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User Reviews for BetterSnapTool

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3 years ago, dallanandjordi
One of the greatest apps ever
I think this is one of the best apps that you can get for just a few dollars. For my use, BetterSnapTool is invisible and just works in the background to perform actions when I use certain modifyer keys and keyboard shortcuts. Once you've set it up, it feels like it's just native OS behavior. (And if I were to use Snap Areas, I can customize the look of them which is nice.) This app is incredibly useful for me for both software development and day-to-day use. Besides being able to place windows exactly where I want them with a simple keyboard shortcut (or Drag Areas which I don't use), this app has a couple other features that are actually the most valuable to me: moving and resizing windows by simply holding modifyer key(s) and placing the cursor over any part of the window, whether the window is active or not. This is incredibly helpful when wanting to move or resize windows that are behind other windows. It's actually become my default way to move or resize my windows. (Meaning, I don't use the window's top bar for moving or its corners for resizing because it's less efficient and I'm out of the habit now. I assigned holding [fn] to move and [fn] [^ ctrl] to resize.)
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7 years ago, Avocadoak
Powerful Snap Area feature
The standout feature from this app is the ability to create your own snap area. The snap area can be set up as a universal snap area that applies to all applications or for a specification application. I created a specific snap area for OmniFocus because the default 50% snap area is too small to display all the information that I need. The snap area prompt can be customized to your liking. You can set the size, color, text prompt, visual prompt. I use a 22 inch monitor, but if I have a bigger monitor I will create more snap areas to optimize my desktop space. I tried out Moom and it was nice as well, but I think the grid system is a distraction. The grid system can be turned off, so it is not a big issue. Moom has a cool feature to save your windows layout. For example, you can set up a “work” layout with 3 windows for your most used apps. You take a break and opened email or browser and now your windows is disorganized. You can quickly return to “work” layout immediately by pressing a quick short cut or a menu button. Both apps are great but I love BetterSnap’s customization options.
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6 years ago, __Tobey__
The Biggest Missing Feature of MacOS
Being a long time Mac user that also does a considerable amount of work in Windows, it was blatantly obvious how much of a handicap not having snaps was for Mac OS. I began to despise working on my Mac anytime I needed to do any kind of multi-software tasks and really don’t like the the Spaces/Mission Control feature that separates applications into different windows. The BetterSnapTool has been the perfect solution for incorporating Windows-like snaps into Mac OS and has many additional features that really make it nice for customizing the location(s) off application windows. It does not have the same multi-step snapping features that Windows Snaps have (e.g. you can’t hold a modifier and hit the arrow kyes twice to have a window occupy two differnt spaces like you can in Windows). However, I have not found this to be a limitation at all. You simply set various window positions to unique key combinations of modifiers for each position on the screen. Once you train your fingers, the integration is completely seamless. Overall, this is the single best app I have ever purchased for actually improving productivity in MacOS.
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7 years ago, AcuWeb
Surprisingly Helpful
The developer has an instructional video showing how to use this app. Very helpful. It took less than two mintues for me to understand it, using the video. Once implementing a couple of drop zones that trigger a window layout, I quickly discovered that this tool saves a lot of time and energy. Less time manually resizing and coordinating finder and app windows is required as a result of this app. No software conflicts either. I also implemented an “extra” feature that comes included. I set up double clicking on the title bar to move the selected window to a specific area with a specific size. This gets me out of trouble when certain apps don’t play well with Mac Os and don’t properly switch out of full screen mode or won’t resize between screens easily. It’s also a quick way to get things out of the way. I make use of all trackpad gestures, and in any ways, this makes Mac Os a breeze. However, the addition of this app adds another level of convenience and organization. Impressive and convenient. Very happy with the purchase.
