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User Reviews for Best Brokers Stock Market Game

4.64 out of 5
13.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Tipnatee N.
Best trading game ever!
Very easy to understand. Design are so clean , fantastic layout and so very easy to use you'll get it right at your first try. Realistic feels, that's so good you'll wish all trading programs can run the same exact way. So simply non complicating style , yet perfect in every way. Great for learning and training your self to become a good trader without spending too much times for educations trying to understand through other people's point of view that made no sense to you . Once you'll get a hang of playing it , it will be the first thing you'll check in the morning even just to read the headline news. You'll enjoy the trading like a pro in no time. It's a joy that kill the boredoms, keeping your mind sharps and cognitive functioning on point . If you suffer any from of depression this game will put you exciting mood back where it should be. Best distraction ever. Furthermore , best customer service you'll ever find in any game apps. Don't be scare to report bug or any problem which can be found under your setting for whatever you may have regarding of your account . They'll get back to you by email in a very short period of time or the next day and fix your problem in no time. Very personal and very professional service. I couldn't be more happier. And on that note ,Thanks Tina you're the best!
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5 months ago, Explodedhurdle123
Great app
Love this app because I like how it uses the real market and the user friendly easy to use interface and love to how investments would turn out without having to spend real money and plus I'm only thirteen and seeing how it would work is fun and I like to compete stocks and see who made better investments in stuff. This was a comment of the app I made 6 years ago. I’m 19 now and have learned a lot from this app I think and now that I have real money it has made it less overwhelming and seems to have actually helped me somehow. I still only have 600 thousand in the game since I started in middle school but it has taught me about stocks and prices rising over time. It put me through the bear markets and the bill markets. It let me make 1300 percent gain on Tesla and the bitcoin phase was fun too. I recommend this to any kids that want to trade or adults or just wanna act like they got more money.
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5 years ago, RainbowShogun
Great Simulation, Big Flaw
Well I’ll start this review with the positives: this simulation provides lots of resources for the development of my skills in investing. I have learned a lot from my experience, and am getting a good kick out of it. But then again, this is just a simulation. As someone who lives in the West Coast, the times in which the markets are open completely miss my daily schedule. If I was really investing in real stocks with real money, maybe I’d stay up to monitor them, but this is a simulation. I found myself on the first day of downloading, at 10:00pm,to find that the markets open in 2 hours. Is there no way to set up a time zone selection for the most optimal experience? Must I stay up while I should be sleeping to cater towards a simulated market? I don’t exactly know the difficulty of changing this or the logistics behind managing the simulations in different time zones, but this is just bringing to light a great detriment to this app. Or, if I missed something in the settings please let me know. But for now, this simulation is informative, but just isn’t worth the hassle.
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6 years ago, Wadessss
Awesome Stock Market app!
This app has been an invaluable asset towards my development as an investor. I have learned so much about investing in companies, following trends, and managing a portfolio! The app is close to perfect, but it doesn’t take into consideration trading fees and the taxes on selling stock. By adding these concepts, the app would become more similar to the actual stock market. Also, some of the companies I have wanted to invest in aren’t available on this app due to a limited selection. If more companies were added, maybe 100,000 instead of 60,000, the overall experience would be more realistic as well. Other than these improvements, the app is awesome! I highly recommend it for beginners!
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4 years ago, MrMurchada
Four stars... conditionally.
I think this is a great app, however, I rarely play it... much like my regular investments, I buy through the app and track on my other apps, so I may only log in once a month or so. That being said, perhaps the fault is all mine and I just haven’t played it enough... but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to buy the same stock again if it goes down. For a stock I’m bullish on, I would do this to reduce my overall cost basis, increasing my profits as it goes up and I eventually liquidate. Also short selling would be great and I’ve yet to figure that out as well. A tutorial would be nice, and maybe introducing an RPG element like portfolio management for NPCs could and I think would increase daily traffic... I know it would for me anyway. Not criticism so much as suggestions that may or may not be appealing to you. Thanks for your great work, a perfectly fine game!
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3 years ago, Nightwing 101
Fantastic but a few improvements to be made
Ok so I’ve been using this app for over a year now and I think it’s very well made. Great experience but here are a few things that could be changed for the better. The main problem is the time zones. I know the stock market is open during specific times but it’s a problem if you don’t live in the same time zone that the app is set in. Perhaps an option to set the opening and closing times according to your own time zone. Second, the charts could be upgraded some. A little more detail would be useful. Thanks for listening, your app is great!
