BFF Friendship Test - Quiz

4.7 (47.4K)
61.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for BFF Friendship Test - Quiz

4.71 out of 5
47.4K Ratings
2 months ago, Isabel.bombon
I love this game
I love this game because it is just so fun, it tells you the accuracy of friendship that you have with your friends, this is how it works, first, you put the name of you and your friend or friends, then, they ask you a few questions and then they will rate the accuracy of friendship that they have with your friends. if you think that they rated the accuracy of friendship too low, then you can try again and they will ask you a few more questions to make your accuracy go higher, I just love this game, And I really recommend it. Although, I don’t really have nothing to complain about, just that sometimes I don’t like that the accuracy of the friendship is too low but that’s fine….. Thanks for taking your time reading this, and I hope you like this game as much as I do, with love, Isabel!
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3 years ago, no thanks no name
I really like this game!
This game is pretty good and I’m not just saying that, I have a lot of games and I have only rated 2-3 of them I rarely rate games. I have decided that I should rate this because it has really helped me see how close I am to my friends. This game is awesome but one thing I don’t really like is when you finish one test a add comes up, but once you start having fun it doesn’t matter. I recommend this game to everyone cause’ who knows your new best friends might be right around the corner. ;) #Joanna 😊 (Oh and I’m also gonna respond to a review The personally gave this game three stars because, well none of them were that the number of their score kept changing and that was because each time you do a quiz it changes it’s not the same quiz that you’re doing so this person recheck your review.)
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4 months ago, Princess love love love Queen
BFF Test
I love your game it’s so fun I can I go for hours I just love it so much from the Boadi family my brother just look at the scores like huge give it to like everyone in the whole world I believe in you you got this I just don’t like don’t let anyone let you down you believe me yourself to be confident whatever you think but don’t rush yourself just think about what you’re gonna do not a hard thing the good thing. If you don’t be confident yourself you won’t believe in Jesus believe in you just go to church every Sunday pray to Jesus that day or are you just tell them how you really feel worse. If you fight back that will be worst don’t fight back walk away hit you dodge don’t let anyone let you down.
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3 years ago, Dancing_moonbeam
It’s great but…
This test is great! But there are some problems. The first problem is:The game never let’s you get 10% or lower. Sometimes me and my friend will try to get the lowest score but whatever you say in the test. It will always give you 30% or higher. The second problem is: There are really bad glitches. You can play the game fine for the first few questions but then after a while it doesn’t ask you the whole thing. For example:do you and your friend…Then it will stay right there and won’t tell you the rest of the question. Hopefully this makes sense. Hopefully you can fix these mistakes and make the test even better. Over all this game is awesome! 👍
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8 months ago, Nfjcjfnff
Download this game
This game is so fun to play me and my friend got it and on my first try I got 100%that was so crazy I did not know that I have a strong bond with my friend and I will always play this to see if I am a good friend or a bad friend witch is I am a good friend and I rated this game 5 stars that’s how fun it is me and my friend love to laugh and we have everything in common we are like twins we took a twin test at our school and we go everything right so I would download this game if you ever have a chance bye love you all(when I mean love you all I mean my friend my family and the people I know and love with all of my heart)
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4 years ago, SweetestGirlEva!
Great Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing game! And someone said you can only put 3 friends but you can put as many friends ever! But there is only 2 things that you need to fix, 1. When you put as many good things as you can, it still does not give you a 100% on the quiz for example: I tried to put god as a BFF and I tried to put as many good things but it gave me a 95% on the quiz. 2. Once you did a quiz on every friend you have nothing else to do and it would be boring to do the same quiz on the same friend over and over. And you can’t make another friend that quick and besides because of Coronavirus we can’t go to school and it would be harder to make a friend. That is all I need to say!
