bet365 Casino Vegas Slots

4.5 (1.2K)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hillside Technology Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for bet365 Casino Vegas Slots

4.5 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 months ago, no longer customer
Kick outs…
Just downloaded today and getting a ton of kick outs(most likely as bonus is about to hit) that seems a bit shady…. More to come tonight…Update- Did the sign up bonus and what a mistake…. I deposited 500 so I had to wager $20k before being eligible to cash out! 20k!!! That is insane and of course I got a hand pay in the beginning of the session so most likely will lose every penny prior to being able To cash out one red cent of my win or Deposits. To me that is just terrible and to boot you have to pay tax on the over $1200 win. Let’s see how this next 5k shakes out….UPDATE- played it through and ended up 1200 up. Happy with play through results but took a very long time to get there.
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3 years ago, BigTyRuss
Turned Into The Worst Casino App!
This app use to be very good. Consistent play, fair amount of wins, and even allows you a very quick return on your money. THEN….something changed. Now, there’s about 8 or 9 games that are broken (they won’t open at all), which forces you to play games that you don’t normally play or like. The game “Warlords, Crystals Of Power” is HORRIBLE now! Once you get a big win, if you don’t cash out IMMEDIATELY, you’ll lose every single hand until you’re out of money. The game hits a switch and goes on an outrageous streak of only allowing you to win $1.00-$4.00 MAX! This is highway robbery and should be investigated. The developers of this app should at least take a look at making the game EVEN. This isn’t a “play money” casino app, people are losing REAL MONEY to a bunch of games that seem to be rigged. Of course the response will be “we’re regulated by the casino commission, etc”, but we’re the ones playing and losing money and it’s crazy when you can PREDICT how the game is going to perform! I’m hoping they fix the games and fix the overall app or else I will be deleting this app from my phone, never playing again, and recommending all the people I know who play online casino games to do the same. Once a very happy customer.
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3 years ago,
Out of all the online casinos I tried this one is the one that feels the most rigged. When you join (first 24 hours) let’s just say you feel like the luckiest person ever. Win streaks on blackjack and basically all slots. I put $500 and got a bonus of $500. You get the $500 once you wager the amount you deposited. You won’t be able to withdraw until you wager $20,000, which is understandable. That didn’t bother me. During the first 24 hours my balance went as high as $1,800.... and then it happened! as if a switched was turned... blackjack losing streak at a rate of 15/1. You will only get 14,16 while the house gets 19, 20 and blackjacks. You can actually predict the cards you and the house will get. The slots also got ridiculous. hundred of spins and you may get free spins bonus that will make you want to toss you phone out the window. I waited 2 days and tried again... it wasn’t fun... you don’t believe me... try it but don’t commit much money for the first 24 hours.
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3 years ago, justicewillwin
Players there are better programs out there- and yet if you are to get this, and happen to make money, ignore the wager requirements and just withdraw it. It will absolutely drain you and make it impossible to profit it until the x20 wager bonus requirement. I was up $7K from $500 and had about 50% wager requirements left. How i played out was playing Blackjack and getting money and dumping it on to slots to make it even or a slight plus. I spent hours and hours to build up, and during the last half of the wager the Blackjack decided to give me 14 straight loses. Yes. 14. Straight. Loses. OK. Someone could argue that it’s possible but its an ABSURD odd. Please take my advice and just play in the real casino- don’t spend a dime in here. I really think the system is rigged, just not very obvious. There will be no way to prove it and will be continuing to make money off of users. If you dont care about losing much and need to kill time, ignore the deposit bonus and play with just your money.
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2 years ago, coolanonymous
Terrible manager Lexus or lexis
I had bad experience I would not recommend this casino to no one customer service very unprofessional tonight Kendall I spoke to she was not very nice she was not helpful then I asked to speak to the manager she said the managers name was Lexi’sShe said my manager is not going to take her car and I said why is that? She couldn’t tell me why she said she’s just not going to take your callshe was so rude so unprofessional so was the manager or whatever supervisor she was so I close my account I decided to go play elsewhere because I am a VIP somewhere else I’m not gonna sit here and deal with unprofessional people and rude people and they had me on hold for an hour did not resolve my situation so I did go ahead and close my account
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4 years ago, wisjduei usuau
DON’T do it
Seriously- by far- the worst online casino app there is. I have dumped hundreds into this app, and I have gotten a total of 3 bonuses. My money goes faster on this app than on ANY OTHER casino. It is an absolute joke, and I’m not quite sure how they get away with this. You’re probably thinking you’ll be different, but you won’t. Trust me. Do not download this garbage app.