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3 years ago, dellison
Great window sizing app
I was looking for an application to resize and move windows around on my screens. I use this app in two ways. One is the standard moving screens around. I have hot keys setup so I can move the window to all four corners/quarters of the screen. I also use it to have windows side by side (like finder, web pages, etc). The second way I use this is for setting up windows in unique ways for livestreams and screen captures. That way I can use a drop zone so that my Chrome window is properly sized to be used in a Ecamm Live/OBS Studio livestream. I also have another drop zone set up for Keynote so I can run the presentation in a window so that it will work with my screen capture overlays and scenes in Ecamm Live/OBS. It has been a wonder app. There might be other solutions (I know there are) but I’ve been using this, and paid for it, for a while so I’m sticking with this one. Definitely works well for my use case!
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6 years ago, .....iK
Ex-Windows User? Buy this. Tried Magnet, Like BetterSnapTool More
The Short Version: Tried several MacOS windows management tools and like BetterSnapTool the best. The Long Version: Having been a die-hard Windows user for decades, a Win10 crash, unrecoverable backup image and resulting lost data tipped the scales for me and shortly thereafter I bought my first MacBook. Although there are aspects of MS Win which I still like - like native windows snapping - I am delighted to have discovered what all the fuss is about over Apple and it’s products. However, I found the native support for window control in MacOS VERY irritating…until I discovered BetterSnapTool. Actually, I believe BetterSnapTool is the first Mac app I purchased and have used it for years. I like the customizable features, keystroke shortcuts, intuitive and seamless function which makes using OS windows a delight now. A few months back I saw that Magnet had promotional pricing, so I bought it to see how well it worked. It is similar in function but was glitchy in some aspects. For example, when it came to snapping windows full-screen, for some reason Magnet would signal the MacOS Mission Control feature. So annoying! Tried to figure it out in Settings, but gave up, uninstalled, then reconfigured BetterSnapTool to be my windows manager again. If you’re familiar with MS Windows and are looking for better MacOS windows management and control, get BetterSnapTool and don’t look back!!
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8 years ago, ACGarland
Much better than macOS window docking and split implementation
Without this app, I’d be very frustrated—having come from long-time use of Windows. This is one feature which Windows handles so much better than macOS: in a far more intuitive way and isn’t constantly forcing you to reach for the mouse or trackpad. And this app brings all that ease-of-use (and more) to the macOS environment. Even though macOS has support for snapping/docking windows and split-view, the implementation is quite lame: 1) no easy way to do it from the keyboard; 2) doesn’t work AT ALL unless you have thing set for each display to be treated as a separate space. (What?! I’ve got three displays and use 5 spaces and you want me to try to track 15 separate spaces just so I can reasonably snap and split views? No thanks: I prefer 5 spaces, each with the complete set of displays.) Anyway, this app doesn’t suffer from those shortcomings. One of my most-used apps since switching to the Mac.
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7 years ago, PJS APPLE ACCOUNT
Its like a new computer!!
I grew up with DOS ->Microsoft -> Windows where this technology was available around 30 years ago. Upon retiring I bought an IMac thinking that it would work seamlessly with my various IOS products. That was major misconception on my part, but I liked my IMAC overall and it became my desktop replacement. I did however, find the poor windows management extremely frustrating and was determined to switch back to Microsoft on my next purchase. Today an advertisement for another screen management tool got me curious enough to go to the App Store where I found BetterSnapTool. It worked immediately and allows me to have several apps open and at my fingertips. It will be a huge timesaver and has re-kindled my previously waning passion for computers and more specifically for Apple. Why this is is an add-on bewilders me, but for now I am very happy with my "new" computer.
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7 years ago, Maxstar
An Awesome Snap Tool!!
There are other programs that perform similar functions. Some come with all sorts of command key combinations that allow you to customize the way your windows snap to the screen. However, I have used this program for a long time. I may have owned it for years. But that’s the point. It works so intuitively that I forgot it was even on my computer until I saw another similar program on the App Store. It works the way a snap tool ought to work. It works in the background. It never crashes. And, it is simple. Just drag a window to the left or right of the screen and it snaps to the left or right half. Drag it to any of the corners and the window snaps to one quarter of the screen. It does it quickly and cleanly. I love this program. I thank the programers for allowing me to forget that the MacOS doesn’t behave this way naturally!
