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7 months ago
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User Reviews for Best Nine

4.52 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Abwomack
Incredible customer service!!
These guys are awesome! The app is super easy to use but the best part is how quick, professional, and kind they are with answering questions and helping trouble shoot issues. They are updating the app as any issues surface! These guys rock and I’m looking forward to seeing what apps they come out with in the future!
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5 years ago, OmggAshh
Trying to hack my Instagram
In all of the years of having this account, since 2011, I've never been booted out of my account for someone trying to log into my acc. I had recommended this app to one other person and AHE HAD THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO HER !! MALICIOUS ACTIVITY AFTER USING THEIR APP TO SIGN INTO YOUR INSTAGRAM !!! This app requires you to sign into your account using an unsafe page that is NOT instagram affiliated. I should have stopped and deleted !!!! Why should users even have to sign into their account on a 3rd party app anyway ? Likes are PUBLIC !!! Ugh ! Users beware.. I've since used the app ONE time on Dec 30th 2018, and i have been booted off/logged out/ and received two notifications from Instagram saying there has been malicious activity on my account on TWO consecutive days now.. In the 7 years I've had this acc, it just really makes too much sense that after two days of having this app that connected to my insta ONE time, this message pops up. I'm convinced whoever made this app is stealing log in information from users to maliciously hack and sabotage their page. DO NOT DOWNLOAD !! I've had to change my email and password twice !!!!
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5 years ago, TyrantWeedle
Update2: the developer gave a copy-pasted response but did not explain why users had their passwords so many times that it was ridiculous. “Change your password” LOL after 15 times already? Naw. As a reminder, please check the newest reviews of apps so you do not fall into possible traps and lose your account. Update: it’s been almost a week since I downloaded this app and I’ve had to change my password a whopping 11 times. I stopped getting password requests late yesterday. I figured I’d update on how my end is going and how this app still continues to give me a fishing headache. BIG NO P E. Instagram absolutely hates third parties and this app is a death trap. I accidentally used this app and since then I’ve been having IG demand password resets every single TIME I go to check it. I’ve uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, but no, 8 password resets later and IG still hates me. Do NOT use this app ever if you want a headache from IG. Be mindful that IG hates bots and third parties. It’s not worth going through a login nightmare.
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6 months ago, chchchchcherribomb
I’ve used apps/websites like this in the past but this was the first one to make me feel like my information was at risk. I almost had to immediately take security measures for my insta after using this app. I’ve been reading the reviews and I honestly should have listened before hand. Instead of giving the same copy and paste response to people complaining about security issues, maybe do the work to actually fix said issues. The people who run this app have given the same exact response for YEARS and claimed that they’re working to fix it. But I’d the problem solved after all of these years? Obviously not. If I were you, I just wouldn’t use the app. It feels like a phishing scam lying in wait for someone who doesn’t take enough security precautions.
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2 years ago, . spk
Worse app ever
It is indeed the worse app ever, huge battery drain. Unopened it would use half of my battery each day draining my sweet iPhone 12 Pro dead in about 8 hours. You don’t want this on your phone. If I could give negative stars I would. With rectangular pictures on IG the whole best top nine thing is dead anyway because they don’t fit in the square spaces. If you do download this make sure you turn on a second verification for your phone number on Instagram so that when Nine gets your password they won’t hack your account and spam your friends with hacker links or plain steal your account
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2 years ago, anxietyposs
Not accurate
First off, you have to log in to your Instagram just to get this to work and let it access all your pictures, which seems mega sketchy since in previous years before the app you didn’t have to do that. On top of that, it is not accurate. The collage did not choose my top liked photos from 2021, just a couple random ones taken within the last month or so. Essentially this app is useless and gives them your Instagram info. I deleted it immediately after realizing my bad feeling about it was for a reason. Pointless. Avoid.
