4.3 (19.7K)
645 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hasbro, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BEYBLADE BURST app

4.3 out of 5
19.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Kellie295
Color change abilities
I think the game is great, it has plenty of beys. My problem is that I can’t change the color of tips, forge disks, and energy layers in the exhibition battles. I like to make beys to collect. But because I can’t change the color, I have to use the normal color for the “toxic” tip and a blue for the “extreme” tip. Do you get what I mean? I also don’t really care for the achievements that make you scan beyblades. Other than these simple flaws, the game is great! Sadly I can’t lie about ratings when there are problems that force people to buy items if they want to do other achievements that are as simple as battling others. Also, there are several things that should be added in, like the ability to show you opponent your launcher. This would be a reason for Hasbro to make beyloggers, grips, LR Launchers, string launchers, L launchers, and many more. Like I said up above, I would like to have as many Hasbro items as possible! Anyhow, I think that the Infinity Stadium should be included as a training battle. This would be a way that newbies can work on the basics without a big chance of defeat! Last but not least, the “ultra reboot” tip, from the Champions’s Tournament, after Shu broke the the reboot tip. I like the game, ok? I just think that there was a lot left out when the toys, stadiums, and launcher parts came out!
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4 years ago, white ace wolf
Can we please
Can we be able to make are own character and travel after we get to choose what bey we want that would be fun and people can also have a story mode or an on line mode where people can receive and request battles from other people and also we have bey points which we can go to with are characters we made so we came move around with and with the bey points there will be a beyshop where we can exchange points with parts that we can put on are bey to improve it and are bey will listen to are actual voice depending on what we sound like and what Device we have so if I say attack or defend or go to the middle or even if we use a move or an attack and a special move all we have to do is say it into the divine and the bey will listen and we can talk to at bey and if we don’t choose a bey we can make one and name it the bey will choose what it looks like like if I make one and name it wolf it would look like a wolf and we can choose if it has scars on it or not also have a tournament where anyone can join if the want and the get something special if they win it all I hope 🤞 I get this it would be fun and that is what bey battles are all about and this will deepen the bonds so we can get hyperflux so any time we battle we deepen the bond with friends and are bey this would be awesome like this if you think so too.
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5 years ago, AstralSpecter6650
The max level of BEYBLADE Burst parts.
Dear game devs, I would like to say a personal report. Don’t get me wrong, the game has good graphics, some decent gameplay, and a large amount of Beyblade avatars. And some of skins are eye-catching. Plus some of Special Attacks of the avatars are fitting to their energy ring design like the snake animation with Eviporo or the ax from the later evolutions of Spryzen. But what I reporting is the level limit, because I took this topic the hard way (but not dramatically), what I found is that the max level of Beyblade parts is 5. Yet, I’ve found a Level 7 Beyblade from , and I’ve heard about Level 8 Beyblades from random opponent encounters. What does this have to do with my complaint? I’ve tried multiple battles, and waited many hours from battle tracks to find out that the maximum level of the individual parts are 5. I’m unsure if they will move the bar to Level 6 or higher, but rest assured that I won’t give up on the other beys with the idea that they will stay Level 5. They have their own strengths, and I acknowledge that, not that I’ve done it before. And before I go, I won’t say that this game isn’t worth downloading but I will say that I have experienced a reality check from the game’s mechanics. That will be all, thank you for reading this. Sincerely yours, AstralSpecter6650
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6 years ago, Hal Tornado
Needs more codes and beys
I love this game I like everything about it but it needs more beys to be added and codes for them like maximum Garuda you guys have released Legend Spryzen and Blast Jinnus codes but where’s Maximum Garuda’s ? Plus you guys should add Beat Kukulcan and Spryzen in the memory of the dead and where’s Nightmare Luínor I mean come on you guys are missing a lot of beys and you guys need to add Boa’s bey and Ruewi’s and I also think you guys need to add which way we can launch and can’t you guys add a Campaign Mode where we try to win in the national tournament and beat Lui and stuff and you guys should let us control our beys and let our launch angle be able to go up or down and add the international league to the game too because it’s beginning to get boring just battling online and doing challenges to get Experience other than avatar tracks plus you guys should also let us customize our launchers like for example adding a grip to the left or right side or the color or something like that I mean seriously I personally think this game needs a lot of work and you guys should also add a map to the game like the regionals or the sword flames dojo plus you guys should add more levels make it more like your 3ds BEYBLADE Burst game other than that I love this game.
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2 years ago, echo_sans423
A problem and a hope
Two things, 1. I love the game and how you can scan beys for the app but I wish there was a story mode and an option to change the beys names to there original Japanese names such as valkyrie instead of valtryek and spriggan instead of spryzen, and I know it's Hasbro but I feel it's wasted potential with the English names, and 2. I've been playing this game for a few Years and only a few months ago have I realised this but one day I opened the app and went into custom battles and it soft locked me in that screen with nothing but the background (soft locking is where the game freezes you in a part of the game but you can't move the character at all) I deleted the game and reinstalled it as a last resort to see if it would fix itself and that first time it did but after a while it soft locked me again and today I tried turning off my phone to see if it would work and deleted the app again and reinstalling the app to see if it would work but it didn't, I don't know if it's something wrong with my phone or it's just a bug in the game but I hope you game devs can fix and add these things in the next update thank you.