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8 years ago, KBeat
Remarkable Window Management App
For those looking at both, let me say I find this app far more useful than “Magnets” which largely just mimics screen orginazation tools already built in to macOS. Side by side and full screen views are easy to do by default. It’ll allow things like quarters, but that’s not a view I find terribly useful. BetterSnapTool on the other hand goes way above and beyond what the OS can do. From things like centering windows or having them take up ⅓, ½, or ⅔ of the screen on right or left (all with easily customizable keyboard shortcuts or window dragging) to compeltely customizable window arangments. Not simply snapping mind you, but exactly specified layouts. Simply the go-to app if you’re looking to manage your application, document, and finder windows beyond what macOS will do by default.
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3 months ago, BrandonC1239876
It's good until it is not
I really enjoyed this app when I had a wide horizontal screen. I was able to manipulate all the different settings I wanted, and everything was perfect. However, I ran into issues when I went to a dual vertical long monitor and a standard 24-inch monitor. On the 24-inch monitor, I had no problems. I was able to customize as much as I wanted whenever I wanted; however, when I ran into issues, I would try and utilize custom vertical snap areas. When I would do that, every time I would try and go into the application and maneuver my apps to the individual places, it wouldn’t work. No matter what I did, no matter what research I tried looking up, I was unable to rectify this situation. However, I do periodically check every six months, but at this point, I have to move on and do something that works better for my workflow and helps me versus makes me research consistently.
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4 years ago, Bwv878
Can't live without this app
When I work on other peoples’ Macs who don’t have BetterSnapTool installed, I think, “How can people live like this?” It’s immensely useful if you have a workflow that requires having lots of windows open and can’t stand the mess and disorganization of dragging windows back and forth. The feature that I find most helpful is the ability to have preset window sizes resize with keystrokes. I use command shift option the four arrow keys to resize to left half, right half, bottom half, and full screen. I also use love that I have ability to set functionaltiy of the green, yellow, and red window buttons using secondary clicks. I find the snap areas feature less useful. And I wish that the app worked better with adobe products, which don’t seem to resize.
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3 years ago, IHeartBetterSnapTool
I would have thrown my mac in a dumpster during a fit of rage if it weren't for this app
How much do I love this app? So much that I'm willing to write my first review ever. Everyone should use this app. It is so much better than other window management apps and SO much better than the screen split feature built into macs. Why? SHORTCUTS. So many shortcut possibilities. I use them for splitting windows, quartering windows, and moving windows to a different monitor. Anytime I get a new work or personal computer, this is the first app I download. As a researcher and consultant, it has significantly boosted my productivity by enabling me to simultaneously work with multiple programs. Writing reports based off of online research or multiple excel sheets is so much easier when you aren't constantly having to manually size every window you need. Shoot, doing ANYTHING is so much easier when you aren't constantly resizing windows or dealing with windows that are way too small. If I didn't have this app, I would have lost my mind and thrown my computer through a window by now. Everyone should use this app. Thank you to whoever made it. I owe you big time.
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4 months ago, Swim'n Bird
A few glitches
I got this app exclusively for it's 'pin to the front' feature. It was between this and a few other apps but I picked this one because the creator seems very attentive with the app and adding features and keeping it up to date. For me, I pin quick time media player in movie mode to have my face visible via webcame when recording my screen for program demonstration style videos. The window itself would flicker sometimes which is forgivable but sometimes I noticed when clicking out of the pinned window, Chrome would randomly move to the front. This SEEMS like a glitch but perhaps thats a setting I ticked on accident somewhere in the settings? Not entirely sure. Will change review when I figure that out, right now it appears to be a glitch.
