Bell Bank Mobile

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Bell Bank
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3 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bell Bank Mobile

4.53 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Arizona Mayor
Great Bank Application
The Bell Bank application is easy to use and is an extremely useful tool, in maintaining control of your finances. The menu feature shows the user, all of the choices, that are available, to manage various banking functions. I deposit checks, using the mobile application on my smartphone and find this service to be invaluable. Being able to deposit checks remotely saves me time and money. Thanks for offering such a great banking application!
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8 months ago, AcRodrgz3
Not Cool!
So I am user that has an older model phone such as iPhone 6 Plus that doesn’t have a IOS software over 13.0 and I am being punished for it how is that fair I can’t access my account via mobile now because you re route me to the update and I can’t use mobile deposit anymore either now. If I choose to go on another electronic device I can access my accounts but I can’t use mobile deposit for that for that option is not available because it’s not a phone. My point here is why should people who don’t have the latest technology or can’t afford it be punished and we can’t access my accounts like we used too. Now I can’t even use the app anymore so there goes a convenience for me and many many others. I get things evolve but you should be able to evolve apps but still be able to have access for other users who unfortunately don’t have that capability. Love Bell Bank but this didn’t make me happy and now I have adjust as does many others.
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4 years ago, Jfarming
Decent but could be improved
The app does its job and updates account balances. It’d be great to see it update automatically after a transaction - like the current balance immediately following a debit card transaction, but it often takes a day or three to show. I also really wish they had an option to label what the transaction is. Whether it be adding a tag or changing the name of the transaction. It’d make it so much easier for me to complete my budget at the end of the month when I don’t always remember what/why I spent certain places. So - I love Bell bank and their app works but it’s nothing crazy special for a banking app. Also - the past month or so I haven’t been able to access my accounts via the app because it closes and shows an error message. It tells me to try again later. It started working again for a week but is now back to the same error message. It stinks!
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3 years ago, TheLoonLaker
Easy Banking
Bell Bank’s mobile app is a must for anyone who wants to easily keep track of their bank accounts. I make mobile deposits often which saves me from having to drive to the bank and from misplacing checks that have not been cashed or deposited. Plus the funds are in the account balance quickly. The only thing I would love to have added is the ability to check off debits and credits on the app when I balance my checking account. Adding a box that can be checked so that my check register and the app match would save me from having to double check if/when a debit cleared.
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4 years ago, tired bou
Do NOT like having to change my password or being locked out of my account. Screws things up: for example, I once had fingerprint access and your blocking my account until I picked a new password caused me to lose my fingerprint access to all my accounts. None of my other accounts require changes! Your answer does not respond to this comment. I KNOW you require a password change. That is my complaint! NONE of my other accounts do this. No proof changing passwords every 6 months is foolproof either. Why not 3, 1, weekly or daily? BUT if you insist every 6 months, send an update in advance to avoid being locked out! Too much work? Then think about the too much work you create for customers by locking them out.
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4 years ago, JLew from Minne
Everything in a touch of a button!
Dashboard to interface, this makes online banking simple. I’m able to manage our main accounts and our kids accounts all on one dashboard. Our kids have their first active accounts and are able to manage their own checking and savings accounts with a quick touch. Couple this app with the unbelievable Bell Bank service and I have everything I need in a banking relationship.
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2 years ago, brianpattison
Good bank, bad app
I like Bell Bank, but the app is horrible. I’ll give it more than one star because I can log in and view my transactions, but the app experience is a website interface wrapped in bad decisions. It’s ugly, there’s no native app feel at all, everything feels off and glitchy. I hope they focused all the development time on security, but I seriously doubt it. I constantly get logged out where Face ID doesn’t log me in, I have to log in again manually. And then I might have to disable Face ID login and enable it again to get it working. The Push Notifications are worthless. You just get a notification that says “You have a new message” when you enable transaction alerts. Every credit card I have allows me to be notified of every transaction with the merchant and the amount in the notification, and it happens immediately after I swipe my card. I’m only writing this review because I was prompted in the app to rate it, which goes against App Store guidelines, so that’s also wonderful.