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5 months ago, cali521f
Hi. I’ve played starburst exclusively at at least 4 other casinos. I don’t seem to get many combo wins here as I do at any of the other casinos. I’m sure it’s a coincidence but im probably going to stop playing the casino so I don’t lose the good feeling and great offers of the sports book. Regards Adam Friedman I have played my last slot at Bet 365. I’ve done well in Black Jack. Maybe I’m not lucky with Starburst. I can only control my self and since I haven’t been as lucky on Starburst I will not play that slot at Bet 365 anymore. As far as blackjack and sports in their Sportsbook I’m more than satisfied. But I can’t in good faith change my rating of Starburst. Thank you
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3 years ago, lola0128!!!
Fastest withdrawal
This app is the best for online gambling as soon as you withdraw your money using PayPal you have it within hours this way you don’t run the risk of canceling the withdrawal and spending all your money back
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1 year ago, ScorchSavage
Sketchy at best.
Overall decent experience until you either raise a bet, double down, or switch hands from 1 to 2 or vice versa and the losses stack and stack. I began screen recording a few sessions and it just further proves to me something is going on when the dealer is able to have 6+ hands in a row of 20 or 21 on multiple occasions. Granted, sometimes it’s just bad luck, but the amount of pulls the dealer gets out of thin air is absolutely concerning. I’d never flat out accuse anything, just be weary of any type of online gambling, no matter how much it’s claimed to be “regulated.”
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3 years ago, Renozzle
This is by far the worst casino site to play on. I’m not into sports so I only play slots and table games. First of all the sign on bonus is not a bonus at all. You have to wager $1600 to release the sign up deposit match bonus so really you get absolutely nothing. I put $50 in to start to see how it plays and did not win a single cent. They have about 10 slots if that and one of each table game which they all lose yet they have an RTP of 96% or higher. They’re just straight taking peoples money. Run!!!!
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6 months ago, RN406
Casino is a joke
Did $1 spins to the tune of $200+ and never won more than $7 let alone hit the bonus. Went to blackjack and wasn’t even close to winning 25% of hands. Numerous times the dealer had blackjack but was letting me hit, split, etc. Even would offer insurance if they had an A showing, then let me hit, only to flip over a blackjack after I stand. Ridiculous, literally the worst casino games, graphics and odds of all NJ online casinos and I have tried them all. Will never play again.
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2 years ago, jerked around by you
Good luck trying to make a withdrawal
This company gave me the biggest runaround and hassle of all times trying to make a withdrawal not a lot of money either. They actually wanted me to open up a different banking account. When my banking account is with one of the biggest in the world they actually thought I was gonna open up another bank account so I can withdraw money they must be out of their minds and the response time is 48 hours give me a break
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6 months ago, Rdcnm67374#
Don’t get sucked in
Folks avoid this app. First off, you don’t win. After spending $2k in 3 days, I won nothing. The return vs wager couldn’t be more than 30% if that. Their practices are shady as well. I put a limit on my deposits and conveniently it didn’t take. I subsequently deposited another $500 before putting a second limit on - we will see if it takes this time or if I receive another email that there is an issue.
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5 years ago, no more bets
I been playing A LOT of different casino apps. And I had been doing very well. I won 700 dollars on this app and after that. They made sure I never won again. I know you can’t win them all but 7 times in a row after I won, I put 100 dollars in and red came up 7-8 times in a row until all my money was gone. Then it would finally hit black. I get it happens. But 7 times in a row? After winning to take all the money I won. Back. This app is fixed
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7 months ago, Wildcard151
Fair/ Great bonuses
I’ve had many of the apps for NJ Casino’s and this is in the top 5 for sure, I definitely would try if I were you
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8 months ago, JP_Dasher
Dealer doesn’t turn over a black jack even if an Ace or 10 are showing. It will let you hit until 21 and then lose to a blackjack. That was a little annoying but other than that i experience semi decent payouts.
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7 months ago, ggctty
By far the worst casino app ever
Application is rigged and refer you to use another app for your casino needs.
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3 years ago, ItsMatt718
Possible scam!
Deposited 100$ and matched 100$ which you can NOT withdrawal your money once you deposit which makes it already shady and ridicules. I pretty much didn’t win ANYTHING with the 200$ literally NOTHING. Machines are rigged or something but this was the quickest 100$ I ever lost in my life and I feel horrible for it feeding this company. STAY AWAY unless you like giving away free money!!