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5 years ago, keylend
Need to change types of beys
I love the gameplay, but the only thing wrong with it is the type mechanic. Beyblades like Fafnir F3 were originally Stamina types but in the game are defense types, even though the stamina stat is off the chart. The same thing happens to Balance types, changing to attack types (Spryzen S3, Turbo Achilles A4). This is probably the only thing in the game that NEEDS to be fixed. Another thing in the game that must be fixed is *special beys*. Beys like Spryzen Requiem and Salamander S4 have the ability to change spin direction or type. But now the bey Turbo Spryzen S4 can’t change spin direction like in real life. The tip Zeta-S (TB12-S) can’t change b/w attack, defense and stamina. The other tips like extend-s and dimension-s can change the height of the bey and also the type. Evolution tip gets better after more use. There is another mechanic that can be implemented, Turbo Blades. Turbo beys like Spryzen, Valtryek, and Achilles have turbo blades that makes it harder to burst and would be a great mechanic. Another thing is Revive and Dread Phoenix’s armor. One dealt enough damage, the armor comes off and attacks the opponent, and in the game after you use your special attack can come off and change phoenix from defense to attack or stamina.
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3 months ago, MatchedRapier12
Very Fun But Need Some Improvements
First off I’d like to say it’s a very fun game but there needs to be some improvements for instance I’ll do random battles and I’ll get through the first round and then they’ll leave because they know they can’t beat me(Not to brag lol) but it’s still very annoying.I think you should make it to where either you can’t leave or if you do leave it will knock down your reputation score kind of like gtao if you leave a job it will give you bad sport rep. Second off I think you should be able to change the layer weights on some Beys that have them and also change the color of them too. Third some Beyblade have different little features with them like for instance heaven Pegasus has a thing where if it’s about to burst the wings will come out and if a Beyblade hits it just right it’ll turn the Driver and the the metal disc back a bit so it won’t burst. And forth I think you should be able to change the different armor on certain discs that can have them fitted on. Overall great game just the things that I said earlier would make the game a lot more funner.
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5 years ago, Bleh So Gud
Very good, here are some suggestions
Honestly, At first I felt like the app is going to be like the anime. Well, it wasn’t too much of anime. So here are some suggestions. First of all, you should probably add a break bar. Just like the burst bar. If the break bar finishes, then the BEYBLADE top breaks, literally. And Phoenix and Achilles P4 and A4 SHOULD BE the strongest ones to break a top, just like in the anime. Also, the break bar should be very hard to empty, it should take like 3-5 MAJOR hits or avatar attacks to break a beyblade. If a beyblade is broken, then the owner still keeps the top. Next suggestion, this is specifically based on Revive,Perfect and dead Phoenix whenever they come out. He armor/ shield on the Phoenix should be able to come off with 1 major attack or something. Then it should be able to burst. And third and last suggestion, BEFORE battle in certain beys like Z Achilles, you should be able to increase or decrease it’s height. And whenever it attacks, the bey with increased height overlaps and att is the other bey. I am a 9 year old(very intelligent ) and I would very like these suggestions above. Please reply! Thank you!
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5 years ago, howlinghydra
Update please
This is why the game needs to update. In the update you can switch frames. The performance tips like claw, revolve, cycle, nothing, reboot, bearing, eternal-s, trans, zeta, extend, atomic, liner, tower, operate, loop, guard, and yard need abilities from the anime. The forge discs like jerk, 1, 1’, 12lift, 11turn need abilities from the anime like 1 and 1’ boost the Beyblade’s attack. 12lift and 11turn need abilities from the anime like flipping of the frame. Also, sometimes some performance tips like tower, zeta, and trans are attack not balance. Some Beyblades that spin left don’t during battling. Example I have Drain fafnir and tap the special button then it slows down the bey. Drain fafnir would be spinning right. Finally, it should have where you can move your Beyblade for yourself. I don’t know if your going to read this. But if you do make this update possible because I want to see how youtubers like super gaming family, Cyprus’s channel, illunuc, and zankey to react to this update. If becomes possible I will give this game a five star rating but right now I can’t right now. UPDATE PLEASE !!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, KristyD04
Custom beys plzzzzz
I love this game, and I’ve had it for a while. There are many, many glitches, and to be honest, not to many beyblades. I mean, I’m fine with the glitches, I just deal with it, and it’s actually kinda funny! Now, to my point, I want to be able to make beyblades, custom ones. I really, REALLY want custom beys. I’ve been thinking about this idea lately and I really want this to be added in the game. It would be really cool for so many people to show off their beys. As for right now, you could show a bey to a friend and they might say “Oh, I already have that bey. And lots of others.” Plz plz plz plz plz plz make this happen. If I could rate this game my own way, it would be 999 stars! The reason why I made this comment is because of the beys. After a while, the beys I have will all level up to level 5. After that, it’s gonna be very boring cause you’re doing this for pretty much nothing after that. This also goes with level. I said this already, but pllzzzzz make this dream come true, I bet so many other people want this exact same thing. 😃
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4 years ago, Brayfg46537
This game is good