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6 years ago, Invisible_One
Does do what it says
Downloaded the app, but it tells me that I don’t have enough photos. It’s not until you allow it access to your profile and data, does it “find” your images. After that, it says it has saved your best nine to photos, but they aren’t there. Tried it several times and no where in my photos, is the best nine it created. It also says you can revoke it if you don’t want it, but again, nowhere is that to be found. It doesn’t allow you to do the steps without ads constantly popping up. Feels like a phishing app to me. This should be called “Best None”
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2 years ago, Photo girl 9
Would give zero if I could
My Instagram account is a business account so I can see the statistics at any time, but I wanted something like this to also give me the total number of likes and posts for the year. I tried this one three times and each time it only analyzed a couple months worth of posts and both my post with the highest number of likes and the one with the highest reach (both from this month) did not show up on any of their grids. I’m not sure what the problem is but it’s not at all accurate.
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4 years ago, ridingredinthehood
Glitchy...with a chance of phishy?
I do think it’s weird you have to sign in to your account. And IG gets all bent out of shape every time I do it. I was able to get the app to work a few times. But after that it gets locked up and won’t do anything, and I haven’t been able to get it to aggregate posts since. I deleted and reinstalled the app a few times, with no improvement to the outcome. Decided it was maybe for the best and downloaded a different app instead. I’m not sure how this app has such a good rating 🤔
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5 years ago, HeyCaseydilla
Really? Tea
So, I downloaded this thinking there’d be nothing wrong with it seeing as how everyone had given it such good ratings. And it worked alright. Aside from every time I tried logging into Instagram after downloading this, I kept being told my account was temporarily locked. I changed my password twice thinking someone was hacking it (which had never happened and shouldn’t have been possible). I uninstalled this app and now my Insta works just fine. I suggest not using this unless you really like changing your password.
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3 years ago, MaryMedina08
Absolutely Wrong
I tried to use this to find my top 9 for 2020 and the posts that came were definitely not in my top liked posts. I know for a fact which posts had the best engagement and number of likes and just wanted the collage. I don’t know what parameters this app uses because those weren’t told and nor could they be filtered to determine which top posts the customer wanted, either based on likes, engagement, impressions, or reach. I have no idea where they came up with the results for my account but it’s incorrect on any category.
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4 years ago, mamabear080911
Worked fine until...
I bought all access last year and I keep trying to see My Best Ever and it keeps telling me that I don’t have enough photos, then ads start popping up which I paid to avoid. Feeling frustrated that I have to keep deleting the app and restoring purchases to get nothing from it. It does the same thing for the other years and custom setting that I paid for already. I’m going to keep fiddling with it, but I’m upset because I shouldn’t have to.
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5 years ago, Disgruntled aunt
Great customer service
The app was down for a bit because of high volume of use. I received a quick response from customer service and a follow up when it was restored. I like that you don’t have to give your email address and there are no watermarks.
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3 years ago, AustinSummer
Not a square. And huge logo in bottom corner.
Why would you want 9 pics that are not squares. The point is to have all pics lined up together. This app saves the picture with a border of the app screen where you see the preview. Just give me my nine pics all squared up. I don’t care if there’s a border but I can’t even line it up so that there’s no border and all the pics show. What the heck. Also. Ads. And you have to pay 3 bucks to have your last picture show. Because their logo takes up the whole last square.
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6 years ago, Foto Flower
Looks great, yet difficult for multiple accounts
I’m giving this app two stars because it looks great, is straight forward, and easy to use. But I have multiple accounts I’d like to make a top nine for and there is no logout button to change IG accounts. It’s a bit of a hassle but I managed to finally figure it out. You have to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to sign in to a new account. If it wasn’t for that hassle I would have given it a 5⭐️
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4 years ago, SEGGGIRL
Best “Nine” app out there!
This app is amazing! It’s totally free to see your best 9! You can even see your best 9 from 2011!! They have some other perks but they cost more money. Plenty of amazing things to see and look at that are completely free! It also shows how many likes and comments you got!! So cool!
