Benefits by WEX

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WEX, Inc.
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9 months ago
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13.6 or later
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User Reviews for Benefits by WEX

4.17 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
6 months ago, dmullig
The app does what it’s meant to do
The WEX Benefits app is a good companion to the web site. I can check claims, upload receipts as required by WEX, etc. Nothing fancy, which is just what this type of app should be. The only issue I have is that when I go back to the home/main page, the app crashes and closes. I can reopen and login and get around, but it consistently crashes when going back to the main page. Even after updates and with different phones.
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3 years ago, GradyBear
Dishonest & Untrustworthy
I am extremely upset with this service. The fact that they are denying a medical payment before the start of the year, as if I can control when I have a medical emergency, is on the verge of customer abuse. Why would a legitimate medical bill be denied for payment just for being accrued before the beginning of the year? I understand that due to IRS regulations require that the tax free money be spent on medical services only, but to control a customers money to this extent means that someone would have to suffer medical pain or other issues until the following year just so that they “qualify” for payment. I expected better than this, and now I feel that I need to warn everyone about such a shady & dishonest practices. Next year, I have no intention or trust to put my money in this FSA ever again, as well as either report this company to the Better Business Bureau and keep as many other customers from using this service. I also feel that reporting these issues on social media will inform current & future customers from using & being abused by such distasteful services.
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2 months ago, Mike-Omaha
Massive Usability Decline
I’ve been using this app exclusively for several years; it mostly has worked flawlessly. Especially when using EOB documents from Cigna. Now all of a sudden, in February of 2024 it won’t work at all for me. Thinking it might be a recent iOS update that has thrown the app off somehow, but it’s gone from great to horrible. I’ve submitted two claims so far for this year and it worked as it always has, flawlessly. The last two claims I’ve tried to submit either act as if they’ve completed, but don’t show in the log of claims and don’t subtract the amount of the claim from my available balance. Or the app just suddenly closes at the point I touch the ‘Pay’ button and all of the claim information that was input is gone. I’ve filed a case number with Wex but the representatives that I’ve spoke with seem ambivalent to the whole issue, candidly. Very disappointing and frustrating to have something g that works so easily for an otherwise tedious process, suddenly go so bad. I hope it will get resolved!!
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3 years ago, Noco Diane
They want me to pay them back for something I paid for!
Last summer I had a severe case of trigger finger I went to a doctor at urgent care and he issued me a Breg hand and wrist brace to help with the pain. This FSA company denied payment on the brace. I got statements from Breg,so I paid them directly. This FSA company kept telling me they needed receipts so I sent them the receipt of what I paid for. Now they’re telling me I have to pay back the money to them, for what they never paid for in the first place. This is really messed up! I ended up having to go and get physical therapy done on my hand because of the pain. Also I ended up having to have Cortizone shots in my fingers. They’re giving me the runaround about that now. I had an overage so I know they kept a certain amount of money that I didn’t get to use up, and they still want me to pay them back more for something they never paid for in the first place. What a joke! If there were anyway that I could drop the FSA right now for this year, I would.
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2 years ago, Gadgetholic
App has potential but has a few frustrating quirks
This app has significant potential. I like being able to check my balance and upload receipts. But it doesn’t coordinate with my insurance and therefore the app doesn’t work as well as another I had in the past. It automatically asks me for receipts/aka EOBs whereas my old provider used to automatically reimburse me for obvious things like a copay at a Doctor’s office. Also I had a lab refund my FSA card as they should not have charged me. The customer service rep I called at Wex said they saw the credit and it should take 1-2 months to rectify it. That was four months ago so I’m missing out on submitting another item. I used the app to contact customer service via email and after I hit send instead of getting a confirmation that my question was sent - the app announced that it had “timed out for inactivity”. 2021 just won’t go away!