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6 years ago, Need For Speed guy
Bestest Brokers
Best Brokers a great tool for learning how to play stocks in an international market without any risk! The markets update regularly and there’s a huge selection of stocks to pick from. However, I still do have 3 things I’d like to see from this app. 1, it would be nice to be rewarded dividends on long term investments, making this app more realistic. 2, It’d be great to see an option of your stocks valued in not just euros, but in dollars and even yuan or yen to further broaden the app’s approachability, as I was timid at first to try it noticing that everything is valued in euros. 3, a few times I have encountered stocks that were not available to purchase on the app, such as L3 tech and Bank of America. Otherwise, a phenomenal app, just my two cents on how to improve it.
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4 years ago, fagqggagqgq
This app is simply amazing
This is one of the only apps that I’ve left a review for. This app was very accurate and follows the stock and bond markets throughout the world on real time. The only con is that the servers and data on this magnificent app are managed by a German data processing company, which means markets open according to the German time zone. This game helped me build a strong learning base about when and where to invest and sell without actually spending any money. It’s a great app and I recommend it to any beginners looking forward to get involved in the stock market! Five stars from my side.
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6 years ago, TOBLV in Indy
Best virtual stock trading app!
At first glance at the app, I was thinking that you actually had to use money. Thank goodness I looked at the pictures, description, and reviews of the game, because I wouldn't download an app that does real stock with real money, because I don't want my money to be stolen. When you play you start with €25,000(I think dollors should be added to the game to make it more fun for people that don't use eros), then you have to "buy" stock, then wait for it to earn(or lose) you money! Also, as a bonus, the stocks are real time! The reason I'm only rating this app four stars is because the app keeps resetting on me. Once this bug is fixed, then I will review it a GOLDEN FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, PTK2018
Good, but Not Great
This is an okay simulation but it could be better. Firstly, it would be nice if one could choose the currency to use for trading. Secondly, there are stocks missing from this game. There are quite a few well known stocks that I own in my real life brokerage account that are missing from this simulation game. Also, the prices are not up to date and it will fill an order even if the markets are closed. In short, it could be more realistic and have more options. All in all, it’s an okay simulation, but not my first choice. Webull, a real trading platform has a simulator in their app in addition to a huge learning center to help people learn to invest, and it’s free with no fees! You can also set the amount of money in your simulated account to whatever you want!
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1 year ago, theawesome13yo
It’s great
Look it is a phenomenal stock sim, and I love that it uses real time, however I would like to see an update that has money translation. Like Euros to U.S. Dollars to Canadian Dollars and so on. I think this concept allows more people to understand how much money they are making in their native currency. That’s the only reason for 4 stars. I’ve had this sim for 3-4 years across multiple devices and I love it. It is worth using to learn how the market works. Since it uses real time prices, it also makes it easier to determine when you’re going to make money. Thanks to the devs and all the others that made this sim.
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5 years ago, ProfessorShotgun
Cannot sell in time, literally 30 minutes late
I’ve played this game for about two weeks now, and the game worked fine when I wasn’t making any profit. But when I started making profit and decided to sell at a specific point, it locked until the stocks went down again, then finally sold itself approx. 30 min after I clicked the sell order where in which I had already lost all my gains.. Buying and selling in this game are not tweaked properly and will frustrate you for no good reason.. I added an extra star just because the game interface is great! Everything looks fantastic and comfortable.. Love the real time news feature, I realized I checked this app for news more so than the news channels themselves lol
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3 years ago, UnknownCapitalist
Good App, Just One Problem.
Ok, this is a good app for early stock traders to learn about the market. No goofy subscription fees or account setup to begin trading. I bought Pfizer and Disney because of everything that is going on with COVID. I just think that the actual trading is a bit too simple. I’m not sure if I’ve simply missed something, but it doesn’t seem like you can buy options, short sell, etc. If these features are not in the app, I think this app could be an even more powerful learning tool that it already is with these additions. The idea of the app is great though, keep it up!