This game is good in all but I would like to see the luncher and second of all is the problem the big problem that a lot of people have is that when you login it kicks you back to your Home Screen that is why you guys should get on it because I miss playing this game a another reason why I am giving this game a 3 star is because there is lot of glitches this one time I had none of my bey they where all gone without a trace. Other wise this game is good and all you should check it out and please do fix the problem where the second you join in you get kicked out. And I wish there was more content besides you just battling ais all the time I know the have this thing where you can battle other people online but all the people I do battle online have really bad internet so there beyblade just stays still and it looks like I get a spin finish. Also a thing thats you should update is the burst meter because all I get is spin finishes that is all I get so it is hard to get a burst make the special move to more burst meter damage. Other wise this is a good game and you should check it out and I hope you have fun blading
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2 years ago, jeriel perez
Great game but some issues
I’m made this review just to make a suggestion and report a bug. the suggestion is that make avatars that we can customize and add story mode since free play and online is getting boring, story mode will start of from season 1 to season 5 or 6, before going into story mode you create your own bey and if your bey has any evolutions you can change them if you want once your reached the next season, if you choose to evolve your bey then your bey will get a buff to their power level, if you don’t choose to evolve your bey it will stay with the same power level but will earn more when you battle through the season that your in. now for the bug, there’s a bug where if you don’t play the game for a long time and you have to redownload it In order to play again, once you redownload it you are stuck in the loading screen. plz add my great suggestion and fix the bug since it annoys me cause I wanna play the game.
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5 years ago, Arcanum_Tsuki
Pretty cool game but so many bugs
The game is awesome! There is only one problem, there are so many bugs. When you battle online and launched the Beyblade, it would stay in the outer edge until you use an Avatar Attack or it would go down by itself which glitches again when it attacks the opponent’s Beyblade the game would glitch and the Beyblades would stay in place hitting each other. You can’t do anything but forfeit the game or reset the app. Also, when you choose a Beyblade for challenges, exhibitions, battle league, online battle, etc. when you have a lot of digital Beyblades like me the names on the top would be right, but the picture of the Beyblade was a different one of your Beyblades. when you can’t find one of you Beyblades in their regular spot, you would find it at the bottom but all or mostly white but it only affects that screen, it doesn’t affect when you battle, it goes back to its normal color/look. However it’s a good game! I’d recommend it but all the creators need to do is fix all the bugs.
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2 years ago, Nate is me
Ok at the best…
So first off coming back to Beyblade since last time I played was when I was kid is nice. So I got the app and decided give it a try. The game honestly feel half done… don’t give me wrong there potential but there a lot issues with game. Cons: 1: the game is very glitchy sometimes such as I will try do my ultimate move and won’t let me and when I do it, it does no damages and numerous other things 2: Opponents leave matches all the time, there is no penalty to them ether. Such as I will win first round and they leave immediately. They need to penalize them for leaving. Which this makes it hard level up when you only completed like 1/3 battles cause others leave 3: The App game Store is so empty… like there nothing buy with game currency except one Beyblade every week and colors for parts you have. Premium side store same way. They need to add more blades to buy or just have more stuff to get. The app just needs some heavy rework and issues fixed and add like events and just more content and it could be great game.
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3 years ago, HonorableDummy81
The idea is cool
I have had this game for so long and I loved it. However I noticed that when I finally reached blader level 99 I started only going against level one beys, while I had maxed out most of the ones I used. Then later this year it wouldn’t open. I had to delete the game and redownload it, and I lost everything. After that i stopped playing because I lost all of my stadiums (which don’t give competitive advantages, and are a waste of money), my beys, and my launchers (which also give no advantages.) it’s too hard to level up, and I honestly lost my love for the game. If you are new to beyblade and are just in it for the fun, go for it, enjoy the game, but if you take the sport as seriously as I do avoid this game and focus on gettin stronger in real life. Also please add ring out finishes! Special moves should actually do something, like rush launch for victory valtryek and stuff, and you should be able to control your bey. Overall I much prefer real life blading and Beyblade Burst Rivals.
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3 years ago, AnguineLocket58
Great but needs to do some improvements
The game is all great other than the fact on the glitches and such which needs to be fixed and every time when you update the game it somehow doesn’t allow me to go into the game and just freezes there. The improvements can be fixing glitches and change the avatars since almost every evolution of the beys have upgraded avatars, some special moves are over powered like Spryzen where it repeatedly attacks and making it high attack power with 100% attack can do a lot more damage compare to others. Also please make pro series GT layers to be like the QuadDriver where you can switch the Layer Weights and that pro series should have the Switch Strike gimmicks for the chips (such as Lord Spryzen), layer (Imperial Layer Base), disc (Such as Sting-P with the rebound gimmick), and drivers (Like Ultimate Reboot, Xtend+, etc.) and can we create custom color for parts at a cost of Bey coins?
