BetMGM Casino - Real Money

4.7 (78.7K)
237.7 MB
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Last update
3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BetMGM Casino - Real Money

4.7 out of 5
78.7K Ratings
2 days ago, japanhdhd
I’ve won many jackpots getting your money is definitely a gamble
Hi! If yоu wаnt to рlay in thе bеst onlinе саsino, instаll the "Plimko Vоyage" aрp, all nеwbies get a bonus with thеir first deроsit, i’ve alreadу withdrawn $1166... As for betmgm I love playing betmgm I always have I just dоn’t like to be misled because it wаs supposed to be a way to make money Feist and it bе paid to my PayPal but like I said I’ve bееn рlaying it for the pаs And sometimes I say to be like a Texan but I have yet to see even a dollar and every time it says fоr me to deрosit oh it wаs for her tо deposit my how many Keaau you need tо fix it that’s misleading and it is downright 12 аnd I have days and I have not received that $.50 if I’m corrеct my name by this game that I have the 60 Cеnt sоund but it’s not fire to advertise that she can pay play for free and you download the game to play has it say is that a patient instаntly with no threshold have to mеet my like I sаid I enjoyed bingo I would enjoy it a lot mоre if I hadn’t been mislеd because I just can’t afford to рay out to play games whеn I’m trying to play games to make money not take away from my hоusehold and like I said enjoy your bingo yes there’s sоmething about the people hаving to paу to play the games and you pay so much and y’all will gеt a little bit Bank nо I don’t like that that’s why I don’t trust a lot of these gamеs because they’re Tae-yеon thеir advertisement thаt you’re going tо make Kаren $500
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2 years ago, jimhimjim
Do not use it’s a scam you can’t withdraw winnings
Do not download this app it is a scam they let you deposit money no problem but when you win and try to take it off you can’t !!! They’ve denied all my cards and banks even the one I used to deposit the money wich had no problem with taking my money but won’t put the winnings back on it. Also they say you can use PayPal this is a lie I’ve been on the phone with PayPal they will not accept deposit or withdraw it’s against there policy because it’s sports betting this app is litteraly a scam to take your money me my girlfriend and many other people I know have had this issue the app does not work they’ve stolen hundreds of dollars from me and my family at this point. (Update) after reading reviews I wish I would’ve read them first before downloading and having my money stole this app needs to be taken down it’s clearly criminal and stealing people money I’m contacting the Michigan attorney general and gaming commission there is no way somthing like this should be aloud
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5 months ago, Jatereecg
Legal robbery
I understand the concept of gambling, you win some, you loss mostly. But I used to spend thousands on this app at the highest point of my attraction to gambling. The first yearish of playing on here pretty much daily, I would win quite often, enough to get that high of excitement to want to come back & play more. Over the last 6+ months, I haven’t even wanted to play because it literally just robs you. Might not be as ticked off if it at least let me play for awhile but it just takes everything I deposit instantly without even a little play time. I used to get reward offers of 25$ free play or 50$ free play all the time, those never show up anymore, probably because I don’t spend hardly what I used to anymore. But there’s literally no want to play anymore because I know it just takes my money & doesn’t even let me play at little at least before going so. Half the games won’t load after they updated & changed everything awhile back & $ won from free spins won’t even show to be used. Like I said, I know what gambling is & the risks, but if you don’t even reward customers once in awhile anymore, why would they continue to want to put back into your company? Drafts gives way better promotions but even they’ve been robbing me lately. Greedy corporations only stay rich one way, taking & never giving. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
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7 months ago, budddercup
I’ve won many jackpots getting your money is definitely a gamble
I love this casino, and this app so much! The problem that they have so many ongoing issues and problems that I cannot get paid on my jackpot that I want! It completely takes the fun out of winning. It’s a shame that I can’t play because I’m afraid to have my money tied up for weeks. This last jackpot that I’ve won, I am still waiting on being paid because the game froze as I won the jackpot. I screenshot it to prove that I won the jackpot and sent it to customer support and I haven’t heard back from them yet. Of course I’ve spoke to the online team who says that there’s nothing they can do, but I don’t hear from anyone else. It’s like the biggest letdown there could be. And I’m not talking I’m waiting a couple of days. This has been a couple of weeks so far hopefully they will resolve some of their ongoing issues that they have oh another ongoing issue that they have is exchanging your casino points for casino play don’t do it it doesn’t go where you think it’s going to. I treated my casino points for casino play and instead of going to casino play it went to sports betting which I don’t do so it’s wasted and there’s no way that they can fix it because it is an ongoing issue. Here is definitely a gamble, not whether you win or lose, but whether you get your money or not
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3 years ago, Lehmanlaw
Do not believe the reviews.
I have had this app for a couple of years. It crashes every single time I try to play the casino. I mean every single time. I have to resort to playing on my Mac. Also, you get a free promo spin every day and can win free spins or $1 basically. Sometimes more but rarely so. I then (after having foolishly lost over $1k), play various slots just to see if I can win a couple of bucks. I can pick a game and spin .10 at a time and lose 10x each day. Never can win a spin. I lost hundreds the same way, convincing myself that there is no way, in a “fair,” casino like MGM that I could lose 50 spins in a row betting $1 or more a spin. Somehow I was wrong. I would play almost every game and wins were very few and clearly not up to industry standards. Then my son deposits $ into draft kings and wins $3k his first time playing the same games I would consistently lose on. I mean the same games, really? Then he turns a .08 bet into $24 on the same game. He had taken out his $3k winnings which was the only reason he had less than a dime left but still won with that. Lastly, after you take advantage of the initial bonuses, they don’t provide any future bonuses worthy of depositing additional money. Take this advice as you will, but stay away from this completely fixed casino. Sportsbook appears to be pretty good.