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6 years ago, LanceCannonball
Good clean fun
This is great fun. I'm trying out a bunch of crackpot investment schemes with fake money. I'm losing money hand over fist and the market is crashed, but I'm just using it as an excuse to buy more stocks when they are low. It's fun to do something that seems "real", but you can do it just recklessly to try to pull off something bold. I'm throwing money away like a crazy person! Addictive, updated every minute when the markets are open, and super fun. Get it, and go nuts on the stock market!
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4 years ago, Abckdla di
Good app, but could use some improvements
In terms of a simulator, this is one of the best on the App Store. But there is still a lot of room to improve. There are no derivatives (options), which for someone trying to learn the stock market is a disappointment. Also, you have to start with $10,000. I wish that you could set the value that you start with (preferably lower). Lastly, you cannot reset without paying a premium. Progress is saved on your ICloud account, so you cannot start a new account on another device. Overall, good for a free simulator, but it would be better if the problems above are addressed.
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2 years ago, thomdscott
It’s awesome if you wanna be there cash cow
I do not know how many times I actually should’ve made over millions dollars it always has me break even if you wanna practice it get out I wouldn’t put your money into it I did and I keep on breaking even even though I should’ve just made off one sale $100 million €100 million but I keep on getting this37,000 I can’t keep on doing this because I’d be broke broke and I know about everybody robbing me so if you think this is what this is going to be a man I have to report all this crap crap crap
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2 weeks ago, Krezentia
Best brokers
Best brokers app is a great app because it is very accurate. It shows stocks that are accurate to the real world, and it closes and opens at the same times as the real world. It is a great app for people who don’t want to spend their real money and who can learn more about stocks and how much to buy. The best brokers app is definitely recommended my me and everyone who is looking into stocks should download this first.
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6 years ago, bamacamp1018
Great app!
I love the app! Me and my friends all love the game and enjoy talking about our trades! However, why do the prices of the stock not reflect the real prices? And it seems to not be 100% in sync with the market. Also adding dividends would be a HUGE plus because that’s one of the main things I love about investing! Other than that, perfect game! RESPONSE Being a German company makes sense regarding the time and the pricing. Is there any info on adding dividends?
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2 years ago, General Masp Yt
Exactly what it should be
I think a virtual stocks game is a great thing to do, on the bus ride to school or work. This wasn’t meant to be something you do all day, however it does have an up to date-very fun selection of news articles to read, to keep you posted on everything in the stock world. 10/10 would recommend.
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6 years ago, Bob 1649375
Prices are wrong
Whats the point of simulation if the prices are completely wrong? Are they not supposed to reflect real world prices? It says Facebook is $170 when its actually over $200. Netflix $350 when its actually over $400. Every stock I trade in real life is not accurately priced in the game. I get that its a game, but it kinda loses any entertainment value it might have if you can’t follow prices anywhere but in-game because the prices are all way below actual market value. Half the fun of any trading simulation is keeping track of your portfolio throughout the day while watching the ticker on the news or in any finance app, but in this case that would be pointless.
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7 years ago, Lunanzar
Just what you're looking for
It is very fun and educational to play. I'd give it a five star if it offered just a few more details. Dividends, specifically, is what I would like to see added. I feel like it would be easy to incorporate as well as educate with long term and understanding deeper before investing real money into the market. Other than that- get it. You're curious how the stock market works and it mirrors the market and gives you enough money to get started on investing.
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4 years ago, Braden Collinsworth
Best stocks game out there.
This is a really fun stocks based game that has a really realistic layout. I suggest using this app for people who are interested in stocks but don’t know how to use it yet. The best part is it is all free, but if you want more virtual money, you can buy it in the In App Purchases. It comes with 25,000 euros to begin with. This also comes with pre-made videos on how to start. 5 stars for sure.
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6 years ago, Anonymous5973
Some problems make the service a bit hard to use.
The app has a great interface and trading system. A couple of issues I have: some stocks, even some on the top exchanges, are not available to trade, and most importantly, the charts account for the time the market is closed! This leads to every stock listed with 0% growth on the weekends, and misleading flatlines on the charts, which are already not very exact. The app would be great if the developer would account for after-hours trade without the flatlining.
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3 years ago, CODmasterwannabe
Great platform, mean developers.
This is a great app, I mean it’s a great way to learn the stock market! I wish they only had more currencies to pick from and you could select which time zone you were in. Next if you read the 1&2 star reviews the developers are kinda jerks to some people, so if you looking for a good app 5 stars, if you’re looking for a developer who cares about the users less than a star, who knows they might be mean to me for writing this review!
