with the extreme amount of yellow gems and all.
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2 years ago, Lunamunna
Progress loss
I have no issue with the game normally- I was addicted to it for years. I would give it 4 and a half stars. But I kept running into the same problem. Whenever I got to a far enough point, the entire game would reset and I would lose everything. Levels, achievements, high scores- everything. It got to the point where I refused to open the game because I was so afraid that it might have deleted my progress. And on the leaderboard it will show every single old high score that you have- under the names that you used. And it just makes you start over, like they can’t put you back in where your old score was. You just have to put in a new player name and if you try and put in your old one, it says that that name is already taken, when that former account is no longer accessible. It drives me nuts and I can’t keep playing it like nothing is wrong if they don’t fix this issue. Especially because you can’t link your account to your Facebook or google account, so it’s impossible to save progress. Normally I love this game, but between these issues and the amount of ads you get if you don’t play without Wi-Fi… it’s just not something I can enjoy anymore like I used to. Step up your game PopCap!
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8 months ago, Black Magic5683
💗💗Love it!💗💗
Popcap! I am very much an avid player of this game. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy your game, but I recently got a new iPhone 15 Pro Max phone, and every time I try launching the game, it gives me this weird cropped window like the game is somehow acting up. It was working fine on my older 12 Pro Max, but now that I got this phone, it is somehow acting weird like it might be a compatibility issue. Would you please work with it and try to fix this? I would sure hate to delete a game that I have been playing for so long, much less supporting ya’ll with the purchases that I made into it. For now, I’ll let it hang out, in hopes of seeing some more updates for it put out. I dearly wish to hang on to the game if I can. The relaxing gem matching in Zen mode, the Diamond Mine, Poker Mode or the Ice Storm. Love these especially. Other than that, I sure hope that these issues I’m having can be fixed.
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3 years ago, jaseinatl
Any app that starts with an ad is not a real app
When you launch a game, you don’t even get the title page with the name of the app all you get is an advertisement for another app that can’t be skipped If you accidentally go the the App Store thinking it would allow you to skip the ad, when you return to this game it restarts the ad. the ad lasts for literally 40 seconds before before it reveals a mostly obscured little x that is almost indistinguishable from the play again button. Then you get the title page where you can pick a game type. Then it loads another ad. Sometimes the same ad. This is not a game. It’s an ad generator and I’m filing a complaint with Apple to have this SPAM removed. If I could give it negative stars for greed I would. This is a terrible port of the classic flash games from Popcap from back in the 1900s. Now they are just raking in the ad revenue by forcing you to watch ads. And not just any ads, the long 30 second ads with the tricky and hard to find close box. I absolutely loved Popcap and I cannot express my dismay about their latest decisions to place so many ads in their game. I will be deleting this and installing any of the 6 million or so other games like it with less ads and more features.
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7 years ago, Tessa-Boo
Too busy and freezes
It would be nice if the game did like the old days where you could play one game to the end or timed or continuously earning shuffles and gem deletes to keep going. This one has levels with graphics so flashy and busy I don’t want to watch and frustrating to wait for next level to come up. Watching an ad to continue after reaching a no-more-move point isn’t so bad, they gotta get $ support some where. Also right in the middle of a move the app freezes (funny how ads still stream across top) forcing you to swipe it off and reopen, select which type you were playing, press continue, and play till next time it freezes. There is no timing of the freezing, could be minutes or seconds. I am not one who plays all day long usually just while waiting on an appointment or for someone so the freezing is very frustrating for me. And yes, I do have the latest iOS.
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6 years ago, TheAmazingNoah
Bejeweled - A true hidden ‘gem’ of the AppStore!
Bejeweled is a fun time wasting game that quickly made me glued. I do have some issues however, that sometimes when I game over, the screen freezes and i have to exit, loosing all the high scores and badges I may have earned that particular round, but, it’s only happened once or twice in the 5 years I’ve been playing this. I am a fan of the new ice mode, to say the least. And, although some said the adds were distracting, jeez people loosen up! It’s a FREE game with all but one of the modes! The only REAL issue I have is with Poker. It’s not that fact that you only get 3 plays, rather, it’s the fact that between versions, poker has seemed to skyrocket in difficulty. And it’s not me being a noob, either. I’ve seen many reviews complaining about this too. But who can’t go wrong with a game of bejeweled?