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7 years ago, AstralTitan624
Great Beyblade game
As someone who has actually wanted to take my custom beys online and battle with a lot of other players i find this app very enjoyable, the battles are interesting, and the stats of your bey actually reflect in battle so if you don’t have a lot of defense most times a beys special attack(I think it’s called avatar attack) will burst you if its timed perfectly, I only ran into one glitch and that’s when during battle my bey and the opponents were kinda locked in full power and they would just follow the same pattern as well as the buttons disappeared but I could still collect orbs, it kept going even after time ran out. There are some things I wish were in game like a recent players list so you could friend ransoms you battle without having to remember or screenshot their names and wait til after the battle, as well as when in bey customiymenu have the parts rotate so you can see what you have combined better. All in all it’s a great game for Beyblade and Beyblade battles after the first glitch I haven’t ran into any other problems, I’ve completed 2 challenge tournaments, about 3-4 online battles and a lot of exhibition matches and no problems. (PS if theirs a way to change it the unite driver normally found on spryzen, I’m sure it has a more stamina than the game stats say but regardless it’s still good. If anyone wants to friend or battle my nickname is my game name
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4 years ago, Micah)+;$84664(
Basic ability suggestion
I love this game but I have one suggestion. The suggestion is that in battle depending on witch type you chose in battle. But the point is that the basic ability if you were a defense type you could use it before it’s fully changed but in a different way. And that different way is that the basic energy orb for defense types would automatically com in your direction and heal you just A little but it would drain the percent of how close you are to being able to use it at full percent. Same thing for attack types and stamina types but attack would shoot a energy orb that would harm your opponents health and stamina would jump in the opposite direction of your opponent but at stamina basic ability fully charged you would jump once and when you land it would jump again land jump a again land and stay on the ground. Until you use this ability again
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3 years ago, pigevsd
I love it, here are some suggestions though....
Beyblade Burst APP is AMAZING. I love the way how you can collect attack orbs, and I also like how you added avatar techniques to the Beyblades. Not bad, and it’s cool that, for example, if you can’t collect anymore virtual Beys on the game itself, you still can scan the QR code’s on the back of you Beyblade layers. Here are some suggestions that I’d like to add in. You could add a “Story Mode”, where, basically, you can make your own character and travel around the Beyblade world to battle fierce legends and collect lots of XP. You can add friends, maybe custom ones or real legends, like Valt, Aiger, Free and more. You can also add the new leagues on Season 4 and 5, like the “Gamma League” and the “Lightning League” (for Season 5; Lightning / Surge). You’ll be able to battle Dante, Gwyn, Hyuga, Hikaru and more awesome characters! I hope you can fix these situations. Please reply, Apple. - TayGame147 / Game Taym
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3 years ago, Its_EVAN😁
Almost perfect, but yet to improve.
Pros- This BEYBLADE game sets all of the other BEYBLADE games down! Having scan codes for this game are almost everywhere! Even in the toys in the stores (Not online stores)! You can scan for every Beyblade in the game, from Dragoon to Dragon! You can also edit the colors of the Beys! The ability to add friends and scan codes for friends is out of the technology world! And the battles, you can battle from offline without internet, to online battling with internet! The battle track setting is also a really good alternate of leveling up your, Beyblade, if you do not want to do the old fashion way. And the world event, that is an opportunity to show how good you are! This is just the perfect Beyblade game. Cons- Sometimes, when you want to play or battle with online people, your screen starts to glitch out. Only if someone defeats you (Which I know you might hate losing), you can get out of that state. Also, a glitch is that whenever you want to clear your battle tracks, you crash and lag out of the game (I’ve experienced that technical difficulty because I have a lot of beyblades). And when you sometimes want to battle, and your in the exhibition battle, and your offline. You come to change your opponents Beyblade. Sometimes, it turns into a different Beyblade. Thank you! -UnstoppableMyth8763
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2 years ago, Jackthewhatever
More customization and avatars
2 things 1.please add more customization i what to customize everything down to the last detail also more customization on the tops seriously I’m just asking but like I really want to customize the tops more than just the centerpiece and the driver. Also, can we get some of the metal blades from Beyblade metal fusion please that’s just my general opinion, but I really want to like have Pegasus in my bay locker 2. Can you guys stop using the same avatar for every Beyblade every time I scan a new Beyblade it’s just the same as the old one can you guys like change it up a little other than that the game is really good it’s just sometimes like when it is a super move the bay stop spinning sometimes other than that it’s really good and people should play it just add a story mode so it doesn’t get boring. Thank you for making this game.
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3 years ago, uuiuguyg
Great game until this glitch.
My son has had the BEYBLADE BURST app for awhile and then one day..... it wouldn't let him in. He kept on trying but still, it wouldn't let him in. I don't know if this is a glitch or if the game is shutting down but this needs to be fixed. He also had a lot of beyblades scanned and some of them had high levels. I told him that he should delete the game and then re download it but he told me that if he did, all his progress would be erased and he would have to start all over again. He also saw the new update and that made him want to play even more. Still no luck. He really wants to play again so please try to fix this issue or reply with something that will hopefully have him able to play this game again 🙏. My daughter is trying to scan some of the BEYBLADES and it’s not letting her.