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4 years ago, $RUM
Beware: Unlock Everything seems to be device specific?
Kudos to the developers for not making this a subscription service. You can purchase individual needs for 99¢ or all features for $4.99 — however the purchase seems to be device specific. So of you purchase it once and need it on another device, Restore Purchase doesnt work as intended.
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5 years ago, Jvigano
Does the job BUT...
... they will use your login/password (your have to give it to them in order so they can access your IG account) to other unintended/undisclosed purposes. IG actually blocked access to my account because of this and I was constrained to change my password.
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3 years ago, CaptMeltsner
Nice..but just picking random photos?
The app is simple enough and nice features. I was still not comfortable logging in through it, so I briefly made my IG account public so it could scan, then changed it back to private. But, I was expecting this to collect my top “liked” photos (i.e. “best”), instead it’s just a random selection including some of my least liked pics of the year 🤔 therefore...not really anything “Best” about it in that aspect....
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4 years ago, Llisamcdaba
Sent my passcode to another email
Definitely a big bug. I went to log in to my Instagram from the app and it came up with an email that was not mine that it sent a passcode to to sign in. It showed part of the email and the other letters with asterisks and it definitely was not my Email. This leaves it that someone else can access and change my passcode for Facebook or social media. I quickly went and changed my Passcodes and set up double authentication. HUGE flaw in your app.
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4 years ago, Tanya1256653
Great end of the year app
What a wonderful way to capture the best memories of the year all in one place!! The app is super easy to use and it’s constantly being updated to make sure it’s bug-free. Great app to share the best photos of the year with your friends!
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3 years ago, allenofmatt
Didn’t Deliver
The promised feature didn’t work: finding the best performing posts on my Instagram. I purchased this for a brand I work for and was disappointed to get error messages for every best nine range option. errors messages included “looks like you don’t have enough posts” (the page has been posting regularly for 6 years) and “looks like millions of people are using best 9 right now. Try again later”.
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3 years ago, porsche874
Does not work at all
Not only does the app not work, it just picks random photos, not the most liked, even some of my lease liked photos. The website best nine also does not work. It says it will take 10 minutes when 3 days later still waiting. I should have listened to the other reviews, but the app developer kept responding to bad reviews saying they fixed the problem. They did not fix the problem. All my apps are up to date. I give up. 😔
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4 years ago, EV3Gurl
Latest update broke the app
I’ve been using this app for months to keep up with my insta but now since the new update it isn’t working correctly anymore. Now it’s just showing a selection of 9 pictures in the opposite order of when I Posted them. It doesn’t display my total amount of likes I’ve gotten this year or the average amount of likes either. I Hope this is fixed soon because I Don’t like leaving a negative review like this.
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4 years ago, gewald
Excludes videos! Yay!
Only one of three of these apps I tried that excludes videos (the still frames are lame). Nice feature with past years option. Least interesting output formats of the three. Fine, just basic.
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2 years ago, lalalaleah23
Doesn’t work
Isn’t this supposed to show your 9 pics with the most likes from all of the year? I’ve tried to redo it a dozen times and not once has it shown the photo i know for a fact has the most likes, shows different ones each time, and lists a different number of images pulled from—why is it not pulling from all photos from the year??? So inconsistent and inaccurate
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4 years ago, janislacrosse
In App Purchase Won’t Open / Unable to Contact Support
The app generated a best nine grid without issue. Fine. I decided to purchase the “frame colors” option, but despite restarting the app numerous times after my purchase, I am not able to access the feature. When I click on the frame colors in one spot (while actually viewing my best nine) it tells me to pay again. If I click in another spot (under “More”), it says that I’ve already unlocked the feature. I attempted to click on the Support tab on the website and here in the App Store, but get an error message. All this to say, it appears I am out $2 that I paid for a feature I am unable to utilize and there seems to be no way to contact Help/Support. Annoying.