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3 years ago, HolyRacehorse
Ridiculous new version
I've had this game on my iPhone for years and never had a problem. Had to reinstall last week and it is littered with 30 second ads that pop up so frequently I don't even enjoy playing it any longer. Went ahead and paid $2.99 for ad removal but this did nothing for those insane in-game ads about other games I would NEVER play. Don't know what EA is thinking other than to ruin the one game that provided distraction from the long wait times I have to deal with daily. And to actually take $2.99 from customers and NOT providing an altogether ad-free game- well, welcome to honesty in today's world. Update- this was fixed finally a few weeks later. As of this week, another new update and I'm dealing with the same crap- game ads that pop up that I have to stare at for 30 seconds before I can play a new game. How is it so hard for this app developer to figure out I paid for ad removal???? Fix this crap. There's no need to trick people into paying an additional $ amount, if you're going to do that, just make it a monthly subscription!!! Sick of this.
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6 years ago, The ArStar
Ads came back after I purchased it?
**Update: Ads are gone, and I’m thrilled! Bejeweled does a great job of producing new variations alongside classic that are all equally enjoyable! The blend of sounds and graphics/visuals are pleasant satisfying. Still my top favourite app game! I love Bejeweled. I've been a big fan for many years and used to play it and Peggle on the computer. I don't usually like paying for game apps, but my love for Bejeweled at a great price made the app purchase totally worth it! All the games are fun and engaging to play. However, I suddenly have ads again after updating my phone. Having been playing for so long without ads, I find them very distracting and irritating. And the price to remove them is more than I paid to buy it initially! I'm exceptionally disappointed, and I hope it's something Popcap will recognize and fix.
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4 years ago, Bareonass
Got in one round and had to watch three commercials to get there ?!!!! what did you do to my game? You rapped it. put it back to where I can actually play and not watch the freaking commercials and I might reload it again!! give me a choice on whether I want to watch them don’t force them on me!!! Byby!!!! Uninstalling I tried contacting Support and I got the runaround I signed in with Facebook and still they wanted me to sign in jump through all the little hoops just to get to the submit button which will not submit. So here’s what I said to the app support that did not listen. I just wanna know how you could have so many games and no support and just give us nothing but commercials and if you read any of the apps reviews you would do something about making us feel like we’re getting nothing but spam phone calls from your games now I’m deleting it and logging in through Facebook does not work with you people anymore take your commercials and shove it waste of my time can’t even submit
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7 years ago, Cryptika
Buggy and full of ads
The only redeeming quality of this game is that you can play endlessly without having to wait for "life points" or whatever to refill. You can restart as much as you want without the BS money gimmick of needing some sort of life/points refreshment. That being said, there are A LOT of issues with this game. The ads - holy crap, I have never seen a game with so many ads. They're in every little space, every "cutscene," every reload. It's extremely irritating. I know there's an option to pay for no ads, but why put money into a game that the developers don't seem to care about? The butterfly game is good for when you don't want to worry about a clock, but there's this infuriating issue where if your butterfly is snatched and you watch an ad to save it and continue playing, it STILL ends the game. So basically it scams 30 seconds of your time to watch an annoying ad for something you don't need or want. And that's just one of the many bugs that probably will never be fixed.
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7 months ago, Game Man Dan
Bejeweled and bejeweled HD
Hi this is Dan here, I like Bejeweled and bejeweled HD BUT! When you guys add new elements to your games YOU HAVE TO STOP RESETTING THE SCORES BACK TO ZERO! I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF IT! LEAVE THE SCORES ALONE! Do not touch the scores! When you add new things to the apps LEAVE THE SCORES WHERE THEY’RE AT! NOW!, for a request. I would like to see POPCAP GAMES create the next time they do an update for both apps a ZEN 2! What I mean buy that is, set it up JUST LIKE REGULAR bejeweled BUT! Here’s the kicker every new round have the point values GO UP! 50 points the first round, 100 points the second round and so on and so forth, BUT! When the player runs out of jewels to match, KEEP ON CREATING new grids of jewels to match so that the player can KEEP ON PLAYING for as long as he or she wants to! HOW’S THAT for an idea! Now please get this message to the people at Popcap games. Thank you.