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5 years ago, smile_politely
Awesome app
It’s an awesome app for people who just wanted to start to learn building their portfolio. It’s realistic and the app makes it so simple to understand. I also like the fact that it’s not easy to reset the game to give some sense of losing or winning based on stock performance. The only feedback is I’m not yes so sure which market this is based on as I couldn’t find some of the popular stocks.
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4 years ago, Sparkzzo
First impressions
The layout is clean, and I love the concept. Everything is easy to use. One thing that I wish this had was more assurance that you aren’t spending real world money on this, like in the notification for buying one. I know it’s an irrational fear, but a little bit of extra text in the notifications would go a long way. I will edit this review as I use the game more.
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6 years ago, Dukeisabeast
Solid stock market game 👌
It’s really good. Gives you a lot of money to work with, easy to keep track of stock trends and has a system to let you easily view you favorite stocks quickly. My only request is for an option to change the currency. It is currently set at euro but I want to use the dollar. Hopefully the developers bring that option
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5 years ago, Austinsmall
Add please!!!!!!!
Allow for me to change the color of certain stocks. I have stocks that I am expecting buff profits from I would like the icon that I tap to show the stocks data to be a certain color. And then I have stocks that I am only gaining a couple of dollars from. I would like those to be different colors so I don’t mix them up and sell the wrong one! !!!!!!
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4 years ago, Ritzyo
Great UI, but...
The overall UI of the app is great, very easy to use and the limited numbers of options given makes it great for beginners. Unfortunately, the prices and changes are not the same as the real prices, which makes it difficult for me to track since I am do not like tracking on mobile very much. Otherwise, the easy way to make a watchlist and the pre-prepared indexes are really useful.
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6 years ago, MusicListener493
Amazing but need improvement
I love this app but it would be so much better if there was the option to short stocks. Especially in a bear market, there is almost nothing a player can do except sell and hope for change in the markets. Being able to short-sell stocks would make the app much more fun and playable.
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6 years ago, MCGrassblock210
Missing One Crucial Feature...
The app is nice, and keeps stock marketing simple for people like me who are new to the trade. However, the feature that is missing is the support of time zones. I run by UST, while the app goes by ECT (Eastern Central Time.) This means that the markets open at around 10:35 PM, which by extension causes me to miss out on valuable trading time since I of course need to sleep. I will give a full five stars if time zone support is added!
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3 years ago, Hooligan37
It’s good for its competitors, but could use a little bit more features.
It’s a pretty solid game but the thing that’s missing which I am surprised about is that you can’t look at the stocks past I know you can go and select week year 5 year and stuff but I want to be able to scroll backwards and see what happened yesterday or a few days ago to try and pinpoint patterns anyways pretty solid game.
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6 years ago, Legend of Sharks
Such a fun game
I play this game with my friends and we get really into it. We compete on the daily and we really have one criticism. The stock market should be able to switch to different currencies. The current stock market is in euros and my friends and I are in the U.S. and would really hope if you could make it into the USD. Besides that, the game is superb.
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3 years ago, catchupcat
Great app
This app is a lot of fun especially for practicing or watching a particular stock. I have a suggestion for a feature: it would be cool to be able to see the percentages of distribution across sectors for the entire portfolio. I like to know what sector I might be overweight or underweight in so I can make trades to balance my portfolio. Hope you guys consider it, thanks!
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5 years ago, anon11001
Update the speed processing!
The app is pretty darn good as you can increase your portfolio by tens and thousands. My only issue is the loading time in buying stocks especially when buying large quantities. Of course this is just an app but there must be a way. Almost got screwed over today just because of the loading time and I just bought a new phone mind you!
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5 years ago, FuglyMugly
Love this app!
I’ve been using this app for a while and it’s been a big help! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is thinking about buying and trading stocks. I do wish there was a feature where you could add multiple accounts to transfer money between and diversify the options you have through the app. Other than that it’s great!
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5 years ago, L.Econ
(Not really a review but shhhhh)
Just went through the “most critical” reviews and really laughing about all the America-centric people on here. Like, I’m an American but come on... the game is obviously traded in Euros!! Also, I really love the responses of ‘sorry we’re on German trading time’ or, my personal favorite “it was a holiday in Germany, sorry.” Just laughing a whole lot about that... Dankee!!
