BetMGM Poker - New Jersey

4 (848)
754.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
ROAR Digital, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BetMGM Poker - New Jersey

4 out of 5
848 Ratings
1 year ago, Bmcclos
Fun game
I enjoy the ,but going to kitchen and making sandwiches I sometimes get locked out for inactivity due the fact my iPad doesn’t remember passwords and I have to get reactivated
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2 months ago, Djkf kskdnd
Stay away system is broken!!!!
Coming from someone who has played basically every app or website that offers this service… Deal yourself 100 hands with a deck of cards and then play 100 hands on this website/app. The system is clearly set out to give the most “interesting hands” not the most realistic. I still don’t know why people online recommend this app. ***this is poker now just the house is milking thier customers I would recommend Poker stars eveytime or WSOP Also the promotions are terrible. The app is easy to deposit, but basically impossible to withdraw. You can see all the cheesy tactics that they used to try to keep you on very very unprofessional.
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1 year ago, peace be to you
Easy to pick up and put down
Enjoyable variety of game types, and a great pool of players for the most part. Personally, I find it to be a well designed app, easily and quickly joining any game type. The variety of buy-ins also make it easy to play poker on a budget.
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4 years ago, tonyflips
So many bugs
I was playing roulette with live dealer it was actually pretty cool and I was doing pretty well but would keep freezing on me and than say I have zero balance and zero bet on the game and it did a few times and finally I had a big bet on a number that actually hit and it showed I had a zero balance I reported it and took screen shots sent to to support it's now the 5th day and still waiting for a response
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3 years ago, tsss606
This is by far the worst app to play on out of all of them. They never have any issue taking your money when you lose but when you earn a promotion or you are winning there is always a technical issue. I have been unable to collect any promotions I’ve gotten from losing on their sports app for over two weeks they have been telling me they have technical issues and have zero answers.
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1 year ago, mike mike mmike
Not sure how star system works but I tapped all 5 assuming that’s the best!!
Great for poker , I like this app for poker much better than live or many other apps you guys are probably the best as far as poker maybe 2nd behind poker stars but that apps great !!
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8 months ago, Mano Tatz
Horrible app please do not add money to it
I literally have three screenshots of hands where I should’ve won everything and they split it with my opponents when all three screenshots show both hands exposed and me clearly winning all three. Emailed them and never got a response. Horrible customer service and they are literally robbing you right in front of your face with nothing you can do about it !!!!
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7 months ago, Codedoc88
It won’t let me get my cash withdrawal. I was not able to play one game because my location doesn’t match where you’re able to gamble at so I’m sitting money in the account and it won’t let me play. Customer service has wait for 15 minutes and hit with. We’re busy call back later.
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1 year ago, Dart radi
More Players
Good web site,but you need more players
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3 years ago, manuchevys
Find a different site
Cards come out to entice betting, bad beats at least 3 times more than even the worst live tables. If you withdraw, withdraw everything, no chance at winning after you take some money out. Been sucked in too many times to this site. Runner Runner constantly. Likely some bots playing
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12 months ago, Johnny Mos
Horrible location services
App does a horrible job if you are connected to your Wi-Fi. Can’t find where you are even though the IP address lists correct location. Tells you to contact customer service, with no link. Shame. Gamble on another site or app. This one doesn’t work well.
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6 years ago, Mike Greek
Something isn’t right
I’ve been playing for last 3 months. I play 50 Tours and 109 tourn. A lot of issues with this hands timing out. Last night I played an50’sit and go and wouldn’t let me go to my table. It wants connection issues bc I was active at another table I isn’t even play one hand and my money was gone in 2 minutes. This is too common and not normal
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1 year ago, Johnblaze114
This website never pays
This is the only website where you never win.. never get in bonus rounds and god forbid you get in bonus round and win free spins you get 10 free spins and not win one time..
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7 years ago, Brent3339
MGM poker is great
I play poker for real every Sunday. I love this app.
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2 years ago, Clippers811
I’ve played on a few poker sites and this is the worst one. Made a deposit (which was very easy), but after playing with all these bugs I couldn’t stand it and wanted to withdraw, which they make impossible to do. Stay away
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5 months ago, Pause#123
Game paused
$10 pko game only 3 rounds in and a message appears “Game paused” tournament will resume shortly. Really? An hour has passed. Shortly means over an hour. Why not just refund the $ and cancel the game. Or at least give more info you’re forcing people to stay on the app and wasting our time.
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4 months ago, Bopudo
App doesn’t rotate and can’t pick own icon
App doesn’t rotate when you want a broad screen on either IPad or phone while all other apps do. I can’t change the given icon because I can’t access them after logging on.