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4 years ago, Ken Bolin
Thanks to Bell Bank They’ve Got What It Takes
We’ve found in our dealings with Bell Bank we feel that it’s not just the local people. But not matter who you need to talk with all are as pleasant as you could ever find. We believe our starting out in a new location, it was a great blessing to find Bell Bank. As the local people make it a point to get to know you and always interact with you very pleasant to us. Thanks to all of the Bell Bank family Ken and Mavis Bolin
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2 years ago, DJM1945
User friendly
This app is very user friendly. I appreciate the fact that it is a very comprehensive application for the accounts. I have accounts at other financial institutions and they provide limited account information. I appreciate the fact that senior management has allocated the funds necessary to provide this detailed information to its customers.
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4 years ago, aakrens
So convenient!
I love that my husband and I can instantaneously see what we have in our account from our phones. It makes for more accurate budgeting, financial awareness, and convenience of managing your accounts. We’ve used the mobile check-cashing feature and that’s worked flawlessly. I have only used the app for simple services, but have not had any glitches to note.
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2 years ago, lpkber
Needs improvement
The user interface looks more like a webpage launched through an app shell, than a well-designed modern app. One of the most frustrating pieces is when you are using Face ID for easy authentication, if you close the app and then go back to it, rather than giving you another log in success you just get a white screen and nothing happens. You have to hard close the app and then re-launch to get it to log in again. The bank is great, I hope the app gets a major upgrade to match its competitors
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2 years ago, sweatbunz
Love this app and this bank!
This is the only bank where you can reach an actually person without having to hold for an hour! We moved out of state a year ago and I refuse to change banks because of my ease of doing business with Bell. In addition to this, the app is so great , easy to use and at my fingertips!
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2 years ago, bk4000
Love the new features.
It took couple of iterations but the bank-to-bank transfers are working great. I use it on weekends so there is an extra day in there but it works great. Getting the link set up for the first time requires some additional steps but I had no problems. Great job! I live out of state so I use it frequently.
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4 years ago, Bobj1212
Thank you so much for allowing banking on my phone . I am on a computer all day at work, therefore I don’t like to be on a computer at home in the evening to do my banking and prefer to be on my phone. Your app allows me to do that. Nice app, but it would be great to have more filters. For instance I don’t want to see all of my change savers transactions. Thanks again!
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3 years ago, Ajkrog
App Isssue
The app keeps logging me out after about a minute. It’s really difficult to balance a checkbook when I get logged out. If I try to login again, it says something went wrong and won’t show the accounts. Update: My issue was fixed and I am extremely happy with the app.
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4 years ago, Sande_azure
HATE the bill pay!
I do not like the bill pay at all! I do not like that when you pay a bill that amount is not taken out immediately. I understand that by doing them in batches is safer, however very unrealistic for this day & age. I like to see the balance after my bills have been paid, but if one of the companies needs to have a check it doesn’t process until that check is cashed. Also, why does it take so many days when everything is electronic?!? Please revamp!
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1 year ago, Mkematt
Not as feature rich as other bank apps
It’s ok. I can’t see old accounts. It’s super basic. Looks outdated and written by a programmer not a UX person. I’d love to see it updated to be more user friendly, I.e. fewer clicks to get anywhere, more useful info on a screen, less wasted space, more streamlined, and access to past accounts. It does what it needs to do for the most part but not very pleasantly.
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3 years ago, Epayne16
Bad update
I don’t know why but in the most recent update the camera to deposit checks got flipped. It uses the vertical camera, but flips the image to be horizontal. This means that it requires a lot of thought and moving of the check to actually get it into frame as all your camera movement are backwards. This didn’t happen for a friend, so It may have been a glitch. However, there was no button to flip the camera which would have made it much easier.
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1 year ago, Soon2Bskinnygal
Easy to check balances and activity
Great way to check balances and activity. Have multiple accounts and I wish they could lock the screen a bit so that simple scrolling doesn’t result in accidental drag and drop of the accounts, thus reordering them, but that’s my only complaint.