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6 months ago, Alpha_Whiskey96
I personally feel as though the roulette portion of the MGM mobile is a scam and fraudulent. My first bet of $100 on black playing roulette, there were nine reds in a row, and statistics showed a max of four of any color in a row. So then I waited a few hours after watching the game and analyzing the statistics. I bet another time on red and then there were 12 blacks on a row and even the dealer said something was not right. Then, I tried playing the roulette lightning where you have a chance of multiplying your winnings. I have multiple screenshots of my winning numbers being called, but nothing was ever paid out. These were large winnings, too, multiplied by 50 and 100 times. It would seem as though my regular bets and regular payouts would pay when there was no multiplying factors, but as soon as you start making any money at all, with the lightning rounds, they seem to not pay out. I contacted Support to report the possible technical problems, but I was met with, more than likely, a pre-written reply. I was told that ‘after some research there seem to be no issues with the gameplay.’ I was told this after about two seconds of contacting Customer Support, so I have no clue how they did the research within that short period of time. Very disappointing and the gaming commission should definitely pay closer attention to online betting.
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2 years ago, jayloop6077
Terrible customer service
So I downloaded this with the intentions of betting on casino games like most people but let me just say first you can’t place bets unless you’re in a select few states if your not in those states you can’t bet whatsoever so the point to downloading this app is pointless unless you live in those states but I didn’t find that out until after I deposited money because you cant even click on the game it says without having funds so after I found out I can play I tried contacting customer support in which one that I was texting back in fourth with just stopped contacting me all in all so I had to contact them again in which they sent me a copy and paste message saying the same thing twice I was told to withdraw money so I did and instead of taking money out of the casino they took it out of my account they so they ended up withdrawing 40$ in all from my account I called the and the guy I called was very rude and not helping at all i found out that you can withdraw money from your bank account but can’t deposit it back into your account you have to go through some different banking to get your funds overall it was a terrible experience I don’t recommend this app or any of there other apps if you wanna bet go to draft kings or FanDuel or any other casino app, TERRIBLE APP DONT DOWNLOAD THIS.
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2 years ago, SkanielSlavis
The Absolute Worst Odds For Online Casino
Id like to share with you guys my experience with BetMGM over the last 6 months. All of my play has been on the casino, I do not bet on sports. Over the past 6 months I have never had a single month where I finished in profit for that month, not a single one. I am down a total of $27,000. I am not some dude leaving a review cuz im all mad and I lost all my money. I am just writing this to hopefully steer others away from this casino. I know its a risk to gamble and I only gambled what I was comfortable losing. I actually just calculated my numbers recently and found this out very recently. I play at one other online casino which I wont name because I dont want this review to get removed. I play the same exact slots at betmgm and my other casino. I have deposited 2x the money into the other casino than I have put into BetMGM. But here is the kicker, I have lost $27,000 to betmgm in the last 6 months and Im only down $6,000 to the other place for the entire year. Im not joking you guys, do not gamble here. Also, their reward program is a complete insult. You can wager a couple grand and you wont even have enough points to get $10 free play. Oh speaking of freeplay, betmgm makes you wager your freeplay 25x before eligible for withdraw. The best online casinos have a 1x play through go look for those guys.
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2 years ago, fffffhhhhhiiiittt
Entertainment for Sadists
Have you played the casino games that are solely for entertainment but are free to play? MGM Casino is that, but charges a hefty user fee under the guise you may win some of it back. I understand the house always wins and that they are there to make money. However, having played most of the casino apps, living 5 miles from a casino and playing casino games at “cafe’s” for a few decades, MGM is the absolute worst, unless you like losing money. MGM doesn’t bother with the typical teasing other casino’s and patrons have relied upon to make the losing sting less, sprinkling you with hope and at least some return on money bet, pocketing a profit but leaving the guest with enough to come back. If you play, you understand the majority of the casino games are the same on all the apps, but MGM’s are angry mugger bots in a dark alleyway. Trust me, you would have better odds buying scratch off tickets or playing bingo than this app.
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3 years ago, jwiwdhkw
Nothing but problems
I have had nothing but problems since I joined. I made my first deposit of $25, but the app placed me in Michigan while I was located in Pennsylvania. Contacted support, took 3 separate conversations, and they said they would delete my Michigan account, and refund the $25 since they couldn’t transfer it to my Pennsylvania account and that their “relevant team” would take care of it. Well they deleted the Michigan account and now have no record of my $25 deposit, so I’ll never see that money again. Separate issue. I received a promo to bet $1 to win $100, and contacted customer service because I didn’t have the option on my account. They said my account was under a different promotion, however, if I placed the $1 bet and I won the bet, that I could contact customer service to have the promo changed to the bet $1 to win $100. Contacted support after the bet had settled, and they said everything was good and that it would reflect on my account within the hour. Next morning 10 hours later, it has not shown up on my account and I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone. If you’re in Pennsylvania and are interested in the online casinos and sportsbook, we have plenty of other options out there. I would stay away from BetMGM
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3 years ago, dakilla3641
Absolute total and complete garbage.