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2 years ago, RaptorzI
Something happened. . .
The app must have updated because I opened it to play and it asked me for my name and to pick a profile picture. I put in the name that I’ve used for six years and the same picture and hit Continue. But when the game opened up, it was back to Level 1!! The last time I played this game, I was Level 62 in Diamond Mine. Now I have to start all over again??!?? Whats up with that?? I’m trying to find the link to Restore Purchase to get back where I was, but its nowhere to be found. I’ve spent a lot if time getting to where I was and now its all for nothing. Please get me back to where I was or I may as well just delete the game. 😡😡😡 Update: now my Poker game wont open. The button is darkened and it says that the next Poker game is 00:00, which, in the normal world, means that I should be able to play my one game for today. When I click on it, Apple Store opens up with an option to purchase the unlimited version for $2.99. Really??!? What happened to being able to play one game a day for free?
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9 months ago, MechaSonic2000
I really LOVE this game 💎
This is what I call a REAL Match 3 Puzzle Game, NOT stupid fad scam games like Royal Match which is WORSE than Candy Crush because they get you to waste money on constant purchases and it has ADs that contain RED FLAGS which get you to something foolish. Your game has ADs which can be removed forever, with a one time purchase and I thank you for this wonderful masterpiece. I recommend this game to those who have the misfortune of playing games like Royal Match & Candy Crush. Those who were in the ADs with Red Flags are nothing more than actors who work for greedy business men who want to distribute "Adware" and ruin your privacy, because I know my NetSmartz. In short, I love this game so much, I recommend this to people who play Royal Match.
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7 years ago, Kerchoff
Great game. However....
I've have had this game since 2012. I've enjoyed it to pass time between classes in school and my breaks at work. The game has gone through many questionable updates these past few years with how adds are presented to you. For example, an add will display while you play (nothing wrong with that). What is wrong and a poor marketing decision on EA's part, is to to FREEZE the game while you play. While your game is frozen the add is the only moving part on the top part of your screen. You can wait 10 seconds or click the add and still spend about 10 seconds for you to get back into your game. This annoyance effects game play. The icing on the cake in late 2014, EA offer you to pay 2.99$ to disable all your adds, and they took that away regardless you purchased it or not. I will never trust EA, or any company they own for providing in game services. They want your money. Wether it be micro transactions, or riddle if your screen with adds that freezes your game. Simply put. They do not care, give them money.
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10 months ago, Kidrauhl3194
2 separate ads before I even played 1 game.
I opened the game, ad. Once the ad was over, I clicked one button to start a game… ad. I deleted the app immediately, before playing a game, before the 2nd ad in 1 1/2 minutes even ended, I deleted the app & came to write a review. 2 ads before I even touched a lick of gameplay, I don’t think that’s ever happened even on the cheap low quality ad ridden games. I enjoyed this game back in the day & was excited to find it on the App Store, just such a shame that it’s been souled out for in app purchases to remove ads. (I’m assuming, I couldn’t spend long enough in the main menu between ads to see if removing ads for money was an option) However, I see the game is 4 1/2 stars with 100k+ downloads, so unfortunately I know my thoughts won’t mean much. But in hopes that maybe someone will read this before wasting time to install, here I am to tell you, unless you’ve got extreme patience or money to throw at a free mobile game to be able to enjoy it, stay away.
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9 months ago, nonameforyoutoo
Horrible way to end it
I have been playing this game for more than two decades. This particular download for multiple years itself. This was my go to game of all games. One day I go to play the game and half the screen is a giant white block at the top. I figure it was just an update waiting to be released. So I wait. And I wait. And I wait. Over a year goes by and finally the screen is fixed and no longer taken over by the half-screen monster. But then, after only a few seconds the game crashes and closes out. I try to play again, nope. I look for an update to the game. Nothing. I force close the game. Nada. I turn off and on my phone. Not a chance chicken pants. Not a thing to be found to fix the issue. My last ditch effort was to delete the game and redownload, knowing I would lose literally years of progress. Not a thing was corrected. To me, this was a slap in the face. This game helped me pass some of the most boring of boring and lonely times like a champ. Now it’s dead to me.