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5 years ago, Maddyfae
Locked out of instagram account
Like many others have said, after using this app, instagram keeps locking me out due to suspicious activity. Initially, I thought it wasn’t a big problem, as logging in to authorize did not seem like it would be a big deal and I understood why Instagram would see issues with it. Since, however all the time I am asked on Instagram to reset my password. Don’t know what’s up, but this app can be the only thing to blame.
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5 years ago, FrustratedLilGuh
Did its job, but hacked
I love that this app did what it I wanted it to do, but after using it my account has been hacked. My Instagram has been temporarily locked numerous times for suspicious activity going on 3 days after using the app. I talked to other people on Twitter and apparently this is a fairly common thing to happen. It’s just frustrating to have to change my password 4-6 times everyday since.
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6 years ago, PV2 Snowball
Not iPhone X Compatible
The app is easy to use, but those of us with an iPhone X will immediately encounter a problem when attempting to post onto Instagram. “CANCEL” and “NEXT” will overlap with the information on the ‘left ear’ and ‘right ear’ of the iPhone X’s screen and the new photo arrangement cannot be posted. It’s still a great application. It just won’t work as intended for iPhone X users.
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2 years ago, NickME646
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work for me at all. Sometimes it starts to work and says it has analyzed 20 or 30 posts but then it freezes up and does nothing more; other times it says too many people are using it and to try again later… but I’ve tried it at every time of day and night, from early morning to late night, and that makes no difference.
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5 years ago, Nene Favors
Phished immediately
I’ve had my IG for over 7 years, since only iPhones were permitted to use it. Thought it would be fun to use this app, so I did last night. Less than 15 mins later I was logged out of my account and forced to reset my password. This went on ALL night and this morning. IG sent me a message stating someone was phishing my account and when I looked at the attempts in my settings, this went on at least two dozen times. I’m irritated.
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5 years ago, jaleisk
Like It
Worked great for me when another one that’s highly rated wouldn’t. Because that one wouldn’t work, I downloaded this one and it was done in a couple of minutes. Quick and nice!
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5 years ago, H0ndata
Account hacked
I believe this app send your info to 3rd parties. This is the only app I have used in conjunction with IG, and my account has now been compromised the day after downloading the app. I have had to Reset my password 5 times and I’m still getting this message: Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked We've detected suspicious activity on your Instagram account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution. It's likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Instagram. This attack is known as phishing. Over the next few steps we'll ask you to verify your identity to help secure your account, and let you log back in.* Stay away from this app
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6 years ago, Jenhaynes
Does not work
When I open the app, a list of years comes up. I select the year and then there is a “Get Started” button below that. I click on get started and it goes to a blank screen with nothing but a “close” button. I waited for a long time and no login for instagram popped up. I tried other years as well and nothing happened. I saw another reviewer had the same problem and the developer response was useless.
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3 years ago, paperbuildings
Random Nine
This used to work well enough, but it no longer samples the entire chosen year, nor does it choose the posts with the most likes or interactions. And stylistically, there’s now a small border around every photo that takes some hit or miss tweaking to get rid of. I used to like this app, enough to unlock everything, but these bugs essentially make the app useless.
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4 years ago, slayerprincess
Used to be 5 stars
Just like everyone else posting recently, (everyone who hasn’t gotten any feedback from the designers, btw), it no longer shows the most liked posts, just nine random (I’ve gone through and checked, one is my least liked post). Would love to see an update that ACTUALLY FIXES THE PROBLEM. Re: developer response No, it doesn’t. Perhaps you could be honest and just say you don’t know how (or don’t want) to fix it.