Signed up over an hour ago to make a deposit and get the free play and match, signed up and got logged out. Tried to log back in and it would not log in through my email, had to contact 24/7 chat, started chatting with a customer service rep who was absolutely terrible, hardly responsive and had to talk to 2 more reps in order to even get logged in. Finally logged in after about 45 minutes, and went to make a deposit through PayPal, again met with another roadblock. Even with funds directly in my PayPal payment was being declined. Tried contacting 24/7 chat again, spoke with 2 different agents, but if you leave the chat... at all, even if they take forever it automatically disconnects you from that chat. The first agent told me ‘you need to contact PayPal’ when it is NOT the fault of PayPal, saying as bet MGM never even prompted me to log into PayPal. And the second agent was at least trying, I expressed my frustration to the support agents and they did nothing. At all. So I quit. This app is slow, it’s designed by a 6 year old, and operated like it’s an 89 year old calculator. They could give me 10 grand in free play and I won’t come back.
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3 years ago, Gary Miles
Slots and Software is Terrible
I signed up for the first time and started and bought in for 400. I received a match play, however as I was playing the slots they glitch and stutter to the point that it is extremely distracting and disappointing. It is certainly not my Internet connection since I play on Parx, Fanduel and Sugar House. With that being said after lising 200 quick I could or the site would not let me cash out my other 200 remaining balance. It stated that I had to meet the requirements of the bonus rules and had to get to 6k in action. I wasnt looking to cash out the remaining 400 in bonus money just wanted to take my money remaining that I put on there. Well I couldn’t so you know the rest of the story; blew my money and the bonus. Stay Away from this site it is 2nd Rate and when I ran into the issue I couldnt even get a hold of support since they were unavailable. Again Stay away from this Site. Thanks Gary
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2 years ago, Ca1no
Will cheat you out of money
Hit a bonus on a game called King Kong fury and the game froze due to a technical error. King Kong fury has been having some issues but it’s my favorite game. Anyway spoke to customer support who acknowledged there was a stuck game and that they would fix it within 48 hours and I would receive an email when it was fixed. No only did they not email me they cleared the stuck game and my bonus and I never received any winning. When I brought this up with them they told me no bonus occurred and that I could look at the game logs. The game logs were all messed up when I looked at them and literally looked altered. So even tho I have screenshots of the bonus and they originally acknowledged it was stuck and that I would get my money, are now telling me I’m lying and that I never hit a bonus.
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2 years ago, Joshin32323
Worse customer service, horrible app
Before depositing and using this app, I would be extra careful which app you decide to use. This app has got to have the literal worst customer service. It seems like they are outsourced in another country. The responses are mostly computer generated mixed with broken English. The chat customer service is completely useless, they spend more time asking you for personal info then actually guidance and help. They literally cannot help with anything through the chat. The customer service through email is not much better. Any issues I’ve had on this app takes days upon days to get resolved and fixed. My last issue has now taken over a week and it’s still left unresolved and I’m still waiting for a resolution. The app itself is very buggy, games constantly restart and probably “reset”. The slot selection is mediocre to poor. I highly recommended you take your money else where. They do not care about their customers and if you come across issues they are extremely slow to help. What a pathetic excuse of customer service. Shame on them for cheaping out and outsourcing to illiterate countries.
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3 years ago, BillTackett80
They don’t care about customers
Be careful games reset occasionally while you’re playing in casino. Usually ok but on 3 occasions (twice today) it reset twice today and I lost large bets. On some of the Slingo games they make available there are bonus games. You increase the bet to get a better payout bonus game. I lost a $65, $55, and $30 bet because of this. Meaning I won and when picking my prize it reset. Forget the fact I lost the “prize” but I also lost the investment in the games. Contacted help they tell you to give them the game IDs. Ok. Because every spin I write that down. I get you can’t just trust everyone but I’ve been playing for months and have literally bet thousands. No. I’m not doing research and contacting a different group and jumping through your hoops. This was just a matter of principle. Take my business to a competitor. Maybe they’ll care. Oh, and during a poker tournament in which I was in 2nd place (only a $5 tournament so not the end of the world) it suddenly said I couldn’t continue after participating for an hour because I wasn’t in a legal state. Ok. Except I was sitting on my couch where I had been sitting when I started. Smh.