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2 years ago, PPP meditator
WEX deactivated my FSA debit card for erroneous denial of $99 lab test payment
I just got WEX through my employer for the 1st time in 2022. Things seemed to be going ok with WEX until they denied my $99 payment for the lab copay for prenatal genetic testing - despite adequate receipts and documentation - because the blood sample collection date at my doctor’s office was not the same date as the test date or results released date. WEX turned off my FSA debit card while I disputed the denial, which meant that three separate providers had to call and tell me my payment on file (WEX FSA card) had been denied. So I had to give the providers my original credit card information in order to get my medications. In the meantime, I submitted to WEX more than $99 worth of reimbursable expenses that I wasn’t able to pay with my deactivated WEX card. This was a real pain to try to resolve, and I still don’t even know if it’s resolved yet. DISSATISFIED.
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1 year ago, No customers for you
Wex mobile app rejecting receipts from 2022
I have 2022 funds left and am well before the deadline to submit receipts. Last week I uploaded a receipt for 2022 and everything went great. I then attempted to submit my next 2022 receipt 5 minutes later and got a rejection notice essentially stating that the date had to be 2023! After emailing and calling customer service, no one seems to know how to correct this issue on the mobile app. 2022 funds are still reimbursable and receipts should not be rejected. Customer service only could say that I can upload my receipts to the website instead. I prefer using the mobile app as I always have my phone with me and it’s faster. Why can’t anyone correct the app to continue to take 2022 receipts when you still have a balance before the deadline??
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2 years ago, user 103827
Very disappointed
They have made it more difficult to submit claims. Before you could upload a receipt and be done. Now you have to answer so many questions and be so specific in what it is. If it’s a doctor visit then it’s a doctor visit. Instead you have to explain in detail what it’s for or you cannot submit your claim. And it doesn’t give you enough options to pick from and I don’t know why when you see the receipt is used for a hospital, or a doctors visit why you have to have a receipt for each visit. Another issue is the paperwork sent has to have so much information for what you were seen for or they deny your payment and freeze your card. Then you sit on hold for 2 hours and get disconnected and never get to speak with a person. The app gets a one star and I’d give the business no stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Lehroi
App loads in portrait mode and will not rotate, it is frozen
Within the last several weeds the mobile app has started opening up in the portraits mode and freezes there, it will not rotate to the horizontal mode. All other apps will rotate if I wish. My problem is that when entering data the screen is then on a different axis than the attached typewriter keyboard that I use. Customer service knows nothing of this. I use Apple products and they ran tests and believer they software of the app has been updated for the iPhone and not the ipad. I use the ipad. As I said CS at DBI is total unaware of how to redolve theses issues, and were not even aware of then. I will try to contact the supervisory level and let them know. In other aspects the app is working, but there are certainly features that I would improve.
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3 years ago, olhargy86
Too restrictive; clueless customer service
The app is easy to use so it gets a 2nd star from me. But WEX as a company so far has been a nightmare this year (my company just switched FSA to WEX). When they had insufficient receipts (they wanted more than just a charge to a medical specialist), and an issue with something needed covering right before my plan year began Summer 2021, they (1) CANCELLED my card, which meant I had to pay from my own bank and file claims with them every time for weeks, defeating the purpose of having the card, and (2) responded in customer service via phone by saying they “didn’t know” what to do no couldn’t elevate to any sort of supervisor. My issue is still yet to be resolved September 2021.
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8 months ago, S Harrell
Shows paid bills as unpaid & has doubles of some bills
I used to like having my HSA account so I could pay my medical bills with money taken out of every paycheck. But recently I noticed some bills that I know for a fact I've paid are showing as unpaid. Some bills show up twice for the same amount, sometimes one of them says paid and the other is unpaid. Nothing about this app makes sense. I actually got suckered into paying a lab bill that I didn't need to pay because it was a repeat of one I'd already covered. I'm most likely going to get rid of my Wex card and just start paying out of pocket for my medical expenses because I'd much rather do that than be screwed over by an app.
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2 years ago, terrible servic
The requirements for the use of this card are completely ridiculous! It is beyond me why you can submit a claim that literally has the name Fiesta Dental on it as that is my dentist and they need more information. Are you kidding me! I am not there for drinks at happy hour. It should not be that complicated. You submit a receipt they decline it and request additional information. I do not have time to run all over town to get additional copies because you all require more information. I am not the only employee who feels this way. Several of my coworkers have had their cards locked too. We have voiced our concerns with Human Resources and I can assure you they are looking at more friendly options for their staff members. A one star rating is generous.