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5 years ago, Chris6886
Great! Can't believe it's this cheap
Love this! I just bought it, so these are just initial impressions. I'm a developer, and I always have many windows open. Several IntelliJ windows, text editor(s), browser windows, Slack, terminal windows, and other things. Typical web dev workflow. Managing so many open windows in MacOS is frustrating. Let's face it: MacOS's window management is awful compared to Windows. This app essentially adds Window's Snap feature and makes managing multiple windows much easier than manually dragging and resizing. There are also a ton of customization options for specifying hotkeys, "snap" zones, and so on. One caveat is I'm not sure it's quite as useful on a built-in laptop display if that's all you use. I use an ultra-wide display at home and an HD monitor at work, so will get a lot of use out of this. It would still be useful in that scenario if you want two windows open side-by-side, but snapping them to the corners would probably make things too small to be useable. This should really be built-in to the OS. Great job devs! Assuming it's stable, which it appears to be, this is app is essential for MacOS. If you struggle like me with tons of windows, buy it now!
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1 year ago, Marc Love
Great tool, been using for years, prompt support
This has been my go-to snap area tool for years now. It works great. It's not overly-featured, but offers plenty of customizability to do what I want it to do. I've tried a few other over the years and they either do too much or too little or are so opinionated that they force me to change the workflows I have that have become second nature. I recently had a problem where I had to reissue Accessibility permissions to BetterSnapTool after every reboot: a bug which appeared after a macOS upgrade. I emailed Andreas and he got back to me with a working solution in less than 24 hours. (The fix was `sudo tccutil reset Accessibility` to reset the accessibility permissions data store.)
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6 years ago, chappyku
Great Price, Great Product
I was looking for a quick way for split screen other than Apple’s new split screen. The advantage is that I am opening several different files on the left of the screen (one at a time), but have the same screen on the right side. This has quick-keys and I can move the new files quickly to place. (I teach, and this is great for quick grading). It is also the best rated with the best price. While other apps may compete with the product, they can’t compete with a three dollar price. Edit: Years later I still use this app. Not many downloads make it that far. I catch myself trying to use the shortcuts on other computers and get annoyed when I remember its not installed there. Kudos to this app!
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3 years ago, Apodivore
Much smoother now
This is my favorite window manager for Mac. I got an ultrawide monitor, and the built-in zones that most managers force you to use are not nearly enough for what I want to do. Since I have so much real-estate, I want to set up my wide monitor with "wings" of 1/5 on either side and 3/5 in the middle, but also slice the wings in half so I can have my main work in the middle and supporting tools on the edges. Better Snap Tool is the only one that I've found that lets you define your own arbitray zones, name them and color them for different screens. The UI is kind of busy, and programming the zones is a little clunky for a Mac - but I'm going to completely overlook that because the tool is so powerful.
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4 years ago, Mecha25
Gives me the one thing I miss from Windows
It does exactly what it says on the tin: snaps your windows like Windows. It's super customizable, with dozens of options I've never needed to touch; the default settings work super well. It's also got a really neat feature for those of us with a laptop that docks to external monitors: it can store and load whole layouts of windows. Put everything where you want it, press a button, and the window positions are all saved. Press another button, and it'll move everything back to where it was. I've got 3 buttons, for when I'm using 1, 2, or 3 screens, and it's amazing not having to drag my windows around every time I dock or undock.
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6 years ago, macxlab
Best window app I have seen.
BetterSnapTool has so many configurable features, it is really easy to tailor for how you want to work. WIth so many options, it is even more powerful than Windows 10. I was using another App Store app that does similar things, and it worked well, but that one had no configurable options. What I really appreciate about this app is when I have 2 monitors plugged in, I can make the edge of the screen toward the other monitor have a wider space to snap the window to… with other programs I either have to use a hotkey, or very carefully place the window at the very edge of the screen to snap, being careful to not go to the next screen. This app make it very intuitive and ergonomic.
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4 years ago, mica15
love love love
this app is awesome. i tried the open-source alternative Rectangle, which is a great alternative if you don't have BetterSnapTool, but without being able to create a custom window location/size to a hotkey (at least i think Rectangle can't do that?), it really can't replace BetterSnapTool for me. i assign the hotkey control-option-command-shift-o to fill the entire screen except for the notification bar on the right side of the screen. maybe it's possible to do that with Rectangle, but if it is, it wasn't obvious how to do that. anyways, BetterSnapTool has changed my life for the better, and it's one of the reasons that i have difficulty moving from macOS to linux as my daily platform.