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4 years ago, Clements08203
I made a deposit when I try to join a table it says that I don't have money but cashier shows that I have what was deposited from my bank. Also keeps making me set my security questions after doing it 4 times I'm done I want my deposit refunded.
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7 years ago, Junn hoo
A blast of bugs.
To much bugs. I’ll give it 3 stars. Barely anyone plays it and I’m seeing some hackers and lots of bugs. One of them were was that I got one dollar...
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4 years ago, Crackles62
Waste of my time
I tried to open an account and got an error that said something was wrong. I was prompted to go to the chat and got Emmanuel who was useless. He didn’t even understand my problem or try to assist. Complete waste of my time.
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10 months ago, Pamelanj17
It needs a lot of help
One thing for sure you should add note a player simply click on Player and you know,if you where playing with previously
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2 weeks ago, Gguhdethjj
Don’t play
Awful app. almost feels rigged the way i lose every single hand getting rivered, or losing an all in pre to someone tilting with 10 8 off suit pre flop. Will never play this app again
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6 months ago, Timmy92Bib
SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do not play on this app I warn you. It’s only about 20-30 ppl on the app and it’s always the same names and you will not win against any of them. Literally no matter what. It’s definitely not a legitimate site.
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3 years ago, massiveaj
Can’t believe
I don’t know how the gaming committee allows this app to even be distributed. Anyone can see the obvious cheats and bots on the app. No one plays. Go to any table and you will see one cheating bot waiting to steal your money.
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4 months ago, DGS916
Every hand is absurd
Every hand is either runner runner straight/flush/full house etc. and I’m always on the losing side lol. So done with this app.
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4 years ago, mmpw33
Deposited money and couldn’t play
Created an account and deposited money and I couldn’t log into my account afterwards customer service said it could take up to 24 hours to correct. 👎🙅
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4 weeks ago, mev16
Bad interface. Unclear promotions and restricted cash.
This app is awful. They auto apply bonuses that restrict your cash when you make a deposit. It’s criminal. This is the worst betting app I’ve ever seen.
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6 months ago, KGC sentinel
Won and never paid
Won over $8000 and they had an issue so it’s been under investigation for a year
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1 month ago, Andha Shan
Avoid these online apps as they have bots running in each table.
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1 year ago, gary vax
Not enough people playing and why can’t we watch live action without playing?
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1 year ago, Nothx11
Every time I hit the Help option, the app logs me out. Also, I have established an account, but the app always brings me to the signup page
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10 months ago, 6486477
Says not available in my country
When I sign up it says not available in my country, but I’m in New Jersey
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2 weeks ago, my92fiv3
App cheats
This app cheats idc what anyone says how does someone flop the monster and player stays in with runner runner and 90% they hit and win major pots! Do not gamble they cheat
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3 months ago, Alsautoandperformance
Can’t withdraw money the app is a rip off will be contacting my bank to deal with this problem directly
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9 months ago, miffed4
Really bad site
App is average . Customer service is non existent . Live chats get you bots, the. You get people who know nothing . Will be going elsewhere
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4 months ago, Edddddddddd7
Awful book, terrible service
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11 months ago, peteeeeerrrrrrrer
Waiting list
Play from I pad and can not get on waiting list
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6 months ago, Nassar's phone
Hard Registration
I get notifications about these free roll tourneys and I’m unable to register.
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3 years ago, rickynarberth
Total GAR-BAGE!!!
Nothing to recommend. Whom ever developed this app must be a complete moron. Worked in the digital biz forever. Never saw this Level of incompetence.
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4 years ago, u cant win
Terrible terrible app
This app is gross. All they do is set u up to lose money. If ur a terrible player this app is for u.
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8 months ago, Biddiebop
Best betting app
I love this app for poker
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4 years ago, Bagrat59
Very poor design and strange odds
I can’t say you playing with bot, but odds are very strange (((( It’s looks like play in slot machine! (((
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8 months ago, joinwebull
Subpar visuals
East misclicks no card visualization just bad option to play poker
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2 weeks ago, Jmkdevs
Do not use, this site is programmed to make you lose to bots. Should be investigated.
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2 months ago, crotchead
Awful lot of bots on this site, why is everything so corrupt?!
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3 months ago, Hmmmagain
The review
Like Tony the Tiger says, “It’s Great”
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11 months ago, Kb908z
MGM poker
Great game keep it up
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11 months ago, JS Baseball1741
Awful and
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7 months ago, guess who 123
This site is trash
Fixed garbage
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9 months ago, Being_Honest_1212
Never works
Never works
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