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3 years ago, KKtheGreat10
I really appreciate the help. There is no way that I could’ve afforded this unexpected bill, as I have my own bills to pay. I’m so grateful that my Dad can continue to be cared for. I can rest easy without the stress of him wandering due to his early onset of dementia followed by a stroke that he suffered. Hopefully his daycare will be opening in the near future. I just want You to know that your kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thank You so much and many blessings wished to all that provided this fund. I wholeheartedly appreciate You. I can’t thank You enough.
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3 years ago, Seroy1
Not the best FSA app
I work for a state government and I’ve use many different companies in the past. The application from Webex is truly one of the worst that I’ve used so far. There are many things that need to be improved compared to what I consider to be the five star application that they’re wishing for. The fact that it doesn’t remember anything about where you previously entered and you have to keep everything in all the time it’s absolutely terrible! Keep trying hopefully they’ll get it right eventually. But I new year is coming along so I imagine will get a different contractor that won the contract hopefully it’ll be one that has the better app than this company.
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2 years ago, iuipi
Too much
Should be easier. The benefits off card like pharmacy buying online are hard to do but the ones online are easy now why is that. I can’t seem to get my documents straight with a receipt why is that I don’t think I should have to call all the time or get locked out. The easiest thing and the must reliable and it locks me out or needs a receipt. Don’t know what to do guess I’m going to call again. Oh. It keeps shutting off on me. My nickname is taken. Go figure how long
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2 years ago, Kahlua82315
Logs me out without warning
VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I like that the app is convenient and makes it easy to scan documents right in for submission, however, it is causing loud growling, foul words and grinding of teeth when I hit the Submit button after tediously entering all the data and a photo that does not get stored on my phone…I have to re-login and do it all over again!!! Aaaarrrggghh! It would be good if it gave a pop-up asking to keep going or to hit ok that I need more time, or such. This is the first year I have to use WEX for medical expenses and this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and not looking forward to 2022. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!
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9 months ago, Spyrow424
After all this time!
Who would have thought? This app is still trash. Customer service rates just as high. Employers if you can avoid Wex, DO IT! The time lost to productivity is HIGH when Wex is the health care FSA/HSA provider. Why? Cause employees spend more time doing workarounds trying to get these people their documentation that they turn around and say isn’t applicable. In short this app is still broken. I have reported this while working with previous employers that also used Wex and low and behold, after multiple updates and patches… it’s still broken. ::insert eye roll here:: If you are looking for a time sucking, productivity vampire, then this is your 5 star best choice. Otherwise don’t do it. Your employees will hate you for it.
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2 years ago, Reviews by Randi
Great app! Very simple and smooth process
This is a very expeditious way to file claims and check status. Our family is better able to submit claims and get reimbursement. Thanks for such a smooth process! Two opportunities for future development: 1) default end date of service to the date entered for start date since most submission dates match 2) default the service recipient to the last user name rather than alphabetical.
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2 years ago, taylor19971982
They make it so difficult
I have to call them so many times. Always receiving emails saying something was denied or card is suspended because the doctors office hasn’t sent in the EOB. Still getting emails cuz I had crowns and the debris had to make crowns so took them few weeks yet WEX constantly bothers me about it. I call in different issue and they start talking about that claim. If they want forms. Hey here’s an idea call that doctor and not me. I don’t have forms you need. Stop stressing me out about it. Reimbursements are a pain. Wouldn’t have to do them if card wasn’t suspended due to you waiting on forms. I’m sick calling y’all. After I use all the money I put into it im never using WEX again!!!!!
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2 years ago, very poor program
Inadequate system
Nearly all the submitted claims are rejected because the reviewer does not adequately review the submitted materials. The system needs to assess the submitted claim instead of only looking at balance due. A receipt is generated from the provider after the payment has been made, which will show a 0 balance due. The amount of the payment is contained in the information contained in the above information. Login process is cumbersome and you are logged out so quickly, you have to log in multiple times while working on a submission. The funds available are my own funds, and I should be able to easily access the funds.