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5 years ago, Will122004
Great For Novices, But Lacks Features
In this app, you are able to start an artificial trading account to get experience on trading without having to suffer the consequences of losing money. This game offers a great simulation, but as you begin to seriously invest, the app seems to lack many things. If you want to make stock trading your career, I recommend you look elsewhere. Though, if you want to get a little experience or enhancement, this app is great for that.
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4 years ago, strikenpav
Bug or something
Game is very good. What I suggest doing is investing all your money into one of the stocks that is in your favorited, and leave the game be for a few weeks. This is because most of those stocks always go up eventually so from there you can keep going. Currently I’m investing in Tesla, and I suggest you do to.
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3 years ago, Haili Cetare
This is really helpful for learning your away around the market before you try to invest! It would be even better if resetting your portfolio was free. I’m using this app for economics for school and I have to run the project again but there’s no way for me to do that using this app. Otherwise it would have a five star rating! I highly recommend this app!
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7 years ago, Agent KRP
Incredibly Fun
This app is great for people trying to learn about the market. With it's real time numbers, history of stocks, and news articles readily available, it definitely helps people understand how world affairs affect the stock market. This is a great tool for people to learn about good and bad investment decisions without suffering real-world cash loss.
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6 years ago, OhMyHeadHurts
Awesome Fun and Educational for Family
Please keep this App going! It’s very educational for my whole family. Trying to explain the Stock Market to kids is, well, challenging! This App makes tackling that challenge easier. The one wish: please update for iPhone X formatting(including ads!). I’ll be happy to pay the small amount to remove ads if update is done. Thank You!
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3 years ago, Ollieman18
Everything is great, except prices!
This app is fantastic and tons of fun. Well polished and easy to use. My only issue is that the stock prices for most are just flat out wrong. I’m not sure if something on my end is wrong (doubt it) but for example, Tesla shows as in the $640s when it is actually in the $850s. It shows Johnson & Johnson at $139, but it’s actually at $169! I’d be making money on a lot of these stocks but instead they’re so much lower I’m losing money! Would love a dev to clear this up for me and if this is actually on my end, how to fix it. Otherwise, terrific app!
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4 years ago, Alex udghf
Good app but with a major flaw.
This app is great but the fact that you cants change time zones is a huge drawback. Where I live, the in game trading hours are 12:30 am to 4pm. I would recommend you stay away from this app until they add the ability to change time zones.
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4 years ago, hellonotfriend
Great app, needs more selection
I love this app because of it’s clean interface and easy setup. One way I think this app can improve is that it needs more selection when it comes to stock. For some reason, not all existing stock (even some popular stock) isn’t showing. Otherwise, it’s an awesome app that is a must!
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7 years ago, USA FOR DAYZ
Market times
I love this game, but these times don't work because I'm from the US and I screw every thing up because I can't use USA's time, and the game isn't really fun without being able to use my own market hours, so I would like you to add countries or country time zones so the game would be fun and better.
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5 years ago, Austrinsfam
Needs an updated database of stock to buy
Really frustrating when I find something I want to buy and 1 in 4 of them are not available in the game. This is the best market sim on the App Store but even some of the worse ones have everything I want to buy. It kind of defeats the purpose of playing if I can’t do the investments I want to do. Cmon I bought you coffee!
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6 years ago, Marlones
Pretty nice game
The concept is awesome. It’s just missing a bit of details when trading stocks or showing the portfolio. The portfolio is a little hard to understand, and a little less detailed than real trading platforms, but the game is quite alright in general. I would like to see the history of my trades, and a pie chart in my portfolio. Cheers
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4 years ago, Aehng
Awesome!! Could use a few more features
I love this app it’s awesome for beginners that aren’t quite ready to invest real money. It would be nice if it had the option to let you auto follow your stock and have it sell if it goes down a set amount. I know robinhood has a feature like that and it is very nice.
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5 years ago, MJT Free Time YT
👌🏻 Great App For Learning Stocks, Not Perfect Though.
It is a great app for learning how to invest and buy and sell stocks, though the reason I give it a 4 star is because it does not have some stocks I wanted to try. Also ads are kept to a minimum, at least in my experience. All in all great app definitely will recommend. 👍🏻
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