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1 year ago, larrylad98
The game is very buggy. Since I first downloaded the app I have had problems with the app freezing sometimes when I’d try to watch an ad or when I’d press “play again”. When it would freeze like that I would have to close the app and if I was playing poker it would reset the game completely or it would make me lose all of my free plays even if I had more left still (supposed to have 3 free plays). I kept having the app close one me in the middle of a game. Closing the app helped but it was frustrating because it took a few tries for it to work. Now when I go into play poker nothing but the green background shows up and it’s even crooked like the animation froze. I’ve tried opening and closing the app and I’ve also tried restarting my phone, nothing is working. I’d really like to not have to delete and reinstall the app.
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5 years ago, Bobsamurai
Relaxation mode
I love zen mode, currently on level 180. You play classic bejeweled, but without the possibility of losing. While playing, you have the option of choosing from several calming ambient sounds like frogs or rain. There’s also an option that sends breath waves through the screen to time your breaths with, and it allows you to adjust the intervals between breaths. It’s really calming for me. If I had 1 suggestion, it would be to add the shuffle feature to zen mode. You already can’t lose so why not? There are several times when the game corners me in and forces me to use my multicolor blocks and it’s kinda irritating that I can’t shuffle the screen, really detracts from the zen mentality. Great feature overall
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10 months ago, Shen13G
Was good
Have played this for a few years. Suddenly as of August 10, 2023 when starting the game a window pops up where you have to enter your year and month of birth. Seems silly for a game like this, but whatever. After doing so the game automatically closes after a few seconds. Tried to open it again and the same thing. I deleted the game and reinstalled it. Same thing! Deleted it again, turned phone off and restarted it. Downloaded the game again and the same thing. Whatever changes you made to the game within the last week, please set it back to the way it was. It’s not an R rated game so I don’t understand what my age has to do with it. I think that asking that now has somehow created a glitch that is causing the game to crash. Please fix it! Right now I give it 1 star because it cannot be played this way. I would have given it five stars if I could still play it the way I used to be able to.
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3 years ago, CBIbanez69
Ice Storm is Absolutely Unplayable.
Wow, way to stick power-ups entirely behind paywalls with no other way to earn them aside from ads that I can only watch when YOU let me. Anyway, Ice Storm is entirely unplayable. It gets to the point where the columns rise way too quickly to react to, even when burning through my very limited shuffles like crazy. The worst part, however, is that during cascades, I can’t make any other moves, meaning I’ll regularly knock down one column of ice on one side, only to be forced to sit still for far more time than I have left, which means that the opposite side freezes despite my spamming of the obvious solution. I’m just trying to get all of the medals so that I can delete this thing already. Imagine getting stunlocked in a puzzle game.
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6 years ago, JulexTrebeck
From favorite game to scamming game
Bejeweled Classic used to be my favorite for years and I even paid to get rid of the ads. Although there are many issues, I’ll list the most irritating: (1) The free Wild Card never works. I even played one day until the remaining time in zero. I immediately clicked on the Wild Card and it had already reset to 24 hours. Mind you, it works fine when you pay for them (2) After 300,00 points, the games cheats you buy skipping steps. For example, if you need and get 3 of a kind, it jumps to you needing Full House. (3) When you error out the first time, you are asked if you want to reshuffle and continue. If you choose continue, the game does never reshuffles.