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4 years ago, BJames85
4th time trying
This app has not worked for me at all and this is my 4th time trying to install it. Only will it let me log in right after I download the app...I put in my log in info and then it just loads forever and never makes a Top Nine...if I exit out of the app and try to go back in it’ll never show the log in option, it’s not just a blank screen. Maybe the 4th time downloading it I’ll finally get my top nine 🤷🏼‍♀️
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6 years ago, Ray__gun
It simply doesn’t work
It takes really long to load, and even when I log into my account it’s saying I don’t have enough photos on my account when I have over 50 photos. I don’t have a private account and it doesn’t give me anything else besides “you don’t have enough photos”. I don’t recommend this app for anyone. The fact that the rating is so high is pretty surprising, again, don’t get this app, it’s a waste of time.
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3 years ago, Corabrown
Latest update does not actually select the best nine
Very disappointing to check the picture selected for the grid against the like count in Instagram and find out it's not picking your top photos. I'm also not happy that the only way I seem to be able to capture a copy of the grid is through Facebook which I do not use. I'll be deleting the app. The version I used for 2019 didn't have these problems.
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4 years ago, ajoutside
I paid the $, can’t save best nine or share to instagram
It keeps coming up with error when I try to save “oops, something went wrong”. When I try and share, it wants to share a weird file (and won’t share to instagram.) when I hit done, nothing is saved and goes back to the start screen. I contacted best nine a couple of hours ago and have yet to hear back....I’ve also restarted the app and my phone. Frustrating.
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6 years ago, Koolwayne
I like but...
It works great but it won’t count the photos that have multiples posted with it even though those are the ones that have the most likes. I would like it if it counted those in the best nine and just used the first picture that’s posted
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2 years ago, Iris_the_Finder
Inaccurate, doesn’t analyze all posts
I tried to curate my best nine for 2021. The app doesn’t analyze ALL the posts I’ve made this year, meaning my collage consists of random photos that were not my most liked. I tried creating a best nine for previous years as well, to test if 2021 was just being glitchy, but got the same result. It’ll only look at a dozen or so posts each year. Useless.
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2 years ago, Bradley holland
Why did I waste my time?
If I could give this app 0 stars I would. It picked 9 posts from the last 2 weeks, none of which were anywhere near the highest likes or posts which had high engagement. In fact one of the top 9 had the lowest statistics out of the entire year! Guess I’ll have to filter through every post and create my actual top 9 myself
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5 years ago, Lilacluvr
Don’t risk your account!
Downloaded this app and used it once! Ever since Instagram keeps locking me out of my account and having me change my password saying someone is trying to log in to my account. It happened about 10 min after using the app and happened 2 more times within an hour! I deleted the app and it continues to happen! Never happened until I used this app! Very disappointed!!
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2 years ago, KatieOta
Inaccurate and useless
Tried this multiple times and it didn’t work because it was overwhelmed, so finally I let it log into my account which I didn’t want to have to do, and it’s not even accurate. The posts it showed aren’t even my most liked photos. Useless waste of time I shouldn’t have even had to download a whole app for this
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2 years ago, J.R.O.D.
Inaccuracy at its best
I should’ve known. The post that it generated were some of the least liked photos that I have. My most popular photo with over 800+ likes wasn’t even on the top nine list. This was a total waste of time with random photo picking, this literally all it did. 2 stars just for generating quickly.
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6 months ago, boca_bum
Not worth the money money
I have used this app for several years and each year it gets worse. There are so many ads and have to wait 30 seconds before I can do something. I have executed the top 9 three times tonight and each time I get different results I would think I would get the same top night every time.
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6 years ago, Ailley
Not working
I clicked 2017, scrolled down and clicked get started, then another blank screen popped up and nothing happened - there was just an option to close it (which took me back to the select a year screen). I tried letting the screen stay open for a bit, deleting and reinstalling the app - nothing seemed to work. Sounds like other people aren’t struggling, so maybe it’s just my phone...
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2 years ago, Kezoo26
Didn’t actually pick my best 9??
So, the 9 photos that came back were not my most liked photos!? There were images selected that had half as many likes as several other images that didn’t make the collage. So basically the only good things I can say about this app are: it’s free and it picked the wrong photos very quickly.
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