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1 year ago, Mtnbikechiq
Not working properly with iOS 16.3.1 update
Overall this app has been very convenient to have and use. Being able to immediately upload receipts and check past payments is extremely helpful. Unfortunately, with the recent iOS update (iOS 16.3.1) the App is not functioning as it did previously. Deleting and reinstalling the App (as the Wex representative suggested despite a long discussion) did not correct the issue so am hoping my comment here will reach the Developer(s) and/or Wex IT dept.
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3 years ago, cabj52
New mobile app user
Very easy to submit claims and receipts. However, when submitting multiple claims, the app timed out before all claims could be finished. Otherwise, I’m very happy I now have access to the mobile app! Also, a big thank you to the customer service rep who went above and beyond to help me with initial app access issues and overdue receipt submissions!
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2 years ago, micahdanielsmith
Horrible Company - Wish I was with someone else
About every 3rd receipt I submit gets rejected…so I have to call them, sit on hold while they look into it, then proceed to tell me that their “back end system failed at automating this transaction” - but that the receipt and submission is fine. Their inability to automate/validate these transactions becomes a gigantic waste of my time and time of their call center reps. If any app should have a built in document scanner, it should be this one. I’ve purposely started submitting “worse” images of my receipts so that they have to be reviewed by a human - seems to be one of the only ways to get Wex to do their job
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3 years ago, edithsgirlz
This is the 1st year with this company. We’ve always used a flexible spending acct; it’s convenient. Well…. Discovery has killed that for us. They require a detailed receipt from each doctor visit. If they knew anything about the doctors’ offices - a detail receipt is not ready at the time of service. So I have to aggravate the office to get the receipt , go pickup the receipt , then finally scan the receipt for Discovery. ITS TOO MUCH!! If these steps are not completed I’m not able to use my card/my money without calling. Again ITS TOO MUCH!! such an inconvenience!! Discovery has taken away the easiness, certainty, & the convenience of using MY MONEY!!
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7 months ago, wi guy
Worst benefits company administrator
I’ve been working for many decades and have used quite a few HSA/flex pay options through employers. WEX is by far the worst. Now they’re demanding itemized receipts for almost every expense including doctors, hospital bills as well as for some trips to local pharmacies and will deny receipts if they don’t like it. It is a royal pain, and they claim to be acting on behalf of the IRS??! They are not the IRS. if you don’t provide the receipts they will lock your account until you pay it back, and keep your remaining flex account money at the end of the year. Not sure how this is even legal…..avoid at all costs.
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2 years ago, Janicee_weci
Wish I had downloaded app sooner
Download this now. You do not have to have the debit card on you at all times. The app allows you to use the phone camera to upload receipts at the time of purchase, including online purchases, so you don’t have to wait till the end of the year to try and figure out where you collected them.
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3 years ago, 6666666xxxxxxx
Really terrible
The app is annoying but more than that, I’ve had so much trouble getting reimbursed for things & zero assistance trying to figure out why I’m getting denied or what I need to submit to get things working. This has happened with almost every reimbursement I’ve put in for Also, when trying to submit this feedback I had to pick a nickname but it can’t be the same as any other used & it won’t give you a suggestion so it’s like they’re trying to make it extra difficult to actually get a review in. Not surprising with how bad their service is in general.
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2 years ago, Hard Pass v2
The customer service is THE worst I have experienced! Never have I had to fight so much to have a claim approved (although it exists on their approved items - even had to send the Rep the damned link). They marked my account as needing prior authorization for everything and could not explain why. The Rep who opened the case, never bothered to call me back or email. Lost $100 to them last year and trying to use the minuscule amount I allotted this year. Open enrollment is happening and if I cannot get around having to choose this disaster as my FSA, I am hoping I can allot 1 cent per pay period. WORTHLESS!
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2 years ago, Aspeaker
Difficult to file claims
It is not easy to file claims. They deny the whole claim before asking for further documents IF NEEDED. when you call customer service you have to wait 15-20 minutes for anyone to answer. When I called customer service to find out why my claim was denied the lady was smacking on the phone, got an attitude when I asked her if she could explain why I was denied since I did what I was told to do to file a claim. I will not continue with this company after my year is up. It should not be that difficult to get YOUR money out of a FSA.