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7 years ago, BigDogJB
One of the first things I put on a computer
I use a dual OS environment with Parallels. Moving between Mac and Windows, the lack of sizing options on the Mac always drove me crazy,. No I don’t want “Full Screen” except for another operating system. With Better Snap Tool, it’s easy to move between OS’es. Want to expand an app to fill the screen, drag it up to the top and let go. It snaps to full screen. Want two windows to drag and drop. Drag one to the left side, drag the other to the right. Both snap to perfect split screen locations. It’s not brain surgery but it is surprisingly useful and I am annoyed to no end using computers without it. Biggest compliment? I would buy it again and recommend to my friends.
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2 years ago, cyberswimmer
I cannot use a Mac without BetterSnapTool!!!!
Like others, I came from Windows with several keyboard shortcuts to manage windows, but Better Snap Tool is rapidly becoming my heroin: I’m addicted to it on my Mac and I can’t use any other Macs without it! Lately with two monitors I hit two accelerators quickly: “next monitor” and “right side” or “left side" in order to move my IM apps to the MacBook Air while my main work windows are on my external monitor. I find myself adding keyboard accelerators quickly as I’ve gotten more knowledgeable about the app. Another thing: the green button on the Mac makes me crazy, but, “maximize window” in Better Snap Tool is great.
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6 years ago, CincyTriGuy
Awesome application with one request if the dev is reading these
Ex-Windows user here and Windows Snapping blows away the default window management features of macOS. BetterSnapTool fills that gap and much much more. It’s loaded with features that have taken me awhile to master. That said, here’s the one thing that’s causing me to withhold a star. I wish there was a way to clone snap positions to another display. I have dual 27” displays on my desk and I spent a great deal of time getting my zones exactly how I wanted them on one display. I even changed my background wallpaper to a grid so I could position everything precisely. But now I’m left doing it all over again on the other display and that’s a huge pain.
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3 years ago, Al Terego5
Large screen necessity...
Early Windows was tile based, because overlapping windows requires a lot more manual management, and occludes important information that you want to see. Apple punted on that with IOS and just made screen based (or a single split screen) the only way to manage windows. But there was another way to have some orgnization for overlapping windows. This is why better snap tool should have been built into macOS since System 7. (It's more a necessity with larger screens and multiple apps). So I like that I can get it from a 3rd party. But I'm gobsmacked that Apple hasn't bothered to solve this problem at the OS level in 37 years.
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8 years ago, AppPERFORMANCE
It REALY Just Works!
This application smoothly does the “fractions of the screen” window sizing and positioning (like the more publicized Magnet), but also lets you customize EVERYTHING, so that you can create window positioning that just suits how you work. In others words, if you’re into tweeking something until it does EXACTLY what you want, this is the app to get (or you can just use the defaults). I’ve always used Macs (going from mainframes to workstation Unix to Mac OS) and this app has been there, doing it’s thing, for as long as I can remember being on Mac OS. I must have selected it as one point, but it’s been so many releases ago that I can’t remember not having it around. AND, It’s ALWAYS JUST WORKED!
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9 months ago, UsabilityFanatic
Easy to use. Customizable. Doesn't work with every app.
I love BetterSnapTool. Use it every day to set up my workspace according to current activities. I have a large widescreen monitor plus a MacBook Pro. It's simple to set up multiple "snap areas" where apps reside on the screen. Then just drag the app to a snap area and it gets placed and sized accordingly. Unfortunately, I can't get it work with some apps. BetterSnapTool doesn't size or place Photoshop properly, for example. I use Photoshop daily, so that's a problem for me, but I still use this tool for other apps. I've tested it with most browsers, Microsoft Office, Apple apps, etc. No problems.