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5 months ago, AndrewD87
Do not use BetMGM
Their so called chat support making my already frustrating situation just trying to withdrawal my money but went the extra mile and lied to me, slandered me by closing my account stating I had a gambling problem just for trying to get the money owed to me for over a day now. Below is copy of the chats from the useless and malicious so called support agents: slander, retaliation, and theft are all illegal business practices. I was told the issue with my withdrawal would be taken care of within 24 hours by a phone rep. Since it’s been 24 hours I was inquiring on when I can get the funds released to my account. I was then insulted multiple times and had my account closed and accused of having a gambling issue which makes no sense bc I have been trying to remove my winnings that are being held illegally bc it’s been confirmed by numerous agents that the money is owed to me and will be released. Not bc of they’re still in need of review. I’m so extremely furious I’ve already contacted my lawyer and made him aware of the situation and am going to spend a lot of time on social media displaying these insane problems I’ve had to endure with this app
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1 year ago, hippa violatora
Scam scam scam do not download
I made the mistake of listening to a family member and downloading this app they sure let me add money out of my account no problem but the minute I started winning money they wanted to lock my account and not let me play anymore and as I check this is happening to a lot of people they are scamming you and stealing your money and I’m not sure how the state is allowing this to happen at all but this is worse then any bookie I have ever met . So they lie in there terms and conditions and literally do what is called a bait and switch do not fall for this do not give them your money at all . Never try and add money from more then one debit card or they will lock your account and don’t bother trying to withdrawal any winnings even the card they let you put money on with won’t be able to withdrawal the money either !!!! So your money just sits in mgm app where you can’t use it or withdrawal it or anything it’s just literally money on your screen that can’t be used ! I will be filing complaints with the gaming commission and bbb and anywhere I can !!!! Don’t download this app at all !!! Scam scam scam scam
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2 years ago, Ara Jordan
So this company “MGM” literally has the worst betting platform with VERY VERY few options for betting on the College Football games particularly. They even CANCELLED one of my winning picks in my bet slip! On October 1st, 2022… I selected SYRACUSE to cover a 53.5 point spread against WAGNER. I won. Then I checked my bet slip it had an error message that stated “MARKET INCORRECTLY SET UP” ??? But all I did was make a selection, so any INCORRECT ACT would be on them and not penalize me right?? WRONG. Customer service was disrespectful and rude and wouldn’t answer as to WHY this happened to my bet slip. He literally disconnected the call because I checked his attitudinal responses. So I had another bet slip in… an 8 pick. I had selected the “Bonus offer” that states if you miss one leg of your bet slip, you’ll get your bet back. How come when I went to check the bet slip, IT WAS GONE!!! Not in the Settled, Won or Live folders. I had numerous tickets in that lost more than one game, but the ONE qualifying bet for the “bonus” is now missing. Therefore, they claim they came help me. App is now deleted. DO NOT BET HERE. Everything they offer is a scam to get you to give money.
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3 years ago, quexed
Use another betting app
This app is terrible. I also use Fanduel, Draft Kings and bet rivers and this one is the worst. I get emailed promotions from them saying they are special to me, and it says to go to the app to opt in. So i went there and there was nowhere to opt in. So then i get on live support which takes them over an hour to just tell me to email them. After about 30 hours later i get an email saying they have added the option for me to opt in- this was a get 25$ in net losses back promotion. So i lose 25$ and the next day get $25 casino bonus money. I go to bet it on blackjack, and come to find out they say there is a ‘casino coefficient’ that i have to use the bonus money on- this was not mentioned in the terms and conditions of the promotion. Therefore on blackjack, only 10% of the bonus money counts for my bet. I have to play the slots for 100% of it to count. What a joke. Also, any freeplay bonus money has a massive 25X playthrough requirement. Just use another app this ones not worth the trouble and has a much more limited selection of games to play compared to the others. 1 star from me
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6 months ago, EddieSicoli
NOT Good -2
I simply have to agree with the most recent review for this online casino app. They take your money yet if you miraculously win they delay or won’t pay you without a big hassle and this is suppose to be regulated by the DGE here in NJ, as well as the other states they operate in. You can’t reach customer support or service. The player is only a number here at at many other so-called regulated NJ online casinos I’ve played at for years! They all pretty much could care less about the player no matter how much you’ve played there, or lost. The DGE is only there for the online or land based casinos , NOT for the players. So, if you have an issue and complain to those who “supposedly” watches over & regulates them, you’ll get no where. It’s hard enough to win in a land based casino but you’re much better off there than playing on line. Take it from me, as I have played at all of them but exclusively at Golden Nugget since the rollout of online gaming , although a “few” are a little better than the others but their only purpose is to separate the player from their money!
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3 years ago, Thuggfhvtgbcgffg
Unable to withdraw winnings
Any other casino app is better than this. So I guess if you deposit money through a MasterCard you cannot withdraw you’re winnings into that account and there are a total of 5 different ways to withdraw money I was unable to use 4 of those the only one that works is going to mgm and talking to someone to get the cash I talked to support and they where rude and more or less useless the only way around this is to make a PayPal account and make a deposit witch I can’t immediately withdraw until I turn that into winnings I made a deposit the same day and every option still tells me I must have made a deposit with the preferred method in order to withdrawal my money that way. I would highly recommend draft kings it dosnt crash they have great support and I always win more through them as well Any mobile casino is preferred over this they try an make it so hard to keep any money you win they want you to zero out so this isn’t an issue and if you look up this issue it is widely known I’m glad I didn’t make a big deposit like I wanted to initially.
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4 months ago, Eyhcdgjh
No support
I like the games that they have a new site but a lot of problems with the game freezing up. I played blackjack a lot and I placed a big amount sometimes anywhere from four dollars for him to 200 and what will happen if the dealer showing at 10 and I have whatever I never get a chance to act ,I have to back out of the game and when I come back, it’s already completed and I’ve lost my bet. i’ve been told by the support team apparently the dealerHad a black jacket but I never got the opportunity to see it. I know where a casino or something malfunctions the beds are giving back so I’m just supposed to assume and trust that the dealer had blackjack even though I never see it and this happens a lot contact support about it they don’t seem to care they never get back to me no matter how often or what I questioned them about. Getting the support team or at least care enough about your customers to do something about it. I play a lot of money every month maybe it’s time for DraftKings orbit, Rivers Little, bittersweet Plandome I never have an issue.