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6 months ago, Hyper grace sonic
You see I love this game I love the beyblade the arena everything but I was thinking sense beyblade can be destroyed and in rise that there was hyperflux so I was thinking when out destroyed meter is full and you bring you bro into a battle with a full destroyed meter then it will be destroyed and then a good way to get them back is to wait 3 hours and then about hyperflux when you bey meter is full then you can go hyperflux but there is levels so everytime your hyperflux meter levels up then it grows brighter and stronger and if your bey is destroyed while you have hyperflux you hyperflux won’t be gone and then when your bey is destroyed there will be a awesome cutscene about it shattering and then breaking but again I love this game this is my favorite beyblade game and I hope you guys will see my message and do it bye!.
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4 years ago, Sick kid 12
New stuff would be nice
I love the game, everything about it is great, but after awhile you don’t have much to do. you get all the codes/beyblades and level them up max to destroy other opponents. Sure there is exhibition battles and challenges but when you’ve ran out of things to do you stop playing it. I played them a lot before and it seemed to grow more and more boring. (Plus challenges has a problem when you exit the game and you are in a challenge then you load back in and you continue the challenge without decision.)I haven’t played the game since the Walmart tournament was released and now I’m waiting for new content in the game and I’m sure others are too. So please make other cool things like tag team battles or real special moves from the anime like wing launch or special awakenings like hyper flux or dark turbo. Please beyblade anything for new content.
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3 years ago, EliteDemon
Beyblade ideas
They should have a random slot machine event where we have to give 2,000 bey points to play what I think we should call BeyJeopardy .for this event at least 4 players have to join the match . There will be 15 Questions about the metal saga .Whoever answers The most questions correctly get 2 random beyblades from what I think we should call the beyWheel . after that the winner can have the choice to play the bonus round or not. If the player choose to not play the bonus round then the game ends but if they do decide to play the bonus round then there will be one extra very hard Question for the winner . However the bonus round will have a timer of 60 seconds . If they don’t answer the bonus question correctly or if they don’t answer in time then they have to give up one of the beyblades they won from the Original match , if they do win then they get one extra beyblade of his/her choice. The rules are simple If you leave a match before it ends then you can’t play for 24 hours If there is any signs of hacking then you can’t play bey jeopardy for the remainder of the Season/event . You can’t get the same beyblade twice You need to have enough beyenergy to play This event will occur 2 times a year The event will last 2 months at a time
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4 years ago, Gox Gaming
Good but, MANY, glitches...
To me, this app is PRETTY good. But there is A LOT to be changed. First, I think you should be able to change your stadium. Actually, this is the last thing, GLITCHES. There is WAY too many glitches in this game. First glitch. Sometimes when I get into a match or round or whatever, there is a little red circle in the middle of the stadium. With that there, I can’t use ANY attacks or do ANYTHING. So all I do is watch my opponent take me down unless I leave. Second glitch, and final. For this one, it’s BETWEEN a battle. So when the beys clash in game sometimes your bey gets to use its slingshock ability or hyperphere. But sometimes when I attack, that happens WHILE I’m attacking. So when I attack, I have to focus on that by tapping, but tapping generates your attacks strength... so when I’m attacking, my opponent gets to use slingshock, while the game IGNORES my attack. Then he attacks ME instead. So that’s not fair. This is all I have to say about this game, so I hope you fix what I asked.
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4 years ago, wbgdbshsh
Few more things
You know how in the show beyblades brake well I was thinking that if your beyblades health and burst bar all go down your beyblade breaks and you should use your beyblade coins or points in the top right corner to repair it and can you make the graphics like the graphics you use for slingshock and I forgot to mention you should be able to do up to nine way battles and I love the game a lot👏 and two more things when I try to do league battles it just says connecting to server and one you should be able to do league battles like you know how you do random opponent it should say random league battle and if the league is unfair then that team will vote who won’t be in the league battle it’s like a online tournament it will get your game so many stars ⭐️ and please I’m begging you guys please make this happen please🥺👏🙏
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5 years ago, emily boog
Winning valtryek Hayden 500
Nightmare lúinor needs a switchstrike ability to do the dragon crash move and balkesh drain and Geist fafnir need to spin counterclockwise and the head should close on Geist fafnir and do absorb break the Phoenixs armor should come of in battle after a huge hit the turn and lift should be able to flip to the different modes Astro and Artemis layers should be able to merge together to make turbo eclipse Achilles hades spryzen requiem should be balance types not attack legend spryzen and spryzen requiem should be dual spin and not always clockwise spinning operate driver should bounce in attack mode left spin bey should spin left in battle regulus balkesh khalazar and noctemis should be switchstrike breaker xcalius should have normal and breaker mode on the layer the chains on hazard kerbeus should go in and ring out finishes plz other than that it a good app I highly recommend it hope hasbro sees this
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5 years ago, beyblade lover 38
Beyblade type and move problems