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4 months ago, kate 1010101-
It’s perfect that’s all I can say it’s perfect. It has no ads well maybe some ads but it only has ads when you like well when you like it this way when you are done with a quiz you can do another quiz quiz two or quiz three, but there’s an ad right before it and I love it I mean I can do it with any person I know anybody like I’m not joking best best app ever is the bestest love it I recommend getting it you don’t want to. I don’t know who you are. I mean you can do it with anybody your siblings or mom, your dad, your cousins, your friends and their friends your exfirends anybody really OK well, I guess I’m done bye-bye
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5 months ago, Ri Ri 9a
Love the app
First of all I really like this app when I did like my best friends from school I got like an 80 or higher when I did my cheer friends I got like 85 or higher when I did my family I got a 90 or higher and my best best friend from each section I got a 100 so I was very happy that I have a strong friendship with all of my friends so I love this app so much and I’m excited to finding out how strong my friendship is and keep using the app thank you for creating a great app
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3 years ago, Cookies are girly
This game is total LIE!!!! No offense to the creators but yeah it is a lie.... I have done several quizzes and answer honestly. The first time I did it I got a 75 the seconded quiz I did I got an 100 the third quiz I got an 83. STICK WITH A NUMBER PEOPLE!!!!!!! This game is just a lie although it is fun to play BUT I HATE THAT IT WON’T STICK WITH A NUMBER!!!! I wouldn’t recommend it but you can download it to see that I’m not lying either like this stupid game! I’m sure this company has other games that are better so I’m just warning you that this will destroy your friendships even if it is the truth I’d rather not know I have a fake friend then lose a friend. Thank you. Ps. Don’t download this game.
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3 years ago, Donitnole
I gave a five star rating so ppl could see this, I would give it 1 star though. I tried my name in the thing like a bunch of times and it kept saying different things about my name, so obviously it just has them set to say something random every time, and they all basically say kind, funny, special so rlly it’s a waste of time. Also there r adds when u go in one while u wait for it to load and when u get out! So pls don’t get this game save ur time... thx for reading!!
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2 months ago, 2024 a good year
I know it’s a lie, but it is fun
If you’re the kind of person that once something to be true like this game, this game is not for you. I know it’s a lie, but it’s really fun for me to do. I just think these kinds of things are fun if you’re fine it’s just fake. I really think you should do it, there’s probably maybe two add in every quiz but it is really fun. None of mine have been lower than 70 so I think it’s pretty fun. I think do you like games like that and you know it’s not really true I think you should get this because to me it’s really fun.
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1 year ago, H lowercase E
Fun but not accurate enough
This game is very fun and I enjoy playing it… but it only gets you a 30 or higher and I wanna see what my friendship really is with my BFF and this is fun but I just don’t think it’s accident enough. You could get it enjoy it but I just think it’s not accurate enough. and you may think it is and that’s just your opinion and this is mine I’m just saying I’d try to get all the answers wrong see what I would get and it doesn’t and it gave me a 30 so as you could see, it’s not accurate enough for me.
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2 weeks ago, kittydogyay
It is cool but one problem
I played this game and it is quite good. I got to know what my friendships were really like. But there is one problem. I am talking about how long it takes for the results to come in. They took a bit long to load the results but other than that this game is really cool. And can you reduce the adds a bit? They annoy me because it ALWAYS happens after the last question that leads to the results. But still, your game is amazing!
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3 weeks ago, Sara smile 123🍭🍩🍬🍦
Mostly good
You should buy this app, but you should know this every time almost when you get to 5% then it will do an ad and it’s very annoying so no that you’re gonna get a lot of adds you should also know that at the beginning it just tries to guess what you do because it doesn’t let you put the answers everything else is good, but please tell your friends this if they wanna buy it and it does some questions that only best friends will know so if you wanna do it, make sure you really know the person else you’ll just have to find out
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2 years ago, PeruvianMom
Please read :)
This is for the title “PLEASE READ IT WILL SAVE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS RELATIONSHIP!” 1st of all, there are different tests so that’s why you get different percentages. After your done taking a test, there’s a button that says “Take test (number here)”. So you should read and look carefully before writing a review. 2nd of all, this game is really fun and I recommend this for you and your friend. And you can just play this game for fun if you’d like. Anyways, have a good day/night pedestrians! 🌞🌚😴🙂
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1 year ago, Sylveon_KittyCat
Love it
I love BFF test because I get to see how strong my friendships are! It’s good to know if my friend choices are good or bad, it’ll help in the future! But once I was trying (purposely for fun) to get a horrible score with someone I named “bad friend” (a fake person) but the lowest I got was 26, ever, please make it able to go to 0, some people are urgent to know if they have good friendships or not and you don’t go lower than 26 so they don’t know their honest answer. I gave four stars because of this, but don’t get me wrong, your game is fabulous!