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3 months ago, cmeyer31
Although I have not been a “High Roller” or even a seasoned Player, I do enjoy Your Promotions. However with that said some are really mispeading. Example the “Shoot and Score” Basketball Game. When I do score and receive the 5 Spins for Casino i have yet to win more than .35 cents!!! This is after approx 30+ spins! Do i expect a Jackpot or even to Win $50 or more NO, but come on its rediculous. Its all a ruse to get One “Hook Line and Sinker” if You are going to “Promote” Your Product do it in a way thet would aant to make the Experience & Player come back! Why would i EVER want to deposit Money into Your Casino Games that clearly show You have a 1% chance at winning anything. Infact to date i havent won more than $2.00 dollars maybe even a $1.00 The past 10 Spins won a whopping $0.00 ! Just a dissertation on some physcological reasoning for Why People might not move forward in Playing Your Slots! Cheers. Chad M.
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2 months ago, pcnew21
It’s great at the start
Gambling is gambling, you’re going to lose and this app is no different. Started out great, had a nice win over $1000. That’s the hook. It’s as if they flag your account after you withdraw your winnings, and then comes the landslide of losses. I am not a bet slip person, strictly enjoy playing slots. Yes I could play the fake slot games, but where is the fun in that? I don’t need to win all the time, but I don’t enjoy the money dump and never get a little back. Telling you, rigged. My battery died in the middle a bonus game, where you have to make 3 selections, then the reels start spinning. Plugged in and lost my money to boot. Contacted support chat and they said they had to elevate the ticket and I would hear back within 48 hours. Nothing. Not a peep. I mean come on, MGM makes millions a day through their app casino and they can’t help with a problem slot? Sure, battery dying is my fault for not paying attention. But now I feel cheated even than before. Don’t bother posting a developer link for support, I don’t come back and check after I post reviews.
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2 months ago, hollyd119
Horrible!!! Scammers!!!
I have had BetMGM for years now and First of all I can win free spins in a game and won’t ever get them. I contact support them tell me they have to email them and answer me in 72 hours. They never respond to you they make you contact support chat again just to hear they see nothing wrong and pretty much screw your free spins!! Oh and than the rewards points they give you to get you know bonus money in the reward store?? So let me tell you how with my level with them I should be receiving a nice amount of reward points per wagering and deposits. I deposited over 600 in 3 days my points didn’t move up by 1 point. I wrote them they tell me oh well email them and talk to you in 3 days like what??!! I have deposited over $5,000 in the last 2 months and didn’t win NOTHING!!!!!!
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2 months ago, cheater647
Horrible experiences
I very rarely play here because I Never win but thought I’d give it a small try because I maxed my weekly amount at the 2 main online casinos I play. I funded my play plus card and it didn’t show. I chatted with a agent who told me to call play plus. Called play plus they say the money went to mgm play plus card. Play plus told me to reinstall app, still nothing. Play plus said to contact mgm and let them know they see the transfer. Mgm agent says they see money and gives instructions. I tell them I am very familiar with play plus as I have for other casinos plus I used play plus earlier this morning. Gives instructions again. I tell him I can’t transfer to game a zero ( showing) amount. Sends instructions again because they must assume customers are idiots. Funded card again and it went through. Waiting 24-48 hours for a supervisor call. No one has to call me an idiot if I play mgm again, I will take care of that. Absolutely worst customer service agents of any online casino I have ever dealt with.
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8 months ago, yayday!
Tried the rest now I stick with the best
I actually love playing on this site. Sure I lose and sometimes win big but that should be expected. Not everyone can win and I accept that truth and don’t blame for shortcomings. Can’t afford to lose then don’t play. The site is easy to navigate. Wide selection of games. Doesn’t cut off my game for whatever excuses some other sites use which only seems to happen when I feel I’m doing good. Best part is when I’m ready to collect, money is in my account the next day. Some other sites have some long waiting period which the entire time I feel like they going to rip me off or make me feel like I’m not the appreciated member they say I am. Very happy so keep up the good work and growing with times. Thanx Byron K
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5 months ago, Ms_LadyJ01
Payouts & Customer Service
I this app a -1 star. I hate the fact that when you win money. Customer service on the phone and e-mail chat give you the most difficult time every. Especially after you have a difficult time trying to cash out your money. They act like it their money. When it’s my money that I won! They’re very rude and disrespectful. What every happen to willing to assist. If you don’t like your job you need find another job. I can’t see how majority of them still have a their JOB! When ask to speak with a manager they will hang up on you are make and excuse that no one is available. Or bet yet keep you on hold for along time. Then come back to phone and say their no manager available. When they never attempted to. All they do is hope that you hang up the phone. Y’all advertise this BET MGM all day long on tv! This is what I have to deal with when it comes to me wanting my money. I take it back I give it -5 star. Y’all need to change y’all whole customer service department!!