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6 months ago, AlphaTangoFoxtrot
Love this classic match game
Knocking 2 stars off for a bug in the game where my rank was reset back to 1 and all my badges were lost. I don’t know if I closed the game early while it was still loading or it’s a backend issue but something happened along the way and I feel sad all that progress was lost. I was around rank 30 when it happened. So to other people reading this review, be on the lookout. To other players: If you’re not going to pay to remove ads, there are a lot of ads. Even just opening and closing the menu using the arrow button plays an ad. It’s absurd. EDIT: So it looks like if you play the game without internet connection and then connect back to the internet, it resets your rank. Had it happen to me once again where my rank and badges are reset
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7 months ago, Sionoh
I love this game for the nostalgia but DO NOT but no ads.
I live Bejeweled since its a game that I played as a kid and i reinstalled the game for nostalgia purposes, ads got annoying so i decided to buy no ads for the dollar or two it was, no issues with the game for about 2 weeks, at some point the game just decided to revoke my no ads purchase and replace it with the poker mode unlock. Really upset with that, i like the poker mode but was not intending on paying for it let alone sacrificing my no ads purchase for it. If you want no ads on this game just turn your phones connection off through the settings, they’ll take away your no ads purchase anyway.
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1 year ago, Mrs. Pevot
Good but horrible.
I live this game. Play it a lot. I am SICK of it freezing! I have to delete and re-install it at least once a day. And of course, it’s in the first 25-30 games that the 89 zillion ads repeat themselves; only after about the 59th game do they let you play twice in a row without having to watch 2-3 ads in between. But the BADGES! Those are the WORST! If you get a high score, 10-12 badges in a row can show up, and ear up several MINUTES before you can play again! And the “Continue” button that can stop them is virtually unresponsive; you have to touch it Just So or it ignores you and sends another 30-second badge barrage. But the game is so satisfying in a tactile as well as visual way (though I always turn off the flattery sound) that I still put up with all the maddening freezes and badges. Sure wish you’d fix them, though. SND NOW YOU WANT ME TI SIGN IN, get a password , all that crap—NO!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, geosurmira
Most Recent update needs help! Bug fixes needed
Great game. A real classic. I play often and I’ve always enjoyed this game, until shortly after the most recent update (approximately 2-3 months ago). Over the last month I suddenly can’t play poker. My favorite of them all. It won’t load. Only the background, the green screen, shows and you can hear the game sounds and music, but no visual, cant interact or play the game :-( Please please correct this! Also, ever since you added the poker game if you choose to ‘continue game’ the option is supposed to jumble the gems so you have new moves if you choose to continue, but in poker it does not jumble the jewels, it never did! Please correct this as well :-)
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6 years ago, seschele
I love Bejeweled Classic and been playing it a lot and I mean a lot. So upset now because I’ll start the game and I can hear static then the game immediately goes to my icon on my iPhone. I’ve tried everything on my iPhone to assure the problem isn’t the phone and it’s not. I’ve deleted the app and put it back onto my iPhone many times only to be disappointed that it still didn’t work. I have other games on my iPhone that doesn’t have this problem. I also downloaded many variation to bejeweled and they work. I don’t expect and answer or an explanation as to my problem. Bummed! Announcement 🙃🙃🙃🙃 it works now. How happy I am today. Hooked on the game something fierce. Love Bejeweled!
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4 years ago, Feline42
It’s not like the old days
I really like Bejeweled and I always have. I played Bejeweled 2 a lot and really loved it. Once I could no longer use the app I looked at EA’s more current versions and was kinda disappointed. For one I really liked the space theme of Bejeweled 2 and it’s over all more dark appearance as it’s easier on the eyes. Another thing is that when playing I used to be excited to proceed to another level just to see what the background would look like and what kind planet was portrayed. Now it’s just boring and there aren’t as many backgrounds. I also liked the menus of Bejeweled 2 they weren’t this super stylized floral palacey looking crap, but they were a cool si-fi theme. I like this new version of Bejeweled enough to play it but I would really like to have Bejeweled 2 back if at all possible.
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5 years ago, demeshe
Good for the most part except Butterflies
I’ve enjoyed playing the game for the most part. But it irks me to no end how if the butterfly gets captured by the spider in the Butterflies game, and you agree to watch an ad so you can resume the game, when you’re returned to the game (the same screen you left off from) the spider is carrying away the SAME butterfly AGAIN and you immediately receive “game over” without having had a chance to resume your play, make a single new move, etc.! This has happened to me several times now over the past few months. I don’t get why it hasn’t been fixed. It’s not even worth playing that specific game anymore since I know that even if I watch the ad, the game will still end without allowing me any sort of chance to continue. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Games are fun
Changes itself back to “unpaid” mode and makes me watch way too many ads.