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3 years ago, mgfunfax
Better than the bad web app
On the one hand, it’s nice that you can upload receipts from your phone On the other hand, it’s still pretty poor as apps go: The first time I started creating expenses, it logged me out after entering in everything. Said it was timing me out, but I had been actively using the app. You should time out when I’m idle, or at least warn me and/or save my work. Why must you keep asking me my security questions multiple times per session? Use 2FA if you must, but don’t keep asking where I met my wife. It’s creepy. The expense entering could be more elegant. Remember payee names, default the expense type to what I’ve entered in 9 times in a row, etc. All that said, the web app that they usually make me use is even more awful. I guess it could be worse.
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2 years ago, mihoreed
Needs to be more customer friendly
It’s useful if filing a straightforward claim, but if a claim is denied there’s nowhere to add notes, dispute or contact customer service. It’s not clear whether funds will be drawn from combination FSA or HSA account. The categories are also confusing. Pharmacy isn’t an option and falls under “other”. If a claim is paid it doesn’t provide any info other than paid. No date or reference number, no breakout of medical cost vs mileage.
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7 months ago, Marym963
App is okay
I used to be able to upload receipts via the app to the receipt organizer but lately the app doesn’t allow me to use the camera within the app to upload receipts. I receive an error that says the type of file the image needs to be. I was using the camera option in the app and the file type is correct. When trying to attach a receipt from the organizer to a transaction I also get an error. It’s frustrating and defeats the purpose of the app.
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4 days ago, JMo2228
BEWARE if your employer switches to a different provider or eliminates this benefit, and you have an FSA account, they will deactivate your account through the portal, even before the grace period is up. The only warning you have is your login info, no matter how many times you reset it, will never work. If you call CS they will simply send you a reset password that doesn’t work and attribute it to a technical issue. If this happens you must call, find your way past the robots to a representative and be walked through a manual claim process.
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2 years ago, Kipmysonz
Good but Direct Deposit stinks
Submitting a claim is easy enough through the app however the back end service Wex uses to verify direct deposit information is flawed. I’ve tried repeatedly and spent multiple hours with the third party’s customer service in addition to Wex customer service and I’ve gotten nowhere. The app should provide a clear alternative for direct deposit efforts in the event their verification system fails to authenticate.
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3 years ago, travelin doc
Easy as it gets
Discovery has a very user friendly app to simply manage the headaches off insurance co-pays , visits and endless lab bills as well. I really like that they make it easy to access my FSA account and I recently got some eyedrops for my wife over the counter that they reimburse me for expeditiously. They have really raise the bar on navigating the reimbursement system
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3 years ago, DebbyKJ
Worst company experience
This is my first time using this company. My employer issued money loaded reimbursement cards for the year. What a joke! You use the card on a covered expense and they deny it after the fact. They ask for documentation, which I provided, but they shut down the card in the meantime. And the app doesn’t send you any notifications for this, so you find out about the card being shut down, on the off chance that you decide to open the app. Horrible experience. I’m almost thinking that they wear you down until you say forget it, and they keep the money.
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2 years ago, KevinSaxofonisto
Excellent service and app
I’m very impressed by the process, the app, the ease of use and clarity and description of information. DBI has been very good with customer service in several questions I’ve asked. Much much better than other FSA providers I have used in the past. I highly recommend them!
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3 years ago, NC0214
Easy to use—love that I can submit reimbursement claims on my own!
This app is very easy to use. I love being able to upload my own receipts and submit for reimbursement. The reimbursement process is also straight-forward and keeps to the basics for information requested, so it’s not an overwhelming time to complete.
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4 weeks ago, Eric the Mro
The app has serious issues
This app is one of the worst I‘ve worked with so far. These are the problems, in order of increasing gravity: - very slow; unacceptably long response times - not intuitive - the app stopped working after a „reset all settings on my iPhone“. From then on, as soon as I start the app, a window pops up saying „unable to connect. Please check your network and try again. If error persists, contact your administrator“. My reply: „your app is dead after a ‚reset all settings‘ while all other apps on the phone continue operating. Contact your software developers and have them fix this basic problem. Tell them that uninstall/re-install of the app doesn’t make the symptom go away. And also mention to them that the Wex app doesn’t even appear any longer in settings‘s list of apps“.