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5 years ago, kato💖
Online banking at BELL BANK
Love to be able to access my checking and savings account information so I can keep track of my money - plus you can look up if you need to confirm a payment was made or transfer money from savings to checking or vice versa - such a time - saving convenience. Thankyou Bell Bank !! 👍
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5 years ago, KikiEhRico
Typically logging in, all I need to do is check my balance, at times the balance isn’t correct which concerns me, so I usually will resort to calling to ensure the right amount. When I receive my check and not able to reach a bank near me I can take a picture and it works easily and helps save time. Transferring is instant. Loads very slowly, and hard to receive information when the app is “updating”.
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4 years ago, Beeball 66
Great banking app
Move easily from one account to another, transfer cash, make deposits. Saves a lot of time! Unlike some other bank apps, Bell Bank app allows you to view past statements for many months. I have a competitor app that only goes back 30 days-very frustrating.
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2 years ago, iwrestledasquirrelonce
Nice & convenient — when it works
I enjoy how convenient and easy the app is to maneuver but it seems to have an issue or bug with it roughly twice a week which can be irritating when I want to know how much I have in my bank accounts. Probably just needs to be updated more frequently, but what can you expect from a North Dakota based company amirite.
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5 years ago, Lyssa Laddusaw
Sense I got this App I never have to call into my bank again to see what’s in my account and what’s pending to come out or why it’s negative or what came in it’s amazing also I love that you can just transfer money into ur checking account from your savings account in just a min. All around amazing App!
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4 years ago, Christina Leach
I have been with Bell Bank for well over a DECADE and the service has always been NEXT LEVEL!!! I’ve referred all my family, in laws and friends to them, as well as many of my colleagues and clients!! I Will NEVER switch to another bank! Thank you for upholding the respectful, honest and truthful ideals that are the TRUE American way!!
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1 year ago, Korea war vet.
What is this title line?
The app is OK but this changing the password periodically is A bother! And it would be nice to get some interest on our checking accounts. Now I can’t find the button to send away! All that shows is cancel.....🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Nowthe send symbol shows up!
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4 years ago, user22122122
Glitchy mobile deposit
When entering in the amount of a mobile deposit the numbers on the buttons will get highlighted/selected; when this happens the “button” cannot be pressed until you touch somewhere else and deselect the text/number on the button. The numbers on the face of the buttons should be in the background and not selectable so they do not interfere with putting in the payment amount.
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4 years ago, fargoadvice
Best Banking App!
This app brings everything you’ve ever wanted from your bank and makes it easily accessible from a mobile app! From paying bills to checking balances, do it all from here. Thank you for bringing all the latest features for all, Bell Bank!
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4 years ago, olsonbrians
Getting asked to review the site after making me scroll through a lot of narrative that I needed to “agree” with, is not a great idea. You made the information available. Was that required by law? What percentage of customers read it? Does it matter if we read it or do you just hope we scroll through and don’t pay attention? Your customer service is consistently top notch. This, however, was stupid.
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4 years ago, Billnie50
Easy to use
I find the app easier to use than going online through the web. The facial recognition with my iPhone is quite convenient. It is simple to transfer between multiple accounts. This is a very well designed app.
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4 years ago, Bossa NoOne
Pretty Slick - just like in the bank!
I hate when frequently visited businesses DON’T make a dedicated app - or worse- they do bother to make one and it’s a buggy heap of steaming... Fortunately Bell has done it right. Especially like the fingerprint integration. Great Stuff! - edit The Face ID works like a peach as well. Keep it up Bell!
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4 years ago, Zoomer5477
Love the bank, love the app!
If you’re banking anywhere else - stop immediately and switch. I changed over 3 years ago and am so happy with my choice. I’ve had great support from the staff at the Woodbury location - even when I was overseas for 7 months! The best!!!
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1 year ago, beast123rules
Easy to use
Th Bell Bank app is easy to use and understand. It simplifies my banking and gives me excellent access to the information I need quickly and without leaving my home.