I love this game…until it randomly decides to go back to unpaid mode for a few weeks. The ads (way too many) pop up and stay around for a random amount of time (first time 3 weeks or so, second time about 10 days) and just happened out of nowhere today for who knows how long. This never happens to my husband. Also, apparently this game is not available under the family plan. We both had to buy it separately. I would give this game the highest rating, but when it goes back to ads after I’ve paid, it infuriates me and I want to give it up. But if it happens as it has in the past, it will “fix itself”, maybe this time for good. Yuck.
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11 months ago, Mariah💎
Will not save your progress
I loved this game as a child. I played on a 3DS device lol. I seen in the App Store there was an app and I got so excited! I was playing poker on it and I stopped for a break at around 8 million points. When I came back, the game would not let me in. It did once I restarted me phone. I came back to all my days of progress and carful work gone. I gave it 5 stars because besides this little glitch, it’s the best game ever!!! So many options and music and color! I will never get bored of this game!! Just don’t try to get too high a score or the game will not save the progress. I defiantly recommend to anyone! 💎
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3 years ago, Jps268135
What happened
I bought this game years ago to get rid of the ads and for years it was ad free. Classic is all I play and at some point an update added several more games. I tried a couple of them once or twice and never went back. Then the ads started, at first they were not disruptive. Then they began at startup first only one for 30 seconds then several 30 seconds each. Now the game board is less than half the size of my phone screen with an info screen taking half and an ad link that covers the classic game selection. If I am very careful I can select classic but more times than not I end up selecting the ad and if not the ad one of the three games next to classic trying to avoid the ad. I deleted and reinstalled but nothing changed. I try to play it only a fraction of the time I used to but give up and go to a different game.
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7 months ago, Cheetohead
Mid-game ads and other “improvements” have ruined it
An update or 2 ago introduced ads that would abruptly hijack your phone mid-game, open your browser and take you to a scammy looking webpage. Now the screen just goes black midgame. I’ll be spending my playing time elsewhere until the corporate greed levels are tamped back down to just constant banners and ads between games. 🙄 Oh, and you guys ruined the formerly perfect Butterflies game by introducing the unstoppable onslaught of butterflies up the outermost columns WAY too early in the game. Almost impossible to score 2M any more, so why bother playing at all when my high scores from prior to this “improvement” will never be within reach again. Here’s a thought—maybe just rewind things to back where they worked and then stop ruining a great game with bad updates.
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2 years ago, Lizzy Lionheart
Loses Your Status
I’ve enjoyed this game for many years. But earlier this year there was an update & it kicked my whole profile out. I was at level 201. When I try to enter my info to get back in it loops back around to make an account. So started allllllll over at level 1 again with a new id. This time i got up to 101. Then by golly if it did it again. This time it said something about we’ve add a few extra bursts of this & that. Back at level 1 again >: ( This game has helped this Veteran detach & chill out during some rough times over the years. I am really saddened & discouraged by the random kicking me out & “update glitches”! I also don’t have access to the original email umpteen years ago when i first set this up. All these years i never had any problems; only just this year, twice now. Even tried to “contact us” thru different means, only for the system to loop back around on the hamster wheel of “please sign in” ! Frustrating, can’t even contact them, when none of the FAQ don’t help as well. I should be at level 302 by now. Over the years I’ve recommended this game to friends & family. Now, i am unable to do that. Wonder if they actually read these posts?!!