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3 years ago, CleverSleazzoid
I’ve only had my account for about 3 or 4 days and will be deleting my account. Made my account under the promotional offer they had going on in which I met the wager requirement and was able to finally withdrawal If need be. By the way the promotional offer was terrible! Anyway I began to play tables and decided to make a withdrawal, that’s when I noticed I was entered into another promotional offer without my consent! I immediately contacted support bc I did not opt into this measly $5 bonus offer! Especially when I just had a terrible experience with the sign on bonus. Support was no help! She kept advising me to drop the bonus and they will reclaim the money. Why should I lose money for dropping a bonus that I never opted into ? At that point I just withdrew all my money and will be deleting my account. Beyond this, this app has so many glitches! I had to force shut down this app too many times! It’s a shame Bc they have such a huge selection of slots but they have terrible service all around.
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5 months ago, Petersow1
This app has so many malfunctions and they’ve cost me HUNDREDS of dollars. On my last bonus that required playthrough, it wasn’t applying my bets towards my playthrough. Even when it started to, the app wouldn’t update fast enough to tell me how much playthrough was left. This happened to me not once but twice. I then requested a withdrawal that is supposed to be processed within 24 hours. I still have not received my withdrawal from 3 days ago due to a a system outage! When in my chat with customer service, they didn’t even know which account they were speaking with and tried to resolve an issue I didn’t even have! I wish I could pin the conversation and how genuinely unhelpful it was. In contrast, Fanduel gave me a $75 bonus the other night because the casino was down for 3 hours. I didn’t even try to use the casino or know about the issue and they still gave me the $75 bonus! I suggest FANDUEL as they have never had site problems that cost me money or withheld my money.
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6 months ago, Bestofluck2024
Sorry for the bad reviews MINE IS GREAT!!
I’ve never had any issue with playing games. The live dealer is clear and crisp, the slot machines never freeze, I have won more online than I ever have in person. I won $500 last week and within minutes it was posted to my account via the same deposit method within minutes although it did say it could take up to 48 hrs. I’ve won numerous times and all withdraws are within mins. I don’t understand why there are so many bad reviews. Maybe use a real bank card with money in your account. I have nothing bad to say in regards to this app at all. It downloads fast, everything is self explanatory, Good luck to everyone!! Here’s to 2024 maybe it’s your year!!
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1 year ago, pattck1
Buggy Mess and Feels Like a Scam
I had to close the app every hand I played on blackjack because it would freeze until I reopened the app. Then the part that felt like a scam came when I won a bonus and at the bottom of the screen where it says “bet” and “balance” it displayed a dollar amount before the hand had concluded and before the bonus spin occurred that just so happened to be the exact amount I won from the bonus and from two of the three hands winning. So I payed attention the next hand too and it said the balance I had which just happened to be exactly what I had after the hand played out where i lost two hands and won one. I felt cheated because it was basically telling me whether I won or lost before I even finished making my choices. Overall I’m very dissatisfied with the app performance and feel cheated almost. I get that I’m a degenerate but at least give me some hope and keep me in the dark or make it less obvious that the game is rigged against me.
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1 year ago, Shybaby8888
Loved it at first
BetMGM was the only casino app I would use at first. I loved it. Gave good promos, free spins, and bonus money. But as of now, it’s HORRIBLE. They locked my account because of ‘suspicious activity.’ When I didn’t do anything differently than I was for the year and a half I was playing on it. Then sent an email saying to send certain documents and then it would take about 3-5 days to be unlocked. That was FIVE MONTHS AGO. I keep contacting them to see what’s going because I have missed out on so many promos and I have a balance of over $200 but I keep getting the same response. That they’ll contact me when they’re done looking into it. I can’t even withdrawal my money or anything. So I guess my advice would be to just make sure you cash out literally like ever fifty so they don’t just keep your hundreds of dollars hostage for no reason at all, like mine. 🤦🏼‍♀️😡🙄
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2 years ago, Jeztaa1970
Customer Service Lacks Big Time
I was an extremely satisfied customer of MGM. I played a lot of money with them until now. I recently won and cashed out $120 with no problem. A day later I won again and cashed out $300 only to check back later and find my account was put on hold. The reasoning I got from them was because I OWED them over $500. Back in December my visa that I used to deposit was hacked and used over and over for multiple amounts equaling approximately $280. I was then told I also owed for chargebacks in the amount of $35/each. Hence the $500+ owed. I refuse to pay back monies that I did not charge. My card info was stolen and so was my friends the same time. Now they refuse to pay me what they owe me in winnings. I provided all the documents they requested to “reopen” my account but they basically shut me down and said I have to pay them. Oh and when you try to respond to their emails they blocked me. The customer service is horrible and I will never play with them again.