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5 years ago, YLXIX
Simple with user configurable options
There are plenty of decent window sizing apps available in the App store but most only offer basic features. For many people this may be enough but considering the price difference is negligable amongst all these apps for the most part BST rises to the top. It comes with pre configured snap areas but give you the options to fine tune these areas to your needs. The options are nearly endless. If you're looking for a windows snap tool this is it. I've tried 6 different apps and always return to this one. Great developer support as well and any fixes (and it's rare there needs any fixing) come quick.
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3 years ago, peterloverso
I don't know how I lived without this.......
If you have switched from a PC, you know the pains with the lack of functionality that exist specifically around managing open/active windows in macOS. Even after going full Mac three years ago my brain still wants to do certain things that just cannot be dont within the confined of the macOS. This app fixes all of them while also adding some really cool macros/quick commands with your mouse and keyboard. Download this app, you will not regret the nominal cost. You will save yourself so much time and frustration in the future. I would have rated 6 stars if I could.
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1 year ago, Mebgg10033
It just doesn't always work
I really like the idea of it and I love how custom you can get. Unfortunatly, setting up keyboard shortcuts for snapping will mean that the keys you set up can basically not function for anything else. You can't set up a series of keys as shortcuts, just one key and then that is all you can use that key for. So you're relegated to using the on screen snap and that works about 60% of the time. It doesn't work after the mac restarts. You have to quit it and reopen multiple times to try to get it going again. Like the snap fields just won't appear. And sometimes even if a field is showing it just randomly won't work in the middle of the day, especially for the custom fields. Again nice idea, but I paid for it so I was definitely hopeing for better.
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7 years ago, dBeatsdesmo
Brilliant Simple Way to Handle Windows.
For some reason, OS X doesn’t do this natively. I run multiple monitors (3, or even 4 with airplay sometimes.) Beyond providing what is basically Windows 7 functionality, it goes further by allowing customized snap and landing zones. The way you define them is just very simple and thought out and I really love to see that in an app. You can also make the stop-light window controls right clickable and have it snap to various locations! I’m in love! Edit: Updated versions since I wrote my review have made it even better. Hot buttons to resize and move windows around!! Would like ¼ 3/4 option as well!
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5 years ago, DexTexMex
Excellent tools that should be built into MacOS
This is a fantastic tool that has great features for window management. Not only by gesture dragging does it allow for easy management, it also makes it possible for the window control buttons to be modified to be more useable by "right click" options and "3rd button click" options. This expands the functionality of window management beyond anything currently offered in stock MacOS, and when using another profile or someone else's Mac (or Windows for that matter), you will sorely miss the excellent functionality of this app.
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3 years ago, jacurtis
Still The Best Window Manager
I've been using this app for 7 years now. I have tried a few other ones out of curiosity, but keep coming back to this one. It seems to just work. I NEVER get glitches or bugs with it. It seems to work with every app exactly how you want. It feels like the missing MacOS feature that should be build into the OS. But everytime I rebuild my mac I am reminded right away that I need this again. It is the trusty, faithful app that always runs and you use 100 times a day, while also forgetting you even installed it. Works perfectly. 10/10
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5 years ago, unbuggy
Great for managing individual windows
Lets you resize or position any given window via dragging, menu, or user-assigned keyboard shortcut. This is just what I was looking for, and I'd happily buy it again. For example, move the window under the cursor by pressing a key and dragging the mouse; you don't have to click the title bar anymore. BetterSnapTool lets you manage one window at a time. It doesn't reposition multiple windows at once (e.g., to let two windows each take half the screen). If I had to suggest a feature, it would be to apply a preconfigured arrangement to a selected set of windows in response to a single user action.
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6 years ago, jwatanabe
Excellent! Similar to Windows Functions! WORKS IN MOJAVE! READ BELOW
This app does a lot of the window snapping functions that I'm used to in Windows. So helpful! WORKS IN MOJAVE! The most recent reviews complain about it not working in fix this, go to the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. Click on System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, then the Privacy tab. Click the lock to unlock and edit. Click on BetterSnapTool in the window ("Allow the apps below to control your computer.") and hit the minus (-) button to remove it. Then hit the plus ( ) button to add, search for BetterSnapTool, and add it again. It worked for me!