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5 years ago, Sylveon8269
Missing Game Mode and Limited Poker Mode
This is By far the Best iOS/Android Port of Bejeweled 3 from PC! But I really miss Quest Mode. I mean It’s what made this game Shine and Stand out from Bejeweled 1, 2, Twist, And Stars for that matter, (I mentioned Stars because there are no “Hearts” and “Limited Swaps” and no “Goal” to reach. But I Would love, love, LOVE to see Quest Mode in a future update sometime soon. Now about Poker Mode! The best part is that it is easier to play than the real deal, but why put money into playing it as many times as you want without having to wait 20 something odd hours. Long story short, I wanna see Quest Mode added as well as Unlimited plays of Poker Mode from the Get-Go. With that said, I hope y’all incorporate Quest Mode in the next update. Have a great day!
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4 weeks ago, Emma Knutson
I've had Bejeweled installed across my devices since 2016. That's 8 whole years. Many years ago I purchased the ad removal to eliminate the UNGODLY amount of advertisements, and it made the gaming experience great. I have opened this app at least once in the last week to play a round of Diamond Mine (my favorite gameplay option) and everything was as normal. No ads... because my past self PAID for that! Today I opened the app, and I was IMMEDIATELY shown a pop up ad after the loading screen. I hadn't even CLICKED on anything! I attempted to "Restore Purchases" to hopefully fix the issue, but NOTHING changed. The app is now virtually unusable again. More time is spent begrudgingly watching/waiting to skip the unbearable advertisements than actually playing anything. I have never encountered this in all my years of enjoying this app. I came here to the reviews to see if other players had the same complaint, and what do you know... It is a VERY common and seemingly recent issue! WTH happened?! I loved this game, but now I am seriously considering uninstalling it. Not that it matters or affects the people/company that owns the app... They got my $2.99 eons ago. Nice try, but I'm NOT giving it to you a second time. 👎🏻
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3 years ago, JR 1of5
This game is the Kis Nit, it is very good if you stick with it or don’t. It is good for killing time, it gets better the longer you stay with it. I even considered buying the paid version, witch I don’t do often, only when I’m sure I’ll get my monies worth. Yes I’m cheep but I have money too play with and spend. I mean they give the things away after all and their free. I deal with the ad’s. Why pay for them? This has several options too choose from for killing time. It has a classic version a zen & poker version are the ones I play most of the time. It has a ice version but I don’t play that one much.
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3 years ago, Ferngear
Instant Replay Changes
Love this game, one of my favorites. After a big blast, it gives the option of instant replay, which is useful to see what happened in an unexpected cascade. However, when I replay the move, the gems that drop down from the top are different in the replay than the original. If you replay it the slotted three times, you end up with a totally different outcome and set of gems. It’s done this a few times now. I guess it’s cool if you want to shuffle, but tends to replay with fewer cascading matches than the original play, so it doesn’t eliminate as many.
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10 months ago, Katz321Juno
Every update gets worse
Many updates ago, ads were massively implemented: every time you first open the game, when you tap any game mode, when you tap any settings or other ui icons, when you finish a game, when you finish a level, and when you back out of anywhere (settings, badges, stats, and game modes). The most recent update added 2 more things to make it even worse: 1) You are asked, actually required, to enter your birth month and birth year upon first opening the game. 2) The game consistently crashes within 20 seconds of opening the game, with and without internet connection. There's also the fact that the "privacy practices" are basically nonexistent, I've never seen an app with that many things being tracked, it's absurd and not at all required nor necessary, in fact it is disgusting.
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8 months ago, SimulatedBeing
Okay…to a point
Bejeweled Classic is really fun and I have played it a lot. However, not long after my purchase I noticed that “Restore Purchase” no longer works. I ended up re-installing the app and it worked fine. Not long after, the issue popped up again. I paid for the ad-free experience, but keep having to restore purchase even when playing on the same device. I’m disappointed because this is clearly a known issue but the developer hasn’t done anything to fix it. I know that similar games monetize with subscription fees and can’t help but feel that the “bug” it might be a ploy to get players to keep shelling out money to make it ad-free. Hopefully this is fixed because then I can give this app the higher rating that the gameplay deserves.