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12 months ago, hgfddghkkjgf
Fun but could be better
First of all I like the game but one problem, it says like, “how often do you text this person” and that’s dumb because some people like me don’t have phones or your friends don’t have phones. Another one also says, “ who picks the movie you or this person” and I’m only 10 so I don’t go to the movies by myself and even when I do my mom or dad picks the movie. So some of the other questions are like that so it would be great to change those, but otherwise is really fun! Thankyou, Claire :)
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2 years ago, AlanaSurf
Okay so I gave it a 5 star so you could read this. This game is a waste of storage and it isn’t Being honest you can only get a 48% or higher. If you give it all good answers it will just give 100% and theirs adds throughout the test and just way to many adds that’s all I have to say (no offense to the creators) just it’s a waste of storage and I don’t recommend it. Thanks for reading!!:)
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8 months ago, yobiggest_fan❤️❤️❤️
Not bad!😎
So, it takes a lot to impress me. And I thought it was a fake game at first that wasn’t accurate. And if I’m being honest,it doesn’t totally match your actual friendship with someone. But it is still a really fun app if you just wanna see what happens. It is funny to see your result if you try to do terrible or the best you can. So it is a really fun app if your looking for something to play for fun. Sometimes I don’t really use it for it’s purpose. But it’s a good app! 👍
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1 year ago, RhileeRose
This is a good app👍
This is a good app to have it is so true and you don’t even haft to pay I was really impressed because I was looking for a app to have without having to pay and this is perfect to have but do not do it about one of your family members🙃but overall this is a great app to have so you definitely is a great app to have!!!👍
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1 year ago, Koolkristen14
Good but one thing is wrong,
I love this game it’s so fun you get to learn more about your BFF but there’s one thing wrong about it. The problem is that that the computer decides the percent it should be your friend puts in the answers to the questions then you should answer them, but other then that, THIS GAME IS THE BEST THING EVER so go on and download it but just warning you but please change that and update it I may should like a adult but I’m not but please respect this letter
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10 months ago, preppyalways123
Sadly gotta do rate it 3 stars
Ok as I said 3 stars because there to many ads so each time your on the last question and you answer it there’s an ad and every time you get i the game there’s an ad so I think this game shouldn’t have ads because it’s justa BFF test, another reason is that if you do a friend again like two times the numbers in the star change, and it holds up a lot of storage so in my opinion don’t download it I deleted already thx for reading this.
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1 year ago, Giada’s Reviews
this is my first review i’ve ever done and let me just say that this game is NOT worth it. when i first got the game i was looking at reviews for it and i did not think it would be like this. first of all, i started playing the game and then when i answered like 2 questions i got an ad. even for the beginning! i do not mean this for hate and if you don’t believe me get the game and try it out. you may like it but the ads are not worth it and the scores aren’t even accurate. thank you for reading this review and have a great day😊!
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6 months ago, i can not finde a nickname
The goods and the bads
This game is so much fun I love how it tells u how good of friends u r with the friend u put in but I don’t think that u should listen to this app because u need to rely on ur instincts not on any app also it doesn’t keep u entertained for long it’s just like u use the app once but never again. But this is so fun for the first time you use it. You can think good and bad of this game but I chose to think both good and bad
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3 years ago, kenzy⚽️
Love this game
This game is so fun! I love it so much, but I would probably Change when your finished with the quiz it starts to count from 1-100 until you get your score. So I would just make it skip from 5- whatever the next score is. Otherwise I love the game, and I even took it for a friend and I got 100%. My friend took it to and she got 100% as well. Love the game, and I hope you make more like it.