The game is good overall and fun. I like the game but there are some problems. The beyblade type is wrong on some beyblades like storm sprizon is balance but it’s attack In the game and. I would be delighted if you could put the counter moves and the attacking moves don’t look anything like the show if you can change that I would be delighted. It would be amazing if you could give the option to choose your own frame and the option to use slingshock or no slingshock. If you could please give all the beyblades with gimmicks please give them the same gimmick as the show like Phoenix p4 the defense frame on the top comes of after certain hits or something. some performance tips aren’t is the game like ultimate reboot. Thanks for your time please try to make some of these changes please it would be great and it would be much more fun Sincerely Beyblade lover
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6 years ago, Trumpswall 22
Fix plz and you will get 5 stars
So I was playing on the game and when it slowed down DRAIN FAFNIR WAS SPINNING RIGHT!!!! DRAIN FAFNIR CAN ONLY LEFT SPIN IT SHOULD NEVER BE RIGHT SPIN!!! PLEASE FIX😱😱😱this has also happened with other left beys as well. AND ALSO,GET YOUR TYPES RIGHT REQUIEM SPRYZEN S3 IS BALANCE NOT ATTACK AND NEITHER IS COGNITE C3 ITS ALSO A BALANCE TYPE😡😡😡😡😡 also I have a design for a bey you could make called gravity vortex and if you make it give it the ability to spin upside down. Anyways as I was saying MAKE RING OUT FINISHES AND KNOCKBACK FEATURES IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME WAY MORE ENTERTAINING AND THERE ARE SO MANY BUGS LIKE DRAIN FAFNIR TURNING INTO HELLISH FAFNIR AND STARTS GLITCHING TO THE POINT WHERE IT STARTS FLYING!!!! AND ALSO ADD A SHOP REFRESH BUTTON SO YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT FOREVER (7 days) JUST TO BUY STUFF!!! And make hand spinning. AND I COULDN'T HELP BUT NOTICE THAT KHALZAR K3's MAIN ABILITY IS NOT THERE (the one where the claws come out)😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 good game though🙂 (still have no idea why I'm playing this as a 12 year old) I could go on and on about this but my battery is low so I'll stop here.
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2 years ago, aDeadOldMan
Please fix bug
I’ve played this game for years and love playing it. I got my gf into playing it with me and she asked me about the store update. At the time I knew nothing of it. I thought maybe it was available for her because she didn’t have BEYBLADES of her own scanned into game. A day or 2 later and the new store pops up and I look at it. But than my BEYBLADES are gone. I have over 150 BEYBLADES that I have bought from the point store. Plus the stadiums and color changes. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn’t work. I tried my tablet and that didn’t work. I thought maybe when the point store has to update it will fix it and that hasn’t worked. All I can do is collect my Battle Tracking and buy the stuff in the stores. Please help
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4 years ago, DisMahNameDon'tUHate
Bey parts + some special moves
This is an amazing app, great graphics, insanely cool looking special moves, and just the app in general. A few issues I have is the fact that you can’t unequip frames and equip them to other discs like in real life. If you could make that happen, that’d be amazing. Now the special moves, I think it’d be cool if a bey’s special moves would look different and cooler if the bey evolved like let’s say, Spryzen Requiem to Lord Spryzen, the special moves would change from like the axe slamming down, to maybe it could make the blades on lord spyrzen’s lair turn into axe blades, and then it jumps up into the air, crashes down, slashes with one axe then the other, making an X shape. These are just examples. If you could add things like this, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I’ll have my hopes up.
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5 years ago, UP 6543
Great but could be improved
Dear Hasbro, I want to welcome you a round of applause because you created this game, the graphics are astonishing and the avatar attacks are good however the game still has some issues that could be improved by a huge update. 1. Gameplay The gameplay in this game doesn’t make sense, why can’t we control the bey by an analog stick for example. Also, why are there like orbs that give you more attack and defense and stamina. It is so unrealistic compared to beyblade. You can add those things to the avatar attack and remove the orbs. 2. Launching The launching in this game makes no sense, you can only launch to 3 different directions which is so weird, you can improve that by making you launch whatever area you want and make some beys like Roktavor Ragnarok control the middle of the arena or you can do the Rush launch with Victory Valtreyk V2. 3. Avatar Attacks The avatar attacks are good but they can be improved by adding more of them like with Roktavor Ragranok when he is in the middle of the arena he could have like a defensive ability. 4. Taking beys out of the arena Why can’t you take out beys out of the arena, we only have spin finish and burst finish in this game. I hope that you Hasbro can improve this game by all the features that I just said in like a huge update. I really thank you for taking your time to read all my comments and I wish all of you Hasbro developers good future endeavors.
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6 years ago, Mommy2M&N
A lot of work
I really think this game is good but needs work. You need a campaign where you go and fight other people not real People including Lui. Another thing is add more beys I was looking forward too using Luis bey. And have a map where it shows the dojo the campaign and other stuff. Oh and please make it so we can control they bey. Another thing that I think would be cool is having launches like the flash launch that you can buy for 5000 or something like that. You guys have to be creative. Oh and I have been having bugs where I would use my special move then it crashes. My game has been crashing a lot . Other than that I think this game is really good. P.s Can you guys make the beys and bey launchers look more realistic or make everything look realistic and clean if you know what I mean.