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8 months ago, Phoenixlaser1234
Quick sand
I have placed $500 in back to back and have done $1 spins and $5 spins and out of the $500 place in you might have one decent win to start the quick sand sinkage (this win ranges 5-100) but that was your chance to leave. From this point every spin is a looser or two dollars less than your bet. So you get the bright lights and loud sounds to make you feel better that every win your still loosing. Yes you might hit a little higher than your bet but not by much or enough to make up for the next 5-10 spins. This wasn’t done on just one game but I have tried most all of them. This app is a complete waste of money so if you want to watch the money you place in go down the drain go for it!! I will add I have won decent in the past but never more than placed in. Good luck to those that decide to still play. Ps I don’t care that I am not winning but when it seems the odds are extremely leaned in the houses favor it is more of a scam than a casino
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3 years ago, rincent32
Worst customer support and service
I have never had a worse experience with customer support in my life. No one helps you with anything you ask. Every answer they give you they say they need to escalate the issue I went months and months without a single response or help. They just shut down your account whenever they want with no reasoning or anything They don’t add the promos you are offered if the don’t work the first time. And then they will require you to jump threw hoops to get anything you should have recieved or wanted. Borgata casino bet mgm casino and party casino are all the same exact issue I am so upset that I lost access for no reason to the only app I thought I liked but after weeks now of my app being under review and no one knows why I gave up. Same thing happened to my wife and they dragged it out for months require more and more documents and her identity just so happened to them be stolen. STAY AWAY FROM BET MGM BORGATA AND PARTY CASINO APPS
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6 years ago, Legitimate777
App is buggy, casino is trash
MGM was one of the best online casinos when they first entered the market. Over the past year they’ve continually gone down hill. They used to offer generous amounts of bonus money. The wager requirement on bonus money and deposit matches used to be 20x the amount of bonus. Now they switched it to “points” which when you calculate it out, it is a 30x wager requirement! And that’s if you are only playing non progressive jackpot slots. Table games are even higher requirements. RIDICULOUS! Aside from their ridiculous bonus playthrough requirements, the app itself is trash! It CONSTANTLY crashes in the middle of games. Quite a few times I just lost the money and never even got to see the spin, even when I reloaded. I’d say once every 15 minutes, id have to completely close the app and log in again to play. Overall I’m done with MGM. I’d recommend virgin, Tropicana or caesars if you want to play online in jersey. Stay far away from MGM, they are one of the worst out there right now!
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2 years ago, TCopron
House always win.
I have had okay luck with this app but it’s ultimately set up to have you lose. Some situations are just flat ridiculous and frustrating. I hit there bonus on their betmgm sponsored slot. Playing 5 dollar bet and hitting their bonus for 12 spins at 3x. I get this doesn’t mean I’m gonna win big but it should show a decent return. I won three dollars on it lol. Like times like this just shows how stupid this is. I feel like it was an error cause immediately following I received 30 spins at 3x as a complete randomly for the first time in months of playing. Only for that to win for 2 dollars. I’ve put in a decent amount and have cashed out as well but ultimately they set the games to pay out based on when you last out in money. Say I cash out I can then expect the next few deposits to win nothing. Haven’t won for a while then boom randomly won a few hundred bucks.
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3 years ago, Chrispy1971
Best in Michigan
I have all the online casino apps available and nobody is doing like MGM. They have the best games for casino out of all the apps. I don’t do the sports betting so I can’t rate that but as far as casino games and actually winning money and time it takes to get that money no one is even close. Multiple promotions everyday. I really can’t say just how far above MGM has risen above the competition. They seem to have put some thought into their app where the others just through something together as quick as possible. I probably would find some bad things to say if the others weren’t so horrible. I’m sure you will agree win or lose MGM is a far superior app.
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2 years ago, DCH78
Tighter then a……
Been playing for well over three years and within the last six months I have noticed a significant decrease in wins. I only play about $40 a week, nothing extravagant; its my weekly fun treat. Well, it used to be fun and exciting but now its just depressing. Yeah, I know it’s gambling and you’re going to lose, I get it. But when I first started I could expect a winning session (minimum of doubling your money) at least every 1 out of 3 times. Now, it’s basically never. No bonuses, no free spins, no jackpots, nothing. I think MGM used the first couple years to get people thinking they could win, paid out and now the game coding gets changed so all that money gets sent right back to them and then some. My favorite game is “Hyper Gold” and i once won almost $700 on that playing only $1 spins. That was over a year ago. Since then, I’ve NEVER won anything more than my initial $40 back. Most times I lose everything. 😥 Someone help me.
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2 years ago, yall corny
Wrongful bonus
I’ve been playing on this app for a while ive won alot of money and lost alot of money… the first time i got this app i was very disappointed because there was an automatic bonus i played for hours trying to clear whatever the bonus was and nothing tried with drawling my money multiple times…!!!! I put money into the app with no problem then today I suddenly have a bonus again when I deposited money as usual there was nothing stating i had a bonus when I deposited i was credited 75$ to my 150$ i couldnt play my live tables i played slots roulette baccarat and even after i got to 500$ i couldnt withdrawl I would’ve rather been disappointed losing then get dragged on by a bonus keeping me playing for hours trying to get my money i tried withdrawling over 15x but it wouldnt let me very unhappy with this i dont mind losing the money but getting dragged on is very frustrating when i did not even ask for a bonus!!!!
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3 months ago, mollyandmolly
Warning. This app will scam you. Read the reviews.
I went to withdraw 100 dollars of my winnings, which is supposed to take 1-3 business days. After waiting 6 business days and no money, I contacted customer support and got the run around and was told to contact my bank. (My bank confirmed that no deposit from them has been attempted.) As soon as I contacted customer support regarding not getting my money, they locked my account for no reason. I was told it was ‘under review’ and would be emailed an explanation and of course I never got one. It’s because I don’t want roll over and let them steal my money. When you read the reviews , you will see that they consistently do this to app users and it is a complete scam. I hope karma comes back to get them. This is illegal and I do not understand how they are getting away with this. Pretty soon, someone should file a lawsuit. What a horrible thing to do to people over and over.