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3 years ago, elysetheunicorngirl
This app is awesome I love how it asks you the things bffs do. Not to lie but it has a few adds I would take that away but overall I love the app I will share it to my bff. A few glitches but it is a cool game. But there has to be more questions about shopping and activities and trust but I love it I hope you guys download this game I hope this helps you
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2 years ago, chickabobcat
So me and my best friend always play this game when we are bored. And every time we play we literally get 100 every time 😂 but the one thing I ask is for to do more different quizzes because I always get the same ones over and over and I’m just asking if you can do more quizzes thank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️
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7 months ago, Dedewalk
What in the world
I love this app so much most the time it’s very accurate but recently, these weird questions have started popping up. I don’t know if there’s like a bug or something but the questions are so weird. I was doing this with one of my friends and it asked, how often do you makethem and it said yes a few of them and no were the answers so I am very confused about this app and it takes up a lot of storage so I don’t know if I’m even gonna keep it if it’s not gonna work I went down this app until they fix whatever is going on
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3 years ago, joisender
This game helps you know if you have a fake friend. It helped my figure out my friend was a fake and she was just jealous I was popular and she wanted to be popular too. I know this sounds weird but, most people are writing bad reviews for this game and I think they are wrong. They just have so many fake friends. Please download this game yall!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎 ps. Get it now
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4 years ago, ✌🏻✌🏻🐹
Good game
You should get this game because if you do not really know if you are friends or not you can use this game you just answer the questions and then it will say like you know them about 100% or something maybe you just met someone and you want to know how you learned or know about them so please like this game! Thank you who ever made this game!
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1 year ago, Felicitylovecats
I only rated five stars because…
I want you to see this. This game is really annoying. One time I decided to test it and I picked every question that was bad. In the end I got 50%! What!? Why!? I want this test to be more accurate. Creators/creator, I really want you to fix this because it’s been bugging me, thank you for reading. -Felicity
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1 year ago, i play roblox xxSHADOWxx
Your bff needs the game to and she or he needs to be in your contact list
So my best friend doesn’t have this game which is kinda sad because if she is not there and if she can’t come to your house and no devices at school to is hard to describe it an she or he with never know how much you love them (as a friend) 😔☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😔😔
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2 years ago, Bumble-$e!
Good app
I like this app I think that it is really good. Although it did cause me to loose my best friend. I tried this in my crush and it broke my heart. I got a 26% !! I am so sad me and my crush are not friends. Unless you are able to put up with the score then you should not get this app because it could cause you to loose all of your friends. Overall I think this app is okay and that is why I am giving it a 3 star rating.
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2 months ago, Scarskey
Download this app
This is like the best app I’ve ever had ever you should seriously download this. Please read this review if you want to know your best friend is really your best friend download this app download this app it does not need you to pay at all and there’s no ads download this app right now. It’s just amazing. I love it❣️💖💗💞💓💜🩷❤️❤️❤️❤️
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7 days ago, do DM in f F to
I loveeee it!
I think you should definitely go try bff test because it is pretty accurate and I put a bunch of different friends I had in the past and got good results But there is 1 problem I feel like they don’t have enough questions but is still a very good game
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1 year ago, KOTLC Gurl1128
Omg yasssss✨🔥🔥✨
Me and my bestie aka my cousin sirena play this all the time together we get all the same answers this game is truly great✨✨. If your looking 4 a great friendship game then this is perfect for u. I sooooooooooo recommend thissssss soooooo muchhhh!!!! slay!! ✨✨✨✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ btw me an my bestie sirena are mermaids irl I'm not kidding and this is the perfect game for us. So u should get it, whoever's reading this! Thanks Ondina and sirena✨✨✨✨✨
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2 years ago, dgi,uvkhfgadh
I really like the game
So when do you leave my friend replying and it kicked her out for some reason but it’s a really fun game in our percentage for each other like 5360 and we didn’t know why so we were just take a break from it but now we’re really into it again
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9 months ago, Aria and Marcelle
What is the game even made for?