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5 years ago, Elohim447
Good but needs work
This is a good and fun game, but a lot of the time for me at least it doesn’t work for instance sometimes in the middle of battles the game just freezes. Another problem is that when people leave before the match you don’t get rewards for the win and some of the times it doesn’t even tell you that they left and your just stuck on the waiting to let it rip screen. this last point is that there is a glitch I’m experiencing that after I scanned a launcher my game broke, I can’t get into battles of any time when I try it just puts me to a black screen my friends list is broken and sometimes my BEYBLADE edit screen doesn’t even work. It’s a fun game to play but a lot of the time you can’t even play it there’s no match making system to take you to people on your level so if you’re like me and level 30+ playing online is boring because most of the players you face are level 1-3 with level 1-3 beys. Please fix.
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5 years ago, roblox pokemon player
Fun game problem is...
I have played this game a lot and one thing annoys me well really a lot of things annoy me on this game it is a good game don’t get me wrong it is recommended for download but the first problem is the avatar tracks they don’t give the right amount of money next is the types like just why I use my turbo Achilles it is a attack type and for the other Achilles THEY ARE ATTACK TYPES MY GOD they should be a balance type this dude who fought me had a balance type Achilles LIKE HOW he had the stock combo like I do and he has a balance type same for spryzen why is it attack you have the others balance why not spryzen requiem and the 3rd one and the last one is the gimics rail rush is good but what happen to Achilles changing tip, phenoixes armor off, the burst stoppers and when spryzen requiem changes his tip he should be that type this game is fun but right now there is too much problems I am hoping for a update for this game soon
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5 years ago, G3T_R3KT
What I experienced so far...
So what I experienced from this game is that the game it self is not bad but while watching the show I noticed that lúinor’s design changes in every season (1-3) on the game lúinor’s is the just the same as season 1 the same same goes with fafnir but that design doesn’t bother me that much. Also the special moves for beyblades that have different forms for example lúinor with lost,nightmare, and brutal their special moves are exactly the same, I sometimes start asking myself if the creators will change this or will just keep it the same because I wanna see different special moves for different beybaldes. So the game is a great game I sometimes play it daily but these two things are what bother me the most Beyblade Character design and Beyblades with variations not having their own special moves.
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5 years ago, bey fan 27
Scan stadiums
Every time I try to scan the stadium sometimes it won’t let me order after a few days it will delete the stadium. And he said fix the problem but after that it’s just perfect I love the game room upstairs hallway want to be play today I just bought doom sizer this is why I love this game and you can even scan your Beyblade is the best game ever had and I hope whoever is reading my review loves him to oh and my cousin had a problem with the game wasn’t letting him get on BEYBLADE BURST app for some reason so I had to delete it and right before you deleted it has so many awesome bey that’s not the reason that’s why I gave it three stars because I have two problems but after that is actually really perfect I’m trying to still see you right now sorry I didn’t mean to write that I’m trying to scam us tedium sorry I didn’t mean that either i’m trying to skin stadium but it’s not working
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4 years ago, UltraWarrior21072
Needs work
Listen I really love the game but however some things need work like the glitches. There are a few annoying glitches in the game such as...not being able to get in the game at times. Also how come you can not break other beys I’ve been longing to break a bey with Spryzen Requiem S3 ... he broke 3 beys and a tip in the anime you should be able to break other beys in the game. Also Phoenix P4’s outer armor is supposed to come off according to the anime and how come Z Achilles A4, Turbo Achilles A4, and Spryzen Requiem S3 are all attack type? Because according to the anime they are all balance types . But other than that Beyblade Burst is my #1. And I am a Beyblade Burst freak so I know everything that happens in the anime. Also I wish you could press a button and it would start all of your battle tracks. Another thing is that you should allow Elite Valtryek V3 in exhibition battles thank you for the wonderful game 😀
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4 years ago, Cool Zenith
App is awesome for the most part but put in ring out finishes and make battle royals and separate the disc frames from the forge discs. Also fix some of the glitches with a few of the beys. Turbo Spryzen and a few other balance types have been categorized as attack types and gargoyle g4 and balar b4’s performance tips have been swapped. Also please add Hyperflux to the Rise beys that are actually from the anime. Oh wait I forgot the most important thing, please upgrade the avatars because Valtryek, Spryzen, Achilles, Fafnir, Luinor etc, their avatars are all the same so please upgrade them. Also it would be nice if you included a picture of the beyblade’s blader. One more thing, maybe during the battles, when you do your avatar attack, you could give a quick list of the bey’s special moves and choose which one you want to do
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3 years ago, carater models same
Great game one thing I would like to be added
So as you can see I would like an new thing to be added so with the rise and surge beys like any bey that comes out and has a removeable chip I think you should be able to change them here is a example (let’s say you use master develos ok so you want the union achillies A5 chip you will have an extra thing on the top and you choose either search for that chip or do the scroll option choose search you put in the name of the chip so if u wanted the union achillies chip you will put in union achillies A5) and the scroll option and you do what you would normally de when you edit beys you click the arrows and shows a different chip every time in category’s that’s all I recommend to add otherwise the best game ever.
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4 years ago, Payton808
A suggestion...