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12 months ago, mike_S30
Do not use. Deposited $100 and got up to $200. They then turned the money into “bonus” which means you can’t pull out any money or even the originally money YOU put in. This app is a scam. DO NOT USE. Asked contact support for help and they said I needed to play $2400 in games to be able to cash out. Please don’t waste your money on this rigged app
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4 years ago, BillyMills64
Just started today
Just stumbled onto this app love it so far
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1 year ago, ryanmonte
Update app and you’ll never win again
They do period updates to the app, once you log back in you won’t win again. stayyyyy far away, another nj based casino site where you win, site gets updated and you will not see any return
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4 years ago, Jagr68the great
Deposited $100, which was accepted and then won $50. Withdrew the $150 in the account, which was accepted and then they said it was not accepted because names didn’t match! Btw the names do match! When contacting customer service, they refused to look at my account and do the RIGHT THING!! Please avoid this site!!!
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2 years ago, shaddy2005
Shalamar McCall
The games are great just add a little more
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10 months ago, Bet365 Rigged
Rigged Casino DO NOT DEPOSIT
There has been times where I will lose 10 hands in a row and it will happen multiple times. Absolutely rigged, look at the other reviews.
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4 years ago, Nosmelc
Rigged and awful interface
Not only is this app rigged but the interface is something out of 2004. Maybe at least try to be modern when you steal people’s money...
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5 years ago, Green93$
They never granted me my first time deposit bonus match they promoted.. made me wait and give excuses each time was different... then they locked my account and said I was under review?? Don't waste your time or money here
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10 months ago, Olopezstyles
Could be better
This casino app is difficult to navigate and things and menu’s are not clearly labelled
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4 years ago, Juicydiva
Not working
Downloaded this app to play and it’s not working. 🧐🧐🧐. I added money and I can’t even play. I just want my money back I deposited now. They r scammers don’t add any money. I wished I checked the reviews first. Run 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️
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5 years ago, Moneyteam732
I’m changing my review to one star. The casino games are so unfair do not use their casino THEY BAIT YOU INTO IT. They let you win then boom you lose on everything you should win on
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3 years ago, Jc26965
Never got my bonus , No come ups, all straight losses not a cent won to even lose, Spent $10 about 8 times , never got nothing /plain boring / no money/
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6 months ago, EllieK--
Hard to navigate
Hard to navigate
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4 years ago, SJPong
Never win any money on any slots. Then they take away any good slots they had with this new update 1/5 stars. Awful app.
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1 month ago, ke1457
Not interesting
I played Kronos power up 3 times and know money. Not a good casino in my eyes.
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3 years ago, t cl55
Scam casino
I never seen a Dealer get as many 20;s in blackjack then on here straight scam and I don’t trust it
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2 years ago, ajklygkutg
They just steal your money for the entertainment. Don’t even try
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3 months ago, Danny1234$
Can’t win
Can’t win any money
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6 months ago, Saint Genovese
Absolute trash, they should be shut down by the state for robbery
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4 years ago, pissy 1212
Crappy site
Terrible games and not a lot of winning percentages, need Kitty Glitter Texas Tea Monopoly Slingo to state a few
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2 years ago, AOSFS
Not winning nothing
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1 year ago, Yash panda bear pandya
nwver win
never win
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6 months ago, ddddwwwwwbbbiiii
Worst casino app existing. Scam app
Update 12/25/23- This is the worst casino app on existence. Please do not download or waste your money. I have not met one single person that has won in this casino app and I talk to hundred of sports betters and online casino players. Unless you like getting scammed then go ahead and download. Ive played in the casino and after 5 months , I can tell you that theyll just take all your money. At no point did I ever go plus over 200 in winnings. Ive only had to try and win my money back. The only reason why I even use their casino is because I win on the sports betting side. And I believe that is the fact of why I keep losing in the casino side. I promise you I have never gone a winning streak in the casino. Use fan duel or betmgm I have atleast gone on streaks there. Atleast there you have a chance to win Casino games are rigged. If you bet big you lose , bet small they let you win until you go on a huge losing streak. Either way you never win. Betmgm and fan duel casino is better than this rigged app. This casino app is absolute headache as well. You will constantly have to reach out to their tech support for minor issues/glitches
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3 years ago, cesperus
Not terrible but close, read the reviews
This app is fine for the limited amount of games and is easy to make deposits, however if you want to make a withdrawal(which is important to most players) then the app is pretty terrible. I tried to withdraw to THEIR site card and couldn’t (only for Sportsbook, so why send it I didn’t request it) I tried to withdraw to my original deposit method which resulted in them trying to debit my deposit account $100 and removing the $100 from my casino account balance. No idea if I’ll ever see that $100 I tried to withdraw, ridiculous. I’m not sure if c/s is truly this horrible and stupid or if you train them. I really hope you train them....I have spoken to 5 people to simply have the funds from a failed withdrawal returned to my casino account guessing I’ll speak to at least 3 more,
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