What is the game even made for it to show your friendship to tell your friends how much they love you it is so confusing like what is the game made poor like I was on the call show me a screen in my phone side what was the game made for at least and I was like I don’t know so and then we were doing this again the next day and then she got more confused so I’m confused to
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4 weeks ago, alexis jayde mercier
So cool
I am doing this and I traded on my boyfriend and oh my God it was at 100% same thing with my best friend Bell and everything else you know it’s really good game I really think you should download it it just surveys you type in your friend name and then your name then something happenshow would you?
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1 year ago, sry abt this...
I love this game but…
This is a rly fun game and I enjoyed it at first. Then, after a few weeks it got rly boring because it just had the same questions over again. And another thing is, my bff irl is long distance and I just wish there was a question that asked if you were long distance or not. That would really help the game! Just a few minor things that could help the game! -Anonymous 💅✨
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3 years ago, defl 554
Oh em gee great!
Hey y’all! This is a fantastic game! I played this with my friends and we understand each other better! I got a 100 with my BFF. And my other bad friend decided to not be friends which is a relief! TYSM!!! Or Thank You So Much! I would give this a 10 star ⭐️. If I could. Well whatever floats your boat! ✌️😄✌️Peace out! ☘️😄🐶👍🧋🎶🎵😏🥳🍗🌈
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11 months ago, ☂️💨☁️🌥🌨
So I am in the game and then I finish the accuracy is oddly high, so I replay theta e and make up a name and answer everything horribly and all no’s or never. And I still got in the 60’s or 50’s . I know that this game cannot be accurate but still I would like it to be going into single digit numbers for people who are testing the selfs with there enemy’s
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2 years ago, heartshugs202
I love this app a lot! And I even tried it on a few family members and classmates. It was fun experimenting which different people! I did read a review where someone said when they answered only good stuff and they didn’t get a hundred percent. But when I tried the same I got hundred percent. So just saying it is possible. But overall I love this app!!
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2 years ago, Summer Brew
omg this game is awesome I tested it out with my bff about two years ago and we’re basically sisters now, the test said 100% friends ♾!! (♾ means infinity or forever) like my bff is the best. everything with us has been amazing ever since I took that test!!! its like it can predict the future. this app is definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. WOO HOOOOOOO
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1 year ago, erica123531
I like this game so much but there is a problem: ADS! Every time you finish something ad. So I’ll be on the last question and then BOOM AD! And then right after it tells your score ad! That’s like a 5 second break from an ad! But I do love this game! People who want to know how they r making their BFF feel should totally get this game!
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1 year ago, cdejicdehihddwouhb
There is one good thing to me about this game is that there is not that much adds in that game. The bad things about it is that you can never get 0 has a score and for some reason when you play it for to long it cuts out half of the question so you can’t really understand what it is saying. That is why a three. I don’t think I will recommend this game.
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2 years ago, Joseclean
I like it but……..
This game is awesome and when you want to do a name you can do a random name and I’m sure that you can even do random letters but the one thing that I don’t really like about this game is that after you do the last question an add will pop up and I HATE it but besides that it is the best game ever but I still like Roblox better.
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6 months ago, audie and Dayton
Fun but a lot of adds
This game is really fun but this game has a lot of adds the reason this games has a Lot of ads is because it brings up a lot of ads, but also continue them if you like ads this game is for you, but personally for me I don’t like it so I don’t play this game very much but these ads might be fun.
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1 year ago, Mtiddaroblox
Pretty good!!
So this game is really cool to do with your friends but one thing is sometimes it doesn’t have the answer I want so I’ll have to pick something else and I know you can’t put every answer on it and I’m not saying it’s a bad game it’s really fun and all but it’s just that one thing but other then that it’s really cool!
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1 year ago, Da cat person da cat lover
Good but has some mistakes
Pro :you get to see what people you match with con :I knew someone Jackie was their nic name and they are a girl so it said he not her pro :it’s fun testing it con :I sometimes use it on my enemies but it still puts higher than whatever you put cus they don’t wanna upset you if you and your best friend get a low score
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