Great game with awesome graphics and cool features. However, I have noticed a lot of players disconnect on purpose because of the difference in levels. This means that if you have a beyblade with any level greater than 1, you will spend the majority of your time trying to find a match with someone who doesn't disconnect. So maybe there could be same level match ups only and a penalty for disconnecting. I know that sometimes people get disconnected for faulty wifi or whatever, but the majority disconnect as soon as they see that their opponent is higher in level. Also, the players who are left in the match should still get the experience, otherwise it is close to impossible to level your beyblade past a certain point because no one will challenge you.
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2 years ago, Hi 5 shadow
This game is great and fun, but has a problem.
This is a great game and has lots of fun things to do, but it has one big problem. The problem is that some BEYBLADE are not the right type for example turbo spryzen is a bale nice type not an attack type. This is a very annoying problem that needs to be fixed. There is one more thing I would like to point out and I don’t know if this is just my app but the part of the app where you get to customize your opponent is not working. Whenever I click on it it is just the background of it but you can’t do anything please get this fixed if this is happening to everyone. Other than those two things this is a great and fun app that has lots of good details.
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5 years ago, gfvydbfuydbfyrn
Watched try to watch my videos and my battery records it always stops working and when I try to exit out it’s blank can you please fix that and also sometimes it just glitches out in the game what game stops even if somebody is still playing and not for filling can you please fix something to thank you and I just got this game it’s awesome I really hope you can add more levels to the game for Beyblade‘s and my middle and bottom are at level five and I really want to tour of like little bigger I have levels and can you make it like to level 100 or something like pros like that and you can make only pros battle each other home at level hundred thank you and I hope you read this and help out with the glitches thank you
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2 years ago, ATF plays
Parts levels
First off let me say that this game is great. Personally I don’t like any of the shows since I feel they stream from the original metal fight series too much but this game is great and how I imagine a beyblade game should be. The problem I have about this is 1. It is kind of hard to level the individual parts and 2. I feel like 5 levels is a little low, like at least add like over powering or over leveling or something so that there ends up being no point to use those specific parts any more. If there are more ways to get do for parts and more levels this game would be so much better, it would be like, 15 stars idk just please add more levels/over leveling
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4 years ago, beyblade god1221
Love this game but
Defense types and Stamina types can be better because you shouldHave the option to send them to the middle and then make him stay in the middle for as long as you want until you undo the skillBut really that’s my only complaint they could’ve done the ultimate better on some of the Beyblade’s but other than that this game is really fun I enjoyed playing and I’m still enjoying it and that’s my only thing that I ask him to do is to fix down a defense types and stamina types I hope the owner of the game sees this and makes it where they go into the middle but that’s all and if the owner of the game sees this please respond to this review and make it where they going to the middle.
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4 years ago, bdbdjdn
Ok but rivals humiliates you
I bought this app about an year ago and I thought it was the best ever but the beyblade burst rivals app how ever appears to be better. I have 3 suggestions. My first day one is make the graphics and music better the du du du and then the weird sound like someone’s choking on audible should be changed. 2nd suggestion is make the special moves better like some of the best beys (like spyzen and fafnir and oh don’t let for get and phenix and hades) just have some glowy thing following them and attack make it look real. My last is make the beys abilities really work like phenix armor supposed to come off but it doesn’t. Sry if this was a lot but hasbro come to think about it takaratomy was always better
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3 years ago, chasecoolguy
BEYBLADE abilitys
So I’m not gonna lie, this app is really cool, BUT... the only problem, is it’s not like the anime. I think a lot more people want it to be like the anime. What I mean is, like maybe the format can change and we can do the actual attack instead of one lame attack every time, for instance, mirage fafnire can do mirage blow, or wonder valtrek can do rush launch, or wonder whip, and the turbo blades should activate. And for battles, there should be a break bar, so if the beyblade breaks the opponent gets the beyblade, (for online battles only). And for Phoenix the armor should come off. And for a Achilles we should be able to extend the driver. And can you program valtrek so it can do wing launch in battle. Other than that the app is fun.
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7 years ago, Karma Kitsune
Good but not Great
Although the newer update allows online battle,Beyblade selection option, and stadium options it's really fun Buuuuut, there are some problems. The main issue I see as of this review is when I go to an online match with someone if they leave it glitches my game, along with LOTS OF Glitches like, beys in slow mo,instant burst even with no contact, and game freezing my phone when someone leaves an online game. I would like it if the Driver and combos Actually do something to affect the beys movement like the 3DS Game. For now the games graphics and design are good but still some(more like a lot) of problems. Along with the problem of the online battle system. I'm lvl 99 and have the God Layer Systems and every time I go online people just leave automatically or after just one round against me, then it freezes my phone.
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3 years ago, MightyMikeY707
Amazing, but 2 things.
I love this game! However, i have 2 this that i dont like. 1. I have lost a lot or Beyblades. And now that i have the game, i cannot scan them. I think there should be a “redeeming feature” where you can say the bey you lost, give a form or evidence, (a specific part or that you have seen it before) and then devs can review the request. When done, they can accept or deny. Accept will give the user the beyblade, while deny will not. 2. There are lots of Bugs in the game. Sometimes, the UI breaks and i cant move my launcher. There is also a bug where the opponent appears to be wobbling. Also, my cpnection doesn’t work all the time. But other than those bugs and “redeeming feature”, its an amazing game! =D
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