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1 month ago, CASlNO GAMING
Uninstalling this
Honestly digusting how I spend thousands on this game and can even win $100, after spending $100 on bonus buys etc. it’s not worth it at all in the long run you don’t win any big jackpots in this once so ever I can said I have a problem at this point I can’t even win I’ve done 10 cent spins for hours and got nothing I’ve spent way to much to win nothing it’s not even a “you win some you lose some” situation, you’ll always use more money then you win and when you do win you’ll just be getting back all the money you spent. I see on their app people win every hour and day and I win nothing. Nothing at all, i swear on everything, I just bought a $100 bonus and got $10 even the last time before I got $3 and yes $3 I’m talking 300 cents, from my $100 buy. You can bare minimum give me something decent if I’m spending $100 over and over and not even making it back every single time. It’s sickening
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5 months ago, MaxBar42
Issues with Closed Loop Withdraw
Like many others I have had an issue with the closed loop withdraw, I had lost a card and canceled it, Added my new updated card and I am no longer allowed to withdraw. I have supplied customer service with all the needed documents to move forward, however i have been trying to get this resolved for almost a Month now. I have called customer service countless times and must have sent close to 20 emails. The only answer I get is that it will be escalated to the relevant team and I will hear back in 24-48 hours via email. Ive last spoken to them 72 hours ago and my last Email from them is from 5 days ago. I have tried countless times to get this resolved. Prior to this I have had nothing but positive experiences with BetMgm but at this point it is very frusturating. I hope they see this and help me resolve it. I really hate to leave one star however I will update my review accordingly.
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3 months ago, Cailin0124
Unable to play, contacted support many times
I have been "suspended from real money wagering and loyalty points program" for months now. I have contacted multiple times regarding this and I have not received any help or answers. I have a screen recording of me on my account to show that my account says open on all bet mgm applications and then it still Denys me from playing any games and I have missed so many promotions because it will not let me opt in to any of them! I really used to like bet mgm and I want it back because it was my favorite casino to play! Support teams always replies with “ thank you for supplying the requested information. This will greatly assist our colleagues as they review your query regarding account access and wagering. We assure you that they are working diligently towards a resolution. You will receive a follow-up via email within 5-7 business days. We greatly appreciate your patience.”
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3 years ago, Ylu1991
If I can gave a zero star I would
First of all, this is a good app , but ONLY until you win big!!! I’ve been using mgm over a year, first time I won, it asked me to verify with documents, so I did, and it only took a few days for the verification process. So this is the second time I won something big, and I got locked again, so I uploaded all the requested documents , but since then, it’s over a week, and this is the middle of the second week, i got the same answer every time I reached out to the customer service telling me to keep waiting. Which, I think this is ridiculous since the verification process would only take up to 5days, that means max 5 days, but mines taking over a week and a half, and still under pending review. So I noticed that MGM would not let you take their money in an easy way. Anybody know where I can call and complain about this company? Do PA official gambling site take this kind of issue?
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2 years ago, dhjfjjdhdhsysyfdgd
Yes you can win money but BetMGM is a straight scam. While being -$300 their machines continue to never payout. Even being well in the hole with them their is no reward. They don’t pay ever and use licensing to use lower RTPs. Go with DraftKings or FanDuel, I’m up over $500 with those two sites and their slots still hit. This is a straight set up. Yes you can win money but BetMGM is a straight scam. While being -$300 their machines continue to never payout. Even being well in the hole with them their is no reward. They don’t pay ever and use licensing to use lower RTPs. Go with DraftKings or FanDuel, I’m up over $500 with those two sites and their slots still hit. This is a straight set up.
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10 months ago, igamble2much2win
These people rip you off every chance they get. With false advertising for jackpots that never actually got hit and promotions that never let you cash out winnings. I’ve lost well over 1000$ from promos that let me win but didn’t let me cash out and doesn’t count any of my wagers to unlock it. Support always tells you it’s been forwarded but yet I never hear anything back. After turning 5$ bonus money into 50$ and being told I never wagered anything. They decided to just close my account so they didn’t have to worry about it. Save your money. I also got a letter oweing the irs 40k for the year I lost 10k to this site. Apparently getting half your money back regardless how much you spend means nothing and u still owe them for winning 2000$ out of the 7000$ you spent to get it. These people will never let you get ahead and the only one that wins is the irs and the casino itself.
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1 year ago, tami569
After shutting my I phone off I lost some of my slot games I play. Now to play them I have to go to the website. Which is a nightmare cause of the geo location. It say’s I’m not in Michigan witch I always am. Lived here my whole life. If you could get back could bring back the slots I lost it would be appreciated. Red white and blue also quick hit sun dragon that one I win free play from my promotions but can’t get it on my app. Over all I have love this app when first came out on a 25 cent bet won 1,200 had no problems getting my money it said 24 to be on my card it was less then two hours. Absolutely love this app have had it May 2021. Please try to bring back my missing slots. Thanks
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2 years ago, DCav22
Could be higher rating but..
So I deposited $19 something upon creating my account. Was given a $19 credit to match my deposit, and another $50 on top of that. So great start, then was doing well on a couple of the slots and got up to about $120. Wanted to cash some of it out BUT IT WOULD NOT LET ME. Went to withdraw and it just would not let me. Tried tech support, followed their troubleshooting tips on how to possibly fix it and nothing worked. So ended up spinning all of it back in....really hope the next time I play and win that I can actually cash out or this app will get deleted. Really liked the games and app setup (other than withdrawing your winnings) compared to some of the others though! If I could have cashed out when I wanted, easy 5 star review!
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