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7 years ago, Laughfactory
Awesome, only needs one thing!
So this is a MUST HAVE on Mac. I love the snap areas which allow me to use my huge ultra-wide screen monitor efficiently. I just drag a window into a snap area and it expands to fill the pre-determined area. Awesome! However, even though I can edit “snap areas” after setting them up, I don’t see how to edit the area that the windows fill to. I’d like to be able to modify that after the fact. Like right now I really like the snap areas I have setup, but I don’t like how they’re filling the screen. I hope that makes sense. But yeah, this is awesome. It is critical to making working with a Mac actually efficient.
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1 year ago, charlieeppes
Can't believe this functionality isn't part of MacOS (but I hope they don't make it part of it)
Because if they make it part of it, then the fine developers of this product won't be able to make sales. I do a lot of screencasting and live streaming, and being able to have zones to get my windows to the precise locations and and sizes I want is super valuable. The OS level will probably not ever do these features though, so I'll continue to recommend BetterSnapTool even if MacOS implements the elementary "drag to fill screen" functionality.
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7 years ago, SamScrewS
Its great for a one screen workspace. Not that great for multiple monitors
It works great with one monitor - Everything stays in place when my Mac goes to sleep and wakes up. IT gets wonky when I have multiple monitors. I have three monitors running along with my Macbook pro’s display. Thats 4 in all. I set stuff to default snap areas (I havent customized snap areas yet) and then when my Mac goes to sleep and wakes up later the windows on my mac’s display stays in place but everything else thats on other monitors just go disappear into some random corner on those displays and I have to resnap stuff everytime. I’m pretty sure this can be taken care of since the OS itself puts the windows to the displays they belong to, but the tool can’t stack up on top of this to keep the snapped windows in place.
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1 year ago, DeepseaMontana
Best Utility App I've Ever Used
This makes a single monitor, particularly a retina display or a 5k studio, as good as two monitors of any kind. I often use Parallels in coherence mode. This allows me to easily (and quickly!) run a Windows 11 app on one side, Mac on the other side of the same screen. Further, it's super easy to turn your screen into quadrants, or a 1/2 screen and two 1/4 screens. You can easily set up a second desktop with more personal, distracting apps that run in the background but aren't your main professional focus. To this end, I will often have additional desktops I can gesture between that are loaded up with mail (half screen), Apple Music (quarter screen) and Messages (quarter). For the price, this is a COMPLETE no brainer. I recommend it to literally everyone I encounter who runs a Mac. I'd pay more $ knowing how much more efficiently and cleanly I can operate my system. Doesn't crash. I'D GIVE THIS SIX STARS IF I COULD.
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6 years ago, iCu iD
It’s 2018 and I still use this app every single day (I bought it over 6 years ago) - here’s my original review: It's everything I was looking for AND THEN SOME! I just wanted to Windows 7 window snap functionality and this has SOOOO MUCH MORE! You can snap to all corners of the screen AND it even still allows my external and builtin monitors to snap on the corners without a fuss! It also has keyboard shortcuts and you can even customize the three widow managment buttons (red, yellow and green) up in the top left hand corner of all apps! If you have any doubts, you should just go for it - it's too cheap not to!
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6 years ago, BittenApples
Works Great!
I also had it before the Mojave update and then afterwards, it stopped working. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Again, it did not work. After reading the reviews, the developers have replied to others who have had the same issue, and it works now! Just go to the privacy in system settings and remove (-) and re-add by opening the app and press ( ) in the privacy in system settings. It works again!!! Super smooth windows multitasking. You can even use keyboard shortcuts like command up, down, left, right, 0, etc. I highly recommend this app!!!
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2 months ago, Leader Desslok
Amazing! I finally have full control of my Mac
I usually work with my windows maximized, but don't enjoy the way that Apple implements full screen views using Mission Control. With BetterSnapTool I'm able to quickly resize my windows to predefined sizes using the keyboard alone. By combining this with a custom "Move to..." keyboard shortcut in my macOS settings, I can also easily move and resize windows to one of my 3 monitors without touching the mouse. My only wish is that it came with Shortcuts support, so I could automate this setup for different focus modes, or other triggers.