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2 years ago, PuffyNinja13
Love the game but the app freezes too much
Fun game that I play while relaxing before bed. Or in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Bad sleeping habits, I know. The game is 100% perfect. The app is 100% frustrating since it freezes or runs really slow after playing about 8-10 games most of the time. I have a newer IPhone and my wifi and cell service are fine so it’s for sure the app. Recently I went to play since I still like the game that much, and all my super amazing high scores were gone! It said to select restore data. That did nothing. So it wants me to start all over from the beginning?!?! All my hours of time and long nights were for nothing? But seriously guys fix your app.
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4 months ago, Kaneko Ivy
Bug 😕
This is one of my favorite phone games; it’s exactly what a good app game should be with a not too expensive option to remove adds. Unfortunately, at some point the app updated and now the top section of the interface is missing on the Diamond Mine mode, and it’s just a white bar where the timer should be. I tried deleting and reinstalling it, but nothing fixes it. And when the time gets low, the entire white bar flashes red and hurts your eyes. I can’t find any way to contact EA to report a bug, so I’m leaving this review instead to try and get the developer’s attention. Please fix this bug! Diamond Mine was my favorite game mode prior to this bug so it was super disappointing. I’ll happily change my rating to 5 stars if this fixed, because I love the app! Just very sad there’s no way to report bugs :(
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2 years ago, Cosmicnana
Great except for ad scam
I’ve been playing this for years. At one point I decided to pay for No Ads. And for a while I saw no ads…heaven. Then suddenly, this week, ads started popping up again. I thought, “Maybe it was only No Ads for a certain length of time.” So I tried buying it again. But a message popped up saying “You already bought this. Would you like it again for free?” Or a close paraphrase. I clicked Ok. Goes what? Ads popped up again. I repeated trying to buy it, and was asked if I want it for free again. You see what’s happening? You’re having to see an ad and react to it…again and again. So…ads. Not a happy camper.
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8 months ago, ColonelCheez
Buggy on my iPhone 15 iOS 17
I have been playing Bejeweled since before the iPhone was released & it was my first app purchase when I got my first iPhone (6s I believe). It’s a fantastic fast paced puzzle game that is great when you have a few minutes to kill. I’ve gotten hours out of this game. However, I just upgraded to a 15 Pro & the app is trying glitchy. Images aren’t rendering correctly, the game space isn’t cropped correctly, and I’m lucky if the app doesn’t crash after less than a minute of playtime. I really really hope they patch the game & optimize it for the new iOS because right now it’s flat out not playable on my phone.
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10 months ago, Eldoctooor
Game Breaking Update
It was already annoying enough that every so often the app reset all of my progress, put me back to zero, and forced me to watch unskippable game tutorials But today's update has completely broken the game and made it unplayable. It forced a sign in and a birthday check (which is ridiculous), but once I was back in the game, it crashes after a set amount of time. Sometimes I get one move, sometimes three, but it's always within 30 seconds of getting into the game I love Bejeweled, but it looks like I'll be playing a different game for awhile until this game breaking sev0 bug gets fixed
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1 year ago, Depopbepop
Game has changed
The game used to be very fun and relaxing for me, especially on zen mode, where I wasn’t forced to be pressured with a timer or lives like similar games (candy crush and royal match for example), but it is still an option in different game modes for those who like the challenge. But I noticed it’s significantly slower in terms on gameplay and performance. It’s also littered with ads. Lord know we have enough games where you have to watch ad after ad while progressing. I don’t want to watch ads while loading up a game, nor see them at the top of the screen while playing. I can’t always have my phone on airplane mode to deter the ads either. It was nice before the game became a sellout, now it’s just disappointing.
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10 months ago, 虎猫ちゃん
Unplayable (ads and crashes)
TL;DR: Do NOT pay money for this!! If you want to play this for free, it’s incredibly frustrating because there are too many ads. Everything you do causes an ad to come up, even just opening the menu on the home screen in an attempt to change settings will cause a 30+ second ad to take over, and you are forced to sit through it until it’s over. Sometimes you’re forced to interact with it in order to move on. If you do end up paying to get rid of the ads (like I did), you still can’t play because the game crashes after doing a handful of gem swaps (at best). It depends. I’ve had it crash on me after swapping only a single gem around, and four moves was the most I managed to make before it crashed again. This was not worth-the money.
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