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2 years ago, Dfhngyj
Times out to quick,
Times out too quick when working through multiple submissions. App should be able to recognize user is still working. I’ve had to renter 3 requests alone today due to this. Also, most days of service are same day, just add a check box to indicate start/end of service rather than have to enter a whole new field all the time.
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2 years ago, C21agt
Discovery Benefits
Good app but I have Touch ID and it occasionally asks me to log in with password I wish they would stop it it defeats the whole purpose of a finger print, they just asked again to change password it’s redundant, if someone did hack into it what are they really going to see?
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2 years ago, Obie44
Easy but super slow and clunky.
It is convenient to use. But the uploading of images requires an extra yes (doesn’t need it). And then it is a very slow process. Slow process to add a label. Slow process to add receipt to file a claim. Wish they could find a way to do something to speed up the process. Then there’s the automatic logout function that kicks you out even when you’re in the middle of doing something. About every 10-15min.
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2 years ago, disneymike60
Nothing but issues with WEX
Everything was good with the former administrator but as soon as we went to WEX nothing but issues. First, the debit card was never sent at the start of the year. Then had to buy a replacement cpap machine. The debit card went through but about a week later I received a message saying that the charge was declined and I needed to pay it back. They have also put a hold on my health card until I can pay the declined charge back so I can’t use it for ANY medical items/issues.
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3 years ago, proteome
Good enough for quickly uploading receipts. Requires input of unnecessary details (e.g. must select category for prescription drugs, then type that the claim is for prescription drugs, despite the fact that the required receipt shows it’s for prescription drugs). Inadequate options to communicate with customer service when claims are denied. No option to request a denied claim be reversed. (Instead, I had to make a phone call and wait on hold, only to be given incorrect information that my company’s benefits department later corrected.)
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3 years ago, ChiefKenC
When it works it works
When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t work, it’s absolute garbage and there’s no way around it. I have so many issues with this app rejecting receipts because it can’t read them or because it doesn’t like the coding on it. There’s no appeal appeal button or request review by a human button. It just straight up denies it and tough luck if you disagree. If my company stays with this app/service I will likely not renew my FSA next year, it’s THAT bad.
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2 years ago, Gophereid
Bad user experience
I have been using this app for about a week. My employer switched from one provider to this one. So far this is a significantly worse user experience. The app crashes frequently. I have also had multiple claims denied, which has not been a problem for me with other service providers. I am hoping this improves with me learning this new system and with the company listening to user feedback.
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2 weeks ago, Drjswag
App is difficult to login. If you set up Face ID for login, that only works a couple times and then the app forgets about it and makes you manually enter user name and password again. Very inconvenient and I’ve had to change my password over five times now, because it is hard to keep track of. This is probably the only financial app I have where face ID login doesn’t work well, keeps resetting.
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3 years ago, Pooh-Piglet
Terrible App
This is the worst app. You can’t log in and then you have to go the computer to log in. Then when you try it on the app doesn’t work. Then you get multiple emails from them for the same thing. Then when you are on the computer or app the view the pdf never opens up on their end. Then you have to call them to find out what the notice is. Then if you can’t log in you have to call them to reset. Then you try it the next time doesn’t work. The app is lame and the website. They need to fix.
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2 years ago, poiutewdfghkk
So slow
This app takes forever to move between each of its areas and functions. As far as the company Wex, it’s so aggravating when they tell you they want a receipt for something from many months ago, and you don’t know where it is. So you have to use the app to scan all your receipts the moment you get them in case they want one! ……And scanning your receipts into the app takes So Long! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh😤😡😖
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2 years ago, Peg2956
Concern for consumer
There s no one to discuss receipts with. If you don’t have your card with you when making a co pay at a Dr visit and try to submit a receipt for reimbursement later web ex will not Accept a credit card receipt with provider information . Providers will not write out a special receipt just for web ex flexible spending so basically you lose any money you put out of pocket. This is a racket and I will not enroll next year. Somebody’s pocketing the funds a member cannot get reimbursed Zero stars
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