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2 years ago, RJ7899
Clunky, difficult to navigate, much easier to pay bills without the app
I have to use this app to pay bills because the website can’t handle Safari. I’ve talked to Bell about this problem 3 or 4 times, no satisfaction. So I have to use the app. Impossible to add new vendors to my list, difficult to navigate to different parts of the screen. App is not designed for use with mobile phone. You need to do a lot better, Bell
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4 years ago, dyussen
What happened!
Your new and improved mortgage system is a disgrace. Not only did you take away the ability to make a payment by transfer but also the functionality is not integrated? Five steps backward making us go to an awful awful website to make payments and requires me to enter all of my bell bank account information to make a payment..hello it's your own bank. Disaster.
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4 years ago, Keleep
Very easy to use
I’ve been using Bell Bank’s app for a couple years now. It’s always been easy to use. Clear and smooth functions from checking balances and transferring money to their Bill Pay option. Great app!
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5 years ago, nstpaul55109
Real time?
One thing I feel would make this app complete is a real time account total. I understand what happens; but, as with my previous bank, when I would swipe my card the transaction showed instantly. With this particular app, it can take 1-3 days. Which is frustrating when balancing a check book.
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4 years ago, howarddarwin
Pretty buggy
This app isn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not super easy to use either. Uploading checks is especially slow and frustrating, and once they are uploaded there is no indication that the deposit is pending so no way to know if you were successful or not. It’s decent enough but could use some better ux.
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2 years ago, mbkerk
Outstanding app for an outstanding bank! I use it all the time. Works great for mobile check deposits and for keeping an eye on transaction history.
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4 years ago, BlueHearted
Convenient and Reliable
App is really convenient to use, and it is reliable. Super easy to transfer money from one account to another, and I can deposit checks within minutes.
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4 years ago, PeavedOffHousewife
Does what it needs to...
Unavailable sometimes and sometimes crashes, but a majority of the time it works as intended. I understand the security concept of constantly changing your password but it’s a nightmare when something goes wrong and you’re locked out.
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4 years ago, ZeroWingsX
I came to Bell Bank after another bank, hearing great thoughts from others. The mobile app is the worth experience. Every bank I’ve used, you swipe your card, and the record of that shows up and “deducts” from your account, giving you an accurate balance of your account. This app does the opposite. I don’t see transactions for days. And it doesn’t even update on the weekends, when I am using my card the most.
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5 years ago, UNDFootballFanatic
The only downfall I can think of is that transactions don’t alert you by text right away. For instance a low balance may not register as a text until the next day. It would be nice if once the low balance hits it immediately sent out a text or a large purchase, etc.
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4 years ago, eagle lake home
I have some problems getting into my account i called and i was assured that the problem had been solved and it still is a problem occasionally but it is not serious
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2 years ago, Craig Irwin
Great App
It is so nice to be able to move money from multiple accounts without leaving your home or office. Simple, easy, user friendly and a time saver! Thanks Bell Bank!
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3 years ago, WeLove21
We absolutely love Bell Bank and it’s online app - depositing checks, seeing balances, and transferring between accounts has never been so easy! It’s all at our fingertips!! Thank you, Bell Bank, for always putting your customers first!!!
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4 years ago, 123123:;
Just a easy to use reliable app. They should have some financial links and free classes to help those who’s money means more because they have less... but work harder. Time for big money to do big things. Thanks
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4 years ago, Whoever's Next
Clumsy app
Every time I use this app, it seems like there’s something I need to do in order to login and access the information I am seeking. I use facial recognition on an iPhone (works fairly seamlessly on other apps), and Bell always asks me to re-enroll, type in my password, change my password, read some legal document or whatever! I believe these inconveniences are related to the app platform, as I never have issues with other banking or financial apps.
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4 years ago, Mjacques87
Bell Bank has amazing service
Both their app and overall customer service are 5+ stars! I would never go with another bank! If you’re trying decide, just go with Bell! You won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, Catzeeaw
Rating Bell Bank App
I want to Thank You for having the fingerprint log in it makes my life so much easier because l have problems with remembering my password also no one else can get in to my records 5 stars
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