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1 week ago, keys4days
I rely on this app daily
If you're anything like me constantly juggling multiple open documents, this app is absolutely essential. The default settings are great and allow me to effortlessly tile open windows neatly across my multiple monitors. However, if you take the time to dig into the customization options, you will see this app goes much deeper. The main functions and many more "window management" interactions can be custom-tailored to your exact personal preferences, workflow, or muscle memory. I could never go back
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6 years ago, SirCC
Fantastic! (Also here's the fix for the mac update error, where BetterSnap won't open)
This is a fantastic app I've been using for years. I ran into a slight issue when upadating to Mojave, where the app wouldn't open. I missed the app immensly. However, the developer promptly provided a solution. Here it is, if anyone runs into it: It can be fixed by doing the following: Go to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility. Then remove BetterSnapTool from that list using the "-" button. Afterwards add it again to that list. Now it should be working.
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5 years ago, bill94566
Mostly Awesome
Definitely the most flexible and usable screen organizer I've found for the Mac. There's still a bit of work to do in the way in the advanced feature - Edit Snap Areas. On my ultra-wide screen I have over a dozen custom snap areas. I've changed things around and tried to delete some snap areas, but the old snap areas refuse to be deleted. And, until the app is restarted, the assignment of screen area to snap gadget gets messed up. It's an annoyance that I have several overlapping and unused snap areas, but it is still the lesser of several evils. I'm sure this can be taken care of with a future update.
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2 years ago, Hotcoolaid
The Best Snap/Magnet App on the App Store
This is the snap/magnet app you want! Hands down the best & most customizable. Been using this app for years & it has never let me down. I love how this app never gives me issues & is always up to date with whatever new OS comes out. You won't regret downloading this app! Have an Ultrawide or Multiple Monitor setup? This is the app for you!!!! Productivity machine & with the integrated shortcut key commands I can quickly change my windows around to fit whatever workflow I need for that project.
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4 years ago, Shamestick
Only Window Manager For Me
Bought this app as a uni student back in 2013 and immediately was overcome with how great it was that I would have paid 5x more than was charged. Come 2020, I am still using it on my personal computer and have also purchased a second copy at my own expense for my work computer. Built in MacOS window management cannot compare. All of the customization options make this the tool for power users. Keyboard shortcuts for window positioning and moving them from screen to screen is amazing. Great work and thank you.
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5 years ago, wweirudhdj
Good little tool for a good price
I started using this after using its BetterTouchTool cousin for a couple of years (also highly recommended). For $3 this is a no-brainer. The custom snap area feature is great. However, when editing snap areas I initially found it difficult to find the buttons due to both the button design and the fact that the transparency behind the buttons is set to 100%. This is particularly true if you have another window open in the background or are using Dark Mode in MacOS. That is the only constructive feedback I can think of that is worth mentioning. Good job as always!
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2 years ago, mhauden
The missing macOS UI feature for Windows refugees
I almost never write reviews. BetterSnapTool is THE drop-dead first app any highly productive Windows user should download on their Mac. I've been a hybrid Mac/Windows user for many, many years. Windows has been my primary OS, but since I'm all in with iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad I felt it was time to take the plunge and go all-in Mac. My biggest complaint: window management! Between Windows's built-in window snapping and the Dell Display Manager application, I'd become spoiled. BetterSnapTool cured my macOS UI woes.
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4 months ago, Stan Chee
I've loved this app for years BUT (Adobe bad)
I absolutely love this product. I've used it for years. For some reason (I blame Adobe) it does not work with adobe app windows. The bugginess seams to get fixed then break again after the next update...I'm a designer and work in adobe apps all day. This issue used happen less frequently, but now the sceren snapping works less than half the time. I doubt it's anything to do with the BetterSnapTool team becuase Adobe is the ONLY app that seems to bug out when i'm snapping windows.... SMH. I have to switch to an alternative now...
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